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Urine Trouble

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Fred Jones: Scrappy, I told you: no urinating on Daphne!
Scrappy-Doo: It was an accident!
Fred: You were marking your territory!

Everybody poops. Everybody pees, too. But some writers and artists like to take that familiar yellow substance and turn it into comedy gold.

Urine Trouble is when an animal (usually a dog) relieves itself on some inappropriate target. It can also happen to a human character. Occasionally it's a toddler or even a baby letting fly with the offending tinkle.

This is usually the unhappy fate of whatever hapless hero or character disguises himself/herself as a tree or a fire hydrant... in which case you can hardly blame the dog. It can also happen with an amnesiac human who thinks s/he's a dog, or a dog turned into a human. It is often, but not always, the last step in a Humiliation Conga.

This trope is versatile enough that symbolic peeing will do; e.g., we see an unsympathetic character drinking from a fountain, only for the shot to pull back and reveal that the fountain is shaped like a cherub urinating.

There's also the joke where a dog pees on someone and another character remarks, "He wants you for his own!", since male dogs pee on things to mark their territory.

Often a form of Vulgar Humor.

Subtrope of Toilet Humour. See also Dogs Are Dumb, I Ate WHAT?!, Cats Are Mean, Yellow Snow, Road Apples, and Dung Fu. When babies do this, it's a Tinkle in the Eye.

Compare and contrast Excrement Statement. See also Potty Emergency, Potty Failure, Nature Tinkling, Toilet-Drinking Dog Gag, Bird-Poop Gag.


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  • The commercial for Earthworm Jim 3D had a scene where Jim was walking a dog, only for the dog to pee on his leg.
  • In the Everybody Pees animated jingle by the National Kidney Foundation, the song has a lyric "Fido gets to mark his territory" and a dog is seen peeing on a couch.
  • Inverted in a Red Bull commercial; a bird poops on a man and after he drinks the aforementioned product, he grows wings, flies above the bird and unbuckles his pants.
  • There is a postcard of a cartoon with the caption "Do your cigarettes taste different lately?" The cartoon depicts a dog grinning mischievously while marking his territory on a tobacco plant.
  • One ad for litter box liners shows a cat sitting in a puddle. A blue puddle for some reason.

    Anime & Manga 
  • A cat example: The main character of Chi's Sweet Home got her name because she peed on everything but her litterbox when being trained to use itnote . Yohei remedied this by putting a peed-on sock in the litter, and Chi got the message.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • In the Dragon Ball Z Movie, Broly – Second Coming, after trying to find a moment to relieve himself, Trunks is caught by Broly and held over the larger Saiyan's head. The inevitable happens.
    • This trope was used much more often in the original Dragon Ball series, particularly in filler. Goku has caused urine trouble for Pilaf (by going on his spy camera) and Murasaki (who was disguised as a tree - genius how Goku picked him out of all the other trees...)
    • There was also the time in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone movie when Gohan, after getting drunk from eating a fruit, pees on Krillin's head. Keep in mind that Gohan was no older than 4 at the time.
  • In one episode of Dr. STONE, one of the ingredients needed for Ruri's medicine is ammonia, which is found in urine. Senku and Chrome decide to provide it themselves. Kohaku then gets furious at them because she thinks they're going to make her sister drink their pee, but they quickly explain they're just using it to treat the mixture for the medicine.
  • Lampshaded in Fullmetal Alchemist, when Ed and Al arrive at Tucker's estate, and Big Friendly Dog Alexander leaps out. When said dog is later playing with Alphonse, Ed remarks something along the lines of: "Let's hope he doesn't think Al's a hydrant!"
    • In a later incident, just before Hawkeye adopts (and names) Black Hayate, said puppy takes a leak on a wall. She proceeds to housebreak him - with a ''multiple'' warning shots.
  • In the manga of Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, Chibi does this after the pack takes him in... while he's on Moss's head.
    • In the sequel, Hougen makes it very clear that you do not, under any circumstances, disappoint him. Not only does he have some of his henchdogs rip Nero's front paws off, he proceeds to urinate on the dog's face as he dies.
  • This happens a lot in Gintama.
    • In Episode 6, Gintoki takes a piss in front of the police station after he is interrogated to show his distaste for the police force.
    • In Episode 19, Hasegawa is relieving himself off of a cliff in a flashback when a woman notices and blushes.
    • In Episode 42, Gintoki and Umibouzu pee on the giant alien they just killed as a sign of victory.
    • In Episode 53, Gintoki has to put out a fire but doesn't have any water to use, so he uses his penis to do the job for him.
    • In Episode 115, when he is lost on an island, Katsura writes a big "SOS" in the sand with his pee.
    • In Episode 190, Gintoki pisses on a mound of dirt that turns out to be a cursed cat's grave.
    • Gintoki once pisses into a river while a man (who is a little bit downstream) is trying to drink from it. When he realizes, he spits the water in disgust.
  • Happens a lot in Inubaka, which is to be expected in a series about dogs. Specifically, puppies tend to urinate in excitement every time Suguri is around.
  • In Lupin III: The Last Job a dog pees on Lupin's head, among other indignities.
  • Akamaru, of Naruto, is actually capable of pin-point projectile urination while spinning around in all directions, which Kiba calls "Dynamic Marking". This actually serves a purpose, both for tracking and as an attack (dog urine in the eye really stings). He peed on Naruto at least once when he was unconscious, because he doesn't like him.
    • And in a filler episode, Naruto himself accidentally pees on Ino off of a roof... while disguised as Ino. (And Ino mistakes it for rain...)
      Ah, what a beautiful rainbow!
    • In the original pilot manga that was submitted to Shonen Jump way back when Kishimoto was first getting started, Naruto has trapped (and evidently injured) someone who was mean to him in a hole. He then proceeds to urinate on this guy, saying it takes 10 days to get the scent out (which might have something to do with this Naruto really being a demon fox).
  • Happens offscreen in a chapter of the Neptunia manga. At one point during the chapter where Uni, Rom, Ram and Nepgear were turned into babies, the latter relieves herself, and her sister promptly takes advantage of the occasion to take a picture. It happens offscreen, but we do get to see the photo at the end of the chapter, and Nepgear's understandably embarassed reaction.
  • In Pokémon Adventures: Emerald has a weird habit of pissing from open windows or balconies. At one point Ruby and Sapphire admire a beautiful rainbow...only to realize in horror that said rainbow was formed from Emerald pissing off a high balcony. At that moment, the Pokedex resonance system goes off and Emerald, trying to find the source of the beeping, twists around and pisses directly on Ruby and Sapphire themselves! (The US release alters the scene so that Emerald is emptying a can of soda instead.)
  • This happens to the haughty villainess Esmeraude in Sailor Moon R. (pictured)
  • Inverted in Samurai Girls, wherein a younger Naoe pees on an earthworm, apparently to get rid of a bad luck curse.
  • Vice-President does this off-panel in Chapter 37 of Silver Spoon and in episode 13 of the anime, making the characters tell him that he needs to control himself.
  • Baby Taro promptly pees on both Ryoko and Ayeka throughout the eighth OVA episode of Tenchi Muyo!.
  • Happens in Yu-Gi-Oh! to Rex and Weevil during their Humiliation Conga flashback.

