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Someone just said or did something stupid, kinky or childish, and someone else feels they have to correct them and punish them. However, instead of doing it with words or with a Dope Slap, they decide to administer a good, old-fashioned spanking, a comedy goldmine. Hilarity Ensues. May be accompanied by Punctuated Pounding.

The comedy may lie in the situation of who is spanking whom (for instance, a child may spank a parent or another authority figure; or a grown-up princess acts like a real Royal Brat and gets spanked by her father the king in front of the whole court for bigger impact) or a person may be spanked with a rather humorous implement such as a rolled-up newspaper or a flower. It can also serve as some humorous comeuppance for an Alpha Bitch or a Spoiled Brat. Or the spanker may take off his belt— and his pants fall down. Sometimes the humour is mined from this trope's overlap with Kinky Spanking and the way spanking is sexualized in inappropriate or surprising contexts.

It may cause some Values Dissonance in modern audiences as Corporal Punishment is becoming more and more frowned upon (and since there are some circles that fetishize spanking, inflicting that kind of punishment on children these days can come off as being all shades of wrong). Because of this, spanking played for comedy can often come off as Dude, Not Funny!.

It's a subtrope of Joke of the Butt and Slapstick, and a sister trope to other spanking tropes Kinky Spanking and Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off!. For more general posterior-punishment, see Literal Ass-Kicking and Pain to the Ass.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Muka Muka Paradise: In one episode, Ranka gets spanked by a fishman; she was framed for eating the fish he prepared earlier (it was actually Muka Muka).
  • In the original Voltron, "The Lion Has New Claws", Princess Allura gets a spanking from Nanny for putting herself in danger.
  • When Punie's sisters attempt to kill her with a pair of giant scissors in Magical Witch Punie-chan, they get a spanking from Punie for running in the street with sharp objects.
    • Later they are spanked as punishment for double-crossing her during a school sports competition-turned-battlefield re-enactment.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka:
    • Onizuka punishes the three schoolgirls Anko, Naoko and Mayuko for bullying and humiliating the poor Noboru. It involves tying them by their hands, spanking them (in the anime only) and take pictures of them butt-naked after letting Noburu write apologetic words on their ass (on their panties in the anime). Their humiliation is played for laughs.
    • Later on, in a slightly less humorous situation, he punishes Ai Tokiwa and a few of her fellow "Angels" by spanking as well.
  • Haré+Guu: Haré and the island doctor switch bodies thanks to Guu. When they return to normal, after Haré finds out the Doctor actually is very hard-working, he finds the nasty surprise that he has abused being a kid with some of the island woman, who promptly take Haré away. We hear some smacking sounds and then we see Hare lying on the ground, with his pants pulled down to reveal his red butt.
  • An episode of Lupin III: Part II has Zengata being caught in a country Interpol's not allowed to interfere with, and is captured. When brought to Lupin (who has diguised himself as the chief of security), Lupin tells the guards to punish Zenigata for his crime by spanking him.
  • In Episode 65 of Majokko Meg-chan, Meg moves a train in garden by her magic, but she cannot control it well so her dad is nearly run over by it...her mom stops this train and then she has Meg bend over her knees and starts to spank.
  • Ranma ½:
    • In the manga, when Female!Ranma disguises as Ryōga's (non-existent) little sister Yoiko, she once falls out of character and makes a rude comment to her "brother" before Akane. Ryōga doesn't approve of such language for a young lady, and thus give his "sister" a spanking. Note that Ryōga is super-strong, and as tough Ranma is, the ass-warming clearly hurts.
    • In one chapter, Ranma and Ryōga are age-regressed due to magical mushrooms. Ranma, the older at the moment, pushes Ryōga, and gets a spanking from Akane as punishment.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • In the first anime, Chibi-Usa spikes the Inner Senshi's drinks to make them fall asleep and look for the Silver Crystal. Usagi, however, had been smart enough to not take her drink, so she pretends to be drugged; when Chibi-Usa gets close she suddenly gets up, tucks Chibi under her arm and begins spanking her as punishment. It's a plot point: Chibi-Usa is so shocked and upset that she starts crying and releases an odd Pillar of Light, which tips off the Black Moon Clan...
    • In the SuperS movie, Usagi spanked Chibi-Usa when she got frustrated over failing to snap the later out if a hypnotic trance she was in. The funny part is that her getting spanked is what does finally snap her out of it.
  • In Episode 7 of the second season of Strike Witches, a Neuroi in the form of a bug is brought into the base by an unsuspecting Francesca, and it proceeds to drain electricity from the base and also crawl into the girls' panties. Eventually, it ends up on Gertrude, who proceeds to pull down her panties so Erica can kill it, which is on her butt. Erica misses and ends up spanking Gertrude, which as shown by a later scene, it left a red handprint.
  • At the end of an episode of Time Bokan series Zenderman, Muujo is victim of a spanking machine as punishment.
  • Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception: As soon as Munechika catches Anju at the inn, she immediately starts spanking the latter as punishment for running away and causing a ruckus. Not helped by Anju's defiant attitude, which earns her even more spanks, much Haku and company's confusion and maybe even pity.
  • Haganai: This is Pegasus' preferred method of punishing his daughter Sena, often because she's been tricked into doing something stupid by Yozora.
  • Hero Bank anime:
    • In episode 37, a Brainwashed and Crazy Ai is fighting against her younger brother Kaito using a small mecha and during the fight she spanks him, which makes her stop by giving her a case of deja-vu. Kaito's response is to remove all his clothes and telling Ai to look at his butt and remember that she used to spank him a lot when he was younger becuse of all the trouble he got into. It works.
    • In episode 43, Kaito is suffering from Laser-Guided Amnesia and his teammates are trying to figure out how to return him to normal. They get an idea to see if the method of episode 37 works here as well: specifically, having Ai spanking Kaito until his memory returns. Unfortunately for poor Kaito, it doesn't work.
  • Doraemon: in "Nobita's Bride", when Nobita and Doraemon travel to the future to see his wife, he finds out an ugly woman in his apartment... but turns out, that's not his wife, but the mother of a kid that his future son likes to bully, who has come to complain about. His wife, turns out, is his current crush, Shizuka, and she makes Nobita apologize, believing him to be their identical son Nobisuke. Upon realizing this is the future he would have hoped, he gets really happy and even starts calling Shizuka some loving nicknames, which causes her to drag him over her lap and give him a spanking while scolding him on how much of a troublemaker he is, compared to his father, who is such a nice man. And then the actual Nobisuke shows up...
  • In A Place Further than the Universe, Mari's mother learns of her signing up to go to Antarctica without her permission (and forging her signature to boot), resulting in her chasing her across the house with a ladle while her sister and father hide.

    Comic Books 
  • Don Rosa has let Donald Duck be the receiver of spanking at least twice. Once in the story A Letter From Home, wherein he gets spanked by his aunt Matilda. Donald is already an adult in this story. The other occasion is in the story Escape from Forbidden Valley wherein he gets spanked by a dinosaur.
  • Archie Comics has a particularly bizarre example. Veronica wants to take her father to a father-daughter dance, but he's unavailable. Hilarity Ensues when she gets Archie to fill in for him (in a surprisingly good disguise), and he overacts the part, annoying Veronica all evening. Towards the end Mr. Lodge shows up at the dance, replacing Archie without Veronica's knowledge. She acts disrespectful towards him, thinking he's still Archie. So he spanks her. She thinks it's her peer Archie spanking her, but it's actually her father. In reprint, this was changed to putting her in a corner for time out.
  • Glory Bee, a little girl in a series of faux-retro comics, pays for her mischief by having her dad lift her skirt and spank her fanny.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Grim, Billy and Mandy are being mistreated by a bully and his grandmother ("Bully For Ya!," Cartoon Network Block Party #54), so Grim calls upon the grandmother's own grandmother from the afterlife, who gives the bully's grandmother a spanking.
    Grim: What can I say? I have friends in high places!
