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Recap / Mr Bogus S 1 E 4 Et Tu Brattus

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Et Tu, Brattus?

Written by Richard Merwin

First Act

Once again, it is another nice day in the neighborhood of the Anybody residence. In the backyard of the Anybody residence, Bogus is swimming around in the birdbath, when his nose suddenly picks up the scent of a slice of pizza, which unbeknownst to him is tied to a piece of string. Bogus then approaches the pizza as he starts to eat it, before it gets pulled away from him. Every time Bogus tries to get the pizza, it gets pulled away from him again and again. Bogus then starts hopping like a frog after the pizza, which is now being pulled to a box that is propped up with a stick. Once Bogus approaches the pizza under the box, the stick is suddenly pulled out which causes the box to fall on top of Bogus. It then turns out that the tough kid that Bogus had dealt with before was responsible for setting up the trap.


The bully then proclaims his success for finally capturing Bogus, while Bogus is trapped from inside the box while still holding onto the pizza. Upon realizing who has caught him, Bogus freaks out as the bully starts to approach the box. Despite Bogus's attempts to discourage the bully, the bully just picks up the box trap and places it on his bike as he rides into the garage of his house. Ratty and Mole then peek out from some bushes as they notice that the bully was successful in capturing Bogus. After conversing about their next plan, the two villainous rodents begin to sneak around the back of the garage before entering a crack in the wall. Back in the garage, the bully then leaves, leaving Bogus still stuck in the box. Bogus decides that he must escape before he kicks the box, but unfortunately for him, he only ends up hurting his foot, which makes him have a painful reflex that causes him to jump up and make a hole in the box.


Bogus is able to free himself from the box before he comes up with an idea on how to get back at both the bully and Ratty and Mole. Bogus then starts sawing and drilling holes in a piece of wood, then paints it to look like some cheese. Bogus lifts up the same trap that the bully used on him before propping it up with the stick as he places the fake cheese under the box then placing cheese crumbs in front of a fan which he turns on to blow the smell of the cheese to Ratty and Mole's direction. Ratty and Mole are attracted by the smell of the cheese. Ratty then rushes out as he starts eating the cheese crumbs which leads to the trap while Mole follows after him. When Ratty approaches the fake cheese, he tries to bite into it, but can't before realizing that he's been had before noticing that he's directly under the box trap. Mole starts running towards Ratty at the same time that Bogus pulls the string, which causes the stick to get pulled away for the trap to fall on top of Ratty, which Mole runs into. Bogus then places a funnel into the hole of the box before coming back with a can of yellow paint as he pours the paint all over Ratty before taking the funnel out from the hole and leaves just as the bully returns with his dad to show him what he caught. However, the bully's dad doesn't believe him when he says that he caught a rodent of some kind, but when the bully lifts up the box trap, he is shocked to find Ratty all covered with yellow paint as the dad angrily tells his son that he's grounded. The bully's dad then leaves the garage as Ratty rushes off to wash the paint off of himself, with help from Mole.


Bogus is standing directly next to the spigot of the hose as he starts to crank it the opposite way, but he winds up getting spun around before getting thrown into a tree limb next to a pair of crows. Ratty is also cleaned when a big blast of water suddenly shoots out from the hose that blasts Ratty back as Mole also gets thrown around by the hose. Bogus and the crows both get soaked by the water from the hose as the crows fly away and Bogus gets shot up into the air before using a pair of tree branches like wings before landing on the side of the fence. Bogus then starts relaxing on the fence, when the bully approaches his window and tells Bogus that he'll get him somehow. Bogus then waves at the bully who yells for his dad and come and see Bogus on the fence. Bogus then says that there's no way that the bully's dad will believe him as he makes himself look like an alien for a few seconds before laughing jovially.