    Comic Books 
  • In the Beasts of Burden and Hellboy Crossover, this is how the Big Bad is defeated.
  • The 20th issue of The Boys has Butcher's dog Terror pee on the Homelander's leg.
  • The tenth issue of Gotham City Sirens has Dr. Aesop get peed on by the hyenas Bud and Lou.
  • Hitman (1993):
    • During the tie-in issue to DC One Million, Tommy gets peed on by a genetically-engineered cat during his stay in the 853rd century, which prompts him to kick the feline through the window.
    • Within the main series, Hitman gets pissed on by an elephant in the 43rd issue.
  • The eighth issue of Midnighter's 2007 solo series ends with the cyborg dog Midnighter adopted as a pet peeing on Jack Hawksmoor's feet.
  • In one issue of Preacher, the villain of the arc rounds up some of The Klan to help send a message to Jesse Custer by burning a cross on Jesse's lawn. A drunken Jesse calmly staggers out of the house and relieves himself of the fire hazard, which the sheet-heads don't take well.
  • In one The Punisher comic, one of Frank's enemies digs up Frank's family and urinates on the remains. When Frank finds out he goes on a rampage.
  • In the crossover comicbook RoboCop Versus The Terminator, a poor little mutt makes the fatal error of mistaking ED-209's leg for a fire hydrant. It does not end well.
  • In the sixth issue of the Rocko's Modern Life comic book by Boom! Studios, Rocko's dog Spunky pees on Ralph Bighead.
  • In the children's comic book Some Swell Pup, or, Are You Sure You Want a Dog? has the new dog urinate everywhere, including on the creature who provided her's lap.
    Oh well, nobody's perfect.
  • The 25th issue of The Transformers (IDW) has Prowl mention that a dog whizzed on him while he was spying on Spike Witwicky in police car mode.
  • At one point in the 48th issue of The Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Ayana Jones gets annoyed when Thundercracker's pet dog Buster pees on the floor.
  • Vampirella: Pantha does this to the defeated enemy. (In her werepanther form, and the whole issue was a homage to Russ Meyer — it was even named Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! — but it's still astonishing to see this in a fairly mainstream comic.)
  • Wacky Raceland begins with a six-legged lizard urinating on the Mean Machine. Since the racers' vehicles are sentient in this continuity, the Mean Machine retaliates by vaporizing the lizard.

    Comic Strips 
  • In For Better or for Worse, Farley pees on Elly when he's first taken in by the Pattersons.
  • Garfield:
    • Hinted at in the April 21, 1982 strip when the titular cat once disguised himself as a bush. Okay, it didn't actually happen, but you can tell that Odie was definitely thinking about it.
    • The December 12, 1995 strip has Jon, Garfield and Odie picking out a Christmas tree. When Jon remarks that he can't decide which tree he likes, he then looks on in shock while Garfield quips "Neither can Odie. He likes them all", clearly implying that Odie is marking his territory on all the trees.
    • Implied in the May 16, 2011 strip when Garfield once again finds himself up a tree.
      Garfield: Oh, look! Odie has come to rescue me from this tree! (Beat) Well, he did something involving this tree.
    • Implied again in the April 4, 2012 strip when Garfield scolds Odie as the dog walks by whistling.
      Garfield: Some of us like to climb that tree!
    • Implied yet again in the October 5, 2022 strip, where Garfield pleads for Odie to do something after getting stuck in the tree once more and Odie smiles while approaching the tree before Garfield expresses his horror at what Odie has chosen to do.
    Garfield: No! No! Not that!
  • A not-fit-for-print Gary Larson cartoon, included in The PreHistory of The Far Side, depicted the unfortunate results of a race of aliens shaped like fire hydrants making First Contact with a dog.

    Fan Works 

    Film — Animated 
  • Apparently, in The Ant Bully, Lucas once peed on the ants' hill.
    Zok: ...and you even doused us with the yellow rain!
    Lucas: I couldn't help it! I had to go!
  • In Blackie And Kanuto, Kanuto urinates on some spiders to get rid of them. From their point of view, they see the urine as a river and all the spiders are washed away in a nearby drain and possibly die.
  • In The Book of Life, young Manolo experiences this after his heroic bullfight with the mad boar, but the little piglet who does it ends up growing up to be given to Maria as Chuy.
  • An early scene in Felix the Cat: The Movie has Felix use his magic bag of tricks to hide from some foxes, only for the foxes to mark their territory on Felix's bag. While no urine is visible, it's obvious what the foxes were doing because they hike their legs near the bag and Felix is seen angrily wiping his bag when the foxes leave.
  • In Despicable Me 2, Kyle the doglike Cartoon Creature pees on the neighbour's bush and it dies instantly.
  • As soon as he finally hatches out of his egg, Baby Aladar from Dinosaur actually pees on his adopted lemur grandfather, Yar. Later, at the end of the film, it's Aladar and Neera's own son that does the favor.
  • In Frankenweenie, the mayor complains about Sparky the dog peeing on his plastic flamingo.
  • In The Legend of the Titanic, Smiley the dog pees on the leg of a man who's done nothing more than doing his job: telling his owner to put the dog on a leash.
  • In the closing credits for Monster House, the dog pees on a jack-o-lantern, extinguishing it.
  • In Planet 51 there's a shot of one townsperson's alien-dog-thing lifting its leg on a streetlight. Cue acidic hiss and the streetlight falling over.
  • Spike urinates on the Eiffel Tower in Rugrats in Paris and on Siri the clouded leopard's tail in Rugrats Go Wild!.
  • Played for drama in Watership Down, when the dog being lured to the Efrafan attackers stops to piddle on the power pylon rather than chase Hyzenthlay. How often does this trope put lives at risk?

