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Potty Failure

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"That child has wetted his trousers!"
Dr. Finegarten: Coogan, come over here and help!
Coogan: I can't; I'm peeing!
Dr. Finegarten: Well, pee your way over here and help me move Felix!

When a Potty Emergency goes past critical, you get Potty Failure.

Essentially, Potty Failure is when a character wets themself, soils themself or both and the act is Played for Laughs. This is a common type of Toilet Humour, and is often the result of the said character not being allowed to use the bathroom.

May also happen if people hear a joke so funny that they have to pee themselves, or to anyone who's the victim of a Laxative Prank. Sometimes happens in a Toilet Training Plot.

Compare and contrast Excrement Statement. Compare Bring My Brown Pants, when this happens to a character whose loss of control is fright-induced. Also Compare Urine Trouble and Tinkle in the Eye, for non-house-broken pets and children. Also compare Embarrassing Damp Sheets, for when a character urinates or whatever else in their bed, and Warm Water Whiz for when a character urinates their bed because someone put their hand in warm water. Finally, see No Dead Body Poops for loss of control, or lack thereof, upon death.


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  • A couple of Clorox Bleach commercials have featured this:
  • At one point in her ad, Suzy Puppy defecates on the floor because her severe illness has given her diarrhoea.
  • In the Quad-Cities, Iowa/Illinois, an advertisement for the jewelry store Diamonds On the Avenue, airing in the 2000s/early 2010s, features this. Here, a department store Santa visits with a little girl, who has waited in line for several hours and, now desperate to use the restroom, is trying to hurry through her list ... except Santa is so distracted by the girl's mother's diamond ring on her hand that he keeps asking her about it note . Eventually, the girl wets her pants and soils Santa's trousers in the process.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Akatsuki Ousawa from Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero can invoke this trope by using his powers to make girls lose control of their bladders. He did this in the second episode of the anime and the third episode of the specials.
  • Assassination Classroom: As revenge for a humiliating breakup, Class-E students dose the other Class-A couples tea with a powerful laxative, named Niagara Falls. They also make it impossible for them to make it to a bathroom, either discretely or in time.
  • The manga Asuka Hybrid features the main character Asuka getting Gender Bent into a girl. She wets herself the first time she tries to use the toilet because, out of habit, she peed while standing up.
  • Happens a few times in Berserk. It's justifiable for the most part, since if you were faced with any one of the Eldritch Abominations presented in the series, you'd piss yourself too. However, there was one part that was Played for Laughs, while Guts was fighting some snow demons to protect Casca and she left his protective grasp. After it was over, he wondered why she went away so suddenly... Turned out she picked a great time to go number one.
  • Attacker You!: In the first episode, You's little brother Sunny wets himself on the court where the volleyball match he had been watching is being played after running away from his angry sister. For some reason, despite Sunny being a little kid, this ends with them both being tied up in a storeroom for disturbing the match.
  • A Bleach Omake has Vice-Captain Tetsuzaemon Iba desperately needing to use the bathroom. His captain (an anthropomorphic wolf) directs him to the bathroom from where he just came from, but when Tetsuzaemon sees a dog peeing on a post, he immediately assumes that was what his captain was talking about and runs out of time. The actual human bathroom was in fact next to the post.
  • In chapter 11 Boku Girl, due to a prank by Loki, Mizuki is caught above a tug-of-war rope which is pulled very vigorously by both sides causing a very tingly reaction from Mizuki. In the aftermath, Mizuki wonders if he wet himself. Subverted in that, due to Mizuki having been recently Gender Bendered into a girl, it was actually something else.
  • Case Closed:
    • There was once this was humorously applied when Eri got Kogoro Bound and Gagged on his sofa. While Eri was out with Ran and Conan, Kogoro complained about a Potty Emergency... When they came back, they noticed a strange smell from the sofa, which Kogoro said was "dog pee."
    • In the "Ran Girl / Shinichi Boy" arc, showing how Ran and Shinichi met as preschoolers, Shinichi notes several acts of favoritism towards Ran by their teacher, one of which was his reserving the naptime spot closest to the door for her. Shinichi inadvertently embarrasses Ran when the teacher explains that he was doing that to avoid a repeat of a previous accident. That however, was not the real reason, as the putting her close to the door was intended to facilitate kidnapping Ran by placing her close to the door where the actual kidnapper would break in. When explaining his deductions, Yusaku notes that the teacher was also drugging Ran with sleeping pills to cause the original accident and justify moving her.
  • The Ecchi anime Charger Girl has become noted mainly for its heroine wetting herself frequently, usually when scared or struck.
  • Chi's Sweet Home has preschooler Yohei having an accident at the same time his mother is litter training Chi. Chi herself simply fails at first to grasp that her litter box is just that.
  • Yoshitake from Daily Lives of High School Boys probably soiled himself frequently when he was younger, but any memories of that are not attributed to the local Butt-Monkey Mitsuo.
  • In episode 6 of Death Parade, Mayu is forced to play Twister with her favorite Idol Singer. The problem is this is not a game but a Secret Test of Character to decide which one reincarnates and which one is sent into the Void. They are meant to play until one of them loses. It lasts so long Mayu has to use the restroom but isn't allowed to stop. Too embarrassed to pee herself in front of Harada, she throws herself into a pit of spikes as a 'sacrifice' but the two have been Dead All Along so nothing can kill them, and the spikes turn into balls. She ends up peeing herself and is more distraught over that than that she died, and switches into a kimono for the remainder of the episode as her clothes are wet.
  • DEVILMAN crybaby: A woman wets her underwear and vomits before she’s turned into a devil in episode 1
  • Digimon Adventure:
    • This implied to have happened to Koromon in "Home Away From Home" after eating a lot of eggs.
    • Koromon defecates himself in "Almost Home Free" whilst in Duane's car, and the rest of the gang get kicked out because of this.
    • In "Digibaby Boom" a baby Yuramon soils itself.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Bulma pees herself in the first episode of the original Dragon Ball, right after Goku rescues her from a monster that attacked her while she was trying to find privacy to pee in the first place. The same scene is in the manga. The scene is even present in the edited version of the anime.
    • After failing to get away from Broly long enough to go to the washroom in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming Trunks is captured by Broly and is unable to hold it anymore and ends up peeing on Broly's head.
    • Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly has Marron needing to pee badly, and as Krillin tries to race her to the nearest facility, the sound of water rushing happens about a couple of seconds after they both leave the screen, and you hear Krillin groaning in disgust. In Japanese, he says something along the lines of "Aah, and here it comes..."
  • In Elfen Lied, Yuka and Kouta can't tell what is wrong when Nyuu starts showing signs of pain and moving desperately, until she ends up peeing on the floor.
  • Freezing: Elizabeth Mably ends up wetting herself while she is being tortured.
  • Futaba-kun Change!: Futaba is participating in a beauty contest. The Rival puts laxatives in her tea. Some other contestants, who don't like Futaba either, deliberately drink the unattended tea to annoy her. I think you can guess where this is going.
  • Ghost Stories: Episode 2: Keiichirou wets himself at school because he's afraid of the bathroom being haunted.
  • In Girls Bravo, Fukuyama blackmails Kirie into competing in his all girls fighting tournament with an embarrassing picture of her from when she was little.
  • Episode 5 of Good Luck Girl! has Ichiko turned into a child thanks to a treasure box trap set by Momiji. Ichiko ends up staying at the Tsuwabuki household (who are not aware that it is Ichiko de-aged) overnight in order to avoid Momiji. In the morning, Ichiko is beside herself embarrassed when she realizes she peed her bed in the night. While Rika cleans the sheets and assures the "young child" that it is okay, Ichiko mentally beats herself up given she is actually sixteen years old, and realizes that her bladder likely shrank given her younger body. Needless to say, this only gives her more reason to hate Momiji than she had before.
  • Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia: Kizuna has to quickly arouse Aine to power her up for battle. But the stimulation for Aine resulted in her needing to pee really badly and she tried walking to the bathroom. Kizuna knowing Aine is aroused from humiliation stopped Aine from going to the bathroom and made her pee her panties in front of a bunch of people (they're not real but part of an illusion) after touching her to increase her humiliation based arousal.
  • Subverted in a chapter of Ichinensei Ni Nacchattara, Iori (a seventeen year old boy in the body of a seven year-old girl), falls asleep in class and wakes up wet. He freaks and has to work up the guts to confess this fact to the teacher. Only after he does so is it learned he never wet himself at all, merely fell asleep under a leaky sprinkler nozzle.
  • Ikki Tousen:
    • Several of the girls pee their panties during fights, and some of them actually consider it an achievement to make their opponent wet herself. This actually became a plot point at one time as Tanfuko could tell his plan to weaken Kan’u was working because of the liquid coming down between her legs.
    • For the anime: In Season 1, Hakufu wets herself when Ryomou is strangling her, and Chinkyu does the same when Rikaku beats her up (though it's hard to notice). In Dragon Destiny, Bashoku Youjyou wets herself when Kakuka is about to rip out her heart shortly before she kills him, Teni when Ryomou is strangling her, and Kan'u twice (first when Genchoku weakens her with the incense, similar to the above-mentioned instance with Tanfuko, and again when being tortured by Chouko). Ryofu wet herself when the real Genpou Saji revived her with a kiss.
  • Immoral Guild: In chapter 15/episode 8, after Tokishikko ends up having a potty emergency after drinking too many mana potions, and dressed in only panties and pantyhose after all her other clothes got burned off in a fight, she ends up trying to ignore her urge to pee and seduce Kikuru. This doesn't end so well since the urge came back but it was too much for her and she ends up peeing in her panties on top of him.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Koichi Hirose in Diamond Is Unbreakable gets kidnapped by an extreme Yandere, Yukako, who is rigging the house with sadistic tests designed to help him "become a better student". At one point Koichi is desperately trying to open the lock of the bathroom, which uses Christopher Columbus' date of birth as its combination. The next chapter starts with Yukako depositing the just washed pants and underwear of Koichi on a table, while he looks embarrassed. Unfortunately for Koichi, this didn't make her dislike him, in fact she affirmed that doing his laundry made her happy.
    • Stone Ocean: Anasui uses his stand Diver Down to insert a frog into the brain of enemy stand Yo-Yo Ma, causing it to adopt the behaviors of said frog, including pissing itself as a self-defense mechanism when seeing a bird.
  • Frequently happens to Mikan in Let's Go Quintuplets!. After Kinoko inadvertently caused her to wet herself in kindergarten, Mikan spends the second half of the series trying to put Kinoko in situations of both artificial wetness and genuine wetness. Her plans inevitably backfire, causing her more embarrassment than what she had started with. The dub censors any wetting and changes the embarrassing fact to, "spilling juice on herself," which to be fair she actually does on more than one occasion.
  • The main teacher has one at the end of Chapter 1 of Sayaka Yamazaki's Psychological Horror Minus, thanks to holding it all class long.
  • Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation: When Rudeus learns Linia and Pursena bullied his friend Zanoba and smashed his sculpture of Roxy, he angrily knocks them out and leaves them Bound and Gagged in his room while preparing to punish them. Much to everyone's embarrassment, he took so long to get ready that they couldn't hold it in and wet themselves, forcing Rudeus, Zanoba, and Fitz to clean them up.
  • My Hero Academia: This happens to Minoru Mineta in the Forest Training Camp Arc, when he is searching for a place to relieve himself and is then ambushed by a giant dirt monster. Also, if Yuga Aoyama overuses his 'Navel Laser' Quirk, he loses control of his bowels.
  • Takeo from My Love Story!! told Yamato a story from when he was in first grade. He used to hold it in a lot but one day he peed his pants. His friend Suna splashed a bucket of water on him so everyone would think he just got water on his shorts.
  • Nana & Kaoru. She held out as long as she could, but this eventually happened to Tachi the first time she participated in one of Nana & Kaoru's bondage-based "breathers". Kaouru, being Kaouru, actually planned for that to happen by giving her lemonade beforehand and even bound her on a sheet to prevent damaging the floor.
  • In Naruto, the title character in a half hour Sports Day special has diarrhea and every time he has a chance to go, he is interrupted by someone or something. Eventually at the end he just lets it go.
  • A minor one happens in Negima! Magister Negi Magi, when the group ends up high in the air. After somewhat safe landing Konoka jokes how she almost wet herself... right next to a clearly embarrassed Yue.
  • Nekopara: In episode one of the anime, Cinnamon asked Maple why she changed her underwear, after complaining she's taking too long to get ready. Maple embarrassingly admits that she really had to pee, but Cinnamon was taking too long in the bathroom, so she peed herself a little bit on purpose to relieve some pressure.
  • At one point in No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!, High Schooler Tomoko Kuroki is researching scary stories and clearly has to pee really badly. The problem is she's too scared to go downstairs to use the bathroom, afraid a killer will suddenly materialize and murder her. As such, she wakes up her middle-school brother and tells him he needs to accompany her downstairs. When he refuses, she threatens to pee on the floor of his room, which grosses him out and angers him, so he just accompanies her downstairs. After she finishes, she tells him she's going to be a second. When he asks why, she nonchalantly tells him she peed herself a little and is gonna shower.
    Tomoko: I peed myself a little. Something wrong with that?
    Tomoki: There's something wrong with you.
  • Ojamajo Doremi:
    • There's a scene where Pop is taking her first trip alone and doesn't make it to the restroom in time. Fortunately, Doremi is watching from the shadows and conjures a magical washing machine (the scene ignores the fact that Pop's legs would need washing too...)
    • In an episode of Naisho, Pop wonders what it is like to be Hana, and the two switch bodies. When Doremi realizes that Hana (who has a Running Gag of not letting nature call when on her potty) is in Pop's body and having a Potty Emergency, she takes her out of the classroom, and then Hana (who is in Pop's body) wets herself.
    • Late in Mo~tto!, Hana poops herself during an episode-long adventure...after which she finally realizes she's in the middle of town with no one to help her. Thankfully, the girls finally catch up when they hear her cry.
  • Omujo Omutsu Joshi:
    • The story kicks off with male lead Shouta's discovery that his classmate Ichigo wears diapers. The reason for this is because Ichigo has issues with bladder control when she gets nervous. She's especially prone to problems if it's a male like Shouta making her nervous. As a result Ichigo wetting herself while interacting with him is a Once per Episode occurrence.
    • In chapter six, Shouta's childhood friend Morei reminds him of an incident in elementary school where she had an accident and he covered for her by throwing a bucket of water on her. She tells this story because it was the moment she fell in love with him. However, between the act having been completely unintentional on Shouta's part, Morei stumbling on the actual words "I love you", and showing off that she was wearing a diaper to appeal to what she thought to be Shouta's fetish after seeing him with Ichigo, Shouta ends up misinterpreting what she intended as a love confession as her confessing when she developed her fetish.
    • Chapter twelve features Morei intending to deliberately wet herself in front of Shouta, chicken out, then wet herself for real while she and Shouta are Locked in a Room together and can't get out in time.
  • Ōoku: The Inner Chambers: Ieshige ends up wetting herself during an audience with her mother Yoshimune, only raising more calls for the already disabled Ieshige to be stricken from the succession.
  • The seventh episode of the PaRappa the Rapper anime has Mr. Tambourine refuse to let his daughter Anne Marie date the firefighter Chief Puddle because he's had a problem with firefighters since childhood where he wets himself every time he sees a firefighter.
  • Parallel Paradise:
    • In Chapter 117, Amane at a celebration takes a single sip of alcohol, which causes her to immediately vomit over a ledge, lie down on a couch and pee. Everyone is justifiably grossed out.
    • In Chapter 219, Leigh-Mary is lying on a bed when she wets herself because she is in a catatonic state.
  • The rare Played for Drama example happens in Penguindrum. A not-older-than-five-years-old Ringo gets up to ask either Mom or Dad to help her go to the bathroom... and walks on them having a fight. As she watches them verbally discuss how they should deal with the loss of her sister Momoka (Dad believes they should let go, Mom says she can't do it), little Ringo quietly pees herself while standing.
  • Queen's Blade:
    • In episode 8 of Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin, this happened to Shizuka after she got knocked out in an interrogation.
    • In episode 4 of Vanquished Queens, Aldra wets herself while being whipped.
    • In episode 2 of Queen's Blade: Grimoire, Tiina apparently wets herself to start a water attack. After Liliana comments on it after being hit by the water attack, Tiina, most likely trying to deny that she just peed herself, says that it was "squirt", which isn't much better.
  • Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace: Black Lizard is a locked up criminal who is kept restrained at all times and has a extremely weird obsession with Akechi (especially considering he's 17 and she's most likely in her mid 20s-30s). When Akechi threatens to do something to her or ignores her, she gets so aroused that she ends up wetting herself. Which ends up happening in episode 4 and 11.
  • Lambo has a one in an episode of Reborn! (2004), when he gets distracted while Tsuna tries to take him to the bathroom due to his Potty Emergency.
  • Seven Mortal Sins: In the second episode, Maria had her body under control by Leviathan in an elevator and to humiliate Maria, Leviathan made Maria wet herself in front of a stranger who later turned out to be Lucifer in disguise
  • Shiyakusho: In the third chapter, a little girl tragically dies of hypothermia, succumbing to the extreme cold after wetting herself while locked overnight outside of her abusive mother's apartment.
  • Implied at the end of episode 8 of Sound of the Sky. Kanata suffered a Potty Emergency while having to wait for a phone call, when someone finally relieves her so she can relieve herself, she runs into Noel, is knocked to the ground and knows she's doomed if she tries to move. Cue Filicia and Kureha arriving in time to see her in distress and help her up to her feet.
  • Sweet Blue Flowers: From a rather embarrassing memory that Fumi has from kindergarten. Akira came to the rescue.
  • Twin Spica is set in the near future at a high school for astronaut candidates. In volume 4, they undergo training in space suits for long periods of time, obviously embarrassed that they are to wear diapers for the exercise. Very early in the training, Kei, who forgot to use the restroom before starting, asks for a bathroom break, which she is denied. After a few minutes of desperate struggle, she is humiliated as she pees herself.
  • In The Voynich Hotel, the witch Tenebrarum has become a kind of Revenant Zombie due to not being killed properly. As a side effect, any food she eats just goes right through her. There's piles of excrement on the floor of her tomb under the hotel, and she has an accident not long after her picnic lunch with Professor.
  • In a early scene of Who's Left Behind? Kayoko's Diary, young Kayoko Nakane ends up peeing herself while having a nightmare relating to her fear of going to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night.

