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Recap / Mr Bogus S 1 E 3 A Day At The Office

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A Day At The Office

Written by Michael Maurer

First Act

It is a nice day in the city, as the camera closes in on a work building, before cutting to the inside to reveal a drawing board. Mr. Anybody then enters the room while carrying his briefcase before setting it on the table. The briefcase has a combination lock which then puts the combination on 149, which opens up, revealing Bogus tangled up in a mess of paper clips, before he shakes the paper clips off himself. Bogus starts looking around before running over towards a jar of gumballs as he uses a stapler to propel himself into the jar. At the same time this happens, Mr. Anybody is conversing with his boss just as the boss reaches into the same jar that Bogus is in, before picking up a handful of gumballs. Unfortunately, Bogus winds up getting his lips snagged on the boss's hand as he gets pulled out from the jar, but he uses his feet to hang onto the side of the jar as the recoil causes him to fall back into the jar again.

The boss then tells Mr. Anybody to get his work done by the end of the week, which surprises Mr. Anybody very greatly. The boss then picks up the entire jar of gumballs that Bogus is hiding in before throwing it at Mr. Anybody, as the impact causes him to get wheeled into the wall while he was sitting in his chair. Mr. Anybody then sets the jar on a nearby table, as Bogus is also shaken up by the impact. Mr. Anybody then gets to work while Bogus dizzily climbs out of the gumball jar before falling into the cup of water that Mr. Anybody is using for his paint. Bogus climbs out of the water cup before accidentally falling onto the paint set, which causes the dried paints to get thrown into the air, as one of them hits Bogus on the head. Bogus then looks up to see the falling paints but he mistakes them for candy as he eats them, which causes him to have a mildly sick feeling, prompting him to drink from the water cup to rinse the awful taste of the paint out of his mouth, as he spits out the paint, but not without leaving his tongue all colored like a rainbow.

Bogus then marvels at the painting of the rainbow that he accidentally created from spitting out the paint that he accidentally ate, which Mr. Anybody is rather confused about. Of course, this inspires Mr. Anybody to paint a picture of a beachside setting under a rainbow. Mr. Anybody then walks off while Bogus decides to check out the beach painting. He then dives into the water in the painting as he starts doing the backstroke while snatching a bottle of fruit punch from one of the still figures as he drinks it. However, Bogus hides in the water when he sees Mr. Anybody return to his work again. This time, Mr. Anybody then adds a picture of a shark to the painting before he leaves once again. Bogus then comes up from the surface of the water before the patrons on the beach run away when they see the shark. Of course, Bogus is confused about why everyone is running away, before noticing the shark as he starts running for his life across the water, with the shark in hot pursuit. The shark then chases Bogus out of the painting before chasing him all over the room. Bogus then grabs hold of some tape from the tape dispenser as he swings to safety while the shark ends up falling into the trash, but it jumps out the trash as it still continues chasing Bogus.

However, Bogus is able to grab hold of one of the tendrils of a hanging plant to escape the shark, but the shark jumps up again as Bogus swings on the plant tendril before it snaps as he lands on a copy machine. Bogus runs off just as the shark lands on the copy machine afterwards while looking for Bogus. Bogus then slams the top of the copy machine right on top of the shark, trapping him inside, but then Bogus steps on the button that causes the machine to go to work and make copies of the shark. When Bogus picks up one of the copies, the shark then comes out from the paper and starts chasing after Bogus again, as do the other sharks as they all chase Bogus back into the beach painting again. The sharks then look around before they swim away, as Bogus then comes up from the water again while wearing a scuba mask as he exits the painting. This time, Bogus then takes the painting off the drawing board as he crumbles it up into a ball before throwing it into the trash. Bogus then hides when Mr. Anybody comes back once again. Mr. Anybody is surprised to find that the painting is gone before he notices the crumbled-up painting on the floor as he picks it up and uncrumbles it, just as his boss comes back in the room.

When the boss takes the painting from Mr. Anybody and looks at it, he becomes frustrated as he tells Mr. Anybody that a painting like this will never be accepted as he shoves the painting back into Mr. Anybody's grasp. Mr. Anybody then notices that the painting has now been slightly modified, with the sharks wearing swimming gear as Bogus peeks out from behind the computer in embarrassment. The boss then tells Mr. Anybody that he expects to see a good painting soon or else he (Mr. Anybody) will be canned as he leaves the room again. Mr. Anybody is now deep in thought as he tries to think of a good painting. Bogus then says that he hopes Mr. Anybody will come up with some ideas soon, while Mr. Anybody now leans back in his chair. Bogus then starts to sneak away before jumping into the hard drive of the computer.

