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" As an actor, you usually get cast, do the job and go home. To have been a part of two such well loved and enduring shows is something that most actors only dream of, and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work on them."
On playing Jamie McCrimmon and Joe Sugden

Frazer Hines (born 22 September 1944) is an English actor. He is known for playing Doctor Who companion Jamie McCrimmon from 1966 to 1969, where he formed a famous double act with Patrick Troughton. He is also known for his long running role as Joe Sugden on the soap Emmerdale, from 1972 to 1994.

Hines began his career as a child actor in 1955, aged 11, acting in both television and films. He first worked with Patrick Troughton on the now lost television series Smuggler's Bay in 1964. Two years later, Troughton had been cast as the Second Doctor on Doctor Who, and his second serial, "The Highlanders", was set in 18th century Scotland. Although an Englishman by birth, upbringing and natural accent, Hines' ability to effect a Scottish accent (helped by having a Scottish mother) saw him cast as the guest character Jamie McCrimmon, a Highland piper.

During production, it was decided that Jamie should instead become a permanent companion to the Doctor, and Hines accepted the offer to stay on, which necessitated his departure scene being re-filmed. Hines would ultimately remain in the role of Jamie for the entire remainder of Troughton's tenure as the Doctor; they departed together (along with Wendy Padbury, who had joined the TARDIS team as Zoe Heriot in 1968) after "The War Games" in 1969. He remains the longest serving Doctor Who companion actor by episode count, appearing in 116 episodes. The changes in the way television is made and produced since The '60s effectively means that Hines's record will never be broken.

Hines has maintained a lifelong association with Doctor Who: he reprised his as Jamie role on-screen twice, in a cameo in "The Five Doctors" (1983), and a larger role in "The Two Doctors" (1985), and continues to regularly appear at conventions. He has also reprised his role as Jamie in audio form from 2007 onwards for Big Finish Productions, frequently also voicing the Second Doctor owing to his uncanny ability to mimic the voice of his late friend and co-star Patrick Troughton.

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Tropes associated with this actor's life and work include:

  • Acting for Two: Hines voices more than one character regularly in audio form for Big Finish Doctor Who, reprising his role as Jamie McCrimmon and also playing The Second Doctor, mimicking the voice of Patrick Troughton.
  • Ascended Extra: On Doctor Who. Jamie McCrimmon was originally intended to be a one-off guest character, but was promoted to a full-time companion and would go on to be the longest serving companion in the show's history by episode count.
  • Casting Gag: He was cast as a prison governor in Outlander, as his Doctor Who character Jamie McCrimmon had been the inspiration for the book series on which the show was based, in particular the lead male character Jamie Fraser.
  • Fake Scot: Hines has played Scottish characters many times throughout his career, including in his most famous role as Jamie McCrimmon in Doctor Who. He attibutes his ability to pull off the accent to having a Scottish mother and spending his childhood summers in Port Glasgow with his maternal grandparents.
  • What Could Have Been: In the 1990s, he approached ITV to make a television series based on Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels, with himself as the lead character Jamie Fraser, who had been inspired by (and named after) Hines' own portrayal of Jamie McCrimmon. ITV turned him down, saying it would be too expensive. Decades later, when the books were finally turned into a TV series, Hines played a guest role as a prison governor.