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It flips your lid when you have a kid!
"Welcome to Sesame Street and the world."
Big Bird to the newborn Gabi, Sesame Street

People have babies. If they didn't, there wouldn't be a me or a you. And sometimes, in a serialised work such as a TV show or a book series, you'll have an entire episode devoted to a newly-arrived bundle of joy. That's what the New Baby Episode is.

Most of the time, this new baby is being born, though they might also be being adopted. The episode might mostly focus on the pregnancy or adoption process and have the baby be born at the end, or it might start with the birth or adoption and spend the rest of the episode devoted to the baby.

Children's media will usually feature an older sibling, who will find the baby annoying or be jealous of them, yet will end up learning to accept the baby, usually with An Aesop about how the parents love both kids equally (if the sibling was jealous) or that the baby is just going through a phase (if the sibling found them annoying).

Comedies will usually play the baby as incredibly hard to look after— the baby might spit up a lot, go through a lot of diapers, require the parents to act goofy in order for it to sleep, keep the parents up all night, cry a lot, or a combination. In these situations, the baby might have a Bumbling Dad and/or a Maternally Challenged mom, and don't even get us started on when there's Too Many Babies.

Compare First Pet Story for a different kind of cute new arrival and Parents for a Day for when a character only becomes a pseudo-parent temporarily. Could result in Away in a Manger if it's during a Christmas Episode. Can be subverted with a Convenient Miscarriage, Tragic Stillbirth, Pregnancy Scare, or the woman being Mistaken for Pregnant. On the subjective side of things, it could lead to the show Jumping the Shark or Growing the Beard.

Important: It must be the sole focus of an episode or at least a subplot. Just people having babies on its own is People Sit on Chairs.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Dragon Ball Super:
    • Episode 17 has the birth of Pan as one of its subplots. Gohan and Mr. Satan play with Pan for a bit before Chi-chi comes in demanding them to raise her into being a gentle girl.
    • One of the big things keeping Vegeta from joining the tournament of power is that he doesn't want to be absent when Bulma gives birth to their second child. In episode 83, after hearing the reason, Whis provides a solution by using his powers to help Bulma give birth to the baby sooner, thus allowing Vegeta to join the team. Vegeta expresses interest in giving her a traditional Saiyan name of Eschalot only for Bulma to reveal that she already had the name Bulla registered for her.
  • Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable has the chapter where Shizuka Joestar is introduced. Josuke and Joseph, fresh from beating Akira Otoishi, try to have some semblance of a father-son relationship (not helped by Josuke's outright rejection of the senile Joseph) when they stumble across an invisible baby. The rest of the chapter is both of them dealing with her and her antics and even saving her from drowning. At the end of the chapter, Joseph adopts her.
  • Pretty Cure:
    • HeartCatch Pretty Cure!: In Episode 43, not long after finding out that her parents are expecting a second child, Tsubomi meets a little girl named Kasumi, who is angsting over how her parents are too busy with a new baby to spend time with her. Tsubomi's own baby sister, Futaba, was not seen until the final episode.
    • Smile PreCure!: Episode 42 (34th of Glitter Force) is this combined with a Babysitting Episode: Nao/April has to babysit her five younger siblings while her parents are at the hospital so her mother can deliver a new baby. At the end of the episode (after a major boss fight against Majorina/Brooha), the kids all go to the hospital together and meet their new baby sister, Yui/Nina.
    • Doki Doki! PreCure: In Episode 8 (Episode 6 of Glitter Force Doki Doki), the girls find an egg, which hatches into a baby fairy named Ai-chan/Dina. They all agree to take care of her, which proves rather difficult when Ai-chan starts crying and won't stop.

    Asian Animation 
  • Noonbory and the Super 7: PinkAru is born in the first episode of the second season, where she emerges from a flower and then starts to cause trouble for the other borys by picking a flower from a nearby garden and running away with it.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie: One early comic involves the birth of Jughead's sister Jellybean.
  • The Smurfs has "The Baby Smurf", which is an adaptation of The Smurfs cartoon show episode "Once Upon A Blue Moon" (see Western Animation below).