Second Act

It is a cloudy day as two small figures are riding on a crow until the crow stops in front of the window of the Anybody residence. These two figures turn out to be relatives of Bogus, an older female figure with a red dress named Bogunda and a smaller and younger figure with frizzy red hair, a green shirt, red pants, and black and white sneakers named Brattus. Bogunda then thanks the crow for taking them to the Anybody residence. When Brattus is unable to open the window, Bogunda swings her purse, which knocks the window open before she and Brattus jump onto the windowsill. Inside the walls of the Anybody residence, Bogus is laying in his hammock reading a cookbook while listening to some music on the headphones. However, he suddenly hears the sound of Bogunda yelling his name, which causes him to fall out of the hammock before he finds himself being approached by Bogunda and Brattus as he greets them rather nervously. Bogunda then explains that her and Brattus decided to pay Bogus a visit, as she starts swinging her purse around wildly as Bogus narrowly dodges each and every swing.

Bogunda then tells Bogus that she's leaving Brattus with him for a while, before threatening Bogus that if any harm ever comes to Brattus, he'll have to answer to her. Bogus then nervously states that he won't let anything happen to Brattus. Bogunda then gives Bogus a big smooch on the cheek, something which Bogus is disgusted by. Bogunda then flies away on the crow as Bogus watches from the window, before asking himself how hard can it be to look over Brattus. Bogus then realizes that Brattus is lost somewhere in the house before he hears a loud commotion as he rushes off to find out what all the ruckus is. The kitchen is a huge mess while Brattus has constructed a huge Dagwood Sandwich. Brattus then jumps up as he eats the entire sandwich in one bite at the same time that Bogus enters the kitchen, before becoming surprised at the mess in the kitchen. Bogus hurriedly rushes off to try and stop Brattus, but he winds up slipping on some ice cubes before scooping up some broccoli, a tomato, an egg, some green olives, and a salt shaker before riding on a mixer before crashing into some dishes which causes the dishes to fly up into the air before Bogus catches them while still riding on the mixer.

Brattus laughs at Bogus as he eats an entire turkey drumstick before tossing the bone at the mixer, which causes the mixer to go on the fritz and for Bogus to fall into the kitchen sink full of water at the same time that the dishes get thrown back into the cupboard. Brattus starts laughing at Bogus's expense once again before he jumps off the kitchen shelf he was on, and lands on a sponge that sends him into the living room. Bogus then climbs up from the kitchen sink before noticing a fork stuck in his butt. Bogus pulls the fork out before rushing off to try and stop Brattus from causing mayhem through the house. Brattus is running all over the house while carrying Mr. Anybody's watch, wallet, and car keys, but when he passes under the end table, Bogus is able to snatch those things back from Brattus. Brattus continues running until he realizes that he no longer has the watch, wallet, and car keys before noticing Mr. Anybody trying to look for those things, just as Bogus is able to put them back in Mr. Anybody's pocket. When Mr. Anybody reaches into his pocket, he is surprised to find his watch, wallet, and car keys had been in his pocket the whole time.

Brattus then starts laughing, just as Mr. and Mrs. Anybody exit the room, before Bogus shuts the door after them. Bogus then starts wondering how much more of this abuse he has to take, before he hears Brattus from inside the walls as he quickly rushes into the ventilation duct. Inside the walls of the house, Brattus is riding on a spider like a cowboy before approaching a pair of vicious-looking anthropomorphic dust bunnies called Dirt Dudes. The Dirt Dudes become afraid upon noticing Brattus riding towards them as they backtrack the way they came. Brattus continues riding on the spider as he chases the Dirt Dudes down the inside walls. Bogus is still looking for Brattus when he is suddenly waylaid by the fleeing Dirt Dudes as they run over him. Brattus then ropes the Dirt Dudes before he brands them with stars, which Bogus is not very happy about as he also got branded with stars. Brattus then pulls Bogus out from the Dirt Dudes before he starts cleaning the stars off Bogus, but also messing up his face in the process, which Bogus is not very happy about.

