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Since Most Writers Are Human, most humanoid inter-species crossbreeds are Half Human Hybrids. However, sometimes this is averted, and a hybrid has no Homo sapiens in their family tree at all... but will still look human, sometimes even attractively so.

Like its sibling trope, it may lead to Uneven Hybrids or Heinz Hybrids if the person in question isn't a dead-end of the family tree.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The Monstrels of the Rosario + Vampire manga are hybrids of two monsters, and are therefore the most common type of monster. Ability-wise, they can have anything from limb weapons to a hypnotic serum that they can inject.
  • Urd of Ah! My Goddess is half-god, half-demon. In fact, her parents are the series' versions of God and Satan.
  • In Dragon Ball Super Goku Black (who already had the soul of Zamasu, a Kaioshin, and the body of a Saiyan after performing Grand Theft Me on his timeline's Goku) and Future Zamasu perform Potara Fusion to form Fused Zamasu, who is thus a Kaioshin/Saiyan hybrid.
  • Rage of Bahamut: Genesis has Amira. She is a nephilim. Half of her is an angel, but on the other half she is not a human but a demon. Still, she looks like an ordinary, if very pretty, human girl.

    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering has Gaea's Skyfolk (an Elf/Merfolk cross) and Razorfin Hunter (a Goblin/Merfolk cross). Nobody has a clue where either of these came from, or why the Skyfolk can fly when neither Elves nor Merfolk can.

    Comic Books 
  • ElfQuest has two half elves.
    • Timmorn Yellow-Eyes was the son of a shape-shifted High One (elf) and a wolf. The conflicting instincts of "immortal shapeshifter" and "mortal being with no concept of past or future" in his heritage nearly drove him mad as seen in this story. By extension his descendants the Wolfriders all have some wolf ancestry as well.
    • Two-Edge was half elf and half troll. His mother Winnowill systematically broke his mind, to the point that he was so conflicted about his species that he staged a war between elves and trolls to decide it.
  • Marvel Comics has Teddy Altman, (a.k.a. Hulkling). He's the son of Captain Marvel (a Kree) and Princess Anelle (Skrull). As his pink Kree form (looks like a Caucasian human) is his default one, and he's a shapeshifter, he also hits the 'attractive' option of this trope.
  • Also from Marvel, Gunna Sijurvald/Troll of the Thunderbolts is half Asgardian on her mother's side and half Troll on her father's side. She looks fully Asgardian but was raised by the Trolls. As a result of her heritage and upbringing, she has the superhuman attributes of the Asgardians and fights with the ferocity of the Trolls.
  • Marvel's Thor is actually a hybrid of two different species of gods. He's half-Elder God on his mother Gaea's side. This is the reason he's so much stronger than the other Asgardians.
    • Technically, Thor is a combination of 3 species. His mother is an elder goddess, but Odin is half Frost Giant on his mother's side. That makes him a quarter Asgardian, quarter Frost Giant and half Elder God.
  • The Asgardian ruling couple, Odin (Ice Giant and Aesir (main species of Asgard) hybrid) and Freyja/Frigga (Vanir (ruling species of Vanaheim)), has three children: Balder (out of wedlock), Aldrif (or Angela if you want) and Laussa. Not to mention Odin's various "conquests" around the realms and the children from those (for example Vidar with an Ice Giantess). That's a Tangled Family Tree that puts the Summers' to shame with children crossing to Heinz Hybrid territory very fast.
  • Clea is a Faltine/Mhuruuk hybrid, essentially a cross between two beings from two different dimensions.
  • Noh-Varr of Marvel Comics is a genetic fusion of a Kree and a cockroach.
  • Oliver from Invincible is half-Viltrumite, a species of superpowered Human Aliens, and half-Thraxian, a species of Insectoid Aliens. Viltrumite genes are apparently dominant, because he looked basically like a human, save for his purple skin, and even that faded as he got older.
  • The entire plotline of Saga revolves around Hazel, who is half Landfallian and half Wreathian.
  • Garona Halforcen from Warcraft (but not WoW) was originally vaguely depicted as half-Orc and half something unknown (often thought to be Human), but the comic reveals that she is really half-Orc and half-Draenei.
  • In Green Lanterns, Ungaran singer Lizeth Vok (from the same planet as Abin Sur) is "Gulbradian chimera". This means her skin is literally split down the middle, with one half being the bright red generally associated with the race and the other being a lilac shade note . (Her lilac half also has some kind of facial marking, but given her "rock grrl" look, this is possibly a tattoo.)
  • Wonder Woman is officially half-Amazonian, half-God as of 2011. Granted, she looks human, but she isn't.
  • The first Batman / Alien crossover featured the result of a facehugger impregnating an alligator, a monstrously bulky creature bigger than a queen.
  • PS238 has Malphast, the child of a male angel and a female demon (who represent Order vs. Chaos). He's apparently the first, and nobody's quite sure of the extent of his powers.

