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Two mobile suits playing baseball. That's a first.

Arnold: Just as long as we don't get blasted, roasted, toasted, or eaten, I'm happy.
Ms. Frizzle: Don't worry, Arnold; that's not until next week. Today, we're going to a baseball game!

So you're watching your favorite show. It might be romance, or supernatural, or anything at all. The characters are not shown to participate in sports, and it doesn't really matter in context. Then, the next episode comes up and... wait a minute, why are they playing baseball?

Enter the Baseball Episode, in which for some reason, the heroes participate in a baseball game. It might be in order to save the world, save the town or just waste time. Whatever the reason, it's common, and shows up in all kinds of works... least coming from the United States, Japan, and certain parts of the Caribbean. Most other countries don't even care about this "baseball" thing. Other sports occasionally used include types of football such as soccer or American football, while the standard British or Australian equivalent would be a Cricket or rugby episode.


For some reason, this happens a lot in Speculative Fiction.

Also can apply to softball, an equivalent sport played with a larger ball, a smaller playfield.


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  • One of the Erin Esurance ads took place in a baseball game. A song about saving money with Esurance to the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" even plays in it!

    Anime & Manga 
  • Episode 12 of Assassination Classroom features the Class 3-E boys going up against the school baseball team in the annual exhibition match typically used to humiliate them. However, the match may not be so cut-and-dry this time around...
  • Black Butler has a cricket tournament in the school arc.
  • BNA: Brand New Animal features an episode where Michiru gets to show off impressive baseball moves and we get to discover that sports in Animacity are performed less for the thrill of it and more for the sake of gambling and organized crime.
  • CLAMP School Detectives features a baseball game between Nokoru and Suoh. Nokoru has a full team of girls from the CLAMP School's kindergarten division, while Suoh covers the entire field himself and uses 'Ghost Runners'.
  • The first episode of CLANNAD ~After Story~ centered on the characters playing baseball. It is based after a common normal ending of the original Visual Novel.
  • Episode Thirteen of Cromartie High School, when they decide to practice playing baseball in the woods and get lost instead.
  • Detective Conan features a baseball episode at least once which involves the culprit of the week planning his attack depending on the game's outcome.
  • Episode 155-156 of Doctor Slump has an improvvised Penguin Village's baseball team (consists of all the youngest characters of the show, included naturally Arale and Gatchan) invited to a challenge against the big city team.
  • Doraemon has an entire Spin-Off manga series titled Dorabase which has a focus on baseball.
  • Dorohedoro had a baseball arc with an extensive range of chicanery, including poisoned drinks, Fujita using magic to hurl baseballs as 160/km speeds, and and the sheer fact that Kaimain, a reanimated Matsumura, and Johnson were all on the same pitch!
  • Dragon Ball Super episode 70, where Champa challenges Beerus to a baseball match to be held on Earth. It starts with Goku throwing a pitch so hard is causes a massive explosion and only gets worse from there. Among other things Yamcha is the only player who knows the rules while Whis and Vados have read the rules but have a pretty loose interpretation of what's allowed. Ultimately the game devolves into a brawl that nearly destroys the universe and is called off before the end of the first inning.
  • Parodied in an episode of Excel Saga. The girls are sent to Excel's old high school to find out what today's youth are interested in, and up coaching the school's baseball team, a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits that are the worst team in the city.
  • While playing baseball out of nowhere is surprising in any series, it's double surprising in Eyeshield 21, which is already about American football. However, this is one of the cases where it's justified; Banba used the baseball game as a way to train Kurita and the other Devil Bats for the upcoming game with the Hakushuu Dinosaurs. It wasn't the actual sport that was important either, they just needed to get used to playing sports inside a dome rather than outside, due to the difference in air pressure. A baseball dome was chosen because Hiruma had dirt on the night guards watching the place.
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Space's ninth episode plucks up the entirety of its main cast and sets them in a modern day world that tells a baseball story instead of the colony warfare one that had been playing out up until then. QT powers are still present despite this.
  • Gundam Build Fighters has about half an episode that features, of all things, baseball as a medium for Mecha combat. It's Justified in a way: the head of the tournament is specifically trying to rig things so Sei and Reiji lose, and their opponent in that battle used to play professional baseball before he retired to build Gunpla, so the battle is set up to play to his strengths.
  • The Hajime no Ippo manga has the Kamogawa Gym boxers playing a baseball game. It was pretty much the only time Aoki and Kimura were better than everyone.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Team La Verite episode 6. The maid departments (security, medical, technology etc.) compete in a softball tournament to determine budget allocations.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya had one. And since Haruhi is involved, they have to win the game in order to save the world. At the end of the episode Haruhi is trying to decide whether they should enter the local soccer or American football tournament next.
  • Hell Girl features one of these - though not too unexpected since every episode revolves around a different set of characters. This time, it just happens to be someone who gets away with murder since he's such a great ballplayer.
  • A variant of this sorts occur in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, when Villain of the Week Telence D'Arby forces Jotaro to play a console game in order to proceed, Jotaro chooses a baseball-themed game to compete with him.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: After the attack during the school exchange event was resolved, they continued it with a baseball match. Though it only ended up with baseball thanks to Satoru.
  • Downplayed in Chapter 196 of Kaguya-sama: Love is War, when Shirogane, Ishigami, Maki, and Hayasaka spend and afternoon at a batting cage.
  • Kirarin Revolution has a baseball episode as well.
  • Kyo Kara Maoh! has these by the bucketload. Part of Yuuri's coming-of-age ceremony in Shin Makoku is a baseball game, even.
  • Episode 9 of Maburaho — playing against a team from hell.
  • Maison Ikkoku did one too, with the manager from Cha Cha Maru (a local bar) organizing a game against local store owners.
  • The Midori Days manga has a chapter where a baseball game is used to settle a gang conflict.
  • The 39th outro of Naruto Shippuden is baseball themed. Naruto and Sasuke are on opposing teams.
  • Ninja Hattori has an episode where the characters play Cricket, a similar sport to baseball.
  • Ojarumaru had one. Surprisingly, the episode didn't focus on characters playing a game of baseball, but rather on Ojarumaru learning how to pitch a baseball.
  • One Piece: The fifth movie; The Cursed Holy Sword opens with a special short featuring the crew playing baseball against some villains, complete with Zoro wielding three bats. In another short, they play soccer.
  • Osomatsu-san has a whole episode dedicated to Baseball, which picks up from a To Be Continued involving the Sextuplets moving out and getting jobs, but by the next episode they play baseball in space and the plot of the last episode is no longer relevant. What's even more funny is that this episode is the season finale.
  • The Perman episode "A Baseball Match in the Sky" is about the characters playing baseball. And yes, they play it in the sky.
  • Pokémon has a baseball Fangirl named Casey with whom Ash and the group meet up from time to time. She even has A Day in the Limelight episode in the Pokémon Chronicles spin-off series involving a Charizard that lost its firepower (literally) and a washed up baseball pitcher. Fittingly, Casey's first episode aired in Japan shortly before the beginning of that country's baseball championship, and first aired in America the day of Game 1 of the 2000 World Series.
    • The Sun & Moon arc has an episode where Ash and his classmates (and their Pokémon) actually play baseball.
  • Pretty Cure
    • Episode 31 of Fresh Pretty Cure! has the Cures challenge a Nakewameke made from an automatic pitching machine to a match.
    • HappinessCharge Pretty Cure! Episode 12 has a Baseball Teribad that shoots baseballs for its attack. So what does Cure Lovely do in this situation? Congers up a bat and goes, "Play Ball!"
  • The Prince of Tennis has a baseball episode, featuring all the characters in chibi form.
  • Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars (season 5) episode "The Power of a Shining Star! ChibiChibi's Transformation" had a softball game as its focus.
  • The Samurai Champloo episode ("Baseball Blues") also had a baseball game between purported Americans (including Abner Doubleday) and a local team that includes Mugen, Jin, and Fuu. Guess who wins. Well, okay, technically nobody, but whatever.
  • Samurai Pizza Cats had one. The bad guys brainwash a famous baseball player and try to hook him up with Princess Violet, who's holding auditions for a boyfriend. The heroes and villains end up trying to settle things with a baseball game for some reason.
  • School Rumble had both a softball episode and a "pool hockey" episode.
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman had an episode take place in a baseball stadium. As usual, Galactor gets involved.
  • For some reason or other this comes up fairly frequently in Sgt. Frog, which has had several episodes in which characters play various sports against each other. These include a soccer episode, a swimming episode, a tennis episode, and an Olympic-style winter sports episode.
  • Sonic X: Sonic and crew vs. Eggman's robot team with a Chaos Emerald at stake. To be fair, Knuckles did tell them it was a dumb idea.
  • Squid Girl Episode 10.3, where Ika joins Kiyomi's baseball team. After a not easy start, she gets the team winning streak thanks to her tentacles.
  • Star Driver has a bunch of characters that are important to the plot playing high school baseball in episode 10, including some characters that haven't yet been brought to the fore as Star Drivers (mecha pilots).
  • Tower of God: Love vs Viole with Love's baseball theme attacks.
  • Several chapters of the gag manga Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku when it involves baseball fanboy Namida setting up a game. The Ganso sequel series has a bonus color chapter about the kids playing baseball, playing it straight.
  • Urusei Yatsura did several baseball episodes... basically whenever Tobimaro showed up.
  • Voltron once had the good guys and the bad guys play American football.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX showed in one episode that the kids play baseball (card games may be Serious Business, but at least they can apparently have other hobbies). Dr. Chronos ended up hit in the eye with a fly ball, but it didn't end there. There was also another episode where Judai was playing tennis in gym class (which he didn't like) and Chronos got hit in the eye again (clearly, Chronos has very bad luck with sports equipment). This led to Chronos punishing Judai by making him take tennis lessons from an Obelisk snob, which led to a duel over Asuka, who the guy had a crush on. (fortunately, like most opponents from the Obelisk Dorm, the guy was Small Name, Big Ego).

