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Literature / The Black Tattoo

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The Black Tattoo is a Young Adult science fiction novel by Sam Enthoven about a guy who gets possessed by a demon inside a tattoo, while his best friend has to fight for his life in an arena made by the Devil himself. It is also incredibly epic.

The story begins with Charlie, whose parents are recently divorced, meeting his father in a restaurant with his best friend Jack Farrell. They leave the restaurant, however, after Charlie snaps at his father. Soon afterward, Charlie is unknowingly possessed by a demon known as the Scourge. He also joins the society known as The Brotherhood Of Sleep, who imprisoned the Scourge in the roots of a tree until one of their own released him.


With Charlie's help, the Scourge manages to first kill all the members of the Brotherhood, save for their youngest member, a girl named Esme, who has trained all her life to kill the demon. Soon after the death of their members, a possessed Charlie gets into a gateway to Hell, which is essentially a Roman Empire of sorts composed of demonesque species and even gladiator pits. Soon after Charlie reaches Hell, The Scourge's true goal is revealed: He wishes to awaken "the dragon" who created the universe, and upon awakening he will destroy it again. Suddenly, it is up to Jack, Esme and a team of soldiers to stop Charlie and the Scourge from destroying the universe


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