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Monster Brother, Cutie Sister

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Good luck trying to date her with a brother like that.

[The men] had only heard stories about you, and since you're the Captain's sister... let's just say they were expecting someone more along the lines of his build ... aside from not being what they expected, we don't get to interact with a lot of pretty women in our line of work...
Piers' email to Claire Redfield, Resident Evil: Revelations 2

There's an attractive girl who is generally nice, helpful and pleasant to be around. Her brother, however, is a whole other story: he's got the menacing aura around him. He may be a Perpetual Frowner, or easily irritable, or even have the Face of a Thug (or be actually ugly, up to Gonk levels). People would likely hesitate to talk to him, or to his sister when he's around.

The brother here is usually the older one, but rarely you may find a menacing younger brother. In many cases, he's fiercely protective towards his beautiful sister; occasionally, however, he may be a Big Brother Bully instead.

Sister Trope of Ugly Guy, Hot Wife, which is the couple version of this (and probably the reason why they got children as this). Related to Beast and Beauty and both Men Are Tough and Women Are Delicate. See also both Big Brother Instinct and Little Sister Heroine, and The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter which applies to father and daughter instead of brother and sister. See also Sibling Yin-Yang.

Despite the name, this shouldn't be confused with Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism (but may be related in some way.)


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Played with in Cesare - Il Creatore che ha distrutto — while 16-year-old Cesare Borgia isn't portrayed as a monster here, he can certainly be menacing, the reader, through main character Angelo, gets to see that there's more to him than that. His Foil Giovanni de'Medici, however, does not. So when Giovanni goes to Rome as a Cardinal, bringing Angelo with him, and they meet Cesare's sister, 12-year-old darling Lucrezia, Giovanni remarks that she's so cute, he'd never have believed she was related to Cesare. Then when two older women approach her and say rude things to her, and she defends herself with supreme coldness and guile, Angelo sees that, no, she's definitely Cesare's little sister.
  • Death Note: Light is the Villain Protagonist who kills criminals without a second thought so he can force his sense of justice onto the rest of the world and become its new god (unlike most examples, though, he’s also really handsome). His sister Sayu, on the other hand, is a sweet and friendly (if a bit annoying) girl who would rather fangirl over her favorite idols.
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Gyutaro was hated by everyone, even his own mother, because of his countless birthmarks. His sister, Ume, however, was said to be beautiful from an early age. This is is the same as demons, but it’s entirely superficial: Underneath, both of them are bloodthirsty monsters.
  • Inverted in The Elder Sister-like One, where Yu's older sister (while appearing to be a beautiful young woman) is actually Shub-Niggurath.
  • The Excel♡Saga manga plays with the trope for all it's worth with Sumiyoshi and his sister Canal, who "talks" like her brother despite the lack of resemblance. Sumiyoshi's friends spend the entire chapter speculating about the genetic implications: their father's a Hot Dad with the "family voice", while their ''mother' is the Sumiyoshi lookalike, with normal speech balloons.
  • Hajime no Ippo shows Ippo's afections for the cute Kumi, a nurse who also likes boxing and supports him in his fights. But one of his most difficult fights is against Ryou Mashiba, a dreadful and ugly boxer known for severely hurting his opponents. Things Gone Horribly Wrong for Ippo when he discovers Kumi is Ryou's little sister. After the fight, both boxers become friendly rivals, but Ryou likes to stalk and scare Ippo for dating his sister.
  • Downplayed twice in My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected:
    • First with Hikigaya siblings, Hachiman and Komachi. The former isn't exactly ugly or feared by everyone else, but Komachi certainly is a cutie that has nothing to do with his brother, but Hachiman has a Big Brother Instinct over her, also inherited to Rumi Tsurumi and Iroha Isshiki.
    • Second with Saki Kawasaki, who isn't ugly either but she's certainly feared because of her loneliness and looking at first sight as a Japanese Delinquent. But she's as protective of her little siblings as Hachiman is with Komachi.
  • Slam Dunk: Hanamichi Sakuragi is in love with Haruko, a lovely schoolgirl who likes basketball, which makes him enter to the basketball club of his school to get a chance on her. Sadly, the leader of the basketball team is her big brother: Takenori Akagi, who's feared even between his partners because of his big size and Patrick Ewing-like features (Sakuragi calls him "Gori" for a reason).
  • In Ryoichi Ikegami's Spider-Man, Yu Komori meets Rumiko, a cute schoolgirl. Sadly, at the end of the chapter Yu discovers Rumiko is the little sister of Electro, the first supervillain he fights as Spider-Man and even more sadly, the discovery occurs few moments after Yu killed Electro in the process.
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has Souka and Gabiru. While they were initially introduced as lizard monsters, Souka transforms into a cute girl with wings after being named by Rimuru, while her brother remains lizard-like. There are several implications through the story that this is because Gabiru focused on becoming more powerful and bulky, while Souka deeply desired to aid the Ninja Souei, to which a smaller and lighter human-like body would help immensely with both stealth and disguised subterfuge.
  • Waratte! Sotomura-san has another rare gender inversion of this dynamic, with titular, unsmiling protagonist Sotomura-San, who - despite being a genuinely adorable human - sports a Face of a Thug by default and is only able (with some exceptions) to muster Slasher Smiles, being widely feared as a delinquent as a result; yet also happens to be the big sister of similarly adorable Touma, who unlike her is quite popular and widely-known for his tender looks and handsomeness. One central Running Gag in the manga concerns the contrasting treatment of the two by those around them based on their appearance, despite them both being extremely sweet people who do and like similarly sweet things, and love each other to death.

