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This is typically what you see right before everything goes dark.

Edd: You should know better than to eat the camera. Just think of what it could do to your digestive tract!
Ed: Oh, I can't wait to see that part, Double D.
Edd: Yes, well, let's not and say we did, Ed.
Ed, Edd n Eddy, "An Ed Is Born"

This is a visual effect where a shot is ended by having the screen zoom into a character's wide-open mouth or vice versa, usually while this character is screaming or singing. Usually done in animation, since, among other things, it's likely to be a Gross-Up Close-Up in live-action. Or, it can be used for a seamless transition to another scene through an inversion. Normally done with a wiggling uvula (that wiggly thing in the back of the mouth). .

Sometimes, it is done to represent something or someone literally entering a character's mouth (either Swallowed Whole or Orifice Invasion), or to show an Attack the Mouth move; usually, however, it is solely a visual effect (similarly used with eyes, noses, open doors, and motion picture screens). It's also done to transition to commercial breaks in television shows.

Not to be confused with Mouth Cam, which is technically its opposite, or Mouthscreen, which is a shot on the mouth, or Chewing the Scenery. Also compare Looking a Miffed Animal in the Mouth, where a character looks into the mouth of a predator without knowing the actual danger they are in. Sub-Trope of Body Wipe. If somebody is literally eating a camera, that would be an Extreme Omnivore.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • One episode of Ai Yori Aoshi has a scene that does this with Tina Foster while she's in a car screaming because of Taeko's driving.
  • This trope is present in the intro of Digimon Frontier with the Trailmon right after presenting the logo of the show.
  • The opening of Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur have a T-Rex eating the camera from a first-person perspective.
  • Done exactly three times in the first episode of HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!. In the first two (Hime crying over losing another battle and Megumi gushing over the Pretty Cures), Super-Deformed versions of the characters in question were shown inside their mouths, with the camera continuing to zoom in.
  • Happens in the first episode(or 2nd if it's the japanese dub) of Mon Colle Knights at one point prior to a crash, where the camera zooms into Bachi's throat. Complete with her waggling uvula.
  • Done once in an episode of Pokémon: The Series, "Abra and the Psychic Showdown". When Ash was battling Sabrina, Sabrina had Kadabra create a dragon and make it chase Pikachu. When the dragon-like Psychic hits Pikachu, Pikachu is sent flying with Pikachu's mouth filling the entire screen.
    • In "Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!", Ash yawns and the camera zooms in and out of his mouth.
  • Done in how Squid Girl perceives inflatable orcas in Squid Girl.
  • Zombie Land Saga: When Saki learns the other girls have never been to Drive-In Tori, the camera zooms in on her mouth as she yells at them for "failing at Saga". As the camera gets closer, you can see the words "Saga Fail" (in Japanese) written on her uvula. This happens a second time but cuts to a black screen with her wiggling uvula off to the side.
  • The anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul does a nicely chilling version as the very last shot before the end of the first season. Kaneki snaps after being tortured and nearly devoured, breaks out of his restraints, brutally beats his torturer into submission, then decides that turnabout is fair play. The shot going into his throat cuts to black with the sound of him biting a chunk out and swallowing.
  • Happens in Sailor Moon at least three times on Usagi, twice with the next scene being behind her uvula.

    Films — Animated 
  • In An American Tail Fivel Goes West, at the start of The Girl You Left Behind the camera zooms into Tanya's mouth during her high note. (as seen above)
  • In Antz, at the start of the fight with the termites, a soldier ant grabs Z and drags him to the screen as we zoom into his mouth.
  • The Bad Guys (2022): Mr. Piranha "surprises" two security guards with his "Fish Surprise" dish. After one of the guards opens the lid of the dish, Piranha yells "SURPRISE!" and lunges toward the guards (aka the camera).
  • In Beowulf (2007), a zoom out happens out of a random woman's mouth to show how her screams aggrivate Grendel.
  • Happens in the beginning of The Boss Baby.
  • Brave: Done with Mor'Du in the beginning of the movie when he attacks Fergus and chews off his leg. After the camera reaches the dark void (or inside Mor'Du's stomach), the title card is shown.
  • A Bug's Life: Occurs during Hopper's defeat, when a bird picks him up and seemingly feeds him to one of her chicks.
  • At the end of a deleted scene from Cars called "Community Service", Lighting McQueen (as a steamroller) does this while yelling a Big "NO!" when he notices that there was a lot of the road that had yet to be fixed. Then again, it was All Just a Dream.
  • Open Season 2: When Boog is pursued by security at Pet Paradiso, he goes down the water slide as the camera zooms into his mouth, then zooms out to reveal Mr. Weenie.
  • In Cool World, after the sex explosion sequence, the largest goon falls toward the camera, which then winds down its digestive tract (passing Geppetto and Pinocchio on the way) and comes out the other end.
  • DC Showcase – Constantine: The House of Mystery: Done multiple times throughout the movie. First on Zatanna, then a male demon, then the little girl demon and finally Etrigan.
  • In the "Dance of the Hours" segment from Fantasia, Hyacinth Hippo yawns, and the camera focuses in on her uvula before zooming out as she closes her mouth.
  • Marine Life Interviews (A short based on Finding Dory): In the last segment of her interview, Destiny details how Baby Dory used to play hide-and-seek in her mouth, following it up with her suddenly and rather-awkwardly opening her big gaping mouth wide at the interview camera, with it taking up the entirety of the screen, and then some. Destiny is a whale shark, which makes it a given that she has a big mouth.
    Destiny: (opening her mouth at the camera) Ahhh! (muddled and slurred, since she can't close her mouth) Ahhy Ahhy, Ahhen Hree! (Olly Olly, Oxen Free!)
  • Used as a Subverted Trope in Finding Nemo when Bruce is dragging Marlin and Dory to his friends Anchor and Chum, we get a shot from Marlin's perspective zooming into Anchor's open mouth, making it look like Marlin's about to be eaten, only to cut to the next scene at the last second and revealing that Marlin is OK.
  • An interesting variation in A Goofy Movie, the camera zooms into a fat lady's mouth then seamlessly transitions to zooming out of Powerline's mouth, near the end of "I2I".
  • The theatrical trailer for Happy Feet has the camera fly into Ramone's throat as he's singing, revealing the film's title inside of him, and soaring back out.
  • Used in Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, when Curly shouts "Free the animals in the zoo!"
  • Played with in Ice Age: The Meltdown, where a Baptornis gets knocked out and fills the camera with its mouth, before the scene zooms out of a yelling Glyptodon's mouth.
  • It's used as a visual transition in James and the Giant Peach, with the next scene being inside the screaming Earthworm's mouth.
  • The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part: Done by Emmet in the last scene as he emits a Gasp! upon learning Lucy was one of the singers for "Everything is Awesome" as he sees her band's cover for such.
  • Happens twice in The Nightmare Before Christmas:
    • During "This is Halloween", the camera zooms into the Hanging Tree's mouth as a transition to the Clown with the Tear-Away Face's verse.
    • "Oogie Boogie's Song" has Oogie engulf the camera with his mouth after he tells Santa Claus "I'm gonna do the best I can," causing everything to go black.
  • In Oliver & Company, the camera zooms into Dodger's mouth with its waggling uvula as he is singing "Why Should I Worry?"
  • In Peter Pan, the camera zooms into the Chief's mouth during "What Made the Red Man Red?".
  • Inverted in the opening of Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe, with the camera zooming out of a screaming Candace's mouth.
  • Rock-A-Doodle begins with the camera flying through space and toward Earth, where it then flies all the way toward a farm located somewhere in the midwestern US and into Chanticleer the rooster's mouth, showing a closeup of his uvula as he is calling forth the Sun with his crowing.
    "Whoa, okay, that zoom-in was a little too extreme! I can practically see his digestive system!"
    • Later on in the film, as the blackmailing Control Freak Pinky shouts "Make-up," the camera zooms in on HIS uvula, and then fades out!
  • Inverted in Spies in Disguise after Lance Sterling drinks the bio-dynamic concoction and hallucinates. He then screams as the camera zooms out of his mouth and says "You poisoned me!"
  • The boss stork of Storks does this every time he says the word "boss" in a slow and seductive manner.
  • Happens four times in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
    • First on a penguin in the first trailer.
    • Second, Francis the dog during Mario and Luigi's first plumbing.
    • Third, a Dry-Bones chasing Luigi.
    • Finally, a Maw Ray eating Mario and Donkey Kong.
  • In the Disney movie Teacher's Pet, at the very end of the song "I Wanna Be a Boy", Spot runs towards the camera screaming.
  • The scene in The Thief and the Cobbler where King Nod despairs about the magic balls being stolen ends with a closeup of his mouth, then goes into an Astronomic Zoom out.
  • In Toy Story 2, as Stinky Pete is led away by Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy’s toys, the scene zooms in on the prospector’s mouth as he yells a Big "NO!".
  • Used in Turning Red when Abby shouts "Let's burn this place to the ground!" as a transition during the opening montage of Mei at school.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit does this and then inverts it no more than a second afterward on Baby Herman bawling among dropping his cigar, zooming in and then out of his wailing mouth.
  • Happens three times in the movie Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.
    • First on Vanessa as she is injected with machines to become Silver Swan, complete with a sonic scream as she swallows the camera.
    • Second on Cheetah as she fights Wonder Woman, though it's a blink and you'll miss it kind of zoom.
    • Third one is a snake that foreshadows Medusa's arrival.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bait 3D ends with a shark lunging out of the ocean at a low-flying seagull and the camera.
  • Batman Returns does this as the Penguin screams in anger.
  • Inverted in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, when the camera zooms out of Ted's screaming mouth and pull back to Bill and Ted falling to Hell.
  • Black Sunday does this in the American International Pictures version when Dr. Kruvajan leans forward to kiss Asa because AIP heads James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff believed feared that the resulting kissing shot would be misinterpreted as an endorsement of necrophilia.
  • City Slickers does this at the start of the movie when Mitch gets horned in the butt by a bull. After the credits, the camera does a coming out of his mouth shot as we find he's being treated in a hospital.
  • Count Yorga sorta ends this way after Donna is revealed to have been turned into a vampire. Going into a Second-Person Attack when Paul turns to her. Freezing right on her gaping maw.
  • Inverted in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Cameron has his screaming moment when he notices how much mileage is on his father's Ferrari after he and Ferris pick it up from the garage.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (2023) Happens when Mr. Cupcake lunges towards Carl from his perspective.
  • The Animated Credits Opening to George of the Jungle end this way.
  • Gulliver's Travels (2010): After Darcy gets captured and the small people know her name and location, she lets out a scream with the camera entering her mouth.
  • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Voldemort kills Charity Burbage, a professor at Hogwarts whom he considered repugnant for supporting Muggles. He tells his huge pet snake Nagini that "dinner is ready", and she slithers across the table until the camera enters her mouth as she starts devouring Burbage's corpse.
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) famously ends this way, with the camera zooming on in a shrieking pod person's open mouth.
  • Richard Parker does this in Life of Pi before killing the hyena.
  • Little Shop of Horrors appropriately does this with Audrey II, particularly during "Feed Me".
  • The 2020 film Mainstream makes use of this trope when Frankie is walking through the backstage of a theater and sees a video of Link on the screen behind her, and watches as Link's mouth slowly engulfs the camera until the screen is black. This then transitions to a well-edited Fade Out when Link emerges from the darkness and watches Frankie as she runs to the bathroom.
  • Mr Fix It has a scene where a woman who was just wronged by the titular character screams and has the camera zoom in to show her waggling uvula then dissolves into a scene of a man punching a punching bag at a gym.
  • The after-credits Easter Egg in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl shows Jack the Monkey re-undeadifying itself and eating the camera.
  • A Simple Wish, the camera zooms into Mara Wilson's screaming mouth when her godfather poofs himself and her to escape from being crushed by a giant rabbi.
  • Spider-Man Trilogy:
    • In Spider-Man, as Peter Parker is learning to swing from a web for the first time, the camera zooms into his mouth as he is about to hit a billboard.
    • Also, in Spider-Man 2, when Parker visits the doctor shortly before ditching his Spider-Man costume, the camera zooms out of his mouth as the doctor is examining his throat.
    • And again, in Spider-Man 3, Eddie Brock does this when he first becomes Venom.
  • In Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, we see the cat lunging at his victim, with the camera going right to the victim's mouth, and the next shot we see the cat had jumped into that mouth.
  • The Ur-Example is the 1901 short film "The Big Swallow", which depicts a man jabbering in front of a camera, getting closer and closer. The shot looks as if the camera ends up the man's mouth, then the camera pulls back out.
  • The Mask does this as Stanley/Mask falls from his apartment building to the pavement.
  • The Matrix. While Morpheus and his crew are searching for Neo's body in the real world, Neo touches a mirror. The mirror spreads over him like quicksilver and flows down his throat with the camera following. The scene changes and Neo wakes up in his real body. Watch it here.
  • In The Smurfs 2, a transition starts with the camera zooming into a Smurf's mouth and inverts out of Smurfette's mouth as she's calling for help.
  • The closing shot of The Tenant has the camera descending into the hero's mouth as he screams in his hospital bed.
  • Demon Seed: Happens when an endoscope is forced down Susan's throat for experiments, her esophagus on view on a TV screen.
  • Halloween: Resurrection: Done jokingly as Sara has the camera in her mouth, pretending to gag on it.
  • Raising Arizona: Cut off, but done in the nightmare scene. According to the actress, the camera would've gone much further into her mouth, but that was cut out.
  • Used in the short ''N is for Nexus'' from the film ABCs of Death 2.
  • V/H/S/2: A more literal example is used to end the "Phase I Clinical Trials" segment, where Herman is force-fed his cybernetic camera-eye by the group of ghosts, killing him.

