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Los Cochinos is a 1973 comedy album by Cheech & Chong, which features various skits by the duo and a song called "Basketball Jones".


Side One
  1. "Sergeant Stadanko"
  2. "Peter Rooter"
  3. "Up His Nose"
  4. "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn"

Side Two

  1. "The Strawberry Revival Festival"
  2. "Don't Bug Me"
  3. "Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course"
  4. "Los Morpions"
  5. "Cheborneck"
  6. "White World Of Sports"
  7. "Basketball Jones by Tyrone Shoelaces and Rap Brown Jr. H.S. Band"

This album provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Gay: One of the pirates in the Buggery On The High Seas portion of "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn" speaks with an effeminate male voice.
  • Broken Record: "Basketball Jones, I got a Basketball Jones, I got a Basketball Jones, oh baby, ooh ooh ooh" over and over.
  • Canada, Eh?: "Les Morpions" is about an interview with a Canadian lumberjack who constantly says "Eh?" when asked a question that the interviewer ends up repeating afterward.
  • Canis Latinicus: The teacher in "Sergeant Stadanko" recites a bit of fake Latin that St. Dominic supposedly said.
  • Drugs Are Bad: The titular Sgt. Stadanko tries to teach the class of Catholic high school students on the dangers of smoking marijuana amid jeers and taunts from the classmates.
  • Face on the Cover: Cheech and Chong as themselves inside the car, calling out to themselves in drag who are outside the car on the back cover.
  • The Grunting Orgasm: The man in the other car having sex with a woman, whom Man asks for a crowbar to get his friends out of the trunk, in "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn".
  • Incredibly Conspicuous Drag: Cheech and Chong dress up as women, not even bothering to shave off their facial hair, as they both appear on the back cover near the other end of the car their normal selves are driving.
  • Interrupted Intimacy: Man in "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn" goes over to the next car over in order to get something to open the trunk with, only to find a guy making out with a girl inside the car. Not that it interrupts the activity going on, though, as the guy gives Man something and then just continues on without breaking the flow.
  • Left Hanging: The fate of Tyrone Shoelaces near the end of "Basketball Jones" as he somewhere along the way stops singing.
  • Nose Shove: "Up His Nose" has a father bring his son named Jaime to the doctor because he's been shoving lots of things up his nose — including bullets. The doctor tries to extract them with a pair of pliers, but ultimately decides on just using a hammer, and the bullets explode, supposedly also taking the boy's face with it. All the father could do at that point is rejoice and tell the doctor to "keep the change".
  • Parody: "Basketball Jones" is one for the Brighter Side of Darkness's 1972 song "Love Jones."
  • Parody Commercial:
    • "Peter Rooter", which parodies the Roto-Rooter commercial jingle.
    • "Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course", which has a person sounding like he is reading from a cue card during the recording, with a few mispronunciations.
  • Police Are Useless: The titular Sergeant Stadanko is a narcotics officer who is on hand to give the class a lesson on the dangers of marijuana, but as the class erupts into a fight, the officer ends up getting so stoned that at the end he tells the teacher that he's going to call the police.
    • Averted in "Don't Bug Me" as the police use the wiretapped phone call between Pedro and Man to bust the goings-on at Strawberry's house.
  • Property Line: This part of the argument in "Strawberry Revival Festival":
    Man 1: Well, you just stay out of my room, man.
    Man 2: What do you mean "your room," man? This is a front room and anybody can come in here.
    Man 1: Hey, man, the part between the tie-dyed curtain and the two bricks is my room, man.
    Man 2: Oh, yeah?
    Man 1: Yeah!
    Man 2: Oh, yeah?
    Man 1: Yeah!
  • Punk in the Trunk: "Pedro and Man at the Drive-Inn" is about smuggling someone into the drive-in in the trunk, and then being unable to get the trunk open.
  • Punny Name: Tyrone Shoelaces from "White World Of Sports" and "Basketball Jones".
    • Chuck U. Farley as one of the actors in the film Buggery On The High Seas.
  • Real Trailer, Fake Movie: A trailer for the fake movie Buggery On The High Seas plays in the middle of the sketch "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn".
  • Record Producer: Lou Adler
  • Repetitive Audio Glitch: "Strawberry Revival Festival" has the sound of a record player constantly skipping in the background.
  • Shaped Like Itself: Tyrone Shoelaces from "Basketball Jones" says that his like a basketball to him.
  • Silent Treatment: Near the end of "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn", when Man calls out to their friends still trapped in the car trunk to see if they're okay and he gets no response, Pedro says that they're probably giving them this because they haven't gotten them out yet.
  • Special Guest:
    • Tommy Chong's daughter Rae Dawn Chong stars as one of the rioting students in "Sergeant Stadanko".
    • George Harrison, Billy Preston, and Carole King provide musical instrumentation for "Basketball Jones".
  • A Taste of the Lash: The Ambiguously Gay pirate from Buggery On The High Seas is subject to fifty lashes with a cat-o-nine-tails, which at first was painful, but then becomes enjoyable as he endures each lash with ecstasy.
  • Toilet Humor:
    • Pedro pees on the back of the car and lets out a fart inside the car in "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn".
    • "Cheborneck" is about two guys poking around with a pile of dog poop.
  • The Unreveal: The portion of the Charlie Chan movie in "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn" where the murderer's identity is about to be revealed when the drive-in manager interrupts with a message that the snack bar will remain open for another fifteen minutes.
    "Everybody in this room have motive for killing Mr. Taylor. But Mr. Taylor only have one killer, and the name of that killer is..."
  • Urine Trouble: This part of the argument in "Strawberry Revival Festival":
    Man 2: Well, if that's the case, man, why don't you keep your dog in your room?
    Man 1: Hey, man, Toke can go anywhere in the house if he wants to, man.
    Man 2: I know, man, that's the trouble with that dog. He goes everywhere in the house, man.