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Major Injury Underreaction

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Black Knight: 'Tis but a scratch.
King Arthur: A scratch? Your arm's off!
Black Knight: No, it isn't.
King Arthur: [points to the arm on the ground] Well, what's that then?!
Black Knight: I've had worse.

In webcomics and cartoons especially, characters in great pain will demonstrate this pain by making frequently deadpan statements, along the lines of "The truck lodged in my stomach is a bit uncomfortable" or some such.

Often justified by the character being resistant to pain in some way or a badass. In Real Life, a person might not notice an injury right away due to adrenaline, shock, or panic, all of which can eclipse pain. Often, major injuries damage nerves, so they may not feel any pain. This may be used to make a Mortal Wound Reveal all the more shocking.

Contrast with Minor Injury Overreaction, which is a direct inversion of this trope. Compare Only a Flesh Wound, Belated Injury Realization, I Can Still Fight!, Obviously Not Fine, and Dissonant Serenity.



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  • One "Got Milk?" commercial had a mother telling her kids to drink their milk when they refuse to. One of the kids tells her that their next-door neighbor, who was outside working, never drinks milk. Then, when the neighbor attempts to lift up a wheelbarrow, his arms snap off from their sockets. While the mother and kids scream in horror, the old man simply replies "Oh, that's not good..."
  • A whole campaign for Mike's Hard Lemonade revolved around these; one, for instance, had a guy impaled with rebar. It gets used as a bottle opener.
    • Another advert had two guys working at an aquarium. However, one of the guys had one of his hands bitten off by a shark, while the other guy watches. The second guy asks about the incident and the first guy responds "Talking about your bad luck" in a calm matter.
    • Yet another has a guy at the doctor, calmly discussing his life expectancy as a horrible alien parasite of some sort is visible on an X-ray (or something), gobbling down his internal organs.

    Anime and Manga 
  • Ai no Kusabi has Iason Mink who doesn't even wince when his legs are cut off just above the knees.
    • Justified. Iason is a member of a race of "engineered" men, and, among other things, it isn't exactly a given whether they feel physical pain at all.
    • Also Riki who is rather calm and even understanding when he wakes up to find out he got an impromptu penectomy.
  • While the setting in Angel Densetsu is pretty much realistic, and it was not a very deep wound, usually you do at least notice when you're being stabbed in the face!. Bloody-faced Kitano is even scarier than normal... if such a thing is possible.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • Reiner Braun does this on multiple occasions. The first time, a smaller Titan chomps on his arm and breaks it. He throws it over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and helps chuck it out the window. Hours later, after revealing himself to be The Mole, he's brutally attacked by Mikasa and ends up with one arm missing and the other badly mangled. He still manages to get back up and fight, which is justified since he's noted to be tough as an ox and has a Healing Factor.
    • Levi, humanity's legendary strongest soldier, breaks his ankle during a mission. His response is to wince slightly and keep going.
    • Erwin Smith proves just why he's in charge of the Survey Corps when a Titan bites into his arm and starts carrying him off. He continues shouting orders without pause because he doesn't have time to react to his injuries. He shows up a short time later with his arm completely severed from just below the bicep and saves the day.
  • In Berserk Guts does this a lot, especially in the Golden Age Arc movies. Multiple arrows pierce his arm, including one which pierces his hand, to which he simply comments that it might make things interesting. At one point Casca stabs him in the chest, and he just remains on his feet and continues talking. All of this is well before obtaining berserk armor, which allows him to completely ignore any pain from his injuries.
    • And he manages to catch Casca before she falls from a cliff with aforementioned chest wound, and pulls her up.
  • In episode 4 of Betrayal Knows My Name Zess's response to getting stabbed in the chest with a BFS and bleeding all over the ground is to smile softly at Yuki and say "I'm fine."
    • And in episode 13, Takashiro's response to getting four ice spears stabbed into his back is to wince and tell Yuki "I'm fine." (Turns out he has a Healing Factor.)
  • Sebastian on Black Butler loses an arm in the final fight at the end of season one. He doesn't seem particularly bothered by it, displaying no obvious pain, and it ultimately doesn't hamper him in the fight much. His main concern is that it messes up his 'perfect butler' image. He doesn't seem to be able to fix it, though the point quickly becomes moot as once he devours Ciel's soul, he will no longer have need to maintain his butler form.
  • Bleach:
    • Chad took a steel girder to the shoulders and a head-on collision with a motorcycle without even the slightest complaint (the cyclist was hurt more than he was) before he even developed his powers.
    • Also, Ishida is surprisingly calm after losing the use of his left hand (cut off in the manga, badly broken and burned in the anime), especially considering he needs two hands to operate his main weapon. He later feels well enough after being impaled to (albeit gently) snark at Ichigo.
    • Orihime too. In her introductory arc she gets hit by a car (one too many times, according to her) yet she laughs it off, claiming that the driver didn't mean to hurt her on purpose.
    • Then there's Kenpachi, who reacts like this after getting jabbed at by multiple blades:
      Kenpachi: Is that all? I'm disappointed.
    • Similarly, in 497 Shunsui gets shot in the right eye point-blank by a member of the Vandenreich. And he merely smiles and says "Tsk tsk... this is bad".
    • In 580, Giselle from the Vandenreich gets half of her shoulder sliced off without falling off her. What does she do? Smile and giggle. Then she puts herself back together. And uses her Blood Magic/People Puppets powers to drive the guy who harmed her AND his companions to suicide. One chapter later, she's tossed against a building by Ichigo and gets a broken neck outta the deal. She resets it as easily as cricking a joint.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in 611. Ichibei is brought Back from the Dead after a ferocious battle with Yhwach himself, and treats the injuries he got as well as his revival like something that happens every day. Ichigo and Ganju can't believe it.
  • Avoided in Blood+. Several Chevaliers avoid any major reactions (screaming in pain, etc) when they undergo injuries. These injuries include having arms sliced off and giant holes ripped through their stomach. However, many of these aren't major injuries in the first place as they heal extremely quickly.
  • The main character of Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan says something like "I wish you'd stop doing that!" every time his head is ripped off... and immediately resurrected. An even more outrageous reaction we get at one point is, while his head has been ripped in half, his mouth remaining, and the stump is spewing blood in a geyser-like fashion, he /thanks/ Dokuro for saving him from the other angel trying to kill him.
  • Claymore: Lose an arm? Don't worry: Claymores will look shocked for a moment and continue fighting. If they're offensive, they can easily reattach the limb, or even better, if they're a defensive type, they'll just regenerate the limb later. Legs are a different deal entirely - because they won't be able to escape without them! Also when they lose both arms, so now they can't hold their sword or reattach their other arm. The realization hits them at that point.
    • Perhaps best exemplified by Roxanne's reaction to Awakened Cassandra biting off and eating her left arm: "Oh?" Her facial expression at that moment amounts to what one usually has upon someone calling out to you by name.
  • In episode 5 of The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, Ashiya is shot by Lucifer with a magical beam and has a rather large hole in his chest. In his dying moments, he tells his friend Maou different ways to save money. He actually managed to recover later.
  • In Dragon Ball Z, Goku accidentally injured his wife Chi-Chi by attempting to give her a reassuring pat on the back, only to instead send her flying through a wall, a tree, and half a boulder. Normally Goku does know his own strength so such accidents don't happen, but he actually forgot that he was in Super Saiyan form at the time. Chi-Chi doesn't even scream in pain or go to the hospital. However, in the next scene, she's seen with a few bandages and her arm in her sling. Of course, she's a martial artist herself.
    • Frieza plays this trope straight when he's cut in half by his own attack; he lies on the ground and can barely speak due to a lack of energy rather than being in pain. After Goku gives him a bit of energy, Frieza doesn't even appear to notice that he's missing an arm and his lower half as he's floating in the air.
    • Initially averted when Vegeta uses his Final Flash on Cell and blows an enormous chunk out of his body. However after a few seconds of chewing the scenery, Cell cuts the crap and invokes this trope, explaining that he has Piccolo's regeneration ability.
    • Due to his insane regeneration combined with his relatively fragile body, Majin Buu barely reacts to things like having holes punched in him or being reduced to bits.
  • Most people scream in agony when someone drives ballpoint pens through their hand and thighs. Durarara!!'s Shizuo Heiwajima, on the other hand, casually wonders if it would be better to patch the wounds up with band-aids or superglue. Taken Up to Eleven in a later episode where, after Horada shoots him, Shizuo casually strolls into Shinra's house drenched in his own blood.
    Shizuo: Yo.
    Shinra: Oh my God! What happened to you?
    Shizuo: Eh, you know. Got shot.
    Shinra: Your leg and abdominal muscles have taken considerable damage. How are you even walking around like this!?
    Shizuo: Why? ...'Cause I can.
  • In the Fate/stay night anime, Shirou and Saber open the door to their house to see Tohsaka Rin beaten to a bloody pulp in the corner by Kotomine. She's smiling when they walk in. Admittedly, this is because they finally got here to help her, but the image is quite jarring. Shirou is an actual example; for instance, in the game's Unlimited Blade Works route, Shirou takes a spike to his hand defending Tohsaka, and his utter lack of reaction to having a hole in his hand (instead being more concerned about her condition) completely freaks Tohsaka out. It is around this point that she realizes that Shirou is a completely broken person, and begins to take measures to fix this deficiency.
    • Another example, later in the same arc, is when Saber, under mind control, cleaves into his shoulder before cutting towards his neck, and his first thoughts are "That's... not good".
    • Gilgamesh finds being fatally sniped by Tiamat in Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia to be quite amusing more than anything. Then again, this is Gilgamesh we're talking about.
    Gilgamesh: Worry not! It's only a mortal wound!
    • Lancer in Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] is ordered by Kotomine via Command Seal to commit suicide, so he uses his spear to stab himself in the heart. But due to his Battle Continuation skill, he's Not Quite Dead. He ends up stabbing Kotomine in the heart a short time later.
    Lancer: If a scratch like that did me in, I wouldn't be much of a hero.
  • At the start of Fly Me to the Moon, Tsukasa saves Nasa from being hit by a truck, although Nasa's badly hurt in the process. Despite blood gushing from his head, Nasa is able to chase after Tsukasa to ask her name and offer to go out with her, although when the adrenaline gives out, he collapses. Tsukasa, who took the brunt of the impact, is even less affected, although it's strongly implied that she is no ordinary human.
  • In chapter 15 of Franken Fran, Fran is nearly decapitated. Her reaction is to croak out "Begin... oper...ation" and sew her head back on. By the time her sister/bodyguard Veronica shows up, Fran is more worried about the woman who hired the guy to kill her because she's afraid an experimental medical treatment might not work properly. Justified in that Fran's an Artificial Human, it's not even a given that she feels pain and having backup systems in case of decapitation is not out of the question, so her lack of reaction makes sense.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist most of the Homunculi embody this trope. Being practically invincible they don't have to worry about things that would kill any normal human. The exception seems to be Envy, who reacts quite realistically to having his eyeballs boiled and blown apart multiple times, and Lust, who seems to be reacting rather realistically to being burned over and over, albeit as long as she's actually on fire. Once she heals, she seems to have stopped feeling the pain.
    • Also Lan Fan for when her arm is cut off she cares nothing of her own safety. Further reinforced by the fact she was the one who cut her own arm (which had previously been wounded and rendered unusable by Wrath's attack) off without a second thought.
    • Major Armstrong gets into a bit of this as well, while fighting Sloth; Sloth dislocates his shoulder. His response? He lets Sloth continue to hit him there until Sloth knocks it back into place.
    • Captain Buccaneer gets some points when he wakes up after a fight to find himself run through with a sword and a growing pool of blood around himself. His only comment is "Oh... better leave it in." (Actually good medical advice: if a person is impaled by something, taking it out will only make them bleed more.) He pulls out the sword and stabs Bradley while the latter is distracted by Fu's attempted Heroic Sacrifice, which results in Buccaneer bleeding to death in short order.
  • In Gamaran, a member of the Muhou Ryu's 47th Division punches a stone boulder so hard that his whole hand turns into a pathetic, broken waste. He reacts with a dull "Uh... Broken...". Justified as, like all the members of the 47th, he uses a deadly drug that prevent him from feeling pain at all.
  • In Haou Airen, Hakuron is shot to death. His reaction is to calmly go towards the church where he was supposed to get married. There, he spends his last moments next to his weeping bride Kurumi, comforting her about the fact that they won't spend the rest of their life together.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: Yuki Nagato's reaction to six sharp poles passing through her body: "I am fine." Shortly after, she turns her opponent into a pile of sand. Her opponent likewise has minimal reaction to this.
  • Hellsing often has Seras getting stabbed and wounded but barely reacting, 'cuz you know, she's a a vampire-hunting vampire and she's freaking cool. And let's not even talk about Alucard. Most grievous injuries will at best make him laugh. Sometimes, he'll pretend to be defeated, then suddenly regenerate and start killing the enemy much harder, taunting him to also up the ante. Sir Integra gets Shot in the eye by Major in OVA 10 and barely flinches.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, Lithuania gets all his fingers broken by his date, Belarus. He considers the date to be pretty good and goes to tell his friend Poland about it. While she's still doing it.
    • In one comic, Russia's heart falls out of his chest. While the other nations are freaked out, not only is he unconcerned, but says that this happens on a semi-frequent basis.
  • Played with in Higurashi: When They Cry. When Shion tears off her own fingernails, she at reacts realistically to the first one. When told she has two more to go, she insists it doesn't hurt. When she misses the second nail and doesn't tear it off completely and is told she needs to do it over, she flips out and starts screaming and flailing. She's restrained with a blanket over her head and it's implied that the task is completed by force.
    • In one of the answer arc episodes, after getting hit in the head by a chair, Keiichi and his friends don't seem to care, compared to their fear before he got hit in the head, especially considering that it was Shion doing the hitting, of all people. A very angry Shion.
  • Hunter × Hunter:
