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"Come on! Toilets are ALWAYS funny!"
The Octopus, The Spirit (After using one as an Improvised Weapon against the hero)

Simply put, toilet humour comprises jokes about urine, feces (human or otherwise), bums, fannies, willies, other naughty bits, fluids, farts and the immolation of them, boogers, bodily functions, and various other yucky stuff. It is very popular with young children, but as they grow up, they tend to find greater amusement in more witty jokes (at least, most of them do), and toilet humour is generally regarded with great dislike from the eyes of the mature audience. On the other hand, when toilet humour is mixed with Slapstick, the result is generally viewed as humourous. People falling into manure is good for a laugh across all age groups.

Toilet humour is related to Vulgar Humor. You could say it is the "cleaner counterpart".

Toilet humour is common on grossout shows and shows with large amounts of Black Comedy, but is not restricted to them. In a show which rarely relies on toilet humour, such instances tend to be lampshaded ("Oh, just what this episode needs - a fart joke"). Often toilet humour is used as filler, which results in a Bottom of the Barrel Joke.


Almost guaranteed in anything with babies in it.

Before anyone tells you humor was cleaner back in the old days, this trope is Older Than Dirt. A Sumerian proverb, dating to 1900 BCE goes "Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap."

I Ate WHAT?! is the trope when eating is involved. Characters that are Gassholes and most instances of Fartillery are also usually meant for comedic purposes. Compare Tinkle in the Eye, Nose Nuggets, Road Apples, and Urine Trouble. Can be played very lightly via Calling Your Bathroom Breaks. Humor that involves an actual toilet is often involved in a Potty Emergency (but this Trope often applies there too).



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  • Apparently, this commercial for baby diapers is a real Australian ad. Let's just say that the mother will be cleaning out her car for a while, and hope we never learn what a number four is...
  • There are a couple of somewhat popular ads that got uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing sites countless times. For example:
  • A campaign against secondhand smoke used the phrase "passing gas" instead of smoking in reference to the gases expelled from smoking cigarettes. The ads usually involved one character mentioning he or she needed to pass gas and the others would tell them to go to another room or do it outside as a narrator explained the dangers of "passing gas" in the presence of others.
  • The "Bleachable Moments" ad campaign for Clorox had a few instances of this. In one ad, a little boy proudly informs his mother that he used the potty. The mother goes to the bathroom, looks at the training toilet, and with a confused expression says, "Where is it?" Then her gaze drifts over to a nearby vase...
  • One ad that tells people to get checked for kidney disease features a song called "Everybody Pees", which is about people peeing in all sorts of crazy ways and stating that everybody pees.

    Anime and Manga 
  • Levi from Attack on Titan is prone to this kind of snark. When Erwin is late for a meeting, Levi suggests it's because he's stuck in the bathroom due to constipation.
    • Better because it's Levi, of all people, and he phrases it:
    Levi: Maybe he's taking a shit and the shit won't come out.
  • In Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan when you take off the angels' halo they'll get magical diarrhea.
  • Makes up a good deal of the humor in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. In particular, it's the specialty of Gasser and anyone talking about Softon (whose head is shaped like... ahem, chocolate soft-serve custard... yeah).
  • Burutabu-chan: Yes. (NSFW)
  • City Hunter does this rather often, with one instance even leading to a Lampshade Hanging of Nobody Poops.
  • Makoto-chan, ancestor of Crayon Shin-chan, is obsessed with poop and weenie jokes. Heck, the movie has one skit that consists of Makoto and his sister performing a play for their parents using their genitals.
    • To quote his Funimation VA, most of Shin Nohara's dialogue pretty much consists of "Farty poop fartfart". The original isn't any better; Shinosuke's problem with constipation keeps being discussed and his underwear is noted to have skid marks.
  • The original Di Gi Charat series.
  • Digimon Adventure seemed to have a thing for Digimon relieving themselves everywhere at the least appropriate times, best exemplified by the Numemon species which attacks solely through flinging its shit. Thankfully, after one final instance of a urinating angry Tortomon being a Monster of the Week in Digimon Adventure 02, the rest of the franchise has pretty much discarded this brand of humour (and whenever a Numemon appears it's never clarified that they're flinging faeces).
    • Not to forget Sukamon who basically is a giant talking turd. There was a toilet-humour filled omake about it in the V-Tamer manga.
  • In the DNA² anime and manga, two of the main characters have bodily function-related disorders: Junta vomits when he gets turned on and Kotomi farts when she gets nervous. This is Played for Laughs sometimes (ie: when Kotomi farts loudly during a romantic scene) but also Played for Drama in the I Just Want to Be Normal scenes.
  • Akira Toriyama is a master of this, with it forming a lot of the basis for Dr. Slump, and to a lesser degree the early years of Dragon Ball. It's worth mentioning that Dr. Slump even goes as far as not only turning poop into a side character, but actually even giving it its own episode.
  • Gintama has no shortage of this, with vomit being the most common form of it. The fact that they use Pixellation on it only serves to make it more amusing.
  • Go Nagai is very fond of toilet humor as well. Especially people pissing their pants.
  • Hajime no Ippo loves doing this. Especially when Takamura is involved.
    • One of Kagura's first moments in the OVA has her purposefully make a scene by having herself vomit on a public street, after which she proceeds to brag about being the first Shounen Jump heroine to have pulled off such a stunt.
    • The Bentendo Owee arc has Shinpachi and Yamazaki compete against each other in a game of Nobunaga's Regurgitation, which is essentially Tetris, but using pixellated vomit for the blocks.
  • InuYasha has scores of this here and there. Most noticeably, the episodes "The Snow from Seven Years Past" where we have yellow snow and Miroku getting peed on in the face... Then again, it's not the first time Miroku has been peed on or mistaken for a toilet...
  • Jojos Bizarre Adventure sometimes delves into this, like characters' reactions to weird toilets in other countries. At one point, accidentally pooping in a bathtub saved the life of one of the protagonists.
  • This trope is common in Kotaro Makaritoru, especially since a prominent source for it is a pressure point that, when pressed, has the effect of laxatives being consumed to the affected person.
  • Mitsudomoe:
    • Episode 2, which deals first with a ropes of snot covering the cast, then with the dojikko nurse spilling urine samples everywhere; on the clothes, in the hair, in open wounds, in the eyes, in coffee...
    • The potty humor doesn't really return until Zoryochu episode 6, which doesn't go as far, first having the triplets experience a Potty Emergency after eating rotten oranges, then with Mitsuba making snowballs out of snow that Chiba had peed on.
  • Naruto:
    • Naruto had a few examples early on, namely in the second episode of the anime where Naruto drinks badly spoiled milk, then his shadow clones all get diarrhea at once, fighting to get to the bathroom.
    • In the Chunin Exam, Naruto won his match against Kiba strictly through a fortuitously timed fart that momentarily stunned Kiba when he had enhanced his sense of smell several hundred times. It became a Running Gag; every time Naruto farted, Kiba was always in the vicinity.
    • Also Naruto had a habit for stepping in dog poop, not to mention Akamaru peed on his face once.
    • In the Spin-Off Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth the first couple pages has Lee stepping in dog feces then kicking an enemy ninja in the face with it.
    Lee: "Konoha Poop Sticker," I just stepped on this a few minutes ago.
    • In episode 482 of Shippuden, a young Kankuro tells his brother Gaara to make sand-structures out of various foods. He then asks him to make a giant poop out of sand. Temari facepalms at Kankuro's immaturity.
  • Tomoko from No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! tries this, only succeeding in making her "audience" think she really needs to go.
  • Kuromi from Onegai My Melody loves bathroom jokes.
  • While most of the humor in One Piece doesn't rely on this, the series has its moments. For example, three of the characters (Franky and Hotori/Kotori) use farts as weapons. One of Brook's quirks is that he pretends to be a gentleman, but always burps and farts at meals. And then there was a scene in Skypiea where Luffy, Nami and some other characters were trapped in the belly of a giant snake. Luffy immediately suggested that they should find their way out through its asshole.
    • Kinemon is able to talk through his butt via farting.
  • In the first episode of Orphen, the main character, Orphen, gets crapped on by a bird.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: The first episode is about a literal shit-monster attacking Daten City.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • Sailor Moon deals with this in a side-story in the Dream arc, related to Rei and Minako's exams for high school. A gag revolves around the 5 girls having a slumber party and asking each other weird kinds of questions, such as Minako asking Rei if she's ever farted. When Rei got mad at Minako at the end of the story, she professes that she has never farted but that Minako does all the time, and thus they're truly not compatible.
    • The first anime has its own key examples, with Usagi mainly being the butt of the jokes. One episode of R winds up having her fart in the presence of the other girls due to her eating a sweet potato, and a gag in Super S revolves around her farting in an artist's presence. The S drama CD also has a skit where Usagi goes to visit Haruka and Michiru, and Usagi's unladylike farting is contrasted against the elegant Michiru, who claims to never fart or poop— to the point where she and Haruka apparently don't have toilets.
    • A punchline in another episode of the R anime revolves around Usagi discovering that Chibiusa climbed into her bed and wound up wetting it, which causes her to be spotted cleaning out her sheets later on, with her brother mocking her and believing she wet the bed. Even Luna initially believed that Usagi wet the bed at the start of the episode, until they found Chibiusa hiding under the blanket.
    • In yet another episode, the Villain of the Week gets peed on by a dog. Twice.
  • 7 Seeds is overall pretty realistic and vague about things, but two instances stand out in giving us flat out Toilet Humor.
    • The first is during the Dry Season and Played for Laughs, Semimaru goes off a bit to go pee. Urine splashing over what looks like half-buried dead dinosaurs causes them to awaken. It makes them realize that these dinosaurs and monsters aren't dead, but merely hibernating through the dry season and, if they do not leave before the rainy season comes back, they will all be rehydrated and attack them.
    • During the weird chapter that is Applause, Child!Hana eats something that doesn't become her well and she runs off to poop into the ocean. She poops some more, amused because she saw insects eating her feces in the water.
  • In an early episode of the Monster Rancher anime series, Hare and Tiger are fighting in a tournament. In the original Japanese version (as well as many foreign versions), Hare wins the fight by tricking Tiger into letting his guard down and farting on him and the smell is so foul it knocks Tiger out. This scene is cut from the American dub and instead, Hare wins by punching Tiger out.
  • Sgt. Frog has lots of fart jokes. There's also a manga chapter, "The Shocking Survivalist Sergeant", where Keroro holes up in the Hinata family bathroom after an argument with Natsumi, and ends up taking a bath in the toilet.
  • One of Shonen Jump's most popular gag series of the 70's was the appropriatelly titled Professor Toilet.
  • There isn't a single kind of human waste that didn't make it into Super Radical Gag Family.
  • In Strawberry Marshmallow, Miu farts in the hot tub. A bigger deal is made out of it in the anime.
    • This is somewhat of a running gag seeing how she not only does this again in the 3rd ova as well, but also in the video game depending on the scenario.
  • Episode 7 of Tenchi Muyo! shows that Ryoko has No Sense of Personal Space. By phasing through the wall of the bathroom while Tenchi's using it and being quite proud of "Lil' Tenchi". The next scene shows Ryoko pawing at the door and Tenchi telling her to stay out.
  • Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 has a literal toilet related joke, which is unusual since the series is a solemn but still mostly idealistic take on the events after an earthquake. Yuuki, who is around eight year old, is amazed by a disposable paper toilet and pretends to poop in it. His sister is too embarrassed to use the toilet and spends a good chunk of the episode avoiding a Potty Failure and trying to find a "normal" toilet but ends up using the disposable one.
  • In Episode 7 of Sword Art Online, Kirito and Asuna encounter a crystal-eating dragon, and upon finding a "crystal" in the dragon's nest...they find out that its dung is in the form of crystals too.
  • Yo-Kai Watch:
    • One episode has Nate pooping in the school bathroom. A yokai makes his crush Katie repeatedly state this, once in front of his class and once in front of her friends. He is understandably horribly embarrassed.
    • Cheeksqueak's debut episode is nothing but toilet humor. Cheeksqueak is a yokai whose face looks like a butt and who makes people fart in inappropriate and embarrassing situations. Even Katie isn't safe from the yokai, despite Nate thinking girls don't fart.
    • There is a yokai that makes you have to pee. He caused a lot of trouble for Nate and his friends.
  • Yondemasu Yo Azazelsan is also a prime example, what with feces being an essential part of fly demon Beelzebub's diet.

  • Rembrandt van Rijn: This artistic genius also made some drawings of an obese woman urinating and him and his wife having sex in bed.

  • Bill Cosby's famous standup act, Bill Cosby: Himself featured a rant about how fathers are the most fun family members because they're the only ones allowed to have gas. He also discussed how his father used to blame his farts on invisible animals.
  • Billy Connolly's early material featured an abundance of toilet and body function jokes. The most famous example is one where he speaks at length about being trapped in an airplane toilet with the previous visitor's "jobby" still floating in it, not flushing away and being unable to leave because he'd never be able to convince anyone that he didn't do it himself! He's no stranger to jokes about willies and bums either (a joke about the latter pretty much kickstarted his career outside Scotland).
  • Oh, Bob Saget. The comedy special That Ain't Right features lighting farts, an examination of the potential literal meaning of the phrase "fuck that shit", a man from Spain getting his head stuck up an elephant's ass, and that time where Bob got garlic diarrhea after eating at The Stinking Rose and then used it to kill a vampire.
  • Eddie Murphy has a bit in Delirious that starts off with farting in the bath tub and ends with a turd, a cracked skull and his brother with a G.I. Joe up his butt.
  • George Carlin defines a fart in its simplest context: "Shit without the mess."
  • Larry the Cable Guy is notorious for overusing this.