    Asian Animation 
  • The Eena Meena Deeka episode "Baseball" starts off with the birds playing baseball outside. When they hit the baseball in the air, it comes down and hits Bhukkad, and the main conflict begins.
  • Motu Patlu has an episode involving Cricket. In the episode, titled "Cricket League", Motu and Patlu start their own cricket league.
  • Simple Samosa also has a Cricket Episode; the episode is appropriately titled "Cricket Match". In the episode, Samosa is named the umpire in a cricket game, and is surprised to find out that his friends Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada are on the playing teams for that game.

    Comic Books 
  • This also happened in an issue of Young Justice, which played out very much like the Samurai Champloo episode, only here, the invaders were aliens. The justification, such as it was, was that the aliens had once been led by Doiby Dickles, so their culture was largely based on 1930s New York City. Apparently they had decided that baseball was a convenient form of Trial by Combat and began to use it as their own. The whole thing was so ridiculous that it prompted one character to express in frustration "That's it, I'm joining the [Teen] Titans."
  • Incredible Hulk incognito, got a gig playing outfield for a minor league team. The gig ended when he had a fight with the Rhino, who was playing catcher for a rival minor league team. Foul-tempered, mutated superbehemoths playing baseball? Shocking.
  • The Justice League had a baseball game against the Injustice Gang in Strange Sport Stories. The writers even wrote and included a box score for the game.
  • Similarly, there was a Titans/Villains baseball game in an issue of Teen Titans Go!.
  • The X-Men have a long history of this (perhaps unsurprising given that the school is in New York). An X-Men baseball game will always start with the rule "no powers". And it will always be broken. They also played basketball once with similar results. And football (resulting in Xavier being tackled out of his wheelchair).
  • Way back when Marvel's Avengers were only split up between East Coast and West Coast, the two teams would meet up for an annual game of baseball. One of these games was interrupted by a cosmic being called the Grandmaster (who, as it happens, is obsessed with sports and games), but that's a long story.
  • And way way back in the earliest years of the Fantastic Four, the issue after the storyline of the very first introduction of the Black Panther, it opens with them playing baseball. Hilarity Ensues, due to the fact that the Thing is the pitcher.
  • The Flash: Bart Allen's adventures in Impulse are normal superheroic fare— bank robberies, time travel, speeding cars, megalomania— which makes it all the odder that Impulse #20 is just 22 pages of Bart playing baseball (and losing badly).
  • Not to mention the annual softball game between Marvel Comics and DC Comics staffers.
  • The Young All-Stars played against the All-Star Squadron for charity.
  • The first issue of New Men opened with the titular team relaxing with a game of basketball - the use of powers encouraged.
  • The inmates of Arkham Asylum have even played against Blackgate prisoners. It didn't go well.
  • Nearly an entire issue of Power Pack took place in or around Shea Stadium, dealing with a slightly-crazy former baseball player who was willing to blow up the stadium to prevent his seven-home-runs-in-seven-games record from being tied.
  • The Captain Britain and MI13 annual had a story with the cast playing Cricket.
  • Calvin and Hobbes had an early arc featuring Calvin's ill-fated attempt at joining his school's baseball team. In other strips, he and Hobbes play baseball against each other, but those inevitably result in either a Big Ball of Violence between the two or the game turning into Calvinball. Or both.
  • Marvel's Laff-A-Lympics book had "Take Me Out to the Brawl Game," in which the Really Rottens used a remote-controlled baseball and kidnapped the Scoobies' star hitter, Captain Caveman.
  • An old issue of Captain America had the hero and Bucky take to the field as players in order to catch a murderer who was killing pitchers in order to rig games.
  • A 1977 Captain Marvel comic featured this. It starts with Mr. Tawny (the talking tiger) joining the Detroit Tigers, and ends with a game between the Tigers (including Mr. Tawny and Captain Marvel, temporarily on the team) playing against Mr. Mind and a team of aliens with enhanced abilities, for control of the world.
  • Back in the Golden Age of Comics Steve Trevor once stopped to play baseball with some kids while delivering an important, but not time sensitive, message. When he arrives the message seems to have been swapped out and he's accused of being a fool and getting it stolen while playing a game, but he and Wonder Woman uncover the truth: he'd never been given the real message in the first place as the man who was meant to hand it to him had been killed and replaced with a near identical relative who'd been bribed into becoming a Nazi saboteur.
  • Wonder Woman (1942): The WACs assigned to the USAAF intelligence office in Washington DC play a game against their male co-workers. The game gets derailed by an argument when Diana forgets to hold back her strength and obliterates a ball, with Steve quickly saying the ball was probably rotted through and flirtingly asking her if she fancies herself a Wonder Woman once the other men are too distracted by trying to figure out if its a foul ball.
  • Batman and the Outsiders: The Outsiders #6 (1986) has a back-up story titled "The Outsiders at the Bat"; a comical adaptation of Casey at the Bat featuring the Outsiders playing baseball against Kobra and his henchmen.