  • Shazam!: In one story, Billy Batson is investigating the robberies done by a doctor that hypnotized young kids to rob in his place. When Billy breaks out of the mind control he tells Dr. Lake that he is going to prison, to which the doctor responds by taking Billy over his lap. "Kids like you deserve a good spanking!" Billy then shouts to transform into Captain Marvel, causing the doctor a tremendous surprise.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker: After the Dee Dee twins are bailed out by their Nana Harley, she chews them out for getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and then uses her cane to spank her granddaughters.
  • Dumbo: the scene is rather dramatic since it sparks the whole incident that results in Dumbo being separated from his mother and the latter being chained, but when Mrs. Jumbo goes all Mama Bear on the human kids that mock her son, the first thing she does is... spanking the kid that touched Dumbo.
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (1986): The Phlume gets back at Reeka for stabbing it with a pick by grabbing a spoon from...somewhere...and spanking her with it.
  • Pinocchio: One of Gepetto's cuckoo clocks depicts an angry mother spanking her unruly child.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Happy-Go-Lucky: When one of Poppy's friends pats her on the bottom with a slipper, Poppy says "that's nice, do it again!".
  • The Iron Mask: D'Artagnan (Jean Marais) spanks Isabelle de Saint-Mars (Claudine Auger) to punish her for lying about the escaped Man in the Iron Mask, Henri, in order to cover Henri's escape.
  • In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, all the maidens of Castle Anthrax beg Galahad to spank them as punishment for being naughty, trying to invoke Kinky Spanking trope, but nope, it's too perilous. He's Galahad the Chaste, after all. One wouldn't expect maidens from the Arthurian legends to be so sex-crazy and so kinky.
  • Kill Bill: The Bride, after slaughtering the good part of the Crazy 88 in badass fashion during the House of Blue Leaves sequence in Volume 1, singles out the one poor guy (only a teenager) who is clearly not cut out for this and sends him home with a spanking with her sword. His name in the credits, appropriately enough, is "Spanked Boy", and is the only Crazy 88 who does not wear a Kato mask.
  • In the Soviet comedy gold Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures, one segment deals with Fedya, a huge 40-something bully sentenced to community service at the same construction site where the hero, Shurik, works part-time. After a slapstick-filled wild goose chase around the site, Shurik finally traps Fedya in a wallpaper roll. He then sets the roll with Fedya inside upright, soaks the birch, makes an appropriately shaped cutout, while increasingly distressed Fedya asks whether that's really necessary. Shurik's answer "Really, Fedya, really", as he swings the rod and Fedya mutters "Mama!" into the fadeout, has since became a go-to answer for justifying something unpleasant, but really necessary.
  • Elvis Presley's character spanks a girl who tries to commit suicide in the movie Blue Hawaii. The next morning she was at the table... sitting on a pillow.
  • In Carry On at Your Convenience, the strike is ultimately resolved by Agatha Spanner, mother of Vic the union leader, after she bends him over her knee in front of the entire workforce.
  • Shoot 'Em Up. Mr Smith needs a distraction. He sees a woman striking her child so he proceeds to spank her, with her son watching with a big grin on his face. According to the DVD Commentary, the actress concerned was quite looking forward to being spanked by Clive Owen.
  • McLintock! rather notoriously features two lengthy spanking scenes between couples, with Becky and Katherine on the receiving end— using of all things a coal shovel! Belligerent Sexual Tension is involved in spades.
  • In Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, Dr. Forrester appears at the beginning to explain the show's plot, such as it is. Near the end of his speech, he becomes so excited by his villainy, he starts spanking himself with his clipboard, only to quickly stop when he remembers he's being watched.
  • In Kiss Me, Kate there is a scene (also in the original musical) where Fred Graham (playing Petruchio) spanks his ex-wife Lilli (playing Katherine) on-stage during the play-within-the-play production of The Taming of the Shrew
  • A scriptment for Superman II had Superman take Ursa over his knee and spank her to "teach her how we deal with naughty girls on Earth". This did not make it past any further versions of the Script.
  • In the 2011 Bollywood film Delhi Belly one of the main characters, Arup, finds out that his girlfriend has dumped him and is marrying another guy, so he starts daydreaming about crashing his ex-girlfriend's wedding and revealing all her dirty secrets to her family through a musical. During that, he grabs her by her hand and spanks her to humiliate her. The entirety of this sequence plays out in an overdramatic fashion where her entire family immediately joins his side and humiliate his ex because Arup is the one daydreaming of this.