    Comic Books 
  • Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth:
    • Taken to literally insane extremes by Maxie Zeus - he strews his stool around, convinced he is fertilizing the barren Earth. In the context of his particular delusion (He thinks he is God) it is in fact a sacred act. Holy shit, Batman!
    • Before that, Two-Face pees himself because trying to make a decision on whether to go to the bathroom using tarot cards takes a very long time.
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac has this in one of the Meanwhile's (Although due to the Director's Cut, only containing the plot related stuff, you'll now find it in Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors), where a woman has a date with someone who suffers an extreme Potty Failure.
  • In Madwoman of the Sacred Heart, living with Elizabeth and her friends stresses Alan Mangel out so much that he starts losing control of his bowels.
  • In a crossover between Runaways and Avengers Academy, Molly Hayes pees herself after running into Mettle (she was already in the middle of a Potty Emergency and getting surprised by a huge metal guy with a skull for a face pushes her over the edge.) She promptly punches him through a wall.
  • Preacher: While he is the Sheriff of a small Texas town, Jesse Custer has to deal with the Klan. At one point, he is intimidating them while his deputy covers them with a sniper rifle, but one of them still mouths off. Rather than have him shot, Jesse uses his Compelling Voice ("Shit yourself"). The next panel shows a large lump has suddenly appeared in the back of the guy's pants.
  • Sunny Series: Sunny's little brother Teddy, who is old enough for potty training by Sunny Rolls the Dice, has one while she's not paying attention to him during her D&D game with friends and she has to pause to go and clean him up.

