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Essentially, this is an episode where a character is forced to babysit a small child or a baby, usually a One-Shot Character. The character that is doing the babysitting may either wind up being a Babysitter from Hell or a Badly Battered Babysitter. Sometimes, the child being babysat may be a Bratty Half-Pint or an Enfant Terrible (Eggs are their own trope).

Also, characters having to babysit something else is also pretty common such as a pet or older person (who is always senile). Even objects may apply in some cases (say a sensitive experiment). Anything that requires a lot of attention could fill this role.

Compare Parents for a Day, which appears to be about people being forced into taking care of a baby because of circumstances.



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    Anime And Manga 
  • Episode 2 of the Little Lulu anime focused on Lulu playing babysitter for Tubby while his parents are out for the day, much to Tubby's chagrin. To add insult to injury in Tubby's case, the situation is subsequently discovered by Iggy who finds it funny that Tubby is being babysat by Lulu, which angers Tubby so very much.
  • Detective Conan episode 566 is basically Conan's misadventures while taking care of a 2 year old whose mother is a client of Kogoro. Silly since Conan is believed to be a six-year-old.
  • Meia's Birthday Episode doubles as this in Vandread: Meia is stuck babysitting Ezra's baby daughter as part of a ploy to prevent Meia from escaping her own birthday party again.
  • One chapter in the Japan-exclusive Neptunia manga has Neptune taking care of Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram after they were deaged into babies.
  • In the original Sailor Moon series, an episode of the Makaiju arc focuses on Mamoru taking care of a baby whose mother was injured in a Droid attack and whose dad is abroads. Usagi and Ami see this and Usagi signs up to help Mamoru, hoping to get closer to him. Hilarity Ensues until the Droid attacks again, which prompts Mercury's Mid-Season Upgrade.
  • The first episode of Devil May Cry: The Animated Series has Dante being saddled with the task of watching over a little girl who is the sole heir of a large fortune, with other people seeking to use demons to kill her.
  • We Never Learn: Chapter 93 involves Mafuyu taking care of her baby cousin Natsume for her aunt while her sister and parents are overseas in America. She finds it to be extremely difficult and has to enlist Nariyuki's help.
  • In one arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Josuke and Joseph find an abandoned baby - later christened Shizuka - with a Stand that renders her invisible, and the two bond over taking care of her. Which is only rendered steadily more difficult when the baby's uncontrollable stand starts expanding to render other objects invisible, including her stroller, trees, the ground, and Joseph's hands.
  • Episode 25b of GO-GO Tamagotchi! is about Lovelin struggling to understand the Tamagotchi children she's babysitting at the Tamasitter House for Sitter Poketchi as part of a TV show.

    Asian Animation 
  • Motu Patlu: "Boxer's Baby" is about Boxer having Motu and Patlu babysit his baby son when his wife has some work to do. When the baby starts to bother them, Motu and Patlu bring him to Dr. Jhatka, who gives him a remoted-controlled trolley that he rides away in.
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Mighty Goat Squad episode 3 is about Weslie looking after a butterfly woman's caterpillar children. The caterpillars are quite hyperactive, but things go surprisingly well until one of the caterpillars ends up in a pupa on a leaf and floats away.

    Comic Books 
  • Batman Black and White, "A Matter of Trust": Bruce Wayne agrees to keep an eye on a doctor friend's twin toddlers when she has to deal with a medical emergency and can't find a sitter at short notice. He quickly finds that none of his years of training have prepared him for looking after a couple of Bratty Half Pints, but it all turns out well in the end.
  • Little Lulu:
    • The idea for Episode 2 of the Little Lulu anime came from the original Little Lulu comics, where Lulu would occasionally come over to babysit Tubby.
    • Numerous comics also had Lulu being forced to look after Alvin. Some of those also made it into the animated versions.
  • "Superman's Babysitter," a short comic story from Elseworlds 80 Page Giant which caused the whole run to be pulped because it shows baby Clark Kent in a microwave. (He's fine.) Later reprinted with no outrage.
  • One arc of the X-23 solo series focused on Laura taking care of Franklin and Valeria Richards for an evening. Given that the younger of the two inherited her father's brains and retained a three-year-old's capacity for mischief....

