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Balloon Belly

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Maybe they had juuuuust a bit too much to eat. note 

"Hey! Look! My stomach's distended! How great is that?"
Mittens, Bolt

There often are times when people eat. For most a few times a day.

There are other times when people absolutely stuff themselves. This hopefully doesn't happen as often. But when animated characters do it, it goes right to their stomachs and increases their size and figure in a similar manner to filling a balloon. This new-found girth usually goes away pretty easily, but can stay around for a while. A usually-minor form of this, known in slang occasionally as the "food baby", is Truth in Television. Usually used for comedy, but is also a somewhat prominent Fetish that pops up in fanfics and fanart.

Also, there are times when people don't have anything to eat for a long time, and then they play the trope exceptionally straight. It's called kwashiorkor. It's also a symptom of liver failure. Anyone displaying this trope in real life would therefore likely be in need of medical attention.


This trope is especially popular in Zany Cartoons to the point where attempting to list every example would probably end up with its subpage being longer than all the other subpages together. Compare with Inflating Body Gag, when it's the body inflating by itself. A Gigantic Gulp drink is often a cause of Balloon Belly. May lead to Temporary Bulk Change. Its logical conclusion is "Pop!" Goes the Human. Compare Dinner Deformation, Traveling-Pipe Bulge, and Weight Taller.


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  • One of Nickelodeon's Nickmas bumpers features Angelica as "Grinchelica" in a parody of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!. She steals all the chocolate from the other Nicktoons and unlike the Grinch, when she realizes what she's done, she decides she doesn't care. She and her cat Fluffy eat an enormous amount of chocolate and get very fat, with Grinchelica looking like a big ball.
    Narrator: And all the toons in Toonville say, Grinchelica's tummy grew three hundred sizes that day. (Grinchelica pats her tummy, now bulging out from under her jacket. Her face then turns green and she lets out a loud burp.)
  • A commercial for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island features a big guy chowing down at a restaurant as his belly continues to get bigger, clearly referencing Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (minus the puking), right down to the end when his stomach explodes from licking one last dollop of whipped cream from his finger.
  • A famous series of Chicken of the Sea ads show a seemingly slim, beautiful woman walking to an elevator with a bunch of men fawning over her, only for her to reveal the big, bloated gut she's been sucking in once the elevator doors close.
  • A 2004 commercial for Gas X has the bellies of three women suddenly blow up like balloons while they're at a theater. One woman is able to stop her swelling with the titular product, but the other two stay bloated up.

    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes: In Season 2 episode 13, Big M. and Little M.'s bellies become larger than usual after they eat a lot of meat prepared for them by a cat.
  • This often happens to characters in Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf whenever they eat too much.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Deadlands, one of the many varieties of indigenous bloodsucker is the Shtriga, a Central European witch who feeds on blood to power her magic and preserve her youth. She is characterized by her gluttonous appetite, which sees her consuming so much blood that she ends up having to vomit some of the excess, and even after that her stomach is left so swollen and taut that she can easily disguise herself as being a pregnant woman. Her stomach is so important to her that killing her requires staking her through the stomach.

    Theme Parks 


Huoxinwa learns Hanzi

Huoxinwa eats too many burgers while being filmed for a commercial. Then he loses a tooth. And THEN he has to run to the bathroom.

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