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Recap / Mr Bogus S 1 E 5 Shop Around The Clock

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Shop Around The Clock

Written by Michael Maurer

First Act

The episode begins as the camera pans across town before cutting to a shopping mall where Mrs. Anybody is in the perfume department trying out some perfume, when Bogus emerges from Mrs. Anybody's purse. Bogus then spots a bottle of Egyptian Queen perfume, as he becomes lovestruck by the Queen, who blows him a kiss, which causes Bogus to start floating before falling down and lands on a toppled bottle that he rolls on before running into a hand mirror which then throws him into the cash register. The cash register then rings up Bogus on the screen, as Mrs. Anybody then leaves, which Bogus is shocked about, which prompts him to exit from the cash register before he starts looking around, before he hears something strange, to which he notices a pair of burglars prowling in the store. The burglars turn out to be Butch and Jake, the same two men that Bogus had faced off against before, as they approach a display with a crown perched on a model of a king.


Butch and Jake then start to approach the display, as Bogus rushes off to stop them, but not without running around on a lipstick display that sends him running on thin air. Bogus realizes his predicament as he falls back down again before landing in a pair of fishing pants on display, but he quickly hides when Butch and Jake come by his way. Jake then pulls out a magnet, which he intends to use to swipe the crown, but Bogus is able to control the fishing pants as they kick the magnet directly out of Jake's hand, which sends the magnet flying until it flies over towards the music section of the store. Butch and Jake then go off to retrieve the magnet while Bogus starts to hop off in the fishing pants. Butch and Jake then approach the music section where Jake tells Butch to stay put while he goes to find the magnet. Butch starts moping about how he never gets to have any fun, before he becomes surprised upon noticing that the piano is playing on its own.


Butch is afraid at first, before he approaches the piano as he opens it up, to reveal Bogus jumping on the insides of the piano keys. Bogus continues jumping on the keys before he notices Butch who tries to hit him, but Bogus quickly escapes before jumping out of the piano until he lands on a drum before he starts jumping on a drum set. Bogus then jumps out of the way again, just as Butch winds up running into the main drum of the drum set. Bogus then notices that he is standing in front of a record cover with a picture of a conductor, which gives Bogus an idea, as he steals the conductor's clothes and assumes the role as a conductor. Butch is still creeping around in the music section, before Bogus approaches the music stand before using some trombone slides to send Butch flying across the room before getting his head stuck in a tuba. The trombone slides continue flying as Jake ducks them, while Butch staggers up to him with the tuba still stuck on his head.


Bogus then takes a deep breath before blowing into another trombone, which sends the magnet flying out of the trombone at the same time that Jake pulls the tuba off of Butch's head. The magnet then lands around Butch's neck for a ringer. Jake then takes the magnet off before he heads back towards the direction of the display with the crown. Jake now has the magnet tied to a fishing pole as he starts to retrieve the crown, while the second burglar is still nervous about being followed, before being told to be quiet by his friend. A fisherman dummy, controlled by Bogus no less, suddenly approaches Butch and Jake and taps Jake on the shoulder. Jake tells Butch to not bother him, but Butch says that he didn't do anything before Jake tells him to quit his bellyaching and just stay calm.

From up in the rafters, Bogus is still controlling the dummy, via use of some fishing poles, before he controls the dummy to tap Jake on the shoulder again, which annoys Jake so much that he yells at Butch to stop bothering him. Butch says again that he didn't do anything while Jake remains skeptical about being tapped on the shoulder by the fisherman dummy. When the dummy suddenly speaks, thanks to Bogus, the burglars become surprised as Butch fearfully jumps into Jake's arms. Bogus then tells the burglars that if they know what's good for them, they'll leave the crown alone and leave, as they fearfully back away before Butch is dropped to the ground. The burglars realize that there's nowhere for them to hide, just as the dummy starts closing in on them as they run away, with the dummy still chasing after them. The burglars continue running for their lives until they run directly through the wall and run for their lives. Butch and Jake out of sight, Bogus proclaims his success that no crooks stand in his way, before having a laugh for his success.

Second Act

Back in the mall, Bogus is walking around taking a look at the rows of stores before approaching a pet store. Bogus then looks in the window at a dalmatian puppy that is on display. The puppy happily licks the window before Bogus does the same thing. However, the puppy gives off a sad howl because he wants to escape. Bogus then tells the dalmatian that he'll make sure that he'll escape as he enters the pet store via use of a mail slot. The dalmatian starts barking when Bogus approaches the cage that the puppy is in as he lifts up the latch, which allows the puppy to walk out as he gives Bogus a wet slobbery kiss in gratitude. Bogus is disgusted by the kiss, before the puppy barks at him to ride on him.