    Fan Works 
  • Boldores And Boomsticks: Chapter 13 has the team staying the night at a Pokémon hatchery, where a Ralts hatches from her egg to comfort a distraught Weiss, subsequently being awestruck at Weiss' skill and getting adopted as her sister and first Pokémon.
  • Bridge to Terabithia 2: The Last Time: Ellie Aarons, the eldest sister of Jess and Maybelle, reveals that she has been impregnated halfway through part 2 after a one-night stand with her boyfriend Justin, despite the precautions taken, but they decide to keep the baby anyways. For much of the remainder of the story, Ellie is shown progressively pregnant until the final chapter, when she gave birth to a girl. In the Distant Epilogue depicting a 13-year-later Time Skip after the finale, Ellie's 13-year-old daughter is one of the bridesmaids for Maybelle's wedding.
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf has "The Birth Of Psycheliana" as this kind of episode, as it treks through Smurfette's pregnancy with Empath's child to the birth. Similar works in the Hero: The Guardian Smurf series include "The Smurfiest Arrival" (birth of Hero's first child Saviour) and "A True Miracle" (birth of Hero's second child Miracle).
  • Family Guy Fanon: Season 10's "Peter Runs a Marathon" is focused on Carol giving birth to her and Adam West's new baby daughter, Robin West... which Peter misses because he was too busy watching a Star Trek: The Original Series marathon and becomes about Peter being forced to babysit Robin with Robin liking Peter more than Adam and Carol.
  • Outsiders (xTRESTWHOx): Season 2, Episode 1.2 centers around a checkup for Ōdachi, Saito's newly hatched Skarmory, and introducing her to the rest of the other Pokémon.
  • Prerugrats, being a prequel to Rugrats (1991), has several chapters focusing on the births of the kids:
    • In "The Birth of Angelica", Angelica is born.
    • In "The Birth of Chuckie", Chuckie is born.
    • In "The Birth of Phil and Lil", the twins are born.
    • In "The Birth of Blueberry", Tommy is born.
  • The Second Try actually devotes two chapters to this regarding Shinji and Asuka's daughter Aki, one (titled "bear") covering the pregnancy til birth and the other (titled "raise") dealing with their infancy and early childhood.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Flintstones Made-for-TV Movie, Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby is centered around the Flintstones and Rubbles visiting their children Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm when the latter announces Pebbles' pregnancy. The movie ends with Pebbles giving birth to twins, making Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty grandparents.
  • Franklin: In the Franklin and the Green Knight movie, Franklin learns that his mother is pregnant and that he'll have a new baby sister when spring arrives. However, winter is lasting longer than usual, so Franklin decides to become a knight to seek spring (while also worrying about not getting enough attention). At the end, his baby sister Harriet is born.
  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: A recurring theme in this movie is that Ellie is pregnant and may go into labour at any time. At the end of the movie, a baby named Peaches is born.
  • In-Universe in Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling. The new episode of The Fatheads made by Rachel Bighead centers around the arrival of a new baby Fathead in the titular family. Rocko is at first upset by the arrival, claiming it changes the show too much, but Mr. Bighead realizes it to be a gesture of Rachel forgiving her family and is touched by the episode.
  • In The Rugrats Movie, Didi gives birth to a boy named Dil, who she was pregnant with in the episode "The Family Tree". The other babies find Dil annoying and try to send him back to the hospital, but end up lost in the woods.
  • Shrek the Third has a subplot about Shrek finding out that Fiona is pregnant and worrying about being a dad. At the end, the triplets Fergus, Farkle, and Felicia are born.