    Comic Books 
  • Every issue of The Bad Eggs has a joke relating to farts or someone going to the bathroom. Hell, the villain from the Dirty Yellow Mustard volume spent most of his time throwing clods of feces at Ript and Claude, and even tried to crush them with a mound of dung that weighed five hundred pounds.
  • The Dandy comic has been fond of this since 2004, mostly making jokes concerning farting.
  • The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: The "Fat Freddy's Cat" sub-strip got a lot of mileage out of the cat's toilet habits.
  • Father Christmas: In "Father Christmas Goes on Holiday", Father Christmas gets the runs from having too much cream.
  • Gotlib plays with the trope — Perverse Pépère walks through the town with his ghettoblaster and records all kind of strange noises. Which he then playbacks in the toilet with volume to eleven, giving the poor charlady a heart attack.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW) #7, Pinkie Pie tries to jolt Nightmare Rarity's memory by reminding her about the time they were at the spa and Pinkie told a joke so funny it made her fart under the water.
  • In issue #67 of The Powerpuff Girls, "Monkey Business" has Mojo Jojo giving up crime and opening up a restaurant. His chili is a big hit, but it's making everyone fart. Blossom, who abstained from partaking in the chili, mistakes the fart smell as a gas leak.
  • In The Pro, The Pro's final humiliation of The Noun comes when she urinates on her face in front of the UN on Bring Your Kids To Work Day.
  • Scott Pilgrim has rather a lot of pee jokes.
  • In Tintin, one of the books involved the Thompsons wondering what guano was and then a bird poops on their hats and someone says, "Guano? Well that's a free sample!".
  • Transmetropolitan has the Bowel Disruptor.
  • A comprehensive list of examples from Viz would crash the server.
  • Watchmen: "Never thought of disposing of sewage with toilet before. Obvious, really."
  • Wanted: Wesley and Fox take out Shithead, a supervillain made out of poo, with cleaning products. The result is illustrated by a panel showing a toilet bowl with shit smeared all over it and the caption noting "this is what happened to the last guy who fucked with us".

    Comic Strips 
  • Gary Larson liked putting outhouse jokes into The Far Side, though he did have a problem getting them past his editors in the early years.
  • Garfield has had a few examples here and there over the years.
  • Marvin...just the entire run of Marvin.

    Eastern Animation 
  • Aachi and Ssipak has an entire plot that revolves around a future where feces is the main source of power and the main characters are protecting a hooker who has very... *ahem* generous bowels.
  • Lavatory-Lovestory: This is a cartoon in which a lovelorn men's room attendant falls in love. In one scene all the men in the stalls are unnerved when the woman starts peeking underneath them in an effort to find her admirer. Later, she accidentally whacks a man in the face with her bouquet, causing him to fall into the toilet.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Bartok the Magnificent: A mild example, but after wolfing down Baba Yaga's potion, Ludmilla makes a very loud, vulgar burp, complete with expelling a technicolor odor to go with it.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The sequel has Barry the strawberry creature swallowing a USB and pooping it out.
  • Delgo, being somewhat schizophrenic in its attempts to decide exactly which demographic it was trying to appeal to, naturally stooped to a bit of this. In particular is a scene in which an animal that, though it previously averted All Animals Are Dogs, proceeded to lift its leg in dog-like fashion to pee on a man, which was apparently included for no other reason than to appeal to small children and the hard of thinking.
  • Disney:
    • The Lion King 1½ has this in a scene where Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa relax a pool of water bubbling like a hot tub. Pumbaa gets out and all the bubbles vanish.
    • Moana: When Moana is mad at the ocean, she tells it, "Fish pee in you!".
    • A very mild form of this trope: At one point in The Princess and the Frog, Ray the firefly yells, "Don't make me light my butt!" at the shadow demons.
    • Disney's The Wild had lots of poop jokes, when they weren't focusing on slapstick humor.
    • Wreck-It Ralph: Vanellope Von Schweetz is fond of this kind of humor, and she thinks that that the Hero's Duty game sounds like "Hero's Doody".
      Ralph: It's not that kind of Duty!
  • DreamWorks Animation:
    • Many earlier reviews of The Boss Baby complained about much of the film's humor deriving from it, to the point of excess. While it is true that there are a fair few of these gags, there's plenty of other humor too, and it hardly seems fair to say the film relies on it.
    • Flushed Away: The whole premise is about a rat who gets flushed down the toilet and ends up in the sewers.
    • Home:
      • Oh uses a toilet scrubber — with water from the same — as a tongue scrubber.
      • Oh drinks "a bowl of lemonade" in a gas station's bathroom.
    • Fairly abundant in Penguins of Madagascar, as is typical for most Dreamworks movies.
      Classified: We are the North Wind. And no one, no-one, breaks the wind.
    • Shark Tale, one of many lesser Dreamworks movies that had gone for gross-out humor. One of the jellyfish had made a wee-wee joke and to what they had called Oscar.
    • Quite a few toilet jokes happen in the Shrek series, although there are many non-toilet jokes also.
  • Early Man has the villain get pooped on by a giant duck.
  • Igor had made this kind of humor when the igor of Glickenstein's rival said that the jakoozie is not a bathroom, and earlier when Igor claims to have been in the bathroom and his master says that he doesn't want to hear Igor's "toilet memoirs".
  • The Iron Giant had the scene where Hogarth does a Laxative Prank on Kent and the scene where Annie and Kent think Hogarth is having trouble pooping when really he is wrestling with the giant robot's hand.
  • In the commentary for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks, one of the creators explains the green smoke filling the cafeteria by reminding everyone it's Taco Tuesday (probably due to the belief that beans make you fart).
  • Norm of the North has a few fart jokes here and there, but the primary grossout joke from the film was when the lemmings urinate into a fish tank for several seconds.
  • Pixar:
    • The outtakes for A Bug's Life and Toy Story 2 throws in some fart jokes for cheap laughs. The latter brings a whole new meaning to the name "Stinky Pete".
    • Finding Nemo:
      • There's a scene where a whole friggin' bunch of underwater mines blow up, which causes a massive explosion underwater but only a slight bubble on the surface. Said bubble appears right behind a floating pelican.
        Pelican's Friend: Nice.
      • Also from Finding Nemo, we have Bloaty burp nastily in Gurgle's face, Gurgle shouting "We're swimming in our own—" but getting interrupted, and Pearl inking in reaction to something shocking.
    • Monsters, Inc. has the Boo doing a Potty Dance, Mike accidentally falling into the toilet, and the Yellow Snow joke.
    • Toy Story 3: One of the kids poops in the sandbox and Mr Potato Head thinks it's a Lincoln log, then there's Bonnie peeing.
    • The Incredibles:
      • In the first movie, Violet complains that "the only normal one [in our family] is Jack-Jack and he's not even toilet trained!", to wich Dash, who'd been having trouble at school due to his powers, replies, "Lucky— I meant about being normal!"
      • The second movie has a joke about Jack-Jack pooping his diaper.
  • The Rugrats Movie has the scene where they have to change Dil's diaper, and Angelica's line during the song about babies: "A baby poops in its pantsies!".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • During a party in Amadeus, Mozart does some humorous impressions. When Salieri (in disguise) asks, "Do Salieri", Mozart launches into a snorting, gibberish-laden parody while playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" that ends with a truly epic fart. Of course, it's not played so much for humour as for the sake of reinforcing Salieri's animosity towards Mozart. And given what we know about the Real Life Mozart (see the Music section), it seems he really did enjoy that kind of humour.
  • Another Gay Movie. The sequel takes things even further. Of course these movies are the gay variation of American Pie.
  • There are two kinds of jokes in the Austin Powers movies. If it's not making fun of the spy genre, it's this.
  • Each of the Back to the Future movies had at least one scene where one or more villains ended up covered in manure. It was kind of a Running Gag.
  • The epic campfire scene in Blazing Saddles features a crew of cowboys eating beans and delivering a storm of farts and belches. The scene was actually considered edgy in its day. It's rather surreally subverted by the early television broadcasts of the film though, as the sound effects for that scene were removed by the censors, leaving a two-minute sequence of cowboys sat round campfires eating and periodically standing up then sitting again, while the fires flare slightly. Later versions had horses whinnying when they stood up, which was even more surreal.
  • Caddyshack: Swimming pool + Baby Ruth bar = Doodie!! Taken Up to Eleven when Carl recognizes it as a candy bar, but the stuffy country club owners don't.
  • The trailer for The Change Up is filled with it, most notably a baby shitting on Jason Bateman's face (with an added pause of it happening).
  • Dark Star has a minor scene where Lt. Doolittle offhandedly mentions that a storage area self-destructed and destroyed the ship's entire supply of toilet paper.
  • The Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies:
  • Drop Dead Fred includes a scene where he tracks dog poop on the carpet with his shoes.
  • Dumb And Dumberer has a scene with Harry accidentally smearing melted chocolate all over a bathroom, which then is of course mistaken for something else.
    • It also turns it Up to Eleven with the whole scene involving making use of a broken toilet...
  • Elf:
    • One of the suggestions for a book is some asparagus children who are self-conscious about the smell of their pee.
    • Leon the snowman doesn't like dogs because he thinks they make Yellow Snow.
    • Buddy finds elf toilets too small.
  • Enchanted:
    • The rats cleaning the toilet with toothbrushes during the cleanup song.
    • The dog peeing on Edward's shoe.
    • Pip pooping after Nathaniel says, "Oh poo".
    • Nathaniel getting troll snot on his hand.
  • Evan Almighty loves making bird poop jokes. If you see a bird on screen, something will be stained.
  • In The Flintstones, as part of the Rubbles' streak of bad luck, their car gets wrecked by piss from an overhead pterodactyl.
  • In George of the Jungle, the villain does an utterly gratuitous faceplant in a heap of elephant dung. The movie then epically redeems itself:
    Native guide 1: Bad guy falls in poop! Classic element of physical comedy! Now comes the part where we throw our heads back and laugh! Ready?
    Other guides: Ready!
  • Ghostbusters has Venkman mistaking ectoplasm for snot.
  • The kids in Good Morning like to engage in pull-my-finger style farting contests. One kid eventually poops his pants.
  • An amusing example from John Wayne's propaganda film The Green Berets: there's an early scene where a character named Sgt. Provo is complaining that his name doesn't sound good next to any of the army's buildings or streets so he's not sure what could be named after him if he dies. Later Provo is fatally wounded and whispers to Colonel Kirby a suggestion. This is followed by showing the surprised reactions of the characters to seeing the name implemented: Provo's Privy.
  • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle: Would you like to play battleshits?
  • According to Hop, jelly beans are actually the excrement of the Easter Bunny.
  • Hotel for Dogs: The dogs poop and pee on the floor, so they get given special dog toilets, which the villains fall into.
  • Idiocracy: "And the number one movie in America was Ass", and that's all it was for ninety minutes, a farting ass.
  • In Iron Man 2, a drunken Tony Stark amuses the guests at his party by demonstrating the correct way to relieve oneself in the Iron Man suit. This does not involve removing or opening any part of the suit.
  • The Italian Christmas comedies are made of this. You might wonder why they keep making them.
  • While not constant, the giants from Jack the Giant Slayer do fart, belch and pick their noses, forgivable because they are portrayed as being grotesque creatures.
  • The Jerk: Navin's dad tries to teach him the ways of the world - he points to a pile of cow crap and tells him "This is shit." then holds up a tin of shoe polish and says "This is Shinola." Navin distinguishes one from the other...then walks through the one on the ground.
  • Kenny is an Australian Mockumentary film about Kenny Smyth, a Melbourne plumber who works for corporate bathroom rental company Splashdown. A lot of the film's humour derives from the septic emergencies has to deal with supplying port-a-loos to events.
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action contains a scene where Taz makes his entrance doing his usually gibbering which he usually ends with blowing a raspberry but farts instead.
  • Madeline has the villain step in dog poop.
  • Max Keeble's Big Move got slammed by critics, in part because of this (the other part was lack of originality).
  • Mister Poppers Penguins has the penguins pooping and eventually learning to use the toilet.
  • The movie Música de Viento (Wind Music, or sorta), a Mexican movie starring Roberto Gómez Bolaños (a.k.a Chespirito), about a man with Hoplophobia (fear of gunfires), who made him fart loudly each time he sees one. The joke of the movie it's the protagonist trying to do anything to disguise the noise, for example, open a bottle in the same time he fart.
  • Nanny McPhee:
    • In the first movie, the children make up rude names: "Oglington Fartworthy", "Booger McHorsefanny", "Knickers O'Muffin", "Sandra", "Bosoms", "Bum", and "Poop Bum".
    • The second movie has Cyril joking that the farm is the "Land of Poo".
  • No Holds Barred: During an exhibition fight where Zeus is competing, two of the main villain's stooges stop in the restroom, which is very poorly maintained, to say the least. (The overflowing toilets are full of excrement.) Eventually, a tough guy comes and makes fun of the small endowments of the stooges. Also, there's this "delightful" exchange:
    Rip: [sniffs] WHAT'S THAT SMELL?!
    Stooge: Duh... Duh... Doooookiee!
    Rip: ...Dookie? [snarls]
  • In The Party, Bakshi (Peter Sellers) has to take a leak, but can't find an unoccupied bathroom. Getting increasingly desperate, he starts to cross a room when the girl he's sweet on starts singing for a crowd - he stops out of politeness and writhes in smiling agony for the duration. After he finally relieves himself in the master bathroom the toilet won't stop running, and in his attempt to fix it, he breaks the tank lid on the floor, drops a watercolor painting into the tank, and floods the room.
  • Peter Rabbit has a joke about sticking a carrot up someone's butt and a joke about checking to see if the toilets are clean by drinking from them.
  • There's quite a bit in Scary Movie, possibly to the point of overuse.
  • The first live-action Scooby-Doo movie has the joke about Scrappy peeing.
  • The Smurfs 2:
    • When first introduced to Hackus in the trailers, he first spazzes out like Taz (the Tasmanian Devil) before burping.
    • Also Grouchy letting out farts while he is bathing in the sink with his fellow Smurfs.
  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace:
    • A creature on Tatooine fart in Jar Jar's face. Make us feel unclean just thinking about it.
    • An earlier scene also has Jar Jar accidentally stepping in what appears to be fresh bantha dung.
      Jar Jar: Ohh! Icky, icky goo!
  • This Is Spın̈al Tap does this often. "It's called, Lick My Love Pump."
  • Thunderpants, a film about a kid who farts a lot. It's basically fart and toilet jokes all the way through.
  • In a very unlikely place to find this trope, 2001: A Space Odyssey has a scene where Floyd is reading a long, detailed list of instructions on how to use the Zero Gravity Toilet. Part of the reason why this works is because it's actually Truth in Television. Real-life Zero Gravity toilets are insanely complex and require a ton of training to use properly. A casual passenger would require such a set of instructions.
  • Very common in films of The View Askewniverse. It was made part of a half-joking musing by Holden in Chasing Amy.
    Holden: My grandmother once said, "Holden, the real money is in dick and fart jokes." She was a churchgoer her whole life.
  • Walking with Dinosaurs 3D uses such a gag in its TV ads, an effort to appeal to kids and to make sure that everyone knows the movie's not a serious documentary like its namesake:
    "They can smell fear!"
    "That's not fear..."
    "Ew, I stepped in some fear!"