    Fan Works 
  • NUMB3RS story Anything For Charity has Don being drafted by his boss to take part in a charity baseball game against other agencies.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: “The Baseball Game” is a classic Single-A World Series Big Game story, with Bolt pressed into playing duty while serving as honorary team mascot. He scores the winning run as a pinch runner for an injured player, and later clinches victory when he pulls off a triple play manning second base despite lacking a glove and the ability to throw a baseball properly.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • A football variant occurs in The Room.
  • The Cullens, with Bella in tow, play in Twilight.
  • For a given value of "live action", Space Jam is essentially a movie-length version of this for the Looney Tunes franchise with basketball instead of baseball. Funnily enough, Michael Jordan is actually playing baseball in his first appearance on screen.

  • Joy in Mudville, a story in the Hoka series by Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson.
  • The fiftieth Doctor Who New Adventures novel, Happy Endings by Paul Cornell, spends about a chapter on a cricket match between the Cheldon Boniface team and the Doctor's Invitation Eleven.
  • In the third The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy novel, cricket suddenly becomes pivotal to the plot, and the story begins with a cricket game. Of course, it turns out that cricket is actually linked to an alien plot to kill everything everywhere.
  • If you consider each book in the P. G. Wodehouse's Psmith series to be an 'episode', then the first book Enter Smith is the cricket episode. It's the only book to focus on Mike's cricketing prowess, and has detailed descriptions of the matches.
  • Lucille Van Slyke's 1912 serial novel Eve's Other Children focuses on Syrian immigrant children and their families trying to get used to America. In "The Thing Called Play", nine-year-old Najeeb Badour is in a funk because the other boys don't really accept him. Tommy O'Brien wants to organize a sandlot baseball team, but his friends are either ignorant of the game or too young — nobody can throw. Najeeb, however, is an expert at a related sport called tabeh, where you throw a wooden ball through a hoop fixed at eye level.note  His friend Nazileh lets on to Tommy, and when Najeeb shows his skill, Tommy is ecstatic and screams "Oh, youse Christy Mathewson!!!" and proceeds to tell Najeeb everything about baseball. We don't see the game itself, but no doubt it's splendid. And what could be more American than that?
  • Nick Velvet: In "The Theft of The Meager Beavers", Nick is hired to steal a professional baseball team and fly them to a Banana Republic; obstensibly to play a game against a team assembled by that country's president.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 30 Rock: In "Cougars", Jack and Tracy coach their own Little Leagues. However, their plot becomes an allegory on the Iraq War.
  • The Adventures Of Mc Gee And Me: In the episode "Take Me Out of the Ball Game" Nick learns to trust in God to make him play well, not the other men and the provoking opponents on the field.
  • Babylon 5 doesn't have a whole episode, but there are a few scenes where Sheridan and Garibaldi are discussing station issues while facing a pitching machine with a digital umpire.
  • Band of Brothers uses a baseball game to wrap up the miniseries, with a voice-over describing what major characters did after the war.
  • Bones didn't have an actual baseball episode, but "The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle" features Arastoo Vaziri using baseball metaphors incessantly in anticipation of the baseball season starting. The other characters end up telling him to shut up.
  • El Chavo del ocho has an American Football episode, a Ping Pong episode and a Baseball episode too.
  • Cold Case has three baseball episodes: "A Time to Hate" about a gay college baseball player beaten to death in 1964, "Colors" where the team re-opens the 1945 case of an African-American baseball player who was beaten to death with his own bat, and "Stealing Home" where the team looks into the murder of a former Cuban baseball star who escaped to the U.S. to provide for his family after the Cuban government fired him for talking to a U.S. sports agent. "Stealing Home" also features the annual softball game against the fire department.
  • Corner Gas has an episode with a slow-pitch softball game.
  • The Cosby Show had a rare American instance of a cricket episode, when Cliff got into an argument with his West Indian friends about whether cricket or baseball was the better sport, which ended up with the three of them playing an impromptu cricket match in the living room.
  • The regular CSI had an episode in season 12 with an intermural game between the CSIs and police department. Cue fangirl squees about the guys in uniform.
  • CSI: NY: In the episode "The Closer," the victim was a baseball fan found dead, and the team investigates. The episode let Carmine Giovinazzo show off his real life pitching skills—both the actor and his character Danny Messer wanted to be pro baseball players but had careers cut short by injuries.
  • Several episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm have plots involving the sport. Notable examples are "The Car Pool Lane," "The Ski Lift," and "Mister Softee."
  • An episode of Dad's Army had the Home Guard playing a Cricket match against the ARP wardens (guest starring Fred Trueman!) The Home Guard win when Godfrey, of all people, hits a six.
  • Dance Academy had an episode where Tara and Christian rekindle their relationship by playing a game of beach cricket.
  • Death in Paradise: In "Stumped in Murder", the president and star player of Saint Marie's cricket club is found shot dead on the pitch after a night out.
  • British example: Doctor Who had a cricket episode, in "Black Orchid".
  • Despite being a British series, Drop the Dead Donkey has a baseball episode, with Gus' brother challenging him to a match which, predictably gets out of control.
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: "Traveling All-Stars". The whole town becomes obsessed with the game, and women have to fight for their right to play as well.
  • Father Brown: In "The Last Man", the arrest of the new cricket captain of Kembleford's cricket team for the murder of the team's fast bowler, and a suicide the year before in the cricket pavilion and a match against a rival village to determine the ownership of the cricket ground finds Father Brown consoling the victim's mother, solving a murder involving blackmail, playing cricket and watching Lady Felicia as the last man of the innings.
  • Father Ted: The Annual All-Priests Five-a-Side Over 75s Indoor Football Challenge Match.
  • Frasier: "The Unnatural", which has Frasier attempting to play on the KACL softball team at the behest of Freddy. We don't see the match itself but judging from Frasier's "training" by Martin, he didn't do too well.
  • Freaks and Geeks. In "The Diary", the geeks' plot centres around playing baseball in gym class.
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir: In "No Hits, No Runs, No Oysters", the Oysters are the local baseball team, of which Claymore is the manager. The family and the captain want Jonathan to play for the team, but even he realizes that he is no good.
  • * An episode of Galactica 1980 has a baseball game central to its plot.
  • Grace & Favour (aka Are You Being Served? Again) has a cricket episode in the second series.
  • In an episode of The Greatest American Hero, Ralph uses his super suit to pitch for the LA Stars.
  • Greek: Season 3 episode Take Me Out revolves around an all-Greek baseball game.
  • Grey's Anatomy invented an annual hospital-vs-press softball tradition just to have a softball episode. No one even pretends the doctors have the slightest chance of winning; the entire on-field action consists of acting out of thinly-veiled personal issues.
  • Happy Endings has a kickball episode, "Kickball 2: The Kickening".
  • Just Shoot Me!: Maya, who played softball in college, joins the Blush softball team after it's revealed that she has a hell of a pitching arm. She gets too competitive, however, just as she did in college, and the others try to get her to quit.
  • Lark Rise to Candleford had a cricket episode in the truncated fourth series - with a bit of input from the women.
  • Leverage:
    • Featured in "The Three Strikes Job" with Eliot becoming a catcher for part of the con so that they can steal the ballpark and the team.
    • Another episode had Eliot become a hockey player, trying to protect a punch-drunk enforcer who could die if he gets another concussion. And in yet another episode, he was an underground MMA fighter.
  • LazyTown in the episode "Sleepless in Lazy Town" Robbie Rotten deprives Sportacus of sleep so he has no energy to play in the town's big baseball game.
  • Little House on the Prairie had an episode, "In the Big Inning", which has the residents of Plum Creek play a game against a team from Sleepy Eye. In typical Little House fashion, the opposing team is full of cheats and bad sports.
  • MacGyver (1985): In "Squeeze Play", MacGyver helps take down counterfeiters who are making fake baseball collectors items.
  • Magnum, P.I. had a softball episode in season 4 ("Squeeze Play"). Noteworthy in that Robin Masters bets a year's use of his estate on the game and Magnum's team loses. The bet is rendered invalid in the end, though.