    Fan Works 
  • In Cuckoo Bird, Izuku is the result of the forbidden communion between a no-name puca and a pure-blooded elven member of the Seelie Court. He was swapped out for the "real" Izuku Midoriya when he was an infant. Because of his heritage, he has to cover up his black goat ears, lion-like tail, scales, and various scars with Glamour to avoid drawing attention to himself.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Symphony of Ages has Achmed (Dhracian/Firbolg, the product of a rape) and Grunthor (Firbolg/Bengard).
  • Lúthien in The Silmarillion was half-Elven and half-Maia. The Maiar are angels which normally don't have real bodies, much less an ability to reproduce. But when the angel Melian fell in love with the elf Thingol, she created a real body for herself, which was apparently biologically elvish. Their daughter looked like an uncommonly beautiful elven woman, but was more than a mere elf. And she had a son, Dior, with her human husband Beren, the first in a looooong line of Heinz Hybrid dudes (culminating in Arwen and Aragorn).
  • Commonplace in the Garrett, P.I. novels, the most prominent being the troll/giant "grolls" Doris and Marsha.
  • In The Mortal Instruments, faeries are the offspring of angels and demons (or just other faeries), and as one character puts it, they have the cruelty of demons and the beauty of angels.
  • In S.L. Viehl's Blade Dancer, all of the "ClanChildren of Honor" are half-Jorenian. Only Jory and Kol (who, perhaps predictably, hook up in the end after confirming that they're not half-siblings) are Half-Human Hybrids.
  • Tourmentine in the fairy tale The Bee and the Orange Tree is half ogre, half fairy.
  • In the Books of the Raksura, the Fell abduct and rape members of a closely related species the Raksura to produce hybrids with certain powers. In the first book, the antagonists turn out to be a Fell flight that includes three hybrids with Raksura queen and mentor powers, and who want to continue the project; later in the series, we meet hybrids who were raised by the other parent race and are fairly normal youngsters, although their family is understandably secretive about their presence.
  • Mary Gentle's Grunts! has Orc/Halfing hybrids
  • Dora Wilk Series has mostly angel/non-angel hybrids, which are disliked by many angels, as well as magical A/magical B hybrids (like witch/elf, battle-witch/succubus and such), but they aren't considered anything unusual, as in-universe magical creatures (magicals) are considered as one group by outsiders. The whole "nonhuman hybrid" is zig-zagged with main character, whose both parents are humans, but due to magic in this universe being genetic and huge amount of LEGO Genetics, Dora ends up not being human at all.
  • Jadis, the inhumanly beautiful and tall villainess of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is reportedly half-jinn and half-giant. If that's true, it would also presumably apply to her sister that she mentions in the prequel The Magician's Nephew.
  • In The Death Gate Cycle, the minor character Vasu is a hybrid of two rival Witch Species, the Patryns and Sartan (though he primarily identifies with - and leads a community of - the Patryns). This is noteworthy because of the five humanoid races in the setting (Sartan, Patryn, human, elf, dwarf) no other configuration can produce viable hybrids, implying a level of close kinship between the two races that neither would comfortably admit tonote . As a practical matter, the main effect is that Vasu isn't very powerful in either race's magic, but is capable of making use of both, making him a rather versatile mage.
  • In Star Trek Shatnerverse, the planet Chal is home to an artificial race of Klingon/Romulan hybrids, created during their brief alliance period and then promptly forgotten afterwards. They had some problems merging the two different genotypes and had to use some genetic material from captive humans as a "glue" of sorts, making them Heinz Hybrids. In a later novel of the series, Kirk has a baby with Teilani, a woman from Chal. The boy (named Joseph Samuel T'Kol T'Lan Kirk) doesn't fit this trope anymore, since he has more human DNA now. Strangely, all this mixing of Klingon, Romulan, and human DNA (also Vulcan, by virtue of Romulan heritage) has resulted in making Kirk's son genetically similar to the ancient humanoids, who have seeded the galaxy with life, which allows him to fight the dark matter entity known as Totality via a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe has many hybrids between humans and other species. However, other species can cross each other.
  • A "shadmock", in R. Chetwynd-Hayes's monster stories, is a third generation hybrid of vampires, werewolves and ghouls, all of which are distinctly nonhuman and hideous. The shadmock, however, looks like an innocent, angelic and perfectly human being.
  • Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard has Blitzen, a Svartalf, which in this series means the offspring of a dwarf and a god (in his case, Freya).

