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Dallas Divas And Daughters is a Reality TV show following in the footseps of the various 'Real Housewives' reality TV shows, but with a twist, it stars both the women and their daughters as they live as rich (And not so rich) members of Dallas society.

It was eventually cancelled after one season and followed with Big Rich Texas, which despite having the same format starred an entirely new cast with the exception of Pamela and Hannah.


The moms and daughters by title are:

  • The Aristocrats: Pamela and Hannah.
  • The Princesses: Kenya and Chanel.
  • The Heartbreakers: Cindy and Courtney
  • The Debutantes: Brenda and Laura.
  • The Wannabees: Patricia ('Patty') and Jacky.

This series contains examples of:

  • Alpha Bitch: An adult example, Pamela.
  • Brutal Honesty: Kenya.
  • British Brevity: Only ran for eight episodes.
  • Confession Cam: Unique because it contains instances of both the mothers and daughters together (Talking about the other mothers and daughters) and alone (Talking about their own mother/daughter).
  • Gaydar: Everybody except Chanel has it.
  • Gold Digger: What everybody thinks of Patty.
  • Gray-and-Grey Morality: Pamela and Patricia's feud.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Chanel and Connor.
  • Manipulative Editing: Exagerrated: Laura, one of the daughters on the show later admitted that almost nothing on the show really happened.
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  • Narcissist: The only possible reason for Patty giving Jacky a photo of herself with angel wings as a birthday present.
  • Nice Girl: Kenya.
  • Poke the Poodle: After Patty makes some catty comments about stealing Pamela's husband Pam commits the serious crime of not inviting her to her birthday party.
  • Rich Bitch: Everyone except Kenya and Brenda.
  • The Rival: Hannah and Laura, Pamela and Patty.
  • Spoiled Brat: Chanel, Jacky and Laura

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