  • Man v. Food has Adam Richman touring three minor league parks showing the food they serve. One park's challenge involves Adam having to finish a giant burger in between the seventh-inning stretch and the game's final out, which meant that he didn't know how long he had to finish since each game's outcome varies. But he did manage to finish it off only because the final batter fouled off an 0-2 pitch.
  • Married... with Children:
    • Al helps start up a nudie-bar-sponsored baseball league when MLB goes on strike.
    • The episode where the mall softball team benches him.
  • The detectives in Midsomer Murders join in a cricket match in "Secrets and Spies" (series 11). "Dead Man's Eleven" is also centred around a cricket match.
  • The Mindy Project has “There’s No Crying in Softball” where the OBGY Ns play in an interdepartmental hospital softball tournament.
  • Monk : "Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame"
  • Murdoch Mysteries: Station House 4 prepares for a baseball match with another station house in the two-parter "Stroll on the Wild Side". Inspector Brackenreid and his counterpart share a long-lasting rivalry (they make a bet on the outcome), and Brackenreid is so determined to win this year he drafts Crabtree to secretly film the rivals' practice session. Later, Crabtree examines stills from the film trying to fathom the drop of the pitcher's spitball. Murdoch reads a book about the game, and uses science to help Crabtree find out how to hit the spitball. George tries to show Higgins how to throw a pitch and accidentally breaks a window in the office, prompting Brackenreid to reassign George as the pitcher. All the officers and constables look dashing in their baseball shirts and caps.
  • Australian show My Place has a cricket episode early on.
  • They didn't play baseball, but the MythBusters did a whole episode on baseball myths.
  • The Noddy Shop had one called "Slugger", in which Truman and Sam want to play baseball with a group of Little Leaguers. However, a ball possesed with goblin magic comes into play, changing the circumstances.
  • Happens in Power Rangers far too many times to list. Any time one of the heroes or one of his/her young friends shows an interest in a sport, it's almost a given that it will inspire the Big Bad to come up with a Monster of the Week based on it. They even did it with soccer once.
  • Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld was challenged to a softball match by a strip club. Greg, Bill, Andy, Courtney Friel and Professor Marc Lamont Hill of Columbia University and the strippers divided up and faced off. As one might expect with Red Eye, the game was riddled with oddness and stupidity, from Bill's pathetic headfirst slide/stumble into home plate, Andy's observation that most of the strippers are from "Russia, which I think is somewhere in Africa", and Greg's "stripper injury" from a stripper tackling instead of tagging him.
  • Relic Hunter: In "Diamond in the Rough", Sydney has to find the lucky glove of a legendary player that was stolen during the 1946 World Series.
  • Remington Steele: The season 3 episode "Second Base Steele".
  • The second episode of Rizzoli & Isles starts with a softball game between Robbery and Homicide, which is interrupted by the dumping of a dead body from the nearby freeway overpass. Notably, both ladies are hilariously bad, though Isles is considerably worse; Rizzoli's attempts to teach her how to swing properly set up a Chekhov's Gun later on.
  • The Round the Twist episode "TV or Not TV" has Pete temporarily become a local footy star, and he's responsible for his team's victory. This is a very rare Australian Rules Football example.
  • Shining Time Station:
    • In "Field Day", the kids are part of a baseball team and Schemer is their coach, hence they are known as the Schemer Team since Schemer paid for the uniforms. Schemer sends Schemee to spy on the opposing team, the Snarleyville Slashers. In the end, the Schemer Team actually loses to the Slashers, but Mr. Conductor teaches them a lesson in good sportsmanship, so they are determined to do better next time.
    • In the second of the hour-long family specials, "Second Chances", Schemer once again coaches the kids in a baseball team, this one being known as the Indian Valley Scooters, and once again, they play against the Snarleyville Slashers. Sledgebolt, the coach of the Slashers, tries to sabotage the Scooters' chances of winning by paying Schemee a nickel for every ball he misses. When Schemer finds out, he disqualifies Schemee, and Billy's visiting nephew, Kit, has to take his place and score the winning home run, which he does.
  • Schitt's Creek: Patrick pressures the un-athletic David into joining his team, pitting them against David's father Johnny, Roland and Ronnie. David is not into it, but Patrick's competitive side flares up.
  • In the Scorpion episode "Foul Balls", the heroes are forced to play against a team of Jerk Jock Homeland Security employees. Thanks to a bet between Cabe and his Obstructive Bureaucrat boss, if Scorpion loses they'll get no more government contracts, which would lead to the end of the team.
  • Seinfeld: Jerry and George are seen playing softball in two episodes, where the plot surrounds this event.
  • Small Wonder: "Victor/V.I.C.I."
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • "Take Me out to the Holosuite" is a light Breather Episode in the heart of the Dominion War arc. In it, Sisko ropes his crew into helping settle a score with his rival from Academy days: the obnoxious Captain Solok, and his all-Vulcan team, The Logicians. It's the usual Ragtag Bunch of Misfits baseball story, albeit one that includes Worf's idea of baseline chatter: "Death to the opposition!" Solok is baffled by The Niners' delight that they managed to score a single run.
    • The first-season episode "If Wishes Were Horses" has Sisko and his son interacting with an alien simulacrum of Herman "Buck" Bokai, one of the last baseball stars. It ends with Bokai giving Sisko the baseball that sits on his desk for the rest of the series.
  • Studio 3 has yearly Australia Day 'Smackdown' specials featuring a comically dramatised game of sport. They have included the Cricket Smackdown (2011), the Tennis Smackdown (2012), and the Soccer Smackdown (2013).
  • Happens in Super Sentai far too many times to list; one recent example is "Space 40" in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. A more common trope here than in Power Rangers, since baseball is the most popular school sport in Japan. A popular episode plot is where the Monster of the Week and friends challenge the Sentai to a game, and a variation is where the villains take control of a human baseball star, whom the Sentai are charged with rescuing.
  • While the angels themselves don't play baseball, the Touched by an Angel episode "The Perfect Game" revolves around the game. (That'd be the second episode of the series named "The Perfect Game". The first one is a bowling episode.)
  • The Twilight Zone (1959): In "The Mighty Casey", Dr. Stillman creates a robot named Casey and offers his services as a pitcher to the Hoboken Zephyrs, an extremely unsuccessful major league baseball team. Casey's amazing pitching abilities turn the team's fortunes around, at least until he has a heart installed and cannot bring himself to hurt the feelings or damage the careers of the players on the opposing teams.
  • The Twilight Zone (1985): In "Extra Innings", Ed Hamner is an ex-baseball player whose career ended because of an injury. Thanks to a magic baseball card that he got from his baseball-loving friend Paula, he can possess a baseball player named Monte Hanks who never woke up after being hit by a ball in 1910 as to continue playing baseball. Beause of the card being torn up, he gets to have a long, fruitful baseball career.
  • Ugly Betty has one. Of course, this being Ugly Betty, Hilarity Ensues.
    Betty: "No! You can't jump on people!"
  • The Ultraman 80 episode "The Evil Glove is Laughing at You": a child had a temper tantrum due to being a failure at baseball, and angrily took his anger out on his baseball glove by stomping on it repeatedly and throwing it away. Unfortunately, the Minus Energy emanated from the boy's anger ends up bringing the glove to life, where it turns into a sentient, glove-like monster called Glovusk, who gradually becomes kaiju-sized as it absorbs Minus energy throughout the city. In the climatic final battle, Ultraman 80 decides to Be the Ball to knock out Glovusk by ramming into the monster repeatedly, eventually resulting in the monster turning back to a baseball glove. Moral of the Story: Always treat your belongings with respect, or they will become kaijus.
  • Wiseguy had "Player To Be Named Now" in which the mad Arms Dealer Mel Profitt decides to live out his childhood fantasy of becoming a baseball star, by buying an NBL team and forcing them to accept him as a player. He even forces the current owner's company into bankruptcy so he can buy at a cheaper price. The closest we see to an actual game though is Mel batting with the protagonist Vinnie pitching (Mel turns out to be a lousy batter compared to Vince). In the end the NBL rejects Mel based on his reputation, resulting in an aesop that Money, Power, And A Gang of Mooks Isn't Everything.
  • WKRP in Cincinnati: The aptly named episode "Baseball".
  • The X-Files: In "The Unnatural", Mulder goes to talk an agent who started to investigate mysterious cases and basically founded the X-Files division at the FBI. However, he ends up talking to his brother who used to be a cop who warms up to Mulder when he finds out that he likes and knows a lot about baseball. He tells Mulder a story about a baseball-loving alien. Then Mulder and Scully have a cute date, playing baseball, Hands-On Approach style.

