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The main characters of the show.Note

"It's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, a land of make-believe
Won't you ride along with me?
It's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, so much to do, so much to see
Won't you ride along with me?
I've got lots of friends for you to meet in this land of make-believe
A friendly face on every street just waiting to greet you!"

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is an animated children's series that began airing on September 3, 2012, on the PBS Kids block of most PBS stations in the United States. The program is an animated Spin-Off of the beloved Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and features the little four-year-old son of the Daniel Tiger character first seen on that series, as well as some other familiar characters like Prince Tuesday. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood was created by several of the creators of Blue's Clues and is a production of their production company, Out of the Blue Enterprises. The series is animated in CGI, but uses Adobe Flash for its song segments and also features interstitials with real kids.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is targeted at young audiences and preschoolers around the age of 2-4, rather than the wider target audience of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and carries a focus on social development and emotions. Each installment features Daniel either at home, at one of his friend's houses, or at school with his friends. The show was made with the direct involvement of the Fred Rogers Company and had been in development for six years after the company realized it could not survive without making a new show. Fred Rogers had considered grooming a replacement before his death, but could never find someone suitable, and the creators decided not to include any character intended to represent a form of Rogers in the series for this reason. Despite this, the program contains many nods to the original show. In 2013, the program won the Parents Choice Award.

The program airs weekdays and is presented in widescreen HD where available. Episodes were once available on Netflix and Hulu. Following an exclusivity deal in 2016, the series is now only available on Amazon Prime in the US, although Netflix reinstated some of the episodes for certain markets outside the US in late 2017. Some episodes are also made available to watch online at the PBS website, or their app for those who live in the US (or is behind several proxies, one of which is in the US). A number of DVD releases have also been made available.

Following the success of this show, another program with modern versions of Fred Rogers' characters, Donkey Hodie, was created.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood features examples of the following:

  • Acceptable Breaks from Reality: In the time it took everybody to react to Daniel's initial allergic reaction to peaches, anaphylaxis ordinarily could have killed someone, but slowing things down allowed the young audience to better observe and understand how to react in such a situation. Also, not all hives-causing allergies are anaphylaxis.
  • Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal: While the real animals wear more than just accessories, in "Daniel Goes to Sleep", there is a rubber ducky wearing an aviator's hat and goggles.
  • Aesop Amnesia:
    • While lessons generally seem to stick from episode-to-episode, they often seem to take a while to sink in within a particular episode. For example, in "You Are Special," O has to hear several times "I like you / I like you / I like you / Just the way you are" before he stops trying to do stuff to be like the other characters to be special.
    • They can also contradict each other. For instance, episodes about trying new foods seem weird next to episodes about Daniel's food allergy, and there are episodes which encourage both making one's own fun and playing together. But then again, life can be contradictory. Daniel and his friends also have to learn that sometimes what they're taught may not work for another character - for example, babies or their younger siblings are too young to know how to "Use your words, use your words" and may not yet be able to understand about stuff like sharing either.
  • Afraid of Doctors: Daniel is slightly nervous of going to the doctor.
  • Afraid of Needles: Daniel gets even more nervous of doctors if he has to get an injection.
  • Ageless Birthday Episode:
    • Since the characters are not Not Allowed to Grow Up, there were two birthday episodes for Prince Wednesday, without his age being given.
    • It's Margaret's birthday with no specific age given in "Margaret's Birthday Buddy / Margaret's Birthday Party," since Margaret was allowed to grow up just enough to make her a sibling for Daniel who could actually play and talk a bit. Seeing as she can walk, but still babbles like a baby though, she was probably turning one.
  • Alliterative Name: Katerina Kittycat.
  • Alternate Animal Affection: The Tigers rub noses and say, "Ugga Mugga" to express familial affection.
  • Alternate Catchphrase Inflection: In, "A New Friend at School", instead of saying hoo-hoo, O says boo-hoo after Daniel declines to read a book with him in favor of playing with Jodi.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: While averted for the real animals, Tigey is blue and Pandy is blue and white instead of black and white.
  • Ambiguously Absent Parent:
    • In "Daniel's Strawberry Seeds", we see a baby bird and its mother, but not its father.
    • Katerina is raised by her mother, with no mention of her father. O the Owl is raised by his uncle, with no mention of his parents.
  • "Anger Is Healthy" Aesop:
    • In "Circle Time Squabble", Daniel almost shoves Miss Elaina during an argument, but Teacher Harriet intervenes and tells him, "It's okay to feel angry; it's not, not, not okay to hurt someone." There's even a song about controlling your anger called "It's Okay to Feel Angry".
    • In "It's Not Okay to Hurt Someone", Daniel almost punches Margaret for messing up his toys, until their mother comes by and says that he must show more self-control no matter how furious he gets, but anger is not bad on its own as long as it doesn't result in violence.
  • Angry Dance: The strategy taught in "Daniel Can't Ride Trolley; Daniel Can't Get What He Wants" is "When you can't get what you want, stomp three times to help yourself feel better", where the characters stomp their feet when angry.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: Many of Daniel's fantasy songs involve inanimate objects coming to life.
  • Animation Evolution: The first five seasons had animation that resembled a pop-up book. Starting in season 6, the frame rate is reduced, the movements get stiffer, and there are different camera angles used than before. Season 6 also has a different art director than the previous seasons.
  • Are We There Yet?: In "Tiger Family Trip," Daniel asks this about halfway through his family's road trip to see Grandpere and then as the trip is almost over, he starts getting squirmy and asks, "Are we there yet? Are we?" And this is just in the book version. In the television special, he does it several times throughout.
  • Art Shift: From CGI to Flash animation for the song numbers.
  • Aside Glance: It's very subtle, but in "Good Morning Daniel," when Daniel does a juggling act with his shoes instead of putting them on like he's supposed to, Mr. Tiger seems to give a glance at the screen.
  • Babysitting Episode:
    • One episode is about Prince Wednesday babysitting Daniel.
    • In "Prince Wednesday Sleeps Over", Prince Tuesday babysits Daniel again, along with Margaret and the visiting Prince Wednesday.
  • Baby Talk: Especially in later installments, Margaret tends to speak in single, repeated syllables to express herself, i.e. "Dan-Dan" (Daniel), "fi-fi" (butterfly), or "ba-ba." (Misinterpreted by Daniel as "boat" because they were on a boat at the time, in actuality, she was referring to a "pawprint.")
  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: Averted, likely because it would feel dumb to have the Funny Animals barefoot, but the humans in shoes. Inverted with the owl as he is wearing nothing but shoes. And, of course, if Daniel didn't wear shoes, then they wouldn't be able to reference Mister Rogers putting on his shoes by having Daniel do it in the show opening. Or having him take them off in the "It's You I Like" song.
  • Baths Are Fun: In "Daniel's Blueberry Paws," Mom Tiger gives both Daniel and little sister Margaret a bubble bath together after they play on the beach outside their home and have sticky ice treats. This is apparently a special occasion for them because most of the time they have baths without bubbles. Daniel, however, nearly misses out on enjoying them much before they fizzle out due to being upset over not getting to play with a bath toy that he left at Grandpere's. Mom, however, reminds him of the episode's lesson to "Enjoy the wow that's happening now."
  • Be Yourself: This is the lesson of "You Are Special / Daniel is Special." For example, O wants to do a magic trick because he thinks it'll make him special like Prince Wednesday, even though he doesn't really know how to do magic. Teacher Harriet tells him he doesn't have to do a magic trick to be special.
    Teacher Harriet: I like you / I like you / I like you / Just the way you are.
  • Big Storm Episode:
    • "A Storm in the Neighborhood / After the Storm" is all about this - a big storm comes through the neighborhood in which the characters live. The episode is all about storm preparation before the storm, how to stay safe and keep calm during the storm, and helping out with cleaning up afterwards.
    • This is also covered in the double-length story "The Neighborhood Snowstorm." In this one, as the title suggests, the Lake of Make Believe is hit by a big snowstorm. Daniel and his classmates are sent home early from school when the snow starts getting really heavy and Daniel nearly slips on the snow. A broken pipe causes Daniel's room to get flooded and this in turn is due to the heat being out, which caused the pipe to freeze. Ultimately, everything works out okay, as Mom and Dad Tiger send Daniel and Margaret over to the Platypus house to keep warm, while they fix the heater and broken pipe.
  • Birthday Episode: Five.note 
    • It's Daniel's birthday in "Daniel's Birthday".
    • It's Prince Wednesday's birthday in "Daniel Gets a Cold".
    • Margaret gets born in "The New Big Brother".
    • It's Margaret's birthday in "Margaret's Birthday Buddy / Margaret's Birthday Party."
    • It's Prince Wednesday's birthday again in "Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday."
  • Blind Without 'Em: Averted with Prince Wednesday in "No Red Sweater for Daniel." He accidentally broke his glasses and has to go out for a while without wearing them while they're getting repaired. He, however, has no problem going out in the town and immediately recognizes Daniel and the fact that he's not wearing his red sweater. It becomes more clear exactly how his vision is being affected only when Daniel plays dress-up with a brown hat, which Wednesday describes as a "fuzzy brown blob."
  • Boring Return Journey: In "Tiger Family Trip," the trip to Grandpere is covered in a double-length story. After the visit, the ride back covers the time of a standard show song number.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": Prince Tuesday and Prince Wednesday have monogrammed belt buckles.
  • Buffy Speak: The phrase "Medium-est tower in the world!" is said in "Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty".
  • Calling Your Bathroom Breaks: All characters who need to go to the bathroom outright say so in the 'Potty' episodes.
  • Captain Ersatz: Music Man Stan, Elaina's dad, seems to be a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo version of Francois Clemmons, sharing many similar traits and interests.
  • Caretaker Reversal: This line in the song during the Sick Episode brings up the possibility of someone taking care of a sick person, then they get sick and the formerly-sick person takes care of them.
    "Someone might help take care of you, they might tuck you in or make you soup, and if they get sick one day you can take care of them in the same special way."
  • Cast Herd: Since the Platypus family has been introduced, there has been a tendency for some episodes to focus on Daniel and his family spending time with them and others to focus on them spending time with the rest of Daniel's young friends.
  • Carnivore Confusion: Of the type that completely ignores the issue, of course. If Katerina was a real cat and Daniel was a real tiger, O the Owl would be a meal to the former and a light snack to the latter.
  • Car Ride Games: In Tiger Family Trip, Daniel and his family take a long trip on Trolley to get to Grandpere's house. Trolley is technically not a car, but all of the normal Road Trip Plot rules are in effect, including Daniel squirming and asking Are We There Yet? Mrs. Tiger reminds him of one of the show's strategy songs - "When you wait / You can play / Sing or imagine anything" and he decides to play a game with his little sister Margaret in which he asks her to point to various parts of her body. "Where is Margaret's nose? Where are Margaret's ears?" It works great until he grows bored with the game and tells her that he's done playing. Still wanting to play, she starts pointing to various parts of herself and poking him.
  • Carrying a Cake: Daniel carries his birthday cake in "Daniel's Birthday". It doesn't get ruined as it's still edible but it does get a bit "smushed" as Daniel puts it.
  • Catchphrase: Each of the children has one.
    • For Daniel, "Grr-iffic!".
    • Katerina Kittycat has, "Meow Meow" which she uses to open or close sentences.
    • Miss Elaina punctuates her sentences with "toots" just like her mother used to.
    • O the Owl's is "There's a book for that." It may be a Shout-Out to Apple's "There's an app for that." Also, "Hoo hoo".
    • Prince Wednesday has, "Boopshie boo!" and "royal/royally".
    • Jodi has "Neato!" Also, "Yippeee skippy!".
  • Chaste Toons: O the Owl is the nephew of X the Owl. We never see his parents, and when a situation calls for parents to be present, he is usually seen with his uncle.
  • Character Tic:
    • Katerina Kittycat pirouettes frequently and randomly.
    • Daniel wiggles his ears and shuts his eyes at the beginning of his daydreams.
    • O tends to fly a little bit when excited.
  • Chroma Key: This technique is used with real kids against a backdrop of clouds in the "When You Pretend" song. Possibly with other segments featuring real kids as well.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Downplayed for the kids, who are relatively down-to-Earth, but can play some pretty wacky games, especially with Miss Elaina who has a fascination with doing things backwards, and Prince Wednesday, who makes absurd jokes a lot.
  • Color Character: Daniel's fish are named Red Fish, Orange Fish, and the late Blue Fish.
  • Companion Cube: Daniel has a stuffed tiger named Tigey. He can bring him to school, but he can't sleep without him.