    Comic Books 
  • Young Justice: Billy and Greta Hayes, Harm and Secret, are an excellent example of this trope. Their story starts when he kills her, only for her to come Back from the Dead as an amnesiac ghost who rapidly makes friends with the team. He makes himself a dangerous threat to them and others as he strives to be the greatest supervillain in the world. Their origin and story play out over years of comics.
  • Black Moon Chronicles: Minor characters Goum and Nasha were separated during childhood, a mage experimenting on Goum to turn him into a gigantic gladiator (but blocking his intellect at childlike levels), while Nasha became a Little Miss Badass who once held a knife to a man's throat and was perfectly prepared to use it. Wis eventually manages to reunite the two, fixing Goum's intelligence in the process.
  • One Hellboy story begins when a woman asks a witch for help in conceiving a child. The witch gives her a healthy flower and a withered one, telling her to eat only the pretty one. The woman does so and gives birth to a beautiful girl, and of course eats the ugly one and gives birth to a troll-like girl. However, the two sisters love each other dearly, and when the human one gets her head replaced with a cow's by trolls, her sister goes out and beats the everloving crap out of the trolls with a wooden spoon, to the point where just placing the spoon at the entrance to their cavern after they left is enough to prevent them from coming back in.

    Films — Animation 
  • Toy Story's Sid and Hannah Phillips. The latter is a young Girly Girl that likes to have tea parties with her dollies, while the former is an unstable child that likes to bully his little sister and is a toy's worst nightmare.

  • The Irregular at Magic High School subverts this trope. Tatsuya is a cold, intimidating soldier, whose lack of interest in conversation (combined with his incredible intellect) often make people feel like he thinks himself above them. Miyuki, his much prettier younger sister, impresses everyone with her politeness and approachability...because she's under incredible pressure from her family to act that way, as the next heir. Both siblings are heroic, but in battle Miyuki shows her volcanic temper and willingness to Mind Rape; Tatsuya kills his enemies quickly and considers most conflicts Nothing Personal. This is reflected in their eye color, Miyuki's eyes being a pale, icy blue, and Tatsuya's a deeper, warmer color.
  • In Mistborn, Quellion — also known as "the Citizen" — is a dictator in charge of Urteau who executes people for their lineage. His little sister Beldre is an innocent civilian and Spook's Love Interest. This is ultimately subverted when it is revealed Beldre is an allomancer, instead of her brother as Spook assumed, and her hostage situation was a ploy to sabotage the rebels' plans. Subverted again when Quellion is revealed to have been subjected to Mind Control by Ruin.
  • Chumley and Tananda from Myth Adventures form a Red Oni, Blue Oni pair. Chumley is an urbane, thoughtful sasquatch-like monster. His sister is a short-tempered, impulsive drop-dead gorgeous woman who appears human except for her green hair and a slight greenish tinge to her skin. It's eventually revealed that they are Trolls — male Trolls are "Trolls" and female Trolls are "Trollops".
  • Inverted in The Never Mythos short story My Old Friend Gideon the title Gideon is an Affably Evil Humanoid Abomination and his sister "Lili" is a hideous Eldritch Abomination described as a "drooling mass" and devours humans.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Viserys Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen. He's a cruel, arrogant bully who looks down his nose at everyone and has delusions of grandeur, with his little sister being his main punching bag. Although not ugly, Viserys has a gaunt, severe, and occasionally unhinged look to him. Dany starts out as meek yet kindhearted; she later starts standing up for herself and doesn't shy from more ruthless decision-making, yet retains her compassion. She's also considered very beautiful and dainty-looking. After Viserys' bullying goes too far and he threatens to kill a pregnant Dany, her husband kills him as she looks on.
    • Joffrey Baratheon and Myrcella Baratheon. He doesn't look monstrous, though his looks are about his only positive trait and fools several people, especially his betrothed Sansa. He starts out as a Royal Brat who thinks his position means he's free from any consequences, and is later revealed to be a probable sociopath who swiftly becomes The Caligula upon ascending the throne, enjoying physically and psychologically torturing people. Myrcella, on the other hand, is lovely inside and out (although she later gets half her face disfigured, it doesn't seem to negatively alter her personality that much), and is sweet and gracious to everyone. Many people can’t believe how different the siblings are; it's telling that their mother blatantly favors Joffrey while side-lining her other children.
  • In Warrior Cats, Mothwing is a pretty and kind she-cat who becomes a medicine cat, while her brother Hawkfrost is noted as looking dangerous as soon as he first appears in the books. It's later revealed that he wishes to follow in their evil father's pawsteps, and to do this he manipulates her to use her position to his advantage and plans a coup.