  • The 1993 song Cheap Seats.
  • John Fogerty's 1985 song, "Centerfield".
  • Kids Praise: The eighth album is a pretty typical cliche baseball plot from The '80s, where a couple of the Kid's Praise kids fail to make a team, so Psalty encourage them to create their own team called "The Psalters". They lose so spectacularly in their first game, it's hard to believe, but win by a single run in a rematch for reasons that aren't really explained.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Peanuts had plenty of strips revolving around Charlie Brown's poor excuse for a Little League team. Baseball was also the main topic for a few of the animated specials, including Charlie Brown's All-Stars, It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown, and Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown among others.

  • "Balls 'n Bats" from Obsession Pinball is all about the Great American Pastime, and even includes a jingoistic American flag on the playfield.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • As Contralona PR covered the lead up to Junte Para La Historia 2 they also followed WWL and other Puerto Rican wrestlers as they participated in a softball carnival.

  • Adventures in Odyssey has featured episodes centered on baseball, usually with some kind of moral in mind.

  • The musical Let 'Em Eat Cake (sequel to Of Thee I Sing) had the Supreme Court, reconstituted as a baseball team after Wintergreen became dictator, playing against the League of Nations, with Throttlebottom as umpire. The United States loses, blames Throttlebottom for calling a foul ball fair, and sentences him to the guillotine.
  • The "What a Game" scene in Ragtime.

    Video Games 
  • In the anime adaptation of Comic Party, characters formed two teams to play against each other; the game was eventually called a tie due to some complicated exigent circumstances.
  • Played with in Disgaea. In one chapter, a bunch of rogue Prinnies challenge Laharl and company to a baseball game out in Blair Forest, but Laharl and Etna have a different game plan on their minds (i.e. "kill 'em all"). This is made easy by the fact that prinnies explode when thrown, providing a quick match if you are underleveled.
  • In Ensemble Stars!, this is the premise of the event story Youth! Play Ball - due to a miscommunication, both 2wink and Trickstar end up assigned to perform the opening number for a baseball game, and decide to play a match of their own to decide who will take it. Naturally, they agree to put on a joint performance in the end.
  • A short segment in Higurashi: When They Cry. May be a bit longer in the manga and sound novels.
  • The Kunio-kun baseball game Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari.
  • Makai Kingdom, on the other hand, had a fight as a (association) football match. You're caught in the middle, while the enemies are split into two teams and can and will attack each other.
  • Marco and the Galaxy Dragon has its heroines play a game of baseball for a PE class. The scene starts out comically, with Gargouille’s inability to hit the ball, but it becomes more serious as Marco takes the opportunity to voice her insecurities about approaching her long-lost mother.
  • The Super Mario Bros. 'verse deals with baseball in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers.
  • Mega Man 10 invokes this with Strike Man's stage. Of course, Mega Man (or whoever you're playing as) doesn't deviate from what he usually does, and there are just general sports references, but baseball is the strongest theme (even the Robot Master himself looks like a baseball).
  • The Live Powerful Pro Baseball Power Pro-Pocket series manages to invert this trope. They're baseball games with dating sim stories for building characters, but most of them come with a hidden mode that's a fantasy or sci-fi themed RPG that has nothing to do with the sport except for a customizable puppet that becomes your prize character for clearing the story. The only exceptions were Happiness Island in 6, which was a standard baseball scenario; and Takeshima in 14, which featured the sport as a table-top card game.

  • Rusty and Co. level 8 is titled "Wait... is he seriously doing a baseball episode?" Sure enough, Robespierre, Mimic, Stabs and her brothers are getting roped into such a game in the arena, to the horror of the Halflings (who were expecting good old Gladiator Games instead).
    • The variation of baseball used is extraordinarily deadly, however, enough so that high level clerics are kept on hand to resurrect the dead.
  • Tiffany and Corey has a few cartoons with the title characters on a baseball field, complete with ball cap or batting helmet and baseball bat.