  • Continuity Nod: Occasionally, a song and/or moral of a previous episode will be mentioned again in an episode not paired with it:
    • In "Mom Tiger is Sick", Mrs. Tiger sings the "clean up, pick up, put away" song sung in "Neighbourhood Clean Up" and "Clean Up Time".
    • In "Daniel's Neighbours Help", Teacher Harriet tells Daniel that "when you're sick, rest is best" which was a lyric from the song in "Mom Tiger is Sick" and "Daniel Gets a Cold".
    • In "Daniel Sits on the Potty", they mention stopping and going [to the bathroom] right away, which is from the song sung in the "...Goes to the Potty" episodes.
    • In "Prince Wednesday Sleeps Over", Daniel sings "Grown-Ups Come Back", the song from "Daniel's Babysitter", to Margaret.
  • Cute Kitten:
    • Admit it. Katarina Kittycat had you going "dawwwwww!" the first time you saw her.
    • Same goes for Daniel Tiger himself. Who is a very cute and friendly tiger cub.
    • And Margaret Tiger, his sister.
  • "Day of the Week" Name: Prince Tuesday, Daniel's classmate Prince Wednesday, Queen Sarah Saturday, and King Friday.
  • Death Is a Sad Thing: An episode of the show, "Daniel's Fish Dies" (also released in book form as Remembering Blue Fish), based on an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, is about Daniel learning to deal with his feelings after his favorite fish in the family fish tank, Blue Fish, dies. In the episode's second half, "Daniel's Strawberry Seeds," Daniel and Katerina visit the Enchanted Garden to pick strawberries, only to find that the strawberry plants have died.
  • Decided by One Vote:
    • The outcomes of two episodes about voting. Since the kids vote, the result is 3-2.
    • When they choose their class pet, they choose it in an open vote in which Daniel is the last to vote... after the result is already 3-1! Poor kid may as well not even have voted.
  • The Diaper Change: Margaret is shown getting her diaper changed in her first episode and in "Daniel Sits on the Potty".
  • Did You Get a New Haircut?: In "Daniel's Very Different Day," Daniel wears a trolley t-shirt when his sweaters are in the wash. When he goes to Baker Aker's, Baker Aker notes there's something different about him. Daniel starts to explain, but Baker Aker says to let him guess, asking if he got new shoes or a new haircut, or that he's not wearing his glasses.
  • Diurnal Nocturnal Animal: O the Owl and his family, Katerina the cat and her family (though there is apparently some debate about whether cats are nocturnal or crepuscular), Daniel Tiger and his family (tigers in areas without humans have been observed to hunt by day) are all active during the day.
  • Double Aesop:
    • "Daniel's Strawberry Seeds" has two morals: "death is part of life and can't be reversed" and "asking questions is always helpful".
    • "Allergies at School" has two morals: one is a continuation of the exploration of allergies in "Daniel's Allergy", and the second is a generalised theme of taking care of people.
  • Dramatic Irony: Occurs in "Daniel's Fish Dies", when Blue Fish is lying on the bottom of his tank and Daniel initially assumes he just likes it there. We even get a song about fish, then Daniel assumes Blue Fish is sleeping, before eventually learning he is dead. The viewer probably knows that Blue Fish is dead the moment they saw him lying there because they read the title of the episode.
  • Edutainment Show: Focused on social issues and emotional understanding, with general learning thrown in as well.
  • Ending Theme: The show ends on an instrumental version of "It's You I Like".
  • Episode Tagline: The show had the first line of the episode's song as the tagline said by everyone when invoking the episode's moral.
  • Everything Talks: Daniel often slips into fantasy song numbers in which everything talks, even all of the objects in the bathroom, but this doesn't happen in his actual world.
  • Fake Interactivity: The opening on each episode has Daniel asking the viewers if they'd join him at the end of the teaser. Daniel will also sometimes ask questions of the viewers and wait for an answer.
  • Fantasy Helmet Enforcement: Everyone buckles up in the trolley, which even has a baby seat for Margaret when she's with the family. Also, in "Daniel's Bicycle," Dad Tiger gives Daniel his old red bike from when he was a kid, spruced up, and the next thing he gives him is a shiny red helmet with blue straps. Later, Daniel places his blue plush tiger, Tigey, in the bike's yellow basket. He gets a yellow helmet with blue straps. He also has a fantasy sequence in which Tigey has come to life and is racing him on a bike. In this, both of them wear sporty blue helmets.
  • Fight for the Last Bite: In "It's Not OK to Hurt Someone", Daniel acts out a scenario with his toy animals that involves a cow and a horse fighting over the last carrot, before deciding to share it.
  • First Day of School Episode:
    • "Daniel Visits School", which is before the actual day happens.
    • "Daniel Goes to School", where the day actually happens.
    • "Jodi's First Day at School", which introduces the new titular character and Daniel takes on the duties of "First Day Friend" to help Jodi feel comfortable at her new school.
  • First-Name Basis:
    • The kids are on this with Teacher Harriet, though she does at least get the title of "Teacher."
    • Dr. Anna is, despite being called by her title, is addressed by her first name, whereas doctors are mostly addressed as "Dr. [Last name]" in real life.
  • Flanderization: Miss Elaina originally was just really amused by a "Backwards" themed party. Now she delights in doing anything backwards that she can, and her outfit's been retconned to be on backwards (with the tag peeking out the front).
  • Fleeting Demographic Rule:
    • Starting around 2015, certain episode plots from older episodes would be recycled due to the kids who originally watched the series when it premiered having outgrown the show, but with slight changes. One notable example was "Daniel Can't Get What He Wants", which was basically "Daniel Gets Mad" but with the moral of "take a deep breath when you get mad" changed to "stomp your feet when you are angry".
    • Season 4 reuses many strategies from older episodes, mainly with new character Jodi (or sometimes her twin brothers) having the problem and Daniel helping her, or showing Daniel facing a different scenario from the one where the original scenario was used.
  • Foreshadowing: In "Margaret's First Thank-You Day", Margaret is heard coughing several times early on in the episode. It's not until later on that it turns out she's sick.
  • Formula-Breaking Episode: Most episodes have a lesson, but "Prince Wednesday's Happy Birthday" doesn't have any morals at all. Notably, while songs are usually used to teach morals in the episodes, this episode's song was just Daniel singing for joy.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Daniel, and occasionally the other characters as well. Particularly the real-kids segments, which are often narrated by characters other than Daniel.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The perspective on Teddy and Leo keeps changing, so that each looks slightly bigger than the other in turn.
