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Those protective goggles are really handy!

"I still don't like changing diapers, but ever since Ham came along my reflexes have really improved."
Darryl MacPherson, Baby Blues

Any time hilarity ensues because someone without experience is taking care of a baby, you can expect the writers to bring out the horrible and dreaded act of The Diaper Change for quick and easy Toilet Humour. This is frequently taken one step further when the child in question is a boy, since the infant will frequently "open fire" on his caretaker mid-way through.

Truth in Television, as anyone with any significant experience in caring for babies will confirm. Hardly exclusive to boys in real life, note  but in fiction it's only ever really brought up with them since they're the ones with a... um... spout.

See Urine Trouble, which covers incidents involving animals.


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  • There was a horrifying commercial by Huggies, (what else) a diaper brand that showed a father taking his baby into a bedroom to change him. That baby "opens fire" all over the ceiling but the stream stops instantly when the diaper is closed.

     Anime and Manga 
  • An episode of Sailor Moon during the "Eiru and An" arc featured Mamoru caring for a baby named Manami. An got this when she tried changing Manami's diaper. It's hinted that Manami may have done it on purpose, due to sensing An's actual nature as an alien.
  • Koharu Biyori: Yui of this ecchi series has this happen to her while babysitting. Worse, the accident causes a short in the Robot Girl's system that deletes all the baby care information she had downloaded specifically for the task.
  • Akkan Baby: When Shigeru and Yuki find themselves looking after an abandoned infant, they inadvertently give him this opportunity.
  • In the episode of Tenchi Muyo! where the gang have to take care of Tenchi's baby cousin, Ryoko catches a dose of this trying to change Taro's diaper.
  • Inuyasha: Just about anytime Miroku is mistaken for a toilet by a little toddler... Miroku is the one who ends up running away with the kid to a bathroom yelling "You know better than to pee there!" or "The toilet's over here!".
  • In a filler episode of Kyo Kara Maoh!, perpetual sycophant Stoffel tries to win points with Yuuri by helping him to change the diaper of a baby that he and Wolfram have been tasked with looking after. Since Stoffel makes for a delightfully unsympathetic Chew Toy, this trope naturally ensues.
  • In an episode of Onegai My Melody, Kuromi gets peed on by Baku's young baby sister, Bako.
  • The Beast Wars Neo episode "Attack! Randy" has the Predacons attempt to kidnap a mammalian alien baby and use the child as leverage to force the Maximals to surrender the Angolmois capsule found on the baby's home planet. At one point, the baby pees in the face of DNAVI, the Predacons' navigational computer.

     Films — Animated 
  • The Rugrats Movie:
    • During the newborn babies' musical number "This World is Something New to Me", all of them tinkle in unison like a fountain at the end.
    • When the older babies attempt to change Dil's diaper, Dil pees on them.
  • Unstable Fables: In "Three Pigs and a Baby", Lucky pees on the pigs while getting his diaper changed in one scene.

     Films — Live-Action 
  • In Three Men and a Baby. (Although it was with a baby girl in this case.) Don't use your expensive leather couch as a place to change diapers.
  • In Fatso. A flashback to the amply-contoured Domenico’s childhood shows the boy getting whizzed on by baby bro Francesco during a diaper change, much to his shock and disgust.
  • In Riding in Cars with Boys the main character gets it right in the mouth as she struggles to care for her newborn son. As she rants and raves and brushes her teeth her mother laughs and goes to finish the change for her.
  • At the beginning of Kung Pow! Enter the Fist, the Chosen One pees in Master Pain's Betty's face as a baby, in self defense.
  • Tim's infant son Alvey from Son of the Mask has so much urine it seems like he's doing it on purpose. And since he has special powers, being conceived while Tim was wearing the mask, he probably is.
  • In a variant, Lily Tomlin in The Incredible Shrinking Woman was nearly drowned in an unfortunate close encounter with a "Betsy Wetsy" doll.
  • In the middle of The Three Stooges movie, when the Stooges disguise themselves as nurses in order to kill a man, the Stooges are forced to change a bunch of diapers inside of a nursery, ultimately turning this trope into a slight subverted (and rather disturbing) variation of their infamous Pie in the Face gag.
  • Shakes the Clown begins with the title clown passed out drunk in the bathroom, woken up when a kid pees in his face (but he was aiming for the toilet.)
  • Back to the Future Part III
    Marty: So you're my great-grandfather. The first McFly born in America...and you peed on me.
  • In Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Buddy Love is tricked into ingesting the youth formula turning him into a baby. Dean Richman picks him up and gets punched in the face and peed on.
  • In The Hot Rock, Dortmunder is playing with his baby niece when she starts peeing on him, and his is totally lost as to how to handle this.
  • Problem Child: In the beginning scene we see a woman walking in the rain with a basket carrying the then baby Junior to leave him in front of a house. The house's owner picks him up and wonders why someone would abandon such a beautiful baby, and she gets her answer when Junior pees on her.

  • Blaze: Blaze finds himself on the receiving end of this the first time he has to change the diaper of Joe, the baby he abducted for ransom.

    Live Action TV 

  • Expanded in How I Met Your Mother: In "Band or DJ?", Marvin is constipated. He later proceeds to have a Baby Blowout all over Marshall, during a diaper change, euphemized by Ted as confetti.