    Western Animation 
  • Bob's Burgers:
    • In "Torpedo", Bob discovers that his favorite player "Torpedo" Jones is playing for his hometown's minor league team. Meanwhile, Gene participates in the stadium's seventh-inning stretch mascot race, and Tina becomes a "water-girl" so she'll have an excuse to hang out with handsome, athletic men all day and pat them on the butt.
    • In "The Unnatural", Linda hocks Bob's new espresso machine so they can send Gene to a baseball camp, which unfortunately turns out to be a scam.
  • The B&W Felix the Cat cartoon Felix Saves the Day, which has the bulk of the cartoon centered on a baseball game.
  • The Woody Woodpecker shorts "The Screwball" and "Kiddie League"..
  • Arthur has the episode "Arthur Makes the Team" in the first season. Arthur and his friends join a Little League Baseball game but Arthur can't seem to catch a ball for the life of him, leading Francine to spend most of the episode making fun of him. After seeing he is truly hurt by her words, she does a Heel–Face Turn and becomes his personal coach.
  • In The Boondocks episode "The Red Ball", Huey and other Woodcrest residents were forced to participate in a kickball game against a team from Wushung, China, to save Woodcrest from being bought out by the Chinese. This episode was transparently a metaphor for the economic relations between the US and China, and was a homage to the Samurai Champloo episode.
  • In the South Park episode "The Losing Edge", the kids try to lose at baseball so they won't waste their whole summer playing it — a strategy that proves difficult, as every other team is trying to do the same.
  • The Magic School Bus had a baseball episode which they dedicated to friction, of all things.
  • Looney Tunes did this several times, including most famously with Bugs Bunny in "Baseball Bugs". Other baseball-themed episodes include "Porky's Baseball Broadcast", "Boulevardier From The Bronx", and "Gone Batty".
  • There was an episode of X-Men: Evolution with this plot. The "no-powers" stipulation evaporated quickly.
  • Pac-Man had an episode called "Southpaw Packy". After the Ghost Monsters disrupted the Pacland World Series, Pac-Man and his family challenged them.
  • Popeye
    • Popeye played baseball in "The Twisker Pitcher".
    • Also the Al Brodax-era cartoon "Battery Up".
    • Hanna-Barbera's All-New Popeye Hour has "The Umpire Strikes Back".
    • The Sequel Series Popeye and Son has one: "Mighty Olive at the Bat" with An Aesop about women in sports.
  • One episode of The Real Ghostbusters saw two groups of Native American spirits (one good, the other evil) awaken to do battle, as they have done every thousand years. Since their burial ground had become a baseball stadium, they chose for their modern-day battle to take the form of a baseball game. The Ghostbusters' interest in the game is due to Winston getting drafted to the Good team, and therefore risking the loss of his soul if the Evil team wins. After the game is over, Winston reveals that it wasn't his soul at stake, but Peter's.
  • Futurama
    • The show has its own blernsball episode, "A Leela of Her Own''. It starts with the more typical expression of this trope (a friendly game between friends and neighbors), but soon Leela becomes an actual Major Leaguer.
    • They then did a half-baseballbasketball episode in "Time Keeps on Slipping", in which the Harlem Globetrotters (they're aliens) challenge Earth to a game "with absolutely no consequence of any kind."
  • The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin did it, only with Grunge Ball.
  • King of the Hill
    • In the episode "Take Me out of the Ball Game," Hank coaches the company softball team and has problems dealing with putting his wife in the team who is an ace pitcher.
    • Not to mention "You Gotta Believe (In Moderation)" which features Hank and the gang attempting to win against a Harlem Globetrotters-style team of clownish all-stars.
    • Another episode from season 13, "Bad News Bill" when Hank realizes that a little league coach's encouragement techniques were giving Bobby false hope and ultimately humiliating him.
  • DuckTales (1987): Stodgy butler Duckworth has to play substitute coach to Huey, Dewey and Louie's Little League team despite having no working knowledge of the game.
  • The Simpsons
    • The episode "Homer at the Bat" featured Homer becoming a star player on the company softball team, and Mr. Burns hiring a team of Major League all-stars (Roger Clemens, Mike Scioscia, Don Mattingly, Steve Sax, Wade Boggs, Ozzie Smith, Jose Canseco, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Darryl Strawberry, all of whom voiced themselves) to play the final game to win a bet. The episode has become one of the most famous instances of this trope and is one of the show's most popular episodes. Steve Sax admitted that people like talking to him about the episode more than his playing career and its popularity even resulted in Homer being inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
      • In a case of Hilarious in Hindsight a running gag in the episode has Burns getting mad at Mattingly for failing to cut his sideburns (even after he shaves off most of his hair). After getting cut from the team Don is heard saying "I still like him better than Steinbrenner." A few weeks after the episode was produced, but before it was aired, Mattingly would be suspended from the Yankees for failing to cut his long hair as per team owner George Steinbrenner's policy.
    • In "Dancin' Homer", Homer is the mascot for the Isotopes.
    • In "MoneyBART", Bart is a player on the Isotots and Lisa is the numbers-crunching manager.
    • As well as the infamous "The Boys of Bummer", in which the Isotots enter the Little League Championship, but Bart fumbles the ball and costs Springfield the game, making him the most hated person in town.
    • On that note, "Bart Star" casts Bart as a pee-wee football player, with Homer as his coach. Bart really sucks, especially compared to Nelson.
    • Gee, this comes up a lot, huh? In "Lisa on Ice", Lisa becomes the star goalie of a pee wee hockey team so she won't fail gym. Bart, who was already the star of a rival team, feels upstaged.
  • There was also the Animaniacs episode "Mighty Wakko At The Bat" which is based off the poem "Casey at the Bat".
  • Tiny Toon Adventures
    • Buster Bunny replayed Casey's role and twisted the end by actually hitting the ball.