    Fan Works 
  • In the Danny Phantom fanfic Adoption Nightmare, Brina implies she was once a bed-wetter much to Danny's disgust when the two are discussing Brina's Power Incontinence.
  • In this rather crude parody of The Addams Family, Lurch wets his pants.
  • The Star Trek: Voyager fanfic Better Off Borg, Janeway has a Potty Emergency while tied up, leading to this, probably because Seven of Nine was talking about peeing, which was not helping.
    • The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fanfiction Usually Filed Under "Cultural Practices" has Kira talk about a time when she was in a labor camp and was the only person there who didn't wet themselves.
  • Pops up in several Emergency! fics in justified incidents, played seriously, though.
    • In "Right Place, Wrong Time" John Gage is tied up and left in a basement for two days. You can guess what happens.
    • In "One Dark And Stormy Night," Gage is, you guessed it, kidnapped, and this happens. Roy is so angry later, when John tells him in humiliation that though he got clean jeans, but not underwear, that he wishes he could leave the guys tied up to see how they like it.
    • In a non-Gage one, it happens to Chet in "The Other Foot" after he'd been shot and tortured. It was somewhat fear of his captor but also his injuries and being bounced around in Gage's rover.
  • Escape from the Moon: Doa apparently experienced this during her second or so the reader is lead to believe trip outside, but omits it from her journal entry.
  • In Lincoln's Memories: In "Lincoln's Potty Training", Lincoln Loud wets his pants on the couch, and Lynn Sr. mentions that his sisters used to have accidents too.
  • In M.A.N.E., Fluttershy suffers from this while hiding in a bomb shelter during a nuclear attack.
  • Another MLP fanfic Pattycakes has Fluttershy have a Sanity Slippage when she's gotten into a habit of feeding ponies a potion called Foalmula which makes them feel like newborn foals. Notable characters who had this trope happen to them are Scootaloo and Twilight.
  • Pound Cake has one in Pound and Pumpkin Cake's Adventures (and Misadventures) in Potty Training in the chapter "Missed".
  • In the Pokémon: The Series fanfic Too Much H2o, Ash has a Potty Emergency, leading to this.
  • The Scooby-Doo fanfiction Velma’s Accident has Velma have one of these due to being too shy to admit she has to pee.
  • Invoked by Blowhorn (twice) in chapter 12 of What Lies Beyond the Walls. The first time Blowhorn shits himself, he does so in a stream in order to catch fish. The second time, he claims he didn't feel like pulling his shorts down, so he squats and soils himself instead.
  • The X-Files:
    • In The WS-Files, Scully ends up wetting herself after being abducted by aliens while needing to pee.
    • In Come With the Wind, Scully pees on the floor accidentally while doing it with Mulder.
    • In an unnamed story, Scully is put under psychological manipulation and wets a diaper that she's been put in.
  • Fluttershy from A Collection of Pointless Adventures is this trope. It happens to her whenever she passes out, is scared, or just plain wants to.
  • Potter Puppet Pals: "Pantaloonius Poopicus!" causes this, in case the name of the spell didn’t give you enough idea. So far, it’s happened to Snape in “Wizard Angst” so Harry and Ron get out of being punished.
  • In Bubbles, Derpy has trouble holding her bladder. On her first, and only, day of school she wet herself during the middle of class.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Tenth Doctor:
      • In "Detox Consequences," as a result of a cyanide detox, where Colonel Curbishley occupies the restroom until it's too late..
      • In the first chapter of "Double Detoxing," the same cyanide detox as the above example, only this fic has Donna encourage the Doctor to purposefully wet himself, which he does. The following chapters both have alternate,happier, endings.
    • To the 13th Doctor in Chapter 10 of "The Doctor needs to pee," due to Kerblam! break times, and being pinned down by a TeamMate.
  • In The Loud House fanfiction A Load of Bulk, Lucy pees her pants after Lana blocks the bathroom from her.
  • A daughter and a legend: Nursery Rhyme defeats Raynare by completely erasing her memories, leaving her mentally an infant. Shortly before Raynare is killed, she soils herself because infants have no control over their bladders and bowels.
  • J-WITCH Series: Uriah is hit by a need to go to the bathroom while Ikazuki's mask is stuck on his butt. Unfortunately, Uncle puts him to sleep with a Pressure Point right after the mask is removed, so Uriah soils himself while asleep, much to the disgust of the heroes who need to carry him home.
  • Dudley Dursley Saves the World: Either Dudley or Voldemort loses control of his bladder after Dudley falls on top of Voldemort; Harry isn't quite sure which it is.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Steven in 2:37 suffers from urinary incontinence as he was born with two urethras, but only the ability to control one of them.
  • In The 51st State, Elmo offers a gang of skinheads a choice between two different drugs: a bowl of blue pills, and a bowl of red pills (he claims that the red pill is the stronger version). He tricks them into eating several red pills, which turn out to be a powerful laxative.
  • In Along Came Polly, Ben Stiller's friend (played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman) informs him that they have to leave a nightclub immediately because he "sharted."
  • In Avengers: Endgame, Scott Lang is the guinea pig for the first tests on time travel, but unfortunately things go awry and Scott is pulled out of the Quantum Realm at different ages. Finally getting back to normal, Scott feels his suit has been stained and questions whether it was his baby self, his very old self, or his current self who was responsible.
  • Billy Madison: Billy helps a classmate who peed in his pants by saying that is what cool people do.
  • In Bloody Reunion, Jung-Wo suffered endless humiliation after soiling himself in class.
  • The Book of Revelation: Daniel yells that he needs to pee at his kidnappers while they're imprisoning him. They do nothing, so he's forced to piss himself. Afterward, they use this as an excuse to cut off his clothes as he got dirty.
  • This happens to the bride from Bridesmaids who takes a dump, in the middle of a street, after they all contract food poisoning. Made worse by the fact that she was trying on an expensive wedding dress at the time.
  • David's Mother: During a flashback, Sally arrives at David's school and finds him sitting in the corner in his own urine. She criticizes the teacher for not noticing that he'd wet himself.
  • Dumb and Dumber:
    Jessica's Dad: Oh, my God. He shit everywhere. There's shit everywhere! Dammit! There's shit on the windows! Oh, my God! My house is full of shit! He shit everywhere! Look what he did! He shit all over the walls! There's shit everywhere!
    • In the first movie, Harry wets himself while he and Lloyd are riding their Moped to the ski resort. Lloyd seems to appreciate this, since it was cold.
  • Duel For Gold: The two protagonist, a pair of sisters, puts on a public acrobatic performance where they balance each other by the tip of their swords, above each other's heads. The camera pans across the nervous crowd of onlookers, including a child who unknowingly wets herself. After the show is over the little girl ends up earning a scolding from her mother for ruining her pants.
  • Escape to Athena (1979). The POWs slip a laxative into the Germans' food because We Need a Distraction while the Greek Resistance take the camp.
  • Played for Drama in Five Fingers. The main character has been captured and brutally tortured by terrorists. In the middle of the night, the man (who is heavily restrained) shouts that he has to use the bathroom, but no one is there, so he soils himself. The next morning, his captors angrily strip him naked and force him to clean himself up.
  • Played for Drama in Frozen (2010) when Parker pees her pants after holding it in all night.
  • Japanese Slice of Life comedy Good Morning features a group of schoolkids who like to have pull-my-finger style farting contests. The movie ends with one of the kids pooping his pants and making the awkward, shuffling walk home.
  • The Green Mile: When Percy Wetmore walks too close to William Wharton's cell one day, Wharton grabs him and threatens to rape him. Percy wets his pants out of sheer terror and threatens to get the other guards fired if they tell anyone.
  • Holmes & Watson: After getting drunk, Holmes goes to urinate and has an Awesomeness by Analysis moment as he calculates the perfect way to piss, which is spoiled when he discovers he has forgotten to unzip his pants.
  • In The Initiation, Andy is taking a leak when the killer turns out the lights in the men's room. Andy thinks it is Alison playing a joke and complains loudly that she has just made him piss down his leg.
  • I Spit on Your Grave:
    • Johnny pisses himself in the remake facing Jennifer's torture, to her contempt.
    • Valko pisses himself in the second film as Katie tortures him with electricity.
  • In The Judge, Joseph's cancer medication causes diarrhea and memory loss, so he ends up soiling himself in one scene.
  • In Killer Diller (2004), piano savant Vernon wets his pants during the band's first public performance. Ned, who created the band, likes Vernon's music so much that he lends him his pants so he can continue.
  • A non-comedic example in the German film Der letzte Zug, about the six-day journey of a group of Berlin Jews to Auschwitz, with a bucket serving as the only toilet for the hundred inhabitants of a cattle car. Due to the crowded conditions, Nina Naumann is unable to get to it on time, and wets herself.
  • In Mabul, Yoni's autistic brother Tomer goes into Yoni's closet and stands there all night. By the next morning, he's wet his pants.
  • In Major Payne, the six-year-old cadet tells the titular character he needs to use the bathroom only to be told to hold it until he wets himself.
  • In The Man Who Fell to Earth David Bowie's girlfriend pisses herself in sheer fright at realising her boyfriend is a weird extraterrestrial.
  • In Midnight Cowboy, the tuberculosis-racked Rizzo wets his pants on the bus to Florida, not long before he dies.
  • Early in Miracle Run, Steven and Phillip have a meltdown in a grocery store, during which Steven wets himself.
  • In Miss March, the main character has recently gotten out of a coma, so a lot of his muscles have atrophied, including the ones that let him hold it in.
  • In Molly (1999), Molly pees herself during her first evening at Buck's apartment. Buck is assured that this is just a reaction to the change in routine and won't happen regularly.
  • Little Arthur from Mutiny on the Buses still isn't potty trained, much to Arthur's disgust.
  • Cletus Klump soils his pants in The Nutty Professor (1996) after farting too hard.
  • In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World record executive G-Man compliments the group Sex Bob-omb as "music to my earholes." Lead guitarist Stephen Stills promptly wets himself in sheer excitement (with "Pee" pointed out onscreen).
  • In the first Sex and the City movie, Charlotte is hit with a bout of Montezuma's Revenge in Mexico while walking back from the gym. She almost makes it to a toilet but a locked door delays her and causes a loud accident in her gym clothes in front of her friends. Played for Laughs, as Charlotte's discomfort and reaction to the messy embarrassing accident in her pants causes Carrie to pull herself out of her depression.
  • Explicitly forbidden at the Golden Twilight Home in She-Devil, and grounds for expulsion. Ruth frames Mrs. Fisher for it so she gets kicked out and has to live with Mary Fisher permanently as part of her revenge plan.
  • Part of the Humiliation Conga Ben suffers while attempting to send off Felix's body in S.O.B.:
    Dr. Irving Finegarten: What is that?
    Tim Culley: Sounds like someone left a faucet running.
    Ben Coogan: I'm peeing!
    Dr. Irving Finegarten: Into what?
    Ben Coogan: My pants!
  • In Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, the subway bathrooms are closed between midnight and 5 AM, so Ricky ends up peeing himself on the train. One man steps in the pee and gets revenge by dumping his drink on Ricky's head.
  • In Still Alice, Alice wets herself because her Alzheimer's made her forget where the bathroom in her house was.
  • In The Story of Luke, Luke's grandfather Jonas pees himself in Cindy's car, to her horror. She stops at the nearest store to buy every kind of air freshener they have in stock while Luke helps Jonas clean up in the bathroom.
  • Played for Drama in Testament: a small boy suffering from severe radiation sickness loses control of his bowels. The really horrifying thing is that you can see bloodstains on the towel his mother wraps him in — it's not just potty failure, it's organ failure. This is one of many Real Life symptoms of radiation poisoning.
  • In the Christian movie Tribulation from the Apocalypse film series, young Calvin Canboro wets his pants while he and his brother Tom wait for their sister Eileen to finish her prayer to God about the tree she carved their names into. Years later, Tom Canboro keeps bringing it up, and their sister Eileen doesn't even remember whether it happened or not (or so she says).
  • In Unfriended, a video of Laura Barns was uploaded to Youtube showing her at a party black-out drunk and having soiled herself. The harassment she received as a result led to her suicide.
  • National Lampoon's Van Wilder, when Gwen Pearson puts "Colon Blow" into Richard Bagg's drink. Though technically its not quite a failure. He ends up using a trash can, in front of his professor and (not likely after this) future boss.
  • Deliberately invoked (on his rival's shoes!) by Jack Nicholson in Wolf (Mike Nichols).
  • XX: In "The Birthday Party" a potty failure ruins Lucy's first costume, causing Mary to make her a new one as a Bedsheet Ghost.
  • In Year One, the characters played by Jack Black and Michael Cera are chained up in a dungeon in one scene. Cera's character is chained up upside down, and he yells that he has to pee. Pretty soon, he pees all over his face.
  • In Zig Zag (2002), ZigZag thinks he's had one during the night and apologizes to Singer for ruining his couch. It turns out he's actually had his first Erotic Dream.