    Fan Fic 

  • Babysitting Mode is a book based on Incredibles 2 that focuses on Edna Mode babysitting Jack-Jack and observing his many superpowers while Mr. Incredible gets some much-needed rest after having to look after him, Violet, and Dash.
  • The Best Babysitter in the World is a book based on The Muppets. Kermit hires Fozzie to babysit Robin while he goes to audition for a movie. Kermit advises Fozzie to do fun things with Robin like bake cookies, play games, and go to the zoo, but Fozzie's attempts to do each all end in disaster, and all Robin really wants to do is read his book.
  • The Berenstain Bears and the Sitter is this where Ms. Grizzle babysits Brother and Sister while their parents go off to a town meeting. The cubs are nervous about her as they think she's not very nice but learn An Aesop about how babysitters can be nice.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Selfie has one for the fourth episode, "Nugget of Wisdom", as Eliza is encouraged by Henry to do something nice, which becomes babysitting receptionist Charmonique's son Kevin. The babysitting doesn't go horribly (although Eliza has to get help from Henry), and Eliza ends up learning a little from Kevin, and Henry gets an idea that helps his PR pitch.
  • The Golden Girls had three:
    • "Transplant" (season 1): Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia take care of baby Danny for their neighbor Ted, who was involved in a water skiing accident. After his wife Lucy drives him to the hospital, the couple decide to leave Danny in the care of the three ladies while Blanche visits with her sister Virginia.
    • "And Then There Was One" (season 2): Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy run a temporary day care for the children of individuals participating in a walkathon for charity; Sophia herself participates in the walkathon. By the end of the day, all of the children have been picked up except for baby Emily, whom the girls begin to fear has been abandoned. Emily's father eventually shows up and explains that he couldn't come earlier because his wife had gone into labor, and Emily is now the big sister of triplets. He says that when he phoned to explain, whoever answered the phone had muttered something about a sports award and hung up on him. Sophia says she thought he was calling from Sports Illustrated about her walkathon performance.
    • "Not Another Monday" (season 5): The baby in question is that of a couple from Rose's church, and the girls are sitting overnight. The baby develops a fever while they're caring for him, and their pediatrician neighbor Dr. Harry Weston (from Empty Nest) comes to examine him, with Blanche naturally taking advantage of the chance to flirt. Later, they memorably sing "Mr. Sandman" in three-part harmony to get him to sleep.
  • One episode of Clarissa Explains It All has Clarissa baby sitting "Little Elsie", an absolute monster of a child, who makes it a point to make Clarissa's life a living hell. Clarissa manages to defeat Elsie by goading her into bragging about everything Elsie has gotten away with and recording it.
  • Glee: In the episode ''Hairography'', Quinn takes up Kendra's offer of babysitting in order to test Puck's potential as a father. In true Glee fashion, they put the kids to sleep using a song.
  • In one episode of The Lone Gunmen, the title characters and Yves Adele Harlow look after a baby fathered by a thinly veiled Bill Clinton.
  • Drake & Josh Josh volunteers himself and Drake to babysit for his father's boss's baby. Things are quiet quite for a few minutes...until one of Megan's practical jokes makes the baby wake up and cry. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In an episode of Bewitched, Aunt Clara starts babysitting for kids in Samantha's neighborhood. During her evenings with these kids, she casually tells them that she's a witch. Naturally, they want proof, so she does a few spells for them. The kids end up loving her, resulting in more parents asking her to babysit as well, but they begin to grow concerned as the kids tell them that she says she's a witch, and have her go through a competency hearing.