  • In the Amber Brown books, part of the reason that Amber Brown and her best friend, Justin, are such good friends is their shared sense of humor, including a fondness for this.
  • Artemis Fowl: any scene involving Mulch Diggums since his method of tunneling invites these sorts of jokes, and his other bodily function as well.
  • In Derek Robinson's novel of the Battle of Britain, we first learn why Air Commodore Bletchley is nick-named "Baggy". Then his death is described in excruciating detail - he becomes trapped in a portable chemical toilet when the air-raid siren goes. Deciding to cross his fingers and sit it out - well, squat it out - he chooses wrongly and the whole lavatory is seen bowling across the airstrip, propelled by a hail of cannon and machine-gun fire from a strafing German plane.
  • In The BFG, where the titular Big Friendly Giant explains how he hates human soda, which has rising bubbles, thus causing the drinker to burp. Burping is phenomenally rude to giants, so instead they drink frobscottle, which has bubbles that sink, thus causing the drinker to... well... whizzpopper!
    • The film takes this and runs with it: near the end BFG is heaving breakfast with the Queen, and as a gesture of politeness, he pours a round of frobscottle for her, her generals, her staff, her dogs... Cue the Oh, Crap! look on everyone's face just before the room erupts in green-tinted explosions.
  • Found in, of all things, The Bible. Yes, the holy one (but only in certain translations - the original Hebrew is somewhat euphemistic, and of course no one wants to make a poop joke in the middle of one of God's awesome feats). In 1 Kings 18, Elijah goes up against the prophets of Baal to determine whose God is true. When Baal fails to answer, Elijah begins taunting the other prophets, suggesting that perhaps Baal is simply busy, turned aside to do his business on the side of the road, and if they'll just shout a little louder, perhaps he'll answer them (naturally, he doesn't).
  • Lampshaded in A Brother's Price: Two people talk, in a tasteful and inoffensive way, about the building of indoor privies and the technology involved, as it is relatively new. It is mentioned that one of the participants enjoys the "innocent rudeness" of this conversation.
  • The Canterbury Tales mixes in several tales of bawdy, scatalogical humor amongst more devout tales, for example with "The Miller's Tale", which involves a gag where a man farts directly into another man's face.
  • Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants books have large amounts of it, which is most often evident from their titles alone, although they also balance it with a healthy dose of social satire.
  • In Careful What You Wish For, Ruth doesn't want to be an astronaut upon hearing that they have diapers.
  • In Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, in response to the grandparents taking too much Wonka-Vite, the Oompa-Loompas perform a song telling the sad tale of a little girl who foolishly helped herself to the tastiest-looking stuff in her grandma's medicine cabinet — which turned out to be chocolate-flavored laxatives... It takes up several pages. There's also a bedwetting joke.
  • The children's book Dave is about a farting cat.
  • The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books have a few toilet jokes.
    • In "The Long Haul", Greg and his pig both have a Potty Emergency which leads to the pig peeing in Manny's potty. This is also conversed when Greg's teachers disapprove of a series of books called Underpants Bandits because they have too much "rude humor">
    • In the first book, Fregley chases Greg with a booger on his finger.
    • In "The Third Wheel", Greg mentions that sometimes he has to wait until all of Manny's Imaginary Friend's are done in the bathroom.
  • Dirty Bertie is full of this, because the main character has dirty preferences.
  • The Divine Comedy, particularly in Inferno, has several passages which indulge in discussion of wallowing in feces, staring at one's own gluteus, and the like. Perhaps most famous is the ending line of Canto XXIII, frequently translated as "And he made a trumpet of his ass."
  • In Doctor Dog, the grandfather farts the roof off the house and in its sequel, the oldest son steps in poo.
  • The kids' book Excuse Me is about a Funny Animal sheep named Martha May who holds in her farts because she "doesn't make rude noises", resulting in her getting so much gas she floats up into the air.
  • One kids' book called Farley Farts is about a frog who farts a lot.
  • Father Christmas Needs a Wee is about Santa Claus having a Potty Emergency and its sequel Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps is about him trying not to fart.
  • This conversation from the Fudge book "Double Fudge".
    Fudge: "Richie Potter likes broccoli."
    Peter: "We know."
    Fudge: "It makes his pee smell funny."
    Mrs Hatcher: "Fudge, we don't talk about what we do in the bathroom at mealtimes."
    Fudge: "Why not?"
    Peter: "Anyway, it's asparagus that makes pee smell funny, not broccoli."
    Mr Hatcher: (warning voice) "Peter..."
    Fudge: "Broccoli too, I know because he let me smell it."
    Mr Hatcher: "That's enough, boys."
    Peter: "Fudge's new friend brags about everything."
    Fudge: "He even brags about his poops."
    Peter: "I'm not surprised."
    Fudge: "But Pete, if you saw what he made, you'd understand. It was thiiiiis long." (holds out his hands)
    Mrs Hatcher: "That's it!"
  • In the autobiographical book, Further Adventures of a Grumpy Old Rock Star by Rick Wakeman of Yes fame, he recounts an anecdote from one of his solo tours in which he and his touring band had been incredibly gassy and amused themselves with their constant farting. Their bus driver apparently didn't think it was as funny as they did and kicked them off after a particularly long one by bassist Lee Pomeroy.
  • Gangsta Granny has the granny's farts as a running joke and the granny and her grandson Ben climbing up a sewer pipe.
  • In the Sundered Lands novel Fire Over Swallowhaven, the heroes finally find the phoenix they've been searching for and slowly approach it while hearing rumbling noises. When they get close to the giant beast, they discover that the phoenix is sleeping and repeatedly passing gas in the slumber.
  • The 16th century novel Gargantua has the protagonist discuss one whole chapter what's the best material to wipe one's ass.
    • Rabelais loved this trope.
  • The children's book The Giant's Loo Roll is about a large toilet roll belonging to a giant rolling down the hill and people using it. There's also a joke about the townspeople having to pee.
  • The children's book Good Families Don't is about an anthropomorphised fart who makes the adults go unconscious.
  • Both used and deconstructed in Mary Roach's Gulp, which discusses the human digestive process from spit to... poo.
  • I Have to Go is about a boy named Andrew who has to pee in inconvenient moments.
  • Have You Seen My Potty involves Suzy Sue looking for her potty chair while the animals on the farm use it.
  • Horrible Histories sometimes made jokes about poop and pee if it was relevant to some gross historical fact.
  • Horrible Science: In "Shocking Electricity", they joke about making electricity from methane (which is associated with farts) and the narrator says, "By now you're probably bursting to ask a question, although I don't know for sure, you might be bursting for a pee."
  • Journey to Chaos: According to Kallen, Nunnal Enaz could alter someone's genetic code to make them pee lemon juice and find it hilarious.
  • Letters Back to Ancient China, since Kao-tai (the narrator/protagonist, a time-travelling mandarin from medieval China) doesn't know how modern German toilets work and didn't want to ask. But it's still done in as good taste as possible.
  • In London, a much-abused construction worker lures his Jerkass foreman beneath the shaft of a half-built garderobe and then defecates down the shaft. He'd also prepared for this event by eating a huge meal some hours beforehand...
  • In The Midnight Gang, when Tom is Playing Sick so he can stay in the hospital, one of the questions the doctor asks is, "[Are you experiencing] pain when you pass water?" to which Tom replies, "Yes, it hurt when I walked past a fish tank." There's also a joke about rabbit droppings.
  • In the Mog book "Mog's Bad Thing", Mog pees on Mr Thomas's chair.
  • Municipal by Rudyard Kipling is a dramatic (and almost epic) proof that this sort of humour is not always cheap.
  • In Nothing but Trouble, a book about a girl having bad luck all day, her baby sibling climbs on her with a messy diaper, and then a pigeon poops on her.
  • Several stories by Paul Jennings:
    • "Ringing Wet" is about a girl who wets her pants.
    • "Piddler on the Roof" is about a boy who likes to pee outside.
  • Oh No, Gotta Go! is a series consisting of only two books, about a girl who speaks both Spanish and English needing to pee (in the first book) and poop (in the second book).
  • In the children's book Peek-a-Boo Poo, a toddler named Alfie poops in random places.
  • One children's book, entitled Poo Bum, has a baby bunny who can only say the book's title. He becomes verbal but never stops making toilet jokes.
  • In the kids' book Potty, Poo Poo, Wee Wee, a young dinosaur keeps shouting potty words and refusing to use his potty.
  • Ramona Quimby: In "Ramona the Pest", Ramona's kindergarten class hear a story about a man digging a basement and want to know how the construction worker went to the bathroom.
  • Ratburger has several jokes about animal droppings, pee and toilets.
  • The School for Good and Evil features a scene where Agatha is crowded by haughty princesses who demand to see proof that she belongs in the school for good. Since she doesn't have any, she does the first thing that comes to mind: she farts, thereby causing them to panic and run away. Later on, one of the complaints leveled at her is that she "farted in our face!"
  • In the picture book Seagull Sid and the Naughty Things His Seagulls Did, the seagulls (save one named Freda) splat the picknickers with poop because they want the beach to themselves. One even poops in a drink.
  • In The Stormlight Archive, Shallan interrupts Prince Adolin's formulaic story of his battlefield exploits by asking him how he poops in heavy armour. Once his bewilderment subsides, he admits that they're having a pretty interesting first date.
    "So yes, I, Adolin Kholin — cousin to the king, heir to the Kholin princedom — have shat myself in my Shardplate. Three times, all on purpose. You are a very strange woman."
  • In The Top Secret Undercover Notes Of Buttons Mc Ginty, Buttons notes that the cage room on the ship smells like animal dung and when he and Silky hear a strange noise, they think it might be "the ship farting" or someone having a "bad toilet experience".
  • Uncle John's Bathroom Reader zig-zags this. One page will have a fart joke, the next will have a scientific article on why we pass gas, and the third will have an article about something crazy like a gold-plated toilet.
  • The book, The Vagina Ass Of Lucifer Niggerbastard, is almost an epitome of this trope.
  • In The Vor Game, Miles, on assignment at an arctic outpost, is replaced as the base laughingstock by a group of cadets who accidentally set the barracks on fire by lighting their farts.
  • The Walter The Farting Dog books are about a dog who farts a lot.
  • Turns up sometimes in Welkin Weasels, most notably in the bit where Scirf escapes the tower by climbing down the garderobe (toilet which drains into the lake).
    Sylver: But why didn't you call out to us?
    Scirf: Couldn't. Had my mouth full.
    :: Sylver chose not to delve any further into this line of enquiry.
  • In Why Is Snot Green?, pretty obvious due to the title, but suprisingly averted for the majority of the book.
  • The World of Poo, Young Sam Vimes's favourite book in the Discworld novel Snuff mixes a lot of this with interesting facts about the historic removal of waste and the function of the digestive system. As Old Sam says, the author has an instinct for what makes a six-year-old boy laugh until he's sick.
    • The in-universe author, Felicity Beedle, appears in Snuff, in which it's mentioned she's also written books about wee wee, snot, nose-picking, pimples, and a boy's (unspecified) "enormous problem".
    • Toilet humor is far from the most prevalent type of humor in Discworld but it does pop up from time to time even when Young Sam isn't involved. Harry King tends to bring it, as he's a waste-management businessman (Taking the piss since 1961!) Also, in The Wee Free Men, Tiffany's little brother is confused about what "wee" actually means and keeps calling the Feegles "weewee men."