  • In Doctor at Large, Dr. Sparrow spanks Kitty during her tantrum:
    Kitty: You struck a woman!

  • In Brideshead Revisited, Sebastian (an adult) wanted a hairbrush for his teddy bear: not to brush him with, but to threaten him with a spanking when he was sulky.
  • In the Franny K. Stein book The Frandidate, Franny starts drawing sketches of ways she can punish people for disobeying her in the event she becomes class president. We see an illustration of a drawing where Franny is grinning evilly while standing adjacent to a machine called the Spankmatic, which is presently spanking someone and is labeled as being able to deliver 200 spanks per second.
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: When Eustace swings Reepicheep by the tail, Reepicheep swings at Eustace's leg with the flat of his rapier. According to the narrative, this has the suppleness of a birch rod, and as Eustace attends a school without corporal punishment, the sensation is new to him.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Scrubs has a whole lot of spanking going on as a Running Gag. J.D. spanking Turk. Turk spanking J.D. Turk spanking Elliot. Elliot spanking J.D. Various characters spanking themselves. You name it. In fact, the only main character who hasn't been a spanker or a spankee is The Janitor.
    Elliot: Harder, dammit! I've been bad.
  • In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon spanks Amy for Playing Sick for longer than she actually was just so he'd take care of her. Sheldon, being Sheldon, is completely oblivious to the sexual undertones of it, while Amy is completely enjoying it.
  • The pilot of How I Met Your Mother reveals that Marshall and Lily engage in spank play, though he's reluctant while she eagerly eggs him on.
    Lily: (laughs) Hit me? Please! This guy can barely spank me in bed for fun. He's all like "Oh honey did that hurt?" and I'm all like "C'mon let me have it ya pansy!" (Beat) Wow, complete stranger.
  • On The Kids in the Hall, when Buddy Cole gets a male slave, he acts like a not-yet-housebroken puppy and this is how he is "disciplined".
  • In The Two Ronnies serial "Stop! You're Killing Me", Piggy thinks he sees an intruder lurking under the hay, and hits them over the head with a piece of wood — only to find it's Lucy Lee, and it was her bottom he hit. Annoyed, she hypnotises him, makes him get onto all fours, and takes her revenge.
    Lucy: When you awake, you will remember nothing... except this. [Whack!]
  • An episode of Community has Britta inadvertently offend Troy's grandmother and be ordered to go get a switch. Britta complies but was apparently expecting a little rap on the knuckles and is surprised to be ordered to lower her pants and lie over Grandma's lap. Troy tells her she doesn't have to, but she defies him to prove her point— and is quickly dismayed to realize that Granny packs quite a wallop.
  • Several episodes of I Love Lucy have ended with Ricky spanking his wife Lucy for the trouble she caused. It's played for laughs because apparently, if Lucy acts like a child, she will be treated like one.
  • In an episode of The Office (US), Michael bends his insufferable 23-three-year old nephew Luke over a desk and spanks him in front of his entire staff, much to everyone's shock and delight.
  • Ripping Yarns: Corporal Punishment in British Boarding School is parodied and turned into a sexual innuendo in "Tomkinson's Schooldays". Schoolboys periodically have to beat their headmaster. It's still played as something unpleasant for them and enjoyable for him.
  • In one episode of Young Sheldon, Connie refuses to drive Sheldon to a roboctics lecture (mostly because a creepy professor who has a crush on her was going to be there) and Sheldon accuses her of being selfish. Cut to the next scene where Sheldon runs to his mom yelling "Meemaw swatted me on the bottom!"
  • Blackadder: At the end of "The Archbishop" from the first series, Edmund is being interrogated by the Mother Superior, while Sister Sara is tapping a crop against his bottom, so gently that he does not even notice she is doing it, until Mother Superior says "I think he's learned his lesson".

    Professional Wrestling 
  • From the World Wrestling League come such cases as Colt Cabana spanking the referee while facing off against El Hijo del Fishman and Lince Dorado spanking Laredo Kid.
