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Squirrel of Honor
She's coming for your legs

Christina Garibaldi (born February 19, 1987) is an American cosmetologist and vet tech turned Professional Wrestler and trainer, from The Bronx, NY. She has in turn gotten training from Bobcat, Al Snow, Rip Rogers, Nick Dinsmore and Lexie Fyfe, among many others.

Sh best known in professional wrestling by the ring name Solo Darling. Aside from the times when she went by "Christie Belle" and claimed to be an illegitimate daughter of Tracy Smothers, or when she adopted Daffney Unger's old "Shark Girl" mask, the ring name has stuck, but the image and persona associated with Darling have still varied wildly. Depending on who one asks, Darling can be described as an evil hedonist, a clawing cat, a vain would be fitness model, a pandering squirrel, a superhero, a straight laced submission specialist...or a bee.

Since her debut in 2009 Solo Darling has worn as circular path through six countries, having wrestled for WSU, CZW, Full Impact Pro, Shine, SHIMMER, Ring of Honor, Ohio Valley Wrestling, some National Wrestling Alliance promotions such as Florida Underground and Ring Warriors, Impact Wrestling, northern Championship wrestling Femme Fatales, Chikara, Sendai Girls, Dramatic Dream Team, EVE, British Empire Wrestling, Atlas, Svensk Wrestling Syd, and numerous others.

As partially evident by the pictures, she is a former WXW (Wild Samoan Afa's promotion) Women's Champion, a Ring Warriors Battling Bombshells Tag Team Champion with Brittney Savage, a Feast Champion of Beyond Wrestling, and a former CHIKARA Campeon de Parejas, first with Travis Huckabee as The Rumblebees, then with Willow Nightingale as The Bird and The Bee.

"She's coming for your tropes":