    Live-Action TV 
  • The 2 Broke Girls episode "And the Hold-Up" has two characters get so afraid they wet themselves in public. After Caroline wets herself in the first one, the other characters tease her, until it's finally lampshaded:
    Max: I don't think there are any more jokes we can make about it.
    Sophie: Hey Caroline, what's that movie you're going to see rated? PP-13?
  • 30 Rock:
    • The sketches on TGS seem to involve farts quite a bit.
      Carol: There's this one Fart Doctor sketch where Fart Doctor’s trying to figure out who farted in the spelling bee.
      Liz: He who spelt it, dealt it. I wrote that! I wrote all the Fart Doctors!
    • One episode was set at the start of summer break - Liz finds the writing staff all staying in the office, immersed in a very competitive computer game with no one wanting to leave. Lutz proudly announces he's wearing a diaper. And since that wasn't disgusting enough, he then pulls a strained expression.
      Liz: What are you—
      Lutz: Don't look at me!
      Liz: Gah!
  • All in the Family: The debut episode featured Archie flushing a toilet, which later became a Running Gag for the show. This was cited as the earliest incident where a character performed that action on a TV show.
  • Beakman's World had quite a few fart jokes in its last season...but saved its segment on flatulence for the very last show. (Hey, you can't cancel us twice, right? Well...)
  • The Bear in the Big Blue House installment "Potty Time with Bear" pretty much operated on this when it wasn't offering practical information on children's potty training.
  • The nerds of The Big Bang Theory have a bit of a field day with this when Howard designs a toilet for the International Space Station. Even Sheldon is amused, in his own way.
    Sheldon: It would seem that there is no law of diminishing returns on toilet humor.
  • Black Books had an entire episode built around one. Bernard spends much of the episode trying to figure out why one his friends were snubbing him after a dinner party. Eventually, after searching through his alcohol drenched memories of the night before, figures it out.
  • Blackadder Goes Forth has a joke about this trope:
    The Red Baron: "How lucky you English are to find the toilet so amusing! For us, it is a mundane and functional item. For you, the basis of an entire culture!"
    • Perhaps this counts as a heavily ironic use of the term, given the prevalence of scatological metaphors and obsessions in German culture
    • The title song to Blackadder's Christmas Carol, on the other hand, says that among Ebeneezer Blackadder's virtues is the fact that he "doesn't laugh at toilet humour".
  • This exchange in the season one finale of Blue Bloods.
    Erin: I thought we were going to keep it in the family, not bring in any more cops.
    Frank: He's not a cop, Cliff's a former marine. He served with Danny in Fallujah.
    Danny: Cliff was the surveillance ears tracking Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. Believe me, Saddam farted, Cliff could tell you what kind of kebab he had for lunch.
    Cliff: Goat was a deep bass, poultry a more squeaky treble.
    Erin Nice. And that's qualifications for-?
    Frank: Sit.
  • Even Bones gets in on it briefly.
    Brennan: "He who smelt it, dealt it."
    Booth: How do you even know that phrase?
  • Bottom
  • Dick & Dom in da Bungalow, being for kids, has a heck of a lot of this sort of humour. They would play in live farty sound effects whenever it seemed appropriate, and then there was the turtle's head puppet that lived in the toilet and told bad jokes, and so very much on.
  • Doctor Who: In "Aliens of London"/"World War Three", the technology that allows Raxacoricofallapatorians to pass as humans requires periodic emission of malodorous gas to function properly. This is disguised in exactly the manner one would expect.
    The Doctor: Excuse me, do you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?
  • In an episode of Drake & Josh, Megan somehow tricks Drake into thinking he has a horrible disease that can only be cured by soaking his hands and feet in several gallons of lizard pee.
  • The episode "Drew Blows His Promotion" of The Drew Carey Show actually uses this trope very cleverly. Drew's friend Kate, as a birthday prank, makes a copy of a safety video which Drew filmed and adds fart noises to it, making him appear as a Gasshole. Unfortunately, the tapes get switched, and Kate shows a boring office safety video to Drew's friends while Drew ends up presenting the altered copy to the Board of Directors...
  • Farscape takes toilet humour and runs with it, especially with regard to Rigel's digestive system which has at various points produced exploding poop, toxic farts, and incendiary urine. There's a reason for the show's Fan Nickname of "Fartscape".
    John/Rygel: I just peed in the maintenance bay!
  • Not even Firefly avoids it, with Simon stepping in bull crap.
  • Full House: In the seventh-season episode "High Anxiety", Jesse, struggling to decide on details for the reopening of the Smash Club, tells the caller inquiring about toilet to "send something over". Just his luck, the company he tries to order toilet seat from does send something over — a large collection of toilet samples. Jokes with this trope in mind abound.
    D.J.: Good luck, uncle Jesse, and, uh, don't forget to put the seat down.
    Joey: [upon seeing Jesse sitting on one of the toilet samples] Oh, I'll come back later.
    Rebecca: Jess? [then sees Jesse on a toilet seat] Don't get up.
  • Game of Thrones: In the Season 6 episode "Battle of the Bastards" Tormund Giantsbane and Ser Davos, two veteran warriors from different cultures forced into an unlikely alliance, discuss what they do on the night before a battle. Tormund says he drinks himself to sleep, and offers some sour goats' milk to Davos, saying it is superior to the wine preferred by Davos's people. Davos declines and explains that, the night before a battle, he is usually unable to sleep, so
    I walk and think, and then I walk and think some more, and then I walk some more until I am far enough away that no one can see me shitting my guts out.
  • Game Shows: Several examples:
    • Series/Scrabble: In this game where contestants won cash prizes for completing fill-in-the-blank word puzzles, the classic Freudian Slip incident happened when a contestant drew two P's and slipped out "Chuck (Woolery), I guess I'll have to take a P." The audience immediately roared with laughter – since the meaning could be, "I guess I'll have to take a pee!" – as Chuck tried to compose himself in disbelief. The clip has frequently aired on Dick Clark's Bloopers specials.
    • Match Game: The 1970s version frequently had fill-in-the-blank statements that encouraged answering with synonyms for urinate and defecate (e.g., "The Burbank Fire Department doesn't have a hose, so when they get called out to a fire, they stand in line and *blank* on it!").
    • Happened quite often on Blockbuster with "Can I have a P please, Bob?"
  • Hale and Pace
  • In Harry Enfield and Chums, Wayne is watching a Show Within a Show that consists entirely of someone reciting "Willy. Bottom. Dirty pants. Women's dirty pants." Wayne laughs uproariously at each one. (And specifically identifies the show as contemporary comedy series Hale and Pace.)
  • Horrible Histories has some of this, usually based on gross but real things from history. Some examples are "World War One Wee-Wee," a sketch about how soldiers had to use pee to wash things or to enhance the effectiveness of gas masks; and a sketch where Georgian noblewomen have a Potty Emergency because first, they're wearing dozens of petticoats and second, the Queen hasn't given them permission to go pee. The show also depicts Martin Luther's habit of writing letters and holding conversations from the toilet.
  • How I Met Your Mother had an episode where Marshall's son is constipated and they use the word "confetti" to mean poop, for Ted's sake. Through the magic of Narrative Profanity Filter, the result of a very messy diaper change is shown onscreen by having Marshall covered in confetti.
  • The Singaporean weekly talk show It's A Small World, normally about the discussion of cultural differences with its multinational panel, steers unavoidably into this direction when the subject of unique toilets all over the world is brought up. Considering how the Singaporean media authority has always kept a really close look at all its tv, they got away with a LOT.
    Douglas: "About 20 years ago, we were shooting in this countryside area, and they built this little hut on a platform over the water... from a distance we can see everything being 'released' and dropping out the bottom..." (starts making assorted dropping and plopping noises)
    Mark: "Were you shooting a war movie?"
  • The Australian comedy series The Late Show has this as a Running Gag in Bargearse (a Gag Dub of 70's cop show Bluey) with the overweight protagonist constantly farting from eating too many pizzas. After his cop show is cancelled by the ABC, our hero is Driven to Suicide by letting loose a fart in his car and then lighting up a ciggie.
  • Al's love for his toilet (the mighty Ferguson!) was one of the staple gags of Married... with Children.
  • Merlin (2008) did it when Merlin let loose a goblin that did a lot of nasty and embarrasing things around the castle. One of them was Morgana and possibly Uther farting.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus: Episode 11 begins with a sketch titled "The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes to the Bathroom."
  • One unaired MythBusters episode featured "Facts About Flatulence," where they tested myths about farting, such as "is it possible to light a fart?" Hilarity Ensues when they have to answer the age old question "do pretty girls fart?" and, in the name of science, try to catch Kari letting one rip.
    • It was aired in Australia. That's just how we roll. (And eventually in the U.S. as well.)
    • The episode testing the aphorism that you can't polish poo did air in the U.S., albeit with a record-setting series of bleeps.
  • Abby Sciutto's stuffed hippopotamus, which farts when squeezed.
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn: The episode "Poo Dunnit" centered around who didn't flush after going to the bathroom. Complete with many euphemisms about poop.
    • In "A Space Quadyssey", Ricky wass first given the nickname number 2, which everyone, especially the Kramden Quads, joked meant he was poop. Later, Ricky tried to give himself a new nickname of Bee Master. It was then shortened to BM, which is also a slang for Bowel Movement.
  • Power Rangers has indulged in this with some of the Mook names: the Moogers (basically Boogers) of Power Rangers Samurai and the Loogies of Power Rangers Megaforce.
  • Cropped up occasionally on Punk'd. Notably, Salma Hayek was accused of laying down an extraordinarily large turd and overflowing the bathroom.
  • If you see Winston Rothschild of Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services on The Red Green Show, then Toilet Humor will be imminent. One Running Gag was a cutaway of him reciting a slogan for his company, such as "We put the P.U. in 'pump'" or "If your nose is stinging, our phone should be ringing."
  • Round the Twist is a kids show with copious amounts of this, including urinating contests and all sorts of other gross bodily-function based comedy.
  • Even Seinfeld used this, most often with pee. One episode had a plot that involved George being banned from a local gym for getting caught peeing in the shower. Another episode featured a Potty Emergency with Jerry, resulting in him getting a ticket for public urination. In one episode, Kramer was supposed to be taking Susan's parents on a ride in a horse drawn carriage, but since the horses were gassy, they had to stop the ride early because they couldn't stand the smell. One episode also had a plot involving Jerry refusing to eat at a restaurant because he caught the chef using the bathroom without washing his hands. In the episode, "The Couch," Poppie pees on Jerry's couch.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise has children asking about the Enterprise. One of the questions is, "When you flush the toilet, where does it go?" and Trip doesn't want to answer a "poop question".
  • In the Supernatural episode "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One" (S02, Ep21), Sam doesn't want to get extra onions on Dean's order from the diner because he has to ride in the car with Dean.
  • Two and a Half Men uses this rather often in Season 9, most notably the episode "Not In My Mouth" which has a nonstop barrage of vomiting gags.
  • Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is known for using this type of humour, although it certainly isn't the only type of humour used.
  • On The X-Files, Mulder makes several jokes about farts or haemorrhoids.
  • The Young Ones handled this trope proudly and creatively, some choice scenes involving a golf ball being hit into a toilet (while someone's on it), a 'just follow your nose' joke, Vyvyan blowing up the house with a massive fart, and Rik trying to kill himself with laxatives.
    • At one point, the toilet itself spoke up and made a joke.

