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Balloon Belly

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"Hey! Look! My stomach's distended! How great is that?"
Mittens, Bolt

There often are times when people eat. For most a few times a day.

There are other times when people absolutely stuff themselves. This hopefully doesn't happen as often. But when animated characters do it, it goes right to their stomachs and increases their size and figure in a similar manner to filling a balloon. This new-found girth usually goes away pretty easily, but can stay around for a while. A usually-minor form of this is Truth in Television.

Also, there are times when people don't have anything to eat for a long time, and then they play the trope exceptionally straight. They get kwashiorkor.

This trope is especially popular in Zany Cartoons to the point where attempting to list every example would probably end up with its subpage being longer than all the other subpages together. Compare with Inflating Body Gag, where it's the entire body swelling up. A Gigantic Gulp drink is often a cause of Balloon Belly. May lead to Temporary Bulk Change. Its logical conclusion is "Pop!" Goes the Human. Compare Dinner Deformation, Traveling-Pipe Bulge, and Weight Taller.


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    Asian Animation 
  • In Episode 40 of the original Mars Doll cartoon, the titular character ends up with this after eating too many hamburgers during a advertisement shooting. He ends up with a Potty Emergency in the very end.