    • In another baseball episode, Perfecto Prep was easily defeating Acme Looniversity until the antics of some game crashers revealed how they were cheating.
  • Beetlejuice had "The Unnatural", in which Beetlejuice and his friends (the "New Yuck Prankies") faced Scuzzo and his gang of clowns (the "Jokeland Laugh-letics") in a baseball game. Beetlejuice refuses to take the game seriously until he finds out it's a literal "sudden death" match.
  • At least two Classic Disney Shorts: Goofy's "How To Play Baseball" plays this straight, while a variation is used for "Slide, Donald, Slide", in which Donald Duck tries to listen to the World Series on the radio and pretends to be playing baseball along with it.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The Justice League plays baseball against the Legion of Doom.
  • The Fairly OddParents
    • Timmy wishes Chester was the best baseball player in the world (since he's very bad and unfortunately named McBadbat, so bad, in fact, his father has to hide his face in shame with a paper bag) to make their little league team, the Losers, stop losing against all the other teams... one of which consisted of toddlers.
    • Norm the Genie once came under Chester's possession and granted his wish to make Bucky an all-star ballplayer. Insanity ensued.
    • Later episodes reiterate the same plot: one has Timmy wish to be a basketball champ on Dimmsdale's Ballhogs, while another brings back every element of the Baseball Episode, except this time, it's soccer, Timmy's the hapless team member of the Dimmsdale Victims, and Poof lends a hand.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Jimmy invents automatic baseball equipment to make the Retroville baseball team win so remarkably they appear to be the greatest baseball players ever known, and end up catching attention overseas to stake it out in the World Championship in Japan. Unfortunately, Jimmy ends up admitting their underhanded method and the team gives into morality, feeling they should rely on their own skills... which they are severely lacking. The big game takes place offscreen, mercifully so, as the Japan team completely thrashed Retroville.
  • A soccer game in an episode of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, when Manny's soccer team is underperforming he decides to use his Tigre powers to give them a boost up.
  • Hey Arnold! had several prominent baseball episodes. The original pilot, reworked into the series as a regular episode, had Arnold bean Harold, and Harold was not amused at all. He called Arnold out for a fight (Helga even taunting Arnold through the night counting down the inevitable showdown)... but Arnold used the intimidating power of craziness to convince Harold to back off. Another episode took Arnold's reputable beaning skills Up to Eleven, where he unintentionally nailed every single teammate who stepped up to bat!! Hilarity Ensues as Arnold looks for a cure to end his hazardous hitting streak- much to the dismay of friends. While bunting!
  • Doug has two of these. The first is the episode "Doug Out in Left Field" where Patti decides to implement her own baseball team called The Pulverizers after a sexist coach rejects her from his team due to her gender. The next one is "Doug On First" when Doug's father tries to get Doug to replace Patti as pitcher despite the fact that Doug wants to stick to his position at first base.
  • While Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series played hockey in nearly every episode (they were a professional hockey team, after all), "Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome" had the ducks kidnapped by an Evil Overlord from another galaxy and forced into a tournament of space hockey where the losing team gets disintegrated.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy had a baseball episode, known as "The Bad News Ghouls", featuring Billy's team versus Mindy's. Mandy wanted in but Billy was sexist on that regards (and too stupid to notice the other team wasn't all-male either). Mandy then put on a Paper-Thin Disguise (namely covered her hair with a baseball cap). Billy never realized "Manfred" wasn't a real boy.
  • Johnny Bravo once tried to help his mother's little league team to win a game for an all-girls championship. The Opposing Sports Team, the "Bad Girls", were cheating and Johnny decided to disguise himself to join his mother's team. When the Bad Girls' coach unmasked him, Little Suzy did the same to the Bad Girls and the umpire disqualified both teams.
  • The Mr. Bogus episode "Baseball Bogus" dealt with Tommy embarrassed at the aspect of his father, Mr. Anybody, playing in the Little League against his team. Fortunately, with a little help from Bogus, Mr. Anybody manages to score a few hits during the game.
  • Tex Avery did a short for MGM called "Batty Baseball."
  • The Flintstones
    • One episode, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", had Fred umpire a Little League game.
    • In "Big League Freddie", Fred signs a baseball contract after scouts are impressed with his substitute, who was wearing his uniform.
    • Baseball was also the subject of a couple TV specials: "Little Big League" in which Fred and Barney competed against each other coaching Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm's teams, and "Windup Wilma" in which Wilma becomes a baseball pitcher.
  • Rocko's Modern Life had one called "Spitballs", where Rocko and Heffer go to a baseball game in an effort to catch a foul ball to replace Rocko's prized childhood foul ball after Mr. Bighead destroys it. Jumping through hoops, humiliation and very bad seats, Rocko's able to obtain one, but is stopped by a kid who wants the ball. He's convinced to give it up and ends up with a huge wad of tobacco from Heffer's favorite baseball player instead.
  • Dan Vs. has the episode "Dan Vs. Baseball", which revolves around the main protagonist vowing revenge on baseball for interrupting his favorite program (and also for destroying his car).
  • An episode of The Alvin Show had Alvin dividing his time between babysitting a neighbor's toddler and playing a baseball game. A Clyde Crashcup segment of the show had Clyde "inventing" the sport.
  • A "Wing Dings" segment of Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines had the Vulture Squadron playing baseball. Muttley tees off on a Zilly pitch and is rounding third base. Just as he slides into home, Dick Dastardly (as catcher) pulls home plate off the ground and tags Muttley out.