Inside the computer, Bogus looks around inside while Mr. Anybody is frustrated that he can't seem to come up with any good ideas for his drawings. Suddenly, he notices a digitized picture of Bogus appear on the computer screen as Mr. Anybody is rather hesitant about using this picture, but he quickly makes up his mind to present the picture of Bogus just as the boss reenters the room once again, demanding to know if Mr. Anybody made any good pictures yet. Mr. Anybody is hard at work on his computer when the boss pushes him aside before noticing the picture of Bogus as he compliments Mr. Anybody for a job well done and opts to give him a promotion. Bogus then crawls out from the computer hard drive as he is offended with the boss giving all of the credit to Mr. Anybody as he goes over and starts to tie the boss's shoelaces together. After the boss is finishing conversing with Mr. Anybody, he goes to leave, but he winds up tripping and falling over as Bogus laughs at his expense.

Second Act

Back at the office, Mr. Anybody then exits his office as he looks at his watch and notices that it's noon, which means that it's time for lunch. Bogus then comes out from the office after a few seconds, but he can't help but agree with Mr. Anybody for he's also hungry as his stomach is growling. Mr. Anybody and Bogus then start to make their way towards the elevator, while other employees also enter the elevator with Mr. Anybody and Bogus. After they enter, a woman and her pet poodle also enter the elevator as Bogus starts to pester the poodle, who angrily lashes out at Bogus, but he dodges. Bogus then starts teasing the poodle once more, which causes the poodle to angrily lunge out at Bogus, so the poodle tears off a piece of Mr. Anybody's pant leg. The woman then notices that the elevator has stopped on her floor so her and her poodle exit the elevator as Bogus torments the poodle once again. The poodle is even more angrier than before as she charges towards Bogus, but before she can get at Bogus, she is suddenly held back by the leash that her owner has her on as she gets pulled away, while Bogus laughs at the poodle's expense, not realizing that Mr. Anybody exits the elevator without him. Bogus then starts thinking that he forgot something, before realizing that he got left behind so he quickly runs out from the elevator just as it closes.

Later, Mr. Anybody is sharing a table with the woman and her pet poodle. The woman starts petting her poodle, just as Bogus comes up from one of the floor tiles and starts teasing the poodle once more as the poodle tries to get at Bogus once again. The poodle is so angry that she winds up getting all twisted up. Bogus then starts laughing once again before stating that he needs to eat something, before hiding under the floor tile again, just as the woman and the poodle then approach a vending machine. Bogus peeks out from another floor tile again as he licks his lips in delight at the thought of all the delicious treats that are in the machine. The woman places a quarter in the machine before pressing a button, however the machine doesn't work as the poodle starts crying, so Bogus takes it upon himself as he enters the machine. Bogus then parts away some wires before noticing all of the soft drinks that are held in the machine as he uses his teeth to open up a cherry-flavored soft drink before using a straw to slurp up the drink, before hiccuping afterwards.

The poodle hears all the commotion from inside the machine before sniffing the inside as she becomes angry once again upon picking up Bogus's scent. The poodle then kicks the machine, which causes Bogus to get knocked back before the pressure causes the bottles of soft drinks to start spraying soda everywhere as Bogus gets thrown around by the pressure before riding on one bottle that is rocketing down the inside of the machine. The poodle continues barking before Bogus flies out from the machine while still riding on the soft drink bottle before crashing as he winds up stuck in the bottle. The poodle then picks up the bottle in her mouth as she starts shaking it in a threatening matter before her owner approaches her and takes the bottle away before throwing it in the trash. Bogus comes out from the trash can as he uses a spoon as a catapult by sticking it between the woman's foot and shoe before catapulting himself into the vending machine, which causes the shelves to start spinning around uncontrollably as he starts eating the food. The woman reaches inside the machine but she becomes surprised when she pulls out an eaten apple core before seeing that all of the food had been eaten. The woman then assumes that the poodle ate all the food in the machine before she leaves the machine as does the poodle.