  • Ascendance of a Bookworm: The tail end of the second major arc involves two of them. First, Myne gets a baby brother named Kamil. This allows Myne, who is a Reincarnate in Another World from modern-day Japan whose Past-Life Memories emerged when she was five years old, to learn of the traditions surrounding childbirth in her neighborhood. Second, the orphanage that Myne is managing gets its first Doorstop Baby. Difficulties arise from the fact that before Myne took over, decisions made about the orphanage resulted in it losing all the personnel who knew how to care for very young children.
  • Bad Kitty Meets the Baby is about Kitty's owner bringing home a new baby. Kitty initially hates the baby because she thinks it's a dog, but when her cat friends come over, they believe the baby is another cat and put her through the "Kitty Olympics." The baby turns out to be better at acting like a cat than the cats. At the end of the book, Kitty's owner reveals that the baby is adopted just like Kitty, which leads Kitty to understand that she and the baby aren't that different and become protective of her.
  • A Baby Sister For Herry is a book based on Sesame Street. When Herry's baby sister, Flossie is born, Herry becomes jealous of the attention she receives from his friends and relatives. Herry also dislikes when his parents have to remind him to be considerate of her, such as not playing with his toy fire engine outside her bedroom so she can sleep. Herry later decides to act like a baby so his parents will give him some attention, and when his mom finds out, she shows him pictures of what he looked like when he was a baby. This makes Herry realize that he used to be like Flossie, so he changes his attitude and helps take care of her.
  • The Berenstain Bears:
    • "The Birds, the Bees, and the Berenstain Bears" focuses on Sister learning that Mama Bear is pregnant, and how that stuff works, and ends with Honey Bear being born.
    • "Baby Makes Five" focuses on Sister Bear learning to accept the newborn Honey, despite her stealing the attention and making dirty diapers.
    • In "New Baby", Brother (then named Small Bear) outgrows his old bed Papa made for him when he was a baby, so the two go into the woods to collect wood to make a new, bigger bed. As Brother wonders what will happen to his old bed, Mama is revealed to be pregnant, and Papa tells him about this. When Brother and Papa return, they find Brother's old bed is gone and has been handed down to Sister, his newborn sister.
  • The Busy World of Richard Scarry has the episode "Little Fixit," in which Mrs. Fixit prepares to give birth to the titular baby, so Mr. Fixit fixes up a baby room while Huckle and Sally learn about pregnancy.
  • The book series that Caillou was based on has a book called "Caillou: Baby Sister". In the book, Rosie is born, and Caillou reverts to infantilism when he becomes jealous of Rosie, doing such things as drinking from a baby bottle and wetting the bed (as well as his pants). Also, what he does to Rosie in the book is even worse than what he does to her in the bowdlerized episode based on the book; he bites Rosie.
  • Franklin:
    • In "Franklin's Baby Sister", Franklin's mother gets pregnant and is due to give birth in spring. Franklin is excited, but he gets dismayed that he has to wait until winter is over. His baby sister Harriet is born at the end, and he's happy to see her.
    • In "Franklin and the Baby", Bear's mom is pregnant. Bear is initially excited until his baby sister Beatrice is born and he doesn't get as much attention as he used to. His mother tells him that his parents still love him and since Beatrice is still little, she needs to be looked after.
  • The FUDGE book "Superfudge" focuses on Peter and Fudge's mother having a third baby, a daughter named Tamara "Tootsie" Roxanne. Peter initially dislikes Tootsie, due in part to her being another sibling with a candy-related nickname, but eventually warms up to her. Fudge is also initially upset that he's no longer the youngest, though he gets better too.
  • The story Julius, the Baby of the World focuses on Lily the mouse getting a baby brother named Julius and grows extremely jealous over all the attention he's getting, to the point she calls him "disgusting" and wants him to leave. But when her cousin Garland begins insulting Julius the same way she did, the tables turn and Lily forces Garland to love Julius, and from that point on she becomes protective over Julius and accepts him.
  • Junie B. Jones: In "Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business", Junie B.'s parents reveal that they're going to have another baby. When he's born, Junie B.'s grandmother says that he is "the cutest little monkey {she} ever saw", and Junie B. thinks her brother is actually a monkey. She starts telling her classmates the same thing. Junie B. is quite disappointed when she finds out it was just a figure of speech, but she feels better when she sees her baby brother for the first time.
  • Little Princess: In "I Want a Sister", the Princess learns that the Queen is pregnant. She wants a sister, because she thinks brothers are smelly, but when she gets a brother, she thinks he's a cute baby.
  • Downplayed for the Ramona Quimby book "Ramona Forever". A subplot is that Mrs. Quimby is pregnant, and the baby, whose name ends up being Roberta, is born in the final chapter.
