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Recap / Mr Bogus S 2 E 2 Babysitting Bogus

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Babysitting Bogus

Written by Michael Maurer

First Act

It is another nice day in the Anybody residence. However, inside the house, a teenage girl is talking on the phone while a baby boy is asleep in a crib in the living room. The baby suddenly awakens as he picks up a ball and throws it as it hits Kevin, causing him to start running in a panic before hightailing it under the sofa. The baby then starts laughing at Kevin's expense before he starts crying really loudly, but the babysitter doesn't hear him. The baby then cries even louder afterwards. Inside the walls of the house, Bogus is asleep while wearing earmuffs as he starts dreaming about juggling ice cream cones, before he starts eating them. However, his dream is suddenly interrupted by the sound of the baby crying as he wakes up while covered with ice cream. Using his long tongue, Bogus then licks the ice cream off himself as he rubs his stomach afterwards. Bogus then takes off his earmuffs, just as the baby starts crying again, prompting him to cover his ears before getting hit on the head by a piece of ceiling that somehow came loose from the commotion. Bogus is not very happy about this before climbing out of his hammock.


Back in the living room, the baby still continues crying incessantly, which causes an avalanche of books to come loose from the bookshelf and fall on top of Kevin. In another area of the house, Ratty and Mole have built a huge mountain made entirely out of toys as Ratty proclaims it to be the greatest thing he's ever created. When Mole asks Ratty how great it is, Ratty smacks him on the head with his lollipop scepter, before stating that it's infallible, just as the baby's cries cause the tower to topple over and fall on top of Ratty and Mole, burying them under a pile of toys. Ratty then climbs out from under the pile while Mole is knocked silly from the impact, just before Ratty grabs him by the nose and pulls him out.

The baby still keeps on crying, just as Bogus, Ratty and Mole are gathered together. Ratty wants to give the baby a piece of his mind, but Bogus grabs him and yanks him back, telling him that they have to work together in order to silence the baby. Fortunately, Bogus has an idea as he does an acrobatic flip before using a jack-in-the-box to propel him into the crib with the baby. When the baby sees Bogus, he picks him, mistaking him for a doll before he pulls his nose and snaps it. When Bogus tries reasoning with the baby, the baby just throws him aside as he lands next to the baby's bottle. Bogus then brings the bottle over to the baby, but the baby hits the bottle, causing it to squirt a torrent of milk that sends Bogus back as the baby laughs at his expense. After Bogus picks himself up, Ratty and Mole approach him, telling him to just show the baby who's boss. However, Bogus has another idea on how to quell the baby.


Inside the baby's crib, Ratty is speaking through a megaphone, announcing the greatest wrestler in the entire household, before the camera pans over to Bogus, who is wearing a pair of red shorts, a red cape, and a red mask, as Mole, a toy monkey, a toy elephant, a toy bear, a toy crocodile, and the Spider start cheering and throwing roses when Bogus makes his appearance. Ratty then announces in the other side of the crib the baby as another tough wrestler. When Mole and the toys start booing at the baby, the baby throws his rattle at them before blowing a raspberry at them. After Ratty explains the rules, the match then begins when Mole rings the starting bell.

Bogus then starts doing punching and kicking moves, before the baby picks him up and starts stretching him and tying him in knots, as Ratty becomes worried that Bogus is getting pummeled in the ring. Bogus winds up getting tied up around one of the crib posts, thanks to the baby as the crowd starts booing at the baby. Bogus is able to untie himself before facing off against the baby again. When the baby lunges forward, Bogus is able to grab him by his fingers before throwing him over his shoulder. Ratty then compliments that Bogus is able to make a comeback. Bogus starts bowing before getting hit by a teddy bear that the baby throws at him. Ratty is worried once again that Bogus has been creamed again. Despite being rather disoriented by the impact, Bogus picks himself up again as the crowd cheers for him again. This time, Bogus decides to bring out the big guns as he pulls out an electric guitar, a TV set, Brattus, and a turkey from his pocket as he decides to use the turkey feather for some tickle torture. When the baby tries to walk away, Bogus knocks him down before he starts tickling the baby's foot, causing the baby to go into hysterical fits of laughter as Ratty starts commenting on this.