    Film — Live Action 
  • 101 Dalmatians (1996) has a dog pee on a magazine cover with Cruella de Vil's face on it. This is also Whizzer's entire shtick.
  • Discussed in Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet. Gert was Countess Thun's darling dog who mysteriously disappeared from a closed bedroom. He really shouldn't have tinkled on Baron von Kratzmar's leg. Baron is the Gardener, a villainous mastermind who has grown a massive Man-Eating Plant named Adele. Gert was Adele's first big victim as a revenge for the tinkle.
  • In The Adventures of Pinocchio, while Pinocchio is waiting the passing of an hour standing in front of a monastery's clock tower, a dog takes a whiz at his feet. Pinocchio doesn't pay too much attention to it and keeps on staring at the clock.
  • In Airheads, a dog is seen peeing on a demo tape that Chaz's girlfriend threw out a window.
  • American Pie 2 has a drunk guy peeing down a balcony, and hitting Stifler... who initially likes it, thinking that it was a hot girl pouring champagne. You'd think the temperature would be a clear giveaway ("How did you get it so nice and warm?").
  • In An American Werewolf in London, backpackers David and Jack hitched a lift with a shepherd's truckload of livestock. Result: "Those sheep shit in my pack." One case where urine would've been the less gross variant.
  • At the beginning of Babe, the young pig protagonist is being offered in a "Guess the piglet's weight" contest; when Farmer Hoggett picks him up to get a feel for his weight, he lets fly with a stream of urine (which fortunately doesn't hit anybody, except Hoggett's shoe). Hoggett's only reaction is to knock a few ounces off his guess.
  • Rather spoils the moment for Marty in Back to the Future Part III, when he meets the infant who's the first of the McFly family born in America.
  • In the first Beethoven movie, Beethoven as a puppy pees on a biker woman who considered adopting him, until he did that to her.
  • Happens in Bridge to Terabithia during the scene when Jess gives Leslie Prince Terrien (a puppy) as a present.
    Leslie: He's for me?
    Jess: Yep. And he just took a giant pee all over my sweatshirt...
  • Bruce Almighty has a Running Gag about the dog peeing on anything he feels like in the house until Bruce finally succeeds in training him as part of his understanding that he has to be responsible for his own life.
  • In The Cat in the Hat, Nevins the dog pees on the bad guy's taco.
  • In Dirty Work, while Mitch and Sam are having a meaningful heart to heart, Sam is casually peeing off the roof.
    Guy: [on the ground] Hey, I'm gonna kill you, asshole!
    Mitch: Sam, are you pissing off the roof?
    Sam: Sorta.
  • In Elf, Leon hates dogs because they pee on things.
  • In Enchanted, a dog pees on Edward's boot.
  • In Evil Laugh, Johnny accidentally urinates on a sunbathing couple and must run from their wrath.
  • In The Forbidden Kingdom, Yu Lan claims to be able to make rain. He tries. It's not rain. It's a Golden Shower, courtesy of Sun Wukong.
  • In Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties, Odie prepares to pee on a soldier on a trip to London, but Garfield tells him not to because that would make him an "ugly American". He does so anyway.
  • George of the Jungle plays this with Shep... but since Shep is an elephant which acts like a dog, it's played with a huge torrent of urine!
  • Three guesses as to what the name of Tinkle refers to in Golden Winter.
  • In the opening scene of Graveyard Shift, a rat deposits an inplausibly-large puddle of pee on the seat of a chair.
  • The Highwaymen: There's a Running Gag of Maney Gault having to stop and urinate during the long manhunt for Bonnie and Clyde, because he's not as young as he used to be. However he ends up weaponizing this trope when some hoodlum friends of the Barrow gang try ambushing him in a public toilet. As their leader brandishes a Sinister Switchblade, Gault turns to face him while still urinating—startled, the hoodlum looks down enabling Gault to clobber him and shove his head in the toilet, while drawing his pistol on the other two.
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days has a dog peeing on both a pool table and a poker mat.
  • Man's Best Friend kicks this up a few points when the genetically engineered Max is shown to pee acid on a fire hydrant, and later an unfortunate victim.
  • In Miss March, Puddles, who is owned by Playmate Sara Jean Underwood, is suffering from a Potty Emergency and Tucker offers to take him to the lawn, but he runs into a model and as she is talking to him, the dog relieves himself in her drink and she drinks her wine, oblivious to the fact that the dog peed in it. A few minutes later, Tucker forces Puddles to urinate so he can make another glass for the model, but no avail.
  • In The Mask, Stanley's dog Milo, after donning the mask, pees on one of Dorian's men.
  • Eddie Murphy's Meet Dave features a scene where the two tiny aliens are fleeing from the base of a fire hydrant when a dog appears on the scene.
  • Micmacs: Bazil, busy spying on two arms dealers from their rooftop, pees in the eavestroughs. The liquid emerges from the downspout and forms a largeish puddle under a nearby society lady.
  • In A Million Ways to Die in the West, a sheep pees on Albert when he is hiding from Clinch, complete with a close-up of the sheep's penis.
  • Mystery Team
    Jason: So you covered your hand in dog urine?
    Duncan: No, I DRANK it!
  • In Night at the Museum, the monkey pees on the protagonist, prompting him to say, "When I have a problem with someone, I don't pee on them!".
  • In Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Buddy Love, who turned into a baby after being tricked into drinking the youth potion, pees on the Dean after he picks him up.
  • A really, really satisfying example occurs near the end of the Steven Seagal movie, Out for Justice. Halfway into the film, protagonist Gino caught an unnamed Fat Bastard throwing a puppy out his car, which Gino quickly adopts. Near the end, Gino meets the same guy, tries confronting him while holding said puppy, and the bastard responds by trying to pick a fight with Gino. Being played by the sensei, Gino took down the bastard the only way he knows how, and later the puppy relieves itself on it's ex-owner's face as payback. "I'm an animal lover!"
  • David Warner throws a pan full of urine on a man in Quest of the Delta Knights.
    Crow T. Robot: The Pee Throwing Scene, ladies and gentlemen.
  • In Playing with Fire (2019), Sparkle Pony, the firehouse dog, pees on Commander Richards' shoe. He was actually putting out a fire that was on it.
  • In Quigley Down Under, when Crazy Cora is giving Quigley a hard time, he snarkily asks the aboriginal baby she's carrying to pee all over her new dress.
  • The burglar in The Ref encounters a trapped safe that photographs him, sprays him in the face with cat urine, and drops him into a room with a vicious Rottweiler named "Cannibal."
  • In Scooby-Doo (2002), Scrappy accidentally urinates on Daphne. It's not part of a Humiliation Conga... he's marking his territory.
    • Specifically, he urinates on Daphne's chest.
  • In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Scott gets his thoughts mixed up upon being asked about Knives' age, causing him to blurt out that he wants to give her a golden shower.
  • In the much underrated Norm MacDonald/Dave Chappelle comedy Screwed, Willard(MacDonald) and Rufus(Chappelle) fake Willard's kidnapping, at one point making a fake ransom video with him in a dog cage, and being forced to eat kibble. Then, Rufus(out of frame) squirts some water on him:
    Willard: Oh, God, is that urine? (tastes it) It is! It's human urine!
  • In the film version of Slaughterhouse-Five, Billy Pilgrim's dog Spot causes a scene at his wife's formal party by peeing on the rug.
  • The dog-turned-human variant was used in The Tenth Kingdom.
  • In Trading Places, Winthorpe's Humiliation Conga ends with him drunken, in a filthy Santa suit, at Christmas, with a dog lifting its leg on him.
  • Transformers has Sam's dog Mojo peeing on Ironhide. Bumblebee then does the same to Agent Simmons from Sector 7.
    Optimus Prime: Bumblebee, stop lubricating the man.
  • Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke opens with a hungover Pedro mistaking his hamper for his toilet.
  • In the opening of The Usual Suspects, Keaton attempts to blow up the ship he is trapped on by setting leaking oil on fire. The flame almost reaches its target...until the Big Bad casually douses it with his own urine.
  • Averted in Voyage of the Rock Aliens, where the robot 1359, who's disguised as a dog, chases off a German Shepherd by squirting water at him.
    1359: Oh no, a quadruped. Look, I know what you're thinking. You leave me no choice. I'm not what you think I am. Look, it's nothing personal, I'm on a mission. It's a long story.
  • In Wolf (Mike Nichols), one mark of Jack Nicholson's advancing lycanthropy is that he yields to temptation in invoking this trope. All over his rival's leather shoes, no less.
  • Inverted in Zookeeper; A wolf gets peed on.
  • You and Your Stupid Mate: To Jeffrey's dismay, the dog Mitzi urinates on an issue of TV Week that has Jeffrey's Celeb Crush Emma on the cover.

  • The instructions said "VOID WHERE PROHIBITED". So I did.