    Live-Action TV 
  • It's not uncommon for scientists or nature documentary filmmakers to leave automatic cameras in the wilderness, only to return to collect the film and find the camera has been mauled by some curious animal. The recording, if recoverable, often looks like this. As an example, this is the only way you want to see the inside of a grizzly's mouth this close.
  • Literally becomes a plot point in a season 3 episode of Black Hole High, when the gang plan on using a nano-sized video camera to spy on Tyler. In an unforeseen turn of events, Tyler brushes the camera off of his shoulder strap, sending the camera flying into Josie's gaping mouth and causing her to swallow on instinct. The rest of the gang, watching from another room, have to figure out how to get the camera out of Josie's body before it loses power and grows back to normal size.
  • Happens in reverse in Buffy the Vampire Slayer early in the episode "Teacher's Pet."
  • The Community episode "Regional Holiday Music" includes a shot-for-shot parody of the aforementioned example from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • Used a few times in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
    • In the episode "Pledging Mr. Johnson", in which the camera zooms into the victim's mouth to explain her death.
    • Same as above for the episodes "Caged", "Anatomy of a Lye", "Formalities", and "Bang Bang."
    • A rather "interesting" twist in the episode "The Hunger Artist" occurs when this trope is used to explore a model's bulimia.
    • In the episode "The Accused is Entitled" when a flashback shows a weapon going through her throat. Brutal!
    • The episode "Consumed". A video from an endoscope is shown from just outside a woman's mouth to her stomach, where it catches a shot of her being stabbed from the inside.
  • CSI: NY is no slacker either.
    • In the episode "A Man A Mile", in which the camera zooms into the victim's mouth to watch something be retrieved from her throat.
    • In the episodes "A Daze of Wine and Roaches" and "Forbidden Fruit" explaining how poison affected the victims who unknowingly ingested it.
    • During the episode "Page Turner" as a camera is used to inspect a woman who died at a concert.
  • Criss Angel Mindfreak used this frequently going into commercial breaks.
  • In one episode of Crocodile Hunter, one of the zoo's crocs chomped an overhead camera.
  • Doctor Who: Part one of "The Leisure Hive" closes with the camera zooming into the Doctor's screaming mouth while he appears to be torn into pieces by the Tachyon Recreation Generator.
  • Inverted in the Frasier episode The Show Where Diane Comes Back, where upon seeing... Diane come back... Frasier vomits the camera. This is to show, in a cinematographic way, that, even though we are opening on a new scene, he is still screaming.
  • Played with in the Good Luck Charlie episode Charlie in Charge, when Teddy and Emmet trick PJ into going to the dentist. The camera starts to slowly zoom in as PJ lets out a Big "NO!" before his toothache forces him to close his mouth at the last moment.
  • Happened with Dennis at the end of "The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre" on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Ends the opening credits for Round the Twist.
  • In The Day Today's "War" episode, the broadcast features precision-guided missiles "with nose-mounted cameras" which provide a POV perspective of the missiles' path. One such missile is so precise that its camera shows the missile entering a soldier's mouth and going down his throat before the camera's transmission cuts to static, signifying an explosion in the soldier's stomach.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures episode The Gift, as the Rakweed spores enter the attic through the window, the camera follows them as they pass through the air... and are unknowingly inhaled by Luke.
  • Every cold open of Lewis Black's Root of All Evil end this way before transitioning to the title sequence.
  • Happens once in The Umbrella Academy in which one of Jayme's powers is displayed. Scene here.
  • An almost literal example happens in this segment from Secret Services from Channel 4 in which one woman explains how she gats paid from [[Main/Fetish vore fetish]] services.
  • Used in the beginning of an episode of Treur Tee Vee called ''Talent''.
  • In the Body Snatchers episode of the TV Show Body Story, it's used to show the effects of the flu on ones throat.
  • In The Electric Company (2009) episode Bluefoot, It happens when Hector starts up the show's theme song.
  • The opening credits to Land of the Lost (1974) end with a zoom-in on Grumpy the Tyrannosaurus's roaring mouth.
  • Used in Series/House quite a few times.
    • A Turkish version of House M.D. named Hekimoğlu uses it here in a homage to the same type of shot from the first episode of House M.D.

    Music Videos 
  • "Best Friend": Happens twice. Once at the beginning when the Supermodel swallows her first victim. And again part way through when the camera goes into her mouth and slides down her throat to reveal the souls of the previous women she had eaten trapped in her stomach.
  • Inverted with The Blank Theory's "Middle of Nowhere" video, with the camera zooming out of singer Nathan Leone's mouth after having a premonition of his own death.
  • Inverted early in the Crash Test Dummies' "He Liked To Feel It."
  • Toward the end of Crowded House's "Fall at Your Feet".
  • In the animation sequence for Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop."
  • Inverted twice during the chorus in Huey Lewis and the News' "Hip to Be Square."
  • Mariah Carey: "Fantasy" has a clown do this.
  • OK Go's interpretation of The Muppet Show Theme Song plays it straight in the blast that follows Miss Piggy's held note (though it is not her) and inverts in the very next breath, from bed.
  • Inverted during the Papa Roach music video for "Between Angels and Insects"; the camera, at various points, zooms in and out of the band members' bodies, and at one points enters guitarist Jerry Horton through his leg and zooms back out of his mouth.
  • Featured in the clip for Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins' remake of his own classic "Mary Lou" (shown when we get to the part about the "crying shame").
  • The camera zooms into Maddie Ziegler's mouth at one point in Sia's "The Greatest".
  • The music video for Spineshank's song "Smothered" is shot from multiple perspectives of hidden cameras hidden throughout the room. Towards the end, after the band start discovering said cameras, one of the band members is shown to put one of these cameras in their mouth, before the camera disconnects.
  • How the music video ends for Sum41's "Motivation".
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Jurassic Park" — accompanied by outstretched hands.
  • Happens frequently in thismusic video called primal by Japanese idol band BiS.
    • The ladies are back at it again with this music video tributing another singer.
    • Again, used in their music video for ''primally'' a parody of their own video primal.
  • The lead singer of this Avocado song constantly has the camera zooming in and out of her mouth.
  • Inverted in Rush's Half the World music video.
  • Rosalía seemed to be a fan of this trope, using it a few times (and inverting it!) her her music video for MOTOMAMI.
  • Singer Nina Utashiro decided to use this trope in her music video for ARIA a few times, playing up the Nightmare Fuel aspect of it as she possibly can in an already rather creepy video!
  • Singer Camden Cox used it once in her video for her song Elevated.
  • Singer POSH uses it in her song ''Damn Sexy''.
  • Elliphant in her music video ''Only Getting Younger''.
  • Rick Ross in his music video for ''Wiggle''.
  • Singer IZZ uses it in her music video for ''SEM FILTRO''.
  • BRS Kash uses it in the remix video of his song Throat Baby.
  • Creed in their video for What If.