The crowds go wild as Bogus starts absorbing the praise, before the baby grabs him, pulls down the mobile, and places him on one of the toys on the mobile, before letting go, as the mobile acts like a catapult which sends Bogus flying. The baby thinks that he won but he becomes surprised when he sees that Bogus was saved by the toy elephant, allowing Bogus to return to the fight again. Bogus then pulls out a magician's hat and a hypnotist's medallion from his pocket, as he starts hypnotizing the baby. The baby is completely at the mercy of the medallion as he falls asleep, as Ratty declares Bogus the winner of the match before he also succumbs to the medallion's power and falls asleep as does the crowd. Bogus celebrates his victory, before the baby wakes up again and throws the bottle at Bogus, but he quickly ducks just as the bottle flies over him. However, the bottle suddenly ricochets off the side of the crib and flies back and hits Bogus in the head, knocking him out as he falls into unconsciousness, just as winged babies start circling his head.

Second Act

Back in the living room of the Anybody residence, the baby is asleep in his crib just as a pair of Dirt Dudes jump into the crib and steal the baby's pacifier. The baby starts crying upon noticing this. In the bedroom of Tommy Anybody, Bogus is playing a game of Chess with a toy robot. When Bogus can't make up his mind on which move to make, he tricks the robot into looking in another direction, giving Bogus the opportunity to move his pieces all at once. When the robot looks back, Bogus is acting innocent before the robot notices that all of the black pieces have been moved all at once. Realizing that he's screwed, Bogus makes a run for it, just as the robot fires a pair of rockets that start chasing after Bogus, before he dives into one of Tommy's shoes as the rockets follow him and strike him. Bogus emerges from the shoe all blackened while stating that he can take a licking and still keep on kicking.

After that's over, Bogus hears the sound of the baby crying as he quickly rushes into the grate and peeks through a spyhole in the living room to see the baby being pestered by the Dirt Dudes. Bogus decides that it's time to really put the Dirt Dudes in their place, just as he starts driving a fire truck while wearing a fire fighter's hat. After arriving in front of the baby crib, Bogus grabs hold of a fire hose before climbing up a ladder as he enters the crib before threatening the Dirt Dudes to leave as they start shaking with fear. Bogus then squirts the Dirt Dudes with the fire hose, blasting them out of the crib as the baby starts cheering. Bogus then states that the Dirt Dudes won't be bothering the baby for a while, before the teddy bear points out one last Dirt Dude hiding behind the toy monkey, which prompts Bogus to also blast this particular Dirt Dude away. Once that's over, Bogus proclaims his success, before he hears the sound of the babysitter coming as he makes himself scarce. The babysitter then approaches the baby and asks him if everything is okay, before the baby starts crying once again.

Bogus just happens to still be in the crib as the babysitter picks him up, mistaking him for a doll as she holds him in front of the baby. The baby just throws Bogus away before he starts crying again, as the babysitter is still talking on the phone. After getting off the phone, the babysitter then asks the baby if he wants to watch TV, which the baby agrees to. Later, the babysitter is on the phone once again as the baby starts making all kinds of silly faces before noticing the babysitter's backpack. The baby then walks over to the backpack as he takes out the babysitter's wallet, but he throws it aside once he sees how ugly the babysitter's picture is before taking the babysitter's powderpuff out as he approaches a sleeping Kevin with it. The baby then starts beautifying Kevin, using the powderpuff and putting lipstick and blush on him, until Kevin looks like a poodle, much to his embarrassment. Ratty and Mole watch the whole thing from behind the side of the sofa as Ratty states that whatever the babysitter has in her backpack would be of much use to them. The two rodents then approach the backpack while the baby is distracted as they start to take the backpack.