    • Hisoka's response to getting his arm ripped off in a tournament fight is to grin, take a bite out of it, and wave it around for a while with his other arm while mocking his opponent. He then fakes reattaching it to mess with the guy's mind, plays with him until he breaks, and then leaves and calls in a specialist to sew it back on with microscopic energy stitches. Then he has a shower scene.
      • Hisoka does this a lot, actually. In the Greed Island arc, during a deadly game of dodge ball, he uses his Bungee Gum to catch and ricochet a speeding cannonball, calmly stating that he "only broke three fingers."
    • Later in the manga Kaito gets his arm lopped off, he shows near to no reaction.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
  • In the final battle of Katanagatari, when Shichika fights Emonzaemon once becoming a Death Seeker after Togame's death, he doesn't even flinch from the many bullet wounds he's taken, and in fact had resolved to simply take all the bullets just to get an opening to attack. It reaches a head in the final exchange, where Shichika gets shot in the face and simply keeps going forward, allowing him to initiate the combo that allows him to kill Emonzaemon.
  • Legend of Galactic Heroes gives us this. If you haven't noticed yet, Reuenthal is kind of badass.
  • In Love Hina, whenever Keitaro's mentor Seta crashes his van (which is quite often), he emerges from the wreckage cheerfully oblivious to whatever gruesome Amusing Injuries he's suffered.
  • In the English dub of Lupin III (Red Jacket), Inspector Zenigata would usually say a very nonchalant "Ow..." whenever he got comically injured.
  • Medaka Box breathes this trope in regards to its often absurd and unorthodox "fight" scenes. Characters will sometimes make it a point to state that they are suffering from several severe injuries (and often with abnormal specificity), but will typically continue fighting at full force, throwing punches with shattered fists and taking hits in disintegrated shoulders, then hop on a gurney and into an ambulance with a reaction that boils down to "I'm gonna go get patched up now" once all the fighting is over.
    • The antagonist Kumagawa is a special case, because 1) he reacts to almost everything with the same smile and inscrutable tone of voice, and 2) he has a Reality Warper power that lets him write things out of say, "that time I got stabbed through the chest". During Medaka's fight with Kumagawa, where he throws a three-foot-long screw through her chest, and it doesn't really affect her; justified because the attack does little to no physical damage — its main function is something else entirely.
    • Averted in the final main arc. The heroes fight a 5,000-year-old Fallen Hero, and it's said that the damage he inflicts never heals — so when he dislocates Medaka's right shoulder during one battle, it stays dislocated. When things are looking desperate in the final battle, a former enemy uses her de-aging power to make Zenkichi two days younger, which was before he got injured in the first place. Of course, after the enemy is defeated, No Ontological Inertia kicks in and the injuries heal as normal again...which is a good thing, because pretty much the entire cast was on death's door at that point.
  • In episode 20 of Future Diary, Uryuu Minene gets her hand blown off. Her reaction? "My hand..." Spoken in a whispered voice, with only a slight wince.
  • Rin from Mnemosyne does a preemptive snark: just before being sucked into a running airjet turbine, she utters with hysterical calm, "This... may be too much even for me..." Makes sense, since she doesn't exactly have anything to speak with afterwards. Of course, being an immortal helped her a lot, but she still felt every millimeter of her body being ripped into watery dust.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing played with this once. After Heero self-detonated his Gundam, his limp body was thrown some distance away. He wakes up a month later. When Trowa, the one who was caring for him during that time, tells him about his planned "Self-detonation show", Heero's only comment was, "It hurts like hell."
  • In Muhyo and Roji, Vector, a powerful half-ghast, barely survives getting crushed by the Hands of Hades, which results in him bloodied and having Blood from the Mouth. He remarks that he's glad the rest of the Magical Law practitioners he's up against aren't as powerful as Muhyo.
  • In My Hero Academia, #5 Pro Hero Mirko has her left arm rather gruesomely mangled and torn off by a High-End Nomu. She proceeds to decapitate the Nomu with her legs and then calmly notes that she'll need to stop the bleeding to keep fighting. So Mirko uses her hair as a tourniquet on the remaining stump and keeps on going.
  • In general, characters in Naruto don't seem to consider losing limbs anything other than a minor annoyance:
    • Inverted by Hidan, who is relatively immortal and is extremely whiny about the pain caused by deadly injuries. Interestingly enough, it's often not the pain he should be complaining about, such as when he complains about Kakuzu picking up his head by the hair, whereupon Kakuzu notes that being decapitated should have hurt more.
    • Taken to ridiculous levels at the start of the encounter. Hidan's only reaction to being impaled by two large swords is "Who the hell are you?"
    • Deidara takes to an extreme, even knowing that he could probably get his limbs replaced by Kakuzu or use it as part of his plan. Gaara rips his arm off and he merely grins, Kakashi sends the other arm to an alternative dimension and he barely even acknowledges it. Nutter.
    • Done in a completely badass way when the Raikage has his arm set on fire by Amaterasu and is forced to cut it off to keep the fire from spreading which happens without him even flinching and his next line is to tell his medic to quit gawking and stop the bleeding.
    • And Kisame barely reacts at all to Killer Bee throwing a sword into his shoulder, apparently just because it would have gone even further in if Samehada hadn't eaten the chakra the blade was enhanced by. Likewise, his reaction shortly afterward to Killer Bee launching an attack so strong it smash through Samehada and blew open his chest was to calmly let his opponent know this surprised him before Samehada fused with him to heal his injuries. And his reaction to getting his head popped off was to compliment Raikage and Killerbee's speed.
    • Shortly thereafter, Tobi did pretty much the same thing as the Raikage, except he didn't even stop: he just notice his arm was infected with microscopic poison insects, snapped it off at the shoulder with his one other hand, and then drop-kicked it at his opponent. This is probably because, as we later discover, he can regrow the thing. When fighting Konan the same arm gets destroyed again, and he just seems slightly annoyed.
    • Shisui Uchiha was just a bit exhausted when Danzo ripped out his right eye. To top of that, Shisui then ripped off his remaining eye by himself and gave it in Itachi's care, so Danzo wouldn't get it. Shisui did that like it was nothing.
    • Madara Uchiha endures an incredible amount of injuries without a wince of pain:Shukaku swiss-cheeses him; the tailed beasts smack him around and drop him into corrosive slime; a sand seal suffocates him; and collaborative tail-attack smashes him. He comes out with a lost arm, many bleeding holes, and several broken bones, yet he suffers only exhaustion and shows excitement over being able to fight as a living human again. His crowning under reaction is when he fights Might Gai, with both characters at full power. Gai's final attack bends space, shatters every bone in his leg, and obliterates most of Madara's torso. Madara just laughs while regenerating the damage, relieved that Gai didn't manage to kill him and complimenting him on his Charles Atlas Superpower.
    • It's not just with missing limbs, the Naruto characters in general seem to have an inhumanly high tolerance to getting thrown around like ragdolls. Even being pulled out of the air by the ankle and hulksmashed into the hard earth repeatedly did very little to stop Kakashi in episode 85.
      • Speaking of Kakashi, he didn't seem to mind too much when Madara plucked his left eye from his socket. In fact, while Sakura clearly worried about it Kakashi seemed wholly unconcerned and more focused on what was happening around him. In real life, such injuries tend to lead to death from shock and blood loss if left untreated.
    • Naruto takes this to extremes in Gaiden. He is impaled in the stomach with Sasuke's sword by the villain, and Naruto doesn't even feel it at all and reacts with mere disappointment. He even tries to feign a painful reaction to get some sympathy from others, but Kurama wasn't having any of it and tells him his battle senses have been dulled enough to let something like that happen to him in the first place.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • When Negi gets his right arm chopped off in a fight, he just exclaims that he still has his left and continues to fight. Granted, a severed arm can be re-attached with only moderate difficulty in the Magic World, but he didn't know that!
    • Fate Averruncus is completely unconcerned when Tsukuyomi cuts off one of his arms (basically for giggles). He actually uses the severed limb as a comedic prop via patting one of his minions on the head with it when she (rather understandably) freaks out and seems more worried that he did the joke wrong than the fact that his arm is severed. Especially odd considering his earlier reaction to being punched in the face for the first time.
  • In One Piece the Main Characters and villains being Made of Iron always seem to shrug off things that would kill other Shonen character let alone real people.
    • Characters who lose arms like: Shanks, Jozu, Nekomamushi, Perospero or people lose legs like: Zeff, Kyros and Inuarashi have grand reactions ranging from just wincing in pain to "Oh well it's just a limb" or in Kyros case not even reacting at all and just keeping on fighting.
    • Justified with Logia Users who thanks to their intangible nature tend to just smile and chuckle at getting their heads cut off or being bisected at the torso.
    • Among the Straw hats The Monster Trio are the most guilty of this.
      • Luffy at one point punches Don Krieg in the face when he was covering himself a spiked cape, the result was Nausea Fuel for everyone except Luffy who didn't even look pained. Later on, Luffy gets a Finger Poke of Doom to the throat from Rob Lucci and just violently coughs, Lucci states if Luffy wasn't a Rubber Man he'd be dead from that. Though that's nothing compared Luffy's fight with Magellan where he doesn't even cry out in pain at getting his arms melted.
      • Zoro does this a lot, the most notably when Mihawk's BFS autographed his torso and he spends the next arc running around and fighting with a wound that even Arlong the Big Bad of the arc finds horrifying. There's also the time he cut halfway through his shins to escape a trap and could still walk afterward. Most remember the time he took all Luffy's pain and claimed while bloodied that's "It's nothing", averted though as two of Zoro's crewmates heard him screaming in agony before then.
      • Sanji has remarkable tolerance for pain, at one point after beating his opponent he casually comments that he broke several ribs, in Real Life a jagged edge of rib cage can puncture major blood vessels or internal organs but Sanji kept fighting as normal. Hell, one arc earlier, Sanji was running around after getting his spine cracked and post Time Skip he just clenches his teeth at getting his tibia cracked. Not to mention the time Sanji's response to getting scorched by a massive lightning beam, was to thank the God who did it for lighting up his cigarette.
    • Interesting example with Action Girl Nami as she gets impaled straight through the foot and it clearly hurts but she determinedly shrugs it off saying that compared what her friend Vivi is going through it's nothing.
    • Usopp does this occasionally, in his first arc he gets shot in the arm and just keeps running, in a later arc he gets skull smashed by a 4-ton bat to the face and he still stands up again and has a Rousing Speech.
    • Franky after becoming a Cyborg has many moments of this, like just crying in pain at getting shot in the back or when his face gets blasted off and he isn't even winded and the people around him are more concerned.
    • During the climax of the Dressrosa arc, Doflamingo gets his internal organs sliced apart by Law and instead of dying he just stitches them back together with his Devil Fruit power and doesn't slow in the slightest
    • Whitebeard is the undisputed winner, as he gets half his goddamn face blown off and his reaction is simply irritation and he has no problem having a big Final Speech while lacking most of his head.
  • In Princess Mononoke, Ashitaka gets shot through the chest and treats it like a minor inconvenience. While he does eventually pass out, he manages to not only make it out of Irontown first, he does so by lifting a gate made of thick logs one-handed while carrying an unconscious San with his other arm. It's unclear how much of this was the demonic essence afflicting him and how much was just sheer refusal to stop going.
  • Zack in The Promised Neverland is the most active member of the Goldy Pond kids, and as such, he's gotten quite used to horrible injury to the point where breaking his wrist is a minor annoyance. Played with in that he's The Medic, primarily because of being used to treating his many, many wounds.
  • Corporal Oland from Pumpkin Scissors doesn't feel pain when under the influence of the Blue Lantern, and is so used to coming out of it with horrific injuries that he barely even notices them anymore. For example, during the ballroom arc he gets hit in the head and shoulder with a sledgehammer, hit in the face and stomach with a mace, run over by horses, and thrown through a window. He barely even acknowledges most of these.
  • Ramen Fighter Miki: Kankuro hits the ball Miki was pitching him... with his arm. It breaks:
    Kankuro: It’s a home run, isn’t it? It’s my victory. But my left arm seems to have bent in a way it isn’t supposed to. Then it’s a tie, Nya!
  • A Running Gag in early Ranma ½ was Kuno would suffer massive damage and only respond with a deadpan "That hurt, you know."
    • Once while in Dr.Tofu's clinic Ranma gets his neck bent when Kasumi came in which unintentionally distracts him. Pointing out his mistake only got his neck bent the other way. He jogs out of the clinic with his head still bent looking for Akane, even asking for her to Nabiki. His neck gets fixed by Akane when she slams his head on the ground when he annoys her (trying to cheer her up). But at the end of the chapter, he once again gets his neck sprained by Akane after he again angers her enough to get beaten up by her.
  • In Reborn! (2004), Gokudera, while rushing over to the hospital to give Tsuna roses, got run over by cars a couple of times and is covered in blood. This didn't seem to deter him, and when told by Tsuna that he should go see a doctor, he replies that "this is nothing."
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, if Meliodas or Ban react to a wound in the appropriately pained way, that means shit's getting real. Regardless of how long it takes for them to register.
  • In Soul Eater, Chrona does this at times. Chrona's reaction to a surprise scythe to the gut is, "Where did that come from?"
  • Early in Space Adventure Cobra, Cobra gets impaled on his chest by a sword. He nervously acknowledges his luck that it isn't fatal, but not before turning to his enemy like nothing happened to mock and immediately kill him. The other two times he's seen being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice, however, do knock him out a little more.
  • Thanks to their super pain-nullifying pills, the baddies in Sword of the Stranger do this several times, often getting shot by multiple arrows and just continuing to fight or casually chat about something else. In one scene, a man's arm gets lopped off; he hardly notices, and seems more upset that he didn't get to finish firing his gun.
  • In Trigun, Knives had an odd reaction when Vash shoots him for the first time: instead of writhing in pain, he became totally distraught that his own brother would raise a gun against him.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Pharaoh is knocked from a high cliff by Bakura. He wakes in a cave with a bloodied head and wounds and promptly decides the best thing to do is follow Bakura to his base, to prevent him from attacking the city again. Several other characters display this reaction throughout the series when at their most altruistic - Joey in particular takes a lot of damage throughout the series, in one instance being pummeled by yo-yos from all directions before going off to fight an old gang friend of his.