    Puppet Shows 
  • The Muppet Show: A crocodile does this during the "Ugly Song."
    Crocodile: [singing] I'll gobble up anyone left lying around, 'cause it gives me my permanent smile!
  • Sesame Street also loves this trope. It's often done with Cookie Monster, given his huge appetite.
    • Another example was in the New Years' special, when Telly runs away screaming after Oscar scares him straight with lies on how bad New Years' is.
    • Another is the end of every installment of Monster Clubhouse, as the Goodbye Song ends.
    • Yet another example would be "We All Sing Together" where it's done twice with Buster the Horse (as a play on "straight from the horse's mouth").
    • Elmo does this as he shouts "Let's go!" at the end of the "Introduction by Elmo and Bug" on the VHS and DVD releases of The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. Another instance of this with Elmo is in the "Farms" episode of Elmo's World, while he says, "And now, Elmo has a question foooooor you!"; he turns the screen black for a brief moment during the word "for".

    Video Games 
  • LittleBigPlanet 3: Done in the cutscene where Newton started screaming his butt off due to accidentally shooting his friend, Sackboy with his water gun.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, one of Killer Croc's Game Over screens has him growling "I will enjoy feasting on your bones!" before chomping right at the camera. Tick-tock, feed the croc!
  • Cuphead's battle with King Dice takes the form of a Boss Rush, with the player parrying a dice to determine how many spaces they move on a board. Hitting a red space means a boss must be fought, and King Dice causes the transition to the fight by winking at the camera before lunging in and eating it, complete with *GULP!*.
  • In Death Stranding, the cutscene which plays every time Sam dies and repatriates, first shown in this trailer, has the camera travel into his mouth and down his esophagus to reveal BB inside of him.
  • Several enemies in Don Quixote: A Dream in Seven Crystals do this as an attack, which caused Diabetus to get out his opera voice.
  • Used in the bad ending of Harvester, where an indoctrinated Steve laughs his head off in response to his mother preaching against violence in media.
  • Happens whenever Kirby gets the Hypernova ability in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
  • One of the early footage clips of Luigi's Mansion involved a screaming Luigi as the camera zooms into his mouth before cutting to the title.
  • There is an easter egg in Pizza Tower when after the intro cutscene, we cut to a screen of Peppino sitting in the dark. If you stay idle on that screen for about 40 seconds, Peppino will lunge towards the camera with his open mouth filling the screen with black.
  • Pokémon:
    • There was a Japanese 3-Minute trailer of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, which centered around a boy and a girl finding portals with the 3DS camera and taking the role of other Pokemon. One of these involves the girl being placed under the role of an Axew and is chased by a Croagunk, eventually resulting in said Axew's mouth covering the entire camera and the camera zooming out of the girl's screaming mouth while she is kicking her legs as if she was still running, when the boy shows up.
    • In the animated trailer for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there is one scene where Mega Slowbro is enjoying itself, but there is a Mega Sharpedo. The shell of Mega Slowbro panics, and while Mega Slowbro notices that Mega Sharpedo is approaching, Mega Sharpedo lunges at Mega Slowbro (complete with Mega Sharpedo's mouth filling up the camera in the process) and grabs onto Mega Slowbro with its jaws after a scene change.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando: In The Stinger, Qwark's punishment has him becoming a test-subject for MegaCorp's products with the latest inflicting a Groin Attack as he swallows the camera.
  • In a French commercial for the first Rayman game, the camera zooms into Rayman's mouth, and then it cuts to gameplay footage.
  • A literal instance occurs in Episode 103 of Sam & Max: Freelance Police: after Sam pretends to shoot Sybil dead, Max randomly decides to eat the webcam in the room, the one the Toy Mafia are using to spy on Sybil— thereby ensuring that they don't see her wake up. This event is shown from the monitor's perspective, making this a conventional example as well.
    Max: Hey, Sam! Webcam tastes like chicken!
  • In the Skylanders: Trap Team "Inside the trap" trailer, when Gulper is brought back into the game and joins the Skylanders, he says "If you can't eat them, JOIN THEM!" He then eats a few chompy's and the camera, which can be found here (0:23).

    Web Animation 
  • Animator Feedfancier includes a lot of these in his Swallowed Whole animations.
  • "Battle for Dream Island" Franchise:
    • Inverted in the episode "BFB 8: Questions Answered" when Match tells Bubble she's demoted to merely a bember, Bubble screams a Big "NO!" as the camera zooms out of her mouth.
    • Also in "BFB 16: The Escape From Four" when the fire reaches Four's body, the camera zooms in to Four's skin, then zooms into his eye. The word "Fire" is echoed in the black background, and then we zoom out of Four's open mouth when he gets hurt by the fire.
    • "BFDI:TPOT 9: Outbreak At Steak": Book does this when Pillow is about to kill her. The camera zooms into her screaming mouth, then the screen fades to black before cutting to Barf Bag infecting Two. (11:42 timestamp)
    • Fourteen literally eats the camera during the anniversary wheel at the beginning of "BFDIA 9: Catch These Hands".
  • Used in this scienfitic animation to explain spreading of the COVID-19 virus.
  • MrSpherical: Happens in "My Best Friend, Ukraine". When Russia takes Crimea and threatens Ukraine for being friends with NATO and the EU, Ukraine is screaming while the camera zooms into his mouth.
  • The post-credits scene of "Shed 17" ends this way, with the camera zooming into the Costa Concordia's screaming mouth.
  • Happens in Shgurr's video "My First Vidcon Experience" when Alright gets food poisoning from the restaurant Alex Clark took him and Shannon to, Alright lets out a scream as the camera enters his mouth.

    Web Originals 
  • YouTube gamer Eight Bit Ryan parodies the memetic Death Stranding example listed in Video Games in one of his 3RG videos.
  • YouTube vlogger Alissa Violet uses this trope in a couple of her videos.
  • The Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse segment "Happy Birthday, Chelsea" has a scene where the camera zooms into Chelsea's mouth as she gives a Big "NO!", then zooms out of Ken's mouth as he simultaneously gives a Big "NO!" in another room.
  • British vlogger charlieissocoollike does this at the end of the 2009 YouTube video "My Mum Makes Me Munch Marshmallows".
  • YouTube gamer DanTDM does this trope in one of his second-channel videos.
  • Shown in this Dumb Ways to Die clip presented to the REACT panel.
  • JonTron: This happens in the "KFC Conspiracies" video, only to cough up the camera immediately after.
  • A Creepypasta story titled I'm So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4, is about a haunted video of a boy who turns into a demon when he cries in his bedroom. In the end, his face becomes distorted and he lunges at the camera while showing his mouth.
  • Kristen Hancher in one of her musical.lys, as shown here.
  • In the Lazy Game Review's review of bad PC box art, the camera zooms into the mouth of the face on the cover of The Mystery of the Druids before the next PC box art is shown.
  • In MANNNtv's video British Youtuber Prank, Nolan does this after explaining to the camera (pre-interview) that everything they were about to ask Harrison Webb was completely fake.
  • British vlogger Marcus Butler also does this, but toward the end of a live web broadcast which can be found here (55:17).
  • Max Ragan does this a lot in a number of his videos, some of which are included in this compilation video.
  • Done literally in the Youtube short "Meg" by aleksey_n, in which a megalodon attacks and destroys a ship while being filmed from a nearby helicopter — which gets hit by a chunk of debris and crashes into the sea, attracting the attention of the shark. The last shot is of its teeth closing on the camera.
  • Happens at least three times throughout the Operation Mikroorganisation series, notably when Kai is being Swallowed Whole.
  • SCXCR does it in his Shenmue review.
    "We'll be right back after I eat the camera!"
  • Done with Olivia at the end of Smosh's Thank You To The Viewers music video.
  • In Episode 82 of The Most Popular Girls in School, when it's revealed that Shay pulled a Laxative Prank on everybody, the camera zooms in on Deandra's mouth as she screams "Oh no, it's happening agaaaaiiinnnnn!!", which then immediately cuts to Mackenzie having mud butt into a trash can.
  • Spoofed in To Boldly Flee, when JewWario throws a thermal detonator at Mechakara's mouth.
  • Done with a cheerfully singing CATS the cyborg in the Zero Wing Rhapsody Flash (3:05).
  • This TikTok user did it in her video of the ASD Fmovie muffin song.
  • The VSauce video "How Many Holes Does a Human Have?", Michael begins the video by eating the camera. After a few seconds of darkness, the camera lands in the toilet, demonstrating one of the human body's "through holes", with the mouth as one opening and the anus as the other, with Michael postulating that the human body is similar to a donut because of this hole.
  • Wilbur Soot does this trope. A. Lot. To the point where it's now a running gag among his fanbase.