  • In the kids' book Always in Trouble, Charlie the dog wets the rug twice.
  • In Arthur, the book version of "Arthur's New Puppy" has Pal pee on Arthur's lap and then the rug. (In the cartoon version, he pees on the rug, but not Arthur's lap).
  • In The Berenstain Bears book "The Trouble with Pets", Lady, as a puppy, pees in the house.
  • A discussion is implied in Charlie Moon And The Big Bonanza Bust Up where the kids are wondering why the hallway smells so bad and one of their speculations is tomcats. Since cats themselves don't smell bad, they're probably thinking that the cats are peeing to mark their territory.
  • Discworld
    • In Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, Death in disguise as the Hogfather (a Santa Claus/ Father Christmas Expy) brings his sleigh, drawn by four enormous tusked hogs, to a department store so the children can tell him what they want for Hogswatch. One of the hogs promptly and extensively urinates on the floor, which almost every child present finds to be the most enthralling thing he or she has ever seen.
    • Averted in the same novel by the Death of Rats, who went through the motions for form's sake, but was a bit handicapped in this department.
    • Subverted in The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, as the title rats deliberately urinate in places humans would prefer they not do so, and even go so far as to tank up on water before heading out on coordinated missions to "widdle" on people's stuff.
    • Averted in Lords and Ladies, when Granny asks Nanny Ogg to place a chamber pot beneath a large bat that's hanging from her bedroom rafters.
  • In Eaters of the Dead, the Arab among Vikings wakes up to find a dog licking him and is terribly embarrassed because it reminds him of a morality tale about a drunken man who is licked, then peed on by a dog, but thinks he is being cared for by a kind passer-by. It's not clear whether the fable actually exists or not.
  • Averted in the Garrett, P.I. book Faded Steel Heat, when Mr. Big the parrot starts to relieve himself on the Dead Man's shoulder, only to get flung across the room via telekinesis.
  • In Green Hills and Daffodils, Moss (a dog) meets Rhys (a human) and promptly pees on his boot.
  • In Gulliver's Travels, the Lilliputian castle catches on fire, and the title character has only one option for putting it out. There's a Bowdlerised version out there where he spits on the fire to put it out. Makes the Lilliputian queen's shock and indignation a little more puzzling, especially when you're a kid.
  • In a Horrible Histories book, someone goes to a talking dog for advice, but the only "advice" the dog has is "trees are good to wee on".
  • In the Horrible Science book "Shocking Electricity", it claims that the only things robot cats can do that real cats can't are catch mice and pee on the carpet.
  • Mog: In the book "Mog's Bad Thing", the "bad thing" that Mog does on Mr. Thomas's chair is implied to be peeing because she thinks, "I want my lavatory" right before doing it and Nicky is seen holding his nose.
  • Paper Towns has school bullies shooting kids with Super Soakers filled with pee.
  • Derek Robinson's novel Piece Of Cake features a dog, owned by the squadron leader, who urinates on everyone but his owner. Pilots, groundstaff, guards at division HQ: You name it, Reilly has peed on it.
  • In Thank You Miss Doover, the boy, as it turns out, used his stationary to housebreak his dog.
  • In To Kill a Mockingbird, the minor character Mr. Avery pees off his front porch, with an arc so long it reaches the streetlight. Jem and Dill are impressed and begin to speculate about how he was able to do it. Scout, being a girl, gets uncomfortable with the discussion and quickly moves them onto another topic. This is not shown in the film adaptation (thankfully).
  • In Harry Turtledove's Worldwar series; the "Lizards" (reptilian aliens who invade Earth in 1942) set up sensors in several areas that use the presence of uric acid to detect how many humans are in the area; suddenly, several sensors report that billions of humans are approaching their bases (one Lizard notes that if the sensor readings are true, then twice as many people as exist on Earth are attacking their bases!). When Lizard patrols are sent out to investigate, they find out that humans found the sensors, learned how they worked, and urinated directly on them, causing the sensors to overload and give off these false alarms. Later, during a meeting between several senior Lizard military commanders in which they're given a recap of these incidents, some of the commanders are noticeably squicked about this, while others find it Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Are You Seeing Me?: One of Justine's father's letters, written when the twins were infants, describes Perry projectile urinating on the neighbor's cat.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Afterparty: Early testimonies point towards Xavier (from his bedroom balcony) accidentally peeing on Jenn 1 (on the lower balcony) as evidence of his disgusting jackassery. It turns out to have been Xavier pouring out Chelsea's tranquilizer cocktail. Jenn 1 doesn't think this was an improvement.
  • Agatha Raisin: A Running Gag in "Agatha and the Wizard of Evesham" is that every time Agatha encounters Deirdra Darry's annoying little dog, the dog urinates on her.
  • The Angel episode "Life of the Party" had Charles Gunn magically influenced to "mark his territory" around the Wolfram & Hart offices during a Hallowe'en party, which culminated in his accidental wetting of a co-worker.
    Wesley: Charles, you just peed on my shoes.
  • A routine Benny Hill performed several times in The Benny Hill Show has him thanking a host via telephone for a lovely stay at their house, and compliments them on the loveliness of a bathroom decorated in pink, with a gold toilet. "You don't have a pink bathroom?...You do have a pink spare room where you keep your euphonium." A euphonium is a brass instrument that looks like a tuba, but smaller.
  • Blake's 7. Downplayed in "Trial" when Blake finds himself being squirted with liquid from an unseen alien in the jungle. Turns out the alien is just trying to get Blake moving because his life is in danger if he stays in one place too long.
  • The Brittas Empire: In one episode, Colin leaves the manager's office to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, he has been temporarily blinded, so he winds up going back to the office and relieves himself on one of the potted plants in the office. Right in front of Brittas and Laura too.
  • Chappelle's Show featured an entire song about this trope in a parody of the R. Kelly
    • "Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, I don't even want, none of the above. I want to piss on you! Yes I do, I'll piss on you, I'll pee on you!"
  • Has happened a few times in El Chavo del ocho. In one instance Don Ramón retrives Doña Cleotilde's dog, and upon delivering the animal he asks if it's a "water dog", which Doña Cleotilde denies and, by his face, the dog aapparently peed on him.
  • Dragnet: Suggested during a scout of an apartment building for the mother of a baby left in a trash can in "DR-35: Juvenile"; Bill had gotten a squirt gun in the face from the son of one tenant.
    Joe: It was only water.
    Bill: With a kid like that, how can you be sure?
  • In the Farscape episode "Thank God it's Friday, Again" Rygel eats a root that makes his bodily fluids explosive. In one scene he pees a green stream off the side of a bridge that bursts into flame when it hits ground.
  • Discussed in The Go Show: One "George" segment involves George having wet the bed and he tries to save face by claiming that the cat had come and sat on the bed, and that the cat had wet the bed.
  • In the episode "Here Kitty" of House, after Kutner got back at House:
    Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley: Why are you still alive?
    Dr. Lawrence Kutner: I'm not sure.
    Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley: I guess he was impressed that you stood up to him. *And* got a cat to pee in his chair.
    Dr. Lawrence Kutner: Yeah. A cat.
  • iCarly makes the same joke the trope title does in one episode. Also, there occasionally is pee humor that fits this category.
  • In Power Rangers S.P.D., the Robot Dog R.I.C. whizzes coolant on Commander Kruger's foot... twice in one episode.
  • In the Primeval: New World episode "Undone," the female Lycaenops urinates all over Mac's shirt while she's unconscious. This is later taken very seriously, as Mac's urine-soaked shirt attracts the male Lycaenops back to the Cross Photonics lab.
  • In Return to Cranford, William Buxton's dog Napoleon runs away and pees on a cloth in the church.
  • In the infamous Star Trek: Enterprise episode "A Night In Sickbay," Archer nearly causes a diplomatic incident when Porthos "waters" a tree that the Kreetassans consider sacred.
  • At the end of "And the Soft Opening", the third-season premiere of 2 Broke Girls, the local homeless man pees on Caroline.
  • Tour of Duty. Two of the American soldiers are being held prisoner in cages, but get a laugh when one of their Vietcong guards urinates on a bush, only to be attacked by an infuriated fellow Vietcong who was sleeping under it.
  • The Worst Year of My Life, Again: In the School Play episode, Alex caps his Humiliation Conga by causing Nicola's dog to pee over her.
  • Young Blades: In "Rub-a-Dub Sub," D'Artagnan rescues a baby from a runaway cart, and the baby pees in his face. Used to set up a pun:
    Baby's Mother: I'm so relieved!
    Baby: (Pees.)
    Jacqueline: So is he.
  • While even The Young Ones wasn't quite rude enough to show it openly on television, Vyvyan was once shown from behind, apparently urinating on a low brick wall. When he steps aside, the head of a pop singer is revealed looking over the wall, suggesting that he's just been subjected to this trope during his band's guest performance.
    • Vyvyan is also revealed to have a begonia plant, which he...ah...waters every day.
    • In another episode, Tommy Balowski, drunk cousin to Jerzy, asks Mike if he could use the house's bathroom. Mike tells him no, to which Tommy replies "I didn't think you would, so I pissed in your garden."
    • Neil once refused to let the other lads use his cherished speaker as a barricade, protesting that Jimi Hendrix once pissed on it.