    Audio Plays 
  • Big Finish Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor performs one in Son of the Dragon.
    The Doctor: Peri, did you see that man that just brushed past us?
    Peri: Not really, was he someone important?
    The Doctor: In a way, I suppose, yes, I don't wish to alarm you, I suspect, in fact I am fairly certain he had a knife.
    Peri: A knife?!
    The Doctor: Yes, erm, and he, er, just stabbed me in the chest.

    Comic Books 
  • Thanos' reaction as he sees his own heart being torn out by Drax the Destroyer?
    Thanos: Interesting...
  • In the horrendous comic Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Christabella is shot in the eye, but is only angry because the blast set her hair on fire. She also says that she doesn't mind the giant gash in her stomach, just the flies that constantly get on her and when dogs try to eat out of it in her sleep.
  • In his MAX series, The Punisher once lost - didn't break, lost - a rib to a shotgun blast. Didn't slow him down.
    Frank's monologue: That's a rib gone. Not broken. Gone. [keeps fighting]
  • Not so much an injury as a change, but when Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America (Bucky) are turned into frogs in one comic, Thor (to whom this has happened before) is annoyed, Iron Man freaks out, and Bucky, the least-experienced of the three, has no real reaction to it at all (his first comment is to tell Tony to relax).
  • Sin City:
    • Stuka gets an arrow right through his body and seems entirely unconcerned, even though he states that "it's really starting to hurt". All of his friends seem unconcerned as well. They calmly read the note attached to the arrow, then file out of the room to look for the archer, leaving Stuka standing there, confused. In the film adaptation, this is followed up with an arrow to the head, to which he reacts only with mild annoyance.
      Stuka: I don't know, guys. Maybe I should see a doctor or something. I don't think this is the kind of thing you can just ignore.
    • Kevin from The Hard Goodbye is even worse. Marv beats the shit out of him and he never screams. Marv cuts his arms and legs off and he never screams. Marv sics his own pet wolf onto him and eats his genitals and he never screams. Even when Marv saws his head off and he never screams.
  • The eponymous character of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is perfectly fine when his 'spine explodes.'
  • Defused Tyke Bomb Cassandra Cain was prone to this. It was explained by her backstory.
    Tim Drake: How can you take a bullet and not bat an eye?
    Cassandra Cain: You know that... kid game, "Two for Flinching?"
    Tim Drake: Yeah. Oh, no. Don't tell me.
    Cassandra Cain: My... dad and I played something like that.
  • Played for laughs in a one-panel comic in an early issue of Toy Fare Magazine. The comic depicted action figures of Cloud and Vincent from Final Fantasy VII pulling the arms off a Sephiroth figure. Sephiroth's response is simply "Y'know, once this sensory overload isn't overwhelming my capacity to feel pain, I'm gonna be screaming like a girl."
  • When Jack Russell a.k.a. Werewolf by Night is run through with several silver katanas in Punisher vol. 7 #13, he tells his attackers: "Acupuncture. Tickles."
  • Deadpool, upon being impaled by an elephant tusk: "Gross, my body's never gone 'sploorp' before."
  • Deff Skwadron: Quoth Killboy: "Beg pardon, sir, but you couldn't 'elp me with the take-off? Lost one of me arms in the crash again, an' I'm 'avin trouble usin' all the controls..."
  • In the Birds of Prey story arc where they go up against the Secret Six, Scandal Savage takes a .45 caliber bullet to the back from near point-blank range and spends a few pages apparently bleeding to death in the snow before rejoining the fight. Afterwards, when she's being helped into the back of their transport, she makes a muttered comment about how she hates regrowing organs. Plays with the Healing Factor tropes as well.
  • The Transformers (IDW):
    • The Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Shockwave blows a hole in Dreadwing at the start of issue 17, killing him. At the end of the issue, Dreadwing comes back to life through the use of Shockwave's experiments. His reaction is a small "ow," asking for some warning next time, and then wondering what they're going to do next as the hole in his chest closes up.
    • The Transformers: Dark Cybertron: Galvatron tears Megatron in two. Megatron proceeds to shoot him and orders Bumblebee to take him away and bring his legs. He refers to the injury as a scratch and says he's had worse. If one's read The Transformers (IDW) they'd find this isn't an exaggeration; he has had worse, having been sliced shoulder to crotch (missing his spark, and thus a fatal blow, by inches) and one time being consumed by living explosions.
    • The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye: Fulcrum wakes up while the Scavengers are stripping him for parts. He's, at most, slightly disturbed to learn that Misfire is holding what amounts to his still-beating heart in one hand. Notably, Fulcrum at this stage of his career isn't some unstoppable One-Man Army like Megatron, for whom shrugging off dismemberment would only be expected; he's a living bomb who was too cowardly to explode. Presumably the Rule of Funny energy around the Scavengers is just that strong.
      Fulcrum: I—wait a second. Is that my fuel pump?
      Misfire: What, this? Um...yeah. Can I keep it?
      Fulcrum: Well, I kind of need it. You know, for pumping my fuel.
  • In NYX, Zebra Daddy's reaction to being impaled through the back by X-23's claws, and looking down to see them sticking out of his chest, is just a subdued "Aw, man," before he dies. However his response to her cutting off his hand earlier in the fight gets much more of a response.
  • In one Lucky Luke issue, "Tenderfoot", a young British heir with a very stiff upper lip participates in a Flintlock Pistol Duel (only one shot). His opponent shoots first, but when he sees that he hasn't killed the Briton, who calmly stands still with his pistol firmly held in the right hand, he freaks out and surrenders, giving the Greenhorn victory by forfeit. When Luke asks the heir why he didn't shoot, he calmly responds: "I couldn't. He shot me in the arm and the pain is unbearable."
  • Wonder Woman: Due to her healing factor Wondy doesn't worry too much about medical care, and is pretty good at continuing to fight regardless of physical harm.
    • Wonder Woman (1987): When Diana is fighting Superman, who is under Circe's control, she keeps thinking about the fact that her arms and hands are being quite badly injured by punching him and it's going to take her a while to heal from it, but doesn't let up.
    • Wonder Woman (2006): Achilles reacts to getting stabbed through the heart by disarming and defeating the Amazon who stabbed him.
    • Wonder Woman (Rebirth): Diana uses getting shot by Maru to pinpoint Maru's location and neutralize the sniper.
    • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman: In "Generations" Di's reaction to Cheetah lodging a spear in her shoulder is to yank it out and use it against the villain.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes did a parody of Dark Age comic books, in which a character having a huge hole blasted through his torso narrates: "I could feel my spine shatter. It hurt... a lot."
  • One Zits strip pulls this immediately before its inverse.
    • Panel 1:
    Jeremy: I'm fine. I just fell out of a tree.
    • Panel 2:
    Jeremy: PAPER CUT!

    Fan Works 
  • One yakuza member in Kyon: Big Damn Hero was terrified about how little desire for retribution Kyon possessed after being shot. Justified because he had been healed afterwards and only one of the bullets actually got through, after the skinsuit inside his Yuki-altered wristwatch activated reducing damage.
  • In Halo: Halos in Space, Joe Chief leaps at the Spines Alien and gets pierced by the spines, but breaks them off in the process. Both respond with an "Ow."
  • In the Homestuck bloodswap AU fanfic Red Dead Virgo, Kanaya is more concerned with her rapid blood loss leaving an easy trail to follow and worrying her friend Vriska, than the fact that she is losing so much blood that it causes her to pass out.
  • Ichigo in To Prey Upon the Dead get his arm broken during a spar with Tatsuki. He mutely snaps the bone back into place to heal. Justified however in that he's Covered with Scars and only one of them (his pinky and part of his left hand were melted off by a Xenomorphs acid) isn't from training or sparring sessions. Note: one of his spars against "Mother Masa" ended with him impaled.
  • Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken: A Story Retold: In chapter 2, Lyn gets bashed over the head with the flat of an axe, but simply shrugs it off to save Michael from another bandit, completely failing to notice her head wound until Michael inspects the back of her head and sees that her hair is covered in blood; Lyn promptly takes a sip of a vulnerary, and it's only when the wound closes that she feels the pain.
    Lyn: Oh yes, I was hurt!
  • One Homestuck fic has Eridan wearing a shock collar to curb his swearing. Since the collar was made by Equius, it sets off at words as innocuous as "darn", and after a major accident Eridan resorts to "Goodness, you've cracked my skull!"
  • RWBY: Reckoning: The protagonist, Darrel Conway, is injured by a Giant Nevermore slicing a talon into his side, but he doesn't even notice until it's pointed out to him. Though it's somewhat justified, as Darrel would most likely be charged with adrenaline throughout the fight.
  • In Harry Potter and the Sisters Black, Luna gets her shoulder dislocated during some bondage sex and treats the injury like she broke her nail.
  • Harry Potter in Harry Potter: Geth learns that his arm from the elbow down was melted by acid and had to be completely regrown. His sole reaction is snark.
    Harry: Ah, perfect timing. I had a very heavy grease stain from the elevator that wouldn't come off.
  • All the remaining Scoobies largely ignore their fatal injuries in The Last Ones Left by virtue of a spell that leaves them incapable of feeling pain.
  • The Bridge: Played with when Gigan slashes Grand King Ghidorah across the back. Ghidorah screams and thrashes around for a minute, then abruptly calms down and starts cordially talking to Gigan and his friends. The sight of Ghidorah nonchalantly walking around with his wound still oozing blood freaks Gigan out.
  • When Pinkie Pie cuts off Rainbow Dash's wings in Rainbow Dash Presents Cupcakes, Rainbow's more disappointed in Pinkie than hurt, and quickly gets over it when she learns Pinkie's making a Nice Hat out of them. And even when she's killed and comes back as a ghost she's more concerned with what she's going to do now than the fact that she was just murdered.
  • Naruto casually lists his broken bones, despite only being ten, in Blue Skies simply because he's been injured so many times while trying to fly.
  • In one Naruto story, Iruka chastises Naruto for lying about being attacked by villagers, citing his lack of scars from any injuries. In a rage, Naruto stabs a kunai through his own arm which convinces Iruka Naruto is telling the truth since not only does the wound heal in seconds, but Naruto doesn't even react to having nailed his arm to the counter beneath it.
  • At one point in Webwork, one of Jade's hands gets cut off. Her only reaction is to complain as to how much growing it back is going to itch.
  • Thanks to No Punctuation Period, the works of ultamite nineball feature a character whose response to being stabbed to death is merely "Ahh".
  • Laura of legolas by laura fame doesn't react at all to being whipped, raped, beaten, poisoned, and left with a broken arm, except to say, "Go away, you bastard".
  • Uchiha Fugaku in Naruto and the Overpowered Academy Three plucks out his own eyes without even a flinch or a hitch in his speech as he offers them to Itachi.
  • Somewhat lampshaded in Dreaming of Sunshine by Sasuke after Shikako's fight with Muku.
    Sasuke: [irritated and exasperated] Shikako! You can't just stand around and have a conversation while your arm bone is sticking out! You have to say something!
    Shikako: It's called a humerus. But I don't suppose it's that funny.
  • Due to Izuku becoming far too used to how his Quirk works in Nutricula, he barely reacts to his various deaths. Perhaps the most shining example is when he bounces back from Kurogiri executing him via Portal Cut, convincing a shell-shocked Aoyama to help him with an Indy Ploy while still clearly injured to the point of being just a head.
  • Coming Back, Broken: When Jim and Claire return from the Darklands, Barbara inspects their bodies and finds many injuries, including bruises, broken ribs and a fractured leg in Claire's case. She claims that the only thing keeping them going was adrenaline, but Claire does not seem too bothered by her leg after getting a few nights sleep, implying that she has since grown used to it.
  • Roanapur Connection: Oboro Shinozaki/Kirihara in her thoughts of her past in Father, Son and the Mother Hen, merely shrugs off going through the roof of her dojo shrine when she tried to fly an umbrella, breaking her legs for a year with a simple Awe.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku regularly grits through the pain of shattering his own bones to use his Semblance and is perfectly okay with it for as long as he's saving lives. but this is downplayed compared to his home series because Aura can fix him with enough resting time. He regularly gets chewed out for this by his teammate, Weiss, who criticizes his constant recklessness and disregard for his own well-being.
    Weiss: [as the bones in Izuku's finger pop back into place after being broken] I still find that pretty unsettling. It can't feel pleasant either.
    Izuku: It isn't... but doing this gave us a pretty big advantage back there in taking out all those Nevermore. Without it, the fight would've gone on longer and everyone would've probably gotten badly injured. It was more than a fair trade off, I think.
    Weiss: Just... don't make a habit out of it, okay? Pointless to ask I know, you're going to use it if you feel like you have to, but... well, it's not exactly fun for the rest of us to see you break yourself over and over again.
    Izuku: I know, Weiss. [sees his friends in trouble five minutes later] Weiss, repeat the old plan!
    Weiss: [begrudgingly speeds him up with a glyph] Izuku, your-
    Izuku: I know, I promise, I'll only use one finger this time!
    • Even after he starts getting the hang of using One For All without breaking himself, his use of Go Beyond causes stress fractures, muscle tearing (to the point that his leg muscles briefly tore themselves from his bones) and puts pressure on countless blood vessels. Weiss is quick to point out the absurdity of this.
      Weiss: So your solution to us worrying about you breaking your fingers and fixing them with Aura is to break your everything and fix it with Aura?
      Izuku: [Beat] Ah... I... You see...
  • A Peaceful Afterlife: All over the place. Justified, in that demons can regenerate from just about anything given enough time, and therefore tend to regard things like dismemberment and decapitation as inconvenient. It's telling that Angel is more peeved about blood on his favorite top and his hairdo being ruined than he is about losing an arm.
  • In Chapter 4 of Growing Daylight, Blinky is treating a troll who's entire shoulder was completely gone from a training accident, his arm only hanging on by a small grand of stone. While Blinky chews him out over it, the troll seems more proud of it if nothing else.
  • Discussed by Natsuki in the Doki Doki Literature Club Loops. Because of the Dokis' origins as digital entities, she claims they are not as psychologically connected to physical bodies as others, comparing losing an arm to 'losing a swimsuit in a public pool' — though she is quick to acknowledge that it is a significant issue for most people and does not downplay the trauma. This is demonstrated most clearly with Yuri, whose fascination with sensation means she can be covered in scratches and not slowed down, though all four of them have demonstrated mild irritation at serious injury over the course of the fic.
  • Wander over Foster's AU One-Shot (Wander over Yonder, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends): This is Wander's reply to Frankie's concern over him. He has enough injuries to be covered in bandages, but he says it's "just a scratch".
  • Can't get much more major than being killed, looking down at your own body and going "...Oh. Okay. So that's a problem for later." This is exactly what happens to Izuku in Yesterday Upon The Stair and then he proceeds to beat the villain to a pulp, as a ghost.
  • Izuku in The Undead Schoolgirl: Dead Pulse has a Healing Factor and doesn't feel pain so she's extremely cavalier about injuries, including dismembering herself to show off her Quirk.
  • Anyone who spends a significant amount of time in The Zone in Death Need Not Apply will have an outright inhuman pain tolerance because The Zone is an area where no one can die and all injuries eventually heal. Izuku gets hit in the face with Ashido's acid and barely grunts on top of commenting that Bakugou's blown his legs off plenty of times, apparently having a phase where he liked creating nitroglycerin minefields. Later, Izuku cheerfully shows Hagakure how to properly snap someone's neck, using himself as the test dummy, and compliments her first attempt, saying she definitely cracked a vertebra and was close to doing it perfectly.
    • In Chapter 6, Izuku shows no sign of pain despite having so much broken glass stabbed into him that he clinks when he moves and Aizawa remarks that it looks like he's replaced his blood with glass.
  • Breaking The Chains: Weiss tries to underplay her injuries from Adam as "just a scratch", but Blake sees through it and heals her anyway.
  • In Spice Girls and Ace of Base, AU/RPF, Just Taken, the women are violently attacked by a group of random men with Melanie taking the worst, even being run over. How does she handle this? Melanie just flipped off the driver and just goes to the hospital with the others, on foot. Melanie even wakes up in the middle of surgery, just shrugs it off, and tell the doctors to just forget about the rest of the anesthesia and move on.
  • Misty is going through either this or Minor Injury Overreaction, depending on how you interpret her situation in Broken Legs, Unbroken Love. The story doesn't make it quite clear how grave Misty's injuries are, save apparently that they'll take a full year to recover.
  • With This Ring:
    • Ambrose Bierce attempts to scry for Blaze's location, but is hit by her magical defences and finds that he can't see. He reassures his employer that "struck blind" curses generally wear off in a day or two, not realising that his eyeballs have been totally destroyed.
    • The protagonist has many times shrugged off injuries that would ordinarily be debilitating and mortal, because his power ring allows him to suppress pain nerves and rapidly rebuild his body.
      Paul: Six months ago an angel shoved a burning sword through my skull, while I was in hell and defended by an army of demons. I'm sorry, but no matter what you do you're not going to get the emotional reaction you're looking for.

