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Series / Criss Angel Mindfreak

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"When the mind, body, and spirit work together, I believe anything is possible."
Criss Angel

Criss Angel is a magician who performs on the street. Close up. In impossible conditions. Anything that a normal magician can do on a stage with props, Criss Angel can do live without them. From simple levitation to being sent through a woodchipper and surviving, he is a major fan of Don't Try This at Home stunts.

Criss Angel Mindfreak was a Reality Show about his exploits. It ran on A&E from 2005 to 2010.


  • Beyond the Impossible: Being a magician, he invokes this trope for 'awe' factor. Find one stunt in the "magic" category that doesn't sound like it should be impossible in real life.
  • Disney Death: What's this? Disney Death in a reality TV show!?
  • Mr. Fanservice: Criss. He did an escape completely naked once (although he didn't plan on it; it was a prank). What more proof do you need?
  • Once per Episode: OH MY GOD CRISS ANGEL IS DEAD! CRISS ANGEL IS DEA— oh wait there he is walking out of the crowd.
  • Spiritual Successor: Criss Angel BeLIEve on SpikeTV premiered in 2013.