    Western Animation 
  • This trope was one of Hugh Harman's favorite types of animation gags, so this is fairly common in most cartoons of the late 1920s-early 1930s.
  • A Little Curious had a short in "Long, Short, Roll" called "The Long Yawn" which is literally just Bob the Ball playing the trope straight and inverting it as he yawns. And frankly, this scene didn't really do much.
  • The intro to Abbott and Costello begins with an inversion, on Costello's mouth as he's running screaming.
  • Aladdin: The Series: Ends the first act of "Mudder's Day," on the Genie's mouth.
  • ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks: At the end of "She's Got Style," Brittany is chased by a dog and runs up to the camera, her mouth closing in on the camera. Also done in "The Haunted Getaway," when Dave chases Alvin at the end of the episode and Alvin's mouth closes in.
  • The end of the first part of the Adventure Time episode "Holly Jolly Secrets" where Jake is screaming while the camera zooms into his mouth.
  • The Alf Tales cartoon once had a movie based on a script Gordon wrote. note  The movie ends with a shot like this when the star literally eats the camera.
  • Parodied (of course) in the Animaniacs episode "King Yakko". Before the first commercial break, the villain of the episode does an Evil Laugh and the camera zooms into his mouth. Cue the villain yelling, in a muffled voice, "Get that camera out of my mouth!"
  • Inverted in the Arthur episode, "Play It Again, D.W.," the camera zooms out of D.W.'s screaming mouth when she realizes her Crazy Bus CD is gone.
    • Played straight in the episode "The Contest," at the end of Arthur's Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist-esque story sequence, when an 18-year-old Arthur screams among seeing the pony car D.W. had traded Arthur's own car for.
    • Also done in "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon" on a baby that Arthur tossed his "Poogle" toy (a cheap unauthorized knock-off of the trending Woogle toys) to, and the baby begins crying and his wailing mouth ends up overtaking the entire screen.
    • A humorous literal example occurs in "Arthur's Perfect Christmas". In the video Christmas card Uncle Fred sends to the Read family. It ends with Fred's dog Rory sniffing the camera and then his mouth opening and filling the screen with black as Fred warns, "Rory, no! That's not a dog treat!" Then it cuts to static, to the amusement of the Read family.
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • In the episode "Pretty Poison" Batman ends up in the tight embrace of Poison Ivy's huge, killer flytrap and we're treated to his POV as it's Vine Tentacles drag him towards it's snapping jaws, which makes it appear that the flytrap is hungry for the camera.
    • Happens twice in the episode "Harlequinade". First one one of Harley's pet hyenas, and later as Batman helps Harley with his grapple, she screams as she ascends, leaving the camera to pass her uvula and exit her mouth.
  • In "Betty Boop's Halloween Party" a singalong takes place and the camera zooms into the mouth of one of the singers, who has an intersection where his tongue should be and a sign on his uvula which says "Downtown."
    • Used in The Old Man of the Mountain with the introduction of the titular character.
    • Inverted in the opening of "Betty Boop's Museum", where the cartoon proper begins with the camera exciting out of Koko the Clown's mouth as he calls for people to board the bus for the museum.
  • The Boondocks: In the episode "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back", Robert eats the camera when Stinkmeaner performs a "Here's Johnny!" Homage.
  • Raj does it in the Camp Lazlo episode "Swimming Buddy" when Lazlo tries to get him to swim, as does Samson in the episode "Camp Kidney Stinks" when Cousin Stinkbug lunges towards him.
  • Zig-Zagged in the CatDog episode "CatDog Doesn't Live Here Anymore", in which the camera zooms into Cat's mouth and travels right through the conjoined brother's body before exiting Dog's mouth.
    • It happens again in "CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery", but with the camera entering Dog's mouth and coming out of Cat's, and with a lot more grosser details within the body such as their own vomit.
  • Celebrity Deathmatch briefly uses this trope during the fight between the Dixie Chicks and TLC when Martie Seidel launches glass bottles into Chilli's mouth.
  • Map plays this trope straight in Dora the Explorer. At the end of every section where he tells the viewers what areas they'll be seeing in this episode, he leaps at the camera with his mouth open. It typically cuts back to Dora afterwards. This was dropped following the Art Evolution of the final two seasons.
  • Taken literally in one episode of Drawn Together where half the members (including one-dimensional fat joke, Toot Braunstein) win a life time's supply of food. A camera installed in the refrigerator shows Toot partaking of its edibles, getting progressively larger each time she opens the door until the last shot is of her grabbing and lifting the entire thing in the air and gorging on its contents in a parody of the Sarlacc Pit camera and all.
  • Done literally in the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode "An Ed is Born", which provides the page quote above. Ed swallows the video camera that he, Double D and Eddy were using to film their home movie to Eddy's brother. Complete with goofy submarine noises.
    Ed: Man the helms! Dive, dive! Aaaaaa! [eats camera]
    Double D: Ed, what have you done? Open it. Open it! [retrieves camera from inside Ed's stomach] You should know better than to eat the camera. Just think of what it could do to your digestive tract!
  • Family Guy:
    • In Joe's debut episode the camera flies into his mouth as he's falling when he's telling his backstory on how he became handicapped.
    • Brian eats the camera after he yells at the viewers about being mistaken for a racist in "Don't Make Me Over", which became an internet meme in April 2023 known as "Brian Jumpscare".
    • The episode "Welcome Back, Carter" features a zoom-in of Peter's mouth when he shouts "EWWW!" followed by a scene of two movers creating words for Peter to say inside of him.
    • "Road to the North Pole" features the camera going inside of Peter's mouth in the opening musical number.
    • In a deleted scene intended for "V is for Mystery" that can be found on the Season 16 DVD, The Scottish Brute (played by Peter) announces that the camera focuses on his waggling uvula as he laughs. The camera goes inside of his mouth but crashes into his uvula, to which Peter says that it's too close.
    • Inverted with Brian in "Yug Ylimaf", in a reference to the above-mentioned Ferris Bueller's Day Off example.
  • Happens in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends a lot. Most specifically in "Squeakerboxxx" near the end where Bloo swallows a squeaking elephant from its point of view.
  • George of the Jungle: Happens around the middle of the "Super Chicken" introduction.
  • In the first few minutes of the Gravedale High episode "Monster Gumbo", Max Schneider's class argue amongst themselves over various things and it all erupts into chaos in the auditorium, leading to the boys stealing Coach Cadaver's trophy and ends with Max being chased by the other teachers as we see the camera zoom towards his mouth.