  • Da Yoopers dabble in this frequently, including "Diarrhea" (the man wants to go on a date, but can't because of diarrhea), several comedy sketches related to farting, and even Songs for Fart Lovers.
  • Punk rock band Descendents' album Enjoy! was panned by critics because of this.
  • The musician Flatulina has a rare medical condition that makes her remarkably gassy. Her only album is a collection of Christmas tunes on which she accompanies a more traditional band with her farts. Fortunately, there are other types of humor on the record than fart jokes (ie: cheery kazoo parts, a trained "fish choir"), there are a couple of tracks that don't feature flatulence, and the tracks are concise enough so they don't overstay their welcome to the point where the album itself is about 16 minutes long.
  • Frank Zappa used this on occasion, perhaps most famously on "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" and the Joe's Garage album.
  • Paul Boomer vs. Lord Windesmere... in The Great Crepitation Contest of 1946. This reportedly originated as an in-house joke by CBC Sports announcers.
  • Green Day's first major album is titled Dookie It was originally going to be titled "Liquid Dookie". You know, diarrhea...
  • Pretty much anything by Ivor Biggun, for example "I've Farted" and "Richard the Third (He's in the Business Now)".
  • A 1999 novelty album, "Jingle Smells," was released. The CD was nothing but Christmas songs performed with farting. Entertainment Weekly gave the CD a grade of "F".
  • Composer Johann Heinrich Schmelzer wrote a sonata called "The Day of the Fart", where a bassoon inserts farting sounds into the music.
  • Judy Pancoast wrote "Seven Words That Make Kids Laugh". The words are implied to be things like "pee", "butts" and "booger". She also wrote a song about the Potty Dance.
  • Indie folk singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson has been known to incorporate bodily functions into some of her lyrics since she started writing music. However, when she recorded a children's album entitled Alphabutt, she was sure to cram in as much toilet humor as possible for the kids. The title track alone features lines like "F is for fart/G is for gorilla fart, H is for huge gorilla fart."
  • Koit has plenty of potty-humour songs, about a variety of things, including a man with a Shy Bladder, a girl who plays with poop, and a foul-mouthed baby with a messy diaper.
  • Massacration has a song called "The Bost Thunder" about taking a shit.
  • Monty Python has an audio only version of this on one of their records about embarrassment. It goes on to ask if any of these noises embarrass you. Sounds of various Squicky bodily functions follow.
    • The soundtrack album of Monty Python and the Holy Grail features "live" coverage of a screening of the movie at the Classic in Silbury Hills. Part of the coverage takes place in the men's room of the theater where Michael Palin describes the construct and the fixtures.
  • The opening of NOFX's love song "Instant Crassic":
    I'm swimming in a sea of pee
    I'm hiking up a big mountain of poo.
  • In the middle of "Body Bag" by No Means No, there is a recording of someone (presumably one of the band members) urinating. The outro of the song features more of this, followed by a bit of laughter.
  • Parody Songs:
  • The track "Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad (The Doo Doo Chasers)" by Funkadelic from One Nation Under a Groove is nothing but toilet comedy jokes, sang by a choir who describe they live in a world where people literally "talk shit".
  • "I Can't Stop Farting" by The Queers.
  • Rob Balder's Filk Song "Ars Musica - It Had to Be You" note  is basically a Hurricane of Fart Jokes. Slightly squicky, in the artist's words.
  • Roy Harper's track Advertisement (Another Irrelevant Intentional Suicide) takes place in a toilet, with toilet sound effects audible in the background, and lines like "Standing there watching my member hanging there squirting the loo... Hanging there squirting the loo... Shit... standing here squirting my bloody shoe".
  • Screamin' Jay Hawkins and his Constipation Blues.
  • The first album from Brutal Death Metal band Skinless did this on nearly every track of their debut, Progression Towards Evil. A couple tracks on their follow-up, Foreshadowing Our Demise, continue in this vein, but that album otherwise shifts into the Humans Are Bastards and political/philosophical themes that make up the rest of their discography.
  • Songdrops isn't all toilet humour, but there are quite a bit of toilet-related songs, including "You Turn My Pinkies Blue", "Please Don't Pee in the Pool", "Tinkle Tinkle in a Jar", "If Our Love Was an Outhouse" and "Sometimes My Butt Makes Noises".
  • Spinal Tap likes a bit of the fart humor - their first live album was Silent But Deadly, while their 1992 reunion album was Break Like The Wind. The connotations of certain Tap song titles such as "Nice 'n' Stinky" probably aren't worth considering.
  • Unsorted kids' songs:
  • The Vaughans' "Who Farted?"
  • While Ween's humor is usually either more surreal or satirical in nature, they delve into this occasionally, such as "Poop Ship Destroyer."
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic has been known to include burping and farting sounds into his music, especially clearly in "My Bologna" (originally recorded in a college restroom) and "Smells Like Nirvana". He seems to be toning this down lately, though.
  • An improbably highbrow example can be found in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart' vocal canon "Leck Mich im Arsch" ("lick me in the arse", or figuratively "kiss my arse").
  • Yoko Ono's album Fly had the track "Toilet Piece," consisting entirely of the sound of a toilet flushing.


    Pro Wrestling 
  • The 1987 Slammy Awards: In a literal case, one of the nominees for the "Best Personal Hygiene" award was King Kong Bundy, who is seen using the toilet to defecate himself ... and it is implied he held it all in (and we mean ALL in) until his bowels finally gave way.
  • John Cena occasionally pulls this out for the kids.
  • Who can forget the time Eddie Guerrero gave The Big Show a tainted burrito, giving him diarrhea in the middle of a match, and then stealing all the toilet paper from the toilet stalls before he got in? And the next week, Eddie Guerrero sprayed The Big Show down with a hose connected to a septic truck.

    Puppet Shows 
  • On Dinosaurs, Baby often makes mention of having dirty diapers with comical reactions from Earl. Some prominent examples include the lyrics, "I take every chance to make a poop in my pants" in the "I'm the Baby (Gotta Love Me)" music video, and the entire plot of "Nature Calls" dealt with Earl's unsuccessful attempts to potty-train baby.
  • The Muppet Show:
    • In "Episode 106: Jim Nabors", Kermit introduces Fozzie as "the man who thinks that Elton John is a singing bathroom".
    • In "Episode 310: Marisa Berenson", a wig trainer tells Louis Kazagger that he doesn't use "sham"-poo for his wigs, only real poo.
    • In "Episode 504: Shirley Bassey", Statler and Waldorf share the following exchange after the guest star's first number:
    Waldorf: "Fire Down Below", great number.
    Statler: Thanks.
    Waldorf: Thanks? You didn't write "Fire Down Below".
    Statler: No, but the guy who did had just had a bowl of my chili.
  • Muppets Tonight: The Seinfeld Babies sketch from "Episode 107: Sandra Bullock" parodies the Seinfeld epsiode, "The Contest" by having Baby Jerry say that whoever can go the longest without soiling their diaper wins the contest. Baby Kramer proceeds to do his business and declares, "I'm out".

  • Howard Stern and his superhero, Fartman.
  • Opie & Anthony: "Fart Equals Funny" is one of their basic tenets.
  • Listeners are spared listening Giles Wemmbley-Hogg's bout of amoebic dysentery during his trip to Thailand, except to be told afterward about it...
    ...spending the night, squatting over a hole, spraying pint after pint of red-hot magma down the back of [his] legs.
  • The Stephanie Miller Show describes itself as "a Mensa meeting with fart jokes!"
  • Martin/Molloy featured lots of this, which the hosts acknowledged and frequently mocked themselves for. The "Blimpy, the Lactose Intolerant Cat" sketches were built entirely around it.

  • The Clouds: At one point, Strepsiades is speaking to one of the students at the Thinkery, surrounded by kneeling students. When he's told that they are studying the reaches of Hell, he's quick to point out that their "third eyes" are facing the sky.
  • Matilda: Mr Wormwood's hair is green due to a mistake and claims it's to celebrate the green things like "lettuce and snot".
  • In 1776, at one point, RI delegate Stephen Hopkins is out using the latrine when his time to vote is called; the Congressional secretary marks this as "Rhode Island passes," sending the rest of Congress into a fit of laughter. Later, Benjamin Franklin is discussing his thoughts about not truly being an Englishman since he doesn't have the rights of one.
    Franklin: But to call me one without those rights is like calling an ox a bull; he's thankful for the honor but would much rather have restored what's rightfully his.
    Dickinson: When did you first notice they were missing, sir?