  • Full-Name Basis: Daniel is often referred to fully as Daniel Tiger, rather than just Daniel.
  • Funny Photo Phrase: In "Duckling Goes Home", Teacher Harriet and her class are sending Ducky the duck to the farm where her egg came from. Harriet makes the students pose for a photo and say, "Ducky!".
  • Fur Is Skin: Characters like Daniel Tiger and his family apply sunscreen on hot, sunny days despite being covered in fur, which would imply that their fur is skin.
  • Furry Reminder: The animal characters seem to fall somewhere between being Civilized Animals and Funny Animals, but sometimes display animal-like tendencies like making the noises that an animal of their species would normally make ("meow meow"), or displaying other animal behaviors:
    • Daniel and Katerina have been shown to start growling and meowing, respectively, when they become emotional and forget to use their words.
    • Also, when Katerina is angry, she puts her ears back like a real cat.
    • O sometimes flies.
    • In "Daniel's Bicycle", Daniel is taught to growl to help him concentrate.
  • Gassy Scare: In "Daniel Sits On the Potty", Daniel thinks he has a tummy ache, but he actually just needs to poop.
  • Generation Xerox: Katerina Kittycat turned out a lot like her mother. Also, apart from being more outgoing, Daniel Jr. is his father in miniature.
  • Genki Girl: Miss Elaina is very active and happy-go-lucky.
  • "Getting Ready for Bed" Plot:
    • The licensed game "My Bedtime" is about putting Daniel to bed.
    • The story "Goodnight, Daniel" is all about Daniel's bedtime routine, which includes bathtime, putting on his pajamas, brushing his teeth, having his bedtime story and having his bedtime song sung to him as he drifts off to sleep.
    • In "Daniel Goes to Sleep", the Tiger siblings get put to bed for the night and Daniel gets taught a lullaby about counting down. The episode ends with Daniel falling asleep after seeing a nightingale and promising to himself to tell his parents the next morning.
    • Downplayed for "Prince Wednesday Sleeps Over". The first half of the episode is about Daniel, Prince Wednesday, and Margaret being put to bed, the second half is about the boys trying to sleep.
  • Good Samaritan:
    • "King Daniel for a Day" has a moral about being kind, and it shows characters, Daniel in particular, doing various acts of good citizenship, such as getting Prince Tuesday to Dr. Anna's office, and sacrificing his needed objects to cheer people up.
    • "Allergies at School" has a moral about taking care of people, and it shows people doing things like cleaning the blocks up, handing Teacher Harriet a tissue, and in the song, doing things like taking care of sick people.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Daniel gets jealous of the attention that his little sister Margaret is getting in "Margaret's Birthday Buddy / Margaret's Birthday Party" and has to be reminded more than once that it's not his birthday. His parents help him to get over it by having him be Margaret's birthday buddy, his job being to help her party go well for her.
    • In "Daniel Gets Jealous", Daniel starts to get upset over Katerina taking all the attention away from his Grandpere.
  • Happily Married: Daniel Sr. and his wife. Also Lady Elaine and Music Man Stan. Both couples have very happy, stable marriages.
  • Happy Place: When Daniel has to get a shot, he's told to "close your eyes and think of something happy".
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Daniel Tiger does not wear pants.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Usually, episodes are titled for the episode's main character (it's not always Daniel) and the main situation in it (for example, "Daniel's Very Different Day" or "Katerina Gets Mad"). There are some exceptions, however.
  • Illness Blanket:
    • In "Mom Tiger is Sick", Mom Tiger naps on the couch wrapped in a blanket while she has a cold. Katerina Kittycat is also seen wrapping a sick-looking Henrietta Pussycat in a blanket during the "rest is best" song.
    • In "Daniel's Neighbors Help", Mom Tiger catches another cold and is wrapped in the same blanket, although not napping.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Daniel Tiger has a fairly large circle of friends. Even so, his main concern regarding the new neighbors early in The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor? as expressed in song is "Will our new neighbors have a friend for me?"
  • Innocent Inaccurate: In "Daniel's Fish Dies", four-year-old Daniel doesn't understand that his fish is dead. He thinks that the fish is just staying by the castle because he loves it.
  • Inspirationally Disadvantaged: Chrissie (Tuesday and Wednesday's cousin) uses leg braces and crutches; Chrissy Thompson was Mr. McFeely's granddaughter, who also had leg braces and crutches on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • Inspired by…: "Based on the work of Fred Rogers".
  • Imagine Spot: In every episode. Daniel is the one who initiates them, though as of Tiger Family Trip, little sister Margaret is sometimes now a part of these fantasies as well. Also, in The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor?, Daniel Tiger and Jodi have a joint musical one for the song "This is Where I Used to Live" in which apparently through the power of imagination, Jodi takes Daniel on a tour of her old neighborhood. Pretty much every one of Daniel's imagine spots is presented as a song number, some more elaborate than others.
  • Inconvenient Itch: In "Circle Time Squabble", Prince Wednesday's nose itches during a game of "freeze dance", which seems to be another name for Musical Statues.
  • Injured Limb Episode: Downplayed in "King Daniel for a Day", where Prince Tuesday's twisted ankle is a significant plot point, but doesn't take up the entire episode.
    • Played straight in "Daniel Feels Better", where Daniel sprains his ankle while playing with his sister.
    • Mom Tiger hurts her arm in "Daniel Feels Worried About Mom". In the following episode, her sling is removed, and her arm makes a full recovery.
  • Insomnia Episode: Downplayed for "Prince Wednesday Sleeps Over". The first half is about the Tiger siblings and Prince Wednesday going to bed, but the second half is about the boys having trouble sleeping. First they just feel too wide awake, then they hear Margaret crying.
  • I Want My Mommy!:
    • In "The Tiger Family Babysits," Teddy and Leo Platypus cry about wanting their Mama, Dr. Platypus, after she goes away for a business trip. Fortunately, Daniel and his little sister Margaret are there to play a game with them to help calm them down.
    • In "A Storm in the Neighborhood," after the lights go out at the Tiger family house, Katerina Kittycat shouts "I want my mommy, meow meow!" Fulfilling that wish is easy enough, as her mom came to the Tigers' house with her.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: Dr. Anna, a medical doctor, is usually in a lab coat.