  • Several Horrid Henry episodes had a character (mostly Henry) scream a Big "NO!" or "It's not fair!" and would mostly zoom into the character's mouth accompanied by suspenseful music. This sequence is often used to start and end each episode.
  • Invader Zim once lands on an elevator which rushes him up to the living room of his base, along with the camera flying into his screaming mouth.
  • This short, an adaptation of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, features one of a girl frightened by spiders.
  • The principal James Hound episode title card, showing Dr. Ha-Ha's hideaway and some variety of bat, had this effect ("The Phantom Skyscraper," "Rain Drain," and "Bugged By a Bug" among them).
  • An episode of Johnny Bravo, The Hansel & Gretel Project, ends with a famished Johnny eating the camera, much to Little Suzy's dismay.
  • Ends the intro for the Joking Around with the Little Clowns teaser, without the usual scream or musical crescendo.
  • Kaeloo: Happens in Episode 77 as Stumpy runs towards the camera screaming.
  • Kidd Video: Ends "Grooveyard City" (the one with the "Ghostbusters" clip).
  • King of the Hill: Ends the first half of Texas Skilsaw Massacre with Dale screaming.
  • Ends the intro for 'Land of the Lost (1974)'', but coupled with a Fade Out.
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series has two instances:
    • The end of the first part of the episode "Swirly" where Stitch is whining and saying "Look at This" and he eats the camera.
    • Also the end of the second part of the episode "Cannonball" where the Monster of the Week bounces with his mouth covering the camera.
  • Littlest Pet Shop (2012) Does this sometimes.
    • In "Missing Blythe", the camera zooms in on Blythe's mouth to transition back to the present after the Dark Reprised version of the "F.U.N Song".
    • Done by Penny Ling to cut to the theme song in "What's So Scary About The Jungle? Everything!"
    • Blythe preforms this another time in "Secret Cupet" when she preforms a Big "NO!" after Roger tells her that he mailed her letter.
  • Looney Tunes has a few examples:
    • "To Beep or Not to Beep," with Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner: As the Coyote falls off one side of the cliff – where a bridge stood only a few seconds earlier – one of the uprooted cactus plants on the other side fails to clear the bridge and falls after him. It catches him on his rear end and causes him to leap into the air, screaming into the lens. A Fade Out follows.
    • The penultimate shot of "Stupor Duck" shows Daffy Duck on a rocket ship. The very next shot is an inversion, but from the back, as the rocket heads toward the moon.
  • Looney Tunes Cartoons: "Jet Porkpelled" ends with the camera zooming on a screaming Porky with his mouth turning into the "That's All, Folks!" signature target bullseye closing screen.
  • Done a few times in Making Fiends, mostly with Vendetta. One example is the episode "A Fiendish Friend" when Charlotte really wants Vendetta to be her friend (this is at her house actually). When Vendetta closes the door, she goes "Maybe I will make her a friend... a fiendish friend!! Hahahaha!!" Cue the mouth zoom in.
  • Done in some episodes of Metalocalypse. For example, in the first episode, when Nathan yells "WHAAAAAAAA?" after Toki tells him that they left the food back at the grocery store, the camera zooms into his mouth and down his esophagus, then transitions to the next scene. In fact Nathan does this a lot through the series whenever something that displeases him comes up.
  • Ends the intro for Mowgli's Brothers. Inverted frame-for-frame after the commercial break.
  • In the second act of the Mr. Bogus episode "Totally Bogus Video", after Bogus gets kicked by the ballerina while attempting to mimic some ballet moves, he winds up flying towards the screen, his mouth filling up the screen.
  • Among other examples in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The exasperated Rarity during the "Art of the Dress" song in "Suited for Success".
    • Bon-Bon at the end of a creepy Imagine Spot in "Hearts and Hooves Day".
    • Inverted by Pinkie Pie in "Mystery on the Friendship Express" when she screams upon realizing the cake is missing.
    • Applejack in "Pinkie Apple Pie" when she and her family plunge over a waterfall.
    • Soarin's rapid-fire fall in "Rainbow Falls."
    • Cheese Sandwich during the song "Cheese Confesses" in "Pinkie Pride".
    • Fluttershy during the "Music in the Treetops"/"Find the Music in You" mashup in "Filli Vanilli".
    • Rarity in a nightmare in "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" (coupled with a Point of View shot for Sweetie Belle).
    • Starlight Glimmer during the song "Say Goodbye to the Holiday" from "A Hearth's Warming Tail".
    • Scootaloo at the start of "Parental Glideance," followed by an inversion after the commercial break.
  • Nature Cat:
    • Happens three times in "A Shedtime Story"; the first is an Imagine Spot that had Nature Cat hairless and the camera zooms in and out of his mouth screaming in horror. The second time is another flashback with Squeeks and Nature Cat hairless and the camera zooms in and out of Squeeks' mouth screaming in fear. In the third one, Hal says in a flashback "We're hairless! Aaaah! This is so weird!" and the camera zooms in and out of his mouth screaming.
    • Nature Cat in a chibi-style flashback in "S.O.S (Save Our Salad)" when he shouts a Big "NO!" and the camera zooms in and out of his mouth, transitioning back to reality.
    • In the Christmas Episode "A Nature Carol", the camera zooms right into the mouth of Ronald at one point during the "I Want More" musical sequence.
    • Daisy in the middle of "The Nature Nap Dilemma" when she and the others are screaming while clinging onto a falling tree.
  • The Oh Yeah! Cartoons short "The Forgotten Toybox: Curse of the Werebaby" has the camera zoom in on the titular werebaby's mouth as he puts a police car in it.
  • Towards the end of the opening theme of The Owl House, while Luz, Eda, and King are riding on the owl staff, a monster comes up behind them and the camera zooms into its waggling uvula as they're trying to get away.
  • The Pink Panther: The 1993 series did this at least twice: going into the commercial break with "Downhill Panther" and partway through one act of "That Old Pink Magic." Inverted, albeit with a Fade In, in "Rob'n Hoodwinked."
  • In the Rabbids Invasion episode "Rabbid, Are You There?", after the Rabbids hit a robber, the light the robber was wearing is sent flying into the air, and then, as the light falls into the open mouth of one of the Rabbids, the camera follows. A few seconds later, the scene switches back to the scene where the alarm is set off.
  • Recess
    • In the episode "Mama's Girl", after the student body begins taunting Spinelli for accidentally calling Miss Grotke "mama", she screams a Big "NO!" and the camera zooms into her open mouth. Upon which she lampshades the effect.
    • The episode "The Biggest Trouble Ever" has one on Miss Finster's Evil Laugh after she tells the kids that they won't be using the toothbrushes to brush their teeth, but rather to scrub the school floors.