    Live-Action TV 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Whistler is the product of an Interspecies Romance between a pure-blood demon and an agent of The Powers That Be (basically an angel, although not depicted with wings). The Powers and the demons banded together to kill his parents for their transgression, but the Powers spared Whistler to serve as an agent of balance.
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Birthright", Worf comes across a Romulan POW Camp with Klingon survivors of the Romulans' surprise attack on Khitomer. One of the younger Klingons, Ba'el, is half-Romulan.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • Gul Dukat's illegitimate daughter Tora Ziyal, a child the Cardassian occupation leader had with his Bajoran mistress Tora Naprem. Since this was a strong taboo, her father initially planned to kill her to protect his career (and thus, ostensibly, the rest of his fully Cardassian family). He winds up sparing her, and she becomes his Morality Chain. The Occupation reportedly resulted in many other Cardassian/Bajoran hybrids, not all of them voluntary, who largely unwelcome in both worlds.
    • Jadzia Dax, a Trill, and Worf, a Klingon, eventually married and talked about having children, which Dr. Bashir confirmed was possible with some medical assistance. Unfortunately Jadzia was shot dead by Dukat before it could happen.
    • In an alternate timeline seen in "Children of Time" the Defiant crash-landed on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant 200 years in the past. The crew intermarried, with Jadzia known to have married and had children with Worf. By the time of the episode the planet's entire population of 8,000 people descended from the crew are Heinz Hybrids of (at minimum) human, Trill, and Klingon.
  • T'Pol was planned to be revealed as half-Romulan in the fifth season of Enterprise. In the Trek universe Romulans are just Vulcans with some genetic differences due to sharing a common ancestor, and a Vulcan/Romulan hybrid may therefore be no more remarkable genetically than a mixed-race human being. Probably slightly more of a difference, since they've been living on entirely different planets for a few thousand years, but still very much the same species.
    • Similarly, Saavik from The Wrath of Khan is revealed to be half-Romulan in one of the tie in novels, but you can't tell just by looking at her.
  • A full Star Trek list can be found here.
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force has Phineas the troblin, half troll/half goblin, who looks far more humanlike than either of those descriptors would indicate. Maybe they cancel out.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • There are many creature templates in the vein of "half-dragon", "half-fiend", et cetera. The vast majority of these can be applied to most humanoids, even very exotic or monstrous ones, with predictable results. Bonus: if the base creature type is a valid race for a player character, the DM might allow the templated hybrid to be as well.
    • Gazetteer The Orcs of Thar gives instructions on how to create a hybrid humanoid. In rare cases, the rules can cause the appearance and size of a Kobold, while having all the combat abilities and stats of a Bugbear.
    • The fey'ri race from the Forgotten Realms setting are part elf, part fiend, whilst the Tanarukk from the same setting are orc/demon crossbreeds created by demons as superior warrior-slaves to ordinary orcs.
    • The Big Bad in one of the early Role Aids supplements for 1st Edition AD&D was an orc/dwarf hybrid and the byblow of a dare, an orcish tavern wench, and an extremely intoxicated dwarf prince.
    • The Gully Dwarves of Dragonlance are the descendants of Dwarves and Gnomes. Seeing the results, Dwarves and Gnomes swore to never breed again on pain of death, as gully dwarves are highly deformed. Sadly, Gully Dwarves by then had grown to sufficient numbers that they were a viable species.
    • While actual rules were scarce, the Realms featured dwelfs (the result of dwarf-elf pairings) in the historic record — some fairly high profile, like Labrad 'the First Gardener' of Cormanthor.
    • Throughout the editions, the Stout and Tallfellow subraces of halflings have been implied to be the result of interbreeding between the standard Lightfoot halfling and dwarves or elves, respectively.
    • Half-ogres are mostly known for being ogre/human, but ogre/orc crossbreeds are also traditional. In fact, AD&D included two different varieties, the Orog and the Ogrillon, depending on whether the ogre was the father or the mother. Dragon #313 also included a half-ogre template, in which it was stated that human/ogres are the least common version and are drastically outnumbered by orc/ogres, bugbear/ogres, and gnoll/ogres.
      • In Pathfinder, half-ogres or "Ogrekin" are the result of any mating between an ogre and a humanoid or giant, with one sourcebook featuring sample ogrekin in the form of an ogre/ice troll, an ogre/orc, and an ogre/changeling.
    • The third-party setting Kingdoms Of Kalamar, the ultimate setting of Hack Master, has a race of elf/orc hybrids known as Tel-amhothlans in elvish and as Guruk-vra in orcish.
    • Third-party setting Midnight has Dwarrow (dwarf/gnome hybrids), Dworgs (dwarf/gnome hybrids - orcs being descended from corrupted dwarves in this setting), and Elflings (elf/halfling hybrids).
  • The Ardwin setting for Greg Stolze's Reign fantasy RPG is one where there is no humanity, but a group of three nonhuman races and their hybrid child races. It actually makes the distinction between biological versus cultural traits, meaning an orc raised among dwarves can learn certain "dwarven" ways of doing things while being unable to learn certain orcish ways.
  • The Holberker in The Dark Eye are a very minor fringe race originating from otherwise unheard of crossbreeding between elves and orcs.