  • In Anything but Typical, Jason wet his pants while playing video games on the day he was diagnosed with autism.
  • In The Black Tattoo, Charlie is empowered with a Compelling Voice by the Power Tattoo. After being hit in the head with a football, he orders the culprit to wet himself. "The eyes of the hapless footballer fell closed. A blissfull expression crossed his face: there was a moment of silence, then a soft, trickling sound, and now everyone was staring at the dark stain that was spreading down one leg of his shorts."
  • In the novelisation of the BBC miniseries Chelworth, Hard-Drinking Party Girl Tish is having a really rotten morning after the night before: she's woken in a trashed flat to find her fellow partygoers have deserted her, and two policemen have come to see what all the trouble was. Then, just to add a finishing touch to her humiliation, when they arrest her she wets herself.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid:
    • Defied when Greg and Rowley are trick-or-treating and Greg decides to let Rowley use the bathroom or else things were "gonna get messy".
    • When Greg is walking the kindergarteners home, it's implied: one smells funny and Greg thinks maybe he had an accident.
    • Manny intentionally does this to avoid being dropped off at a kiddie play area where the requirement is all the kids have to be potty trained.
  • The end of the Dinosaur Vs book "Dinosaur vs. the Potty" zigzags this trope. It mentions that the potty won (whatever that means) and that it was a "close one", but Dinosaur doesn't seem to have wet himself and appears to be standing at the toilet.
  • In Doom Valley Prep School, Petra has this happen in combat class when she nearly falls headfirst into lava. She's allowed to leave class early.
  • In Experimental Film, Clark wakes up crying. When his parents reach his room, he's wet himself.
  • Eye of a Fly: After Ernest's brother commits suicide and he thinks he sees his girlfriend cheating on him, Ernest has an emotional breakdown while walking home and becomes incapable of processing anything he sees or hears. When he recovers, he finds that he made it to his bedroom, but soiled the bed.
  • The Rosemary Wells picture book Fiona's Little Accident is about the title character being so excited for show-and-tell that she forgets to take a bathroom break and has an accident.
  • The Green Mile: Percy not only wets himself after being grabbed by William Wharton (see the live-action film entry above), he also wets and shits himself after shooting Wharton to death, the result of John Coffey passing Melinda Moores' illness into him.
  • He Is Your Brother: When Mike and Jock first take Orry to walk by the railway, Mrs Lewis packs them two changes of pants, just in case. Sure enough, Orry wanders off from the older boys at a factory, climbs onto a wobbly stack of boxes, and is so frightened by their movement that he wets himself.
  • In the Just book "Just Stupid", which inspired What's with Andy?, the story "Busting" has a hippie think Andy has wet his pants, but it's actually water. He does wet the bed, though.
  • Little Princess: At the end of "I Want My Potty", the Princess wets her pants (because the potty took too long to be fetched).
  • At the start of Miss Bindergarten Has A Wild Day In Kindergarten, Christopher has one, and has to wear extra pants for the rest of the day.
  • Pip And Posy: In "The Little Puddle", Pip wets himself becuase he "forgot" that he had to pee.
  • Wilma from Potty Animals (a kids' book about bathroom etiquette) is said to wait too long and "sometimes she's too late".
  • In The Potty Book for Girls, Hannah wets her pants while learning to use her potty.
  • A LaxativePrank is the main thrust of the story in the aptly named YA Novel Josie Eccles' The prom, the date and a whole lot of laxatives!. The plot revolves around a bullied student finally getting back at her bully by secretly administering laxatives. This results in Kitty Vickers experiencing a Potty Emergency, followed quickly by a very public and messy accident in her knickers. One of students who had previously been bullied by Kitty gleefully notes that the incident happened on a day that Kitty choose to wear her shortest skirt.
    • This results in an Embarrassing Nickname trope when Kitty's former friends realise that the name "Kitty Vickers" rhymes perfectly with "Shitty Knickers".
  • Chad from Rogue pees his pants during a drunken wipeout on his BMX bike.
  • Shadow Police: In The Severed Streets, Sefton makes a hallucinatory journey to visit the Rat King. When he wakes up, he finds that he is lying in the street near a bus shelter and that he has peed over himself.
  • In A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Francie wets her pants at school when her teacher won't allow her to leave the room to use the facilities.
  • In Words of Radiance, Shallan wonders what her fiancée, Prince Adolin, does when he has to go to the bathroom in his Shardplate. Turns out that he has had to crap his pants three times over the past few years, being unable to disengage from the battle to take a bathroom break. He also mentions how embarrassing it is to have to have an attendant wipe him off after he does so, since he can't quite reach back far enough while wearing the bulky Plate to do it himself.
  • Wicked: Frexspar soils himself when he's attacked and literally kicked in the butt by an angry mob.
  • Whateley Universe: In The Bad Seeds, possibly happens to Hua Chu Lan, when her mantra against a Potty Emergency stops:
    “The body is under control of the mind,” Hua Chu Lan chanted. “The mind is in control. The mind is in control!
    “The mind is in control! The mind is… oh… I… eeeeEEEEEEE… aaaahhhh!”
  • Love Anthony: In one of her old journal entries, Olivia describes trying to go to CVS because she just got her period and only has two tampons left, but Anthony starts screaming because they usually go right home right after going to the playground. She has to tell David to buy them for her, and by the time he gets home, she's run out of tampons and bled through her makeshift toilet paper pad. It's implied that she had a similar accident in eighth grade, this one in front of the popular girls.
  • One management textbook actually has a comic strip with potty failure as it's punchline in a chapter about social conditioning. A uncle who bought his nephew a musical potty years ago buys the (now naughty) nephew a musical wristwatch that plays the same tune as the potty as it's alarm. Cue the poor kid wetting himself the next time the alarm went off.
  • Shtum:
    • Even though Jonah wears nappies, he's so prone to these that Ben receives a plastic bag of soiled clothing at the end of every school day.
    • Georg urinates on Ben while he carries him to the bathroom because his cancer and radiation therapy have left him too weak to walk to the bathroom himself.
  • Time To: The end of "Time to Pee!" says that it's fine if you don't get it right the first time, and we see a puddle of pee.
  • Eye Contact:
    • On Adam's first day back at school after Amelia's murder, he has a panic attack and wets himself when he isn't allowed to go to recess.
    • Chris and Morgan have both wet their pants while being bullied.
  • Roys Bedoys:
    • In “Meet the New Student, Roys Bedoys!”, Flora pees her pants because she was too shy to ask where the bathroom was.
    • In “Stop Being Stubborn, Roys Bedoys!”, Roys wets his pants on the couch.
  • In Bud, Not Buddy, Bud's foster parents are convinced that he's a bed-wetter and make him sleep on foul-smelling rubber sheets. Before he runs away, he gets revenge on their cruel son Todd by pouring warm water onto his pajamas, which causes him to wet the bed for real.
  • Who Wet My Pants:
    • The premise of the book is that Reuben wet his pants without realising and is trying to find out who did it.
    • Bigfoot claims he used to wet his pants all the time.
  • The State of Grace: Grace once peed her pants at her classmate Holly's fifth birthday party because the balloons were scaring her. She assumes Holly's forgotten about it, until they run into each other at the restaurant on Grace's sixteenth birthday and Holly makes fun of her for it.
  • Fudge:
    • In Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, the fifth chapter, "The Birthday Bash" takes place on Fudge's third birthday. When Peter shows Fudge's friends Dribble, his pet turtle, one of them, Jennie, asks him if Dribble makes a tinkle. When Peter tells her that he does, Jennie tells him that she does, too, and demonstrates it by peeing on the floor, much to the dismay of both Peter and his mother, Anne.
    • In Superfudge, the third chapter, "Another Something Wonderful" begins with Fudge, who is now fully-toilet trained, peeing his pants and his bed out of jealousy over Tootsie, his new baby sister. In response to this, Peter suggests putting Fudge back in diapers to his parents, who disapprove of this idea, saying that Fudge is going through a phase that will pass if they're patient with him.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Number 32 on VH1's 100 Most Shocking Moments in Music: when Fergie wet her pants on stage at the San Diego Street Scene concert.
  • Kelly from Ash vs. Evil Dead end up peeing her jeans during a exorcism to rid her of Eligos in “The Host".
  • A demon from Angel to Fred: "My feelings for you are changing. I feel... warmth. Wait, no I don't. That's just me wetting myself because you wouldn't let me pee!"
  • On Awkward., Tamara wets her pants in the episode "My Love Is A Black Heart."
  • Justified in Bear in the Big Blue House episode "When You've Gotta Go." Ojo has an accident and Bear cleans up, telling her that accidents could happen to everyone.
  • In The Bachelor spinoff, Bachelor In Paradise, the show's villain, Chad gets so drunk, he passes out, and according to one of the other guys, poops his pants while unconscious.
  • In a Christmas episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard says that he would have still asked Penny out at The Cheesecake Factory, even if he didn't live next door. Penny gives the scenario: he'd have nervously tried, then wet himself while asking for the bathroom.
    • Leonard counters that she would have married Zack, and they both wet themselves, during normal conversations.
  • In the Bones episode "The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House", when Hodgins and Cam examine the trunk of the car that Abby was rescued from after being locked inside by the murderer, Cam says it smells like a urinal, to which Hodgins comments that she was in there for 36 hours, but assures Cam that Abby was only worried about surviving (having been buried alive once, though with more room than her). Turns out, Abby is the murderer and locked herself in the trunk to look like another victim, but due to the rain keeping hikers away she was found much later than she had intended.
  • In the Broad City episode "Just the Tips," Ilana craps her leotard at a party due to a combination of cheese, champagne, and cocaine.
  • In an episode of El Chavo del ocho, everyone ends up suffering of Agony of the Feet, causing them to walk around with a limp. At the end, La Chilindrina runs into Chavo, who is also walking like them, and asks if he hurt his feet too. He says no, and when Chilindrina asks why he's walking around like that, he explains he ate a whole cake by himself, and later he couldn't make it to the restroom.
  • In Episode 6 of the South Korean TV show The City Hall, the extremely cute but thoroughly obnoxious councilwoman Min Joo-hwa suffers this. While visiting protagonist Shin Mi-rae's bar with several journalists, she insults and belittles her for losing her job. This turns out to be a very bad decision, since she suffers a severe Potty Emergency and asks to use the toilet, which she mocks for being backward! Shin Mi-Rae is understandably a bit pissed off and takes the opportunity to get back at her, holding the key to the toilet out of reach and gloating about how good it is to abuse power, and informs her that there are no other toilets nearby, meaning that she is either using their toilet or her knickers. After making her squirm and Potty Dance for a while while suggesting that the journalists report on her increasingly likely accident, Shin Mi-Rae gives her the key, giving her the impression that she's going to make it after all... and then smacks her hard on the bottom, causing her to finally lose control and wet her skirt in front of the journalists with a squeal of distress.
  • One Crank Yankers sketch involves the mentally handicapped character "Special Ed" tearfully phoning a health club to apologize for peeing in the pool. The manager acknowledges his apology, and kindly reassures him that it's okay...which prompts Ed to happily shout, "I peed in your pool! YAAAAAAYYY!" repeatedly.
  • Twice in Degrassi's tenth season. The first by Jenna, who's been abusing diet pills; the second, by Holly J., who ignores what she believes to be Definitely Just a Cold. It isn't definitely just a cold.
  • ER:
    • In an early episode, Benton asks his girlfriend to look after his aging mother for a night, and she chews him out the next morning for not warning her that the old woman suffers from incontinence.
    • In another episode, a nurse from the neurology ward is "floated" down to the ER to cover short staffing, and promptly discovers herself dangerously in over her head. After she botches several physician orders and nearly overdoses a patient, Carol and Lily assign her to clean up a nursing home patient, who promptly suffers a massive "Code Brown."
  • Euphoria: In "The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed", Rue suffers urinary difficulties as a result of severe depression, culminating in her peeing herself while trying to get to the bathroom.
  • On Friends, Joey scores a fairly prestigious role by stumbling upon a bit of Method Acting — he'd drink a ton of liquids and force a Potty Emergency, giving himself the urgency and desperation he needs to portray his character. When the director tells him he got the part, he congratulates Joey, hugs him, and tells him to relax. Bad advice — Joey heeds it, and the director suddenly looks down with a disturbed look on his face.
  • Game of Thrones: To save Tyrion from execution, Varys has him smuggled out of the country in a box. When their ship arrives is Essos and Varys lets him out, he finds to his chagrin that because their trip took so long, Tyrion is delirious from hunger and thirst and has soiled himself several times.
  • One of the "George" segments in The Go Show focuses on George peeing himself in the sand box.
  • Happens to Frankie's friend Nina in The Haunted Hathaways, she asks where the bathroom is but gets interrupted, then later on it's mentioned she had an "accident" causing everyone to back away from a spot on the carpet.
  • In an episode of Hollyoaks, India eats a pizza that Hayley has laced with laxatives. This leads to her winning the contest for Josh's car when she has an accident and causes everyone else to flee in disgust.
  • Horrible Histories: Happens to one of the ladies in the Georgian Court Toilets sketch, where they have to wait in line to ask the queen permission to use the toilets.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Happens three times to Barney-
    • Two examples of Bring My Brown Pants.
    • In "No Questions Asked", Barney calls in a 'No Questions Asked' from Marshall after crapping his pants.
  • Jessica Jones (2015): Kilgrave's control over his victims is so absolute that they can't even go to the bathroom and often have accidents on themselves.
    • When Kilgrave invites himself into a family's apartment, he tells the children to go into the closet to not be seen or heard. When the daughter protests that she has to go to the bathroom, Kilgrave says, "Go in the closet. It will be fine." After the children get into the closet, urine is shown leaking out beneath the door.
    • When Kilgrave is experimenting with greater range and duration for his powers, he practices by giving instructions to a large club at once. One of the patrons not affected by his powers mistakes it for some sort of staged comedy act, and when he tries to compliment Kilgrave afterwards, Kilgrave is in the midst of an angry conversation with his father:
      Kilgrave: [to the heckler] Cross the street, face that fence and stay there, forever! [The heckler leaves to carry out the order]
      Albert Thompson: Kevin, be reasonable.
      Kilgrave: Well, it won't actually be "forever", because it's incremental, not exponential, remember?! Come on, we've got work to do.
    • When trying to find a way to increase his power, Kilgrave forces the researchers at a lab to work non-stop on a mechanism. Jessica tells Luke that she had to drag the lab assistant outside to talk to him, not because he was unwilling to talk, but because she couldn't tolerate the foul stench in there.
    • A non-Kilgrave example: Pryce Cheng wakes up with wet trousers after being sedated by Jessica for a longer time after he tried to kill her mother.
  • Kyle XY: In the Pilot episode, Kyle gets sent to a juvenile detention centre after being caught being naked in public. While there, he gets challenged to a fight. Meanwhile, he feels a powerful pressure from his bladder but is unable to identify it(as he is still technically a newborn).
    Kyle: (inner monologue) I was glad to see a familiar face, but a pressure below my waist was bothering me. (later in the fight:) I wanted to learn his game, but the pain in my belly was getting more intense. (He ends up wetting himself after being punched in the face, not the slightest bit embarrassed, just relieved) I barely noticed the discomfort on my face, because inside me, something had flipped, and I began to feel..wonderful.
  • On Law & Order: UK, when Ronnie Brooks' corrupt ex-partner blasts him for turning him in, he cites the many favors he'd done to cover for Ronnie during his drinking days, including, "loaned you a pair of trousers when you'd pissed your own".
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus in the "Visitors" sketch, since the uncouth crowd gathering at Victor's apartment weren't disgusting enough, Mrs. Equatol (Terry Jones), during a frequent shrieking laughing fit, declares "Oh. I wet 'em!"
  • A girl on MTV's Next wet her pants - and left her entire chair dripping - during a date, because she really had to go already but was given no opportunity to pee once she was called off the Next Bus. It's implied that she did it on purpose because the date was a jerk.
  • Subverted in The Noddy Shop episode "Skunked". Whiny and Whimper ask who has has had an accident when smelling a terrible scent, but it turns out to be a skunk that has sprayed Truman.
  • King Boz from the Disney show Pair of Kings wets himself in the episode "Wet Hot Kinkowan Summer."
  • A female contestant did this once on The Price Is Right while playing Plinko.
  • A memorable Saturday Night Live sketch was a commercial for the Bathroom Businessman, a portable workstation you can set up in an office bathroom stall to avoid wasting time on the toilet. Unfortunately, it turns out assembling an entire workstation from parts actually takes quite a while, and by the time the worker is finished, he's rather desperate...and then sees that he assembled it in such a way that he can't reach the toilet or leave the stall, and the inevitable happens. And then it turns out it wasn't a commercial at all, but a PSA warning people to stop using the Internet on the toilet, before it comes to this.
  • At the end of the second season of The Inbetweeners Will indulges in excessive quantities of energy drinks to get him through his end-of-year exams. This causes him to develop stomach trouble, and when Mr Gilbert doesn't let him go to the toilet, he follows through and soils himself.
  • Sesame Street: The "Elmo's Potty Time" episode had a song about how "accidents happen and that's OK".
  • On Star Trek: Enterprise in the episode 'Minefield', Lt. Malcolm Reed is subjected to this humiliation while pinned to the NX-01 Enterprise's hull by a Romulan mine.
    Archer: I won't tell a soul.
    Malcolm: In my EV suit, sir?
  • In the pilot episode of Succession, Logan wakes up, can't find the bathroom, and ends up peeing on the carpet, an Establishing Character Moment that foreshadows his physical and mental decline. And in a later episode, Addled Addict Kendall shits his bed after a night of substance abuse.
  • Trotsky: Trotsky's son Sergei pisses himself when a man threatens his father right in front of him with a gun.
  • Covered on Whose Line Is It Anyway? for examples of "Things that are cute when you're a child but not when you're an adult":
    Brad Sherwood: I went poopie in my pants!
  • There was The Young Ones episode where Rik tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills, not realising that pills in question were laxatives. Hilarity Ensues.
    Neil: Vyvyan, can you actually kill yourself with laxative pills?
    Vyvyan: I dunno Neil, but I'm gonna stick around to find out!
  • At the end of the first season of You're the Worst Gretchen goes on a health kick which involves drinking smoothies and jogging. Unfortunately, on her first run, her stomach rumbles and her gait becomes slow and awkward as she tries to stop the inevitable. She is later shown sheepishly hosing off her legs while a gardener stares at her.