After the woman and the poodle leave, the vending machine shelves then turn around to reveal Bogus looking very full and contentedly licking his fingers, his stomach bulging with all of the food he had eaten, before happily rubbing his full swollen stomach. The woman then starts scolding the poodle for eating the food (which Bogus actually did himself) just as Mr. Anybody walks by, wondering what's happening. When the woman explains what happened, Mr. Anybody also starts scolding the poodle. Bogus then peeks out from behind a radio as the woman puts in a tape that plays ballet music, which Bogus does not like, but the poodle likes it as she starts dancing ballet. Bogus decides to teach the poodle a lesson as he enters the radio before he adjusts the music on the radio, which causes it to start playing Russian music and also causing the poodle to start dancing Russian-style. Bogus then starts turning one of the reels on the tape until it starts going faster and faster. This time, the radio then starts playing rap music as the poodle starts dancing to the rap music. The poodle spins around so much that she falls to the floor, completely exhausted from dancing so much to different music styles.

The poodle then figures out that Bogus had something to do with this, as she grabs the radio off the counter and smashes the radio to the ground, revealing Bogus, who staggers around rather dizzily. After regaining his senses, Bogus realizes that he's in front of the poodle as he starts running for his life with the poodle in hot pursuit again as she chases him all over the room. Bogus jumps into a nearby sofa before the poodle jumps in afterwards before she starts tearing up the sofa in an attempt to get at Bogus. A director shows up and explains that they will have to cut the act short, due to some technical difficulties. Bogus then bounces from the sofa with some springs on his arms and legs and a bunch of cotton on his head as he bounces into the dressing room, followed by the director afterwards.

Third Act

This time, the scene begins at the supermarket as Mr. Anybody approaches the place with a shopping cart. Bogus then hitches a ride on the shopping cart as he and Mr. Anybody enter the supermarket. However, Ratty, Mole, and an unnamed squirrel accomplice peek inside. Ratty then plans to invade the supermarket, but has to get out of the way when a woman exits the supermarket before Ratty makes his way inside the store. Mr. Anybody has collected some groceries while Bogus is still riding in the shopping cart. Bogus then notices Mr. Anybody put in some cereal and some laundry detergent in the cart, before he goes over to the laundry detergent. He then opens up the laundry detergent as he starts eating some, but unfortunately, this causes him to feel sick as he quickly jumps over and washes it all down with a bottle of apple juice. This also causes Bogus to hiccup a huge bubble as he becomes trapped in it while floating all over the aisle.

A bagboy is polishing up some apples at the same time that Bogus is still floating in the bubble. The bagboy then places one of the apples back in the apple bin before being approached by his boss. The bagboy then says that everything is just fine while Bogus still floats past from behind. Bogus then sees all of the fresh fruit that is on display, before he causes the bubble to pop as he falls and lands on top of a shelf where some barbecue supplies are being kept. Bogus then pulls out a barbecue prong before using it to spear the apple that the bagboy is holding, directly out from his hand. The bagboy then becomes confused about where the apple went before the other apple that he was holding in his other hand also gets speared. The bagboy thinks that there's something amiss as he looks under the apple bin, just as Bogus spears another apple, which causes an avalanche of apples to fall on top of the bagboy. Meanwhile, in another area of the supermarket, Ratty is trying to open up a crate of oranges. Bogus is now spinning one of the apples around on his finger before he eats the apple rather quickly before throwing the apple core at Ratty as it hits him and knocks him silly, also causing the crate of oranges to open as the oranges fall on top of Ratty. Ratty then tells Bogus that he's playing dirty pool. Bogus then starts eating some cherries afterwards. Ratty then rushes off before coming back with a pineapple as he pulls out one of the leaves, while Bogus is still eating the cherries.

Ratty then throws the pineapple leaf like a spear as it spears the cherries that Bogus is holding, also causing Bogus to get sent flying through the air. The bagboy has set up a brand new piles of apples in the apple bin before he leaves, just as Bogus lands on top of the apple pile, which causes the apples to fall off the bin once again. Ratty then shows up while holding some cheese before the bagboy comes back, which frightens Ratty so much that he makes himself scarce. The bagboy is frustrated upon seeing that the apples have fallen down again, just as Bogus climbs out from the apples before noticing Ratty start to escape with a sausage. Bogus then rushes off to stop Ratty, who is now dropping the sausages down a sewer hole in the floor. Bogus is now hiding behind some boxes of cereal, before he knocks all of the cereal boxes over as they fall on top of Ratty. Ratty has been knocked silly by the cereal boxes as Bogus starts laughing at his expense.