    Films — Animation 
  • Shrek: After Fiona fights off Robin and his Merry Men, both she and Shrek are surprised to discover he'd sustained an injury. Justified in that Shrek's thick skin wouldn't necessarily feel the arrow going in.
    Fiona: There's an arrow in your butt!!
    Shrek: [looks at butt] Oh, would you look at that.
  • Olaf the Snowlem from Frozen (2013) gets a lot of these. His reaction to accidentally walking into a needle-sharp icicle sticking out of a wall is a nonchalant "Oh, look at that. I've been impaled." Justified in that he's a snowman; about the only thing that can actually "kill" him is melting.
    Olaf: Hands down, this is the BEST day of my life! [starts melting] And quite possibly the last...
  • In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, this is Invoked in one of the songs, "La Resistance":
    They may cut your dick in half, and feed it to a pig,
    And though it hurts you'll laugh, and dance a dickless jig!
  • In Hulk vs. Wolverine, we get Deadpool, who lost an arm, and was stomped by Hulk. His reaction? A joke ("Could you give me a hand?") And "Ow..." Justified by his Healing Factor. All he has to do is reattach it. Deadpool was more depressed that Wolvie slashed his favorite gun than losing his arm.
  • Ringo gets hit with several arrows in Yellow Submarine but he just casually pulls them out of himself and doesn't seem to be in any pain at all.
  • Isle of Dogs:
    • Early on in the movie, Chief tears the ear off of another dog while both dog packs fight over scraps. When one of the rival pack dogs remarks that Chief tore his ear off, the dog with the torn ear (named Igor) merely shrugs it off.
    • In a more serious example, when Atari lands on Trash Island when his plane crashes, he ends up with a piece of metal embedded in his brain. He carries on in spite of this. He gets another piece of metal embedded in his brain during the climax, and this time, it causes him to fall unconscious.
  • Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ. A Supersoldier gets his legs blown off, but thanks to Emotion Suppression and nanomachines controlling the injury is able to keep fighting, only taking note of his mutilation in an abstracted manner.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Apocalypto Jaguar Paw is impaled on a javelin while running away from the Aztec city; he PULLS IT OUT, RIGHT THROUGH HIS BODY and carries on running.
  • Avatar: Grace looks down at her blood-drenched hands and the bleeding wound in her side. Voice deadpan, she says "This is gonna ruin my whole day." Quaritch also only deigns to acknowledge that his shoulder is on fire once his walker is deployed.
  • Played with in Starship Troopers. A number of the casualties are screaming in extreme pain on the battlefield or back at the base hospital. But at the end, Carmen has a four-inch diameter bug leg shoved through her shoulder and is fighting with a heavy combat rifle a short time later. By all rights, she shouldn't be able to lift her arm. As well, Lt. Rasczak has his entire lower half bitten off by bugs and seems to ignore the pain only seconds later.
    • Rasczak at least has shock and major endorphins to keep him from feeling too much pain. Still no excuse for Carmen lifting a battle rifle.
  • In Billy Madison we see a clown fall from stilts and drop to the floor, bleeding from his mouth like he's dying... a little later, in a sudden musical number, he comes back, full of energy.
    Clown: Hey kids, it's me!
    I bet you thought that I was dead!
    But when I fell over I just broke my leg
    and got a hemmoraghe in my head! *chuckles*
  • A bit of a dark Running Gag in Chopper is for the title character to do this. He expresses only annoyance when his ears are being hacked off as part if a prison ploy. When he's being shanked multiple times by his former friend, Chopper's only reaction is to talk about how hurt his feelings are that his friend is betraying him. "Jimmy... if ya keep stabbing me, ya gunna kill me, right?"
  • Deadpool:
    • Given his sense of humor, and the fact that his Healing Factor gives him a skewed idea of what constitutes a major injury, Deadpool gets a lot of these.
      • In the highway fight, Deadpool's only reaction to having a bullet-hole straight through his arm is to wiggle his finger through the bullet hole and curse at the guy who just put it there (to be fair, Deadpool was already planning to kill him, so there was little point in getting more angry).
        Deadpool: MOTHERFUCKER!
      • Deadpool starts making Tyrannosaurus rex jokes after busting both of his wrists trying to punch Colossus. Once he breaks a leg, he goes on about "the one-legged man in the ass-kicking contest". It gets to where he's lampshading the Black Knight with his limbs just being broken instead of gone, not that them being gone would be any more troublesome.
      • Wade is stabbed in the head with a knife, but when he sees his beloved Vanessa, he starts seeing cute animals surround her, makes romantic gestures and has Chicago playing in his head. This could also be happening because keeping the knife in is preventing his body from healing the brain damage and making him hallucinate.
    • Ajax too, being immune to pain, tends to react with nothing more than annoyance to life-threatening wounds, including being skewered by a katana.
  • Continues in Deadpool 2, where his response to being repeatedly shot by Cable while trying (and failing) to deflect his bullets is to just nod and say "Your bullets are really fast!"note . Later on, he's mostly just annoyed when the Juggernaut literally tears him in half.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
    • The Black Knight. He has all his limbs cut off one by one and the reaction each time is to deny that it would keep him from fighting.
    • As well as Lancelot's squire Concord, whom upon being tragically, fatally wounded by an arrow bearing a note, calls out "Message for you, sir!"
  • In Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, a British officer based in Africa takes a very blase attitude about losing a leg to a tiger. However, part of that might come from the fact that he seems to believe that his leg will grow back.
  • Red from Pineapple Express sustains injuries that should, by all logic, kill him and only agrees to go to a hospital after breakfast, which may be several hours after the climactic fight. Though, he was stoned out of his mind so he didn't feel it.
  • In Zombieland, Bill Murray reacts to the buckshot to the chest in an "oh, this is unfortunate" sort of tone and goes out pretty calmly. Being high as a kite might've had something to do with his nonchalance.
  • Death Bed: The Bed That Eats:
    • In this narmful classic, one of the protagonists gets all the flesh melted off his hands when he foolishly tries to pull a victim out of the Death Bed. Instead of showing any sign of pain at all, he just stares at his skeletal hands in Dull Surprise for a long time and offhandedly remarking how the way the bones detach from the ligaments means the tissue's died. Gee, you think?
    • Another character remarks on being eaten alive in the same tone most people would note their shoe is untied.
  • One of the police officers in Mystic River recounts a story about a guy who walked into the emergency room with a knife sticking out of his shoulder and asked the nurse where the Coke machine was.
  • In The Hangover: Part 2 Teddy is more curious than concerned about his missing finger. What makes it worse is that he's a talented musician and training to be a surgeon, two professions that generally require skillful hands with all fingers intact. Not only has he irretrievably lost a digit - and could possibly have any number of infections from the wound - but his surgical career could well be in trouble.
  • In Rubber, Lieutenant Chad asks to be shot in the chest twice and does not react at all. In fact, he doesn't seem to be actually injured at all. He does it to demonstrate to his fellow officers that they are all fictional characters in a film.
  • The shock/panic variant of this trope occurs in Saving Private Ryan:
    • Sgt. Horvath gets shot several times throughout the final battle and it doesn't really even seem to slow him down. As he's running across the bridge, he takes one in the back and the bullet passes straight through him, which he brushes off with "Just got the wind knocked outta me, sir. I'm fine." He dies of that wound shortly afterwards.
    • A GI in shock on Omaha Beach picks up the arm that just got torn off his shoulder and walks away.
  • Mickey Blue Eyes provides a subversion. Frank is aiming a gun at Michael, and the latter asks if this is going to hurt. Frank says, "Not a bit." BANG BANG! Two red spots appear on Michael's chest, while he calmly says that it actually did hurt quite a lot. The subversion? They were practicing for a fake assassination. The gun was loaded with blanks, and the bullet holes were fakes rigged by a mechanism Michael was carrying.
  • In Jason X, a teen gets his arm chopped off, has his wound sealed temporarily, and then is brought back to the medical bay to have the limb reattached. Granted, he's a bit of a stoner, and it's far enough in the future that painkillers are probably excellent, but seeing him carry his own arm back with him (and crack jokes about it while doing so) is definitely this trope.
  • The shop teacher in UHF cuts off his thumb while demonstrating a table saw. His reaction, as (fake) blood sprays all over George: "Would you look at that? Just call me 'Mr. Butterfingers'. I think it's on the floor somewhere. Is my face red!"
  • In Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, played by Willem Dafoe, spends much of the film chewing as much scenery as he can. At the end, when he is about to be impaled by his own glider, his only reaction is a soft "Oh".
  • In Johnny Dangerously, a gangster gets shot, but his only reaction is to note that he's got a hole in his suit. Soon after, he keels over from smoking. Don't smoke, kids!
  • Jennifer's Body has a few, justified due to the title character being a demonically-possessed quasi-succubus. Near the end, she gets speared through, and this is all she has to say:
    Jennifer: [pulling the bar out] Ow. Ow. [drops it] [beat] Got a tampon?
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie is remarkably calm when he tells Pepper that she's just caused him to go into cardiac arrest. Though this might cross over into Danger Deadpan; he might just be trying to act unconcerned because if Pepper freaks out he's royally screwed. Even Tony’s reaction to getting a shrapnel bomb explode into his chest is subdued, he unbuttons his shirt to check if his vest took the brunt of it, notices he’s bleeding and just lets his arms go loose.
    • Iron Man 2: Played with when Tony's palladium poisoning is clearly causing him discomfort, but he chooses not to tell anybody about it, instead making subtler preparations for his death such as appointing Pepper CEO and letting Rhodey take the Mk II. Of course, Tony was going to make Pepper an omelet and tell her, but he never got a chance.
    • It’s almost a Mythology Gag by the time of Avengers: Endgame as a time travelling Ant-Man causes 2012 Tony to go into cardiac arrest as a distraction and after a brief seizure 2012 Thor restarts his heart and Tony instead of being in shock at his near death says “That worked a treat... dude that was so crazy”. In the same scene presents day Tony in disguise is only slightly winded at getting smashed by The Hulk, more concerned that he lost the Tessaract.
    • Thor’s reaction to getting stabbed in the gut by his brother Loki in The Avengers (2012) is a slight wince before he wrecks his brother. We do see Thor slightly off-balance later but still no worse for wear compared to Tony, Cap, and Natasha who can barely stand; justified as he is a god and they aren't.
    • Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier gets shot in the shoulder and despite clearly being in pain has entire expositional conversation with Cap and Falcon while captured. It’s only towards the end of the scene that her friends notice how much blood she’s losing and she gets saved and patched up shortly after.
    • In Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to being a Plant Person Groot’s reaction to Gamora hacking off his arms with her Cool Sword is only mild pain. If anything he just looks more saddened that someone would do that to him. Similarly, Nebula being a Cyborg has no reaction to hacking off her own arm or resetting her jaw after it gets dislocated.note .
    • At one point in Ant-Man, Scott sics a bunch of bullet ants on one of the guards. The guy reacts as if he's been stung by a bee, rather than collapsing into a quivering mass of blinding pain and muscle spasms. The sting of the bullet ant is more than 100 times as painful as a honey bee sting and is about as painful as getting hit by a bullet. Maybe if the man had acted realistically, it would have seemed too cruel.
    • In Black Panther Killmonger’s reaction to T’challa stabbing him in the chest with a spearhead.
    Killmonger: (breathing hard) Helluva move...
    • Played with in Avengers: Infinity War as Thanos’s reaction to getting Stormbreaker lodged in his chest by a powerfully pissed off Thor is clearly a pained one, especially when Thor pushes it in deeper. But the Titan still causally remarks to Thor that he should’ve aimed for the head before snapping his fingers and wiping out half the life in the universe. Straighter after Thanos casually takes Stormbreaker out, heals his chest and slips away through a portal.
    • In Captain Marvel (2019), Nick Fury seems only moderately annoyed at Goose scratching his eye, apparently because he (incorrectly) assumes it will heal.
    • Spidey has a pretty big one in Spider-Man: Far From Home as he gets collected by a High-Speed Rail After getting tricked onto the tracks by Mysterio. Afterwards the worst he seems to have gotten from it is a slight limp.
  • In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Boromir merely grunts, drops to his knees, then gets right back up and keeps fighting after being shot with an arrow. It's not until the third that he stays down, and even then he's more concerned about failing the Fellowship than the fact that he has three arrows sticking out of his chest. Bear in mind that the shafts of these arrows were themselves a full inch in diameter.
  • In The Hobbit, upon having his belly slashed open, the Great Goblin remarks, "That'll do it."
  • In Waterloo, toward the end of the battle, the British general Wellington and his Number Two Uxbridge seem to survive a near miss from a cannon shot intact when suddenly Uxbridge looks down...
    Uxbridge: [calmly] My God, sir, I've lost my leg.
    Wellington: My God, sir, so you have.
  • During Night at the Museum, Teddy Roosevelt gets cut in half by a wagon wheel. His response goes along the lines of "Well, that's problematic." Justified, as he is a wax replica, but it's probably how the real Teddy would've reacted to getting cut in half too.
  • In Wrongfully Accused, Hibbing Goodhue is shot several times by an assailant. His response: "Ouch." He then tries to get a Band-Aid while he continues to be shot. His final words are "Have you quite finished?"
  • Elysium: Carlyle, though possibly justified as he was shot in the heart, and probably immediately went into shock.
  • Dr. Ferreiro from Pan's Labyrinth, when he is shot in the back by Captain Vidal he doesn't even flinch and continues walking.
  • Though it doesn't involve actually injuring, the reaction of our hero and heroine in Attack of the Puppet People to being shrunk, put into suspended animation and only being let out for the toymaker's amusement, as well as almost getting killed by the puppet maker in a murder-suicide due to the cops getting suspicious... Tell him to move out from in front of the door (which he does) and storm out of the room like he had insulted them.
  • In Dirty Work, Mitch (Norm MacDonald) has this reaction to being raped in prison:
    Mitch: You fellas have a lot of growing up to do, I'll tell you that. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. Can you believe these characters? Way out of line. Way out of line. Have a good mind to go to the warden about this. You know what hurts the most is the... the lack of respect. You know? That's what hurts the most. Except for the... Except for the other thing. That hurts the most. But the lack of respect hurts the second most.
  • In Pulp Fiction, immediately after a rape:
    Butch Coolidge: You okay?
    Marsellus Wallace: Naw, man. I'm pretty fuckin' far from okay.
  • In The Matrix Revolutions Trinity is run through with a huge piece of rebar. There's little to no blood, she doesn't even cough or moan, just gives a quite but loooooong parting speech before finally dying. Neo is also commendably indifferent to the fact that his eyes have been burnt out.
  • The Pink Panther: Whenever Chief Inspector Dreyfus suffers his accidental Amusing Injuries, such as stabbing himself with a letter opener or shooting his nose off, he gives surprisingly subdued reactions — mostly, calling to his assistant that "I seem to have just ____."
  • Frequently justified in Pirates of the Caribbean, since it's usually happening to some kind of undead. Some of them follow it up with a one-liner.
  • In Scarface Tony Montana is shot a number of times through the torso. As he is currently high on cocaine, it just makes him angry.
  • Maximilian from Vampire in Brooklyn, being an invulnerable undead creature and all that.
    Maximilian: Interesting. I've been stabbed, and I've been hanged, and I've been burned. Even broken on the rack once, but I've never been shot before. Kind of itches a little!
  • Kull the Conqueror: Queen Akivasha reacts with boredom when one of her co-conspirators stabs her in the chest with a dagger after he realizes who's really in charge. He gets fired for his troubles.
  • Lone Survivor: While many of the SEALs reactions to getting shot would certainly count as this, the most extreme example comes from Matt Axelson after he took a round to the head. His reaction almost seems amused.
    Axe: Did they really shoot me in the fucking head?
    Marcus: Yeah, buddy.
  • Pride has the main lion pride come out of fighting with the Wanderers, a band of rogue lions. In the aftermath, one of the lions (James) remarks that his fellow leader's ear had been torn off. Eddie responds by laughing it off and sharing a joke about it with James.
  • In the 1937 film version of Captains Courageous, Manuel suffers an accident. As he is overboard in the ocean, he calmly states that he is as good as dead, because his entire lower body is gone. He speaks in Portuguese because he doesn't want Harvey to know. A member of the crew who does speak the language quietly translates for those who don't, but Harvey is left wondering why Manuel didn't climb back into the ship.
  • In Backdraft, an explosion throws Rimgale backwards into an iron fence. One of the decorative spikes goes into his back and comes out through his shoulder. His reaction is a deadpan:
    Rimgale: Kid? I think I got a problem.
  • In the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, Carol at one point rips off Douglas' arm. Douglas reacts to it in a tone of mild annoyance. Later on, he has a stick where the arm used to be.
    Douglas: That was my favorite arm!
  • In Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Caper Crew is executing a Train Job when Ace Pilot Rio gets shot in the shoulder. He claims he's all right, but Beckett sees the way their AT-Hauler is wobbling and knows that he's not all right. Rio dies minutes later.
  • In Alita: Battle Angel, in the climax, Nova has this reaction after Alita stabs him with the Damascus Blade, remarking as he looks down at the injury, "Well, that looks fatal." Justified since it's not really Nova that's been stabbed, but rather his main minion, Vector, whom he was puppeting.