  • Action Girl: She won the Infinite Gauntlet at The Eleventh Hour and has challenged for the CHIKARA Grand Championship.
  • Affectionate Parody: Her Night of the Living Sugar Creature T-shirt.
  • Amazonian Beauty: Solo Darling's most muscular feature is actually her back, and attention has been called to this several times by commentatary. She's even been nicknamed "Swolo" at times.
  • Animal Motifs: Originally squirrels, complete with a tail. Switched to killer bees as part of The Rumblebees and afterwards. Sometimes wrestles as a Shark Girl after Daffney Unger retired.
  • Big, Thin, Short Trio: Christie Belle Smothers was the short to the big Isabella Smothers and the comparatively thin Jessie Belle Smothers.
  • Break the Cutie
    • Nevaeh was unique among Valifornia in that she did not seem to give a damn about Solo Darling. Better Than You had it out for The Buddy System months before they actually had a match and even after winning took particular glee in torturing Heidi Lovelace, whom Darling thought was as awesome as her wingspan, in font of Darling, not only going so far as to have her restrained while they broke Lovelace's leg but also severing the head of a doll Solo got for Christmas. SoCal Val sicked her hired enforcer Andrea on Solo Darling and Luscious Latasha simply because Ivelisse Vélez, whose connections to Darling were so obscure you'd need to read a specific corner of a website bio to know them, was not around at the time. Andrea apparently liked this enough to bully the two of them probono. And when the All-Star Squad did start winning against and hold a prolonged advantage over Valifornia, they decide to take out their frustrations by putting Solo through a table, even though Crazy Mary Dobson was more responsible for the Squad's change in fortune.
    • Travis Huckabee's betrayal led her to adopt a much more serious, subdued attitude.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": "S D" on her kick pads.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Solo made a point to antagonize the seven inch taller and nearly two hundred pound heavier Calypso in Ring Warriors because she beat Solo in a match. She eventually teamed up with Cherry Layne, which made no difference, but Angel Rose volunteered to 'even the odds' anyway.
  • Butt Kicks You: Utilizes a hip attack as one of her signature moves.
  • Chained by Fashion: "Squirrel Of Honor" Darling had a chain collar, for some reason.
  • Cheap Pop: Almost literally in WSU, where she was given a gun that shoots sweets.
  • Combat Commentator: She did the commentary for some of Flying V Fights: Sweet Summer Heat and has done commentary for Chikara.
  • Cuddle Bug: A source of spontaneous and often excessively forceful hugs. Daffney likened her to a younger LuFisto and thought one of those could be useful. Taking her under her wing, Solo eventually developed a hugging finishing move.
  • Damsel in Distress: After Darling suffered a decisive loss to Mercedes Martinez, Valkyrie ambushed and kidnapped her while she was recovering in order to lure Amazing Kong away from the ring, where she was wrestling their leader Radiant Rain for the Shine Championship belt.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Lots and lots.
    • The first picture was from before she adopted her squirrel persona.
    • Her run as Tracy Smothers' "daughter" Christie Belle-Smothers.
    • During her time in NWA Ring Warriors, her gimmick was focused on hedonism, Lust in particular. "Sugar Fueled Seductress" does roll off the tongue but it's otherwise pretty hard to reconcile this run with any of the others.
  • Finishing Move: The Hug Factor, the Sharpstinger(a cloverleaf).
  • Genki Girl: Would you expect anything else from someone who loves sugar?
  • Good Versus Good: After Daffney brought her and Nikki Roxx together to keep the miscreants of SHINE in check, their first order of business was defeating The West Coast Connection, who had reunited for the same reason. Solo Darling would even split a singles series with Su Yung.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: If she's a Face and hasn't dyed her hair. She's been called a "platinum bombshell".
  • Hammy Herald:
    "From The Enchanted Forest, she's taller than a stack of pancakes, leaner than a pint of ice cream, Solo Darling!"
  • Heroic Second Wind: Her sugar rush, first discovered after Daffney and Heidi Lovelace had spent a month trying to keep Solo away from sweets, only for Darling to get some of Daffney's punch and launch a frenzied assault on their opponents.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: In her squirrel girl and killer bee modes.
  • Like Brother and Sister: How she saw her team with Travis Huckabee, even though fans on YouTube seemed to want romance between them.
  • Maniac Tongue: Much like her former tag team partner Heidi Lovelace, as seen here.
  • Mascot: She seems to have adopted Officer Warren Barksdale's dog Officer Magnum, going by her Instagram. Oh, and he's over with the crowds.