Bogus then approaches his hammock while feeling very tired, before he notices Brattus sleeping in his hammock, which prompts Bogus to instead use a cobweb as a makeshift hammock, but there is no bottom as he falls through it. Brattus laughs at Bogus's expense once again. Bogus has no choice now but to sleep on the floor, before Brattus pulls on a cord of a nearby lamp, which turns out the light.

Third Act

Back in the Anybody residence, inside the walls of the house, Bogus is sleeping his hammock while Brattus is wandering around. Bogus then wakes up before gesturing to a calendar page on the wall next to his hammock. Brattus is now riding on a toy police car before running into Bogus, which causes him to get tangled up in the hammock. Brattus then dismounts off the police car before announcing that he's hungry, before he rushes off and peeks out from the chimney in time to see a party in the neighbor's yard. Brattus then starts climbing up the TV antenna, just as Bogus comes out from the chimney afterwards. Bogus becomes surprised upon noticing Brattus swinging back and forth on the antenna as Brattus then catapults himself while flapping his arms like wings before jumping off the roof of the neighbor's house and landing in a tray of hors d'oeurves being carried outside, which Brattus helps himself too.

It turns out that the party is being held in the bully kid's backyard, while the bully's pet pit bull is looking around rather alert. When Brattus jumps off the table, the pit bull notices him at the same time that Bogus is still looking for Brattus. Bogus then realizes that Brattus is in trouble as he is being chased by the pit bull. Bogus jumps up and is able to grab hold of the pit bull's tail for a wild ride. Brattus runs between the legs of a golfer before running on the golf ball before it gets whacked, sending Brattus rolling along the lawn until falling into the hole for a hole in one. The pit bull then approaches the hole as he tries to get at Brattus, who stuffs the golf ball into the pit bull's mouth. Bogus then pulls Brattus out of the golf hole as he scolds his younger cousin for wandering off. However, the pit bull then spits out the golf ball, which hits Bogus, sending him flying into the swimming pool as he sinks to the bottom.

Brattus jumps onto the banquet table again before using a turkey drumstick on a spoon to catapult himself into a punch bowl. However, he is suddenly scooped out of the bowl and into a cup by a random woman just as Brattus pops out from the cup and eats the hors d'doeurve, which causes the woman to freak out when she sees Brattus and throw her punch cup as it hits a man's shirt, which the man is not too happy about. Brattus falls out of the punch cup before scarfing down an entire cheeseburger, before noticing the pit bull coming back as he distracts the pit bull by throwing a pizza like a frisbee as the pit bull starts chasing after it. One the pit bull catches the pizza, he eats it all in one bite as Brattus makes a silly face at the pit bull before jumping off the banquet table again. The pit bull then starts chasing after Brattus again, who then runs past the bully who points out Brattus as he and the pit bull both start chasing after Brattus.

Back in the swimming pool, Bogus climbs onto an orange whale-shaped pool floatie before noticing Brattus being chased by the bully and his pet pit bull. Bogus then pulls out the stopper for the floatie, which causes it to deflate and fly all around before flying past the bully and the pit bull, but misses grabbing Brattus, who makes a right turn. The floatie then crashes into a nearby fence, leaving Bogus disoriented once again as Brattus is still being pursued by the bully and the pit bull. Brattus then jumps into the window before landing in a fish tank that has a piranha in it, as Brattus starts teasing the piranha. Bogus then climbs into the window of the bully's house before he notices Brattus facing off against the piranha in the fish tank. Bogus then enters the house before picking up cocktail weenie from a tray full of cocktail weenies as he runs over to the fish tank, where the piranha is still swimming after Brattus. Bogus then inserts the cocktail weenie into the fish tank, which the piranha eats in one bite, saving Brattus. Bogus then laughs at the piranha's expense before losing his balance and falling into the fish tank at the same time that Brattus flies out.