  • Roys Bedoys: In "Meet the Baby, Roys Bedoys", Mrs. Bedoys gives birth to Roys and Loys's sister Joys. Roys finds her annoying, but Loys is glad that he's no longer the baby of the family.
  • The Simon The Rabbit series has "Stupid Baby", in which Simon gets a brother. Initially, Simon thinks the baby is stupid (though not due to jealousy; it's because the baby can't do much), but he learns to like him, especially when his first words turn out to be "poo bum", which were also Simon's.
  • You're a Big Brother, Charlie Brown! is a book based on Peanuts, set when Sally was a baby. When Sally is born, Charlie Brown becomes so excited, he runs out of his house saying that he's a father before correcting himself, and Snoopy likes Sally because he is glad to have someone who can walk on four feet just like him. When Charlie Brown talks to Lucy about his new baby sister, Lucy tries to convince him that his parents will dote more on Sally than on him. Charlie Brown does get upset with Sally when she messes up his favorite puzzle and when he has to push her around the neighborhood in her stroller, causing him to miss a baseball game with his friends, but he does realize that she's a baby and she can't help those things, so he doesn't stay mad at her for long, and is happy to have her as a little sister.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel: the Season 3 episodes "Offspring", "Quickening", "Lullaby" and "Dad" deal with the return of Angel's ex Darla, revealing herself to be pregnant with his child. This creates no end of fallout, as the parents are vampires and not supposed to reproduce; Darla being unable to give birth is only the first problem they encounter as every supernatural organisation tries to get their hands on the "miracle child", from a vampire cult to the series Big Bad, law firm Wolfram and Hart.
  • Bewitched: In one episode, Samantha, who had been pregnant for a few episodes, has her baby, and it's a girl. Endora insists on naming the baby Tabitha (which does end up being her name) and Serena is mistaken for an adult Tabitha by Darren.
  • Bones has three birth subplots:
    • "The Change in the Game"-Angela goes into labor and tries to continue helping with the current case while she is giving birth.
    • "The Prisoner in the Pipe"-Brennan helps Booth investigate a murder with a connection inside a prison and goes into labor. She can't get to the hospital and Christine is born in a shed by a hotel as part of a pseudo-Away in a Manger plot
    • "The Puzzler in the Pit"-Daisy gives birth to Sweets's son after his death.
  • The Brittas Empire:
    • The episode "New Generations" features Carole and a pregnant cow ingesting herbs (meant to induce pregnancy in overdue mothers) and going into labour as a result. Hilarity Ensues when a mix-up leads to Carole being tended to by the vet and the cow by a doctor. For bonus points, the episode ends with the reveal that Helen's pregnant with twins as well.
    • "The Stuff of Dreams" has Helen give birth to twins in the middle of the high street whilst being tended to by passing medical students in the latter half of the episode.
    • Later on, "The Elephant's Child" has Julie give birth to a child in the leisure centre during a break-in orchestrated by Helen to steal her own fur-coat. She winds up naming the child after Gordon and Colin (who were present at the birth).
  • Charmed (1998):
    • The episode "Baby's First Demon" is an episode where demons attempt to kidnap Piper's newborn baby boy. The response is fairy predictable, no prisoners taken.
    • The Season 7 premier "A Call to Arms" is quite similar, once again, with demons kidnapping Piper's newborn baby boy.
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show: The episode "Where Did I Come From?" features Richie asking his parents about his birth, and in flashback tells about Rob's paranoia leading up to the delivery and how it all worked out.
  • Friends:
    • "The One With the Birth" has Ross' ex-wife Carol going into labour. Ensuing hijinks include Monica getting broody, Rachel trying to pick up a cute doctor, Joey bonding with a tough pregnant woman, and Ross, Susan, and Phoebe getting trapped in a janitor's closet.
    • In "The One Hundredth", Phoebe goes into labour with her brother's triplets.
      Rachel: I'm so gonna miss watching you freak people out like that!
    • "The One Where Rachel Has a Baby Parts I & II" sees Rachel finally having baby Emma. It's a long, intensive labour, with plenty of time for drama including accidental proposals, the return of Janice and, best of all, Monica's father walking in on her and Chandler having sex... and then getting way too involved when they tell him they're trying to conceive.
    • In "The Last One", Erica goes into labour with the baby Chandler and Monica are set to adopt... only for the baby to turn out to be twins, a boy and a girl.
  • The Golden Girls: "Blanche Delivers" is about Blanche's pregnant daughter Rebecca coming to Miami to have her baby. Blanche spends much of the episode uneasy because Rebecca doesn't have a husband to support her, and disagrees with Rebecca's decision to deliver her baby at a birthing center. Rebecca changes her mind when she visits the birthing center and hears the painful screams of the women in labor, and she has her baby girl, Aurora, in a hospital room, with Blanche by her side.
  • Good Luck Charlie