  • And, of course, the classic old joke, which is also about Stiff Upper Lip:
    Two young subalterns are sitting in the officers' mess, talking about what wonderful chaps their troops are, how brave and hard-working and loyal to Queen and Country. And sitting nearby, the grumpy old colonel looks up and tells them: "Nonsense. You young whipper-snappers don't know quality. Why, I remember when I was at Poona in '76, after a battle I found one of my men pinned to a tree. One of the enemy horsemen had driven his lance clean through the fellow's belly. He was still alive, poor fellow."
    "Good God, man," I said to him, "does that hurt?"
    "Only when I laugh, sir."
  • Ardal O'Hanlon does a bit about how people are not as tough as they used to be and older folks have a higher tolerance for discomfort even when terminally ill.
    "How have you been?"
    "Oh, not bad."
    "What about the terrible searing pain?"
    "Well, it helps to pass the time."
  • A lawyer is parking his BMW on the street. He's about to close his driver's side door when he hears the honk of an oncoming semi-truck. He presses against the side of the car and watches in horror as the truck barely misses him, shearing his car's door off in the process. As the truck drives away, he yells at a nearby police officer, "Officer! Look what that guy did to my Beemer!" The officer looks at the lawyer and responds, "Shouldn't you be more concerned with what he did to your arm?" The lawyer looks down at his arm, which is now a bleeding stump. "Shit!" he shouts. "That guy got my Rolex too!"
  • Jeff Foxworthy has a joke about how men are conditioned not to cry, and gives this example:
    Foxworthy: A man could saw his leg off at the knee, and he would just hop around like "I'm alright! I'm alright! Just toss that leg in the cooler and grab me a beer, I'm alright!"
  • Similarly, Denis Leary talked about how much of a man's man his dad was, and how, when he accidentally took his thumb off with a circular saw, he taped it back on with electrical tape and drove himself to the hospital, having denied his wife driving him instead because being seen in a car driven by a woman was too much of a threat to his masculinity. Subsequently, he and his brother realized they would never have the right to complain about something after witnessing that.

  • In Redliners, David Drake has a character mention that a bad sunburn can cause more pain than some combat injuries. Doubtless due to the sunburn being restricted to nerve-rich skin.
  • In Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, X-wing pilot Hobbie Klivian, disabled in combat, has a shot fired through his cockpit that takes off his hand. He sighs, the narration says that it's been quite some time since he had a real left arm, and sticks the sparking stump into the new hole in the ceiling so that his pilot's suit will seal off the hole. Then he sticks his right foot into the new hole in the floor, and although his boot gets sucked off this gets sealed too. At some point, he collides with something and thinks that his foot may have just been sheared off, but that's okay. It's been a long time since he's had a real right foot.
    • In Darklighter, Hobbie is utterly nonchalant about losing his entire left arm and needing an artificial one. In the same issue, he ejects only to have a passing TIE fighter swipe off his leg. His reaction?
      Hobbie: I lost — I don't believe this! — My right shin and foot got clipped off! My suit's self-sealer worked... the wound's frozen already. No bleeding, minimal pressure loss. But it's starting to hurt.
      • And very soon after that, after a medpac was applied to the stump, he helped steal X-Wings by flying them out of storage. After that, he got a horrible infection, but again, he reacted very minimally. Hobbie is very prone to this sort of thing.
  • K.J Parker's The Scavenger Trilogy: several characters maintain cool, sophisticated conversations after traumatic injury.
  • In Angelfall, after a few days, the amputation of his wings doesn't seem to bother Raffe much, at least physically.
  • In the fourth book of A Series of Unfortunate Events, the character Phil gets his leg crushed. He reacts to this with, "Well, this isn't too bad. My left leg is broken, but at least I'm right-legged." Somebody comments, "Gee, I thought he'd say something more along the lines of 'Aaaaah! My leg! My leg!'
  • Codex Alera: Aquitainus Attis matter-of-factly describing his mortal injuries to Amara and Ehren in excruciating, even slightly snarky, detail. Justified here by magic: Metalcrafters have the ability to suppress their own feelings, including pain.
  • In The Dresden Files novel White Night, Ramirez looks down and says, "There's a knife in my leg", then "There's a knife in my gut", then "Holy crap, they match". Justified, because he's in shock.
    • Later on, in Cold Days Mac gets shot in the stomach. He just looks mildly perturbed for a Beat, then seems to remember this should incapacitate him and drops to a knee.
      • Which could be foreshadowing, depending on what WMG one subscribes to regarding Mac's identity.
    • There's a double instance also in Cold Days. Thomas, Harry, and Butters talk for several pages after a fight, while Butters stitches up Harry's wounds. Harry doesn't even notice having a three-inch gash in his ribs stitched up without anesthetic, a side effect of the Winter Knight mantle. After finishing, Butters finally notices Thomas had been walking around and talking for close to an hour with a gunshot wound in his torso.
      Butters: You've been shot!
      Thomas: Well. A little.
  • Dave Barry's Guide to Guys: "Guys always say it's 'just a sprain,' because this way they can avoid falling into the clutches of medical care. A guy could have one major limb lying on the ground a full ten feet from the rest of his body, and he'd claim it was 'just a sprain.'" To illustrate this point, Dave Barry offers an anecdote about a guy who broke his ankle while on a fishing trip with some other guys, and neither he nor they noticed the seriousness of his injury until the next day, when his wife observed that one of his legs had become so swollen he could hardly walk.
  • The second of Jenő Rejtő's Dirty Fred books starts with the Jimmy, the main character, looking for his knife, and finding it in the back of the guy he was asking. The guy insists on keeping it there or replacing it with a bigger one to prevent any bleeding until he gets medical attention. He got better.
  • In His Dark Materials, Will Perry's first reaction to seeing his severed fingers on the ground is to note their resemblance to a bloody quotation mark and laugh.
  • The Fire Swamp scene in The Princess Bride is much darker than in the film. After being attacked by a trio of, Westley begins packing mud onto his wounds, lest more of the creatures smell the blood and come after them. He screams at Buttercup (to pull her out of her shocked stupor) to help him. As they continue their journey, she asks about his wounds.
    Westley: I'm in something close to agony, but we can talk about it later.
  • Somewhat subverted with Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where upon activation of the Infinite Improbability Drive, causes him to lose an arm and overreact... because he wouldn't be able to operate his digital watch. (The old kind, with red LEDs which only light up when you press a button.)
    Arthur: That's all right, I've got them back now... granted, they're longer than I usually like them, but...
  • This image from the 1965 dinosaur book Dinosaurs of the Earth. The dinosaur blog Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs dryly comments:
    ....although [Monoclonius] looks rather unconcerned about the whole thing, just standing idly by while T. rex takes a nibble.
  • In Lolita, pedophile Quilty is shot several times but continues to speak to his killer,Humbert, politely while dying.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, the Greatjon insults Robb Stark and has two of his fingers bitten off by Robb's direwolf. Defeated, the Greatjon grips his bleeding hand, makes a wisecrack, and laughs it off. Bran, who watches the whole thing, is flabbergasted.
  • In the Discworld novel Men at Arms:
    • Detritus is injured. The fact that he's injured at all is remarkable, as he's made of stone. When asked if it's normal for his cracks to be oozing a thick liquid, his only reaction is "Dunno, sir. Never oozed before." Later followed up with "Ain't got time to ooze."
    • From the same novel, Vetinari trying to dismiss the gunshot that's just shattered his thigh with "No need, it's just a flesh wound."
  • In Sorcerer Conjurer Wizard Witch, the heroes are attacked by a murderous flock of Creepy Crows. One tears a strip of flesh off the face of one of The Men in Black, who just remarks "Ouch" before fighting back.
  • Thanks to "weeviltech", humans from The People of Sand and Slag are virtually indestructible. The story opens with the main character jumping off a speeding aircraft without a parachute, breaking half of the bones in his body and smashing most of his internal organs... and getting up as if nothing happened. The story then examines how this kind of ability would affect humanity as a species.
  • The Wheel of Time:
    • Rand's reaction to having one of his hands burned off is remarkably casual, which the other characters find very disturbing.
    • Talmanes indulges in some Gallows Humor in the last book of the series after he gets stabbed by a Myrddraal's blade, which is always fatal. He gets better, thanks to timely Aes Sedai intervention.
      Talmanes: Oh, that? I'm dying, unfortunately. Terribly tragic. You wouldn't happen to have any brandy, would you?
  • In the third book of The Seventh Tower, Milla stabs Shadowmaster Sushin through the chest with her sword. His response? He laughs it off, yanks the sword out, and proceeds to go about his business for the rest of the series ignoring the hole in his chest (greatly unsettling his minions, who do their best not to stare). Justified; he was possessed by Sharrakor at the time. Milla didn't actually injure the intangible Sharrakor, and he could make Sushin's body continue to function no matter how beat up it got, so why should he have made a big deal about it?
  • Drake from Gone might as well be the poster boy for this trope. We see signs of it in book 1 when he gets his arm cuts off, and the only real result is his Combat Tentacles. But it doesn't really show up until Plague when he leers while pulling a knife out of himself and shows no sign of pain while being literally cut to bits. It was pretty creepy.
  • In The Outsiders, Ponyboy takes part in the huge greaser/Soc fight and then hitchhikes to the hospital to see his dying friend. On the way, the driver comments that Ponyboy is bleeding all over the car's seat. Ponyboy, who hadn't even noticed the injury, looks at the blood and dully apologizes.
  • In Companions Codex, Tos'un Armgo is folded in half when his dragon mount crashes on a mountainside, even musing on how his buttocks have hit his shoulderblades and his hips are pulverised. After the fact, he lies in the snow and watches Afafrenfere fight Aurbangras without so much as a groan of pain. It is implied, however, that he's in shock, since he starts feeling pain some time afterwards.
  • In Catch-22, Snowden literally has his guts blown out of his body after being hit with anti-aircraft fire. His only reaction is to moan softly, "I'm cold, I'm cold", over and over again.
  • Martín Fierro: At Song III of the First Book of this Narrative Poem, Martin Fierro describes the Mapuche and Ranquel Indians (Natives from Argentina) as men that when they spill his guts for a wound, they don't even worry, they will stuff them back in a moment.
  • Ysbaddaden the Giant in the Mabinogion displays this several times. Early in the story, he throws three poisoned javelins at the protagonists, who catch them and throw them back at him, piercing him through the kneecap, chest, and eye (the last one going right through his head). Instead of screaming, passing out, or dropping dead like a normal person, he just yells a little about how much pain he's in. Even moreso near the end, he finally gets his "shave" when a minor character with a grudge shears the flesh from his face. While obviously not happy, he doesn't even yell this time, but speaks to Culhwch pretty calmly before being dragged off to be beheaded.
  • Amoridere plays with this in her poem Syrup On Pancakes. The subject's injuries aren't too severe (only bad enough to need stitches) but she makes the titular comparison while she's bleeding from a head wound. Though, she's already dazed,so who knows what her reaction would have been.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In an early episode of ER, "Blizzard", a young black man nonchalantly walked up to Dr. Doug Ross with a loose bandage around one hand. Dr. Ross removed it, to find the man's thumb missing. He was keeping it in a small plastic bag. Doug had Malik wheel him straight upstairs to surgery.
  • There is a particularly harsh example in the German Crime Series Polizeiruf 110, where a bomb explosion in a crowded Munich pedestrian underpass throws a brick against the back of the head of a young woman. In the minutes following the detonation, she stumbles around among the dead and dying, nonchalantly looking for her purse. A few minutes later, she is dead herself.
  • Scrubs:
    • In one episode, Jordan gets her face Botoxed so much that she isn't able to make facial expressions. At one point, another character accidentally hurts her and she says with a straight face (and a fairly monotonous voice): "I think you separated my shoulder. The pain is excruciating."
    • Similarly, when Cox tests this by asking her to show him "funny, sad, etc". When he asks for angry, she kicks him in the nuts and he remarks "you got angry down" as he falls.
    • There was also a brief sequence in an earlier episode in which a Japanese chef with a butcher's knife embedded in his shoulder flatly replies to the obvious question: "Does what hurt?" This is part of a series of examples of how different people deal with pain differently, another example given was a husband standing next to his wife who is in labor when he happens to bite his lip and exclaim "Nothing has ever hurt this much!"
    • The first appearance of Ben has him act nonchalant despite having accidentally nailed his hand to a plank of wood. In fact, it's actually J.D. who faints at the sight of it. Dr. Cox mentions doping Ben up with drugs so he wouldn't feel it, but he's still fairly blase about the whole thing, at one point even telling JD to lick the tip of the nail.
    • In one fantasy sequence, Janitor cuts off J.D.'s arm with a circular saw. As blood comically squirts from the wound he simply replies "Aw, man... Give it back" while Janitor slaps him in the face with his own hand asking him "Only after you tell me why you're hitting yourself"
  • Jack O'Neill, Stargate SG-1. The episode where Carter and O'Neill discover the second Gate. When Carter sets O'Neill's broken leg, he groans, "Jagged bone grinding into nerves hurts. Who knew?"
  • Red Dwarf:
    • This exchange:
      Lister: Kryten! Are you OK?
      Kryten: I have a medium-sized fire axe buried in my spinal column. This sort of thing can really put a crimp on your day.
    • Also, the Famous Last Words of waxwork Noel Coward after being shot in the chest:
      Noel Coward: Oh, shot!
  • A dramatic example comes from the Battlestar Galactica episode "Faith". A Number 6 encounters Barolay who had tortured and killed the 6 on New Caprica. After an exchange of insults, the 6 gives Barolay a brutal beating, including grabbing her head and slamming it to the side of a Raptor. After the fight is broken, Barolay gets up and says "I'm ok. I'm ok" before collapsing and dying of a fractured skull.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Tenth Doctor's reaction to having his hand cut off is a mildly annoyed "You cut off my hand!" Of course, he immediately proceeds to grow himself a new one, which probably accounts for his lack of concern (though you'd think it would still hurt).
    • Auton Rory gets one when relating his own death when he reappears to the Doctor's shock in "The Pandorica Opens".
      Rory: Well, I died. And then I was a Roman. It's very distracting.
    • This seems to run in the family. Rory's daughter River Song reacts quite similarly throughout "Let's Kill Hitler". She gets shot in the chest and doesn't tell anyone for minutes, before finally saying, "Hitler. Lousy shot." Later, after regenerating, she gets riddled with bullets but just smiles smugly at the Nazi guards.
      River Song: Here's a tip. Don't shoot a girl when she's regenerating!
  • The Greatjon, in Game of Thrones, has two fingers bitten off by a direwolf when he draws his sword on Robb Stark. He then has the presence of mind to de-escalate the situation before it gets further out of hand by making a joke at his own expense while he stands there with a bleeding maimed hand.
    Robb: My Lord Father taught me it was death to bare steel against your liege lord. Doubtless, the Greatjon only meant to cut my meat for me.
    Greatjon: [holding a hand with two ragged stumps] Your meat... is bloody tough. [laughter]
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In "What's My Line, Part 2", Oz gets shot in the arm and comments, "It's odd. And painful."
    • In the episode "Consequences", Mr. Trick is staked by Faith before he can drain Buffy. His Famous Last Words?
      Mr. Trick: [indignant and mildly shocked] Oh. No. No, this is no good at all...
    • In "The Freshman", when Sunday is staked, she looks at the stake sticking out of her chest, rolls her eyes, and puts her hands on her hips in annoyance as she turns to dust.
    • This is a Running Gag with Glory, a Nigh-Invulnerable Physical God who takes the form of a self-obsessed blonde. Every attempt by the Scoobies to punch her, shoot her with crossbows, or hit her over the head with crowbars results only in Glory griping over how rude they are or that they're messing up her hair.
    • In Season 6, Tara has a Fatal Injury Underreaction when Warren unintentionally shoots her through the heart after trying to kill Buffy. She has just enough time to frown in confusion and say "Your shirt," when seeing the blood spatter on Willow's blouse before collapsing and dying.
    • Willow's evil selves have a habit of doing this. Vamp!Willow's reaction to being shot with a crossbow, perilously near her heart, was a whiny "Bitch!" at her prime self. Dark!Willow did it twice, once when Giles blasted her across the room with magic ("That was....rude! I forgot what I was saying!") and when Warren axes her in the back trying to get away ("Axe? Not gonna cut it.").
  • In Angel season 4, after he gets fatally shot by Wesley through a broken spot in his armored skin, Skip simply deadpans, "Well, that ain't right," before dropping dead.
  • MythBusters: In keeping with his role as The Stoic, Jamie Hyneman is prone to these. Example from the "Exploding Jawbreaker" myth:
    Jamie: Ouch. Okay, that's really hot. Yeah, you could get a serious burn from that. [beat] In fact, I think I just did.
  • In the fifth season of The Wire, a homeless marine suffering from PTSD tells one of his war stories that haunts him to a reporter. The story is about a friend of his being wounded by an IED and having both his hands blown off. The friend responds by laughing hysterically and shouting "Look, ma! No hands!"
  • In Star Trek: The Next Generation, during the episode "Samaritan Snare", Captain Picard relates the story of how he received his artificial heart, explaining that when he was a rebellious cadet, he got involved in a bar fight and ended up getting stabbed through the heart. Strangely, the thing he remembers most about it is wondering why he started laughing?! This is later shown in a flashback in "Tapestry", where even Q seems oddly disturbed by this bizarre reaction.
  • In the Smallville episode "Nemesis", Clark is weakened enough by Kryptonite dust that his left arm is skewered by a piece of shrapnel, but doesn't even notice it until Lex calls his attention to the blood running down his arm.
  • Lost: In "Sundown" Sayid stabs "Locke" right in the chest; his reaction?
    "Locke": Now, what'd you go and do that for?
  • The Amazing Race:
    • In one season, Gretchen fell down in a cave and was shown with blood on her face from a head wound. Her response was more of "I always wanted a facelift."
    • Season 17 had Claire trying to topple a knight's armor with watermelons thrown from a slingshot. One of the watermelons backfired and hit Claire point-blank in the face. It didn't slow her down one bit as she and Brook ended up finishing second during that race.
  • Played for Drama in Prison Break when Charles Westmoreland is stabbed by Brad Bellick. He can't go to the infirmary or he'll blow the escape plan, which seals his fate, but he's able to stay alive and conceal his injury long enough for the Fox River Eight to enact their escape plan.
  • In The Invisible Man, Darien and Hobbes come across a young woman who has been injected with a retrovirus designed to make her smarter. In addition to her tattered clothes and off-putting manner, the fact that she's walking across glass barefoot without noticing makes it clear that something is very wrong.
  • In CSI: NY a bike courier pedaling at top speed was stabbed, resulting in a severed artery and a hairline fracture of the pelvis. He was so high on adrenaline he didn't even notice he was bleeding out.
  • In Justified's Season 3 finale, Big Bad Robert Quarles has his arm severed by Elston Limehouse's meat cleaver. His reaction is to stare at it in shock and then try to grab it back from Raylan Givens, who is holding it. Likely justified by the number of pain killers in Quarles' bloodstream at the time, coupled with his blatant insanity.
  • The related shows Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess had most of the protagonists be incredibly tough because they are half-gods or hung around with and battled half- or full-gods, so most injuries that are less than lethal are usually shrugged off as par for the course. One of the more specific incidents involves Xena having her shoulder dislocated mid-battle; she doesn't even notice until someone points it out, bangs against a wall of the cave they are in (strongly enough to cause a tiny tremor) to pop it back into its socket, and then continues on without breaking pace. At least everyone around had the decency to have "did that just happen?" expressions on.
  • One episode of House opens with a girl receiving a compound fracture in her leg during a car accident. When asked if she's hurt, she looks down, sees the shard of bone sticking out, and declares "I'm fine." Justified here in that she has Congenital Insensitivity to Pain.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus: The "Appeal for Sanity" sketch features the Reverend Arthur Belling, who seems largely unperturbed by the axe stuck in his head.
  • In one episode of Sirens (US) Johnny, Hank and Brian respond to a call at a construction site where one of the workers has been impaled by a piece of re-bar. Impaled Guy, however, is more concerned about his coworker who fainted after witnessing the impalement. He also expects to receive a big payout from the city over the accident and talks with the paramedics about the bar he plans to buy all the way to the hospital.
  • One episode of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil has a girl get her heart ripped out. She just says "Hey! I need that!".
  • Person of Interest: "Relevance"
    Shaw: We need to move. Now.
    Cole: [suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, and seconds from bleeding out] Ah, that's gonna be tough.
  • One episode of The Amanda Show sees inept security guard Barney fall through a trapdoor that Penelope Taynt has created backstage. The hole goes all the way to a family's house in Beijing, China, which means that Barney must have passed through the center of the Earth itself—but his only response is to get up, ask for his location, and, noticing the family having lunch, say "Whatcha eatin'?"
  • How Mystery Science Theater 3000 interpreted the Humphrey Bogart-type getting shot in Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.
    Mike: I guess I'm more disappointed than shot.
  • When Cotyar gets shot in the stomach in the season 2 finale of The Expanse, he doesn't even notice until Bobbi points it out to him.
  • This Description Cut from Corner Gas:
    Emma: Knitting never hurt anyone!
    [Whip Pan]
    Old Woman: [with knitting needle driven completely through her arm, confused] Now how did I do that?
  • Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Kit's reaction to being vented is first just dazed what and then slightly shaky assurance that everything is ok, while it's obviously. Shock may have been at play.
    • Chris had similar reaction upon being vented himself.
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid plays with this as while the delivery is far from deadpan, it is also far from appropriate reaction. The aftermath of Taiga Hanaya losing a fight against Graphite is one of the most gory scenes that had transpired in the main continuity tv-series (not counting V-cinema, spin-off and so on) in quite a few years. He is bleeding all over, in great pain and coughing up blood. He is aware of his state enough to try and deter other Doctor riders from providing him with first aid, knowing he doesn't have very long to live. Yet, this doesn't seem to bother him as much as that he lost the aforementioned fight and is going to leave Nico on her own. Whether shock has been at play depends on the interpretations as this actually fits him perfectly.
  • In one episode of Supernatural, Castiel takes the brothers back in time, a difficult feat at his current power level. Upon landing in the past with a Psychic Nosebleed, Dean asks if he's okay, and he says he's fine, and a lot better than he expected. He then immediately spits out blood and collapses against a car. Which begs the question of what he expected...
  • In an episode of NCIS, "Ducky" Mallard is suddenly attacked by a knife-wielding assailant while examining a body at a crime scene. After the attacker is stopped, Ducky dismisses his own injury as "just a defensive wound." The knife is still impaled in his hand when he says this.
  • Whenever James May is injured on The Grand Tour, he lets out a deadpan "ow." Even when he gets a dumpster dropped on him while sitting in his car. Or when his co-presenters are working him over with sledgehammers. Or when his car goes off the edge of a cliff and down the side of a very steep mountain with him still in it...
  • One clip on World's Dumbest... features a skateboarder who falls and severely breaks his arm. However, rather than crying out in pain, his only reaction is a deadpan "Dude, I broke my arm. Look how gnarly it is."
  • Invoked in the Mork & Mindy episode "Mork's Mixed Emotions", where Mork demonstrates to Mindy that he has subdued all of his emotions by hitting himself in the hand with a blunt object, at which (having developed a bit of a Creepy Monotone) he affirms, yes, you bet that hurts. "Ow."
  • Breaking Bad: Upon being caught in the explosion of a homemade bomb, Gus has half his face blown off to the bone. His only reaction is to calmly walk out of the room and adjust his tie, before dropping dead.
  • Patriot: When John is on his way to steal the pistol of a grocery clerk, he provides narration in the form of a folk song about how easy it's going to be, and that he'll probably have beers with his friends afterwards. In the grocery, John and several of his friends get shot at before they manage to take the clerk down and grab his pistol. The group then calmly exits and walks down the street nonchalantly. With no change in the song's pitch, John's narration suspects that several of his friends have been shot, and he's pretty sure that he's missing two fingers. The song concludes that they probably won't be getting beers.
  • Chicago Fire has a particularly spectacular example in the episode where the crew have to deal with the aftermath of a tornado. A teenage boy comes running up to the fire truck to let them know that his mother is trapped in a partially-collapsed house. They take some further details and are getting ready to send a couple of firefighters to the address to assess the situation when one of them happens to look the right way... and sees a shard of plate glass sticking out of the boy's back. Sheer adrenaline had prevented him from even feeling it.
  • Dinosaurs: Baby Sinclair's only reaction to being flung across the room or set on fire is usually a cheery "Again!"