  • Dramatic Dream Team: HARASHIMA spanked Kota Ibushi for attempting climb up the ropes for a moonsault during HARASHIMA's open weight title defense.
  • On ROH A Night Of Hoopla, where all the officials were forbidden from wearing pants, a "Spank The Ref" chant broke out during the opening match, causing Matt Taven to hold him still so Scarlett Bordeaux could oblige.
  • When Hudson Envy recruited La Rosa Negra into Oedo~tai to beat Thunder Rock, Negra wasn't just supposed to beat them, but humiliate them. It took Mayu Iwatani a while to figure out how to defeat Negra, but she did get an early measure of revenge by spanking Negra out of frustration when her first offensive flurry resulted in Negra getting stuck in the ropes.
  • A Running Gag between Queen Aminata and Joseline Navarro, except for when their rivalry is at it's most serious. During their first match in Premier Championship Wrestling Aminata refused to lock up, pie facing and spanking Joseline instead, but though the palm to the face was effective, Aminata hurt her hand as much as she hurt Joseline's butt, leading her to scream that Joseline's ass had to be fake. Since then the two like to rub in their victories over each other with more examples of this trope or Literal Ass-Kicking.
  • André the Giant, in a 1991 vignette where he was approached by would-be manager Sensational Sherri – she promised love and money and all those things if he agreed to let her manage him. Andre simply put Sherri over his knees and slapped her behind several times ... not very hard but enough to cause Sherri to cry out in mock pain. This was more comedy than anything.

  • Our Miss Brooks: The fate of Mike and Danny in "Orphan Twins". Let's say they had it coming.
    Miss Brooks: Oh, isn't that cute? They stopped on the front lawn, and Sergeant Gillis just lifted Danny up and put him across his knees.
    Mr. Conklin: Across his knees?
    Miss Brooks: Yes. Now the sergeant's raising his hand, now the hand's coming down. Well, what do you know?
    Mr. Boynton: What is it Miss Brooks?
    Miss Brooks: At last those big tears are for real!

  • Kate gets spanked in Kiss Me, Kate, based on The Taming of the Shrew.note  Kate being unable to sit down afterwards is a Running Gag extending well into the second act.
  • Traditionally, Kate receives spanking from Petruchio in many stagings of The Taming of the Shrew. However, the text of the comedy itself doesn't call for this, except perhaps by including such Double Entendres as a pun on the wasp having a "sting in his tail". They both do slap each other around a lot.

    Video Games 
  • In God Hand, when a male mook is stunned, Gene can give them a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs pummeling. With female mooks, he gives them a rapid-fire spanking.
  • Neighbours From Hell: When one of Woody's pranks unintentionally causes the neighbor to harm his mother, she will spank him like a stubborn child.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Also Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off!. During a rather pivotal scene on Shadowbringers, Y'Shtola threatens to put you over her knee if you give her sass. This also becomes a running joke on future patches.
  • A combination of this and Kinky Spanking takes place in MadWorld: at the end of the boss fight against Elise, Jack's finishing move includes clipping her wings, followed by him putting her over his knee and... smacking her ass thrice, with the final smack sending her flying, launching her out a stained glass window. Far from the bloody violence of Jack's usual boss takedowns, but certainly the silliest.
  • Tales of Symphonia: After finishing the first dungeon, Lloyd and Genis come across Raine, the school teacher and Genis' older sister. When she finds them there despite being told to stay at school she takes Genis under her arm and gives him a spanking. Then she turns to Lloyd telling him he's next, much to his horror... however she instead proceeds to ninja-kick him against a wall.
  • Mobile game Hide My Test! has you on the role of a young boy hiding his failed test from his mother. Most failures end with the kid being spanked.
  • Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp: One of the death animations in the Eden level shows Dirk being held down by the cherubs as they spank him with his own sword.

  • Ménage à 3: During a disagreement about access to passive male lust-object Gary, the somewhat deranged Yuki hogties DiDi with NES controller cords and tells her she'll only be released when she admits that Gary is Yuki's boyfriend. DiDi doesn't, so Yuki spanks her. When DiDi seems to be getting into this, it perhaps becomes more Kinky Spanking. (See strip #612, June 12, 2012, onwards — NSFW).