  • Schitt's Creek:
    • Season 2 has David babysitting his boss's adolescent step-daughter. It isn't fun for either of them.
    • Season 5 sees Johnny and Moira (mostly Johnny) babysitting Roland Jr. after Roland and Jocelyn initially did not think they could care for an infant.
    • Season 5 also has Roland being called away on an emergency leaving Roland Jr. at Rose Apothecary with an annoyed David. However, a potential client arrives and assumes Roland Jr. is David's and is delighted, so David plays along despite not knowing anything about babies.
  • Full House:
    • D.J. babysits Stephanie and Michelle in "Sisters in Crime" and takes them to the movie theater when Steve drops by unexpectedly. When Stephanie and Michelle spend all the money on snacks, they don't have enough money to pay for the tickets. D.J. convinces Kimmy, who works at the theater, to sneak them in, but they are caught by the manager.
    • Kimmy babysits Nicky and Alex in "Five's A Crowd". To get out of having to feed the twins and change their diapers, Kimmy pays Stephanie to do it for her.
    • Kimmy babysits Nicky and Alex again in "Subterranean Graduation Blues". Like her previous experience, this one has disastrous results, this time involving finger paint.
  • Future Cop's final two-parter, "Cops and Robin," has Haven and Cleaver looking after a five-year-old girl while her mother is in protective custody.
  • Odd Squad:
    • The episode "Hold the Door" has Olive and Otto being tasked with showing Ori, an agent-in-training, around Precinct 13579. However, when the duo take their eyes off of him for even a second, he runs off to somewhere else, leading them to dash all around Headquarters just to find him before he gets hurt, and before they are sniffed out by Ms. O. Oscar and Dr. O also agree to help them out once they see just how tough their job is, but not even they are able to catch up to Ori until he goes into the Princess Room.
    • In "Two Agents and a Baby", Olympia and Otis are asked by Rivka to babysit Baby Genius while she goes Back to School to get her pilot's license while also trying to stop Marty Marmalade, Jamie Jam's cousin, from wreaking havoc on the town. Realizing they can't do both at the same time, they attempt to pass off babysitting duties to Ocean, Oona and Orson with little to no success, and are forced to take Baby Genius with them out onto the field, much to their chagrins.
    • "It's Not Easy Being Chill" revolves around Omar having to take care of Orpita, a young agent-in-training from the Odd Squad Academy who is onboard the Mobile Unit van as part of an assignment, when she picks him as the subject for her Agent Report and begins to look up to him due to his laid-back personality. However, since he's on creature duty, he's also the babysitter for a creature that he and his teammates are transporting to its native habitat, and he must balance both taking care of it and taking care of Orpita while Opal, Orla and Oswald leave to fight a giant robot.
  • I Dream of Jeannie: "Abdullah", where Jeannie (and eventually Tony and Roger, when she has to leave for the day) has to watch her baby nephew, who is also a genie.
  • That Girl: "All's Well That Ends" and "Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night". "I Am Curious Lemon", too - though the charge in that episode is about eight years old, she brings along a rather high-maintenance lemon tree.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Not quite babysitting, per se, but two different arcs of Garfield strips had Garfield and Odie being pet-sat while Jon was out on a date with Liz. The first time, they were pet-sat by the horribly nearsighted Lillian, and the second time had them under the care of the muscle-bound Greta.
  • Periodically, Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes would be babysat by Rosalyn, whom Calvin fears very greatly.

