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Pixel Pinkie is an Australian animated television series produced and created by Blue Rocket Productions in association with the Nine Network and principally funded by The Film Finance Corporation Australia. It started airing on 29 August 2009.

Pixel Pinkie is about two girls, Nina and Anni. On her birthday Nina gets a mobile cellphone with a digital genie named Pixel Pinkie in it which can make her wishes come true. But Nina and Anni have to keep Pixel Pinkie away from others. They have to keep it as a secret. Each episode sees the girls wishing for something from Pixel Pinkie then offending her when their wish goes wrong, leaving the girls to solve their problem alone.

Not to be confused with Pinkie Pie of My Little Pony fame, despite her also having a perky personality and getting into magic-involved hi-jinks. Nor is the series to be confused with Pixeline.

Pixel Pinkie contains examples of:

  • Acquired Situational Narcissism: "Nina the Diva" has Nina acting like a stuck-up celebrity when she lets slip their music video could use some star power causing Pixel Pinkie to change her personality.
  • Aesop Amnesia: Nina, for making the same mistakes over and over again whenever she starts her sentence with an "I wish", despite the fact that it invites Pixel Pinkie to grant said wish, whether Nina meant it or not. You'd think that after having her for so long, she'd have known that by now.
  • All-Cheering All the Time: Happens to Nina in "The 'B' Word" when a carelessly worded statement (that she wished she could be as enthusiastic about cheering for basketball as Pinkie) to Literal Genie Pinkie causes her start speaking in cheers every time someone mentions the word "basketball".
  • Alliterative Name: Pixel Pinkie.
  • Alpha Bitch: Suzi, who immediately marks Nina as a target for her strange clothes and Amazingly Embarrassing Parents.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Nina dearly loves her Hippie Parents, but she does wish they would act a tad more conventionally in public.
  • Babysitting Episode: "Clones R Us". In said episode, Nina tries to convince Pinkie to make a clone of her to babysit while she goes to Suzi's party.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Pixel Pinkie will grant any wish so long as Nina utters the phrase "I wish". And we do mean any wish. You can see what happens from there.
  • Become a Real Girl: In "Real Cool Girl", when Nina wishes the digital Pinkie to be a real girl so they didn't have to hide her, Pixel Pinkie is ecstatic because she's always wondered what it's like to be a real girl.
  • Big Man on Campus: Alpha Bitch Suzi's boyfriend Max is the captain of the basketball team, and gets on well with everyone in school, including Nina and Anni.
  • Characterization Marches On: Nicki, a follower of Suzi's (the one in green), gets more of a personality in season 2 whereas in her season 1 appearances, her role was nigh interchangeable with Emily's, another follower of Suzi's (the one in purple). She's portrayed as The Ditz of the Girl Posse, and becomes often the witness to Pixel Pinkie's existence several times only for her friends to think she's crazy.
  • Cosmetic Catastrophe: Happens when Pinkie uses her powers to perform a makeover on Nina and Anni. They actually wanted a house makeover.
  • Deus ex Machina/Diabolus ex Machina: The tendency for Nina's wishes to "wear off" is this, due to being flat out stated by Pixel Pinkie that the wishes are only temporary but at random times. Often the wishes would be undone during the climax of a given episode, either much to Nina's relief or during a crucial moment when the wish is still needed.
    • A pretty good example of the diabolus type is the final episode where it's suddenly revealed that Nina's wishes aren't unlimited as she (and the audience) was led to believe, stating that Nina only has 19 wishes left according to Pixel Pinkie. What's more, the wishes end up getting used up anyway because her music teacher conducts the class to sing "The Wishing Song" right out of the blue.
  • Domestic-Only Cartoon: Entirely produced and animated in Australia.
  • Dresses the Same: Among the first wishes Nina asks Pixel Pinkie for is to look as cool as Suzi. Of course, Pinkie dresses Nina in Suzi's exact outfit.
  • Embarrassing Relative Teacher: Nina's mum Fern, a New-Age Retro Hippie, becomes this when she substitutes for a teacher that Nina accidentally wished for to be on vacation in one episode.
  • Fake Brit: In-universe, a famous singer by the name of Coolest Luke speaks in an exaggerated English accent but speaks in a normal Aussie accent once he admits that he let the fame go to his head, including acting like a completely different person in-contrast with his celebrity persona.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: In "More Than a Meal", Nina reacts this way after tasting the curry she and Anni had cooked which contained red curry powder provided by Pixel Pinkie.
  • Form-Fitting Wardrobe: Pinkie wears a skin-tight suit that leaves nothing to the imagination.