  • Parts Unknown: "The Enchanted Forest." Assuming she isn't talking about Forest Hills New York... after dropping the squirrel gimmick Solo was announced from "Savage Garden EF"...EF presumably being Enchanted Forest.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Using Brittney Savage and Heidi Lovelace as references, Darling's probably smaller, certainly shorter, than she's billed. She's billed at 5'3, around 130 lbs., and during her match with Australian male wrestler,6ft 220lbs JXT at Beyond Uncharted Territory Episode 12, she hit him with a Death Valley Driver on the apron, and the crowd chanted "Superhuman! Superhuman! Superhuman!" The commentators said that she deadlifts almost 500 lbs. She won, making this a case of Davita Versus Goliath.
  • Power Stable:
    • (in SHINE): She was The Heir Apparent in the first incarnation of Daffney's All Star Squad (Daff's A.S.S.), and The Buddy System (herself and Heidi Lovelace) were the Centerpieces of the second incarnation.
    • (in CHIKARA): The Furies
  • Power Trio
    • Smothers's Twisted Daughters in Ohio Valley Wrestling with Jessie Belle and Isabella, however said daughters went back to being a tag team without her
    • An incarnation of Team SHIMMER with fellow All Star Squad member Crazy Mary Dobson and Candice LeRae
    • The Sisters Of Mighty with Aja Perera and Mighty Molly
    • Land of the Lost with Jungle Boy and LuchaSaurus
    • Freddie Mercurio joined Darling and Nightengale to form "The Queens"
  • Red Baron: Platinum Bombshell, Sugar-Fueled Seductress, Woodland Warrior, Archduke Of The Apron, The Swoll Proprietor Of The Sharpstinger, Limb Reaper.
  • The Rival: Prior to Chikara, Darling's main rivals were her former partners Jessie Belle Smothers and Mickie Knuckles, as welld Veda Scott. She and Jessie ended up against each other before she dropped the Christie Belle ring name and illegitimate daughter of Tracy gimmick. Darling and Nightingale also had a tag team rivalry with The Blue Nation Floozies, Darling in particular having it out with Jessica Troy. Since joining Chikara though Darling's most common opponents became Los Ice Creams by far, no matter who Darling happened to be teaming up with.
  • She Is the King: No not duchess, Darling is the Archduke
  • Shout-Out
    • One of her big moves is the Candy Crush Bulldog.
    • Her merchandise page has a logo based on that of Solo.
    • If it is cold in the arena she might dress her dog Magnum up like a pineapple...or like Bulbasaur.
  • Signature Move: Tornado suplex, power hug(spear), regulation stranglehold(stranglehold gamma to you Kensuke Sasaki fans), Bioelectric Blast(cross leg brain buster), long bow(bow and arrow)
  • Super Hero: Molly and Aja at least had superhero gimmicks in the past, but it was a first for Solo when they entered Chikara's King Of Trios.
  • Sweet Tooth: And how. Trying to keep her sugar levels down proved difficult for Daff's A.S.S. since Ms Darling could just cook up her own sweets. She even wanted to eat Los Ice Creams.
  • Tag Team:
    • (in CHIKARA): The Rumblebees with Travis Huckabee, until he turned heel.
    • (in Beyond Wrestling/Women's Wrestling Revolution) The Bird and The Bee, with Willow Nightingale. Their Finishing Move is called The Talk.
    • (in SHINE): The Buddy System, with Heidi Lovelace
  • Tail Slap: Squirrel Solo created a "new" move in SHINE in the same manner Goku did in his fight with Nam, and it had pretty much the same result. Darling later refined this into the "tail spin DDT".
  • Took a Level in Badass
    • Came into Chikara as a comedic sugar-crazed squirrel girl. Improved to a top submission wrestler.
    • On a meta level too. Pre-CHIKARA she was seen as a sub-mediocre wrestler who only stood out at all because of her squirrel girl gimmick, which came with a low ceiling. She improved drastically in CHIKARA and after moving on, began improving even faster, and is now seen as one of the better women on the US Indy circuit.
  • Tournament Arc: During their time in Women's Wrestling Revolution The Bird and The Bee defeated The Twisted Sisterz (Holidead and Thunder Rosa) to win the WWR Tournament For Tomorrow 2018 on December 30, 2018.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: When Solo first turned face it was "baked bacon put in fried pancakes". As the squirrel it was fruit punch. Post squirrel Darling likes pineapples.
  • Ur-Example: One half of Ring Warriors' inaugural Battling Bombshells Tag Team Champions with Brittney Savage, beating out Luscious Latasha and Renee Michelle.
  • Use Your Head: Would sometimes do this, even combining the headbutts with her gimmick and delivering them after jumping into her opponent's arms. She learned this from her friend Mickie Knuckles, who was not her old rival Isabela Smothers in disguise.
  • We Used to Be Friends: With Travis Huckabee, via him turning heel on her after they failed to win the Tag World Grand Prix.
  • Younger Mentor, Older Disciple: After two years wrestling, Solo Darling earned her first Ring Warriors title shot and proved no match for La Rosa Negra. After this loss she sought out Brittney Savage, who had been wrestling longer and had matches where she wasn't beaten quite as soundly by the champion. Later, SHINE's website also stated she was getting training from Ivelisse Velez, who is in turn younger than Savage. Heidi Lovelace also counts, even if she was more "babysitter" than "teacher".