    Video Games 
  • Even the Ace Attorney series isn't immune to this. In case 2-3, Moe the Clown tells a fart joke on the witness stand if you press one of his statements. And Trials and Tribulations has even more examples, from Phoenix's obsession with cleaning the toilet to his infamous line in case 3-1:
    Phoenix: Toilet?! My perfect little Dollie doesn't poop!
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has a lot of this, unsurprisingly. For one, the Bullshit Man double jumps by farting, and throws turds as a weapon.
  • Beyond Good & Evil makes it pretty clear that Pey'j's jet boots are fart-powered, without actually saying so. Specifically, they're "fueled by a pocket of natural methane" [cue closeup on his rear end] "—just flex your abdominal muscles!"
  • If you keep watching Kapura for a while in BIONICLE's Mata Nui Online Game, you can see him performing fart-fueled jumps. He also releases one in a cutscene, which leaves his butt smoking. It was never explained how a cyborg who allegedly never eats does this, and it never comes up after the game, so it's probably Early Installment Weirdness.
  • In Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure, you can enter toilets the way Mario goes down pipes and your attacks involve throwing boogers, burping, and farting on your enemies.
    • And in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, meeting Punio with Koops active makes Koops remark at some point that X-Nauts "sound like tissues... to the extreme." Get it?
      • Additionally, you do use toilets once to get from one room to another, and your partners have various things to say about the trip.
  • In both The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages, a sidequest involves giving a piece of paper from a hand that comes out of a toilet to wipe with. In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, some of the pigs in the game fart when you pick them up.
    • Also in Majora's Mask, you can use the Mask of Scents to detect fungal growths, which you can collect for potions. One such growth is on... someone's underwear.
  • The Breath of Fire series does this not once but twice, and as actual parts of the plot at that:
    • In Breath of Fire II, there is actually a dungeon entered by jumping in a toilet.
    • In Breath of Fire IV, there is a segment where one must essentially meet up with fairies...and obtain Fairy Drops. As an intrinsic magical ingredient to reforge a broken sword. And the Drunken Master of the party even comments in horror that it's fairy shit.
  • Sinder, one of the characters in Cel Damage, constantly mentions urine. Some of his lines include: "Did you wet yourself, or did I?", "Ah, I go pee!", and "I gotta go to the bathroom." Heck, even the intro shows him leaving a yellow puddle on a rug, while the announcer mentions that he's not house-trained.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day is built on a foundation of poop jokes.
    • Really, what can you say when the best boss in the game is called the Great Mighty Poo?
    • Another Rareware example is Banjo-Kazooie. Sure, it's not to the point of Conker's Bad Fur Day, but the game still contained a lot of toilet humor. One level involves going into a sewer and has burps and farts as a part of the background music. Captain Blubber's speech sound was him burping numerous times and one mini game involves getting into an eating contest with a crocodile that burps every time it eats something. Judging by the sound effects, Kazooie also seems to fart out her eggs rather than laying them. Also, one of the random facts about Gruntilda the player can learn is that her party trick is "blowing up balloons with her butt."
    • On the topic of Rareware, one of the levels in Jet Force Gemini involves the player being eaten by a giant alien worm. Guess how you get out. Go on, guess.
    • And then there's Donkey Kong 64: one level features a giant piano that, when played, has kremlings pop out and belch. Naturally, a memory-based matching game is played using it. Also, Chunky Kong's charge-up attack features him belching loudly.
  • Deathmaze 5000 was a game for the TRS-80 in which one used the keyboard to navigate a block graphics maze. To save time and keystrokes getting to the end of a long straight hallway, you could type "fart", which would blow you down the hall until you slammed into the wall at the end.
  • From Dissidia Duodecim, after Kefka eavesdrops on Cloud and Kuja's heart to heart talk:
    Kefka Palazzo: What's this? The brooder and the narcissist having a heart-to-heart? Oh this is rich—so rich it gives me gas! Gives me gas, I say! ho ho! (farting sound) And I give it back.
  • As the name suggests, Don't Shit Your Pants is made of toilet humor, since the goal of the game is to guide the protagonist to the restroom and get him to have a successful bowel movement.
  • The Duke Nukem series has a few instances:
    • Duke Nukem 3D lets the player use the toilet to recover 10% of his health (once every 10 minutes), or he can destroy the toilet and drink the water spewing out to eventually regain all health.
    • Also in Duke Nukem 3D, the map Lunar Reactor has a "restricted area" sign above a door. The only room it leads to is the washroom.
    • Duke Nukem Forever. The trailer featured one's ability to piss forever at a urinal.
  • Playing up the toilet humour to ridiculous levels was the point of EarthBound's infamous advertising campaign; remember, this is the campaign which proclaimed its subject to be the "first RPG with BO". The game (and series) itself does touch briefly on it on occasion, but definitely nowhere near to the extent that the campaign implied.
  • The obscure puzzle game Engacho! features monsters known as the "Oops Five," which will try to cover you in a bad stench, drool, snot, a mountain of feces, or a heavy bag with legs.
  • In Fable II, you can interact with NPCs using various expressions, including burping and farting. Done right, both seem quite popular amongst Albion's inhabitants, save for the most serious citizens. But fail these and you'll have to face the rather unpleasant and disgusting consequences.
    • In Fable III, this is turned Up to Eleven. Not only can you only do both in NPCs' faces, the smell of your character's farts are so potent they make the NPC pass out during the animation.
  • Final Fantasy VII, during a cross-dress up quest, there's a man in a bar's toilet that Cloud can open. You have to give one of the medicine to help the man to relieve himself and several other toilet scenes in the towns of Rocket Town with a guy pooping in a toilet and a guy needing to use the bathroom and in Icicle Inn with a girl who punches Cloud for peeking in on her and then leaves the door closed for the duration of the game hereafter. Also, when the party infiltrates the Shinra building, they observe a secret meeting by stepping into a bathroom stall and climbing into a secret passageway located by accessing a ceiling hatch above a toilet. You also have the option to flush the toilet.
  • In Gobtron, the player character's attacks are all gross-out based. Its starting attack is a Slingsnot. Later on, it gets snot projectiles, spit bubble shields, a Smart Bomb burp, and an even stronger fart.
    • And then there's the level select/upgrade screen, an intestine covered in cysts that expand as you "upgrade" your weapons, The "start level" shows an arrow pointing to the end of the intestinal tract.
  • Speaking of Grand Theft Auto (GTA/SA to be precise), remember the poor foreman who went to take a leak in a mobile loo and ended up cemented into a hole...Judging by his comments, he probably would have preferred a clean headshot...
  • Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow is about Santa peeing out pictures in the snow.
  • Trying to access a restricted area in Jet Set Radio Future will result in Professor K saying to you, "Hey, you lookin' for a bathroom or somethin'?" Also, K says in one cutscene that he once participated in a burping contest in elementary school.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising does this from time to time.
    • During chapter 15, when Pit rests in a (yellow) hot spring, Viridi hopes for his sake that it's not some other kind of puddle.
    • Chapter 23 is the Womb Level. Naturally, Hades makes several crude jokes about how Pit is going to get out of his body, to Pit's horror.
  • Certain chapters in Lakeview Cabin Collection have a few Disgusting Public Toilets that the characters can use... with accompanying sounds. Sometimes, it's useful to grab objects out of reach.
  • In Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passing" campaign, graffiti near one of the toilets reads "NO TOILET IS SAFE FROM POOPING KEVIN!"
  • Lincoln's List, an online game based on The Loud House, has Lana keep mentioning "dung, I mean mud".
  • You can spot soldiers taking piss several times in the Metal Gear Solid games, specifically, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty even let you stand under it.
    • Metal Gear Solid made up for not being able to stand under it with being able to take piss from wolves! And this is not only comedic relief, this actually serves as a gameplay mechanic: Snake is immune to wolf attack after having wolf piss on him (the wolves will think he's one of them).
    • Series Butt-Monkey Johnny Sasaki is infamous for his stomach issues. Metal Gear Solid 4 explains that Johnny never received the nanite injections that immunize soldiers against bugs in the local water, hence his chronic dysentery. The reason? He hates needles. Ironically, this sets him up for his Moment of Awesome near the end of MGS4.
    • In a Codec converstation in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Doktor tells Raiden that in order to use a terminal, he first needs to "take a DOOMP". This catches Raiden off guard, until Doktor clarifies that he meant a digital-optical output mounted proxy.note 
  • Many MMORPG games feature "emotes" - brief animations, text, and/or sounds that let your character perform an action irrelevant to the rest of the game, such as making your character laugh, dance, or cry. It's not uncommon for such games to also include options to make your character burp and/or fart.
    • In the game files for World of Warcraft, you can find a handful of outtakes that weren't used in the game. One of which was a /joke command that would make a human female character say "I like to fart in the tub."
      • Speaking of World of Warcraft, there seems to be at least one quest per expansion that deals with...leavings. Probably the most infamous was the Alliance questline in Grizzly Hills involving Amberseeds (starting here).
    • In Free Realms, there was a period where you could use emotes to burp and fart. A later patch removed the fart emote, but it is still possible to make your character fart by doing a quest where the reward is a flatulence-causing potion.
  • MOTHER 3's final chapter includes a "special all-you-can-pee toilet dungeon."
  • Moshi Monsters: While it isn't brimming with toilet humour, there are a few toilet jokes in it.
    • Squiff the Glump (Glumps are evil blob-like creatures) is said to fart a lot as his secret weapon.
    • Wobble-Ade, a soda that sometimes acts as a Fantastic Drug, is said to make you burp, which resulted in a burping contest in the mission "The Curse of the Paw Wavin' Kitten".
      • Bongo Colada also makes you burp, which is sometimes brought up as a joke.
    • In one mission with a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot, you have to avoid "snot goblins" while piloting the ship through the nose.
    • Two ingredients for a shrinking potion are bat droppings and troll snot.
    • Poop is mentioned in one of the magazines.
  • Neopets:
    • One of the snowballs is yellow and is described as disgusting.
    • Snot is a Running Gag, with it even being something you can paint your pets with.
      • Dung is another running gag, with piles of it popping up randomly and there even being a Dung Faerie.
  • Nintendo Land seems like the kind of game where this wouldn't be present. But in the game's Pikmin themed minigame, if you're eaten by one of the creatures, you'll be ejected out as a clay turd.
  • Throughout the No More Heroes series, toilets have served as save points, with Travis dropping his drawers and copping a squat when saving progress and toilet paper "tastefully" blocking the view of Travis's genitals.
  • Ōkami allows you to urinate and defecate on enemies. (Not as bad as it sounds. The protagonist, while a goddess, is still a dog.)
  • Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is built around this, as the game centers on using burp and fart attacks as a means to fight off waves of enemies. Even three of the four playable characters' names involve "poop" or a synonym for it.
  • Stage 5 of PaRappa the Rapper has PaRappa desparately needing to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, so do his previous mentors, who are already lined up, so PaRappa engages each one of them in rapping duels in order to cut in line, with all of the mentors' lines being tailored to suit the occasion of having to go to the bathroom so badly. If he succeeds, he gets to relieve himself on the toilet. If he fails, a cutscene of a rocket taking off is shown, implying that he went in his pants.
  • German mini game Pipiprinz. Based on a Real Life event when Ernst August von Hannover would get drunk at the EXPO 2000, urinate in public, was photographed by a paparazzi and beat him up with his umbrella. What the game is about? Drink beer, urinate when "full", and beat up photographers.
  • The PlayStation 2 video game Dog's Life, which was like a Grand Theft Auto game starring a dog, allowed the player to enter certain button combinations (all of which were in the manual) to make the playable canine fart, pee and poop. Taken to the extreme in that you could also make the dog pick up his own fecal matter in his mouth and throw it at people. Because of this, the game ended up with a Teen rating, even though the rest of the game is very obviously intended for younger audiences.
  • The Pokémon series has a Vendor Trash item known as a Nugget in English and a Gold Ball (きんのたま) in Japanese. Its Japanese name happens to be one character away from a certain part of the male anatomy. Yes, jokes are made. You're selling your family jewels.
    • Stunfisk's cry sounds like flatulence. Stunky and Skuntank's do as well, which is fitting because they're Smelly Skunk Pokémon who spray noxious fluid and whose faces are shaped like buttocks.
    • Most people are inherently suspicious of the Diamond and Pearl starter Chimchar, being a chimp with flames rising from his backside, but if they aren't sure yet, the Pokedex data does the rest, "Its fiery rear-end is fueled by gas produced in its belly." Zing!
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon and it's Updated Re Release version Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon feature a sidequest in Hau'oli City's mall where you need to help the janitor clean up the place after several Pokémon ran around and left "trash" behind that you must pick up and feed to a Grimer. The last piece of "trash" is even described as being a "big surprise!".
    • Speaking of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the newly introduced Fire/Dragon type Turtonator is described in the Moon Pokédex entry as having "explosive dung" that can be put to "various uses".
  • Ratchet & Clank: Aside from being an obvious Chekhov's Gunman, the Plumber's sole purpose in life seems to be providing toilet humour... occasionally, he takes this to new extremes.
  • Redneck Rampage cruises on this with the Gut meter. Having it high will get Leonard farting increasingly often, and so hard he's pushed forward. Crouching on top of a toilet has... audibly unpleasant results, and fully empties the Gut meter.
  • This is common in games of the Shrek franchise. Given the nature of the movies they're based on...
  • In The Sims, giving a Sim a "slob" trait causes him or her to burp and fart randomly without inhibition. There's also a social interaction in which one Sim invites the other to pull their finger, followed by the expected results.
    • Messy Sims in Sims 2 will burp and fart during/after meals. Also, the Cow mascot in University will burp in Sims faces, and some will like it and burp back!
  • Lampshaded in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 2: Strong Badia The Free by clicking on the Toilet.
    Strong Bad: Ah, toilet humor.
    Strong Bad: Oh, potty humor.
    Strong Bad: Uh, commode humor.
  • Nekomaru Nidai from Super Danganronpa 2 fits this trope very much the point where NintendoCapriSun would be proud of him. He often declares that some great life rules to follow are to "EAT WELL, AND SHIT WELL!" and during the party in the first chapter, Nidai ended up desperately having to go to the bathroom, but Pekoyama was occupying it, which by itself is also funny, considering the character. Also, when Nidai and Hinata briefly team up in Chapter 4, Mecha-Nidai always pauses in front of bathrooms to stare unhappily and also mentions that the inability to poop is one of the few things he regrets about his robotic condition.
  • In Super Paper Mario, O'Chunks farts to fly away after being defeated in battle. There's also a Potty Emergency where Squirps needs to go to the bathroom but can't get in until you give its current occupant a piece of paper. This later results in Tippi calling him an incontinent little imp.
  • In Team Fortress 2, one of the Sniper unlocks is Jarate, a jar of pee he can use to throw at enemies. It also extinguishes teammates that are on fire from an enemy Pyro.
    • A few days before the short "Meet the Medic" was released, the TF2 website was updated to have Medic's pigeons perched on the logo banner, and pigeon poop splattered all over it.
    • One server (The Snack Shack) has a custom map called "Poodoo", which is the Hoodoo Payload map, except the cart is now a cart of poop, the ground is made of poop, and the water is diarrhea.
    • One of Merasmus's lines is "POOP! POOP IN YOUR PUMPKIN PANTS!!!"
  • Marshall Law's ending in Tekken 6 has him make off with the prize money he earned together with Paul and Steve by putting laxatives in their pizza and escaping while they're... out.
    • Kuma,and by extension Panda, ever after Tekken 7 (at least) has had a move where Kuma will fart. Also, in Street Fighter X Tekken, Kuma's fart is the strongest move in the entire game. (It does % %137 damage but is hard as hell to hit)
  • The PC Engine game Toilet Kids is like Xevious if it were full of toilet humour. Enemies range from turtles with poop shells to toilets that shoot dungballs at you. Good thing it was never exported. Ditto for Kato & Ken, not counting its bowdlerized localization JJ & Jeff.
  • Pretty much the entire point of the indie Xbox 360 arcade game, Try Not to Fart, in which the goal is to hold it all in near your date.
  • The Urinal Game is about Male Restroom Etiquette.
  • The comedy in the Wario series in general, spun off from the Mario series, is made up of an extensive combination of toilet humor and just inexplicably random jokes.
  • Wizkid's farting volcanoes.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB, while in Hell's dungeon, Yugi can find a bathroom with urinals but no toilets. He can also find someone attempting to use said bathroom.

    Web Animation 
  • Early in the The Frollo Show Frollo masturbates to put out a fire, and a few other jokes that involve toilet humor are made. The toilet humor goes away as the series progresses though and it may be considered a part of the Early Installment Weirdness.
  • This is the entire point of the Poopsmith in Homestar Runner.
    The presentation ends, and Homestar starts laughing immaturely.
    Marzipan: Homestar, is there something you want to add?
    Homestar: Uh, Teacher, if Spaceman makes bafroom in his pants, does he go boom?note 
    Homestar stars laughing, with Strong Mad and Homsar joining in.
    Strong Bad: Shut up, you little worse-than-homeschoolers. Show some respect! What kind of question is that to ask a Strong Badian Hero. If Spaceman makes bafroom in his pants does he go boom. Actually a pretty funny question now that I think about it at length. I mean I've often wondered what would happen if I were to make bafroom in my pants... I might go boom!
    • In the beginning of the Strong Bad Email "long pants", Strong Bad skim-reads an email that is too long for him and so shortens it more to his liking, making it something of a word salad. He takes part of the message that reads, "I don't care, just get him [Homestar] some pants! Tootles!", and shortens it so that it now reads, "Some ants toot".
    Strong Bad: Now there's an email worth answering. Some ants toot, tee-hee!
  • Jaiden Animations:
    • One of the things Jaiden is afraid of is loud-flushing toilets.
    • She wrote a video called "Hide and Pee", about hiding in the bathtub during Hide and Seek and seeing a man peeing.
  • This bit about a farmer who makes a mistake.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: Deandra heavily averts Nobody Poops and is pretty much a walking source of Toilet Humor.
  • Napster Bad, especially with the character Nutty McShithead, who is literally a humanoid Talking Poo (and Nausea Fuel incarnate).
  • There's tons of it in Smosh Babies. Of course, given the ages of the main characters, this is to be expected in every episode.
  • The Odd Ones Out made a video called "Peeing Yourself".
  • Some of the True Stories on Planet Dolan talk about things like a boy shouting, "How do I piss?!" and a girl getting caught trying to pee outside.

  • Translations Gone Wrong has a few badly-translated words that sound like potty words.
    • "Meme Seed" has "slam slam pee", "our hooves give snot", and "oh, can't find the loo, I am full ready to bust, I'll settle for a vase".
    • "The Laughter Song" has "she bicycles on my pee".
    • "Bats!" has "can't shit here".
  • In this so-called Literal Music Video of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic song "Flim Flam Brothers' Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", it sometimes strays from being literal to make a joke: two of those jokes were "We all dance very awkwardly because now we all have to pee" and "Those apples are added with Chemical X to make a Top Notch cider that will make your pee blood red and lose all of your functionality."