  • Genie in a Bottle: Pinkie is a digital genie imprisoned in a really old cell phone. When Nina frees her, Pixie becomes her servant. This appears to be an unlimited wishes deal, and Pixie is Nina's servant so long as Nina owns the phone. At first, Nina doesn't seem the least bit impressed with any of this.
  • Girl Posse: Suzi has a pair of Beta Bitches whose sole function is to attempt to agree with Suzi more than the other.
  • Given Name Reveal: A surname variant. "To Fern With Love" reveals Nina's family name when the principal refers to her mother Fern as "Mrs McPhee".
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Suzi and her posse have their own variation of the Big "OMG!" that goes "Oh. My. Dog!"
  • Hidden Depths:
    • In "The B Word", Anni is shown to be good at cheerleading when she replaces Nina who was replacing Nicki after she causes their cheer pyramid to collapse, injuring Nicki.
    • Despite being shown as complete airheads, Nicki and Emily are surprisingly good at basketball as seen in "Grand Final" when Nina had no choice to make them a part of the team after the original team got sick that day.
    • Nina can spell long and complicated words enough to almost go through an entire spelling bee as seen in "My Friend Anni, Superstar".
  • Hippie Parents: Nina's parents, Zeph and Fern. They wear tie-dyed clothes, are vegetarians, keep chickens in the backyard, and drive a VW Kombi powered by biofuel.
  • Hippie Teacher: Nina's mum, Fern, who is already a hippie, automatically becomes this for one episode when she substituted for a teacher that Nina accidentally wished for to be on vacation.
  • Idiosyncratic Wipes: The wipe transition used to change the scene is accompanied by Pixel Pinkie's glittery pink pixels as a visual effect.
  • Idiot Ball: Most, if not all, of the episodes' plots are kept moving due to Nina's inability to choose her words carefully, constantly forgetting that an "I wish [insert rhetorical statement here]" would be taken literally by Pixel Pinkie.
  • Informed Attribute: Inverted. From "Clones R Us", Nina and Anni repeatedly comment how Nina's clone conjured by Pixel Pinkie looks exactly like the former (which is true), but everyone seems to ignore Clone!Nina's unfocused eyes.
  • Jackass Genie: Pinkel Pinkie has somewhat of a sassy side to her when being told off by Nina about a wish going wrong.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: The last episode of season one is called "Grand Final", and begins with Nina narrating "It's the end of the season."
  • Left Hanging: We are not shown how Nina and Anni felt about Pixel Pinkie being possibly out of their lives forever or how they even dealt with it after suddenly being transported back into Nina's room when their last wish to visit Pixel Pinkie's world wore off (see Sudden Downer Ending for details). Nina's opening lines just retroactively have her say, in sad resignation, that she has lost Pixel Pinkie for good.
  • Limited Animation: The show is animated in extremely cheap Flash, and it shows.
  • Literal Genie: Pinkie tends to a fairly literal approach to granting any wishes she is given.
  • Magic A Is Magic A: Pixel Pinkie's wishes cannot be undone but they are always temporary, so when Nina requests Pinkie to take back a wish, she has to be reminded that she's "stuck with it" until the wish "wears off". The amount of time the wishes last are also incredibly arbitrary, though no wish has lasted for more than a day.
  • Meaningful Name: Pixel Pinkie is a digital genie who incorporates pixels in her magic and is coloured pink all over.
  • Nice Character, Mean Actor: Coolest Luke, a male Teen Idol who sings a lot of songs that relate to his audience, but acts like a spoiled brat off-stage. After Nina and Anni call him out for this, he sees the error of his ways and tries to be a bit nicer. In his other appearances, his mean attitude has been toned down, having been humbled by Nina and Anni in his initial appearance.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Nina's dad is a spitting image of the late John Lennon, down to his hippie attitude. The look is specifically based on his solo career, which may explain why we don't see any other Beatle-likes.
  • No Dress Code: Many girls in Nina's school wear tops that expose their belly buttons, like Suzi's friends, Nicki and Emily. Then there's Suzi herself with her rather short, white strapless dress.
  • Once per Episode: Each episode opens with Nina typing on her laptop journal as she narrates a short comment about the episode's upcoming events.
  • One-Book Author: Magdalena Grubski and Anica Boulanger-Mashberg, Nina and Anni's respective voice actors, don't seem to have any other acting credits beyond this cartoon.
  • Our Genies Are Different: Pinkie is a digital genie trapped in a really old mobile phone. She has to grant unlimited wishes to whomever owns the phone. She is generally well-meaning, but often falls into Literal Genie territory.