  • Old Master Q have one of the titular character's attempts at chatting up a pretty lady in a dog park. Unfortunately, Master Q's dog decides to let itself go on the lady's shoes, to both their horror.


    New Media 
  • There's an I Can Has Hot Dog photo involving a puppy peeing on a laptop.
    • Reminiscent of the T-shirt slogan: "Meddle not in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and will piss on your computer".
  • The end of the Bitey of Brackenwood Flash "Prowlies at the River" involves Bitey, the protagonist and Jerkass of the series, beating up and scaring off a bunch of the titular creatures so that he can have a drink, only for the Prowlies to bust out laughing at him and Bitey to come up gagging. The reason? Another character, Bingbong from another Brackenwood flash, is peeing upstream into the river!
  • There's a birthday card and it says "Why Dogs Find Humans Confusing", and it's because it's good for them to pee on the newspaper when it's on the floor, but bad to pee on the newspaper when the humans are reading it.


    Recorded Comedy 
  • On the Monty Python album Another Monty Python Record, an aural quiz on which famous person is waking up in the morning features the sound of the person urinating in a toilet. (It was the famous film director Visconti. "An Italian film director" is not sufficient.)
  • From Cheech & Chong's Los Cochinos: this part of the argument in "Strawberry Revival Festival":
    Man 2: Well, if that's the case, man, why don't you keep your dog in your room?
    Man 1: Hey, man, Toke can go anywhere in the house if he wants to, man.
    Man 2: I know, man, that's the trouble with that dog. He goes everywhere in the house, man.

    Theme Parks 
  • In Animal Actors at Universal Studios, during the obstacle course segment, one of the dogs pees on the volunteer's shoulder instead of jumping over them as planned.

  • One toy is called "Doggy Business" and it's a toy dog that walks around and occasionally lifts its leg and pees out water.

    Trading Cards 

    Video Games 
  • The Binding of Isaac:
    • The aptly-named upgrade "Number One" replaces Isaac's tears with a stream of urine and replaces his normal crying expression with a look of relief. Another item, the "Lemon Mishap," causes Issac to leave a puddle of urine that damages enemies.
    • If Isaac enters a room with low health, he'll leave a small puddle of urine by the doorway.
    • The boss monster Peep attacks with his own urine, either by firing sprays of yellow projectiles or leaving trails of yellow liquid on the dungeon floor.
    • Rebirth adds the "lemon party" pill, which seems to be a diuretic. It acts as a "Lemon Mishap" but with a much, much larger area of effect at the cost of only being used once.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day lets you do this as part of solving a puzzle. Its multiplayer mode has a stage with a restroom setting, too ... and within it, this is your ONLY weapon. Even if you chose a female-looking model.note 
  • Dog can urinate on certain landmarks in Dragon Age: Origins, marking the regions they are located in as his territory. This grants him "Mabari Dominance", a passive attack/defense bonus that lasts as long as he remains in the area. It's a testament to how dog friendly Ferelden is that nobody objects to Dog peeing all over the place. Not even the Dalish raise a fuss when Dog "claims" one of their tents. The Alienage Elves also don't object to Dog whizzing on their sacred tree.
    • Most Alienages have long since chopped down their vhenadahl for firewood or let it wither. It's a tradition whose purpose has long since been forgotten. (Zevran also comments that elves themselves often pee on the vhenadahl.)
    • The sequel has a scene where your player character's dog pees on a burglar (if you let the burglar go).
  • In Duke Nukem 3D, Duke mentions that he is going to rip off the head of the boss he is fighting and shit down its neck. In a cut scene following that battle, you can see him squatting over the neck reading a newspaper.
    • It's also worth mentioning that there's an averted version of the trope. You can literally make Duke pee by going into a restroom and walking up to a urinal. Ah, much better!
  • Duke Nukem Forever's "Capture the Babe" multiplayer mode oftentimes has one of the eponymous Babes stating: "Oops, I think I peed a little!" ... while the player character is carrying her on his shoulder.
    • The abovementioned trope aversion in this game's predecessor is also one of the possible environment interactions in this game (this is taken to an extreme in the form of an Excrement Statement after the Final Boss fight in which the player can urinate into the final boss's eye socket).
  • In Far Cry Primal, when Takkar The Beastmaster goes to visit the cave of Wogah the Crafter, he falls into a trap that Wogah built to capture members of the Udam tribe. Wogah smugly urinates all over Takkar, not realizing he's a fellow Wenja. From that point on, Wogah addresses Takkar as "Piss Man".
  • In Final Fantasy IX, Zidane and Vivi share a male bonding moment when they both pee off the edge of a cliff in one scene.
  • In Growing Up, If you master the "Playing With Animals" skill as a baby, your parents will get you a puppy. One of the ways to interact with it is letting it pee on you, to one of your parents' disappointment.
  • In Halo 3 on "The Ark", there's a Brute urinating in the corner of one room of the Cartographer building.
  • In Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, if you befriend Muffy, one of the first cut scenes you can trigger with her involves your dog chasing her, and apparently peeing on her.
  • I Was a Teenage Exocolonist: While exploring the Western Wresting Ridge, you may feel a light shower even if the place is normally arid. If you look up, you'll realize that it's coming from migrating floatcows that are urinating to keep themselves afloat.
  • In the second Jak and Daxter game, there's a cutscene in which the crocadog pees on Kor's walking staff. Jak and Daxter find this amusing; Kor does not.
  • This has evolved to the point of legend in the Leisure Suit Larry franchise, where in the original game a dog would walk along and urinate on you if you stood around long enough, and the same dog would later re-appear time and time again in subsequent games.
  • Metal Gear:
  • In Moshi Monsters, a dog once pees on the giant beanstalk, so now, dogs aren't allowed around it.
  • Monster Hunter 2 (dos): The Shogun Ceanataur has an attack where it shoots what appears to be a beam of water from the jaws of the skull it wears as a shell. Except, according to Word of God, that "water" is actually gallons of its pee, expelled at such a speed to ward off any predators and Hunters. Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak gives Ceanataur a detailed anus to make the point particularly clear, though you can only see it if you break its shell.
  • Ōkami lets our lupine hero pee on enemies as an attack to gain valuable Demon Fangs. And she's God. Even stranger? You have to pay money to gain the ability to do this. It can later be upgraded into explosive crap. For the most part, this barely does any damage, thus is only used to get said valuable Demon Fangs. However, improving your strength enough does allow these moves to be used for Cherry Tapping. And if you get and equip the Infinity Plus One Bead Necklace, they become deadly all on their own.
  • Persona 4 and its anime features a school-trip where the cast goes for a swim in the local river. The girls lampshade that they probably shouldn't incase someone takes a leak. Subverted since it isn't pee that goes down the river, it's puke.
  • Postal 2 and Postal III allows The Postal Dude to unzip his pants and start whizzing on anything nearby as a Joke Weapon that does no damage. However, it can make civilians vomit and flee if the whiz gets in their mouth, and it can be used to extinguish fires. When the Dude gets gonorrhea on Friday, pissing on civilians will make them instantly and continuously vomit. The Enhanced Mode unlocked upon beating the game lets you piss napalm.
    • It returns in Postal 4: No Regerts, mostly doing the same thing, but an update added an item related to it; a capsule of experimental pills that turned the piss stream into, uh...a significantly higher-pressure version. Like, the same water effects used by fire hydrants in the game.
    • In Postal: Brain Damaged, the Postal Dude can consume items like liquid nitrogen, hot sauce and suspicious moonshine to temporarily give his urine different properties; the liquid nitrogen freezes enemies on contact, the hot sauce sets them on fire and the suspicious moonshine confuses enemies into making them attack each other.
  • One of Chaos' Finishing Moves in the fighting game Primal Rage is "Golden Shower", which is exactly what it sounds like. This move was considered so Squicky that Atari had to re-release the game with the move removed.
  • The Sims: Before a dog or cat is housebroken, they will pee on the floor unless promptly taken outside (for a dog) or to the litter box (for a cat).
  • In Soldier of Fortune's first level, you can find a terrorist relieving himself outside the restrooms. Later on, there's a scene of one pissing on a hostage.
  • In the South Park video game for the N64, your primary weapon is a snowball. If you switch to Secondary Fire, you will be throwing yellow snowballs, and upon firing you hear a zipping noise and a peeing noise, and the resulting snowball will be yellow and do more damage.
  • Characters from Team Fortress 2 received new weapons on an update. One of the Sniper's weapons is called Jarate which is, simply put, throwing jars filled with his own piss at people, which makes every hit on them a mini-crit until it goes away. The canonical explanation is that it makes them lose the will to live.
    Spy: Is this...?! MON DIEU!!!
    • Made even better with the polycount update, where the sniper now has a tranquilizer rifle; Only instead of tranquilizer, the darts are filled with Jarate. Each shot result in a yellow blast like standard jarate with the same effect.
    • Combine the two with the Bushwhacka, a large knife that critically hits on mini-crits, and you have an arsenal built around piss.
    • One of Merasmus's Wheel of Fate effects makes it rain jarate. He finds it horrifying.
      "Jarate for everyone! I'm so, so sorry!"