    Western Animation 
  • The Barney Bear short Wee-Willie Wildcat, has the titular character prevent a father cat from spanking his own bratty child, and setting out to raise him properly while reading a child psychology book. When the child proves to be too much of a troublemaker, Barney and the father cat decide to spank him together, only to hurt their hands as the child used the same book to protect himself.
  • The Simpsons has been known to mine humor out of Bart being spanked by Homer — or, rather, being threatened with a spanking by Homer. He has been spanked by other people.
    • One scene had Homer gleefully telling his son: "It's spanking season — and I've got a hankerin' for some spankerin'!"
    • Bart was spanked by Otto after he steals the School Bus while he was trying to give Metallica a ride. This forces Principal Skinner to temporarily suspend him... with pay!
    • Especially funny in an early episode when Homer called Bart over for a father-son talk: Bart, assuming he was in trouble, immediately pulled down his shorts and underpants and threw himself across Homer's knees! Subverted.
    • Bart was spanked by ex-president Bush sr. for destroying his memoirs. He made a talk about how somebody should have spanked him before, took him over his lap... and gave him just one or two light smack.
    • Meanwhile Grandpa claims to have been spanked by many presidents—"Grover Cleveland spanked me on two non-consecutive occasions."
    • As a child, Ned Flanders was spanked nonstop for eight months straight, making him the repressed goody-two-shoes he is now.
    • Ordered by a judge, Bart and Homer are tethered together. One evening, they fight. Homer starts to strangle Bart by putting the tether around his neck. Bart grabs the tether and starts whipping Homer on his buttocks.
    • Judge Harm sentences Marge and Homer to have their heads and hands locked up in wooden stocks. Later it is made harsher — they have to stand at the road, bend over and be spanked by drivers. Nelson even whips them with an extension cord, which aren't allowed.
    • In the Season Ten episode "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace," Homer tells Lisa and Bart to go upstairs and spank themselves. They grumble about Homer's laziness as they dutifully march upstairs.
    Lisa: Lazy father.
    Bart: Can't even spank his own kids.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • The Bosko, the Talk-Ink Kid short "Congo Jazz" has a bit where Bosko pulls down a monkey's fur to spank his bare bottom, only to draw the ire of the monkey's much larger father.
    • Foghorn Leghorn's preferred way to rile up his nemesis Barnyard Dawg was to grab Barnyard's tail while he was sleeping in his doghouse, lift him up by it and give him a good 8 or 10 rapid-fire whacks with a paddle. This always worked.
    • Looney Tunes shorts:
      • In Baby Buggy Bunny, Bugs discovers the sack-o-hell infant foundling he's been caring for is really bank robber Baby Face Finster, and disciplines him with a good spanking, each slap dislodging a pistol, a blackjack, a grenade, a machine gun... by now, you get the rest, just before turning him over to the police.
      • In Corn On The Cop, Granny becomes aggravated with incompetent policemen Daffy and Porky and a bank robber disguised as her annoying her. Justified, considering that it is Halloween, she thought they were kids in costumes. She decides to do this to the robber just before another officer arrives to arrest him, and at the same time, drags Porky and Daffy back to their precinct by their ears.
  • There sure seemed to be a lot of spanking in Tom and Jerry:
    • Usually as a result of the cat getting his head or torso caught in something and waiting oh so helplessly for the mouse to swaggeringly walk behind him, pick up a conveniently placed piece of wood, take a few practice swings...
    • At the end of the short "Touché, Pussy Cat!", Nibbles accidentally pokes Jerry in the rear end with his sword. Nibbles shrugs nonchalently to the audience as Jerry spanks him (and this after he saved Jerry's bacon from Tom!).
    • In Professor Tom, Tom spanks his protege for letting Jerry go when he caught him. Jerry saves the tyke by breaking Tom's tailbones over his knee.
  • Popeye the Sailor:
    • In the 1942 short Pipeye, Pupeye, Poopeye An' Peepeye, the title nephews are spanked by Popeye for refusing to eat their spinach. So they do as they're told — and with their spinach-acquired strength, repay the favor, and then some.
      "But" "We" "Don't" "Like" "Spinach!"