  • The Nanny: Fran is changing a baby boy's diaper when Max warns her to stand over to the side rather than in front in case of this trope, commenting that his own son was able to hit the wall clock.
  • Subverted and later played straight in the Dinosaurs episode "Nature Calls". At one point, it looks like Baby Sinclair is peeing on his dad Earl while he changes his diaper, but it turns out that Baby was just playing with a water pistol. At the end of the episode, Baby wakes up his father in the middle of the night to inform him that he's ready to begin potty-training, and the subsequent dialogue implies that Earl is trying to teach Baby to pee standing up.
    Earl: Now, imagine there's a fire and you are the fire captain. No. No. No. I'm not the fire! The fire's over there!
  • A favorite theme on America's Funniest Home Videos.
  • Chouriki Sentai Ohranger: Juri ends up on the receiving end of this in an early episode.
  • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: Umeko witnesses a regular mother going through this and laughing it off, teaching her an important lesson in motherhood (she's currently babysitting a baby alien twice her size).
  • Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Ran winds up babysitting both her teammates when they are de-aged to a kid and a baby — baby Retsu pees into her face, and gets teased about it well after he's back to normal.
  • In an episode of Diagnosis: Murder they change a baby's diaper. The pixie faced doctor comments on how babies whizz in peoples' faces when people change their diapers on TV. He then changes the baby's diaper and gets whizzed on.
  • The Lone Gunmen find themselves caring for a baby, and none of the three have a clue about baby care, with the predictable result during a diaper change.
  • Good Luck Charlie:
    • In "Baby Come Back", baby girl Charlie is mixed up with a baby boy. The kids babysitting her manage to switch her back, but are ultimately busted when none of them can explain the pee stains in the living room. Earlier in the episode, we get this:
    Teddy: (panicked) PJ?
    PJ: What?
    Teddy: You brought home the wrong baby!
    PJ: What? I did not!
    Teddy: Look, wrong parts!
    (baby emits projectile urine in PJ's face)
    Gabe: There's nothing wrong with those parts!
    • In "Teddy and the Bambino", Teddy changes Toby's diaper when she has to look after him. As if the odor causing Victor to faint isn't bad enough, Toby also pees on him.
  • In one Charmed episode, Piper changes a baby's diaper and she freezes time to dodge the urine stream.
  • Mention in an episode of Mama's Family when Thelma Harper was visiting the Lamaze class with her daughter-in-law.
    Miss Thelma Harper: ... those little pistols can hit a moving target!
  • Drake & Josh: In "Two Idiots and a Baby", Max "pees" all over Drake, Josh and Megan when he is getting his butt washed in the sink.
  • In the Smallville episode "Ageless", Clark Kent dodges the stream from a baby.
  • In the Season 3 episode, Blue Christmas, of Ally McBeal, Elaine finds an abandoned baby boy and wants to adopt him. The boy tinkles in the eyes of many of those from her office. It made Elaine invent protective goggles.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: The gender of baby Jamie was an ongoing secret — until peeing in face happened, and Hal responded "Nice try, mister!"
  • Shown in a Flashback on My Name Is Earl. Apparently, Earl started irritating his father very early in life. Unlike most examples, rather than hitting Carl in the face (while Kay changed baby Earl), the stream hit his blueberry crumble dessert.
  • Masters of Sex: A young nanny hired by Libby Masters to take care of baby John is well aware that this happens, and puts a cup over his penis when she changes his diapers.
  • Happens in Bones with baby Hank. Naturally a joke is made about him having good aim like his sniper dad.

     Newspaper Comics 
  • A strip of Baby Blues featured dad Darryl dodging, weaving, and ducking the first two panels, before finishing Ham's diaper change in the third panel. The last panel has Darryl finally saying the page quote to his wife Wanda as he holds his son.
  • Marvin's dad dreads changing him partly because of this, which Marvin actually takes some sadistic pleasure in.

     Stand-up Comedy 
  • Ray Romano notes that it's even worse when you have twins, because then they start trying to one-up each other.
    "Watch me put out his cigarette!"

     Video Games 
  • Yakuza:
    • Kiryu ends up on the receiving end of this in one of the side stories of Yakuza 4, when a baby mysteriously turns up at New Serena. Nobody there knows why it is crying, until Kiryu suggests that it may have a dirty diaper. When it falls on Kiryu to change the baby, he gets it in the face for his troubles.
    • Shows up again in Yakuza 6, except this time Kiryu is more on the ball, and parries the stream with a diaper and a fool-me-twice-shame-on-me-smile.

     Web Comics 

     Web Original 

     Western Animation 
  • The Angry Beavers episode "Daggy Dearest" has a scene where baby mongoose Gary pees in Norb's face while Daggett is changing his diaper.
  • Subverted in The Fairly OddParents! movie "Fairly Odd-Baby", where after the baby's gender is speculated over the entire story, Timmy realizes the baby is a boy when a stream of water shoots up between in the middle of a diaper change... "because boys love water guns!"
  • Family Guy: Stewie Griffin has peed on people on purpose more than once. In one Cutaway Gag, he opens fire after Peter accidentally sprinkles paprika instead of talcum powder on him during a diaper change.
  • What's with Andy?: Downplayed in "Daddy (Dad for a Week)" when Andy is changing a baby’s soiled diaper. Before he can change him, the baby pees, but thankfully no one gets hit.

     Real Life 
  • Tip for the first-time parent or inexperienced babysitter: if you need to change a diaper (especially on a male infant) do not have your face right over the baby (in fact, keeping something over the relevant body parts is a good move).


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