    Puppet Shows 
  • An episode of Dinosaurs called "When Food Goes Bad" featured Charlene babysitting, only for the Baby to get kidnapped by the food in the refrigerator. It had a bit of a Labyrinth vibe, which makes sense when you realize they were done by the same studio.
  • Sesame Street has several.
    • In one episode, Oscar babysits Natasha but finds it annoying how she keeps kissing him.
    • In another episode, Gabi, Carlo and Elmo babysit Natasha and practice on a baby doll named Shirley.
    • In one episode, Gordon babysits Snuffy and Alice, the latter of whom is going through "the Snuffle Two's" which is basically a moody phase.
    • In one episode, Zoe and Maria babysit Natasha, who is angry because she wants something called a "hoongie".

    Video Games 
  • One of the levels in Heavy Rain has Shelby taking care of a baby whose mom has just attempted suicide.

    Visual Novels 
  • The March chapter of Harvest December has the protagonist and one of his girlfriends babysitting a neighbor's child for a week.

    Web Original 
  • Renegade Rhetoric, a Character Blog for Cy-Kill from Challenge of the GoBots where the leader of the Renegades used many of his posts to describe the events of episodes from a non-existent second season of the cartoon, featured this trope in the post describing the fictional episode "Babysitting", where the Renegades agreed to look after an enormous child from another dimension with magic powers. Cy-Kill ends up growing increasingly frustrated when he tries to have the child obey his demands to take care of the Guardians, only for the child to misinterpret his instructions all the time.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • In the episode, "Black Yoshi's Job", Bowser and Chef Pee Pee have to go to the hospital after the former thinks he has chicken pox (thanks to Charleyyy) and the latter accidentally chops his own hand off after hearing a yell from the former, and they need someone to watch Bowser Junior. Since Black Yoshi needs the money to buy the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game, Mario volunteers him to babysit Junior. Junior soon finds out he's no match for Black Yoshi, as Black Yoshi shoots his toys whenever he acts like a Bratty Half-Pint, and even shoots Toad when they play doctor together.
    • Black Yoshi gets another babysitting job from Mario in "Jeffy's Mistake!", when Mario asks him to babysit Jeffy while he takes Rosalina out on a date. To keep Jeffy entertained, Black Yoshi lets him play a game of Grand Theft Auto, which results in Jeffy destroying his Xbox One. Needless to say, Black Yoshi does not take this well.
    • Shrek gets a babysitting job from Mario in "Shrek the Babysitter!", wherein he has to babysit both Bowser Junior and Jeffy when Bowser and Chef Pee Pee go to a gay strip club, and Mario has to take Black Yoshi to his probation meeting. As a prank, Junior and Jeffy lock Shrek in the bathroom. They later eat his cheesecake, which turns out to be a big mistake when Shrek breaks out.
    • Chef Pee Pee gets a babysitting job from Mario in "Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter!", when he asks him to babysit Jeffy while he goes to a meeting at Nintendo Headquarters, promising to pay him $500 when he gets back. Chef Pee Pee has to juggle both looking after a disruptive Jeffy and cooking everything Bowser wants to eat, especially since Bowser promised to pay him $500 if he succeeded.
    • In ''Bowser Junior the Babysitter!", Junior babysits Mr. Goodman's infant son, Benjamin Franklin Goodman, so that he can earn $800,000.00 to donate to Tom Brady and have dinner with him (a dare given to him by Jeffy in Truth or Dare). When Junior leaves Benjamin alone to play video games, Chef Pee Pee decides to prank Junior into thinking that Benjamin has gone missing to teach him a lesson in responsibility.
  • In issue 13 of Teen Girl Squad, So-And-So is hired to babysit Tompkins and his baby brother Timkins, and her friends show up to "help". Given that this is Teen Girl Squad, it leads to ridiculous, cartoonish injury and death for nearly everyone involved (like a giant baby with the Arrow'd Guy's face squashing Tompkins, the Ugly One's favorite rapper getting his bodyguard to drop her off a hotel balcony onto a "bayonet tailgate party", and So-And-So jumping into the garbage disposal to avoid the police). Also, Tompkin's mother is a robot prospector.