      • Popeye himself is crying as he does it, and he stacks his nephews on top of each other upon his lap and only hits the one on top, but the rest feel it in turn.
    • One episode involved Popeye spanking Swee'pea for being bad. However, he starts feeling guilty for it when he runs away.
      • Popeye seems to be barely and slowly tapping him, yet Swee'pea is crying as if he was being walloped, implying Popeye is just that strong.
    • In one of the King Features Syndicate cartoons, Popeye foils the Sea Hag's plan. He's conflicted as to what to do with her afterwards, as he Wouldn't Hit a Girl, but then decides there's no law against spanking her.
  • Classic Disney Shorts:
    • In The Flying Mouse 1934 Silly Symphonies cartoon short, the unnamed boy mouse tries to fly with 2 leaves as wings but the wind blows him backwards and causes his furry butt to run into the thorn and falls in the bathtub getting his mouse mother and mouse sister wet. His sisters dress shrinks and his mother grabs the boy mouses tail and spanks his bare bottom until his butt turns red and lets him go. His 3 mouse brothers laugh at him and he walks away sad and embarrassed.
    • In Birds In The Spring 1933 Silly Symphonies cartoon short, the unnamed boy bird and his bird family hides from the hornets. He laughs but his bird father to get angry at him and grabs him, puts him on his lap. parts the feathers from the boys rear end exposing his butt before spanking him with his wing.
    • In Donald's Penguin 1939 Donald Duck thinks that his penguin pet Tootsie ate his pet goldfish and spanks her bare bottom until it turns red. When he sees the fish are still there, he feels ashamed.
    • In Donald's Snow Fight 1942 Donald Duck launched an ice missile at Huey, Dewey and Louie that splits their flagpole into 3 parts spanking the nephews' feathery butts.
    • In Bellboy Donald, the temperamental duck is forced to tend to a Hotel Hellion, with threats of unemployment if he lashes out so much as once. Eventually after being put through hell, he drags the child kicking and screaming to reception, inquiring whether he's fired yet, which is immediately confirmed. Content, he takes the child offscreen and spanks him mercilessly, complete with an Evil Laugh.
    • At the end of Practical Pig (the fourth Disney "Three Little Pigs" cartoon), the two younger pigs tell a lie. Practical Pig's lie-detecting and punishing invention begins spanking them for the lie. Practical Pig tells the others, "This hurts me more than it does you." The machine reaches out and starts spanking him as well.
  • In the end of the Beany and Cecil episode "Beany and Cecil meets the Invisible Man", Edgar Allen Po Shadow punishes the titular Invisible Man for scaring away Beany, Cecil and Captain Huffenpuff before he could sell them his house by giving him a spanking.
  • In an episode of South Park, spanking of a child is played both for humor but it's sexualized as well, true to the show's Refuge in Audacity trademark. Cartman suffers from amnesia and thinks he's a Vietnamese prostitute. At the end of the episode, he's back to normal and tells his friends he had a dream where he was a Vietnamese prostitute, was forced to ride a rodeo bull and then Leonardo DiCaprio spanked him for a few hours. Then Leonardo passes in his limousine to thank "her" for the wonderful time..
  • Tex Avery MGM Cartoons:
  • Family Guy:
    • In one episode, Tom Tucker is dating Peter's mom and acts like a father figure towards him. He even spanks Peter for eating ice cream at dinner. (It's never explicitly stated, but this scene is, line for line, a retread of a similar scene in Kramer vs. Kramer featuring Dustin Hoffman and Justin Henry.)
    • Lois spanks Stewie once for misbehaving. He gets upset about it at first, then misbehaves even more so she will spank him again, only for Lois to be remorseful and vow to be more patient with him.
    • Peter and Lois go out of town while Stewie and Brain act as the parents. Stewie has Chris over his knee and spanks him for being found with vodka by the principal.
