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The 2014 lineup, top row L-R: Pour Lui, Tentenko, Saki Kamiya, First Summer Uika. Bottom Row: Megumi Koshouji, Nozomi Hirano

Brand-New Idol Society (Better known as BiS for short) is a Japanese Idol Group that was founded in 2010 and disbanded in 2014. Originally consisting of four members, the group experienced several lineup changes to the point where by the time of their disbandment, there had been a total of 12 girls who had been in the group, with only founder Pour Lui and Nozomi Hirano being the only original members remaining.

Their overall gimmick was one big Take That! towards the idol industry, often using motifs and imagery of either Nightmare Fuel, Fan Disservice, and even borderline pornography at times, in their attempt to "uglify idol events". This in turn caused a few members to resign from the group, due to disagreements to the "un-idol like" image they were being made to enforce.

They have a sequel group called BiSH.


Two years after their disbandment on July 8, 2016, it was announced by Pour Lui, Kenta Matsukuma and Junnosuke Watanabe that BiS would reform under a new lineup including Pour Lui, and that auditions were going to be held.

The final lineup consisted of:

  • Pour Lui: "Naughty member", The group's founder and leader, originally a soloist but decided to form an idol group to cause trouble for her manager at the time.
  • Nozomi Hirano: "Own-pace member", One of two remaining original members, she went on to form the group BILLIE IDLE with First Summer Uika. She also loves K-Pop, Vocaloid and anime.
  • Tentenko: "Killer member", was a DJ before joining the group, and after their disbandment, returned to her old career. Her solo work consists of a lot of experimental noise music. She was also the shortest member.
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  • First Summer Uika: "Jester member", known for dying her hair a lot. She formed BILLIE IDLE with Nozomi Hirano and models for the mobile app POKER FACE.
  • Saki Kamiya: "Handsome member", formed the duo Pla2me (which later became the idol unit POP) after BiS's disbandment. Loves to cosplay.
  • Megumi Koshouji: "Spice of the group", the youngest member, formed Maison Book Girl after the disbandment. Look a lot like Moga Minami.

The former members were:

  • Rina Yokoyama: "Silly member", one of the four original members and also the first to leave due to dissatisfaction with the group's "un-idol" like direction. Went on to form Akishibu Project.
  • Yukiko Nakayama: one of four original members, graduated in 2011 due to creative differences (however, it is rumoured that the real reason for her graduation was a dispute with Pour Lui over the use of her personal photos in the Primal MV). Became the voalist for Morphine Tokyo.
  • Yufu Terashima: "Honor student", left due to disputes with Pour Lui for similar reasons to Rina's resignation. She now performs as a soloist.
  • Yurika Wakisaka: "Pure member", left the group due to a leg injury, but remains on good terms with the members.
  • Rio Michibayashi: "Creepy member", left the group to find a more financially-stable career, but remains on good terms with the members.

Fashion designer Junko Koshino was also added as an honorary life member, however, she did not record any singles with BiS.

And we apologize if you thought these girls were a certain Scottish alt rock band who performed the ending theme to The Powerpuff Girls.

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