  • Protagonist-Centred Morality:
    • Nina is openly crushing on Max, who is actually Suzi's boyfriend, which Anni informs Nina of in the first episode. Despite this, she repeatedly pursues him and is even dared by Pixel Pinkie to kiss him (which fortunately does not happen) in one episode. Not once is she portrayed in the wrong for encouraging a boy to cheat on his girlfriend, even if that girlfriend is an Alpha Bitch.
    • Nina has used Pixel Pinkie's magic to cheat, such as during a school sports event in "If the Shoe Fits" and in a bowling match in "Bowled Over" where Anni even expresses delight in 'annihilating' Suzi. Speaking of, Suzi also does some things that could be considered cheating, but, of course, she doesn't get away with it because she's not the main character, nor can her actions be easily hand waved since she has no help from a digital genie.
  • Quarter Hour Short: Each episode lasts 11 minutes minimum.
  • Reset Button Ending: "Pixel Punkie" ends with Nina accidentally wishing for the day to start over without the basketball game so they could celebrate Pixel Pinkie's birthday without interference. The exact same animation used after Nina's narration is literally used again just before the credits roll.
  • Rise of Zitboy: "Tran Zit" has Nina finding a pimple on her face on the day of her audition, and naturally, she panics. When Pixel Pinkie tries to get rid of it for her, the zit only moves to another person's face based on the order of Nina's phone contacts, eventually leading to the zit evolving into a large sentient blob which explodes.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Pixel Pinkie has pink hair, and has a cheery personality.
  • Secondary Character Title: Nina is the main protagonist while the titular Pixel Pinkie is the deuteragonist.
  • Secret-Keeper: Anni is the only one besides Nina who knows about Pixel Pinkie, and often has to make up cover stories when Pinkie's magic causes thing to go awry.
  • Sequel Episode: The episode "Tran Zit" has an audition as its subplot in which Nina and Suzi end up in a tie, and so in the next episode, "The Lost Voice", deals with what happens as a result of that audition.
  • Split Personality: Pixel Pinkie adopts a different personality depending on the faceplate installed on Nina's phone. The normal pink faceplate gives Pinkie her default Genki Girl personality, a grey faceplate makes her an Emotionless Girl, a cammo faceplate gives her The Squadette attitude, while a flower-themed faceplate makes her as much as of a New-Age Retro Hippie as Nina's parents.
  • Status Cell Phone: Nina immediately feels out of place upon seeing the entire student body owning cellphones, due to being a child of two Hippie Parents who either cannot afford to buy her one or are simply too aloof about anything digital. Hence, she ends up buying a very old cellphone in a dusty box that turns out to contain the titular digital genie, and the rest is history.
  • Sudden Downer Ending: The last episode opens with an unusually sad narration from Nina's journal entry, foreshadowing Pixel Pinkie's departure from her life and states that she will never see her again. Pixel Pinkie divulges to Nina that genies only get a certain number of wishes and that Nina only has 19 more wishes left. After some escapades that led to most of the wishes being wasted, Nina and Anni give Pixel Pinkie a chance what she wishes for, which is for Nina and Anni to visit the digital genie world, and so Nina wishes it for her. Whilst making the most of their visit in Pixel Pinkie's world, the wish (as per usual) wears off and Nina and Anni are transported back to the real world, ending the episode and the series as a whole.
  • Supernatural Phone: Pinkie is a digital Genie in a Bottle imprisoned in a really old mobile phone.
  • Three Wishes: Subverted in that Pixel Pinkie seems to grant unlimited wishes to the owner of the phone until the finale reveals that she's only given a limited number of wishes (exactly how many of them was never stated nor did Pixel Pinkie even tell Nina about the rule in the first place despite Pixel Pinkie having known about it all along) and by the time there were only 19 wishes left, the phone gives a warning, prompting Pixel Pinkie to explain that once the remaining wishes are gone, she must move on to another phone.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight:
    • A lot of the time, when anything weird happens mostly involving Pixel Pinkie's magic, it's rarely pointed out by the other characters with the exception of Nicki and even then, only when it's plot relevant.
    • The pilot episode is a glaring example of this in which Nina and Anni don't even question the existence of a digital genie flying out of Nina's mobile phone.
  • "Walk on the Wild Side" Episode: In "Rebel Yell", the scholarly Anni unexpectedly gets an F on her test which later turns out to be meant for Nina, and she gets into a deep funk that causes Nina to wish Anni wouldn't care so much about school. Unfortunately, Pixel Pinkie's magic turns Anni into a rebel that constantly challenges authority and getting in trouble with the teachers.