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Dingo: You must spank her well, and after you are done with her, you may deal with her as you like... and then... spank me.
Girls: And me. And me too. And me.
Dingo: Yes. Yes, you must give us all a good spanking.
Girls: A spanking! A spanking!
Dingo: And after the spanking, the oral sex.
Galahad: Well, I could stay a bit longer...
Monty Python and the Holy Grail note 

Corporal Punishment appears in fiction in various contexts. This trope concerns spanking adults as Fanservice, consensual or involuntary, that plays up to the audiences' fetishes. It might be an excuse from the creators to focus on the (often bare) bottom and show the audience power-play between people who are sexually attracted to each other.


It might happen that an adult, usually a beautiful lady, has done something stupid or childish, and someone else believes they have to punish them. However, instead of doing it with words, they give them a good old-fashioned spanking. It's usually not too severe and might be taken for fun. Someone who's into it might even engage in Mischief for Punishment.

Another use is when a romantic couple like to spice up their sex life, and spanking is a thing they both enjoy. Hopefully Safe, Sane, and Consensual. A Dominatrix might also offer this as one of her services.

A Subtrope of Corporal Punishment and Casual Kink. Sister Trope to Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off. Sometimes this trope might overlap with Comedic Spanking. Compare Flirtatious Smack on the Ass.



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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Empowered:
    • Poor Emp. Count: Dream Sequence (twice, brought to you by Caged Demonwolf); from villains (implied); from ThugBoy (appears to be her fetish); from Ocelotina (for underestimating duct tape, no less). Well, what did you expect from a comic running on fetishes (specifically Bound and Gagged)?
    • Ocelotina is implied to get some offscreen, being Emp's spiritual successor in terms of a Bound and Gagged Damsel in Distress, through making BSDM movies instead of fighting supervillains.
  • The Golden Age Wonder Woman comics have several incidences, particularly once the Amazons discovered Man's World has tennis rackets...
  • In City of Dreams during one of her masochistic dreams the protagonist doesn't agree to give her owner a blowjob, so he spanks her until she does.
  • In a series of pictures from a very old Superman comic, Superman spanks a woman and she likes it.
  • Even Lois Lane gets the treatment: here. In which Lois transgresses on Superman's privacy, enters his Fortress of Solitude uninvited, and receives what in 1950's America would be seen as the appropriate and fitting punishment for her trespass. Weirdly, she has a great big happy Stepford smile on her face as she consumes breakfast, but from a standing position, as it is too painful for her to be able to sit down.
  • Consensual spanking was a favourite activity of the Too Kinky to Torture heroine Cobweb in Tomorrow Stories. Exploited to its fullest potential in her crossover with Greyshirt.
  • Tank Vixens: When Udda is captured Cpt. Zeera flogs her, in the S&M fashion, which kind of backfires.