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • Allison Pregler seems to have a thing for fart jokes. She seems to have made them more often than any other TGWTG reviewer.
    "I don't care, that's why I get paid to be a critic and you don't."
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd, specifically diarrhea in this case.
    • "He'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear."
  • Bad Lip Reading has lots and lots of toilet humour. Rick Perry pooed in space, Katniss Everdeen has the squirts, Rick Santorum thinks diarrhea is OK and once let it shoot out for half a block, Newt Gingrich went poo-poo in the egg salad, and Selina Meyer pooed into her sheets.
  • Console Wars:
    • Used at the end of the Beauty and the Beast episode. After beating the two licensed games based on the movie, the curse over the talking SNES and Genesis is broken, turning them into a talking bedpan and a talking toilet paper roll, respectively. Unfortunately for them, Greg drank too much beer and Dan ate too much beans, and there's no nearby bathroom.
    • The Boogerman episode is filled with this. Then again, considering the game being reviewed, it should come as no surprise.
  • Averted in Destroy the Godmodder. A certain player attempted a string of toilet humour based attacks, they were all blocked as being [expletive]
  • Many cartoons on Flowgo are full of toilet humor.
  • YouTube LPer NintendoCapriSun is quite reputable for this.
    "Get some more toilet paper!"
    "You know, IN THE BATHROOM!"
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors: Sam often talks about "taking a dump" (often of the diarrhea variety), and his "diarrhea-infested toilet".
  • Retarded 64: This happens in the FIRST EPISODE... Princess Peach farts out a shopping list and it hits Mario right in the noggin. Ooooh, that's nasty. It is rather vague if this counts since it's the projectile that does the harm, not the fart.
  • RockedReviews uses a farting/excreting sound effect whenever talking about Metallica's Load and ReLoad. He even hopes that his fans will now associate those two albums with that sound effect.
  • In "I REFUSE TO DIE-Respawn Man (Part 1/4)" on Santoro Gaming, Matt plays Respawn Man, a game where he plays as a character who can come back to life numerous times and leave his corpses behind when he dies. In one part of the video, his character dies, and Matt comedically replays it, because he finds the sound of his character’s death that sounds like him crapping himself funny.
  • The SCP Foundation has SCP-789-J, the Butt Ghost, a ghost that lives in a toilet.
    • SCP-666 1/2 -J is this (specifically, the food poisoning sort) taken Up to Eleven. It describes in excruciating, over the top, hammy, and flowery detail the effects on the bowels of anyone who eats it, playing it for Narm Charm.
  • Almost every story in the Legatum series is bound to have some form of scatological humor or a minimum of one Gasshole, since the series takes place during The Dung Ages.
    • Smirvlak's Stone is full of this. It isn't uncommon for one of the characters to use their farts or bodily waste to gross out others in an attempt at humor.
    • The Green Wanderer has a lot less scatological humor compared to Smirvlak's Stone. Nevertheless, the story contains a scene where an orc farts nonstop in his sleep and his companion is forced to leave because of the stench, and another scene where a filthy cyclops tries to get an orc to scratch his feces-laden ass.
    • Help Not Wanted has two instances where Ogrell the ogre intentionally shits himself so the stench will ward off predators. He also wakes up Groshlar, Grovmar, Bunng and Krumvell by farting very noisily while they're sleeping.
  • Star Farts and The Empire Farts Back.
  • A brave soul watched through several hours of footage from televangelist Robert Tilton's show Success-N-Life, compiled his often strange facial expressions and exclamations, and added well-timed farts for a video series known as The Farting Preacher. The series dates all the way to the early '80s and is still going today.
    • It's also expanded out a bit on YouTube, with other televangelists like Kerney Thomas, John Hagee and Kenneth Copeland getting the spotlight. Turns out, weird twitches and sudden outbursts are just something a lot of TV preachers just do, which makes a lot of them ripe for parody.
  • Defied in The 10 CRAZIEST Scientific Theories About Existence! by Matt Santoro. Matt is about to make a poop joke, but decides not to, because he wants to keep the video highbrow.
  • That Guy with the Glasses
    • During The Nostalgia Critic's review for Battlefield Earth, after asking one of the aliens from the film how they conquered Earth despite their bad war tactics, the alien revealed his race won because they fart atomic bombs.
    • At the end of his review of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, the movie transformed the Critic into sentient feces.
    • He also uses it during The Star Wars Holida Special.
    • Done with astonishing care and precision in his Master of Disguise review, which features the incarnate spirit of the movie's recurring flatulence joke.
    • In a Bum Review for "The Nerd vs NC: The Final Battle," Chester A. Bum stated, "I can make fireballs too! All I need is a lighter and a can of beans. You may think that joke's beneath me... but it's not."
    • In his Eight Crazy Days review, the Critic gets annoyed by a scene which involves reindeer eating feces and keeps referencing it in his angry comments about the movie (at least when he isn't complaining about Whitey's annoying voice). Later on we get the "Happy Madison Audience" who laugh hysterically at the mention of "poop". He later lures the "Happy Madison Audience into a room simply by releasing excrement and then pointing it out, before throwing inside a grenade and locking the door.
  • Parodied in Third Rate Gamer with So Unfunny, It's Funny Toilet Humour. From the Yoshi's Island "review":
    TRG: Shy Guy? More like Crap Guy! (Fart noise) (A picture of a turd appears on the Shy Guy)
  • Maximus Slade from T.O.T. is fond of this type of humor, along with Black Comedy. Chapter 7 shows him farting in a vandal's face, peeing on a jack-o-lantern and a man's slippers, and later having his farts lit on fire.
  • TV Go Home featured a recurring series of (thankfully fictional) films entitled Widdleplop Farm where the hapless farmer (as played by Ralph Fiennes) was continually showered in animal faeces in increasingly ridiculous circumstances. The descriptions of his ordeal were... less than wholesome, to the extent that they Crossed The Line Twice.
  • Most scenes in the Whateley Universe that include Miasma. His superpower? Farts. Even his friends give him grief about this. Unless he's giving someone grief using his superpower.
  • A Zero Punctuation video is apparently never complete without a visual-assisted pun on crap, usually the "full of" or "cramming down people's throats" variety.
  • A Brazilian meme involved mixing the digestion-helping yogurt Activia with something else leading to scatological phrases (the original was "I mixed Activia and Johnnie Walker. I'm shitting and walking".)
  • One of Father's Day e-cards offered by features a kid coming home to find his dad on the toilet and reacts in disgust at the horrid smell. The video is accompanied by a Bad to the Bone parody song about the dad's toilet habits ad the video itself includes shots of the dad on the toilet, complete with various farting sounds and noxious green fumes.