    Live-Action TV 

  • In Dear Evan Hansen, Connor is a mean, antisocial stoner. His younger sister Zoe, however, is attractive and kind-hearted.

    Video Games 
  • Billy Kane is a fearsome character from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series, a sadistic punk with a large cane that he can emit fire from who's The Dragon of Geese Howard and Arch-Enemy of the "Hungry Wolves" team (the Bogard brothers Terry and Andy, and Joe Higashi.) His little sister Lilly Kane, however, is a motherly-like younger sister who literally cools down opponents in the rare occasions that she takes up the cane herself, awaits for her brother when he's in fights ignorant (or not) of what's her brother is doing and is always worried for him. She's also hinted in different appearances to be Joe's Love Interest, which irritates Billy to no end.
  • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there is Mercedes, a friendly devout healer and an all-around Nice Girl. And then there's the bloodthirsty, murderous Death Knight, who turns out to be her long-lost half-brother Emile (currently under the identity of Jeritza), with the Death Knight being his Superpowered Evil Side that manifested when his father decided to marry Mercedes solely to have Crest-bearing children with her. Normally they fight for opposing sides, but in the Blue Lions route (the house Mercedes belongs to), upon completing the shared paralogue of Mercedes and Caspar you unlock an extra scene after the final defeat of the Death Knight where Mercedes comforts her dying brother and apologizes for being unable to save him in time. Meanwhile, on the Black Eagles route you can have the two reunited and fight together if you recruit Mercedes into your house, as her brother will be there after the time skip anyway. Notably, Emile/Jeritza is the rare example of a younger Monster Brother; also notably, he is a rather handsome fellow under all that scary armor.
  • In the Guilty Gear series, Delilah is a kind and peaceful, albeit gloomy and socially and awkward young child. This contrasts a bit with her late brother Bedman, a dream-manipulating Hitman with a Heart who tends to act like a snarky Insufferable Genius.
  • Ann's brother Gary from Harvest Moon 64 qualifies. He's not monstrous by any stretch of the word, but he's a "Social Disaster" as Ann puts it. Cold, silent, prone to bluntness when he does speak, and clearly doesn't like it when Pete takes an interest in Ann. That said, if you take the time to get to know him (which takes some work, believe us) it turns out that Gary is simply quiet, not really mean.
  • In Yakuza 4, Lily is a fragile-looking ideal Japanese beauty, which is why it's a minor plot twist that she's the sister of Taiga Saejima, a hulking martial artist who looks every inch the ex-yakuza he is. (It's explained later that she was adopted.) Another twist is that, due to various plot contrivances, her kill count is much higher than his.
  • In Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, it's revealed that the respective Big Bad and Big Good of the game, Capital B. and Queen Phoebee, are brother and sister. Capital B. is hulking and obese, resembling a giant bee that gained human appendages, while Queen Phoebee is slim and much more conventionally cute.


    Western Animation 
  • Young Justice (2010): Harm and Secret, see above, show up in "Secrets," the seventeenth episode of the first season, which acts as a compressed version of their story.