Bogus emerges from under the sofa as he tells the viewers to be quiet before approaching the backpack while Ratty and Mole are distracted as he hides in the backpack. Ratty then opens up the backpack but becomes disappointed upon discovering only a bracelet in the backpack. Bogus then pops out from the backpack and scares the living hell out of the two villainous rodents, before he uses a fountain pen to squirt them with ink. Ratty and Mole then run for it while Bogus uses the fountain pen as a catapult, as he, Ratty and Mole enter the television set, as the baby turns on the television.

In the TV set, Ratty and Mole are dressed up as criminals while Bogus is dressed up as a law-abiding police officer, intending to capture Ratty and Mole and bring them to justice. After pulling into the alley which Ratty and Mole have entered, Bogus then tells the two rodents to come out because he's taking them in. However, Ratty then kicks two trashcans, which sends them tumbling towards Bogus as he makes a run for it, before one of the trashcans flattens him against a brick wall. Bogus then pries himself off the wall as he starts staggering about. The baby starts laughing before changing the channel, but Kevin snatches the remote from the baby, before changing the channel on what looks like a monster movie. Bogus is in the midst of a crowd that is running away from Ratty, who is now a huge monster known as Ratzilla. Ratzilla continues stomping down the street as Bogus starts running for his life. The channel is changed again, with Bogus now dressed as a chemistry professor as he explains that he is about to mix two chemicals together. He then pours one beaker into another, which causes an explosion that leaves the entire laboratory destroyed.

The baby is about to change the channel again when the babysitter takes the remote from him and puts him in his crib for a nap. After the baby is placed back into his crib, the babysitter wonders who turned on the TV as the channel is now changed once again, showing Bogus as a weatherman explaining the next day's weather. However, when he brings up a picture of a thundercloud with a lightning bolt sticking out, the lightning bolt comes to life as it strikes Bogus in the butt, causing him to leap out of the television set with his butt on fire before landing in the babysitter's cup of soda before he climbs out from the cup. Bogus becomes excited when he sees that the babysitter had set out a cheeseburger and a pizza as he uses the straw from the soda to suck up a couple of slices of pizza. The baby wants pizza too but he can't escape from his crib so he starts crying again, just as the babysitter is on the phone once again when she hears the baby crying. She approaches the crib as she asks the baby if he wants some peas and carrots-flavored baby food. The baby doesn't want the baby food as he covers his mouth, but the babysitter pries his mouth open before forcing the spoonful of food into his mouth, which the baby does not like at all. Bogus starts laughing at the baby's expense before he jumps onto the plate that the cheeseburger is on, as the cheeseburger flies up into the air before it comes back down again as Bogus gobbles up the cheeseburger in one bite, which causes his belly to become bulged. After that's over, Bogus picks up his bloated belly and lets it flop down then says that that's life before he starts chuckling jovially.

Third Act

Back in the Anybody residence once again, the babysitter is talking on the phone again while the baby is once again taking a nap in his crib. The baby then awakens from his nap as he starts looking around from inside the crib. However, Ratty and Mole, who are dressed up as criminals again, try to get into a safe to steal whatever is kept inside. Before they can do so, they are suddenly squirted by a torrent of milk from the baby's milk bottle. The baby then lets out an ear-piercing howl which causes Ratty and Mole to cover their ears in pain from the loud noise. Ratty then decides to get the baby to be quiet as he and Mole start climbing up on a tower made entirely out of building blocks up to the baby's crib. Ratty manages to pull out the locking pin to the crib just as the tower gives away, causing him and Mole to fall back down to the ground again. The remaining blocks that are still stacked up fall on top of Mole afterwards.

Once the locking pin has been removed, the baby knocks the gate down, which allows him to exit the crib as Ratty and Mole exit the scene. The baby then crawls over to the wall before noticing the babysitter coming in his direction, which prompts him to hide under an end table against the wall, just as the babysitter passes him. The baby then crawls off again, while Ratty and Mole now have several sticks of dynamite taped to the safe in an attempt to blow it open. While this is happening, Mole is trying to remember something while Ratty notices the babysitter start to head towards the kitchen door, just as the baby starts crawling after her. However, the swinging door hits the table that Ratty and Mole are standing on, causing them to lose their balance and also causing Mole to accidentally detonate the dynamite as it explodes, leaving Ratty and Mole rather beaten up.