    • In "Charlie is 1", on Charlie's first birthday, the Duncan Family reminisce about the day Charlie was born, and the difficulties the family had with attending Charlie's birth at the hospital, including Bob and PJ's near-miss with a bear in the woods.
    • Midway through the show's third season is a two-part episode called "Special Delivery", where Amy is pregnant with Toby, the Duncans' fifth child. The first part focuses on Teddy trying to help Amy induce labor, as Toby is seven days past due. Meanwhile, Bob has to get a newer and bigger car that all five of his children can fit in. In the second part, Amy tries to keep herself from giving birth to Toby after she has a nightmare where the Duncan family neglects Charlie on her third birthday in favor of Toby. Thanks to the Duncans' new car crashing through the wall of the garage, Amy goes into labor and Toby is born on Charlie's third birthday.
  • The House episode "Big Baby" involves Cuddy trying to take leave to care for her newly adopted baby, only to find that parenting is harder than she expected and that House is pretty much out of control without her around. Cue Cuddy on the phone trying to give House orders while also trying to calm a screaming infant.
  • How I Met Your Mother: After a long arc about her pregnancy, "The Magician's Code - Part One" has Lily in labor while her husband Marshall rushes to get to the hospital from his Atlantic City trip with Barney. The baby is born at the end of the episode, named Marvin Wait-For-It Eriksen.
  • I Love Lucy: The episode "Lucy Goes to the Hospital" features Lucy Ricardo giving birth to her and her husband Ricky's son, Little Ricky. The episode explores Ricky's paranoia about the birth, as well as his misadventures in a voodoo witch doctor costume.
  • JAG: JAGS 04 E 23 Yeah Baby Ensign Sims (Karri Turner) gives birth to A. J. Roberts.
  • Jane the Virgin: The titular character finally gives birth in the first season finale "Chapter Twenty-Two". This quickly takes a dramatic turn as the baby is promptly kidnapped by the villain.
  • In the Season 15 finale of Law & Order: SVU, Olivia Benson becomes the foster mother to a baby boy with the intention of adopting. This forms the basis of two separate subplots in the following season: one involving Benson trying to balance her career with being a single parent to a medically frail child, and one involving the baby's paternity.
  • Malcolm in the Middle has two instances of this happening:
    • In the episode "Flashback", Lois has a Pregnancy Scare and there are a series of flashbacks that details how the boys were born:
      • Francis: Lois goes into labor during the wedding, and refuses to leave because she doesn't want the baby to be born out of wedlock, and after Hal missplaces him for a few seconds, Lois promises to never leave Francis' side, and in the present Lois tells a teen-aged Francis (who's visiting from Military School) to go away.
      • Reese: When Hal asks his boss for a reduction of hours to help Lois at home, he gets a demotion and a pay cut (this likely is what kicked started their current financial problems), and his desk is moved right next to men's room. Lois induces labor because the fetus won't stop kicking her, and the first thing baby Reese does when he's born is punch the doctor on the nose.
      • Malcolm: Hal and Lois move their growing family from their condominium to their current house, and they get into an argument because Hal's technique of trying to imprint knowledge on baby Reese was going nowhere, though it's implied this is how Malcolm became smart. When Hal storms out of the house, Lois goes into labor, and she tries to drive herself to the hospital, but Francis, now around four/five years old playfully locks her out of the car, and Malcolm is born on the front lawn.
      • Dewey: A chaotic night that includes six-year-old Reese running around and screaming, Francis, around 9/10 years old, being brought home by a cop who caught him taking a street-sweeper on a joy ride, and Lois blaming Hal for telling the boys stories of similar escapades when he was younger. When four-year-old Malcolm unleashes a cloud of chlorine gas, they evacuate to the backyard where the boys wrestle in the mud while it rains, while Lois goes into labor. Lois and Hal then remind themselves of how much they love each other and that everything will be alright. Cut to the present where Lois finds out she isn't pregnant and they break up the boys who are wrestling in the living room.
    • Jaime: In "Baby: Part One" when Ida suddenly announces she's moving in, Lois, Pyama, and Francis come up with a scheme to get her to leave, by tricking Ida into thinking all their next-door neighbors are black. Just as Lois goes into Labor, Ida decides to stay, while Hal, Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey are detained at the convention center. In "Part Two," while Lois forces Francis to help her give birth because the paramedics got lost on the way, Hal is taken to the hospital, and while there the rest of the boys take parenting lessons so they will be good older brothers.
  • Modern Family: "A Year of Birthdays" focuses on the birth of Haley's twins while the family reflects on how they celebrated their birthdays over the last year.
  • In an episode of Mork & Mindy, Mork lays an egg, which hatches into a baby that looks like an old man. They name him Mearth, based on their own first initial and "Earth", and Mindy has trouble getting used to him, especially when he learns to talk and calls her "Shoe" or "Daddy" instead of "Mommy".