  • "Weird Al" Yankovic:
    • In the third verse of "A Complicated Song", the narrator gets his head knocked off by a roller coaster and complains that being decapitated is "a major inconvenience".
    • In "Jurassic Park", the narrator remarks that being disemboweled makes him "kind of mad".
  • From the final verse of "ECNALUBMA" by They Might Be Giants, still sung in John Linnel's deadpan tone:
    Help me out, I can't seem to get this window open
    Never mind, now it's open
    I think my hand is broken

  • Sargas from Sequinox gets stabbed by Summer in the middle of his opening monologue about how it's nice to be humanized despite being an undying star. He finishes the monologue before even noticing.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Professional wrestlers have a concept called "kayfabe," originally meaning the portrayal of the events as real, but has come to mean the ability to stay in character despite anything that might happen, including horrific injuries that should lay someone out for months.
  • 5 Reasons Pro Wrestlers are the Best Actors in the World
  • Akira Hokuto broke her neck during a tag team match in 1987. She went on to finish the match holding her head in place with her hands. She would also incur a number of other painful injuries (broken ribs and smashed knee, to name a few) where she would either wrestle through the pain or the match would be stopped by the promotion itself.
  • Mick Foley made a career out of this sort of thing.
    • His 1994 WCW feud with Vader was exceptionally brutal, yet Cactus Jack never stopped. Highlights include a broken nose and dislocated jaw, another broken nose, a severe concussion, and losing a chunk of his right ear during a 1994 house show in Munich to the inordinately tight ring ropes.
    • During his Hell in the Cell match with The Undertaker, he suffered: a dislocated shoulder, a concussion, had a tooth pop out through the roof of his mouth and get stuck in his nose, a hole torn in his lower lip, and he had dozens of thumbtacks stuck in his body by the end of the match. His reaction to all of that was not having one.
  • Not to be outdone, Vader's All Japan/New Japan match with Stan Hansen started with Hansen breaking his nose with an errant swing of his bullrope and then later thumbing Vader's right eye out of the socket during an exchange of punches. He popped it back in and continued. Vader and Hansen are notorious as the stiffest workers in the history of the business.
  • This was one of Sabu's claims to fame, or infamy as the case may be. He was known for doing things like unwrapping the tape around his wrist to instead put it around his head hold his broken jaw shut, seriously injure a leg/knee/ankle and STILL do a half dozen jumping moves, or nearly cut his entire stomach open and just run out to the ringside and superglue the wound shut, or seeing his bicep torn open on barbed wire and looking merely displeased (and seems not to notice Terry Funk give him a neckbreaker through two chairs, focused as he is on taping up his arm). The only time he actually seemed to care about being hurt was when he realized he broke his *neck* taking a back body drop wrong... And just left the ring long enough to be sure he wasn't completely paralyzed and then finished the match.
  • At the Beyond Wrestling Armory Amore on September 30, 2012, Charade botched a double moonsault and landed on his head, fracturing his skull. He attempted to continue the match, kicking out of Black Baron's first pin attempt, but not the second. It was only his third professional match. Fortunately, he recovered in six months and now wrestles for Chikara as Shynron.
  • Shane McMahon was well-known for his willingness to do crazy stunts, but one relatively mundane one - being thrown through glass - messed up in a big way in his match against Kurt Angle at King of the Ring. The glass was supposed to be sugar glass, which is easily-breakable... it was actually plate glass. After two attempted suplexes, resulting in landing on his head on concrete, Shane kept insisting they do the spot, going through on the third attempt. He insisted the same for the next pane of glass as well.
  • Finn Bálor dislocated his shoulder during his Universal Title match at SummerSlam 2016 against Seth Rollins. What makes this a Major Injury Underreaction is the fact that it turned out it was way more severe than a torn labrum, but Finn simply pulled his arm back into place and got back on his feet to finish the match. Unfortunately, he had to relinquish the title on Raw the next night since he would require surgery and thus be out of commission for the next several months.

