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Dogs Love Fire Hydrants

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In fiction, it seems to be assumed that dogs have a kind of fascination or obsession with fire hydrants, loving them almost as much as they love bones and chasing cats. Though not always stated outright the fact that they enjoy marking their territory on them is rarely denied, although sometimes it's treated more like normal urinating than territory marking and have dogs waiting in line to pee on them for instance. Some works take the obsession to the next level, however, without mentioning this tendency.

Can overlap with Urine Trouble.



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  • One ad for Disney's Aladdin game for the Sega console has one boy claim to two associates that he has completed the game with two wishes left unused. One associate challenges him to prove that statement. The second associate is instantly transformed into a dog. Then the challenger is transformed into a fire hydrant. The dog pointedly notices this.
  • The old ABC Saturday Morning "We'll be Right Back" Ad Bumpers sometimes featured a claymation dog sniffing a sapient fire hydrant, only to be hosed down.
  • A bumper from Cartoon Network's CN City features Scooby-Doo preparing to go on a hydrant, only for Courage to signal him to get in the back of the line. The camera then pans to a line of other cartoon dogs waiting to go (including Scrappy-Doo, Dino and Huckleberry Hound).

  • This fridge magnet by artist Gary Patterson. (In case someone can't access the link, it depicts a dog approaching a fire hydrant that has an "out of order" sign on it, as in a restroom.)

    Asian Animation 
  • Lamput: In "Flicker", the docs keep finding Lamput trying to camouflage as different orange objects since their flicker serum is making him flash all sorts of colors besides his usual orange. Right before the docs find Lamput morphed into a fire hydrant, a dog is seen about to pee on him but gets scared by his color changing and runs away.

    Comic Strips 
  • In one Far Side comic, an alien species (that just happens to resemble fire hydrants) comes to Earth. One of these aliens reports to his superiors how his first contact with a dog went: "I asked him to take me to his leader, and what happened next was horrible!"
  • The title character of Buckles is shown to be in love with an inanimate hydrant, which he calls "Irene".
  • Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes, once made a snowdog next to a fire hydrant, complete with lifted hind leg. Someone off-panel -– one of his parents, most likely –- wasn't thrilled.
  • Appears repeatedly in Garfield.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In The Three Stooges episode "Calling All Curs", the Stooges are following a dog who's supposed to be leading them to a criminal. But, the dog leads them to a fire hydrant instead.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In a variation, one of Robin's Boyfriends of the Week on How I Met Your Mother was described by everyone who met him as basically a dog in human form. He inadvertently emphasizes this impression later by taking a leak on a fire hydrant.
  • On the Halloween Episode of The Middle, Brick reminisces on some of the embarrassing costumes he wore when trick-or-treating with Sue, one of which was her dressing as a dalmatian while he dressed as a hydrant.