  • Last-Minute Baby Naming: In "The Baby is Here," Daniel's baby sister is just "the baby" up until she's born and a brief bit afterwards until Daniel and Grandpere arrive at the hospital. She is named Margaret on-the-spot when Daniel mentions his favorite picture book, Margaret's Music, and Mr. Tiger recalls a Grandma Margaret that was very dear to him.
  • Leitmotif:
    • King Friday has a sort of little fanfare that tends to play when he shows up on the scene.
    • The "rest is best" song is sometimes used in instrumental form when somebody is unwell.
    • In both the "...Goes to the Potty" episodes, a tune would play whenever someone did a Potty Dance, that was also used during the fantasy sequence.
  • Lemonade Stand Plot:
    • In "The Lemonade Stand", Daniel and Prince Wednesday decide to start their own lemonade stand when Queen Sara gives them lemonade she made from the lemons on her lemon tree. Daniel and Wednesday soon argue with each other over how they like to collect the lemons (Daniel picks them off the tree, while Wednesday shakes the tree), so Sara helps them resolve their conflict. When the stand opens, Wednesday gets mad at Daniel for giving away all the lemonade to their customers and not giving him a turn, so Daniel gives Wednesday that chance when Mr. Tiger is their next customer.
    • In "Jodi's Lemonade Stand", Daniel, Miss Elania, and Jodi start a lemonade stand at Jodi's house. The development of the lemonade stand goes through several hardships, such as the original sign that Daniel and Miss Elaina made being ruined from the rain and a new one having to be made in its place, and Jodi having to find new lemons to make the lemonade, but it soon opens and Daniel, Miss Elaina, and Jodi start selling lemonade to the citizens of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Most of the characters always wear the same set of clothes; Daniel has three sets of pajamas, though it feels a bit odd if the show opens with them wearing pajamas, given that he was just shown putting his shirt and shoes in the show intro. Also, though Daniel has three sets of pajamas, he almost if not always wears his trolley pajamas, as they're his favorite. "No Red Sweater for Daniel" shows that Daniel actually has sweaters in blue, purple and green as well as his trademark red sweater; it's just that the red sweater is his favorite and so he always wears it. At Mom Tiger's urging, he wears the blue one because You can change your hair, or what you wear, but no matter what you do, you're still you. This doesn't explain, though, how he can normally be wearing a red sweater every day if he has to wear a different sweater just because ol' red got thrown in the wash. Additionally, while all the characters have standard clothes, they also tend to dress for the weather or specific situations, such as bathing suits, snow-clothes, a painting smock, etc. There's even a song about this too: "Think about what you're gonna do / Then pick the clothes that are right for you."
  • Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My!: Daniel Tiger, his various animal friends and parents, human friends and their parents and a human teacher. Bonus points for Daniel being an actual tiger. The whole thing is pretty much Lamp Shaded in the story "Same and Different." Daniel feels he's different from his friends because he has a tail, at least until he realizes Katerina has one too. The human characters all end up together in a photo, with the animal characters characters lined up together also. And Miss Elaina points out quite candidly that her skin color is different from Prince Wednesday's, though Teacher Harriet notes it's the same as hers.
  • Living Toys: Not really, but sometimes in the fantasy sequences, Tigey or the other soft toys are alive.
  • A Lizard Named "Liz":
    • The first syllable of Katerina's name sounds like her species ("cat").
    • Daniel's plushie is named "Tigey", while Maragaret's is "Pandy". Daniel is also shown playing in one episode with a giraffe plushie named "Raffi."
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: One of the strategy phrases, "”I have my own way. The (character name) way!”, is formatted like this.
  • The Medic: Dr. Anna, being a doctor, is usually the one who patches someone up if they're sick or injured.
  • Medley Overture: The instrumental portion of the opening of The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor? includes instrumentals of several of the songs in the story, most prominently the "New Neighbors Are Coming" theme.
  • "Metaphor" Is My Middle Name: According the "Tigey the Adventure Tiger"'s theme song, Adventure is Tigey's middle name.
  • Mistakes Are Not the End of the World: In "Daniel Makes a Mistake / Baking Mistakes," Daniel and his friends make a number of mistakes and learn that "It's okay to make mistakes / Try to fix them and learn from them, too."
  • Mood Whiplash: In "Daniel's Fish Dies," Daniel gushes over Blue Fish and goes into a very cutesy, upbeat fantasy sequence about him and his little sister Margaret swimming underwater alongside the family's fish friends. Then he plays a game of hide-and-seek with two of the other fish in the tank, before realizing that Blue Fish isn't moving and Dad Tiger tells him that Blue Fish has died.
  • Mr. Imagination: Daniel loves to imagine things and invite the audience to join in.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Being a little boy, Daniel will often hype up things that are actually quite normal and routine. For instance, in "Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty", he thinks it would be great if everyone went to the bathroom at once, and in "Daniel Gets a Cold", he thinks of "fighting" a disease like an actual epic battle.
  • Musical Chores:
    • In Tiger Family Trip, Daniel packs for the trip during the "A Tiger Family Trip" song.
      Mom Tiger: Fill up your backpack with some of your favorite things!
      Daniel: I can do that while I sing, la la la! Come on... what should I pack? ... Crayons! ... Tigey! ... Trolley! Ding ding! (giggles) Whee! Into my backpack! What about all these instruments? My saxophone, my drum? Nah, too big. And I can't forget my picture for Grandpere! Mom, I'm all packed!
    • In The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor?, Jodi Platypus and her mother unpack boxes and put together Jodi's room while singing the song "It Takes Time to Make a Place Feel Like Home."
    • In the same movie, the Platypus and Tiger families sing "Everything In Its Place" as they help to put more of the Platypus household in order and search for Jodi's lost book.
    • In "Snowflake Day," everyone sings about the work they're doing to put the Snowflake Day pageant together and talks about how much they like to sing about it before doing so.
    • There's also the show's clean-up song...
      Clean up, pick up, put away / Clean up, every day!
  • Mythology Gag: Ubiquitous.
    • For starters, Daniel sleeps in a trolley bed, and has models of his classmates' homes.
    • Miss Elaina calls people "toots," which is very out-of-date-slang, but her mother was known to do this.
    • In "Margaret's Birthday", Margaret's birthday party is panda-themed. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood actually had a panda character on the show called Purple Panda. In addition, Margaret's favorite toy, Pandy, is a panda, which is also a reference to Purple Panda.