  • The Amateur Transplants song "ABBAtoir", a parody of ABBA's "Mamma Mia", is about an unfortunate episode of diarrhoea at a performance of Mamma Mia!
  • Da Yoopers' song "Diarrhea" is an apology for why the singer has to break his date. He thought that "it was only gas..." By the end, he's come up with a scheme to stop it.
  • The classic Playground Song "The Diarrhea Song" is usually about having this happen while participating in a mundane activity such as driving a Chevy (and you feel something heavy) or climbing a ladder (and you feel something splatter).
  • Some versions of How Dry I Am end in "It's too late now, it's on the floor" or "Oh, it's too late; I've wet the floor."
  • Actually averted in the song "Mi agüita amarilla" ("My yellow water") by Spanish group Los Toreros Muertos. It's not about a guy leaking his "yellow water" like this, and more about a guy who's bored while peeing and tries to imagine where does the pee go.
  • This is a favourite trope of The Lonely Island.
    • One of their earlier songs before they got their Saturday Night Live boost, "Ardy Party" touches on this. Says Jorm of its title character...
    Jorma: He'll rub up on your leg without warning and start humpin' it'
    What's that smell in his pants? He's been dumpin' it!
    • "Trouble on Dookie Island" comes close, but it is more a case of Bring My Brown Pants.
    • "Perfect Saturday" is about Jorma and Akiva inviting two women over for sex, but their plans are foiled when Andy shows up with the urge to use the toilet. They refuse, and after much flatulence he eventually craps his pants, causing Jorm and Kiv's dates to storm off furiously.
  • One guy in The Pee Pee Dance wets his pants.
  • The song Pee Your Pants is about wetting yourself at school and on the bus.
  • The Judy Pancoast song "The Potty Dance" doesn't include this but it is mentioned in the lyric "I'm doing the Potty Dance, doing the potty dance, if I don't get to a bathroom soon, I'm gonna have to change my pants."
  • The song "Ranchera" by Chilean group Fiskales Ad Hoc is about a guy who pisses in his pants and can't go to the bathroom to, uhm, "evacuate" the rest since he's stuck with his Girl of the Week.