However, Bogus finds himself running for his life when the bagboy starts chasing after him with a broom. The bagboy then stops before noticing that Bogus is hiding inside of a chicken in the meat aisle as he starts approaching the meat aisle. Bogus then pops his head out from the chicken that he is hiding in but is able to escape before the bagboy can hit him with the broom. Bogus then starts flying as the bagboy continues swinging the broom at him, which also causes Bogus to grab hold of some sausages with his teeth as the chicken slips right off of his body before it lands on the head of the battered bagboy, just as his boss shows up demanding an explanation for the mess. This time, Ratty is now pushing some cheese into the sewer hole before Bogus approaches him threateningly, which causes Ratty to put his hands up as he starts backing up, before kicking a stack of cans, which causes the cans to fall down as one of them flattens Bogus like a rolling pin rolling over pie crust. Ratty then waves goodbye to Bogus before giving off an evil laugh, but Bogus climbs out from the pile of goods in time to see Ratty walking away. Bogus is able to kick a bar of soap, sending it sliding across the floor until it runs into Ratty, sending him crashing into a display of cartons of orange juice as the orange juice flows down into the sewer hole.

Outside of the supermarket, Mole and the squirrel are about to enjoy the food that Ratty got for them, when they are suddenly hit by the wave of orange juice that knocks them over. Mole then asks the squirrel if he's alright as the squirrel replies that he's just fine. Back in the supermarket, Ratty finds himself approached by the bagboy who starts to sweep up the mess of orange juice cartons before putting it in the trash can. Ratty then escapes from the trash can before he starts laying on top of it, before being approached by Bogus once again, who tells him that he's caused enough trouble for one day. Bogus then hits the foot pedal on the trash can, which sends Ratty flying through the air until landing in Mr. Anybody's hand when he tries to get a dollar back from the cashier. Mr. Anybody then wonders where Ratty came from as the boss shows up and thanks Mr. Anybody for catching Ratty. After that's over, Ratty gets thrown out of the supermarket before ricocheting off the side of a car and getting stuck in the drain pipe while Mole and the squirrel watch on. After being thanked by the boss, Mr. Anybody then exits the supermarket while Bogus is riding in the grocery bag before he helps himself to a doughnut.

Absent Characters: Mrs. Anybody, Tommy Anybody, Kevin, Jake and Butch

Tropes found in A Day At The Office:

  • Accidental Art: Shows up in the first act, where after Bogus accidentally eats some paints then has to drink some water from the water cup before spitting it out, which forms a rainbow on the paper. This inspires Mr. Anybody to create a picture of a beachside setting.
  • Ate It All: Bogus eats all of the food in the vending machine in the second act.
  • Balloon Belly: Bogus gains one after eating all of the food in the vending machine in the second act.
  • Broom Over Head: The bagboy in the third act raises the broom over his head when preparing to hit Bogus, who is hiding in a chicken in the meat aisle.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Bogus repeatedly pesters a woman's poodle, which causes the poodle to go into angry fits.
  • Dog Stereotype: The poodle whom Bogus is often tormenting is shown to be very spoiled and prone to getting angry fairly easy.
  • Doomed Supermarket Display: Ratty knocks over one of these in an attempt to get rid of Bogus.
  • Floating in a Bubble: Happens to Bogus in the third act, after drinking a bottle of apple juice when he accidentally eats some laundry detergent. This causes him to hiccup a bubble as he becomes trapped inside.
  • Growling Gut: Happens to Bogus at the beginning of the second act.
  • Improvised Catapult: In the second act, Bogus uses a spoon as a catapult by sticking it between the foot and shoe of the woman, before he catapults himself into the vending machine to eat the contents inside.
  • "Jaws" Attack Parody: Bogus gets chased by a shark that Mr. Anybody had added to the picture of the beachside setting in the first act.
  • Squashed Flat: Happens to Ratty, after getting flattened by an avalanche of oranges.
  • That Russian Squat Dance: The poodle briefly dances this way when Bogus fiddles with the radio.
  • Threatening Shark: Bogus winds up getting chased by a shark that Mr. Anybody adds to the beachside painting.
  • Tied-Together-Shoelace Trip: Bogus does this to the boss, when the boss inadvertently provokes Bogus while congratulating Mr. Anybody on making a great drawing.