    Western Animation 
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:
    • In "Attack of the Blobs" episode, Oblina is forced to blobsit a baby monster named Blarp who is hungry and wants to eat her, Ickis and Krumm. They got to take 5 hours shift to watch him so they won't be eated.
    • In "Baby It's You", The Gromble asks his students to watch his baby nephew, Bomble. They accidentally switch him with a human baby, so they have to go back and get Bomble back.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball has the episode "The Responsible", in which Gumball's parents leave for a parents' evening, so Gumball and Darwin themselves offer to babysit their little sister Anais. As expected from the duo, Hilarity Ensues, and by the end of the episode, the house is flooded amongst other antics.
  • The Mr. Bogus episode "Babysitting Bogus" dealt with Bogus finding himself playing babysitter for an incredibly unruly baby while the real babysitter is waylaid by her talking on the phone.
  • Angelina Ballerina had an episode where an old lady babysits Polly and Angelina, the latter of whom doesn't like her because she makes cabbage jelly sandwiches.
  • Arthur:
    • This was the plot point of the episode "Arthur Babysits", where he has to babysit the dreaded Tibble Twins. This episode is also notorious for marking the first appearance of Mrs. Tibble and the Tibble Twins.
    • A later episode "Crushed" focused on Arthur bonding with his babysitter Sally, due to the fact that they both love playing a video game called "Dark Bunny 6: Curse Of The Moomy."
    • "That's My Grandma" had Grandma Thora babysit the neighbourhood kids.
  • In the Tom and Jerry MGM shorts "Busy Buddies" and "Tot Watchers", Tom and Jerry have to continually chase down and rescue the baby from trouble because the actual babysitter spends her time gossiping on the telephone.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons:
  • The Incredibles:
    • "Jack-Jack Attack" is a short on the DVD for the original movie, showing what was happening with Jack-Jack and his babysitter while the rest of the family was having the adventure shown in the film.
    • "Auntie Edna" is a short included on the Blu-Ray for Incredibles 2, where Edna Mode babysits Jack-Jack and observes his many superpowers while Mr. Incredible gets some much-needed rest from having to look after him, Violet, and Dash.
  • A very Lower-Deck Episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold shows 'Mazing Man catsitting, which he also did in his eponymous comic book.
  • The Loud House:
    • In "Two Boys and a Baby", in an attempt to get out of having to see Aunt Ruth, Lincoln volunteers to babysit his baby sister, Lily, so his Dad can see Aunt Ruth instead. Clyde comes over to help Lincoln babysit Lily, and has a lot of knowledge on babies thanks to the numerous parenting magazines he read. The usual hijinks ensue, such as feeding Lily, changing her diaper, and accidentally bringing home a baby boy after they take her to the park to play.
    • In the first half of "Breaking Dad", Mr. Loud hires Mr. Grouse to babysit Lily while he goes to the cowbell music festival. Although Lily keeps doing something that causes Mr. Grouse to call Mr. Loud for advice, Lily suddenly starts to see Mr. Grouse as a better father than Mr. Loud for some reason, prompting the latter to try to prove that he is her real father in the second half of the episode.
    • In "Sitting Bull", the four oldest Loud-daughters (Lori, Leni, Luna and Luan) are revealed to have their own babysitting service, which Lynn (the fifth oldest Loud-daughter) really wants to be a part of. The four oldest sisters are very reluctant to let Lynn join, feeling that she wouldn't make a good babysitter due to her aggressive nature. Sure enough, Lynn proves to be too aggressive, causing the four older sisters to lose their jobs. However, Lynn's able to make things right by getting her four older sisters their babysitting jobs back and Lori, Leni, Luna and Luan inadvertently get Lynn the perfect babysitting job when they get her to babysit this group of very rowdy little kids.
  • Used several times in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The episode "Baby Cakes" features Pinkie Pie eagerly wanting to babysit her boss' twin babies without understanding the differences between playing with babies and taking care of them. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
    • In "Stare Master", Fluttershy offers to watch the Cutie Mark Crusaders, greatly underestimating how energetic they can be. She eventually does earn their respect and obedience by saving them from a monster in the Everfree Forest.
    • In "Just for Sidekicks", Spike pet-sits for all the mane six. He's mainly interested in the gems he received as payment, and he spends the bare minimum of time actually watching the pets. This comes back to bite him when one of the pets, Angel Bunny, resents being ignored and runs away; Spike is run through the wringer trying to get Angel back.
    • In "A Flurry of Emotions", Twilight has to babysit her niece Flurry Heart when Shining Armor and Princess Cadance go to an art exhibition.
  • An episode of My Little Pony 'n Friends, The Ice Cream Wars, has the First Tooth ponies begrudgingly babysitting the two sets of Newborn Twins. They even sing about it!