  • Murphy from Boy and Dog once pees on another dog.
  • Brawl in the Family has an Animal Crossing version — a bunch of dog villagers peeing on the player character's mail Gyroid.
  • In Educomix, it's an established rule (from the very first strip) that that urine is better for the "ecos" than water, so naturally, this trope is commonly shown.
  • In It's Walky!, the title character (who isn't a dog) does this to assert his dominance over another character.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Catherine (a bird/dog youkai hybrid) pees all over Tamaryu when the latter interrupts her rush to the bathroom with a caressing session. Tamaryu is quite alarmed, but Catherine can't stop because it feels so good.
  • During the conclusion to the Penny Arcade story arc An Alternative Lifestyle, Gabe tells his servant Hector that he needs to pee and that he can't find an outhouse anywhere. Tycho tells Gabe that he sees one, but Gabe just decides to pee in Hector's cupped hands instead.
    Gabe: Eyes closed, pal. This ain't no peep show.
    Tycho: If I weren't drunk, this would be kind of weird.
  • Unsounded: Sette startles Matty while he's using the bucket in his prison cell. Startled, his aim slips upwards to the barred window Sette is talking though.

    Web Original 
  • In the first episode of Dinglesworth "[1]", Dinglesworth jumps on a coffee table to eat some treats before he starts peeing on the floor and tries to deny it.
    • In the third episode , he's goes on a date with another dog when he starts peeing himself out of nervousness causing the dog to leave.
  • In the pilot episode of Goodbye Kitty, Brown Puppy pees on Black Kitty after he gets shredded by the lawnmower.
  • In the Homestar Runner toon "The Luau", Homestar urinates on firewood used at Strong Bad's party, thanks to thirty-two glasses of melonade.
  • The now-defunct website It's My Life (PBS) had a game called "You're in Charge", in which you were in charge of many things, including babysitting a dog named Sailor. If Sailor whined, that meant she was about to pee on the floor unless you put newspaper down.
  • One Jack Vale Films prank involves Jack pretending his dog is peeing on everyone.
  • Neopets: In the game "Petpetsitter" if you don't take a petpet who is doing a Potty Dance to the bathroom quickly, it will leave a pee puddle on the floor.
  • In the RedLetterMedia short "The Plinkett Awakens", Mr. Plinkett pisses gallons of yellow urine onto his toilet after sleeping for God knows how long and leaves a pool of urine on the floor.
    Mr. Plinkett: Oh my God, talk about an "upper decker"!
  • Robotbox And Cactus: In "Paradigm Shift", a dog pees on Cactus when he drunkenly passes out on the sidewalk. He later passes out while in the office's meeting room, and when he wakes up, the dog is again peeing on him.
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures:
    • In the episode "Voorpak", while trying to train a Voorpak for guard duty, the creature decides to pee on Aree's leg. To make matters worse, the urine is purple.
    • In the episode "Charhound", while trying to figure out how to play fetch with a Charhound, it is observed that, thanks to the critter peeing on a plant, all bodily fluids of Charhounds are flammable.
  • On this online article, the author says that people yelling at them in slang they don't understand for playing a game badly, only makes things worse. The author uses an analogy of a dog peeing on the rug and, instead of properly teaching the dog where to pee, the owner yells at him in slang. The dog, who still doesn't know where to pee, then pees on a pizza.