  • In March of 1989, Buffalo Sabres goalkeeper Clint Malarchuk was involved in a goal-crease collision with another player, which resulted in his jugular vein sliced open via errant hockey skate and blood pouring out onto the ice. The paramedics were racing him to the hospital when Malarchuk asked them, "Can you have me back for the 3rd period?"
  • When Kevin Ware completely broke his leg in a college basketball game in 2013, he was quoted as telling his teammates "I'm fine, just win the game". They did, and even won the championship.
  • Adriano Malori crashed on stage 11 of Giro d'Italia 2014 and ended up looking like this. He not only completed the stage but the entire race.
  • Happens often in professional cycling. The Other Wiki explains this about stage 6 of the 2012 edition of Tour de France:
    "Vacansoleil-DCM's Wout Poels, who tried to ride on for 10 km but eventually had to abandon; he was later diagnosed with a ruptured spleen and kidney, as well as three broken ribs and bruised lungs. After completing the stage, Team Katusha's Óscar Freire (broken rib and punctured lung), Imanol Erviti of the Movistar Team ("loss of muscle mass"), and Maarten Wynants of Rabobank (broken ribs and punctured lung) had to withdraw as well."
  • Lawson Craddock broke his collarbone in the first stage of the 2018 Tour de France, and managed to finish 3 WEEKS LATER. In last place, but still. the only reason he stayed was because of the fact that he could be helpful to his leader... Who retired in stage 8.
  • Bart Wellens broke his wrist in the first lap of the cyclocross world championship in 2007. He came in fourth in the end.
  • Chris Juul (Tinkoff-Saxo) crashed during the 2015 edition of Milano-San Remo (mid-March) and broke his wrist. While he didn't complete the Italian race, he went on to complete the entire season (including Ronde Van Vlaanderen and Paris-Roubaix), one he considers his best season evernote , before getting the required surgery to fix the wrist-pains.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000 gives us Captain Alessio Cortez of the Crimson Fists, the least killable Space Marine in the Imperium. There's maybe two bones in his body that haven't been broken at least twice, he once disarmed an ork warboss by letting the weapon get stuck in his ribcage, received seventeen wounds in a single battle (including a stab through a heart), led a defense of a breached wall with a broken back, and then there's his reaction on being told he was missing an arm:
    Alessio Cortez: I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's over there.
  • Justified with the orks as they lack most of the major organs other biological races have, and they recover from wounds incredibly fast. making it possible for procedures such as head transplants to be performed on them.

  • In at least one version of the script of Othello, Cassio's line "my leg is cut in two" is written without an exclamation mark, making him seem like he's just plainly stating the nature of his injury instead of having an actual emotional reaction. Justified by the shock he would've been in.
  • In Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio says his wound from Tybalt is "just a scratch" before dying. Also counts as Sarcasm Mode.
    • Although some productions cut this out (it is, strictly speaking, unnecessary for the plot), Mercutio actually gives a fairly long speech about his wound. While at face value the words imply that it's not so bad, he's actually talking about how he's about to die through Double Entendres. One of which is also a sexual innuendo. Presumably, this is intended to invoke [[Squick]] for audience and characters alike. Part of the reason he downplays his death is that he knows it's a heroic sacrifice to force The Prince's intervention.

    Video Games 
  • Dante from Devil May Cry is impaled with his own sword on a regular basis. He barely flinches. In fact, he barely reacts to any damage at all. An example of this happens during one of the first cutscenes in Devil May Cry 3 where several Mooks slash and skewer Dante with scythes. Some of the scythe blades break off and are stuck in his body... yet he shrugs it off as he casually walks over to his jukebox to turn on some music! During his stroll, he picks up a slice of pizza and pulls a blade out of his chest without even flinching! He turns the music on and precedes to slaughter the mooks effortlessly, at times even using the broken-off scythe blades sticking out of his arms to parry their attacks.
    • There is Nico's reaction to Nero getting his arm ripped off in Devil May Cry 5, where she asks him what happened in a tone that sounded like he backed the van through the garage door.
      Nico: I leave you alone for two minutes! What the hell happened!?
  • Quoth the Spy of Team Fortress 2: "I appear to have burst into flames./I do believe I am on fire." This is made only more funny by the Spy's third reaction being the complete opposite, panicked like all the others ("Fire, fire, fire!"). As he's running around burning to death, he'll mix them. "I do believe I'm on fire. ...FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!!"
    • Likewise, most of the Heavy's reactions to fire are suitably loud, except one which is just him saying "Ooh!" as if he stubbed his toe or something.
    • "You call that breaking my spine? You RED team ladies wouldn't know how to break a spine if- (crack) AAAAAAHHHHH MY SPINE!!!"
    • Because of the way the game assigns vocal responses, players can die with varying levels of noisiness...but it's hard not to chuckle a little at the Demoman's quiet, hissed "Oh, that smarts!" even as he's being blown into a dozen bloody pieces by a rocket. Given that Death Is Cheap though, this is more comical than morbid.
    • The Soldier could be considered a variation on the trope; since he says pretty much everything in the same deranged bellow, it's hard to tell when he's shouting because he's been hit and when he's shouting because that's just the noise he makes when things happen.
    • Near the end of the "Meet the Medic" video, the Scout steps out after having undergone extensive heart surgery (including, as it is revealed, accidentally having a live pigeon inserted) and cheerfully announces to his allies, "You would not believe... how much this hurts."
    • With the addition of Pyrovision, any time a player is hurt (or even killed) all voice responses are replaced with laughter.
    • The comic Ring of Fired includes Pyro cutting off Soldier's hand, and Soldier complaining to Miss Pauling in the manner of a child tattling about a sibling. Miss Pauling's response is just as nonchalant. Soldier even thanks the (very perturbed) veterinarian for sewing his hand back on with the hand that was cut off. Later in Old Wounds it comes up once more, after having been subjected to some excruciating tooth torture that actually made him scream, and he's quite happily showing off the fix during recovery:
      Soldier: See? Good as new!
      [hand flops loosely, as if boneless]
      Soldier: Normally that is excruciating. Luckily all my body's pain receptors are busy in my mouth right now.
    • Similarly, in Old Wounds, Zhanna's response to having to cut off her own hand to escape is to comment that her thumb doesn't hurt anymore, which makes Soldier proud. Later on, when Heavy - her brother - sees her hand is missing, he simply nods at her explanation... and then notices she's wearing a necklace made of ears, which is the Soldier equivalent of an engagement ring, and then Heavy starts freaking out.
  • In Left 4 Dead, a survivor's response to friendly fire is usually just an irate "Quit shooting me!" scolding at most. The most fitting reactions, however, are the ones where a survivor can still quip a deadpan and sarcastic remark at the person's shooting abilities immediately after just getting shot.
    Nick: [after being shot point-blank with a shotgun] Well thank you for ventilating my suit!
  • In Far Cry Primal, Urki, the Southern accented ditzy caveman who protagonist Takkar The Beastmaster has carried out a Fetch Quest for, has had an Offscreen Moment of Awesome when Takkar next visits his tent to find him standing over one of the Udam who broke into his tent and attacked. When Urki walks towards Takkar to proudly boast of beating the Udam to death with a Boulder Bludgeon, Takkar points out that the Udam stuck a spear in Urki before he died. Urki's only response to that? "Dang!" And then after Takkar pulls the spear out, Urki is more concerned about Takkar going on another Fetch Quest than sewing up his stomach wound. Granted, he's somehow healed again by the time Takkar reunites with him, but still...
  • Zaeed Massani of Mass Effect fame survived being shot in the head. He put it down to his own inherent badassitude. Granted, he's on a team with Garrus Vakarian (who survived taking a fighter jet's missile to the face) and Commander Shepard (who, by the time of conversation, has just bounced back from being dead for two years), so maybe a mere bullet doesn't deserve that much of a reaction.
  • In Hellgate: London, the ending involves Murmur revealing his purpose in the storyline, and thanking you for your help. During the whole speech, however, he is literally torn apart with gaping graphic wounds.
  • The Mooks in No More Heroes, upon being brutally sliced in half, will sometimes scream "my spleen!"
    • Another possible line is "I don't feel shit."
    • The 51st ranked assassin from the second game reacts to being decapitated by waiting silently for several minutes before giving a speech.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, there is a support conversation between Kieran and Rhys, who notices that Kieran has an axe lodged in his head.
      Kieran: Hey, Rhys! Nice day, isn't it.
      Rhys: Oh, hello, Kier... Yaaaa! What happened to you!?
      Kieran: Huh? What is it?
      Rhys: Th-there's blood gushing down the side of your head!
      Kieran: Hm? Why, so there is... Isn't that odd?
      Rhys: Odd? Please, hold still! Just stay there! Let me get my heal staff.
      Kieran: Heal staff? Bah! I'm fine. A scratch like this will heal itself! You should have seen the time I fought the Giant Scorpions of...
    • In Fire Emblem Awakening, Henry barely seems to notice when he's injured in battle. Maribelle once finds him bleeding all over and almost freaks out, but he laughs it off.
    • Also in Awakening, at one point, Gregor is completely indifferent to an injury that, according to Olivia, left his bone exposed. As Olivia is patching him up, he calmly recounts an occasion where he lost a leg and just sewed it back on.
    • In Fire Emblem Fates, the local Iron Butt-Monkey Arthur is so used to getting lots of Amusing Injuries that he's seen talking about them as if they were just scratches.
    • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, at the end of the Blue Lions route, the defeated main antagonist throws a dagger at Dimitri, hitting him in the shoulder. After impaling his attacker on his spear, Dimitri simply pulls the dagger out, throws it away and leaves with Byleth.
  • Agro, the horse from Shadow of the Colossus, could be counted. If she's hit with an exploding arrow, falls from a low cliff (which could permanently cripple a real horse), or gets shot by Basaran, the most she'll do is limp for a while — and she'll even stop early if you jump on her back.
  • Yuri Hyuga in the first Shadow Hearts game had his arm sliced off by a minion. He doesn't flinch, instead he crushed the imp with his remaining hand, and just reattaches his own arm.
  • In Mega Man & Bass, King chopped Proto Man in half. His reaction? "It's just a scratch..." Justified in that he's a robot and has a shiny new pair of legs by the end of the game, but his reaction is still eyebrow-raisingly blasé.
  • In Dwarf Fortress, dwarves tend not to notice that they've caught on fire. This can be troublesome, as fire will eventually kill them, and they can easily spread it as they go about their business. When they do notice, very often this will take the form of them deciding they're a little tired and need a lie-down... on their flammable wooden bed... Or that they're awfully thirsty and would like a drink... from the booze stockpile.note 
  • In the Bonus Stage of Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night, Mokou's reaction to being repeatedly killed and resurrected is "Ow, it hurts!". Thank you Mokou, we never would have known otherwise. This is hinted to be due to doing the same thing with Kaguya nearly every single day for several centuries, which would certainly build one's tolerance for pain.
  • American McGee's Alice has the Dormouse and the March Hare who have gone under some serious Body Horror. They barely react to that fact, simply asking for tea. The Dormouse is the extreme example, though.
    • The Dormouse is arguably justified, given the implication that he's being drugged as well as undergone physical experiments. Of course, the Griffin also claims that their failure to comprehend their situations are because "they're blithering idiots".
  • Quake IV: An overheard radio conversion (paraphrased)
    [Marine requests medical evac]
    Radio operator: Who is this? I can't get a read on your ID chip.
    Marine: My chip was damaged.
    Radio operator: What? those chips are implanted near your heart.
    Marine: I know, I'm looking at it.
  • Cultists in the original Dawn of War have the tendency to announce "Oh! My spleen!" after being slammed by a Space Marine (as in, 7 feet of equal parts cybernetics, genetic engineering, and extreme prejudice, with power armor overlaying the whole mix) hard enough to land a good thirty feet away.
  • A story-wise broken character in a fighting game that involves Arc System Works usually had their 'downed' sprite to be actually relaxing as if giving the impression of "Look at how much damn I give.", which you will see a lot when they've already taken a good dose of beating. Examples include Slayer, Rachel Alucard and Elizabeth.
  • Most people (including the player character) in The Town with No Name are simply annoyed by getting shot in the chest. They still fall over and die, however.
  • In Dead Space 2, Ellie gets her Eyeball gouged out with a screwdriver by Stross, who has completely lost his marbles. Seconds later, Stross confronts Isaac, holding up the screwdriver with the eye still in it... Ellie then clubs him with a length of metal pipe, glares at Isaac, and tells him "You owe me an eye, you bastard!".
  • In The Walking Dead, a certain character fails to realize that he has been fatally impaled on a fence spike after falling off a balcony, thinking he has only hurt his leg. It's Ben.
  • During the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, resident Depraved Bisexual Vamp gets shot in the head while on the phone. He then pirouettes on the spot throwing his phone into the air, catches it, finishes the conversation and hangs up, gives some orders to his troops, then finally says that he'll "be taking a nap" before collapsing. It should be noted that Vamp has a crazy powerful Healing Factor.
  • In the first mission of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Raiden meets Jetstream Sam, who then proceeds to trounce him in a Hopeless Boss Fight. During a cutscene after all your health runs out, Raiden gets his left eye slashed out shortly before losing an arm. His reaction? An irritated "Shit! Not again!" Justified in that he has Nanomachines coursing through his body that prevent him from feeling pain. And because he's a cyborg.
    • There are a lot of underreactions in this game, with bosses often talking about anything other than the fact that they've just been cut to shreds, and with Mooks reacting to leg slices with almost funny lines.
      Enemy: My legs! You fuck!
      Enemy: I'll still kick your ass!
  • Somewhat of a running joke in Silent Hill 4. Richard Braintree's first meeting with Henry has him falling off of at least a thirty-foot drop, to which his reaction is "Ouch! Dammit!" before promptly getting up and pointing a gun at Henry. The Gum Heads show just as little reaction to falling out of the sky, and later, near the end of the game, it's done again, this time with Richard as a ghost, and the only one that can't fly or float around.
  • In Undertale, the Large Ham Papyrus delivers one if he's betrayed and decapitated:
    Papyrus: Alas, poor Papyrus! [Papyrus' body disintegrates] Well, at least I still have my head! [Beat] [Papyrus' head disintegrates]
  • While he does flinch, Crow from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II claims that he was fine and that the impalement to his heart was just nothing more than a scratch. He dies later but still manages to talk with Class VII, Sara, and Vita for a few more minutes before he passes away.
  • Seems to be something of an odd recurring trend with the games of Nether Realm Studios. Both the later Mortal Kombat games and Injustice: Gods Among Us feature super moves that explicitly show characters with broken bones or destroyed organs - but given the balancing issues inherent to adding an injury system, apparently having your spine snapped in half is no object to doing seven backflips (until the health bar runs out, anyway).
  • The Baker clan from Resident Evil 7 possess a Healing Factor that allows them a few moments of this; when patriarch Jack hacks his son Lucas's forearm off with a kitchen knife for throwing his food at the dinner table, the latter's reaction is to whine "dammit, not again!", and a post-it note in the family's kitchen written by Jack reads "Where's my mower?!?" with, in smaller script, "Has anyone seen my leg?" in the corner.
  • Xefros in Hiveswap spends quite a while idly chatting over IRC while being crushed nearly to death, including nonchalant references to passing out from blood loss. When Joey tells him to try not to move and to apply pressure to the bleeding, he tells her, in apparent seriousness, that this will be easy, since the rubble is both holding him immobile and applying plenty of pressure!
  • At the end of Hunt Down the Freeman, Mitchell chases down Adam, who turns out to be the one who "fucked up (Mitchell's) face" and shoots him in the ankle with a revolver, fires four more shots into his abdomen, then finishes him off with a headshot. Thanks to the poor voice acting, Adam merely groans in what sounds like mild discomfort at best.
  • Morgan Freeman is a secret boss in South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and reacts to any and all forms of damage inflicted on him with a quiet "Ow".
  • In Metal Wolf Chaos, when the player takes a lot of damage, Jody seems more annoyed (in a "You scratched the paint on my car!" sense) than worried about the fact that her boss, the President of the United States, is about to die.
  • In For Honor, during the third mission of the Knights storyline, Apollyon is stabbed in the stomach with a massive knife by a Peacekeeper. She completely ignores the knife in her gut for the rest of the fight, and only nonchalantly pulls it free when the battle is over. Later on, when the warmonger hero was released, she would get a signature at the end of a match which called back to this scene, where she would casually pull a knife out of her side and toss it away.
  • In Welcome To Bummertown, Mayor Agnes has some kind of programming update seizure wherein she completely glitches out and her eyeballs turn glowing white. She claims she had an “itchy ear.”