    Video Games 
  • WarCraft: Rexxar is a half-orc half-Ogre who was the star of the bonus campaign in WCIII.
  • World of Warcraft itself has Lantresor, a more minor half-Orc half-Draenei character, and a whole village of half-Ogre half-Orcs (called Mok'Nathal) including Rexxar's father, Leoroxx (Rexxar's mother is full orc, while Leoroxx isn't).
    • Retcons made several years ago have made Garona Halforcen into a half-Orc and half-Draenei (originally, she was presumed to be half-orc half-human because, well, "Warcraft: Orcs and Humans").
    • When Illidan Stormrage absorbed the powers of the Skull of Gul'dan, he became "neither Night Elf nor Demon, but something more."
  • Gaia Online has the Gimpi evolving item, the result of a Devil Imp Potion and an Angel Imp Potion getting mixed.
  • Creatures 2 and 3 feature a Gene Splicer machine to make your own hybrids. In a likely case of Shown Their Work, C2 hybrids tend to be unviable.
  • Dm C Devil May Cry turns Vergil and Dante from Half-Human Hybrids into half-angel, half-demon Nephilim.
  • Darksiders and Darksiders II features the Four Horseman, last of a race of half-angel, half-demon Nephilim.
  • The ancestors of humans in the Diablo series are half-angel half-demon hybrids called the Nephalem. In Diablo III, it turns out your character is the first of the new Nephalem.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion had the Grey Prince, half-orc half vampire.
  • Star Trek Online:
    • In the Foundry mission "Bait and Switch" Varus Jolin, a Bajoran, is married to Saeihr, a Romulan, and she's six months pregnant with their daughter.
    • Galera, a Klingon Intelligence officer who acts as the main KDF quest giver for the Delta Rising expansion, is half-Klingon, half-Bajoran. Apparently she came out of a brief, ill-advised love affair around the time of the Dominion War.
  • Elves in Dragon Age can interbreed with dwarves, but (as with elf/human hybrids) the child is indistinguishable in every way from an ordinary dwarf. It's implied that Sandal may be the product of such a union.
  • Sicily from Disgaea Dimension 2 is a demon-angel despite the fact that her brother Laharl is a Demon-Human. This is due to their human mother, who was pregnant with Sicily at the time of her Heroic Sacrifice, refusing the chance to become an angel and gave it to Sicily instead.
  • In Agarest Senki, the 2nd generation love interests Lavinia and Faina are high elf/dark elf hybrids.
  • Haer'Dalis in Baldur's Gate II is the product of an elven father and a mother who, in his own words, was "no human". As his official race is tiefling (a mortal with demonic ancestry two or more generations away), his mother may have been a half-demon of indeterminate race or another tiefling.
  • Mass Effect has the asari, a monogendered species which can mate with any other species (of any gender) at will. This leads to all kinds of inter species offspring, although the child will always be an asari, making it less of a hybrid. This is considered the norm for them; asari-asari pairings are not exactly taboo but they are looked down on.
  • In Divinity: Original Sin 2, Malady is an elf-demon hybrid.
  • In Icewind Dale II, the main antagonists are a pair of elf-devil (known as cambions) twins, Isair and Madae. They are in fact the children of the previous game's Big Bad Belhifet and his lieutenant the elven maiden Ilmadia. After their foster mother Egenia (the only person who ever wholly accepted and loved them) died, they found themselves feared and hated by everyone. They even went to the Hells and joined the Blood War, only to be rejected by the devils as well.