  • The Roger Rabbit Short "Tummy Trouble" has a shot of Roger swallowing a rattle from the rattle's point of view. The short also has an earlier scene where Roger runs toward the camera screaming in panic, where the insides of his mouth shift into the light of an toon ambulance vehicle.
  • Rugrats did this in a good amount of their episodes, often when a character would scream or cry, most commonly with Chuckie and Angelica. Some episodes end this way, such as "Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster," "Brothers Are Monsters" and "Piggy's Pizza Palace." "Let Me Eat Cake" also ends this way, but on Tommy belching, and "A Whole New Stu" ends this way on Tommy laughing.
    • In the first episode mentioned, a bizarre example happens earlier where the camera goes inside Susie's mouth and swerves behind her uvula turning the shot into a Mouth Cam.
    • A particularly unusual use of this is in "Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch," when Belinda crawls into the camera, her laughing mouth filling the screen with black, and it wasn't even transitioning to another scene.
    • Inverted in the episode "The War Room", which begins inside of Dil's esophagus and slowly zooms out as he cries, with his mouth being drawn much more detailed and realistically compared to other episodes.
  • At the end of the South Park episode "You Got F'd in the A", Butters is traumatized that his dance killed the rival dance team, causing his team to win. The kids cheer him and carry him closer to the camera while he screams a Big "NO!".
    • Also at the end of the episode "Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka" when Jesus banishes his producer to hell. She lets out a scream after meeting Satan and Saddam, who decide to go out shopping for furniture.
    • Done again in the next episode "City On The Edge Forever", when the school bus goes down the waterfall, the bus falls towards the camera with Stan's mouth enveloping the screen and then goes out of Kyle's mouth as a transition.
  • Sabrina: The Animated Series: Happens several times throughout the show.
    • Episode I Got Glue, Babe has three instances; the first two are on Gem. As she gets separation anxiety, she yells at Sabrina that she wants to be separated now, just as the camera closes in on her violently shaking and audible uvula. Later, during the roller coaster montage, the camera lands right on Gem's uvula.
    • A short alternate intro has Sabrina riding her broom in a wormhole, just for the camera to fly straight into her mouth with a crash effect on her uvula.
    • Field Trippin: as a stampede approaches, Sabrina jumps off a cliff and swallows the camera on the way down.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Done by SpongeBob in the episode "Wormy" when he and the rest of Bikini Bottom are running away from Sandy's pet butterfly, the eponymous Wormy.
    • Plankton does it in "Plankton's Army" as he and his relatives burst into the Krusty Krab.
    • Also done at the end of "Banned in Bikini Bottom", when Miss Gristlepuss eats a Krabby Patty with Plankton hidden inside.
    • Plankton does it in "The A Lgae's Always Greener" while traveling to an dimension.
    • Done by one of the stone SpongeBobs at the very end of "SpongeHenge".
    • In "My Leg!" when the doctor cuts off the cast on Fred's leg, he screams "MY LEEEEEEEEGG!!!!" as the camera zooms into his mouth.
    • "Spy Buddies" Patrick does this before he and Spongebob in a jetpack smash into some buildings.
    • Mrs. Puff does this in "Summer Job" when she is tripping on a barrel, Spongebob hops on top of her and uses her hair for steering.
    • In "Goo Goo Gas" when Plankton attempts to exit the Krusty Krab with a stolen krabby patty, eating the camera during the process.
    • In "The Sponge Who Could Fly" during the song "He's Flying", Spongebob flies right at the camera which goes in his mouth and comes out through his other end.
  • In the Steven Universe episode "The New Lars", the camera zooms in on Lars' screaming mouth after he finds out that Steven had possessed his body while he slept.
  • More than one episode of Superfriends did this. (Show examples, please)
  • Taz-Mania: Happens quite a few times, mostly with Taz himself.
    • "Autograph Pound" Poor Taz gets literally tied into knots by a wrestler Constance adores. The only way to get the wrestler’s autograph? Beat him in a match-up. Constance is thrilled by the idea. Guess how Taz responds.
    • "Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty" parts 1 and 2; both episodes end with Taz getting a bath from Molly, then screaming as the camera zooms into his mouth.
    • "Ready, Willing, Unable" the episode ends with Mr. Thickly, Bull, Axl, and Taz falling off a cliff, with Taz's mouth filling the screen.
  • Teen Titans Go!:
    • "Garage Sale" Robin does this when he enters the attic running screaming.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius:
    • In "Broadcast Blues", the camera zooms right into the mouth of Brittany, performing on stage with Cindy and Libby.
    • The episode "The Phantom of Retroland" also ends this way on Hugh screaming.
    • It also happens in "Grumpy Old Men," when scouts Cindy and Libby attempt to help the elderly Jimmy across the street, as he yells "I'm being old-napped!"
    • "Sleepless in Retroville" Hugh does this as he was running away from the pizza monster, then the camera zooms out of his mouth as he's waking up from a nightmare.
    • "Nightmare in Retroville" Both Carl and Sheen do this as they are about to bite their victims, Cindy and Libby.
    • "Jimmy for President" Carl does it as he runs away screaming out of the voting booth.
    • "See Jimmy Run" again with Carl after Sheen suggests they run away screaming at the top of their lungs.
    • "Brobot" with Jimmy giving a Big "NO!" when he sees Brobot in his house after attempting to get rid of him by tricking him to stay on a bus.
    • "The Incredible Shrinking Town" Libby attempts to listen to music while tiny. The music proves too loud as the camera zooms into her mouth.
    • "Attack of the Twonkies" Has multiple zooms on Stompers and Mega Twonkies. Libby does the honor of yelling "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" running towards the camera mouth first.
  • The All New Popeye Hour: "The Sword of Fitzwilly" goes into the commercial break this way, albeit with a Fade Out.
  • Ends a teaser in The Alvin Show, when Alvin hands David a load of helium-filled balloons and David ends up floating away. Cue the signature scream, rapid zooming in, and echo.
  • The Boss Baby: Back in Business
    • In "Family Fun Night", the camera zooms into Tim's mouth.
    • In "The Constipation Situation", the camera zooms into Cat's mouth.
  • The Chicken Squad: Done in "Little Boo's Caper" when Little Boo and his friends (plus two raccoons) go on a ride on Little Boo's cape. One of the raccoons notices that they're crashing into a tree and then screams which leads the camera to zoom straight into his mouth. Oh, and the camera zooms out of his mouth after the crash.
  • The Flintstones: "Surfin' Fred" (also shown in the preview of the episode, where Fred lands on Wilma's shoulders while catching a wave).