Bogus has no other choice now as he jumps onto the dalmatian's back before riding on the dalmatian until stopping in front of a cage that a monkey is caged up in. The monkey starts jumping up and down that he wants to be let out too as Bogus mocks the monkey, something which the monkey is not very happy about as he picks up some fruits that were on the floor of his cage as he throws the fruits at Bogus, who just eats them as they come his way. The monkey is frustrated by this before throwing another piece of fruit at Bogus, but this time, Bogus is not prepared as he gets hit by the fruit before crashing off-screen as the dalmatian runs off to see if Bogus is alright. Meanwhile, a trio of white rats watch the whole thing, with the fat white rat remarking that Bogus is just pathetic. Bogus picks himself from a pile of pet toys while feeling rather dizzy before the dalmatian approaches him and licks him once again.

Bogus suddenly starts to regret having let the dalmatian out of his cage as the puppy starts approaching him while he starts backing away. Bogus then picks up a ball for the puppy to fetch as it runs off as Bogus is relieved. The ball suddenly lands in a fish tank as the dalmatian puppy whines for Bogus to get the ball for him, but Bogus refuses to get it. The puppy still whines but Bogus still won't have anything to do with it. The next scene then shows Bogus wearing a scuba suit while looking for the ball as the puppy watches. Back in the rat cage, the white rats are still watching while the fat white rat tells his companions that they deserve to be free, before they suddenly notice Ratty come up from the floor as he tells the white rats that he will free his fellow brethren and make sure that Bogus is taken care of as he goes over to the pet supply section and takes out a dog treat, which he throws for the dalmatian to fetch as the dog treat lands on top of the rat cage. The white rats are horrified when they see the dalmatian come their way before knocking over the cage as it falls off the counter and opens up, sending the white rats flying out of the cage. This also causes the dalmatian puppy to get caged once again as he starts barking.

The white rats are rather disoriented from the impact before Ratty approaches them as they thank him for freeing them. Ratty and the white rats start causing mayhem all over the pet store as the dalmatian continues barking. Back in the fish tank, Bogus is able to retrieve the ball before swimming back up to the surface as he throws the ball in front of the caged dalmatian before noticing the rats still causing trouble in the store, with the fat white rat crouched down in a container, the skinny white rat and the short white rat fishing in a fishbowl, and Ratty trying to take a banana from the monkey. Bogus then calls for the rats' attention as Ratty has the white rats use a spoon to catapult a blue squeak toy which sends Bogus flying into the cage of a cat as he falls into the cat's bowl of milk. After Bogus picks himself up, he approached by the cat who intends to eat Bogus, but Bogus distracts the cat with a wave of milk before running out of the cage as the cat tries to catch him, but winds up running into the side of his cage. Ratty and the white rats start laughing at Bogus, who stands off to the side in angry silence, before he notices a fire hose directly above him, which gives Bogus an idea as he jumps up to the hose and starts to turn it on.

This causes the hose to start spraying water everywhere as Bogus jumps onto the hose and starts riding it all over the pet store. Ratty and the white rats suddenly notice Bogus coming their way as they run for their lives before Bogus uses the hose to wash the sneaky rodents away into the sewer cover. With the rats taken care of, Bogus closes up the sewer cover while the water from the hose drains down it, as Ratty tells Bogus that he and his partners will get him yet. Bogus just mocks the rats before going over to the rat cage that the dalmatian is trapped in as he opens up the cage, freeing the dalmatian. Bogus then hugs the dalmatian on the nose, telling him that he's still a good friend but he has to go now, which saddens the puppy. Fortunately, is able to cheer up the puppy by pulling out a cookie from his pocket and gives it to the dalmatian. The parrot and the monkey start mocking Bogus for being a softie to the dalmatian, which Bogus is embarrassed and angry about, before the dalmatian licks him once again as Bogus, still states that the puppy is a bit too friendly for his standards.

Third Act

It is now nighttime, as back inside the mall, Bogus is carrying a soda cup while accompanied by the dalmatian puppy that he befriended earlier. Bogus and the dalmatian then look in the door of a toy store, which Bogus enters by use of the mail slot before figuring out how to open the door to let the dalmatian in. Upon seeing a display of jack-in-the-boxes, Bogus gets an idea as he runs over and jumps onto one of the jack-in-the-boxes while dressed as a pilot before flicking the switch that opens up the top of the jack-in-the-box, sending Bogus flying until he lands on the door handle, causing the door to open and allowing the puppy to enter the toy store.

Bogus is able to snap out of his disorientation before he and the dalmatian look around at all of the toys in the store. Bogus then turns a key on a wind-up electric guitar-playing clown before doing the same thing to a drum-playing monkey and a ballet-dancing bear and a boxing kangaroo. The dalmatian puppy is exited by all of these toys before noticing a wind-up female dog walk by as he falls in love and starts to follow the toy dog. Ratty and the white rats are now hiding under the sewer cover of the toy store as they plot to take their revenge out on Bogus once again as they enter the toy store. The rats are now hiding behind one of the toy shelves, while at the same time, Bogus is engaged in a boxing match against the boxing kangaroo. Bogus is about to deal a move when he is suddenly slugged by the kangaroo, which sends him flying until he lands on a toy elephant who then throws Bogus onto a wind-up horse as it starts bucking up and down before bucking him into the lap of a toy doll who squirts Bogus with her milk bottle. Bogus then takes another milk bottle from another identical doll before using it to squirt the first doll back.