  • In the CatDog episode, "The Unnatural," CatDog competes in a baseball game. Cat is a terrible player, but Dog isn't. Cat eventually gets the idea to pretend he is Dog and vice-versa so he'll look like a better player. In the end, he takes off his mask and tries to hit the ball himself... but he fails. However, Cat realizes that he's good at other things and decides that he doesn't need to be a good baseball player after all.
  • Back to the Future: Marty, Jules and Verne go back in time to save Pee Wee McFly's career as a baseballer.
  • In the Steven Universe episode "Hit the Diamond", the Gems have to deal with a band of Ruby foot-soldiers from the Homeworld. Steven convinces them to settle things with a game of baseball. If they win, they can search the barn; if they lose, they have to go back to Homeworld.
  • Rugrats also did it in the episode "Baseball", where Stu and Grandpa Lou take Tommy to see the Grizzlies play the Boston Bombers. Tommy gets a balloon at the game, which becomes the main focus of the episode's plot, as it keeps escaping his grasp. As in most Rugrats episodes, Tommy disappears to chase the balloon while the adults are oblivious that he's missing and continue to watch the baseball game.
  • The Lilo & Stitch: The Series episode "Slugger" revolves around an experiment who can deflect projectiles with his baseball bat-shaped tail, and just so happened to activate while the cast was playing baseball. Unfortunately, Mertle gets around this by challenging Lilo and her friends to a game of basketball. Fortunately, basketball just happens to be similar to an alien sport that the normally unathletic Pleakley is really good at.
  • El Chavo Animado made remakes of many classic episodes of El Chavo del ocho including the American Football episode.
  • Ben 10 had this and that episode is named "The Unnaturals." It is set in Philadelphia in which the Cannons (Ben's hometown team) had a baseball game and their rival team is the Squires. As XLR8, he sabotages Cash and J.T. before acting in favor of the team. Later in the episode, Ben sneaks into the Cannons to play the next baseball game (with Cash in his red underwear suit, showing that his baseball suit has a number 23 that the main character uses). There, he tries to bat the ball but it failed two times. After a third try, he runs from his starting point up to the referee or umpire where the safe is and on that location, he transformed into Four Arms. The baseball association in this show or episode is called the Little League Baseball.
  • In the episode "Uncle Baseball", Uncle Grandpa enlists a few famous baseball players to help when a Little League team needs help. The guest stars are the cartoon versions of Adam Jones, Chris Archer, David Price, Jose Altuve, and Noah Syndergaard.
  • Shaun the Sheep has the TV especial "Championsheeps" in which the entire farm made their own Olympics with each animal species like a team, made in 2012 for that year's London Olympics.
  • The Raccoons' premiere episode for season 2 "Double Play" where Bert and Cedric competing for entering a professional baseball team, the Mammoth Mudhens. Bert's team playing them is called the Evergreen Giants.
  • Episode 95 of Kaeloo had Kaeloo, Stumpy and Mr. Cat play baseball against Quack Quack, Olaf and Serguei. When Stumpy's team realize that the opposition is too powerful, they resort to cheating.
  • What's New, Scooby-Doo?: "The Unnatural" (no relation to the Beetlejuice episode) not only was a typical "Scooby-Doo" Hoax episode, but it also featured a guest appearance by San Diego Padres all-star Mike Piazza.
  • An Eddie Lawrence routine, "Abner The Baseball," was turned into a two-reeler cartoon by Paramount in 1963. It was about the baseball that Mickey Mantle hit for the longest home run a ball had ever travelled and as such was enshrined in the Baseball Hall Of Fame. (The titular sphere was obviously named for Abner Doubleday, the man credited for creating the sport.)
  • In the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode "Top Dog", the villains are shown literally stealing bases, while in "Lie Like a Dog", Dudley Puppy beats up the villains after they steal the other spectators' money.
  • The Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum episode "I Am Jackie Robinson", which is all about a baseball player.
  • Dennis the Menace:
    • In "Baseball's Best Ballplayer", after Dennis wins a baseball game, he becomes tired when he is assigned to put the equipment away. He falls asleep and has a dream where he is a famous baseball player who faces off against a team of Mr. Wilsons.
    • In "The Old Ball Game", Dennis hides in Mr. Wilson's car during a game of hide and seek with Gina. Around this time, Mr. Wilson heads out to a baseball game, but he doesn't realize Dennis is in his car until he's halfway to the stadium. Not wanting to miss the game, he has no choice but to take Dennis along with him. At the game, anything that can go wrong for Mr. Wilson does go wrong; he has to pay $20.00 for Dennis' seat, plus another $20.00 for the seat Dennis put the snacks he bought him in, he misses a great hit due to having to buy Dennis an ice cream, he gets stung on the nose by a bee that lands on said ice cream when Dennis gives it to him, he accidentally tosses said ice cream into Lefty Malone's shirt, causing him to strike out as a result, and gets a black eye from him after the game ends due to Dennis telling Lefty the insult Mr. Wilson said to him earlier.
  • Dinosaucers had the aptly titled "Take Us Out to the Ballgame", in which the Tyrannos hunt for the world's biggest diamond and are led to Houston's Astrodome, where the Secret Scouts happen to be teaching the Dinosaucers how to play baseball. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Cool McCool's dad Harry McCool and his brothers Tom and Dick are assigned to retrieve Babe Ruth's 715th home run ball which had been stolen. From the episode "Horsehide And Go Seek."
  • The Teacher's Pet episode "Take Me Out of the Ballgame" has Spot/Scott trying to help his owner Leonard win the baseball game after the former is disqualified from participating after the dog masquerading as a human student accidentally lets it slip that he's only been a student for eight months.


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