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Higglytown Heroes is a Playhouse Disney cartoon set in Higglytown (of course), a town populated by people who resemble nesting dolls.

Our heroes (no pun intended) are four kids, Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, and Kip, plus Fran the talking squirrel. Once per Episode, the kids find themselves in some kind of troublesome situation that gets fixed by a "hero" working in a specific occupation (such as a doctor, a plumber, etc.).


This show contains these tropes:

  • Aerith and Bob: Characters named Wayne, Kip, and Fran are alongside characters named Twinkle and Eubie.
  • Alliterative Title
  • Animal Gender-Bender: Mellisa the Magnificent Moose from the episode "Overnight Moose" has antlers. In real life, only bull moose have antlers.
  • Appropriate Animal Attire: Mrs. Cluck, an otherwise normal hen in the episode "Corn to be Wild" wears a two piece swimming outfit when cannonballing into the lake, but is otherwise naked. Fran the squirrel in contrast only wears a swimming cap to cannonball.
  • Art Shift:
    • The kids' thoughts are in 2D Flash animation.
    • The art shifts to notebook doodles whenever Twinkle presents one of her big ideas.
  • Birthday Episode: "Cry Baby Pookie", where the kids prepare a birthday party for Kip's baby sister Pookie, but have to figure out why she's crying after preparing the party.
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  • Borrowed Catchphrase: In "Twinkle Tooth", Twinkle is unable to come up with a convoluted idea on how she could get her loose tooth back from the sink drain, so the others do the honors for her, right down to them saying her catchphrase "Aw, pickles!" when Fran points out the one fatal flaw in their idea - there are no whales in the sink drain.
  • Catch-Phrase: Twinkle will react to Fran pointing out the problems in her big ideas with "Aw, pickles!"
  • Christmas Episode: "Twinkle's Wish" takes place around Christmas and has Santa and an elf named Pix trying to save the former's sleigh.
  • Expository Theme Tune: "Here in Higglytown", performed by They Might Be Giants.
    Here in Higglytown
    Things all jump around
    Just like the Higglytown Heroes!
    (Our heroes!)
    They all work together
    Making fun together
    Come see the Higglytown Heroes!
  • Five-Man Band: The main quintet.
  • Matryoshka Object: All of the characters are modeled after nesting dolls.
  • Once per Episode:
    • Twinkle will have a big idea about how to solve whatever problem, with the art style shifting from CGI to 2D animation resembling doodles in a notebook for the duration that she is presenting the idea. Her ideas are always unrealistic, and Fran will point out a problem with the idea after Twinkle is done explaining the idea, causing the latter to say "Aw, pickles!" in response.
    • Near the end of the episode, the kids will sing a song saying that they'll need someone special to solve the problem. Cue a person of a specific occupation appearing and acting accordingly, solving the problem for the kids.
  • The Real Heroes: Pretty much the premise of the show. There are no superheroes in this show, but "normal" heroes who are just people working in a certain job are central to the plot.
  • Talking Animal: Fran the squirrel can speak.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Kip and his parents have dark blue hair.


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