  • Once Upon a Time: There are episodes devoted to when Mary Margaret, Zelena, and Belle all have babies. There's also an episode devoted around when Snow White gives birth to Emma, as well as when Emma gives birth to Henry.
  • Red Dwarf: The episode "Dad" was intended to be an example of this. It would have revolved around Lister giving birth to a child (conceived in the Parallel Universe)and dealing with fatherhood before ultimately having to send it back to its conceived dimension. The episode was ultimately scrapped as the creators thought the jokes were too sexist and the plot was briefly summarised in the opening crawl for "Backwards".
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Downplayed for "The Begotten", which has a subplot about Kira, who was carrying the O'Briens' baby after an accident required him to be in her womb instead of Keiko's, finally giving birth.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • "Disaster" has a subplot about Worf having to deliver Molly O'Brien.
    • In "The Child", Deanna Troi has a weird, alien baby who grows into a schoolboy in only a few days. Unfortunately, he has to sacrifice himself to save the ship.
  • Star Trek: Voyager:
    • In one episode, Samantha Wildman has a baby named Naomi. Then, due to an anomaly, there is an extra Voyager crew, and one of the Naomis ends up dying, as does one of the Harry Kims. To get rid of the extra crew and save the day, the Harry and Naomi from one ship have to jump onto the ship where they're dead.
    • A Season Two episode is kicked off with the plot of Seska giving birth and claiming that the baby is Chakotay's, whose DNA she stole and tried to impregnate herself with. A recurring theme in the episode is Chakotay trying to wonder if he should accept the baby as his son. It's actually the naturally-conceived son of Seska and fellow villain Culluh, though.
  • Step by Step: The fourth season finale was this, with the birth of new baby Lily (who was a walking, talking toddler by the start of Season 5).
  • The Thundermans: The second season finale is called "A Hero is Born" because Barb gets pregnant with the family's fifth child. Thanks to superhero Express Delivery, Chloe is born on the same day, inducing two plots with her older sisters. Phoebe finds herself having to take care of a newborn while trying to keep up The Masquerade around Cherry, while Nora copes with not being the baby of the family anymore.
  • The Young Sheldon episode "A Launch Party And A Whole Human Being" is about the birth of Georgie and Mandy's baby, named Constance.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Bear in the Big Blue House: In "When Harry Met Hallie", Harry is about to get a new baby sister named Hallie, and he is worried that Hallie will get all his mother's attention. Near the end of the episode, Harry's Mom assures him that she will love him just as much as she always did.
  • Sesame Street:
    • In one episode, Maria, who had been pregnant by Luis for a while now, goes into labour and eventually gives birth to Gabriella.
    • In a two-part episode, Curly Bear is born. The first part focuses on Mama Bear's pregnancy and labour, and the second part focuses on Baby Bear acclimating to Curly Bear's presence.
    • In the song "We've Got a Brand New Baby", a girl named Freda (who, coincidentally, has the same puppet as Ingrid) gains a new brother and sings about how she finds him annoying, with his crying and inability to do much.
    • The Direct to Video release "A New Baby in My House" has an in-universe example: Snuffy is mad at Alice for breaking his toy tiger, so their mother reads them a story about a boy who was also mad at his younger sister. In this case, it was a little prince named Firstly who was frustrated with the newborn princess Azalea for taking up attention.
    • One two-part episode focuses on Gina adopting a ten-month-old boy named Marco.
    • In one episode, Luis looks after the egg of a Honker couple. When the egg hatches, the newly-hatched Honker baby starts calling Luis, "Daddy". When the baby's parents arrive, Luis points out that the male Honker looks a lot more like the baby than Luis does, which convinces it that the Honker is his real daddy.
    • In Episode 3307, Slimey's mom, Eartha, is pregnant, and Oscar, Maria, and Luis have to get her to the worm hospital so she can have her baby, as Slimey's father, Dusty's flight back to Sesame Street gets delayed. Because Oscar's car, the Sloppy Jalopy won't start up, Eartha ends up giving birth to her new baby in it. The new baby is a girl, and Oscar names her Sloppy.
  • The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss: In the second Seuss Story in "Lester Leaps In", Sarah Hall-Small gets a new baby brother, Paul. At first, Sarah doesn't get along with Paul; she dislikes how much attention their parents give him and how little they give her as a result. She also dislikes whenever her parents have to remind her to be considerate of him, such as not playing her big bass thumper bumper too loud when he's trying to sleep. After Sarah tries to act like a baby herself so her parents will pay attention to her, her parents tell her that they'll always love both her and Paul equally. Upon hearing this, Sarah changes her attitude about Paul and promises him that she'll be the best big sister ever.