    • Daniel's teacher is named Harriet. This is a reference to the name of Daniel's teacher in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Harriet Elizabeth Cow, who does appear in the spin-off Donkey Hodie.
    • There are puppets of Prince Wednesday, Miss Elaina, O the Owl and Daniel himself on the wall above the Tiger family bathtub in the style of those seen on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • Nephewism: O the Owl's only visible family is his uncle X.
  • Never Say "Die": Perhaps actually not surprisingly, averted in an upcoming story, since the series tries to tackle material as honestly as possible. The upcoming television story and book Remembering Blue Fish tackles the topic of the death of a pet, specifically Daniel's favorite fish, Blue Fish. Preview images of the book show Dad Tiger telling Daniel that "I think Blue Fish is dead" and Daniel also expressing "I'm mad. I didn't want Margaret to take my picture and I didn't want Blue Fish to die."
  • New Baby Episode: "The Baby is Here" is a half-hour musical episode about the birth of Daniel's baby sister, Margaret.
  • New Friend Envy: After Jodi was introduced, a pair of stories dealt with jealousy among the various members of Daniel's group of playing with her. They all learned that "Even when friends play with someone new / They will still be friends with you!"
  • Nobody Poops: Averted. Since the target audience is very young children who might still need to learn the finer points of potty training, the show makes sure to tackle the issue directly. They even have a song about the matter:
    If you have to go potty, stop! And go right away. / Flush and wash and be on your way!
  • Non-Standard Kiss: At the end of every episode, Daniel rubs his nose at the screen as a sign of endearment while saying, "ugga mugga" (which is said to be a word for "I love you").
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Used somewhat oddly. We're given regular indicators that the characters are becoming older and more mature, such as them being told that they're older and big enough to think of what to do. Daniel also has a sister that is born during the series and now is supposed be 14 months old according Word of God and also showing signs growing, such as taking her first steps. Yet, we see no physical signs of growth in most of the characters and everyone is still attending class together with the same teacher (and, according to "Allergies at School", have only been at school for a hundred days).
  • Odd Name Out: One of the families consists (not counting Chrissie, who isn't in the immediate family) of Elaine, Elaina,... and Stan.
  • One-Steve Limit: With two Daniel Striped Tigers, things can get very confusing very quickly.note 
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In "Daniel Gets a Cold", when the other kids sing about times they fell ill, Katerina says that she once got a stomachache that was so bad she couldn't dance.
  • Pantsless Males, Fully-Dressed Females: Generally, the male animals don't wear pants but the females wear pants or dresses. Daniel compared to Katerina, for instance.
  • Parent ex Machina: Subverted. The kids are left alone to play, but the adults will say something like "call me if you need anything". The adults are usually in earshot, and will interject if needed.
  • Plot Allergy: Daniel is revealed to be allergic to peaches in the aptly-named episode "Daniel's Allergy".
  • Potty Dance: Whenever a character needs to go to the bathroom, except for Music Man Stan in "Daniel Goes to the Potty", they will fidget. The songs in the "...Goes to the Potty" episodes even imply that everyone wiggles when they need to use the bathroom, and that everyone who is wiggling needs to use the bathroom (e.g. "I know when it's potty time 'cause I'm wiggling from side to side").
  • Potty Emergency: Prince Wednesday gets one in "Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty" and Daniel gets one in the aforementioned episode and in "Daniel Goes to the Potty", during which episode Music Man Stan has one too. It comes again with Daniel in "Daniel Doesn't Want to Go Potty."
  • Toilet Training Plot: Four episodes as of 2021, which is an unusual amount for a show produced in the west- Daniel Goes to the Potty, Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty, Daniel Doesn't Want To Go Potty and Daniel Sits On The Potty
  • Potty Failure: Defied in all of the Toilet Training Plot episodes, but in "Prince Wednesday Goes To The Potty", it's revealed that Miss Harriet cares about her students not having accidents.
  • Precap: Every episode begins with Daniel greeting the audience and telling them what events will happen in today's episode, ending with him saying "I'll be right back!".
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: In "The Neighborhood Votes".
    Mom Tiger: It's hard when you don't get what you want.
    Daniel and Katerina: Yes! It! Is!
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The fifth season will begin with a special about COVID-19, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Won't You Sing Along With Me?, where Daniel Tiger learns the Neighborhood Carnival has been canceled.
  • Real Time: Events are generally presented without any time skips or sudden scene changes. The creators have indicated that the show is made this way because they feel that doing that sort of thing is confusing to the young audience, who might not easily understand that the time-frame being presented has changed. This is the same philosophy which was used in Blue's Clues, which was made by the same creators.
  • Recut: After many parents complained about the "stomping helps you feel better" moral of "Daniel Can't Ride Trolley/Daniel Can't Get What He Wants" being reminscent of a tantrum, an edited version of the episode was released in the fall of 2019, four years after it initally aired. The strategy is redubbed to "Take a deep breath to help yourself feel better", and some scenes are cut, with the live action segment before the second story having at least a few parts removed.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Daniel Jr. Takes after his daddy, also ridiculously cute as a cub. He's joined later by his little sister, Margaret, and Katerina Kittycat. Awww...
  • Road Trip Plot: The hour-long special Tiger Family Trip premiered in May 2017. The double-length story "Tiger Family Trip" is only the first part of it and the part the contains the actual road trip. The rest of the special is spending time at Grandpere's and vacationing, followed by the Boring Return Journey that is only depicted on-screen in about a minute or so.
  • Roger Rabbit Effect: In the book The Helpers in Your Neighborhood (based on an episode that has yet to be released), Daniel Tiger and Dad Tiger venture out of the Neighborhood of Make Believe and meet various real-world helpers, including a construction worker, a mailman and a police officer. They are shown interacting with these people in this manner.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something:
    • King Friday and Prince Wednesday. Prince Tuesday seems particularly fond of doing low-level work as a hobby (babysitter, waiter, grocery clerk, etc.).
    • "King Daniel for a Day" is about Daniel learning that being king is not simply about getting your way and bossing people around.
  • Running Gag: When the characters are baking something and the timer on the oven dings, saying "X is ding... I mean done."
  • Same Language Dub: In September 2022, a British dub of the show premiered on CBeebies. This dub also renames some characters, such as Trolley being called Trammie.