The babysitter then approaches the refrigerator before taking out a tupperware bowl just as the baby approaches the refrigerator and becomes amazed at all of in the food in the fridge. Inside the walls of the house, Bogus is using a straw to slurp up a glass of chocolate milk in the refrigerator as well as an entire turkey. The baby can't make up his mind on whether to have a slice of cake or a slice of pie, but before he can get the pie, the straw slurps up the pie before doing the same thing to the cake. The baby is able to grab the straw and insert it into a bowlful of chili peppers. Bogus then slurps up the chili peppers which causes him to have a spastic reaction before he uses the straw to slurp up an entire pitcher of fruit punch to douse the hot feeling in his mouth. After the ordeal is over, Bogus realizes that something is amiss as he quickly peeks through another spyhole in time to see the baby now crawling along the top of the kitchen shelf, approaching the edge of the shelf.

Bogus is able to grab the suspenders of the farmer in the picture at the same time that the baby starts to lose his balance and fall off the shelf. Bogus then uses the suspenders like a bungee cord as he grabs the baby by the diaper, but unfortunately, he loses his grip as the baby falls into the kitchen sink which is conveniently full of water. Bogus winds up tangled up in the bungee cord before the recoil sends him back up into the ceiling grate. Bogus runs into the living room before he looks up and notices that the baby is now dangling on the ceiling fan with his diaper snagged on one of the fan blades. Bogus Face Palms before he mounts Kevin like a horse, which causes Kevin to start rearing up and down like a mad bull as Bogus tries to hang on. Kevin then sends Bogus flying as he approaches the ceiling fan. However, Bogus starts getting thrown around by the fan blades before he winds up in the same predicament as the baby, his pants snagged on another fan blade. The baby then falls off from the ceiling fan before landing on Kevin as the baby starts riding on Kevin like a bucking bronco. Bogus suddenly starts getting spun around on the ceiling fan before getting thrown towards the direction of Tommy's bedroom. After swinging on the doorknob and making a four-point landing, Bogus becomes surprised when he sees the baby bouncing on Tommy's pogo stick. Bogus's attempts to stop the baby prove futile as he waves bye-bye before getting flattened by the pogo stick.

The baby then bounces out the window as Bogus regains his original body shape once again before realizing in horror that the baby is now outside. Bogus then crawls under a superhero poster as he becomes a superhero and flies out the window to try and find where the baby went to. The baby is now bouncing on the roof of the house. Bogus then flies off after the baby as he continues bouncing down the roof. However, Bogus winds up running into the side of the tree as he feels disoriented once again. To add insult to injury, Bogus is unable to get out of the way as the baby comes back down on the pogo stick again before getting flattened once again. The baby continues bouncing until he jumps back into the living room window and back into the crib once again. Bogus is still staggering around dizzily, while at the same time, Ratty and Mole tell him that he won't stop them. Bogus flies back into the window again as he grabs Ratty and Mole before dropping them into the crib with the baby. Ratty and Mole realize that they're screwed when the baby starts approaching them before he grabs them. Bogus watches the whole thing as he starts laughing in celebration as the episode ends.

Absent Characters: Mrs. Anybody, Mr. Anybody, Tommy Anybody, Aunt Bogunda, Bogetta, Jake and Butch, Baddus