    Fan Works 
  • This is extremely popular in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lemons. Just about everyone female, from Faith to Dawn to Buffy to Willow, seems to be into spanking in fanfic. At least Willow and Anya were both confirmed to be into it by offhand remarks in "The I in Team".
  • In Slipping Between Worlds, Assassin school teacher Miss Alice Band is forced, most reluctantly no doubt, to deliver a stern spanking to former pupil Jocasta Wiggs (who has disobeyed instructions). As this is a part of their Mentor Ship relation
  • Because he's such a brat, there seems to be a trend in That Guy with the Glasses fic where The Nostalgia Critic gets spanked. Chick, The Other Guy, Ask That Guy, Nerd... nearly everyone's had a go with him.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Secretary had Lee Holloway's boss, Mr. Grey, originally spanking Lee for typos. They later develop a BDSM relationship.
  • In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Zoot and all the other maidens of Castle Anthrax beg Galahad to spank them, trying to invoke the trope, but nope, it's too perilous.
  • Exit to Eden has a Rare Female Example. Dana Delany ties up Paul Mercurio, feels up up his naked body, pinches and squeezes his butt and then spanks him. After the spanking, she gives him a hand job.
  • Normal Adolescent Behavior. Wendy has a fetish for spanking and begs Sean to do this. The scene was a blatant fetish and Big-Lipped Alligator Moment (the movie has a lot of them, though).
  • The Killer Inside Me. It begins when the polite, seemingly normal Lou Ford is sent to encourage local prostitute Joyce Lakeland (played by Jessica Alba) to leave town. The confrontation leads to him beating her with a belt, and their romance begins. However, the beating is hard and this film is unflinchingly violent and gets even more disturbing.
  • Project Moonbase (a 1953 film that Robert A. Heinlein co-wrote) had the bratty female astronaut (a colonel no less!) being threatened with spanking by her superior officer.
  • Hounded. This 2006 German movie has a rare female on male example. Elsa Seifert, a probation officer, is helping a 16 year old juvenile delinquent get back on the right track. Eventually he offers to submit himself to her, which leads to her dominating him in a variety of ways, including spanking.
  • In an episode of Coupling, there's the (unseen, naturally) pornographic Film Within A Show Lesbian Spank Inferno. Steve makes a spirited attempt to defend it as an artistic erotic movie about a lesbian film collective who (as a "spur to future excellence") give the loser of their film competition a spanking. And the winner, too, for some reason.
    Susan: Two people? Still not much of an 'inferno!'
    Steve: Well, then they all decide that they want a bit of a spanking.
    Jill: Yeah, but why?
    Steve: [at a loss] ...Sisterhood?
  • In The Golden Rendezvous (1977), the protagonist threatens to spank an upper class Plucky Girl. She replies that she might well enjoy it.
  • In the infamous Seventies porn movie Debbie Does Dallas, one of the girls is spanked by a librarian who gets in some groping as well. When the movie was adapted as an Off-Broadway musical in 2002, the scene was made a Gender-Inverted Trope.
  • When Robin catches one of the wenches stealing money intended for Richard's ransom in The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood, he rips her skirt off—exposing her bare ass—and puts her over his knees and spanks her.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Though this hasn't happened so far in Doctor Who, it very nearly did. "The Prison in Space" (cancelled at the last minute and replaced by "The Krotons") would have ended with Zoe being spanked in order to cure her of her misandrist brainwashing by the aggressively matriarchal society they'd landed in. (Note that Jamie didn't actually know this was the cure.) Many years later, a copy of the script turned up and was adapted as an audiobook by Big Finish. Note that the episode was canceled not because of the scene in question, but because Frazer Hines was going to quit.
  • The pilot of How I Met Your Mother reveals that Marshall and Lily engage in spank play, though he's reluctant while she eagerly eggs him on.
    Lily: (laughs) Hit me? Please! This guy can barely spank me in bed for fun. He's all like "Oh honey did that hurt?" and I'm all like "C'mon let me have it ya pansy!" (beat) Wow, complete stranger.
  • Californication. Invoked by the secretary who deliberately messes up and demands that she must be punished. She's kinky and enjoys it, and her boss (Hank's agent) gets into it.
  • Subverted in Game of Thrones season 2. In a scene that was not in the books (but is by no means out of character,) Joffrey is given two whores in the hope that it might mellow him a bit. He orders one to hit the other, and they comply with some light erotic spanking. Then he gives the spanker his belt, and tells her to hit harder. Then he hands her a heavy wooden stick with spikes on it and orders her to keep going...
  • Played with in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon sees spanking as being a traditional punishment and inflicts it on his girlfriend as such. His girlfriend, (and by extension, the audience), is less naive and considers it a kinky adult activity. She very much takes her spanking for Unishment.
    Sheldon: Excuse me! You're not supposed to be enjoying this!
    Amy: Then maybe you should spank me harder.
    Sheldon: Maybe I will!
  • Midsomer Murders has an episode where three women offer specific roleplaying sex scenarios, one of which involves the woman finding the guy in her stables and deciding to punish the thief then and there with her riding crop. Crosses over with Comedic Spanking when Barnaby finds a client while holding the crop. The client, unaware the dominatrix is unavailable due to the murder investigation, sees nothing wrong and bends over, giggling all the while.
  • Attempted in an episode of the American Queer as Folk, but Brian and Justin quickly decide it's just silly.
  • In the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Elaan of Troyus," Kirk threatens to punish Royal Brat Elaan by spanking her. A few minutes later, after she's used her Love Potion tears on him, she asks what "spanking" is. He says they'll "talk about it later" before, well...
  • In this clip. Tampa Bay news anchor Anne Dwyer admits that she's into S&M.
  • In Ally McBeal, the nebbishy John hears that his new sexpot girlfriend Nelle is into erotic spanking. In an effort to please her, he tricks her into leaning over his lap and then starts whacking her behind with the back of a hairbrush. Outraged by the apparent assault, Nelle goes ballistic as John sputters apologies.
  • Dollhouse. Ivy discovers just how weird the Dollhouse can get when programmable Sex Slave Sierra, speaking in an upper-class British accent, informs her that while she doesn't like Orientals she could hardly object if Ivy tied her down and spanked her. Ivy's expression alone makes the scene hilarious.
  • In Dexter, Frank Lundy flirts with Debra and jokes about their age difference, saying, "You're not too old to spank," then smacks her on the bottom. She finds this a huge turn-on.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow refers to Riley as Buffy's "spanking new boyfriend" and Anya matter-of-factly replies that she and Xander also enjoy spanking. Later, when Buffy playfully threatens punishing Riley, Willow pouts "Everyone's getting spanked but me."
  • In Togetherness, Michelle tries this spanking on Brett as a way of spicing up their sex life. It goes horribly wrong, resulting in a Vomit Discretion Shot.
  • In Louie, Louie tries to hook up with the mother of one of his daughter's classmates. She tells him to spank her, promising to put out if he does. So he starts spanking her, and she begins to say things like, "I'm a bad girl, Daddy." Louie starts to get into it, and begins spanking her harder. This trope is ultimately subverted when out of nowhere, she starts sobbing uncontrollably and repeating over and over "I'm sorry, Daddy! I'm sorry, Daddy!" Leaving Louie sitting there and wondering what the hell just happened.
  • During the reelection arc in The West Wing, the president gives his wife a smack on the bottom for cutting his tie right before the debate is supposed to start. While it's not a kinky situation, the look on her face after it makes it obvious this is one of her kinks.
  • Upstairs Downstairs: A very mild example. In one episode, Georgina and James (Kissing Cousins, though Georgina is adopted) get into a flirtatious play fight that ends with her across his knee being spanked with a newspaper. They stop as soon as Hudson walks in.