  • The OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode "Villains' Night In" is about Darrell and Shannon, two of Lord Boxman's robot minions/children, babysitting Professor Venomous's minion/daughter, Fink, while Venomous and Boxman are at a party. The counterpart episode "Villains' Night Out" is about the party.
  • The plot point of the Adventures from the Book of Virtues episode "Selflessness", in which Annie was forced to babysit her toddler cousins, skipping a trip of hers.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In what was originally the very first episode, but was delayed to the first season finale, Homer and Marge go out for the evening while the kids are sat by what turns out to be "the Babysitting Bandit," who gets a babysitting job and then ties up the kids and steals everything from the house.
    • In another episode, 8-year-old Lisa offers her services as a babysitter, proving to do a good job of it despite her age, until Homer & Marge have her watch Bart and Maggie. Bart does a lot of stupid things mostly for the sake of being contrarian, which eventually lands him in the hospital (she even has to drive him there in a wheelbarrow because he prank-called them earlier), but she still gets work afterward.
    • While healing from a knee injury, Homer starts a Daddy Day Care–type in-home babysitting service.
  • Donald Duck has to take care of a bratty baby turtle named Shelby in a series of House of Mouse shorts.
  • In Regular Show, "Dead At Eight", Mordecai and Rigby have to babysit Death's son, Thomas, in order to save Muscle Man's soul.
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode "Babysitter Blues" had Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger being babysat by an unnamed babysitter who also appeared as The Faceless like Christopher Robin's mother. Later in the episode, Christopher Robin has to babysit Roo while Kanga goes out into the Hundred Acre Wood.
  • Timon & Pumbaa has two:
    • "To Kilimanjaro Bird", where after Timon steals an Baby Earl's bowl of grubs, he and Pumbaa are forced to babysit the eaglet while Mother Eagle flies to the lowlands to gather more food. During the babysitting, Earl tries to learn to fly by jumping out of the nest, but Timon and Pumbaa try to stop him so that he won't get a scratch, which would result in Timon getting crushed by the mother bird.
    • "Sitting Pretty Awful", where Timon and Pumbaa are hired to babysit baby triplets.
  • The Doug episode "Doug Loses Dale" is about Doug babysitting Skeeter's younger brother, Dale.
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series had two instances, which were paired up together. "Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure" had Rolly taking care of Cornelia's eggs, which hatched at the beginning of the episode when he sat on them. "Wild Chick Chase" was about Spot having to babysit Peeps, a chick who kept getting into danger.
  • In the Pac-Man short "Hocus-Pocus Pac-Man", Ms. Pac-Man asks her husband to watch Pac-Baby while she goes shopping. Pac-Man tries to amuse Pac-Baby with some magic tricks, but one of them goes wrong and Pac-Baby seemingly vanishes.
  • The Little Rascals animated short "Tiny Terror" has Butch leave his baby brother with the Rascals so he can go fishing. Among other things, the baby climbs a tree and bombards Alfalfa and Spanky with apples.
  • An American Tail: "Babysitting Blues" from Fievel's American Tails.
  • The Flintstones: In the Gruesomes' debut episode, Fred and Barney agree to babysit Goblin, whose antics and pets make it near life-threatening.
  • CatDog: In one episode, they have to babysit Cliff's niece. She eventually gets lost and when Lube comes to pick up the baby, they pass off Winslow as the baby and go look for her. They manage to get her back before Cliff finds out.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • In the short "Li'l Sneezer" from the episode "Test Stress", Furrball disguises himself as a babysitter as part of his plan to catch Li'l Sneezer and get his picture in the Hall of Cartoon Pussycats. Sneezer's powerful sneezes end up foiling his every attempt to catch him. In the end, Furrball discovers that Sneezer is allergic to cats.
    • The short "Drooley Davey" from the episode "The Wide World of Elmyra" involves Elmyra Duff (who is clearly too young and stupid to be a proper babysitter) looking after the titular salivating infant. At one point in the episode, she tries feeding him extremely hot milk.
    • The short "I Was a Teenage Bunnysitter" from the episode "The Acme Home Shopping Show" involves Babs Bunny looking after Duncan Potter, a toddler rabbit who demands a mashed-potato man at dinner and a scary story at bedtime.
  • There are two of these in Ewoks. In first season's The Travelling Jindas, Latara joins the nomadic tribe/species giving performances all around Endor because she's frustrated with babysitting her toddler siblings, solely to be kidnapped by Duloks in order to babysit their children. In second season's Bringing Up Norky, the gang is taking care of an obnoxiously manipulative young critter while his parents are away.
  • The ChalkZone episode "The Terrible 2 1/2s" had Rudy and Penny watching Rudy's younger cousin, Sophie. Danger ensues when Sophie manages to get the magic chalk and ends up in ChalkZone.
  • The Jimmy Two-Shoes episode "Baby Boom" had Jimmy and Beezy babysitting Molotov's kids. His son Tori is an obnoxious brat, while his infant daughter Blammo won't stop spewing.
