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Operation Mikroorganisation is a web video series consisting of 13 episodes. The series was made by a German filmmaker named Kai, and is uploaded onto his YouTube channel, GoodbyeNiveau. The series follows Kai as he is miniaturized by a strange potion that he purchased via a shopping channel on TV, and his attempts to seek his friends' help in getting back to normal size.

Each episode contains numerous obstacles and setbacks that Kai must overcome in order to get the attention of his friends. While the dialogue may be in German, each episode has now been re-uploaded with optional English subtitles.


This web series provides examples of:

  • Book-Ends: In the first few episodes, Kai is shrunk via potion, is unknowingly trampled on by his friend Chrissi and is eaten by him. In the final episode, Kai is trampled by Chrissi again, gets eaten by him a second time before escaping, and finally returns to normal size via a second potion that has the reverse effect.
  • Call-Back: Before leaving his own house, Kai falls into a bowl of M&Ms; Chrissi's head then emerges from underneath the table before switching to Kai's perspective, seeing a giant hand reaching out toward him. Several episodes later, at Chrissi's house, Kai falls into a bowl of gummi bears; Chrissi, Erik and Eike's heads then emerge from beneath the table before switching to Kai's perspective, seeing three giant hands reaching out toward him.
  • Womb Level: Played with when Erik unknowingly swallows Kai. Apart from one brief moment when Kai has a lit match, all of the scenes taking place inside of Erik's body consist of nothing but pitch black.


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