  • Cottar "Teeny" Gamwich (Ratling sniper, chef, and resident butt-of-all-jokes, played by Daniel) cooked (and served) a batch of poisonous space tubers in Fandible's single Actual Play session of Only War. Almost the entire group of hardened guerilla soldiers ended up needing a change of pants. In his defense, Teeny didn't intend for them to get explosive diarrhea, and he'd even warned them that he'd only managed to get most of the poison out of the tubers.
  • When describing the days just before her friend Yumiko's disappearance in episode two of RABBITS, Carly describes an incident in which Yumiko sat hypnotized by a video on her computer. When she finally gets into the apartment, Carly notices several signs that Yumiko has sat there mesmerized for more than a full day. One of those​ signs is that Yumiko had peed herself multiple times.

  • Lupis from the rebooted Darwin's Soldiers Furtopia RP occasionally wets himself and spends a fair portion of the RP in diapers. Justified by the fact that he is four years old and not fully toilet trained.

  • In The Addams Family, Grandma wets herself during the dinner, but rather than being embarrassed about it, she just announces it to the whole table.
  • In Jasper in Deadland, Beatrix has difficulty controlling her bladder due to how ancient she is.

  • Amazing Amanda can have accidents if you don't put her on the potty soon enough.
  • Potty Time Elmo will sing a song about having an accident if you don't put him on his potty.
  • On certain Tamagotchi releases such as the Connection series, you can catch your Tamagotchi before it needs to poop and have it use the toilet. Otherwise, they will poop on the floor and you will need to clean it up.
  • Toilet Train Bing, a toy based on the British TV series Bing, has these if he doesn't get to the potty in time. This is represented by a glowing yellow light on the front of his underwear. To make it go away, the person has to hug the doll, and he will say "Ah, pants! Thank you! You need to pee-pee before you play, or stop the game and do it!", a quote taken from the episode of the show the toy is based on, "Hide and Seek".

    Video Games 
  • Bully protagonist Jimmy can choose to humiliate the overweight nerds and make them wet their pants.
  • Being based off its own virtual pet toy, the first Digimon World includes pooping as a factor the tamer has to take care of. Not getting in time to a nearby toilet will end up with the Digimon leaving a stool in place. Enough accidents and the Digimon will turn into a Sukamon as punishment.
  • Don't Shit Your Pants, a game revolving around creative ways to shit yourself... or not. Its sequel is called "Don't Wet Your Pants".
  • Dragon Quest V: In several Party Chat conversations, eight-year-old Parry alludes to having trouble with wetting the bed.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, Franklin, when high, discusses this.
    Franklin: I'm happy as a motherfucker. I could shit myself. I hope I didn't shit myself. [beat] Did I? No, not again....
  • In Honey, I Joined a Cult, when a cultist can't reach the toilet on time they suffer a large mood penalty and their turd pile is a major hit to the room's prestige. A cultist in a bad enough mood can just shit on the floor in rage.
  • In Left 4 Dead, when Bill revives Zoey, Louis, or Francis for the final time, one of the things he can say is "No shame, kid. I would have pissed myself too." It is unclear whether this trope only applies to when Bill says it, or if it happens every time any survivor, including Bill, is knocked down twice in a row.
  • Manafinder: Frederick once ate a poison mushroom and soiled his pants as a result. In Leaves' Rest, his pants can be found and equipped.
  • Everyone knows of Johnny Sasaki's infamous bowel issues from the Metal Gear series, but he usually ends up making it to a nearby bathroom on time before he craps his pants. However, there was one incident in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots where his bowels flared up in the middle of a massive gunfight. We'll let you connect the dots.
  • In My Tamagotchi Forever, your Tamagotchi alerts you when it needs to go to the bathroom. If you don't respond to the alert in time, it will poop on the floor.
  • In Nekomew's Potty Trouble, failure to reach the bathroom in time results in the titular character doing it all over himself, followed by a jumpscare and a Game Over.
  • Neopets: In the game "Petpetsitter", if you don't take the desperate Petpets to the bathroom in time, be prepared to use your mop to clean up the puddles on the floor.
  • In Oxygen Not Included, this will happen if you don't build (enough) bathroom facilities or your Dupes get stuck somewhere, or they are just too far away to get to the bathroom in time. It makes nasty germy "polluted water" which stresses out your Dupes, requires cleaning, and can possibly end up contaminating your clean water supply depending on where the accident happened.
  • The objective in one level of Parappa The Rapper is to prevent one of these. Do badly and it starts raining. Do well and a toilet starts chasing you. Fail the level and a cutscene shows a rocket taking off inside the titular Rapper.
  • Plague Inc.: Combining symptoms will get you useful, but attention-raising combinations. And combining both Diarrhea and Sneezing will get you the "Oops" combo, which will lower productivity (thus slowing down cures) as the combination causes some deeply unwanted accidents in the middle of work.
  • Potty Race, a game based on Barbie, is focused on getting Barbie's little sister (Chelsea) to the bathroom before she has an accident.
  • In The Sims, if your Sims don't get sent to the bathroom quickly enough, they leave puddles, and their stats crash from the embarrassment. This is one method of torturing Sims. And it sometimes happens without the Potty Emergency coming first, if a Sim is subjected to Extreme Tickling.
  • Can be inflicted on yourself if you overload your mana for your "magic" in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Jimmy also has an attack called "Brown Note" which can be used to cause this.
  • During the Horde quest in Silverpine Forest in World of Warcraft, you have to pour booze over some orc sea dogs who got whooped in battle for being stone cold sober. Sometimes they will say, "I may or may not have pissed myself."

    Visual Novels 
  • In several instances of Corpse Party, Yuka has to pee, forcing her big brother Satoshi (and by extension, the player) to find a working bathroom for her. In one instance, thanks to Kizami, she can't hold it anymore.
  • Chapter 2 of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has Monokuma blackmail the remaining students with dark secrets of their past. The dark secret that Makoto Naegi is hiding? He used to wet the bed until 5th grade.
  • Early on in ClockUp's Euphoria, Rika ends up having an accident after a prolonged Potty Emergency.
    Aoi: It happens to everyone once in a while. Don't cry, Makiba-san...
  • In Lovely Day of Girlfriends & Me, Yuka has an accident as a result of holding her Potty Emergency in while on a date with Shou at an amusement park.
  • Sucre Portable: Sayoko winds up pissing herself after needing to pee quite badly while out on a walk with Keiichi.

    Web Animation 
  • In the Flow Go animation "Mamma Mia, Baby Version", a toddler boy sings about his mom potty-training and him wetting his pants to the tune of "Mama Mia".
  • Gossip City: Keigo soiled himself at work after Sumomo put expired kalpiko in his cream stew.
  • Manga Turtle Mangamé: Mai peed herself because she wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom by her stepmother. She and Keisuke got back at her by locking the bathroom and she had an accident. She was humiliated and divorced.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School:
  • On The Edge: The Boats has Shigeo inflict this on a marriage scammer whose latest victim requested his services, by way of scaphism. After seventeen long days of soiling and wetting himself from the mixture of honey and milk along with being eaten alive by maggots, the scumbag finally dies.
  • Sam & Mickey's "Baby Shower" has Barbie complain that becoming pregnant causes her to involuntarily pee at inconvenient times.
  • Smosh Babies:
    • In "Potty Training", after Ian finds out that Anthony is potty-trained, he and his friends exile him to the playground. After getting bullied by Lenny, Bruce, and Melvin, Anthony wets his pants in front of them and Penny, and thus goes back to wearing diapers for the rest of the series.
    • In "Extreme Desert Dodgeball", Ian has a rather full bladder from drinking several boxes of juice, having misinterpreted P.E. Class as "Pee Class". At the end of the episode, after he and Anthony decide to lose the dodgeball game on purpose just to save their friendship, Ian ends up with a soaked diaper.
    • In "Bathroom Confusion", Anthony, Singh, Hector, Isla and Ian wet themselves until they cause a gigantic puddle with their urine.
  • TheOdd1sOut has a video called "Peeing Yourself", wherein he recounts two times he wet his pants in elementary school.
  • Rune Adventure: In the episode "Rune Fart Time, Part 2", Elizabeth is affected by a laxative that she and Anna Lucy had to consume due to their intestinal problems; so she rushes to Anna Lucy's house and enters her bathroom, only to find Monoo and a defecating Anna having anal sex, and Elizabeth ends up pooping herself, soiling her panties.