    Video Games 
  • Bomb Corp from The Jackbox Party Pack 2 has Day 15, where Meegan is about to give birth to an alien baby, while you try to make her feel comfortable by massaging her tentacles, administering space medication and delivering her new baby which she names Trevor, all under a time limit. Be careful, make one mistake and she'll explode.

    Visual Novels 
  • Daughter for Dessert begins with Amanda’s birth, and Lainie’s death in giving it. Subsequently, Amanda’s upbringing in the diner is briefly explained.
  • In Melody, the title character's pregnancy and the birth of her baby (in the leadup to the Family Ending). It grows her family but damages her music career.

    Web Animation 
  • Dragon ShortZ: The episode "Midwife Crisis" is all about Chi-chi giving birth to Goten, with the rest of the cast giving reactions to the process.
  • GoAnimate has "X calls the baby stupid" videos. Most of these videos have a plot focusing on the birth of a baby, before the troublemaker calls the baby stupid, and gets grounded.

  • Boy and Dog: There is one arc dedicated to Zane's birth. It starts with Rowan's mother going into labour and him and Murphy having to stay with Rowan's grandparents. Soon after, they go home and there is a newborn brother who thinks he's a taco. Rowan and Murphy then explain to him that he's a baby, not a taco, and his name is Zane.

    Western Animation 
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: "The Rival" is a Whole Episode Flashback about Anais being born. However, baby Anais is hellbent on killing Gumball and Darwin so that she can get her parents' attention all the time.
  • Angelina Ballerina:
    • In "Angelina's Surprise", the Pinkpaws twins get a new baby and so their classmates all give them attention. Angelina becomes jealous of said attention and lies that her mother is pregnant.
    • In "Angelina's Baby Sister", Angelina's mother does have a baby, a girl named Polly, causing Angelina to become jealous of the attention Polly gets. It culminates in her snapping and throwing objects in her room in a rage. Her parents come upstairs and her mother reassures her that she'll never be replaced.
  • Arthur:
    • In "Arthur's Baby", Arthur recalls the time when Mrs. Read was pregnant with Kate. He was worried that she'd be another Bratty Half-Pint like D.W., or that her dirty diapers would stink the room out, and when Kate is born, he's worried she doesn't like him. Eventually, he realises that she does like him.
    • "D.W.'s Baby" also focuses on Kate's birth, but from D.W.'s point of view. Unlike Arthur, she was looking forward to Kate's birth, but once Kate is born, D.W. feels jealous of her, and at one point she tries to run away. Thankfully, Grandma Thora convinces her not to.
    • In "Big Brother Binky", the Barnses adopt a baby named Mei-Lin from China, and Binky learns how to be a brother.
  • Blue's Clues:
    • The season one finale "Blue's News" has Steve play a scavenger hunt variant of Blue's Clues to figure out some "big news." The clues are Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and a bottle. The big news turns out to be Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's new baby Paprika, who the cast meets at the end of the episode (which was foreshadowed earlier when Steve encounters Mr. Salt muttering to himself about spices). Paprika would become a recurring character for the rest of the series, growing up and becoming a big sister of her own.
    • The later episode "The Baby's Here" focuses on the birth of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's son Cinnamon, Paprika's brother, and how a lot of things will be changing, including the family's schedules and Cinnamon's diapers.
  • Blue's Clues & You!: "Big News With Blue" has Josh play Blue's Clues to figure out the big news about Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. The clues are Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and a bottle. The news is that the shaker family has new twin babies, Sage and Ginger. This premise is very similar to the episode of the original series about Paprika's birth, right down to having the same clues.
  • Bobby's World: "Baby Brother Blues" is about Bobby's new twin baby brothers being born, and Bobby being upset that he's not getting attention because of them.
  • Bojack Horseman:
    • Princess Carolyn's subplot in "Ancient History" has her rush to adopt somebody's new baby from the hospital, but after she gives a speech about how her love for the child gives her the power to thrive as a single mom, the biological mother decides to raise the child after all, and Princess Carolyn walks home empty-handed.
    • In the Season 6 episode "The New Client", Princess Carolyn struggles to balance her work life with her newly-adopted baby. PC's Workaholic tendencies don't immediately go away once there's a new baby in her life, and as such she's overwhelmed enough to not even name the child for weeks after the adoption. After some very confusing days at work, and a pep talk from a colleague, however, she's able to turn things around, through the rest of the season is equally dedicated to her daughter (who she names Ruthie at the episode's end) as she is her job.
  • The Caillou episode "Big Brother Caillou" tells the story of Caillou's baby sister Rosie being born, and the following envy felt by Caillou when everyone pays more attention to the baby than him. The episode was infamously pulled from rotation due to Caillou pinching Rosie in his anger at one point.
  • The Chip and Potato episode "Chip's Baby Sister" revolves around the birth of Chip's baby sister.
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: "The Baby is Here" is a half-hour musical episode about the birth of Daniel's baby sister, Margaret.
  • Doc McStuffins: In "Bringing Home Baby", the McStuffins family adopts and brings home Maya the babynote . Lala the stuffed koala tries her best to make her feel welcome.
  • Dora the Explorer had "Big Sister Dora" for its fourth season, in which Dora's Mami is having a baby and she and Boots had to hurry home in time for the baby shower at her house. Once there, Dora finds out Mami had twins — a baby boy and a baby girl.
  • Esme & Roy: In "Big Brother Snugs", Snugs gets a new baby brother named Fuzzy. He's worried he won't be a good big brother, so Esme and Roy help train him.