The dalmatian puppy is still hanging out with the toy dog when Ratty suddenly approaches while driving a toy crane as he uses it to snag the dalmatian and hoist him up. Bogus is still fighting with the toy doll when he hears the dalmatian whining, which prompts Bogus to stuff the milk bottle into the doll's mouth before rushing off. Bogus then commandeers a toy tank while wearing a soldier's helmet before grabbing hold of some crayons as he starts to load them into the tank's gun. Ratty and the white rats run for their lives when they see Bogus coming their way, before Bogus fires the first crayon at the rats before firing more and more crayons which send the rats scurrying behind another toy shelf. Ratty then tells the white rats that they won't take this sitting down and that they must fight back against Bogus as they huddle together for a plan.

Bogus then notices the dalmatian puppy still held captive by Ratty, which prompts Bogus to fire more crayons, but the white rats are able to fill the tank's gun with bubble soap, which causes the gun to jam when Bogus tries to fire another crayon. Bogus then presses the button again, which causes a huge soap bubble to lift the tank up into the air as Ratty and the white rats wave bye-bye. The tank continues floating up until it hits the ceiling, which causes the bubble to pop as Bogus falls back down to the ground again, which destroys the tank. The rats are laughing at Bogus once again afterwards. Later, Ratty and the white rats are playing around in the toy store, with the skinny white rat and the short white rat dressed as cowboys and the fat white rat playing with a yo-yo which hits the short white rat on the head. The skinny white rat then pulls out a gun which shoots a dart that hits the fat white rat in the face. Bogus then approaches the toy crane that the dalmatian puppy is still tied up to as he unties the cable before mounting on the dalmatian.

The dalmatian puppy then steps on a toy frog which lets out a loud squeak that alerts Ratty and the white rats. Ratty then orders for his accomplices to pursue Bogus once again. Bogus and the dalmatian then hide behind another toy shelf before noticing the rats approach them once again. This time, Bogus is ready as he has the toy elephant grab up the skinny white rat, the boxing kangaroo punch the fat white rat, and the short white rat get squirted by the doll's milk bottle. Ratty then approaches a jack-in-the-box while looking around for Bogus, before the jack-in-the-box pops out with Bogus on it, which scares the living daylights out of Ratty. Bogus then tells Ratty to look behind him, as Ratty becomes surprised to see that the white rats have been captured by the toys and the dalmatian, which prompts Ratty to make his getaway in a toy car before the dalmatian tosses the white rats into the car with Ratty as the car drives away. Bogus then celebrates his success, before he met with a celebration by all of the toys in the toy store and the dalmatian. The dalmatian then gives another Bogus another wet slobbery kiss, as Bogus wipes himself off afterwards as the episode ends.

Absent Characters: Mr. Anybody, Tommy Anybody, Kevin, Brattus, Mole, the Dirt Dudes

Tropes found in Shop Around The Clock:

  • Boxing Kangaroo: One of the wind-up toys in the toy store in the third act.
  • Cats Are Mean: The cat who mistakes Bogus for a mouse, with the intention to eat him, in the second act.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: This shows up in the first claymation short shown during the intro, where Bogus attempts to put some pepper on tomato soup, but there isn't any pepper. This prompts Bogus to eat an entire container of ground pepper without any ill effects, but it's when he takes a taste of the tomato soup that he starts blowing fire.
  • Gilligan Cut: When Bogus tries telling the dalmatian puppy that he's not getting the ball out of the fish tank, the dalmatian puppy continues whining, but Bogus is still resolute about his decision. Cut to Bogus wearing a scuba suit trekking inside the fish tank.
  • Honorable Elephant: Another one of the wind-up toys in the toy store.
  • Oh, Crap!: The white rats get this reaction in the second act when they see the dalmatian head their way, intent to fetching the dog treat that Ratty threw on top of their cage. Bogus also gets one before getting hit by a blue squeak toy that Ratty and the white rats have catapulted at him.
  • Precious Puppy: The dalmatian puppy that Bogus befriends in the second act.
  • Pun-Based Title: The title of the episode is based on the 1954 Bill Haley song "Rock Around The Clock".
  • Red Boxing Gloves: Bogus wears these in the third act while sparring against the toy kangaroo in the toy store.
  • Security Cling: Butch fearfully jumps into the arms of Jake, in response to hearing the fisherman dummy, controlled by Bogus, speak.