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Western Animation / Didou

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Didou (known as Louie in most other countries) is an French animated series, based on a series of books by Yves Got. It was produced by Millimages.

It stars a young rabbit named Didou (or Louie) who along with his best friend Yoko learn how to draw various things (such as animals, objects, and vehicles) while also using them to solve problems the characters are having.

The series premiered in 2006 on France 5 and had 117 shorts and 2 specials. It later aired on CBeebies with a English dub. In 2020, a new series staring Didou premiered called Didou, Construis-Moi! (or Louie & Yoko: Build! in English). Instead of drawing, Didou and Yoko build various things to help out their friends.

Didou provides examples of the following Tropes: