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Adolin: If you must know, an old adage on the battlefield teaches that it's better to be embarrassed than dead. You can't let anything draw your attention from fighting.
Shallan: So...
Adolin: So yes, I, Adolin Kholin—cousin to the king, heir to the Kholin princedom—have shat myself in my Shardplate. Three times, all on purpose.

Spudgun: What's that smell?
Eddie: That's lunch.
Spudgun: Oh, thank gawd for that! I thought I'd shat meself.
Bottom, as everyone sits down for Christmas lunch in "Holly"

"Nobody can know about this, I would rather be molested by a Psycho Lesbian while mud wrestling than have people see this picture."
Kirie, Girls Bravo

Deandra: Life was good. Then one day, it all changed. I had been battling a chronic case of IBS and before the big homecoming game, I had eaten three chili dogs and washed them down with a [Code Red Mountain Dew]...Everything would have been fine, but just before halftime, Tanya Berkowitz handed me a package of Pop Rocks! I was in a hurry, so I swallowed them super fast, allowing most of the Rocks to enter my digestive system unpopped. Halfway through the cheer, we formed a pyramid. Me on top of course. As I gazed out over my kingdom of popularity, the Mountain Dew and corn dogs coalesced with the pastrami quesadilla I had for lunch somewhere in my lower intestine. Ignited by the pop rocks, I had what we in the IBS community call a... "whoopsie poopsie".
Mackenzie: Oh, oh my god, you pooped your pants.
Deandra: Yes, I pooped my pants. And then I pooped outside of my pants. And then I pooped on my cheer squad. And then I pooped on everything within a thirty foot radius. Then I pooped on the city—
Brittnay: (about to puke) Oh, oh, oh my god, please stop, I'm gonna be sick. Ulp!
Deandra: When you pressure-blast Mountain Dew out of your anus it's not easily forgotten! After that, I was ruined. I wasn't just the girl who pooped her pants. I was the girl who monster dumped on two prom court members, a candy cane princess, and the junior class treasurer!

"Oh my God! She's shitting her pants!"
Announcers, The Most Popular Girls in School ("The Final Walk")

"So one day, I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, and can you guess what she said? She said no. I forget the exact circumstances, but you shouldn't ever tell a six-year-old that they can't go to the bathroom, because guess what? They can, and they will. That hand raise, that's not really asking for permission; that's giving you a warning. I raised my hand a second time - 'Uh, do you remember when you told me I couldn't go to the bathroom? Uh, well, we have a bigger problem now.'"

"He forgot he had to go to the toilet and he accidentally wet his pants. Has that ever happened to you before? It's not very nice, is it?"
Autokai, The Go Show

Grover: Sometimes, you're not really sure if you should go to the potty or play some more.
Elmo: But if you went too late you'll have to run through the door. And then you might go on the floor.
Sesame Street, "Elmo's Potty Time"

Oh no, I had an accident, my pants are very wet. Mum and Dad say, "That's OK, Hannah, don't you give up yet.".
Hannah, The Potty Book for Girls

"Men, women, girls, boys and people in wheelchairs are all in play during this intense exercise to avoid potty disaster. If anyone in your Potty Patrol hits in to one another, then YOU LOSE! Also, if anyone in your Potty Patrol can't get to the potty fast enough to relieve themselves, then YOU LOSE! Yuk ... pee and poo EVERYWHERE!"
— Description for the app game Potty Panic

Otacon: Oh my god, I'm so scared! (cries and sprays urine everywhere)
Gray Fox: Aw shit dawg, this is disgusting! Oh my god, this's disgusting as hell!
Snake: Hey guys, what's going—AW GOD, JESUS CHRIST, UGH!
Jesus: Hey man, you called? Oh God, oh God!
God: Hey guys, what's—oh geez! Oh, there's piss everywhere! Gah, why did I even invent piss?! It's so gross, ugh!
Gray Fox: Yo, stop pissin', dawg!
Otacon: Okay...

"Just when I thought this book had cleaned up its act, someone's peeing in their pants."
Eileen/Storyteller, Kid Time Storytime


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