  • This was pin-up girl Bettie Page's specialty, more or less. (As the spankee.)

  • The subject of Madonna's "Hanky Panky", from the Dick Tracy tie-in album I'm Breathless.

    Pro Wrestling 

    Video Games 
  • In God Hand, after managing to dizzy a female mook, Gene has the option of spanking her rapid-fire style for extra damage. It's also the best way to deal with Shannon, the primary female demon Gene encounters. The entire fight was fanservice galore.
  • A post-mortem example can be found in Fallout 4. A (male) skeleton is lying across another (female) skeleton's lap, with a cutting board placed on the male's back, which can be found in an outhouse on Spectacle Island.

    Web Comics 
  • As a sex comedy, Ménage à 3 inevitably builds this into a few jokes.
    • Zii is inevitably Too Kinky to Torture; see strip #188, August 10, 2009 (NSFW).
    • "Anatomy lessons" shows an incident that perhaps started out more as Comedic Spanking, although it's not clear that DiDi ever actually intended to chastise the bound Yuki, who she thought was a burglar. Yuki's interpretation of the situation is in character.
    • Yuki hogties DiDi with NES controller cords and tells her she'll only be released when she admits that Gary is Yuki's boyfriend; DiDi doesn't, so Yuki spanks her. That may be more Comedic Spanking, but then DiDi seems to be getting into it, until Zii comes in. (Strip #612, June 12, 2012, onwards — NSFW).
    • And Tracy ropes Gary into assisting with one of her spanking-based Webcam performances.
  • Being a BDSM-themed comic, Sunstone has this as part of the game for Ally and Lisa.

    Web Videos 
  • Manic Pixie Dream Wife:
    • Simone once pretends she's a naughty baby and wants to be spanked, asking Chance if he wants her to take the diaper off first. It's one of the examples when Simone tries to be whimsical and sexy, but it doesn't quite work.
    • Serenity playfully takes Chance's ruler and later gives him a light swat. She jokes that Chance has some Fifty Shades of Grey tendencies.

    Western Animation 
  • Parodied, albeit in a rather Black Comedy way, in Batman: The Animated Series episode "Harley & Ivy" when three obnoxious rubberneckers in a car (drawn to resemble the show's creators) start wolf-whistling and cat-calling at Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn while stopped at a traffic light. When Ivy chides them for being rude, one of them starts slapping his backside suggestively and asks "What're you gonna do, spank us?" Harley Quinn replies "That's right, pigs... and here's the paddle!" as she whips out one hell of a big paddle indeed; big enough to spank their car.
  • In the American Dad! episode "The Missing Kink", after Francine objects to Stan spanking Steve, Stan spanks her to demonstrate that spanking is harmless. She ends up finding it to be a turn-on.
  • In a case of Getting Crap Past the Radar, in one episode of Codename: Kids Next Door, the protagonists get rid of Count Spankulot by tricking him into spanking a judge and his wife; he's arrested for it, but the judge's wife is in the courtroom when he's sentenced, smiling and waving at him. (Suggesting she likes that sort of thing.)
  • The Simpsons: Katja and Viki aka 'scantily clad coeds' who rent a room at Ned Flander's house explore their sexuality "without restraint" and have a web page During one scene, one of them spanks the other with a framed picture.
  • Tucaand Bertie: Speckle tries to satisfy Bertie's request to try something new sexually by spanking her. But when he starts calling her a "bad bird" she begins to cry uncontrollably, leading him to abort it.

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