    Visual Novels 
  • Sisters Lisianthus and Kikyou of SHUFFLE! are half God (father) and half Demoness (mother). Primula is a genetically-engineered hybrid of half-Goddess and half-Demoness.
  • Miru and Kaku in Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star are bipedal bird-mammal hybrids with dovelike heads. The species used in their creation aren't named, but they have white fur and some degree of manual dexterity - then again, so do the birds - so there might be many things in there, with or without human genes.

    Web Comics 
  • Keeva of Mixed Myth is a goblin/elf.
  • The Order of the Stick has the mercenary Enor, who is half-blue dragon, half-ogre.
  • Benny of Looking for Group looks like the usual fantasy image of an orc, though her exact race is unknown. Eventually we get more information on her background: Her mother is a blue elf, and her father is most likely the minotaur Krunch.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Catherine is half fire-eating bird and half dog youkai. The result is a dog-eared girl with wings for arms that she can somehow use as large beefy hands.
  • Dark and Light elves in Drowtales are fully capable of interbreeding, as are their underground descendants the Drowolath and the Drowussu. The resulting children often have trouble fitting in, especially since the major clan that accepted them was destroyed prior to the start of the story, but many have managed to eke out a living in other clans. The Tei'kaliath clan is also entirely composed of these, since they are the remnants of a surface city that was much more racially tolerant than their neighbors and had much more intermixing, resulting in a lighter skintone than the majority of Drowolath.

    Web Video 

    Western Animation 


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