  • In the Star vs. the Forces of Evil "Starsitting", Star and Marco take care of Buff Frog's tadpoles - a challenge that is much more difficult than it sounds, especially when the sitters have conflicting views on taking care of them.
  • Daria gets roped into Quinn's babysitting job when Quinn has a date for the night she was supposed to work (it was either that or spend the evening attending Helen's couples therapy session). Daria was expecting the kids to be total brats, but ended up being very disturbed at how unusually obedient they were and not thinking for themselves. With Jane's help, she decides to remedy that.
  • What's with Andy?: The episode "Andy Pranky Pudding and Pie" had Jen babysit two intelligent little boys while Andy plays pranks and tries to pin the blame on them.
  • Both of Manon's appearances so far in Miraculous Ladybug have had Marinette babysit her. The first time, Alya ended up mostly taking over for her (since Marinette had to go into Ladybug mode to fight the Villain of the Week); the second time, a fight over a doll caused Manon to become the most successful akumatized villain yet.
  • Kaeloo: The episode "Let's Play Babysitting" had Stumpy try to babysit Quack Quack, who didn't even need or want a babysitter. It doesn't end well.
  • In Trollhunters, Jim volunteers to babysit Claire's little brother Enrique, whom he suspects has been replaced by a Changeling. Naturally, he has, and chaos ensues. The episode ends with Claire's parents (who thought Claire was watching the baby) showing up to a trashed house, just as Not-Enrique has turned back into his innocent baby form.
  • Rubbadubbers: Amelia the Babysitter, where Amelia hates being told what to do and wants to be in charge. She then if onlys herself into a cloud world, where she has to babysit the other Rubbadubbers, who are pretending to be toddlers and demand to tell them what to do.
  • Spongebob Squarepants:
    • In "Bubble Buddy Returns", SpongeBob looks after Bubble Buddy's son, Shiny.
    • In "Whale Watching", Mr. Krabs hires Squidward to babysit Pearl, but Pearl wants to sneak out of Mr. Krabs' house to go to a cool teen party.
    • In "Biddy Sitting", SpongeBob and Patrick start their own babysitting service. First, they babysit infant sextuplets, then they babysit Mary's 137-year-old mother (from "Chocolate With Nuts").
  • In the The Powerpuff Girls episode, "Child Fearing", when Professor Utonium runs late for an event, Mojo Jojo is hired as the girls' babysitter. At first, he tries to use his new position to try and make the girls help him take over Townsville, but the girls deliberately make his job a living heck.
  • The Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop episode "Horrybaby" has Dr. Zitbag being forced by Officer Deadbeat to look after his infant son Damian.
  • In the Bump in the Night episode "Baby Snail", Mr. Bumpy has to look after a baby snail while Squishington looks for the baby snail's mother.
  • In one episode of the Australian cartoon Adventures of the Little Koala, title character Roobear babysits the young triplet brothers of his friends. They want to swim in the family pool, to which he agrees; however, as they're penguins and he's a koala, they end up exhausting him and have to save him from drowning. He's so humiliated by this that the triplets are able to blackmail him into buying them treats.
  • The Lizzie episode "Misadventures in Babysitting" had Lizzie Green get a job babysitting a woman's one-year-old son.
  • Gasp!: In "Fish Stick", Gasp, experimenting with mind-control techniques while babysitting, panics when he thinks he's accidentally turned Winston into a fish stick.
  • Pixel Pinkie: "Clones R Us". In said episode, Nina tries to convince Pinkie to make a clone of her to babysit while she goes to Suzi's party.
  • The Mona the Vampire episode, "Robot Baby Sitter", which features the introduction of the babysitter, Belinda, who was responsible for Angela before Mona. There are some other episodes revolving around this as well.
  • The Harvey Beaks episode revolves around Harvey and his egg sister being babysat by Jeremy, much to Harvey's frustration, as he wants to prove that he can do the job himself (Jeremy treating Harvey like a baby probably doesn't help matters).
  • Sea Princesses: In "The Babysitters", Ester and Marli confidently set out on their first babysitting job. But it all goes horribly wrong when they lose the Sea Lion King's son, Naimo, who disappears in search of his favorite toy.
  • The Mighty Magiswords episode "Transylbabies" had Vambre and Prohyas hired by a Snowmanpire couple to look after their babies.
  • Dennis the Menace:
    • In "A Step Ahead", Alice and Henry go out for the evening and hire a young babysitter named Marty to look after Dennis. Marty is able to anticipate most of Dennis' tricks, having pulled many of them himself when he was Dennis' age.
    • In "Big Baby", Alice babysits Sylvester, the infant son of Mrs. Atkins, and Dennis volunteers to look after him when she has to go to the store to buy more baby food. Around this time, PeeBee shows Dennis his new super growth formula, which he keeps in a baby bottle since just one drop makes things bigger. Sylvester gets ahold of PeeBee's bottle and drinks most of the formula, growing to an enormous size as a result. Dennis and PeeBee have to get Sylvester back to his normal size before Alice returns.


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