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Weirdworld is both a setting and comic book set in the Marvel Universe. Weirdworld first appeared in the black and white magazine Marvel Super Heroes #1 (January 1976), with the story "An Ugly Mirror on Weirdworld," written by Doug Moench, with art by Mike Ploog, before the story moved to Marvel Premiere #38. Additional stories set in Weirdworld were published in Marvel Super Special and Epic Illustrated and Ploog returned to illustrated the first of a Weirdworld trilogy in Marvel Fanfare #24.

Weirdworld was a planet located in an unidentified dimension, where the gods of light and darkness were evenly matched and played an everlasting game in the Vault of the Stars. The main characters for the stories by Doug Moench and Mike Ploog were Tyndall of Klarn and Velanna, two elves that lived in a region of Weirdworld and the quests they undertook.

In 2015, Weirdworld was brought back for one of the tie-in mini-series to Secret Wars (2015). Weirdworld was a five-issue mini-series written by Jason Aaron, with art by Michael del Mundo. The main character was Arkon the Magnificent (who had been a warrior from a different fantasy land, Polemachus, during a previous run on Avengers), who found himself suddenly lost in Weirdworld and trying to find his way home. During this run, Weirdworld became more tied into the wider Marvel Universe, with the witch Morgan le Fay being the ruler of Weirdworld and a rebellion against her led by Jennifer Kale and her army of Man-Things. It was also revealed that Crystal Warriors (from The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior) came from Weirdworld, too.

After Secret Wars ended, another Weirdworld series was published in 2016. Written by Sam Humphries, with art again by Michael del Mundo, the main character this time was Becca the Earthgirl, a teenage girl who had been in a plane that crashed into Weirdworld while carrying the ashes of her mother. Soon after arriving on Weirdworld, Becca teams up with Ogdeode the Catbeast and Goleta the Wizardslayer in order to find a way home.

Since then, Weirdworld has become a common alternate dimension for characters to find themselves in. The Black Knight found himself in Weirdworld for his own book, while the Champions also found themselves transported to Weirdworld (and under an enchantment that gave them fantasy identities, like Shadow Spider for Miles Morales and Mystic Marvel for Kamala Khan).

    General Weirdworld tropes 
  • Adventure-Friendly World: Most people who find themselves in Weirdworld want to get home, which can be extremely difficult. Also, the terrain is always changing.
  • Lost World: In two different sense of the world. Weirdworld is in a different dimension, therefore "lost," but also humans from Earth and other worlds can suddenly find themselves in Weirdworld. There's a reason it's called "the place where lost things go."
  • Patchwork World: During and post-Secret Wars, Weirdworld became a composite of the worlds of Crystalium (from the Marvel series The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior), Polemachus (where Arkon was from during his appearance in Avengers), and the original Weirdworld.
  • World in the Sky: Although originally portrayed as a planet itself, since Secret Wars, Weirdworld has more been portrayed as a giant continent floating in the sky. There are even places on the underside of Weirdworld. The only reason that it's not a floating continent is because there doesn't appear to be any land underneath it. There is only sky and Weirdworld.

    Tropes that appeared in the 2015 Secret Wars mini-series 
  • The Alliance: In the final issue, the Swamp Queen gathers together an army of all of the dregs, outcasts and reclusive tribes left stranded in Weirdworld — man-things, elves, eyeball-headed eyemazons, hawksquatches, man-wolves, crystal warriors, barbarians — and brings them to battle Morgan le Fay and her forces.
  • Bad Boss: Morgan le Fay is a cruel and demanding leader, expecting absolute loyalty and effectiveness from her underlings and dealing out exaggerated and baroque punishments if they fail her even once.
  • Barbarian Hero: Arkon the Magnificent is a Conanesque barbarian adventurer, clad in furs and armed with a huge two-handed sword, who wanders Wierdworld while battling foes and morosely pondering his lot in life.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: In Polemachus, Arkon was a barbarian warlord who ruled a vast domain, was served by armies of warriors, and had more wealth than he knew what to do with. After becoming stranded in Weirdworld, he's nothing more than a wanderer with nothing to his name but the rags on his back.
  • Our Ogres Are Different: Morgan le Fay is served by a force of grey-skinned ogres, as tall as humans but broader, with large tusks projecting from their lower jaws. Arkon is used to fighting ogres from Polemachus whose most sophisticated weapons are sticks and stones, and isn't very pleased to find that Weirdworld's use guns and cannons.
  • Stylistic Suck: Both Arkon and Warbow's maps of Weirdworld are depicted as nearly-indecipherable messes of crude drawings, confused scribbles, and scrawled comments and marginalia.
  • Underwater City: The city of Apelantis lies under a large dome at the bottom of a large body of water.

    Tropes that appeared in the 2016 series 
  • Fantastic Racism: Goleta hates wizards. The only reason she tolerates Ogdeode is because she already killed him once.
  • Spinoff Sendoff: When Becca first crash-lands in Weirdworld, the first person she see is Arkon the Magnificent from the previous book. He tells her "Welcome to Weirdworld! Run!"