  • On this page of Basic Instructions, the topic is "how to deal with embarrassment" and the example is a guy who peed his pants.
  • Happens in Bittersweet Candy Bowl, starting here.
  • Lampshaded in Gosh Darnit Crud during a classic Potty Emergency here.
  • Happens to Star Mica here in Hope for a Breeze when she inevitably has an accident at school as a result of being pee shy and is thus subsequently bullied as a result.
  • Happens on this page of I Am Arg! Also here.
  • Karin-dou 4koma:
    • Tamaryu voids herself on the fifth page after imagining something scary.
    • Tamaryu and Shizuki void themselves in terror when Ran's attempt at a laugh turns into something like a Slasher Smile.
    • Catherine pisses herself laughing when her rush to the bathroom is interrupted by Ran floating through the bathroom wall with a bald cap on her head.
    • Catherine pisses herself and Tamaryu after Tamaryu interrupts another rush with a caressing session.
  • In the Penny Arcade strip "In the Before-Now", this was what happened when Gabe wore his pants backwards like Kris Kross.
    Gabe: Well, you used to roll with Doobie Howser back in the day.
    Tycho: Yeah, and you used to wear your pants backwards like Kris Kross. Are you an expert at making people "Jump, Jump"?
    Gabe: I only did that once.
    Tycho: Why only once?
    [Cuts to a flashback of Gabe in high school, standing next to a urinal, with his pants soaked in urine]
  • Discussed in Shortpacked!: what finally changes Robin's mind on getting pregnant (as opposed to Leslie doing it) is finding out pooping herself during labor is a possibility.
    Leslie: I know that even a quick pregnancy still ends in a birth, and all the body-wrecking, pelvis-breaking, extreme pain, and public pooping that's involved.
    Robin: Wait, you poop? Like, poop-poop?
    Leslie: Yeah, good chance of it. And in front of everyb—
    Robin: Ha ha ha ha awesome, I'll do it!
  • Subverted in Times Like This. In the future, everyone will poop their pants... but their nanotech-enhanced underwear will instantly vaporize the excrement.
  • Happens to Julia between these two pages of Think Before You Think.

    Web Original 
  • In Gold Tongues, Stix pees his trousers twice; the first time was so he wouldn't fall victim to Camping a Crapper, and later on he peed himself inside of Buzz's van to irritate him. Five Strikes also pisses himself at one point simply because he felt like it.
  • This tends to happen a lot in the Legatum series, especially since it takes place during The Dung Ages.
    • Smirvlak's Stone has two incidents. During his introduction, a drunken Nick starts whining about how demons are tearing his insides apart. He violently throws up and soils his pants simultaneously, and suddenly feels much better. And in chapter 13, Nick comes across a drunken troll who shamelessly pisses his pants before passing out in his puddle of urine.
    • Help Not Wanted features Ogrell intentionally shitting himself twice. Justified in his case, since walking around in soiled pants actually prevented him from being eaten by a wyvern unwilling to eat prey "contaminated" with feces.
    • The Road to Hell... has King Chorn Torgash enforcing this trope. He wants all of his soldiers and guards to soil or wet themselves both because the stench will sicken their enemies in battle, and because he doesn't want any of his orcs to die because the enemy attacked them while they were using the bathroom, which Torgash mentions has happened multiple times in orc history.
    • Scrambled Egg has a young Trellorv intentionally pissing his loincloth in public solely so he could embarrass his parents.
    • Done twice in Help Not Wanted: Remixed Phallic Memories in HD. Groshlar intentionally shits himself in chapter 3 after orcs tell him goblins are only good for stinking up the world. In chapter 4, Krumvell notices orcs from the Crimson Blade tribe willingly soiling their britches, and he defiantly pisses his shorts in front of the tribe's chieftain just to annoy him.
  • In Tails of Fame, Seamus soils or pisses himself a few times purely because he's too lazy to find a bathroom, or just to gross out his partners in crime.
  • In chapter 6 of Tails of the Bounty Hunter, Cale Tomlik (who suffers from incontinence) chases after Milz Dillvor by hurling his body onto another building. He puts so much stress on his bowels during the chase that he ends up shitting himself.
  • "Where will you be when your diarrhea comes back?" Hopefully, not in the hot tub.

    Web Videos 
  • In the fan film Deadpool: The Musical 2, the Moana song parody includes Deadpool singing these lines as one grunt's Quaking with Fear goes further than the rest:
    Deadpool: [singing] You're face-to-mask with Deadpool and you're scared
    You feel your knees start to shake—[spoken] Did you just piss?!
  • Derrick Comedy: The "Jerry" sketch, wherein the titular character goes into desperate denial that it's happened.
  • In the Kid Time Storytime video for the Dinosaur Vs book "Dinosaur vs. the Potty", Doug has bad memories of wetting himself as a toddler.
  • During the Game Grumps' playthrough of Parodius, Arin spends most of the episode having to use the bathroom. Eventually, he gets so angry at having died at one point that he soils himself during his rage.
  • Used in RebelTaxi's "Top 10 WORST Animated REBOOTS REVIVALS" on the introduction of Xiaolin Showdown:
    Pan: Xiaolin Showdown was my shit. [fart sound] Oh no, and there was my shit! Whoops! [voice lowers into a depressed tone] Oh, no. [squishing sound] This is a mess.
  • Jeffy from SuperMarioLogan soiled his pants in the episodes, "Mario the Babysitter!", "Jeffy's Bedtime!", "Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!", "Jeffy's Mistake!", "Jeffy Sleepwalks!", and "Jeffy's Birthday!" hence why he has to wear a diaper. However, because his diaper is taped over his pants, it stays clean while his pants get dirty. "Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!" focuses on Mario and Rosalina's unsuccessful attempts to potty-train him to prevent future accidents.