  • Screen Tap: In "Mad At the Beach," when Daniel and Elena splash each other at the beach, they also splash the screen.
  • Series Continuity Error:
    • One episode has Daniel Sr. getting a letter from his own father, Grandpere...but in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood it was established Grandpere is NOT his father, there was an entire arc dedicated to the fact that Daniel was an orphan, he did not have a father growing up and was jealous of his friends for having one! Grandpere isn't even his Grandfather cause there was another arc depicting how Daniel did not have a Grandfather either and wished for one. It was even the basis for an opera!note 
    • Also, on this show, Prince Tuesday is a teenager while Daniel Sr. is a full-grown adult. But in the 1979-2001 run of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Daniel Striped Tiger and Prince Tuesday were the same age and went to school together. In the earlier 70's episodes, Daniel was older than Tuesday, but not by that much.
    • Lady Elaine seems to be... much younger-looking, prettier and with a more feminine, far less gravely voice than she was before, along with a much lighter attitude. Getting married and having a daughter may explain her lightened attitude, no idea on her appearance shy of retconning. However, a previous Mister Rogers episode did establish that she was destined to live to be 250 years old, so perhaps she manages that by finding ways to become young again every so often?
    • And also King Friday XIII. On the original show he was pompus, self-centered, loved to give speeches so he could hear himself talk, and had that 'I am the king, what I say goes' attitude. In this version he's much more cheerful and considerate, the speeches are much shorter, he sounds more jolly, and in one episode he even danced out of a room while singing and doing 'jazz hands'! In the original show, that would be beneath him!
    • Most egregiously, Henrietta Pussycat was a uniformly colored dark grey cat in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. In this series, she's a really light shade of grey that is almost white, with slightly darker grey stripes.
  • Shout-Out:
    • When cooking soup for Mom Tiger in "Mom Tiger is Sick," Mr. Daniel Tiger adds "Just a little Mrs. Salt and some Mr. Pepper." While it was Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper on Blue's Clues, it's still very close, especially when consider that series creator Angela C. Santomero has a story credit on the episode.
    • Daniel Tiger's fantasy sequence in "Mom Tiger is Sick" in which he imagines himself as a superhero fighting germs features the same style and general appearance as Super Mario Bros..
    • In a tribute to Fred Rogers, "After the Storm" features a song that includes the phrase "Look for the helpers," which was a phrase that Mister Rogers became known for.
    • Another installment features the characters singing to each other "I like you / I like you / I like you just the way you are." Fred Rogers would end his program by telling viewers "You've made this day a special day by just your being you. There's no person in the whole world like you. And I like you just the way you are," inspired by his grandfather who once told him "Fred, you made this day a special day, just by being yourself. Always remember there's just one person in this whole world like you — and I like you just the way you are."
    • The book Let's Play Together! features activities and crafts for parents to do with their children or teachers to do with their students. One of these is called "Handprint Cards" and involves having the child cover their hand in paint and make their handprint on a sheet of folded paper. However, the illustration accompanying doesn't depict a handprint, it depicts a blue pawprint.
    • In the book Daniel's Bath Time, Daniel worries that he may go down the drain of his bath, only to be assured by Mom Tiger that this can't happen. This is a reference to the Mister Rogers song "You Can Never Go Down the Drain."
  • Show Within a Show: Tigey the Adventure Tiger. Daniel's plush toy, or "stuffy," Tigey, is apparently a merchandise plush toy version of the character. Tigey often features in Daniel's Imagine Spot sequences and both he and Jodi Platypus are fans of the Tigey the Adventure Tiger books.
  • Sick Episode:
    • "Daniel Gets a Cold / Mom Tiger is Sick". Both episodes focus on someone catching a cold.
    • Mom Tiger and Daniel also both get a cold in "Daniel's Neighbors Help."
  • Signing Off Catchphrase: Daniel likes to nuzzle your screen and say "ugga-mugga!" That was what his father would say when parting with Lady Aberlin.
  • Slice of Life: Imagination sequences? Check. Mundane daily conflicts? Check. Characters going about their daily life? Check. Yep, one of them shows.
  • Sneeze Interruption: In "Mom Tiger is Sick", one of the first signs something is amiss is when Mrs. Tiger sneezes several times while trying to say she still has a lot more to do.
  • Song of Many Emotions: "So Many Feelings" details happiness, sadness, disappointment, anger, and excitement and encourages the listener to think about someone else's feelings as well.
  • Soulful Plant Story: "Daniel's Strawberry Seeds" is about the kids coming to terms with some strawberry plants dying.
  • Soup Is Medicine:
    • When Daniel and Mrs Tiger are sick, they are fed vegetable soup. Also there's this line during the song of the day.
      Someone might help take care of you, they might tuck you in or make you soup
    • In a later episode "Daniel's Neighbours Help", Daniel and Mrs Tiger both get colds and are served "get-well-in-a-jiffy" chicken soup. However, Mr Tiger (who's completely healthy) also eats some.
    • The "Taking Care of You Makes Me Happy Too" song sequence also depicts a sick character getting soup.
  • Species Surname: Daniel and most of the other animal characters have last names related to their species.
  • Spin-Offspring: A variation: Most of the families are straight examples, but X the Owl becomes an uncle, and King Friday and Queen Sarah have another son.
  • Stealth Pun: Mom Tiger is only off-screen for about 10 minutes between leaving to give birth to Baby Margaret and Mr. McFeely showing up to announce the news to Daniel (and the audience) that the baby has arrived. McFeely naturally precedes the announcement with "Speedy Delivery!"
  • Sudden Musical Ending: Many of the segments end with an extended version of the featured strategy song once the main story is finished.
  • Surprise Party: Daniel and his friends / classmates work together to make one for Teacher Harriet's birthday in "Teacher Harriet's Birthday".
    If you can't do it alone, work together!
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Doctor Anna is possibly one for Ana Platypus. This one's a bit more vague and difficult to tell what the producers were aiming for, but the link is there in that Ana Platypus' dad, Bill, is a doctor. Although it is puzzling as with why they did not choose to portray a grown up Ana Platypus instead. An actual Platypus family moves into the neighborhood in The Daniel Tiger Movie: Won't You Be Our Neighbor?
  • Taking Up the Mantle: If the children featured in the live-action segments are out exploring their community, they'll usually wear a red sweater similar to the ones Mr. Rogers used to wear.