    Western Animation 
  • In Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, there's enough toilet humor to go around, considering that toilets themselves are the main method of transporation.
  • A common occurrence in The Adventures of Figaro Pho. Even the villains are prone to doing things like farting.
  • On Adventure Time, one could probably make a good Drinking Game from every reference to butts, farts, and the like. Also:
    Lumpy Space Princess: AAAAAGH!! I'M DYING!! (flushes toilet)
  • Happens in Arthur's Perfect Christmas. D.W. thinks that she sees Santa Claus in the bathroom (it's actually her and Arthur's Uncle Fred, wearing a red shirt and with shaving cream on his face) so she goes to get her parents. By the time she gets back, Fred has left the bathroom and Arthur has entered and is having a pee when Dad opens the door to check D.W.'s claim. This leads Arthur to exclaim "Can't a kid get any privacy around here?!" (The answer - no - he had to put with D.W. during his oatmeal bath for his chicken pox in "Arthur's Chicken Pox" also.)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • In the episode "The Boy in the Iceberg", Aang comes out of the igloo that serves as the bathroom pulling up his pants claiming in a happy tone that EVERYTHING freezes in it.
    • In "The Winter Solstice Part 1", Sokka gets trapped in the Spirit World and 24 hours later after coming out desperately needing to use the bathroom.
    • Again in "The Fortuneteller", where Aang uses the "I have to use the bathroom" excuse to see what Katara and Aunt Wu are talking about. When he gets back Sokka states he had a good bathroom break. Aang proceeds to tell what he actually did but is stopped when Sokka says "I don't want to even know!"
    • Again in "The Avatar and Fire Lord", when the scene of the the flashbacks cuts to a disturbed Sokka and Katara. The scene then shows Aang get up, face them, gets in a squatting position, grunts to relieve himself then SMILES. It cuts back to Katara and Sokka. Katara asks if there are any Bathrooms in the Spirit World but Sokka states there is none from his experience there back earlier in the series. Then it cuts back to Aang who is STILL smiling and STILL squatting.
  • Beavis and Butt-Head uses this as the basis for more than half the jokes.
  • Bob's Burgers veers into toilet humor frequently, like a shopping cart with a bad wheel in the toilet humor aisle - perhaps to be expected with three school-age kids in the family. One episode, in fact, was all about son Gene befriending a high-tech toilet in a parody of E.T.
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command had one moment where Team Lightyear was placed on speed trap duty as a result of a botched meeting with a group of aliens who resemble toilets. After Team Lightyear accidentally said some rather "sensitive" terms to the aliens, which were toilet-related puns, the meeting was ultimately botched when Booster had to use one of said toilet-aliens as the object they resembled in a bathroom emergency, as the other restrooms were closed for cleaning.
  • CatDog had a few bathroom jokes, a fair amount of them happening in "The Great Parent Mystery", which included a butt-shaped UFO landing on a rock formation shaped like a toilet and the fight between the McDogs and the Catfields featuring a dog who stands in front of a hose spraying water at an angle that makes it look like he is peeing.
  • The ChalkZone episode "The Big Loo" was about the main characters encountering a forest of musical toilets. Snap is also implied to relieve himself in one of the toilets off-screen.
  • This happens on Codename: Kids Next Door a few times (not just in episodes where the Toilenator is featured, mind you).
    • For example, in "Operation: B.R.I.E.F.S.", when the Delightful Children send a hitman named Mr. White (a living pair of underwear) after Number One, and it attacks him — and he's in the bathroom — his teamates mistakenly believe his screams mean he's constipated.
      Numbuh Five: Uh... You're doin' fine, boss... I'm sure you've got it in ya...
      Numbuh Three: Maybe he needs a magazine...
    • And it gets even worse when he rushes out of the door:
      Numbuh Two: Oh, I know what you mean, mine rides up all the time, even the ones with the little rocket ships...
  • Cow and Chicken: In the episode "Chicken in the Bathroom", Chicken is lying in the bathtub refusing to take a bath, while his parents need to pee.
  • On Creative Galaxy, in "A State of the Arty Sign," Captain Paper at one point jokingly suggests as they're trying to decide what type of paper to use for Arty's sign that Arty draw his sign on toilet paper.
  • The original Danger Mouse (1981-92) went through ten separate series without employing toilet humor (understandable for the first nine series as toilet humor had not permeated kidvid at the time). The 2015 reboot scuttles all that from the outset when Penfold—looking for a place to relieve himself—accidentally causes a sentient toilet named "Loo-cifer" to turn malevolent.
  • This is a huge chunk of the humor in The Day My Butt Went Psycho!. What did you expect from a show about sentient butts?
  • Many of the jokes in Drawn Together rely on this. It was even used as a plot point on at least one occasion when Spanky left the show because critics thought his fart jokes detracted from the show.
  • Family Guy indulges in it frequently.
    • The episode "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High" gives us the following Opening Narration as a parody of Law & Order:
      "In the television comedy world, the people are entertained by two separate yet equally important types of shows: traditional sitcoms that get laughs out of everyday situations like trying to fix your own plumbing or inviting two dates at the same dance, and animated shows that make jokes about farting. This is the latter."
    • Peter Griffin himself indulges on toilet humor and goes into a laughing fit whenever someone just mentions doody or a variation of it. One example of this when Peter and Joe talk about jury duty:
      Joe: So you laughed when you heard there was fecal matter involved?
      Peter: Huh?
      Joe: Waste.
      Peter: What?
      Joe: Doody.
      Peter: Haha!
    • Lois in at least one episode of early season of the show wasn't immune to this trope either. She would go into a giggling fit when Peter said something dirty, but she slowly grew out of it. On the other hand in a more recent episode she actually had a fart scene (the only member of the family not to have one up to that point)
    • In the episode "The Splendid Source", Peter craps his pants every time anyone mentions the Orphaned Punchline of "the world's funniest dirty joke".
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum uses it quite often. Seeing how unserious this show is about itself, it indulges a Take That Me in the episode "Little Glop of Horrors".
    Fanboy: Hey Kyle! It's pizza day! Come play pizza monkeys with us!
    Kyle: You two are... pizza monkeys? What do you do, throw your poopparoni?
    [Fanboy and Chum Chum burst out with laughter]
    Kyle: [sighing] I'm witty day after day — and this is what they laugh at.
  • Fleabag Monkeyface is full of it.
  • The Freakazoid! episode "Sewer or Later" is built around this.
  • In one episode of Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, ("It's in Nana's Room") they keep getting pooped on by a bird.
  • Hotel Transylvania: The Series has some toilet humor.
    • A major plot point of the episode "Bad Friday" is that everyone at the hotel has assumed that a blood-curdling scream is the result of Mavis successfully scaring a human, when what really happened was that Mavis screamed in response to witnessing a diaper change.
    • In "Buggin' Out", it is mentioned that Hank uses Pedro's wrappings to wipe his butt and Mavis has the embarrassing secret of breaking wind in her coffin when no one is looking.
    • The episode "Phlegm Ball" revolves around a sport similar to basketball that uses a ball made of snot and has Hank and Pedro laughing at Mavis' cousin Klaus whenever he refers to his partner as his "number two".
  • Jane and the Dragon: Some episodes have scenes where Dragon farts. Not to mention one episode had the characters playing dung wars.
  • The Jimmy Two-Shoes episode "The Big Drip" was actually been held over from airing on Disney XD in America because of this (the plot was abot Jimmy having a Potty Emergency). A bowdlerized version of the episode was eventually released, but it's still a pretty weird reason to not air an episode, considering that Jimmy Two-Shoes is a Sadist Show set in Hell with Black Comedy and cruel, often violent slapstick humour.
  • In Kappa Mikey, there was the occasional fart/burp joke with Gonard. Also at the beginning of the episode, "Live LilyMu," Mitsuki accidentally eats ice cream with some prank farting powder on it and throughout the rest of the episode, she farts several times (though she tries to hold them in), much to the annoyance of the audience and the other cast members.
  • Kulipari: An Army of Frogs has this come up a few times, namely with Nogo:
    • Season 1 has Nogo rushing to take a huge dump in an outhouse, and Darel is forced to follow him inside so he can snag a pair of keys from him. Poor Darel doesn't get the keys until after Nogo finishes using the bathroom.
    • Season 2 has Nogo ripping a huge fart while he, Skink and Killara are walking up a staircase and sneaking through Lord Darkan's palace. When Skink asks where the noise came from, he shamelessly farts in front of her again to calm her nerves.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • In the episode "The Voice in the Night" at one point Tenzin has to chase after his son Meelo, who has apparently decided that something at the fancy party they're at is a toilet. In fact, Meelo does this often, airbending his farts and claiming he has to poop at the worst times.
    • In The Aftermath when the butler opens the door Bolin is literally holding himself and says "Emergency, emergency coming through, beep beep!" WHILE running leaving a trail to the bathroom.
    • In "Out of the Past", Mako and Bolin are in a prison cell and Bolin is trying to relieve himself in the corner when the girls arrive. At the end of the scene Lin metalbends his fly because he forgot to zip up.
    • Varrick has a platapus bear costume that can "poop" money.
  • Little Princess has several Toilet Humour moments.
    • During "I Want a Best Friend", the Princess's baby brother messes his diaper, then farts.
    • In "I Want Baked Beans", the Princess says her baked beans look like rabbit poos.
    • In "I Want to Be Taller", the Princess tries to make herself taller with compost, and compost is later used to help grow the General's moustache iin "I Can Keep a Secret".
    • In "I Want My Voice Back", the Princess tries to point to her potty, but due to having lost her voice, the General brings down a bucket, which she pees in.
  • Warner Bros. cartoons generally averted this, but probably has the earliest instances of toilet humor. 1938's "Porky's Badtime Story" (remade in 1944 as "Tick Tock Tuckered") has a leaky roof that deposits rain drops on the bed on which Porky and Gabby Goat (Daffy Duck in 1944) are sleeping. Gabby (Daffy) wakes up, sees the puddle between him and Porky and gives Porky a rather irritated look.
  • In The Loud House episode "Potty Mouth", when Lisa is asked to act like a one-year-old she poops her diaper (she was pretending to be Lily). There's also jokes throughout the series about dirty diapers, Lori farting, and occasionally Lisa studying poop.
  • Mega Babies. Pretty much every episode is FULL of toilet humor. Even the intro sequence shows the three protagonists literally making mountains of poop in their diapers!
  • Milly Molly has Alf's dog, who's named Puddles because he pees on things.
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey: The gym partner who's a monkey talks about his butt a lot and in one episode, he mistakes a volcano project for an "exploding toilet".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has made several references to this particular biological function:
    • In "Winter Wrap Up", when Twilight Sparkle fails to make a decent bird's nest, Rarity tries to sugarcoat it by suggesting the birds can use it for something else — and Spike suggests, "An outhouse?"
    • In "Sweet and Elite", one of Rarity's excuses to switch parties is that she has to "use the little filly's room".
    • Most notably, "Baby Cakes" has diaper changing among the many responsibilities of babysitting... and judging from the stench lines, it's for that reason.
    • In "The Last Roundup", Pinkie Pie has a Potty Emergency after a long train ride and uses the outhouse after Applejack.
    • In "Apple Family Reunion", after Pinkie Pie drinks honey straight from a bee hive, she burps out a bee.
    • The Pinkie Pie's Playhouse Newborn Cuties playset has a toilet included. In the ad, the girl says "Uh oh! Pinkie Pie's gotta go!", then the camera shows her on the toilet, which plays music.
    • The bar is set early, when Twilight is reading a book on Perplexing Pony Plagues in hopes of finding more information on The Cutie Pox. Despite the names not even being close to each other in any alphabetical index, the two she reads aloud before finding the one she wants information on are:
      Twilight Sparkle: Hay fever... the trots...
    • Even earlier, in "Fair Weather Friends", Rainbow Dash utters "horse apples", and in "Bridle Gossip", Applejack says "pony feathers"; both are used as Hold Your Hippogriffs for Oh, Crap!.
  • The majority of Nina Needs to Go is about a girl who needs to go to the bathroom.
  • On PB&J Otter, the abundance of this has provided fuel for those who already dislike the show.
    • In "Watchbird Alert", Cap'n Crane: "And here's a hankie, in case you get a booger."...gets some giggles from Peanut and Butter from saying this
    • "The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw" has a running gag with Flick getting a wedgie.
    • In "Three's a Crowd", Opal says she has to change a "poopy diaper." Yes, from the creators that brought us Doug.
    • In "Gizmotronictron Raffle"
      Munchy: What's a poop deck?
      Flick: Don't ask.
  • Peg + Cat:
    • The episode "The Potty Problem" focuses on a rambunctious alien Big Mouth needing to be potty trained because on his planet, everyone poops and pees where they are.
    • One scene inolving toilet paper features in "The Giant Problem".
    • In "The Butter Problem", Cat asks a cow squirming (actually because she needed to be milked) if she needed to go to the bathroom.
  • Phineas and Ferb has it every now and then, but one of the most notable examples is in "Tree to Get Ready", when Doofenschmirtz invents the "Poop-inator", a device that makes his army of pigeons crap on whatever target he wants them to.
  • The 1942 Popeye cartoon "You're A Sap, Mr. Jap" ends with the defeated Japanese boat having sunk and the Japan flag circling around to the sound of a toilet flushing.
  • Popples:
    • In the episode "Museum Peace", the Pufflings turn into a bird and drop an egg on one of the Popples. In case you don't know, this is a kid-friendly version of birds pooping on people's heads!
    • In the episode "The Jellybean Jamboree", Party uses a toilet plunger to grab a lollipop painting off the wall. Maybe she has a toilet in her pouch!
  • Pororo the Little Penguin:
    • In "Crong's Stomach Pain", Crong is told when to poop by a poo-poo fairy.
    • In "I Am Not a Bed-Wetter", Pororo and Crong wet the bed.
  • A good bit of toilet humor can be found on The Powerpuff Girls, most notably in the episode "Pee Pee G's," where one of the girls is presumed to be a bed-wetter.
  • Ren and Stimpy had plenty of toilet humor like every now and then Stimpy would fart. One episode dealt with Stimpy searching for his missing fart cloud, and in an Adult Party Cartoon one gag dealt with the fire chief's constipation and finally taking a huge dump and wiping himself with Stimpy's shirt.
  • In Rocko's Modern Life characters like Heffer and Spunky would often fart.
  • Rugrats: Of course, given the age of the main characters, it's expected in each episode. Particularly the episode "Runaway Angelica":
    Chucky: [as it's starting to rain] We better get inside before we get wet.
    Phil: [patting his diaper] I'm already wet!
    Lil: [also patting her diaper] Me too!
  • Since 1969, Scooby-Doo has played it cozy and upon entering the scatalogically innundated 90s and new millenium, it had successfully shied away from toilet humor. Then Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated came along in 2010.
  • 6teen is rifle with fart jokes and bathroom humor.
  • In Smurfs: The Lost Village, when Brainy tries to impress the Smurfettes with his knowledge on the chalkboard, Hefty draws a little cloud on the chalkboard behind Brainy to suggest that he just passed gas.
  • South Park has heaps of it.
    • Terrence and Phillip's shtick is deliberately nothing but this - they were in fact created when Matt and Trey read a critics review stating how South Park was nothing more than badly animated characters telling fart-jokes for 20 minutes. They thought that sounded like a great idea.
    • In "Spontaneous Combustion," people are urged to stop holding in their farts so they don't combust and "More Crap" revolves around Randy Marsh trying to break the world record for taking the largest dump and the previous record holder was Chaz Bono.
    • In "You're Getting Old", everything turns to shit. Literally.
    • "Reverse Cowgirl" is toilet humor that actually focuses on the damn toilet.
    • One of the running gags of "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" is Cartman's terrible diet giving him diarrhea, to the point that he farts constantly (at one point sharts his underwear) and has a live-action scene of his actor squatting over the side of the boat as a hose clearly resting between his legs sprays brown sludge. Mr. Hankey rescues them from boredom and brings the group home in his various vehicles made of magic feces.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Patrick has to pee!
    "Oh, that's real nice."
  • The humor in Squirrel Boy is nothing more but butt jokes and close ups of a certain character's butt.
  • Star Wars Resistance: In "Secrets and Holograms", Torra tries to get out of her room by telling family droid 4D-M1N that her pet Buggles needs to go out or he'll have an accident, which causes the droid to note that the last time that happened, it was "disgusting". Then, when 4D catches Torra sneaking out because Buggles saw her, the droid is prevented from pursuing because Buggles then pees purple all over the floor, causing her to repeat her "disgusting" statement in the exact same robotic tone.
  • The later seasons of Superjail! veer more into this than the first ten episodes (and pilot) did.
    • "Gay Wedding"'s climax features Jean and Paul being forced to reconcile by the staff — via having their sloppy joe sandwiches spiked with laxatives and the only two stalls they can use being neighboring ones.
    • "Ghosts" had evil spirits released into Superjail via the Warden farting them out of his unconscious body, as well as a sequence where the Warden is dragged through the sewers and explodes out of Jared's toilet (covering the bathroom in a mess that you'd expect).
    • "The Trouble with Triples" had the Twins wind up humiliated by their elder siblings by being fed to an alien creature that proceeded to messily defecate them out.
    • However, season 1 itself did have the throwaway gag in "Ladies' Night" that illustrated the Mistress' complaint about Superjail being a "stinky, dirty zoo": Several inmates are shown behaving like chimpanzees and throwing their own poop at each other.
    • Season 3 in general seemed to up the fart jokes and toilet humor, with one example even taking place during a fight in the bathroom stalls ("Stingstress"). "Superfail" and "Special Needs" also both had similar gags of Alice farting (and both were by the same writer), either from squeezing her legs around "Sweet Cheeks"' head or from the Warden squeezing her buttocks.
  • In Tak and the Power of Juju, not only that Lok had mentioned toilet brush, but many of the "human" characters look like poops with eyeballs.
  • Teen Titans Go! has an episode called "Serious Business" where lots of jokes focus on the "pee pee dance" and the bathrooms are sentient.
  • Timon & Pumbaa, being a spinoff of The Lion King, has plenty of jokes involving Pumbaa's farts, to the point that at one point, they even sing about it!
  • Total Drama:
    • On Total Drama Island, Owen is pretty much entirely fart jokes. The fact that he appears so frequently quickly made him a Creator's Pet.
    • The spinoff Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race has it too but not to the same extent. Owen is back so he contributes most of it but MacArthur and Spud do some too.
  • In Wabuu - the cheeky raccoon by Dingo Pictures, two birds are shitting the main character raccoon in the face to take revenge on him because he likes to prank the other animals.
  • The Wander over Yonder episode "The Party Poopers" is eleven minutes filled with as many butt- and poop-based puns and double entendres as the writers could get away with. It starts with Wander and Sylvia visiting the "Hi-Nee" Council during a "full moon" and gets worse from there. Craig McCracken himself said "We wanted to try and make a cartoon filled with nothing but low brow and crass jokes, but do it in a way where you actually don’t see anything gross or disgusting."
  • Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? dabbled with this in two episodes.
    • "Embarrassment" has Robot Jones' nervousness cause his exhaust to malfunction whenever he tries to speak to his crush Shannon. Every time this happens, it looks like he is farting.
    • At one point in "Family Vacation", Robot Jones needs his oil changed. His need for an oil change is treated like him needing to use the bathroom and is eventually resolved when he runs into a bathroom stall and unleashes a big mess of oil, exiting with a relieved expression on his face.

    Real Life 
  • Older Than Dirt: The oldest known joke of any kind comes from a Sumerian tablet dated to c. 1900 BCE. It's a fart joke:
    "Something which has never occurred since time immemorial - a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap."
  • Flatuists, A.K.A. professional farters, are people paid to fart on command. The earliest known flatuist was mentioned by St. Augustine of Hippo in his book, "City of God", which was written in the 5th Century A.D. One 12th-century Englishman by the name of Roland was given a feudal grant of 110 acres in Suffolk provided that every year he would, on Christmas Day, entertain the King by performing "altogether, and at once, a leap, a puff, and a fart." He and his descendants did so for 200 years.
  • "Fart Proudly" was the title of an essay by Benjamin Franklin. You read that right.
  • The Maasai people of Tanzania, a nomadic tribe known for wearing toga-like wraps instead of Western apparel, refer to Westerners as iloredaa enjekat, or "those who hold their farts in with trousers".
  • Leslie Nielsen's gravestone reads "Let 'er rip."
  • Comedian Michael Bentine recalls his life as Intelligence Officer to an Australian bomber squadron during WW2. The Germans made a war crimes protest to Switzerland that had to be investigated at the highest levels and which led back to Bentine's squadron, who had been indenting for more than the usual amount of replacement chemical toilets, claiming the onboard lavatories had been damaged beyond repair by enemy flak. It turned out that every time the toilets got full, rather than have them drained and cleaned on return to base, the earthy Aussies had been ejecting them over German towns and cities as an additional, unofficial, weapon of war, hoping to splash the maximum possible number of Germans as a courtesy detail to go with the bombs. The Germans protested formally about noxious chemical warfare, the Swiss Red Cross formally investigated, and all RAF crews were officially forbidden to empty aircraft toilets over Germany....
  • Most gift shops for any rural or semi-rural destination will have novelty items befitting this trope, such as toy animals that "defecate" at will, chocolate candies that resemble the droppings of local fauna, or T-shirts with illustrations and jokes along those lines.
  • The "poop cake" story.

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