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The hunt is on, once again.

Monster Hunter: Rise is an upcoming title in the Monster Hunter series. It is set to be released worldwide on March 26, 2021 on the Nintendo Switch.

The "rise" in the title refers to emphasis on verticality with the new Wirebug tool and expanded climbing abilities. The player also gets new companions with the addition of the Palamutes, large canines who focus on attacking alongside the hunter. It will feature compatibility with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

The game will be accompanied by a trio of compatible amiibo: the companions Palico and Palimute, and the game's flagship monster Magnamalo.

Trailers: Announcement Trailer, Monster Hunter Direct.


The game provides examples of:

  • Suddenly Speaking: After years of being Heroic Mimes, the announcement trailer shows the hunters actually talking during gameplay. However, there is an option to turn off the voice clips in favor of the classic Voice Grunting.
  • Wall Run: The announcement trailer shows a hunter running on walls vertically to scale them. The Direct also showed that the Palamute can do the same thing, even while a hunter is riding it.
  • Youkai: In the Monster Hunter Direct, several of the new monsters take after traditional Japanese art and creatures with several being Mix-and-Match Creatures. The Rampage on the Japanese website is called "The Night March of One Hundred Wyverns", a reference to the Hyakki Yagyo ("Night Parade of One Hundred Demons") where many yokai and oni would riot.
    • Kamaitachi: Great Izuchi, weasel-like raptors that commonly hunt in groups of three and have scythe-like talons. The Kamaitachi also travel in groups of three, though typically only one of them uses scythes.
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    • Karakasa: Aknosom, a bird-like monster that, according to the website, stands on one leg and has the appearance of a "monstrous parasol" with an eye-like crest on its head. The Karakasa is typically depicted as having the body of an umbrella, one leg, and one eye.
    • Kappa: Tetranadon is basically if you crossed a kappa with a frog to create a sort of amphibious platypus.

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