    Western Animation 
  • In 101 Dalmatians: The Series, after Yet Another Christmas Carol, Cruella grabs one of the puppies and hugs him. Roger then shouts, "Cruella, no! Not Whizzer!" Too late...
  • The Action Man (2000) episode "Tangled Up in Green" has robotic dog Alloy pee on Fidget twice.
  • In The Angry Beavers episode "House Broken", Daggett prepares to chew at some trees, but is grossed out when he sees that a coyote had been peeing on them.
  • In the Arthur episode "Arthur's New Puppy", Pal wets the rug so many times that D.W. suggests renaming him Puddles or Lake.
  • In Beethoven: The Animated Series, the title character does this to the neighborhood bully dog and gang leader, Killer.
  • In the 2006 Biker Mice from Mars episode "Vigilante Vengeance", Dog Bone's dog Spike at one point tries to pee on Vinnie's leg.
  • Bratz Babies: The Movie had this happen to the antagonist at the end of the movie. Specifically he was peed on by the very puppy he stole from one of the main characters.
  • CatDog
    • The episode "Let the Games Begin!" opens with CatDog at the dog pound. Cat says to Dog "That wasn't a fire hydrant, Dog. It was the dog catcher's leg!"
    • "The Golden Hydrant" consists of Cat finding the titular golden fire hydrant and attempting to make money off of it while trying to keep Dog and the Greasers from marking their territory on it. The Greasers eventually pee on the hydrant, revealing it to actually be an ordinary fire hydrant painted gold. Later, Cat finds another golden hydrant only to get eaten by a crocodile along with Dog and the Greasers. Dog and the Greasers walk toward Cat with longing looks while Cat clings to the golden hydrant and begs them to stay away. We then cut to outside of the crocodile, where Cat remarks that at least now they know that the hydrant is real, implying that Dog and the Greasers pissed on Cat.
  • Code Lyoko:
    • In one episode, Jeremie creates a robotic dog named Kiwi 2 who is so lifelike, it needs to be walked, and "pees" oil if it isn't.
    • In general, if Kiwi (the animal, not the robot) wasn't walked daily, he had unfortunate accidents. Played for Laughs or not depended on the writer. In "Big Bug," it was used for comedy. In "Canine Conundrum," it was used for a somewhat courtroom drama.
  • A dog once peed on baby Danny while his parents were distracted debating the existence of Santa Claus during a Flashback sequence in the Christmas Episode of Danny Phantom, one of the many examples of why he behaves like a Scrooge.
    Tucker: Caught up in their rift on that jolly old fellow, they didn't see Danny's White Christmas turn yellow.
  • Dogstar: The reason the Dogstar launches early and goes catastrophically off-course is beacuse Hobart pees on a electronic panel as he is boarding the ship, shorting out the ship's entire control system.
  • The Downtown episode "Testing" ends with Fruity getting peed on by a dog he adopted with the intent of using it to attract women.
  • In one Droopy cartoon, the titular dog slowly goes behind a fire hydrant... then emerges from behind it, blushing and grinning in embarrassment!
  • The Fairly OddParents!:
    • In "The Big Superhero Wish", Cosmo in the form of Clefto the Chin Hound tries to pee on Mike the Evil Living Building, but is kicked aside.
    • In "Merry Wishmas", Timmy's dad uses his Wishmas coupon to become an eggnog-themed superhero named Nog Man and uses another coupon to get himself a canine sidekick. He is shocked when Nog Dog tries to mark his territory on the Wishmas mailbox he's setting up.
    Mr. Turner: It's Wishmas Day, Nog Dog. No! Don't pee in here!
  • Futurama:
    • In "A Head in the Polls", after Bender sells his body (literally, becoming just a head), a dog walks up to him and lifts a leg...
    Bender: "I'll give you five dollars not to do what you're thinking about doing!" (silence, camera pans away) "Heh heh, you just lost five dollars."
    • In "Decision 3012", Bender is working for Nixon to dig up dirt on Chris Travers, a rival election candidate. While digging through his office for files at night, Travers comes back, forcing him to hide in the men's room disguised as a urinal (the rest of which are out of order). Cue Traverse walking up to Bender and unzipping his fly as we transition to the next scene.
      Nixon: Well, you did manage to get us a TREMENDOUS urine sample...
      Bender: (embarrassed and traumatized) Let's not talk about that...!
  • The sixth episode of Garfield Originals has a scene where Garfield attempts to plant a pumpkin seed, which doesn't grow until after Odie pees where the seed was planted.
  • G.I. Joe:
  • In the Histeria! episode "20th Century Presidents", the segment about Richard Nixon had a scene where his dog Checkers peed on a table.
    Reporter: We hear Checkers isn't paper-trained.
    Nixon: How did you know? There's a leak in the White House.
    Checkers: You got that right!
  • When Kim Possible's nemesis Dr. Drakken was too busy working on his latest gadget to take Commodore Puddles for a walk, the dog, well, lived up to the name, causing a short circuit that caused Drakken's intended shrink ray to function as a growth ray instead.
  • In Little Princess:
    • The episode "I Want to Play in the Rain" has Scruff prepare to pee on the Prime Minister's trike but he's stopped before he does it.
    • In "I Didn't Do It", the Princess brings leaves into the house and spills water on the floor. The adults mistakenly think that Scruff brought them in and then peed on the floor.
  • The Loud House:
    • In "The Sweet Spot", Lincoln doesn't want to sit in one of the seats in the car because Charles the dog peed on it once and it's still wet.
    • In "Head Poet's Anxiety", a flashback shows a younger Charles peeing on a younger Luan.
    • In "Change of Heart", Charles pees on Clyde's snow sculpture.
  • Martha Speaks:
    • One of the things Martha teaches Skits when he's a puppy in "Martha and Skits" is not to pee in the house.
    • In "Puppy Skits", Martha remembers peeing in the house to get attention when Skits was a puppy and she was jealous of the attention.
    • In "Skits Behaves", Martha remembers wetting the rug a lot as a puppy.
    • In "Martha's Blue Period", Helen imagines Martha Crying a River and being afraid she'll be mistaken for having wet the rug.
  • The Mask would occasionally have Stanley Ipkiss' dog Milo pee on something as part of a gag. One example is in the episode "Mayor Mask", which has a scene of Milo urinating on a campaign poster for Mayor Tilton.
  • In the Halloween Special Michael Jackson's Halloween, Icky the dog pees on Franklin Stein's feet after Vincent and Victoria thwart the mad scientist cat's attempts at torturing them and restrained him.
  • In the animated series version of Milly, Molly, Alf's dog is named Puddles for his habit of peeing on things.
  • In the Milo episode "Shame", Judith draws a peeing dog. This makes Milo angry, because he thinks she's teasing him for wetting himself in class earlier.
  • Weaponized in the Milo Murphy's Law episode "Missing Milo". Just when it seemed like the time-travelling king of mutant sentient pistachio trees was about to prevent Milo and his friends from destroying the sapling he once was, Milo's dog Diogee appears and pees on the sapling. This particular kind of pistachio tree is extremely vulnerable to uric acid, destroying it and the entire army of Pistachions, except for one which was currently in the past.
  • Used in the My Life as a Teenage Robot episode, "Tradeshow Showdown"; Jenny finds a small robot dog and asks it to perform several tricks, only for it to respond with a monotone "Bow-wow" everytime. Finally, she asks, "Can you do anything?" Cue the leg lift. When Jenny walks away, she has a faceful of oil.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: In "It's About Time", where Cerberus runs off from his post at the gates of Tartarus and turns up in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle steps in right when the giant dog was just about to mark its territory on one of the buildings.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • When sister Candace visited Jeremy in "Interview with a Platypus", his Enfant Terrible sister's Right Hand Poodle did this to her shoe.
    • In Across the Second Dimension, Perry pees on Doofenshmirtz's couch as a way to distract Phineas and Ferb and keep them from helping Doof, without blowing his cover as an ordinary platypus. Later, Phineas throws the wet couch cushion at Alternate Dimension Doof's face.
    Doof: Hey, wait, I just realised- that was a conscious decision. You peed on my couch!
  • In an episode of Pocoyo, Pato babysits Baby Bird and Caterpillar. The latter has to go to the bathroom and Pato runs around, holding Caterpillar but she doesn’t make it and pees all over Pato, much to his disgust.
  • In The Powerpuff Girls Movie, after Buttercup knocks out gorilla Rocko Socko, the Talking Dog appears and urinates on the gorilla's metal glove.
  • A Robot Chicken sketch based on Inspector Gadget has MAD Cat pee on Dr. Claw's chair as retribution for all the times he mistreated him.
  • Invoked in the Rugrats (2021) episode, "New Puppy"; when the Pickles family temporarily adopts a new puppy that Tommy dubs "Foster", the babies worry that Foster will replace Spike, so they try to frame Foster for bad things so Stu and Didi will send him away. At one point, Chuckie deliberately pees on the kitchen floor and Tommy places Foster in the puddle. This plan backfires because when Stu sees the mess, he blames himself for not taking Foster for a walk.
  • Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue!:
    • A minor running gag is Robi's robot dog Sparky "peeing" orange juice due to having a juicer for a leg.
    • In "Zoinks the Wonder Dog", Dr. Phibes tries to sever Shaggy and Scooby's bond using robot duplicates of Shaggy's original dog Zoinks and Scooby's original hippy friend Groovy Don. One of the things the robot double of Zoinks does to spite Scooby is piss on Scooby's new DVD player.
  • In The Simpsons, we see an old clip from the Krusty the Clown Show, in which a monkey guest is climbing around on top of Krusty's head.
    Krusty: So, why do they call this a Urine Monkey? [beat] Ooh, I just found out."
  • In The Smurfs (2021) episode "Unsmurfable Smile", Grouchy gets pooped on by a passing stork.
  • South Park:
    • There's an entire episode based on this called, fittingly enough, "Pee". It starts with people peeing in pools at the local water park and then ends up with the government peeing on monkeys as part of a scientific experiment.
    • From the episode Asspen:
    Cartman: Look you guys, Butters is asleep.
    Stan: He's such a douchebag.
    Cartman: Hey, you wanna see a trick? When someone's sleeping, you get a glass of warm water, and you put their hand in it... [he grabs a glass of water, places it near Butters' side, and dips his hand in]
    Stan: ...Yeah, and then what?
    Cartman: And then, you pee on him! [he drops his pants and urinates on Butters, then starts laughing]
    Kyle: No, dude! You put their hand in the water and it makes them pee!
    Cartman: Really?
    • Also from the episode Summer Sucks when Cartman is taken swimming lessons with a bunch of first graders who all pee in the pool.
  • Almost every now and again on Teen Titans, due to being able to turn into animals, Beast Boy has been accused and has even been told to stay off the couch because he may pee on it. In "Betrothed", Beast Boy is yelled at by Cyborg not to have an accident in the T-Ship on their way home.
  • In the Thomas & Friends episode, "Thomas' Fuzzy Friend", Fuzzy the Dog pees on James' front wheels, much to the latter's horror.
    James: No, no, no! Not on my shiny wheels!
    Thomas: They're certainly shiny now, James!
  • The doggie biscuit commercial in the 2 Stupid Dogs episode "Let's Make a Right Price" features Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole tied to a fire hydrant while a villain called Heckhound attempts to urinate on them.
  • In the What About Mimi? episode "Second Honeymoon." Wimbledon the cat pees on Brock's boot.
  • The What A Cartoon! Show short "Swamp and Tad: Mission Imfrogable" had a scene where Tad tried to spy on the dog that took the package he and Swamp were supposed to retrieve by disguising himself as a fire hydrant, only for the dog to sniff Tad and raise his hind leg near him.
  • In the Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? episode "P.U. to P.E.", Robot tries to avoid showering in gym because he fears that he will rust when he gets wet. There is eventually a scene where he tries to avoid getting wet from any situation where he could be exposed to water. At one point, he tries to hide in a bush, only to jump back out when a dog starts lifting his hind leg near him.
  • In the What's with Andy? episode "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow", Mrs. Weebles, the Grumpy Old Woman, disallows dogs in the park because she's afraid they'll pee everywhere. Andy pranks her with lemonade to make it seem like her ice dogs peed.
  • Yvon of the Yukon: The show's theme song explains that the eponymous character was frozen for three hundred years before a dog accidentally pees on him, which unfreezes him.