    Western Animation 
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series: Wizzer's main character trait is his constant need to relieve himself, sometimes at the worse possible times in the worst possible places. He ends up relieving himself on Cruella in "A Christmas Cruella" and "Dalmatian Vacation Part 1".
  • American Dad!:
    • In "An Incident At Owl Creek", Stan dines on a particularly greasy brisket at a neighbour's pool party, feels the urge to poop, and attempts a cannonball into the pool. Do the math. An interesting side note: the ensuing Failure is actually the kickoff point for the rest of the episode.
    • A more understated gag in "Dungeons and Wagons", where Stan gets involved in an intense street racing ring. He's victorious, and as he happily celebrates his adrenaline rush, he notices his pants are slightly damp on the crotch.
  • Animaniacs: Lampshaded. In the episode with segments themed after Russia, at the end when the moral of the day is revealed to be "Brush your teeth," Dot says, "That makes me feel all warm and squishy. Either that or I need to wear diapers." In episode 35, she said "That makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. Either that, or I sat in something."
  • Big Mouth: In late Season 6, Andrew develops incontinence as a stress reaction to his parents' constant fighting. Embarrassingly, he has to wear an adult diaper to school to take care of it.
    • In one episode, Jay is talking to Matthew and he states that he really needs to use the bathroom so he will pinch the tip of his dick closed. By the end of the conversation, Jay had wet himself.
  • In Bob's Burgers, this happens to Bob (who'd been putting off going to the bathroom) in "Sexy Dance Fighting", when Jairo makes Bob fall on his butt after the latter insults Capoeira in front of him.
  • In an episode of CatDog, Lube the Greaser Dog wets his pants after riding a giant rollercoaster.
  • At the end of the Clarence episode "Classroom", Brady pees his pants after holding it throughout the entire episode. It ends up relieving the tension that had been built during the episode, to the point where even Brady ends up laughing.
  • Cow and Chicken: In "Chicken in the Bathroom", after spending most of the episode having to go to the bathroom and being unable to because Chicken was told not to leave until he took a bath (which he refused to do), Mom, Dad, and Cow get fed up and decide to try and bathe him themselves. Unfortunately, while they're doing so, Cow just can't hold it anymore, and the resulting explosion (of milk) drowns everyone.
  • Defied in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood's Toilet Training Plots:
    Teacher Harriet: I know you want to stay and play, but it's important to stop, and go to the bathroom right away.
    Prince Wednesday: Why?
    Teacher Harriet: Because I don't want you to have a potty accident.
  • In Dan Vs. "Traffic," Dan swears revenge on traffic in general, after various traffic jams keep him from getting home in time, if you know what we mean.
  • The Fairly OddParents!:
    Cupid: Good thing I'm wearing a diaper!
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Brian in Love", Brian suffers from this problem, and repeatedly blames Stewie for it. However, the rest of the family learns the truth after he wets himself in a supermarket.
    • In "The Splendid Source", Peter craps his pants every time he hears a joke that Joe and Quagmire recently learned about, which the two then decide to tell it every single time to Peter just to prank him so he keeps soiling himself. It stops when Peter tries to get revenge by wearing Quagmire's pants and awaits the joke, causing Quagmire to stop.
    • Eliza suffers this in "One If By Clam, Two If By Sea" whilst at her birthday party.
    • Peter in "Mom's the Word" after eating a lot of cookie dough.
    • In a cutaway of "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" Peter soils himself during a dinner party.
    • Happens to Stewie in "Peter-assment" when he gets a severe case of stage fright while performing in a school play.
    • In "3 Acts of God", a Cutaway Gag has Peter perform a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in the 1920's. When he arrives in France, he says his seat is covered in crap and that they need to install toilets in planes.
  • The Ghost and Molly McGee: In "Friend-Off", Scratch brings this up when he brags to Libby that, prior to making himself visible to her, he was there when she Molly all her deepest, darkest secrets.
    Libby: Y-You weren't there when I told her what happened at Andrea's sleepover in third grade, were you?
    Scratch: Pro tip: Don't drink so much water before bed. Alright, Tinkles?
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • Billy, having become sick of Grim's rules, decides to try and fart on him. After some struggling, he says "Here it comes," but it doesn't go as planned then he remarks "Aw, now I gots to change my pants".
    • In Billy & Mandy Save Christmas, we get this gem as Billy sits on Skarr's lap while he's a Mall Santa (He originally thought the line was for the bathroom).
      Skarr: Have you been relieving yourself on me this whole time?
      Billy: Ahh, tis the season to be giving.
  • Hello Kitty: Implied in "Going to the Bathroom". Kitty is seen having a Potty Emergency and in the next scene, her overalls are in the washing machine.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • In one episode, Harold gets up to make fun of Phoebe for a previous incident in which she accidentally farted into a microphone in front of the whole school. Ironically, Harold ends up wetting his pants in front of the whole school, right after making fun of her.
  • In Home Movies, Brendon keeps good-naturedly mocking classmate Junior Ahlberg, then gets karmic payback at the end of the show when a 'funny home video' show makes a big hit of his mom's tape where a younger Brendon sings and then wets himself. It gets shown repeatedly on the evening news.
  • Jelly Jamm: In the episode, "The Perfect Toy", Goomo gets this when he wets his bed in one of the imagination sequences in the episode, which the Hugging Goomo toy helps clean up.
  • KaBlam!:
    • An episode has the hosts Henry and June as astronauts in spacesuits. Henry commented that he needed to use the bathroom and June asks why he doesn't just do what she did: Use her spacesuit like a real astronaut. June runs off embarrassed when Henry informs her that they aren't wearing real spacesuits, merely cheap Halloween costumes.
      Henry: I think June just went where no cartoon character has gone before. In her pants!
    • In one "Sniz and Fondue" short, Fondue is addicted to Solitaire on the computer. He comments that he needs to tinkle, but continues to play. He soon notes he no longer has to go.
  • Milo has the episode "Shame", where Milo feels embarrassed about wetting his pants in class.
  • Adam Lyon from My Gym Partner's a Monkey once wet his pants in the first grade.
  • In the My Life as a Teenage Robot episode "Tuckered Out", an embarrassing home movie shows Tucker wetting himself while sitting on the lap of a Mall Santa.
  • Magic Adventures of Mumfie has an episode where a cloud named Fluffy leaks water on Scarecrow's chair.
  • Muppet Babies: Animal has one in the episode "Animal And The Little Accident" when trying to make it to the bathroom on time after holding it in for a while.
  • In one episode of Nerds and Monsters, Dudley becomes completely dependent on a pet he domesticated. He orders the pet to carry him to the outhouse, then a few seconds later tells him not to bother and to take him to the shower instead.
  • Perhaps the most popular example of this trope is the Pingu episode "Little Accidents," where it happens twice after two characters enjoy several glasses of drinks. The first time, Pinga ends up whizzing a little on the ground before Pingu scolds her and sends her to her potty, finishing her urination there. Then, when Pingu ends up having to go himself, he has to distract his father, who went to the toilet before he could, to finally get in the bathroom. Unfortunately for Pingu, the toilet is too high for him to reach, resulting in him whizzing all over the floor. The depiction was so realistic that the episode was banned in many countries.
  • Pocoyo: In "Baby Bird Sitting", when Caterpillar ate too much cake she wet herself on Pato, much to the chagrin of Pato and amusement of Pocoyo and Baby Bird. Angry Alien is also prone to this when he gets scared.
  • Rick and Morty:
    • Summer does this twice: Once in "A Rickle in Time", out of shock of Morty knocking out Rick (this isn't explicitly seen but is mentioned by Morty), and again in "Total Rickall", during the elevator flashback where she says she peed her pants the moment they got stuck.
    • In "Promortyus", a species of Face Huggers reproduce by forcing their hosts to shit eggs and die. At one point Rick and Morty are made into hosts, though they are able to remove the aliens. At the end of the episode, they suddenly feel a lot of pain in their guts and think this means they are about to shit eggs and die. It turns out they just really needed to take a dump and end up shitting on the living room floor much to Beth's disgust.
  • In a few Robot Chicken sketches the term Montezuma's revenge is taken literally as the ghost of Montezuma makes people crap themselves when he yells 'Revenge!', starting with the conquistadors that murdered him. He's absolutely baffled when he makes a partying teen crap herself, only for her to continue dancing.
  • In the episode "Keeping Up With the Bigheads" of Rocko's Modern Life, after Rocko tells Ed that his house will be the nicest house of the neighborhood, even going as far to say it will be nicer than Ed's, the latter ends up laughing and says he might wet himself, which he literally does.
  • Justified in Rugrats; Chuckie and Angelica (who has one when Chuckie goes to the bathroom properly for the first time) are at normal potty age, so it's natural to have at least one accident. Lou does mention that Stu took a lot longer, though.
  • The Owl House
    • In "Convention" while signing autographs for a group of kids, Lilith spots her sister Eda sneaking around the coven convention. Lilth insults Eda for her habit of collecting and selling garbage from the human world. Eda in turn tells Lilith's fans about how when Lilith was still a child, Lilith became so excited at meeting the Emperor's Coven that she peed a little.
  • The Simpsons:
    • When Homer makes Bart fill out a psychiatric evaluation for him, it backfires in multiple ways, including this one. "'Do you wet your pants?' Well, even the best of us has an occasional accident..."
    • In "Love Is a Many Strangled Thing", Homer, trying to make Bart look happy on the Jumbotron, tickles him. Big mistake.
    • On the ride home from an apple orchard.
      Marge: Careful of the apple pie on the seat.
      Grandpa Simpson: Uh oh!
      Marge: Grandpa, are you sitting on the pie?
      Grandpa Simpson: I sure hope so.
    • "Treehouse of Horror III"
      Bart: I've got a story so scary you'll wet your pants!.
      Grandpa: Too late.
    • Ralph Wiggum on an occasional basis. Most notably in "Little Girl in the Big Ten", where he does this after asking why people run away from him.
  • South Park:
    • "World Wide Recorder Concert" features the Brown Noise which, when heard, causes a person to lose control of their bowels. The boys slip this into the sheet music of rivals, but it accidentally gets added to the sheet music for the entire concert, which is being broadcast worldwide...
      Reporter: Like the rest of the world, everyone here has crapped their pants. Some crapped themselves to death. And still others ...ruined perfectly good pairs of pants.
    • "Bass to Mouth" combines this with Laxative Prank. The school staff tells Cartman they want him to ensure Pete Melman won't kill himself like a previous student did after being ridiculed for crapping his pants. His solution is to give Jenny Simon a laxative-laced cupcake; Cartman figures this will guarantee that attention is diverted from Melman, but now Jenny ends up attempting suicide. Cartman decides to fix everything by having all the students eat pizza with laxatives so no one gets singled out. When Cartman survives literally being thrown under the bus by Mr. Mackey, Cartman gets revenge by giving Mr. Mackey a cupcake laced with laxatives and Arby's horse sauce. The end result is Mr. Mackey shitting his pants so hard that he gets thrown against the ceiling and then sliding across the floor like a shit propelled rocket.
    • In "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", Cartman gets diarrhea from the tacos he ate earlier, and shits his pants.
      Kyle: Dude, did you just shit your pants?
    • In "Taming Strange", it's revealed towards the end of the episode that Ike's laxatives were switched with Tom Brady's steroids. Cue Tom Brady shitting himself so hard that his pants sag to the ground.
    • "Erection Day" gives us a scene where during the talent show, Butters tries to sing on stage... only for him to forget his words and find himself wetting himself from the stage fright.
    • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut has a Freeze-Frame Bonus moment where Kyle pees himself when Terrence and Phillip are shocked in their electric chairs.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Patrick in the episode "The Fry Cook Games" after he's seen wearing yellow underwear: "You know, these were white when I bought them..."
    • Patrick also has one in the episode "Snowball Effect", though it's only implied. Patrick asks Squidward if he can use his bathroom; eventually, Squidward gives in, but Patrick already went.
    • Patrick has yet another in the episode "Tentacle-Vision". He announces that he has to go to the bathroom after Squidward ties him to his video camera to hold it steady, but Squidward refuses to untie him. A few minutes later, Patrick exclaims that his shorts are wet.
  • SuperMansion has Titanium Lex end up wetting herself when she and her father Titanium Rex return to the physical plane after underoging astral projection to communicate to Mother Earth and the Father Tree in the Earth Day Episode "World War Tree".
  • Teen Titans Go! has done this a lot.
    • The very first instance happened to Beast Boy in "Caged Tiger" when he is stuck in an elevator after drinking water.
    • In "Halloween", this is the first thing that happens when Beast Boy turns back into a toddler.
    • This happens to Robin in "Serious Business" during the "The Pee-Pee Dance".
    • Happens twice in "Operation Dude Rescue"'s first part: first, Beast Boy dehydrates himself after drinking tea, and Robin wets himself when captured.
  • Total Drama:
    • Invoked in "Basic Straining". Courtney thinks that the s'more-covered underwear Harold accidentally drops in front of her is actually covered in poop.
    • In "Truth or Laser Shark", Brick reveals that he wet his pants on his first and last days of school.
    • In "The Truth, The Pole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth", it's revealed that Chase made a pee puddle after having a large drink at the movies. He used Emma's jacket to cover it so she wouldn't step in it.
  • It happens The Venture Brothers when Doctor Venture is informed that the spacesuits they were wearing did not, in fact, have a waste containment system.
  • We Bare Bears: Cub Panda has a Potty Emergency in the short "Potty Time". But just when Cub Panda finds a bathroom after too long, the woman they met before hugs him, which results in Cub Panda wetting himself on her. Later on, the baby bears are given a Jar Potty for their box, likely preventing any more of these in the future.
  • In the What's with Andy? episode "The Show Must Go On", a preschooler says, "I wet my pants."
  • In Winston's Potty Chair, Winston accidentally wets his pants when he gets distracted with reading a book about dinosaurs. Justified, as he is around the normal potty-training age.