Inside the fish tank, Bogus is hiding behind a rock in embarrassment when his pants have fallen off. Bogus tries to retrieve his pants, but the piranha starts circling them, leaving Bogus completely naked from behind the rock. Brattus then lands on the floor before running directly under the rug, before the bully and the pit bull both start chasing after Brattus under the rug. The bully then crawls out from under the rug before picking it up with both Brattus and the pit bull inside. The bully's father then enters the room just as the bully tells him that this time he caught a little yellow creature to show him. Bogus, who had managed to get his pants back and escape from the fish tank, sneaks over to the rug, before opening up the patch, allowing Brattus to escape. When the bully opens up the rug, all that was in the rug was the pit bull, as the bully's father angrily reprimands his son for believing in make-believe creatures while consoling the pit bull at the same time.

Back in the walls of the Anybody residence, Bogus had manage to corral Brattus by tying him up until he looks like a mummy so that he won't cause anymore trouble. Bogus then approaches his hammock then goes off to sleep, but wakes up after a few seconds to see that Brattus had managed to escape from his bonds before he realizes that Brattus is in the kitchen again. The kitchen is once again a big mess, as this time, Brattus is now carrying a large cake which he gives to Bogus when he confronts him again. Bogus is touched that Brattus would actually go to the trouble of baking a birthday cake just for him. Brattus then says that even though they have a lot of flaws between them, they are still cousins, before blowing on the cake as the frosting hits Bogus in the face. Bogus then licks the frosting off himself at the same time that Brattus jumps into the cake. Bogus then jumps into the cake afterwards, before the two cousins then pop out from the cake, having bonded due to their shared love of food.

Character Introductions: Brattus, Aunt Bogunda, the Dirt Dudes

Absent Characters: Tommy Anybody, Kevin, Jake and Butch

Tropes found in Et Tu, Brattus?:

  • Agitated Item Stomping: The claymation short shown after the second act and before the commercial break had Bogus start stomping on a ringing wristwatch in order to stop it from ringing so loudly.
  • Agony of the Feet: Happens to Bogus, after attempting to kick open the box that he's trapped in.
  • Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!: The Dirt Dudes ferociously charge towards Brattus, but upon getting close to him, they immediately turn tail and go back the way they came.
  • Balloon Belly: Brattus gets one after eating an entire Dagwood Sandwich in the kitchen in the second act.
  • Body Wipe: Happens in the second act, while Brattus rides on the spider, Brattus's face filling the screen.
  • Box-and-Stick Trap: This was used at the beginning of the episode by the tough kid in an attempt to catch Bogus.
  • Coincidental Accidental Disguise: A not-so-accidental example occurs when Bogus covers Ratty up with yellow paint while inside the box trap, to make Ratty look like Bogus in order to fool the bully.
  • Dagwood Sandwich: Brattus creates one of these in the kitchen before he eats the entire thing in one bite.
  • Dinner Deformation: Happens in the third act to the piranha after it eats the cocktail weenie that Bogus offers it, leaving its body in the shape of a cocktail weenie.
  • Expy: The crow that Aunt Bogunda and Brattus ride on appears to look similar to that of Jeremy from Don Bluth's The Secret of NIMH.
  • Help, I'm Stuck!: Happens briefly to Mole while trying to follow Ratty into the garage of the bully.
  • Improvised Catapult: Brattus does this in the third act, standing on a spoon and using a turkey drumstick to catapult himself over into the punch bowl.
  • Laughing Mad: Brattus has a tendency to do this, despite not being actually evil.
  • Mock Meal: Bogus cuts up a piece of wood and paints it like a slice of cheese in order to fool Ratty into getting caught by the bully's box trap.
  • Pun-Based Title: The title of the episode is based on the quote from William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar (Act III, Scene I): "Et tu, Brute!".
  • Sibling Rivalry: Bogus and Brattus have this relationship at first, despite not actually being siblings, but it's still the same thing.
  • Water Hose Rodeo: This happens to Mole as he starts getting thrown around by the water pressure of the hose.