    Real Life 
  • Democratic councilman Steven Lipsky got drunk and urinated on a crowd in Washington, D.C.
    • And poor Jimmy Carter had to deal with his own, drunken brother deciding to take a whizz on the White House lawn, in front of reporters.
  • Rock star Ozzy Osbourne once relieved himself on the Alamo. In a dress. This got him banned from entering the city of San Antonio.
    • Ozzy later said that some Hispanic prisoners with whom he shared a holding cell claimed they pee on the Alamo all the time.
  • Courtesy of FailBlog, a rather tasteless way of identifying the restrooms in a certain pub.
  • There was a story about a man who kept getting harassed by pranksters at his house at night. He fought back by using water guns filled with - you guessed it - urine.
  • Alan Shepard's flight into space was only supposed to last 15 minutes, but it was delayed for hours. There was no provision for elimination built into his suit, so....
    • Yuri Gagarin, first human in space, averted this trope by peeing on a tire of the bus that took him to the launch pad, starting a cosmonaut tradition.
  • Male dogs and cats mark their territory by spraying it with urine.
    • Though somewhat rarer, female dogs and cats do this, too.
    • As do plenty of other mammal species.
    • Including cheetahs, such as the female who infamously sprayed inside an observing biologist's vehicle's sun roof on Big Cat Diary.
    • Unfixed or jealous (male and female) rabbits do this when marking territory or as courtship. However, they also pee as an Excrement Statement, as in bunny language, peeing on something that isn't yours is an ultimate insult, along with getting a point across that they are really angry with someone.
  • "Gardy loo!"
  • This poster on the Jeet Kune Do Talk forum pissed on a mugger when he was attacked using the urinal. Gross and embarrassing but effective.
  • Frogs and toads sometimes urinate and/or defecate as a defense mechanism if grabbed, to try to make themselves unappetizing to predators.
  • Zoos design their pens for hippos and tapirs to keep visitors at a safe distance from the edge of the exhibit. Not just because such large animals can be dangerous, but because hippos scatter their feces widely by waving their tails around as they defecate, and female tapirs spray urine several feet behind their rear ends.
  • Mice, rats and voles produce a lot of urine due to limited efficiency of such tiny kidneys. The trails they routinely follow tend to be spotted with so many urine drops that birds of prey, able to see urine's ultraviolet hue, can spot such paths and pinpoint where prey are likely to appear (of course, rodent controllers use this to their advantage by using UV flashlights, for example): a serious cause of literal Urine Trouble for the rodents, themselves.
  • Bird poop is actually mostly composed of the bird's form of urine, a white goop called uric acid. This is so it can get out easier via the cloaca, a utility opening in the bird's rear that both functions as waste disposal and mating for both sexes. The little dot in the middle is the actual stool, the rest is just bird pee. It doesn't mix too well with water, which is why it's so hard to get off of your car. What makes this count is that certain small birds, such as pigeons, actually use this as a defense mechanism; they release their bombs before flying to lighten their load and as such, get away from a potential predator faster.
  • A common belief among little kids seems to be that when it rains, God is peeing on everyone. Curiously, most kids who believe this don't seem grossed out by rain.
  • Guy pees through his pants while being arrested [2]
  • Caves and hollows inhabited by large numbers of bats can build up toxic levels of ammonia fumes from the flying mammals' collective urine output. The chief exception are vampire bats, whose extremely fast-acting kidneys allow them to shed most of the water-weight of a blood meal on the spot, within just two minutes of feeding. (So yes, if one nibbles on you in the night, it'll wet the bed before flying off.)


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