    Video Games 
  • In Balthazar's Dream, fire hydrants serve as save points in the game.
  • Similarly, in Rocko's Modern Life: Spunky's Dangerous Day, fire hydrants serve as both save points and end goals for every level. The save points are classic red fire hydrants and the end goals are gold. Whenever Spunky encounters either, they'll morph into having smiley faces as he passes them.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Classic Disney Shorts: At the end of "The Worm Turns", after Pluto defeats Pete, he stops to sniff at a fire hydrant. Mickey sprays Courage Builder on the hydrant, and it attacks Pluto with a Hydrant Geyser.
  • Rocko's Modern Life:
    • In the episode "Who Gives a Buck?", Rocko is talked into buying his dog Spunky a hi-tech fire hydrant-shaped dog bowl.
    • In the episode "Clean Lovin'", after falling in love with a mop and having a veterinarian take it away from him, Spunky rebounds by falling in love with a fire hydrant.
  • Ren & Stimpy: At the end of "Fire Dogs", the pair is given an award shaped like a hydrant. The last shot is a line of dogs waiting to relieve themselves on it.
  • Tex Avery MGM Cartoons:
    • In a cartoon starring George and Junior as dog catchers, they dress as fire hydrants to attract a dog they've been trying to catch. They end up being chased by every dog in town.
    • In the first Droopy cartoon, he walks behind a hydrant and, after a brief pause, walks out with a look of embarrassment on his face.
  • When J. P. Gottrockets wins custody of The Jetsons' dog Astro as his long-lost dog Tralfaz, he offers Tralfaz a living area littered with doggie bones and fire hydrants.
  • Dog City used fire hydrants as toilets.
  • CatDog
    • The episode "Trespassing" has Dog getting extremely pissed off when another dog uses a fire hydrant that he already claimed as his own. He then forces Cat to stay with him at the hydrant all day and night until he confronts the dog who used it.
    • "The Golden Hydrant" had Cat finding out that Dog is in possession of the titular golden fire hydrant. Dog spends the whole episode trying to go on it with Cat always stopping him so he can make money off of it. When the Greaser Dogs end up relieving themselves on it, it turns out that it's just a regular fire hydrant painted gold. At the end of the episode when the whole group is eaten by a crocodile, Cat finds another golden hydrant, the dogs are all slowly walking towards it in a daze with Cat clutching the golden hydrant and pleading them to stop. An outside shot at the crocodile, Cat's voice can be heard saying, "Well, at least we know this one is real", implying that Dog and the Greasers peed on Cat and the hydrant.
  • Family Guy: In the first episode, Brian is seen urinating on a fire hydrant, though he goes by standing up like a human would at a urinal.
  • Hollywood Steps Out features a restaurant with a whole bunch of golden-age Hollywood celebs having a good time. There's a scene of vacant reserved tables, including one for the Bumstead family: chairs for Blondie and Dagwood, a high chair for Baby Dumpling, and a hydrant on the floor for Daisy the dog.
  • In the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "Remembrance of Courage Past", one of the flashbacks to when Courage was a puppy shows his parents playing catch with him and getting distracted by admiring a fire hydrant.
  • Futz!: In "Wash, Clip, and Futz", Futz gets back into his pet salon using a fire hydrant as a battering ram. The cat opens up the door, causing Futz to continue running, and crash into the table, getting the hydrant stuck on his leg. The dog then comes over and pees on said leg.
  • Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!: In "More Fondue for Scooby-Doo", there's a gag where Misty Swiss has snow fall on her and it forms the shape of a fire hydrant, afterwards Misty Swiss's dog Carla attempts to pee on her
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: "Hydro-Man" has Spidey make fun of the titular villain by joking that he said his name was "Hydrant-Man" and quipping that he must be very popular with the dogs.
  • The Fairly OddParents: In one episode, Crocker becomes a Mix-and-Match Critter in order to capture all the fairies in Dimmsdale. When he attempts splice the fairies' DNA into himself as well, Timmy and the others need to keep him busy while they sabotage his DNA machine. Since he was part bloodhound, Cosmo changed into a hydrant. Unfortunately, he realizes too late that he should've gone with a chew toy.
    Cosmo: (Wearing a bath towel after showering) Well, the good news is that I bought us some time. The bad news is too terrible to talk about. (Sucks his thumb)
  • Darkwing Duck: The gag is referenced in "Quiverwing Quack" when Negaduck puts some vicious dogs in the back of his truck with the intent of using them in his scheme to become public enemy number one, only to be annoyed by the dogs' constant barking. After his truck crashes into a fire hydrant, he picks up the hydrant and puts it in the back of his truck while remarking that it ought to keep the dogs quiet for a while.
  • Quack Pack:
    • "The Germinator" has Daisy having to get Donald to cry so that Huey, Dewey, Louie and the episode's villain Dr. Tovar (who were shrunk) can exit Donald's body. To make him cry, Daisy reads Donald a spoof of Old Yeller, the last line she reads mentioning that the dog went to the old fire hydrant in the sky.
    • In "Nosy Neighbors", Donald's fire hydrant disguise backfires when he gets chased by a dog.
  • Here Comes Garfield has a scene near the end where one of the dogs escaping from the pound with Garfield and Odie stops to sniff a fire hydrant.
  • Alluded to in Tamagotchi Video Adventures. During the "What's a Tamagotchi?" song, Pochitchi, a dog Tamagotchi, is seen next to a fire hydrant for a second or so.
  • In the Animaniacs episode "Potty Emergency", Wakko sees a dog trying to use a fire hydrant.
  • The Bagel and Becky Show has a whole episode where Bagel activates an ancient Egyptian curse by peeing on a cursed ancient fire hydrant.

    Real Life 
  • In big cities where there aren't many upright objects like trees, dogs do mark their territory on fire hydrants, but will just as likely use a telephone pole or something else. Plus if a dog has urinated there already, another will also do so, as this is one way dogs pass on information — particularly in regards to territory.
  • Fake fire hydrant lawn statues are sold to give people's pet dogs a place to do their business.


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