Tropes found in Babysitting Bogus:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: The episode's title.
  • Alcohol Hic: Believe it or not, this actually happens to Bogus in the claymation short shown after the commercial break and before the third act, after drinking an entire bottle of what is apparently alcohol.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: The babysitter in the episode definitely shows shades of this.
  • Babysitting Episode: The episode dealt with Bogus finding himself playing babysitter for an incredibly unruly baby while the real babysitter is waylaid by her talking on the phone.
  • Badly Battered Babysitter: Bogus assumes this role whilst trying to avoid the baby's wrath.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The first claymation short shown during the opening intro had Bogus peel an apple then core it... before he eats the core in one bite.
  • Balloon Belly: Happens three times to Bogus in this episode. The first time in the first act, where Bogus dreams that he's eating ice cream cones that he's juggling, the second time at the end of the second act where he devours an entire cheeseburger, and the third time in the third act where he drinks an entire pitcher of fruit punch to cool off his mouth after inadvertently sucking up a bowlful of chili peppers, though it goes away after that's over.
  • Body Wipe: Happened twice in the third act of the episode. The first time, when the baby falls off the kitchen shelf with his face filling the screen, and the second time when Bogus is flying after the baby while he was bouncing on the pogo stick on the roof, as Bogus's nose fills the screen.
  • Circling Birdies: Bogus winds up having winged babies circling his head after getting hit by the baby's milk bottle at the end of the first act.
  • Expy: The baby whom Bogus reluctantly tries to look after looks like that he has the facial features of Montana Max from Tiny Toon Adventures and the hair of Alvin Jones from Little Lulu.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: Averted, as while Bogus does inadvertently suck up a bowlful of chili peppers, he doesn't turn red in the face or breathe fire as he just has a spastic reaction to the spiciness of the peppers.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: While Ratty and Mole normally prance about in the nude with pride, the third act showed them dressed as criminals, wearing just black sweaters, masks, and caps.
  • Human Knot: Happens to Bogus again in the first act when fighting against the baby, which leads to Bogus getting tied up in knots around one of the bars of the baby's crib.
  • Impact Silhouette: Happens in the first act, when Bogus gets flattened by the baby's teddy bear, leaving his impression in the floor of the crib.
  • Jerkass: The baby seems to be a borderline example of this trope, to nearly the same extent as that of Ratty himself.
  • Look Behind You: Bogus does this to distract a toy robot, which gives Bogus a chance to move all of his Chess pieces at once.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Not used as a super power, per se, but the baby has ear-piercing cries and screams that can cause even books to fall off of bookshelves, as shown in the first act of the episode.
  • Notzilla: In the second act, during one of the bouts of channel changing, the TV shows a monster movie depicting Ratty as a Godzilla-esque monster called Ratzilla.
  • Oh, Crap!: This was Ratty and Mole's reaction near the end of the third act, when they realize that there's no way for them to escape the baby.
  • Pet the Dog: Believe it or not, Ratty actually shows shades of this in the first act, as while acting as MC for the wrestling match between Bogus and the baby, he acts concerned when he sees Bogus getting creamed by the baby, and he elatedly congratulates Bogus for hypnotizing the baby into taking a nap.
  • Plunger Detonator: Ratty and Mole attempt to blow open the safe using several sticks of dynamite wired up to one of these. Unfortunately for them, the end table they were standing on gets whacked by the swinging kitchen door, which causes them to lose their balance and for Mole to accidentally push down on the device, which causes the dynamite to explode and give them a lot of damage.
  • Rump Roast: Happens to Bogus in the second act while acting as a weatherman, when a lightning bolt strikes him in the butt, causing him to jump out from the television set with his butt on fire.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The wrestling match between Bogus and the baby in the first act is a reference to that of the match between Rocky and Apollo Creed from Rocky III.
    • During the second act, when Bogus, Ratty, and Mole enter the television set, the first program references several cop shows such as Dragnet, CHiPs, and The Fall Guy while the second program is an obvious nod to Godzilla.
  • Squashed Flat: This happens four times throughout the episode. The first time was in the second claymation short shown during the intro, where Bogus was attempting to make a pie, only to get flattened by the rolling pin, the second time in the second act while Bogus is acting as a cop and gets flattened against a brick wall after getting hit by a tumbling trashcan, and twice in the third act does he get squashed by the baby when he was jumping on Tommy's pogo stick.
  • Tickle Torture: Bogus does this as one of the tactics to try to keep the baby down during the fight.
  • Vacuum Mouth: Bogus does this in the third act with a straw to suck up a glass of chocolate milk, a whole turkey, a slice of cake, a slice of pie, a bowlful of chili peppers (though accidentally), and an entire pitcher of fruit punch.
  • Wild Take: Ratty and Mole both get this reaction in the second act, when Bogus pops out of the backpack they tried to purloin, scaring the hell out of them.


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