  • F is for Family: The subplot for the Season 4 finale sees Sue go into labor while Frank, Pogo, Red, and the others are out of town. Frank manages to make it just in time for the birth of their fourth child.
  • The Fairly OddParents movie Fairly OddBaby is about Timmy wishing Cosmo and Wanda would have a child, and the chaos that ensues as a result of a new fairy baby being born- the first in thousands of years. From this special onward, baby Poof would be part of the main cast.
  • Family Guy: "Ocean's Three and a Half" has Bonnie finally give birth to a baby girl, Susie, after being pregnant for over a hundred episodes (and about ten years). However, Joe can't pay the medical bills and spends the episode scheming alongside Peter to make up his debts, including an attempt to rob Carter. Meanwhile, Stewie falls in love with baby Susie.
  • The Flintstones: "The Blessed Event" from the third season is devoted to the Flintstones and the Rubbles preparing for the birth of Fred and Wilma's child. By the end of the episode, Pebbles is born.
  • Handy Manny: In "Big Sister", Manny and the tools are asked to build a crib for the arrival of the Alvarez family's new baby, while helping Susana overcome her fears her parents will no longer care for her once the baby arrives.
  • The Loud House: Subverted in "Baby Steps", where Clyde thinks his dads are adopting a baby and gets advice from Lincoln, but they're actually adopting another cat instead.
  • In an episode of Martha Speaks, we learn how Jake was born. Mariella went into labor early on a snowy slope and they had to slide down the mountain to get to the hospital. Martha tried to help as best she could, but as she couldn't speak then, her ability to communicate was limited.
  • Milly, Molly: The animated series had "Sweat Pea", in which the cops have a baby girl, but don't know what to name her. Milly and Molly babysit for them and end up naming her Daisy Rose.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
    • In "Baby Cakes", Mr. and Mrs. Cake have twins, named Pound (colt) and Pumpkin (filly). Pinkie Pie tries to babysit them, but finds them a handful with their powers, chewing on things, diapers, etc. It turns out to be worth it in the end, though, when they say their first words: her name.
    • In "The Crystalling", Shining Armor and Princess Cadance have their baby, but she's an Alicorn and has uncontrollable powers that eventually break an artifact that's needed to prevent blizzards.
  • The Peppa Pig episode "Mummy Rabbit's Bump" has the Pig family visit the Rabbit family and find out that Mrs. Rabbit is nine months pregnant. She then goes into labour and has twins named Rosie and Robby.
  • Pingu: "The New Arrival"note  is about Pingu's baby sister Pinga hatching from her egg while Pingu tries to see what's going on.
  • Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon": Subverted in "Stimpy's Pregnant". Stimpy is assumed to be pregnant, and at the very end, he appears to give birth, but he is revealed to have actually been constipated the entire time. The turd-baby is still sentient, though, and Ren and Stimpy name him Little Ricky.
  • Rugrats
    • Subverted in the 1991 series episode "Angelica's Worst Nightmare". Angelica discovers her parents are expecting another baby, and true to form, she becomes very jealous and eventually frightened by the aspect, especially after a nightmare where her baby brother hates her to the point of trying to eat her. Turns out, Charlotte wasn't actually pregnant, but whether it was just a false positive or a miscarriage is left to the viewer's imagination.
    • The second season of the 2021 series has an entire story arc leading up to the birth of Dil. Didi becomes pregnant in "Tot Springs Showdown", in "Little Daddy", Chuckie believes he's pregnant after eating a grilled cheese sandwich and suffering the same symptoms as Didi, so his friends help him practice becoming a good father (it later turns out he was constipated), Tommy believes that Clover, Celeste's pet goat is his new baby sister in "The Kid", in "Bottles Away", Tommy decides to give his bottle to his new younger sibling after much reluctance, in "Extra Pickles", Angelica tries to convince Tommy that his parents will love his new younger sibling more than him so she can get the presents he's getting at the baby shower for herself, and Dil is born at the end of "Gramping".
  • The Simpsons:
    • "I Married Marge" focuses on Homer and Marge telling the story of how they got married because she was pregnant with Bart, their tribulations of Homer being unemployed after quitting his minimum wage job. The memory ends with Homer being hired at the power plant, and Bart being born right after.
    • "Lisa's First Word" centers on how Homer and Marge bought the house they live in now, Bart's initial jealousy of baby Lisa, and how saying her first word "Bart" made them bond.
    • "And Maggie Makes Three" has Homer explain why there are no pictures of Maggie in the family's photo album. Homer says that once his debts were paid off, he quit his well-paying job at the plant, and worked his dream job as a pin monkey, but when he found out Marge was pregnant again, he went and begged Mr. Burns to hire him again. Homer was at first miserable that he has to once again work at a job he hates, but at the very end, we find out that he posted Maggie's photos in his office to remind himself why he's working at the plant.
    • The episode "Eight Misbehavin'" has supporting character Apu decide he wants to start a family, but his wife Manjula ends up giving birth to octoplets due to fertility drugs.
  • The subplot of the South Park episode "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" has Kenny's mom become pregnant. Kenny spends the episode trying and failing to force an abortion on her because he's scared of what the baby will do to him. At the end of the episode, Kenny's mom has her baby and names it after Kenny, who had died earlier in the episode. However, this is a subversion as it's implied this is not a new baby, just Kenny reincarnating, so it does not change the status quo (though Kenny would later get a little sister through retcon).
  • The Smurfs (1981): "Once Upon A Blue Moon" sees the introduction of the real Baby Smurf as part of the cast of characters among the Smurfs, as he is delivered by stork upon a blue moon. Most of the Smurfs get used to the fact that they are now caretakers of a baby Smurf, including Grouchy of all Smurfs.


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