  • That Cloud Looks Like...: In "Jodi's Asthma," when Jodi is temporarily too winded to play tag due to her asthma, the kids sit down and play this for a while instead. Jodi sees a teddy bear, O sees a flower and Katerina sees a splat ball. Daniel then decides to take it one further by imagines he is riding a magic carpet through the clouds, and us along with him.
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: A main thrust of the program is to teach children how to handle their emotions, so this is heavily, heavily employed. Expect the characters to talk regularly about how they are feeling, the adults to praise them for doing so, and to encourage them to do so if they don't. There's even an episode called "Daniel Uses his Words / All Aboard!" which specifically deals with this; it also reveals that when Daniel doesn't use his words, he gets growly instead.
  • Theme Tune Roll Call: This isn't used in the normal theme song played on the television show, but the extended version featured in the program's music album releases has this.
    Prince Wednesday skips royally by / Miss Elena's waving hi / Won't you ride along with me? / Ride along / O the Owl's reading a book / Katerina's twirling, look! / Won't you ride along with me? / Ride along!
  • Three-Month-Old Newborn: Daniel's baby sister Margaret is introduced in the second season; she is essentially this, if not exaggerated. She is soon shown crawling, even doing a bit of walking, and wanting to play with her big brother.note 
    • According to this article, she's officially 14-months old once she's aged up from newborn.
  • Time Skip: The whole point of the show is to show the characters from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, now grown up, married, and with children of their own.
  • Title Drop: Towards the beginning of "Margaret's First Thank You Day," Daniel tells the viewers that "Today is extra-special because it's Margaret's first Thank You Day."
  • Title Theme Tune: Set partially to the tune of the original Mister Rogers' Neighborhood theme song. "Would you be mine? Could you be mine?"
  • Toilet Training Plot:
    • Downplayed in "Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty" and "Daniel Goes to the Potty". Prince Wednesday and Daniel are already potty-trained but they still learn the show's Aesop, which is "don't wait until your need to go to the bathroom becomes a Potty Emergency, or it might progress to Potty Failure."
    • Six years later, another pair of episodes played about how even if you don't need to go to the bathroom, you should try to go anyway.
  • Totally Radical:
    • As previously mentioned, Miss Elaina often refers to people as "toots." Her mother did this on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
    • Jodi has a fondness for outdated slang phrases like "Neato!", "Yippy skippy!" and "See you later, alligator!"
  • Unexpectedly Dark Episode: "Daniel's Fish Dies" is about a pet's death, where a blue goldfish dies and Daniel processes his emotions. The follow-up episode, "Daniel's Strawberry Seeds", is also about death but it's less dark as in that episode it was only some plants that died.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: In The Helpers in Your Neighborhood, based on a not-yet-aired episode, Daniel Tiger and Dad Tiger venture out of the Neighborhood of Make Believe to meet real human helpers, as well as human children. Somehow, none of them are at all disturbed or surprised by the presence of sentient tigers walking in their midst. Nor, for that matter, does anyone fawn over them because they recognize them as characters from a favorite television show.
  • Verbal Tic: Most of the kids inherited them from their parents and will say their animal sounds in the middle of their sentences or, in Prince Wednesday's case, roll his "R"s.
  • Very Special Episode: Like its' parent series, many episodes of the show tend to deal with topics of this nature.
    • "Daniel's New Friend" introduces a disabled girl named Chrissie who uses crutches to walk, and has Daniel learn to appreciate her differences.
    • "A Storm In The Neighborhood; After The Neighborhood Storm" focuses on emergency prepardness and safety.
    • "Daniel's Allergy; Allergies At School" focused on allergies.
    • "Daniel's Goldfish Dies; Daniel's Strawberry Seeds" focused on death and the life cycle. When it premiered, it aired alongside the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood episode where Fred's fish dies.
    • Although it doesn't mention it directly, the special Won't You Sing Along With Me? was produced in the wake of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic and addresses issues children are likely to be facing because of it, such as being upset about not being able to see friends or family.
    • "A New Friend At School; A New Friend At The Clock Factory" focuses on autism.
    • "Daniel Visits The Hospital" was promoted as one by the show's social media, as it dealt with the experience one might have when visting a hospital, a subject that very few children's shows discuss.
    • "Miss Elaina's Bandage/A Fair Place to Play" was promoted as an anti-racism/anti-ableism episode. Both of these episodes talk about making things fair for everyone. In "Miss Elaina's Bandage," Miss Elaina is sad when the "flesh-colored" bandages don't match the color of her skin, so she makes brown bandages. In "A Fair Place to Play," the kids create a ramp at the playground to accommodate Chrissie's disability.
  • Water Is Dry: In "Daniel's Nature Walk," Daniel, O and Uncle X go out for a nature walk. Although there's by no means a downpour, there's a continuous light rain, yet there's no sign of wetness at any time on them, on any of the plants or animals they see, nor on the book of O's which is briefly exposed to the rain before Uncle X tucks into a backpack which also stays dry.
  • Why Are We Whispering?: In "Daniel Learns About Lizards," Mom Tiger finds Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday observing a lizard and whispering and asks this. They explain that it's because they don't want to scare the lizard.
  • Won't Take "Yes" for an Answer: In "Allergies at School," Katerina is running a pretend "orange restaurant" in which every item on offer is orange. Prince Wednesday keeps playing around by asking for things that are green. Finally, he asks for a carrot only for Katerina to rage "We are an orange restaurant..." before realizing what he asked.
  • Would Hit a Girl: While Daniel never actually hits anyone, the characters he wanted to hit and had to stop himself/be stopped before hitting them in "It's Not OK to Hurt Someone" and "Circle Time Squabble" were coincidentally all female. In the latter, it was Miss Elaina, in the former it was his mother and Margaret.
  • You Mean "Xmas": Major holiday names are changed to generic counterparts for the show's many different holiday specials. Valentine's Day is called "Love Day", Halloween is called "Dress Up Day" and Thanksgiving is called "Thank You Day." There's also "Snowflake Day," but in addition to that, there's a Merry Christmas, Daniel Tiger! book release, so it seems with that one, they celebrate both Snowflake Day and Christmas.

"It's such a good feeling, a very good feeling
A feeling you know...
That I'll be back, when the day is new
And I'll have more ideas for you
And you'll have things you'll want to talk about...
I... will... too.
Because, it's you I like."


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