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Family Jr. is a spinoff to Family Channel that primarily targets the preschool demographic. As a multiplex channel, it is granted free of charge to subscribers of Family Channel.

Originally launched on November 30, 2007 as the first Canadian incarnation of Playhouse Disney (later rebranded as Disney Junior in 2011), Family Jr., like its parent channel, was originally owned by Astral Media, but was given over to DHX Media (now known as WildBrain) in 2014 following the 2013 acquisition of Astral Media by Bell Media. In April 2015 however, Corus Entertainment, the company that owns YTV and Teletoon, acquired the Canadian broadcasting rights to all of Disney's television programming, creating their own version of Disney Junior. As a result, DHX relaunched their Disney Junior as Family Jr. in September 2015.

Family Jr.'s programming is a mixture of American, Canadian, and European programming, the majority of which is animated. Most of their shows are aimed at preschoolers, but they have aired a few shows meant for slightly older children. As a Canadian network, Canadian Content laws mandate that they air a certain percentage of Canadian programming every day; as a result, they have commissioned a few original shows. Some of its programming is shared with its parent Family Channel and sibling WildBrainTV.

Unlike Family and WildBrainTV, Family Jr. has a French counterpart that was launched on July 5, 2010 as Playhouse Disney Télé (which also rebranded as Disney Junior in 2011). It was rebranded again as Télémagino in 2015 to match its English counterpart's relaunch as Family Jr. Programming is largely the same as its English counterpart, although they also air a significant amount of programming from WildBrainTV.


French-exclusive programing