  • Count Spankulot, a recurring Villain of the Week in Codename: Kids Next Door, is built around this trope, as should be apparent from his name. He's pretty much a vampire, except that his powers are based on spanking naughty children rather than sucking blood, which is done when they break the rules or make him really angry. (Note that Spankulot is the only villain in the series to get in actual legal trouble for what he does, as he has taken this too far more than once.) Likewise, when Count Spankulot spanks his victims without his gloves, it turns other people, even stuffed animals (which the vampirified Numbuh 1 did to Numbuh 3's Big-Bottom Rainbow Monkey doll) into spanking vampires, and the only way the victim can cure themselves is to either spank back the vampire that spanked him/her or spank the original Spank-Happy Vampire (Count Spankulot himself). While Numbuhs 1, 2, 3 and 4 are seen as Spank-Happy Vampires in "Operation: L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N., Numbuh 5 is transformed instead of Numbuh 4 in Operation: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E..
  • In a Robot Chicken sketch, Skeletor turns himself into a baby to infiltrate Castle Greyskull's nursery, but is sidetracked when the nanny spanks him for being mean to another baby and gets sexual pleasure out of it, leading him to repeatedly misbehave to get more spankings, which gets awkward when the spell wears off and He-Man bursts in and finds him. The sketch ends with the King giving a Skeletor for exposing the abusive nanny.
  • The Little Lulu short "I'm Just Curious" opens with Lulu receiving a spanking from her father. Luckily, she had placed a book titled The Art of Self-Defense in her skirt for the occasion.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The episode "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" has Janna and Star raiding Star and Marco's shared bathroom for supplies to use in their dead clown séance while Marco's getting freshened up in there and wearing nothing but towels. After he trips over Janna and spills cologne on his backside, she proceeds to slap his butt and then she and Star comment on how nice it smells.
  • Kaeloo:
    • Three clones of Bad Kaeloo punish three clones of Stumpy at the end of Episode 13 by spanking them in retaliation for Stumpy mooning Kaeloo.
    • At the end of Episode 35, Bad Kaeloo spanks Mr. Cat offscreen. The spanking is played for laughs because the one being spanked is actually more upset about having been emotionally manipulated than physically hurt.
  • In one episode of American Dad!, Francine is revealed to have a spanking fetish, and she even offers to let Stan "punish" her every time Steve does something bad. A lot of the humor comes from Stan's unwillingness to go through with it.
  • The Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures episode "The Littlest Tramp" has Mighty Mouse attempting to punish Big Murray for tormenting a destitute woman named Polly Pineblossom, but Polly keeps insisting that he not help her because there are others less fortunate than her. Eventually, Mighty Mouse gets sick of having to sit by the sidelines while Big Murray continues being cruel to Polly and attempts to punish the villain by spanking him, only for Polly to ask him to stop.
  • Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?:
    • When Mitch and Cubey help Robot defeat the Yogmans by controlling him after inserting a Monkey Kong Jr. game cartridge into his mouth in "Electric Boogaloo", Robot spanks the Yogman Twins' robot Yogbot X before Cubey reminds Robot that he must retrieve his stolen brain.
    • In "Hookie 101", when Socks panics and explains to Robot what will happen if they, Cubey and Mitch get caught skipping school, Robot imagines getting spanked by Dad Unit.
  • In The Venture Brothers episode "A Very Venture Christmas, Hank and Dean accidentally summon The Krampus, who proceeds to spank Rusty with a switch.
  • The Oblongs: In "Milo Interrupted", when Bob thinks Milo is doing drugs he decides to give him a spanking. The only problem? Bob has no arms OR legs, so he uses his head to whack Milo's butt, which ends up with him bruised and dizzy, while Milo is just getting tickled.
    All right, I can see you're too high to feel pain. You just... go to your room and crash or... whatever is you hopheads do.
  • The Color Classics short "Greedy Humpty Dumpty" has the short's titular interpretation of the nursery rhyme character force everyone to build a wall high enough to reach the sun so he can cut it open and reach the gold he believes is inside. The start of his Humiliation Conga occurs when sentient lightning comes out of the sun and starts spanking Humpty Dumpty.
  • In Moral Orel, it's played for laughs that Orel cheerfully accepts his dad's right to discipline him by spanking with a belt— while every time his dad takes his belt off, his trousers fall down. At least in the first few episodes. In later seasons the tone takes a more serious turn and Orel realizes his dad is being abusive, creating resentment.


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