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • Happens in the opening credits with Grim's laughing.
    • In the episode "The Nerve" where Billy persuades Grim to help him get Mandy's nerve. Grim laughs and the camera zooms into his mouth.
    • Happens to Billy at the end of two episodes: "Spidermandy" and "Wrath of the Spider Queen".
    • Pud'n experiences this in "Wishbones".
    • Happens three times in the movie.
  • Happens a few times in The Lionhearts. One of them is done with Leo Lionheart Jr. in "But Some of my Best Friends are Clowns!" when two human beings jump on a couch that Leo was sitting in, launching him up in the air. Cue the trope here.
  • The Loud House:
    • "Left in the Dark" Inverted mixed with a Big "NO!".
    • "Butterfly Effect" Lincoln, when a giant Lily grabs him and prepares to gobble him up.
  • The New Adventures of Jonny Quest: Ends the first act of "The Monolith Man."
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Inverted at the beginning of "Rabbit Marks the Spot", where the camera zooms out of Tigger's mouth, complete with swinging uvula as he belts out the first note of the song they're about to sing.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998):
    • In "Boogie Frights", the camera zooms into the mouth of a screaming Mayor and then zooms out from Blossom's mouth.
    • In "The Rowdyruff Boys", the camera zooms into Mojo Jojo's mouth as he literally goes ape in his prison cell. After a long silence, the screen cuts to Mojo Jojo in a corner, cursing the Powerpuff Girls for constantly thwarting his schemes, which leads to him getting the perfect idea to create the titular Rowdyruff Boys.
    • In "A Made Up Story", Blossom flies toward the villain, eating the camera in the process.
  • The title sequence of Courage the Cowardly Dog ends with Eustace scaring the crap out of Courage with his iconic "Ooga booga booga!" mask, who then flies towards the camera screaming as we go inside his mouth to see "Created by John R. Dilworth".
  • Ready Jet Go!: During the takeoff song in "Back to Bortron 7", the camera zooms in on Sean's mouth as he screams.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Done at the end of Bart's nightmare in the episode "Treehouse of Horror II," The nightmare parodies The Twilight Zone (1959) episode "It's a Good Life" where Bart can read minds and abuses his powers. After he turns Homer into a jack-in-the-box, Marge takes them to a psychiatrist who suggests for them to bond. It goes well and Bart turns Homer back to normal. After exchanging "I love you"s and a fatherly kiss, Bart wakes up screaming (due to the kiss), his screaming mouth zooming in and filling the frame with black.
    • In the end of the second part of "Simpson Safari" where the Simpsons raft goes to a scary path. Everyone screams and Homer eats the camera.
    • Also done at the end of the first act of "The Bob Next Door": when Bart runs screaming from "Walt" after recognizing the latter's voice as that of Sideshow Bob, he runs right into the camera, "eating it".
    • The ending of "Bye Bye Nerdie" combines this with The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You when the bully Francine lunges at the viewer, eating the camera in the process.
    • The episode "Selma's Choice" shows a bizarre fantasy sequence (taken from the point of view of Lisa under the effects of alcohol) where Selma's shoulder mutates into a creature. The camera zooms into the creature's mouth and out of Lisa's mouth as she screams.
    • "Marge in Chains" has a scene where Otto suntans on the roof. Unbeknownst to him, Arnie Pie gets sick in the helicopter flying above and vomits out the door. We then follow the fall of the barf from the dollop's point of view and watch as it descends upon Otto, who screams in horror as the camera zooms into his mouth, implying where it likely landed.
  • The Skeleton Dance has the first skeleton jump towards the camera, which goes through its mouth and out the ribcage.
  • The Smurfs (1981) has a few examples of this:
    • The Season 9 intro has a transition where the camera zooms into Brainy's mouth and changes to the Smurfs (now wearing caveman clothes) coming out of a dinosaur's mouth.
    • In "The Blue Plague", the camera zooms into Gargamel's mouth as he laughs at the end of his version of "Mean, Sour, Crafty, And Cruel" from Yogi's First Christmas.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: happened with three different characters in a single story, none of which went into a commercial break.
  • The ToddWorld episode "Bark in the Dark" zooms inside the mouth of a sleeping Benny (but not all the way) and zooms out of a screaming Pickle, with his uvula wiggling.
  • Total Drama:
    • Island: Happens in "Hook, Line and Screamer" when the camera zooms into Heather's screaming mouth after she gets caught by a Hockey Mask and Chainsaw-wielding Chef.
    • Action: Inverted by Harold in "3:10 to Crazytown" when he is about to fall down onto a horse from a diving board.
    • World Tour: Done in "Slap Slap Revolution" when a vicious baby goat lunges at Team Victory.
  • VeggieTales: Larry does this at one point in the silly song "Sippy Cup". An earlier example is with Bob in "Sneeze if you Have To", an even earlier example happens in "Madame Blueberry" with a Stuff-Mart employee falling out of Madame Blueberry's treehouse, and even earlier than that in "Are You My Neighbor?" when Junior shouts "Grab the gourds!".
  • In some episodes of What's New, Scooby-Doo?, at the prologues of "Roller Ghoster Ride", "The Vampire Strikes Back", "A Terrifying Round with a Menacing Metallic Clown", "Homeward Hound", "E-Scream" and "Diamonds are a Ghoul's Best Friend". Here's a video of them.
  • A promo for WOLF Rock TV has Wolfman Jack do this.
    • In fact, this is done at least once in some episodes.
  • A few Walt Disney shorts did this. "Mickey's Birthday Party" (1942) has Mickey get an electric organ as a birthday present, and put on a dancing performance for his houseguests, where he plays the trope straight for the viewer and inverts the trope seconds later.
  • Happens near the end of the Harveytoon "Git Along Li'l Duckie," as the Fox is hit with a series of branding irons used by Baby Huey. In this case, the inside of the Fox's mouth is shown as another screaming form.
  • Done in the The Cuphead Show! episode "Sweater Off Dead" where the Devil told Cuphead that...
    The Devil: (to Cuphead): Your soul is MINE!!
    (Cue the Devil emitting an Evil Laugh and the camera zooms into his throat and later zooms out of Cuphead's mouth)
    Cuphead: (wakes up) NO WORRY ABOUT IT!!!
  • Work It Out Wombats!: The episode "Sparklepants" ends with the camera zooming in on Mr. E's mouth as he shouts a Big "NO!".

    Real Life 
  • This video shows a baby eating a GoPro camera and has since achieved memetic status. Plus, it overlaps with a Jump Scare.
  • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy is a type of endoscopy to investigate inside the stomach with a camera through the mouth and the esophagus.

Let's be honest, after chewing the scenery there is only one thing left to consume!


Little Big Planet 3

Newton dose it only if he founded out that he shoots Sackboy with his water-filled water gun on purpose!

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