    Visual Novels 
  • Sakazaki Yuuya of Hatoful Boyfriend is so much more concerned about the people he wants to protect than he is about himself that he successfully hides pain of any sort, including physical. In Holiday Star he shoves the protagonist out of the way of a tank shell and is burned in the process to the point where he smells delicious and can't stand, but he downplays it and is more concerned about her.
  • Kengo in Little Busters! is awfully calm about the whole arm being broken thing, and even insists on still playing baseball with the other Little Busters, claiming that he can still swing the bat with one hand. Later, it's revealed that he was faking it so he could get out of having to do kendo anymore.
  • In Umineko: When They Cry Episode 7: Requiem of the Golden Witch, the following exchange:
    Lion: Will... your left arm!
    Will: Ah, right. Must have forgotten it. It'd be a pain to go back and get it now.
  • In Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Shi-Long Lang gets shot in the leg and doesn't even acknowledge it.
  • As said above, Emiya Shirou in all the Fate/stay night routes tends to not worry overly much about incredible bodily harm, due to an extremely potent Healing Factor—although even before he knew he had one, he didn't have the slightest care about his own body. However, in one route wherein he doesn't have access to said Healing Factor, he gets caught in a kind of mana explosion and panics for a moment because he can't feel anything... then realizes that "all" that happened is his left arm got blown off. Rather than freak out about that, he expresses great relief. It's still treated as a life-threatening injury, though, which has consequences for the rest of the story since it's replaced by someone else's arm.
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: In Chapter 2, Akane shows up for the girls' trip to the beach despite having a bloody head wound from an impromptu sparring match with Nekomaru. Ultimate Nurse Mikan insists on rushing her into the bathroom of the diner to look at the wound and clean the blood off her.
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony: While investigating, Kokichi trips on a floorboard and slams his head on the ground. Instead of seeking medical attention, he plays dead as Shuichi arrives, shocking the detective before announcing it's a lie while blood pours down his face.
  • Your Turn to Die: In one of the recordings of the First Trial, one of the participants, Ranmaru Kageyama, lies slumped against a wall with a massive stomach wound. He says that, strangely, he doesn't even feel any pain and that it doesn't even feel like he's really dying.

    Web Animation 
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Sarge is shot in the head. Upon appearing in the afterlife, he is only annoyed that he didn't get to screw with Grif one last time. This situation also fits because Grif's response to the injury is to perform CPR, which strangely works. Sarge berates Grif once he regains consciousness.
      Sarge: Grif... Why in hell would you give somebody CPR for a bullet wound in the head? That don't make a lick of sense. I mean, it's all so damn inconsistent! What would you do if they stabbed me in the toe? Rub my neck with aloe vera?
    • Note that when first told he was revived with CPR he was relieved and amazed someone thought up such a brilliant idea — until he found out it was Grif who did it.
    • Mysterious Blue Guy/Agent Florida gets an axe to the chest. He's briefly incapacticated, but gets back up and throws the axe back.
  • In The Gaston Trilogy, Gaston shoots the Beast in the knee. He turns around, glares briefly, and then turns back saying, "Nah, never mind."
  • ASDF Movie:
    • asdfmovie, after one man invites another to smell his flower, an alien bursts out of his chest. The other man just says "LOL!" and the first is completely unfazed!
      • At the end of the movie, a man calls another man gay. In response, the second man stabs the first one through the chest with a sword. The first guy just grouses, "Oh, come on!"
    • asdfmovie 2, a guy tricked into seeing the word "gullible" on the ceiling just utters "Oh, you just stole my lungs."
    • asdfmovie 5, a man says to another man "Here, hold this", and stabs him. His reaction? Nothing.
    • In the 6th one, a man tells another man that carrots are good for his eyesight. His response is to jam carrots right into his eyes. His only remark is, in a dark voice, "You lied to me."
    • In the 9th one, a boy asks his pregnant mother "Can Suzy come out to play?" The mother says "Sure", and the baby then casually bursts out of the stomach an run off with the boy.
    • In the 12th one, a guy gets stabbed with a knife. His reaction? "A knife! My favorite!"
  • Zero Punctuation: Yahtzee criticized the plot of Grand Theft Auto V, saying nothing spectacular happened and it was just people doing stuff. He also admits that that's a fairly weak argument, as technically World War I was just people doing stuff, but at least losing your leg would give you something to write home about. "Dear Mum: Remember when my dance instructor said I had two left feet? Well, I've managed to redress the balance somewhat. P.S.: FUCKING HELL! AAAAAAAAAAUGH!"
  • Eddsworld and the Halloween Episode has the gang run away from an Ax-Crazy murderer. Then there is this exchange:
    Tom: I think we've fooled him. [sword impales him] What the...? Since when do axe-carrying maniacs carry swords?
  • RWBY: Adam Taurus goes out by being impaled at the front and back by Blake and Yang each with a fragment of Gambol Shroud. His only reaction is a muted "Oh."
  • Homestar Runner:
  • Code Ment:
    • Marianne's reaction to a hail of bullets? An aggitated "That smarts!".
    • C.C. gets shot by Mao and only remarks "Oh, ow" in response.
  • Dreamscape: In "A Curse or a Blessing", Betty ends up getting horizontally bisected, but due to having a mechanical lower-half, she doesn't feel a thing.
    Dylan: BETTY!
    Betty: Oh relax, like I haven't had my legs and body seperated before.

    Web Comics 
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Dan McNinja sets himself on fire to escape other ninjas, and you would expect someone as badass as him to be able to shrug it off, and he did, but his son seems genuinely worried about him being set ablaze.
    • Subverted in that Dan's ninja uniform is fireproof. However, the cropduster pilot forced to wear it and then getting shot down and set on fire definitely counts.
    • Then there was the time the Doctor was shot to death, then kicked Death's ass and got back up. He was pretty defiant at the time, but when he returned to the office, he calmly scolded the gorilla and velociraptor fighting there.
      Doctor: Now, I'm not mad at you two... But I am disappointed. I'll hold out on lecturing you until after I get my transfusion stash out of the fridge. I think my body has just enough blood to keep a kitten alive right now.
    • Most recently done by the Doctor again, after being stabbed by Donald McBonald using a mimed sword. His reaction after knocking Donald unconscious is to comment that the rest of his mission is going to be a lot less easy now.
  • Axe Cop irritably declares "This is the worst day of my life!" in response to having his head chopped off.
  • In Charby the Vampirate a smarmy jock's last words end up being a complaint about his shirt being ruined when Charby tears open his torso with a pair of large hooks.
  • Clan of the Cats: The wizard councilor Timon, Back from the Dead after having his throat slit, remarks he's done worse damage shaving.
  • From Concerned: Quick, pull this pipe out of my midsection! It got stuck there when I accidentally shot myself in the hip and then fell off a ledge!
  • Darths & Droids has Ponda Baba reacting this way after his arm gets sliced off.
    Ponda Baba: What the hell are you doing? I was just messing with the kid! That arm's gonna take me hours to grow back!
    Obi-Wan: Uh... I'm sorry... but...
    Ponda Baba: Nah, just kidding. It's gone forever. And it hurts a lot.
  • Digger brings us its eponymous protagonist's reaction to being shot in the shoulder with an arrow: "I can feel the thing wiggling around. It's reasonably excruciating."
  • Dominic Deegan gives an interesting version, in that the person who gives the injury underreacts just as much. Given that they're both damned souls in Hell, this is understandable.
  • "It hurts and stings" was a Running Gag in the webcomic Elf Only Inn for a while.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Grace has a nightmare in which Sensei Greg gets one of his arms eaten and reacts to it by informing her of the consequences of it with only mild annoyance.
  • Girl Genius:
    • It takes four panels for Higgs to react to getting stabbed straight through his torso (Needless to say, gore warning.) Of course, this is the "Unstoppable" Higgs, Ambiguously Human Airman Extraordinaire.
    • A pretty hilarious case when Lucrezia in Agatha's body runs Oggie through Zeetha's sword. Jägers are already Super Soldiers, and Oggie is boosted by a Super Serum at the time, so the worse it does is making him... nostalgic.
      Oggie: A sword? Right through ze chest...
      Lucrezia: That's right! And I—
      Oggie: Hoo! Dot takes me back, yah! Iz just like how hy met my vife!
      Lucrezia: Hu—
      [Oggie knocks her out with an elbow jab]
      Oggie: Miz Zeetha? Hoy, vake up, sweetie — ken hyu take hyu sword back now? Hy... hy gots to go lie down a leedle.
  • The Gunshow strip "On Fire" features a dog in a burning room serenely insisting that he's okay with his current situation and that "things are going to be okay"...while his body melts.
  • In Homestuck:
    • Alternate Dave only has one response to a slashed throat:
      TG: welp
    • Also, Tavros, when he gets paralyzed.
    • Much later on, Brain Ghost Dirk attempts to tear out the soul of Aranea, but he fades away along with Jake's hope aura just before he can finish. After screaming their head off for the past couple of panels, how does the victim react?
      ARANEA: Good grief, that was painful.
  • Whenever something like this happens to Richard in Looking for Group, he nearly always makes a snarky comment or just ignores it unless it gets utterly annoying. Loses both his arms? Steals a bear's. Gets his back full of arrows? "Is there something on my back?" Axe in his forehead? "Good was shot a that. Toast. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" (he then goes on with his day as such). Justified because he's undead. When something actually hurts him. it's a sign that he needs to recharge his powers.
  • This Nerf NOW!! strip has the female engineer rather nonchalantly and seductively asking the Pyro if he could help her. While on fire.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Elan manages this by virtue of sheer ditziness:
      Durkon: How badly are ye hurt, lad?
      Elan: That depends. How important is one of these?
    • Similarly in this. How does a demon roach react after being impaled by a jail bar during O-Chul's prison break? "Ah, crap."
    • Early on in the strip, Roy throws Xykon into an Epic-level protective barrier. Just before he explodes, Xykon calmly states "Y'know, actually, this isn't that bad." Justified, like Richard's case, because he's an undead lich and regenerates from his phylactery over the next few days.
  • Nancy from Ow, my sanity gets a little annoyed when you cut her in half.
  • Penny Arcade:
  • In PvP: "What was that?" "That was the sound of a broadhead arrow piercing my arm and embedding itself into my humerus."
  • Riff from Sluggy Freelance has one of the most extreme examples.
    Riff: Nobody panic, but I may have just killed myself. Let me check my notes.
  • In Schlock Mercenary:
    • Captain Tagon treats his ocular cutlery (read: fork in eye) with nothing more than mild irritation. The practice comes in handy when someone gives him more ocular cutlery with much more malicious intent/
    • After being sniped with a headshot, Sergeant Ebbirnoth starts making snarky commentary. As an Unioc, his brain is in his pelvic cavity, but the Casual Danger Dialogue is a welcome distraction from how much it hurts.
    • Soldier-boosts and future medical technology make this a fairly common trope.
      Kevyn: Casualties?
      Shodan: Sergeant Wenzi and Private Ng are stable. No other casualties to report, sir.
      Kevyn: Really? What about your arm?
      Shodan: I'm currently left-handed.
      Kevyn: Your right arm is missing.
      Shodan: It is not missing. It's fused to a bulkhead on deck twelve.
  • Sebastian of True Villains suffers an injury to his aura that will cause him to wither and die without constant effort to suppress it. His reaction? "... Well. Crap."
  • Played for Drama in Drowtales:
  • Done several times by the title character of Nimona, who doesn't even notice the arrow sticking out of her leg until her boss points it out to her — to which she responds with a flat "Oh." This gets a lot less funny and a lot more suspicious when she shows Ballister exactly the same nonchalance a week after having her head chopped off and apparently dying.
  • Late in 8-Bit Theater, our "heroes" have... "acquired" some holy weapons, which harm any evildoers that try to wield them. When Black Mage grabs one of the weapons... "I appear to have come aflame."
    • Earlier, during the Air Orb quest, Red Mage responded to being set on fire by attempting to powergame it. To be fair, he did cast a bunch of resurrection spells on himself first, but he seems incredibly casual about the agonising pain, to the point where his speech bubbles describing it have less Bold Inflation than him describing how it would work under Dungeons & Dragons rules.
      Thief: Doesn't it worry you to be, you know, aflame?
      Red Mage: Are you kidding? This is great. This is like if Burning Hands was a seventh level spell. Maybe sixth... And anyway, it's auto-hit to boot! I could hug you for 3D4 (damage) per turn, Thief. Per turn. No, I'd be an idiot to give this up, thanks.
      Thief: Of course. What was I thinking?
      RM: [dies and is resurrected]
      Thief: That doesn't hurt at all?
      Red Mage: Hm?
      Thief: The spell that brings you back.
      Red Mage: Oh, it's quite excruciating. At least it isn't as bad as the burning.
  • In Whither, we don't even learn Finn was wounded until he starts passing out.
  • In Unsounded, the undead Duane can repair or replace any pieces that fall off and Feels No Pain unless his bones are damaged, so he ignores most injuries and reacts to the rest with minor irritation.
    Sette: ...Something come off?
    Duane: And then a horrid bird tried to escape with it.
  • Learning with Manga! FGO has a scene (faithfully recreated in the animated special) where Jeanne and Tamano both get stabbed by Jack the Ripper. Jeanne flinches in surprise, then pulls the knife out, while Tamano doesn't seem to notice at all and just leaves it stuck in her head for the rest of the scene. (In the game, both have a Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors advantage against Jack's class, and really would take minimal damage from her.)
  • Dragon Sanctuary: Merno spends a good chunk of time not worrying about the gaping wound he receives during the eclipse attack, instead comforting Dean and ordering a few drinks.
  • I'm the Grim Reaper: Being grim reapers and not really alive, neither Scarlet or Brook react much to lethal injuries. When Scarlet gets her arm and leg ripped off, she's even surprised it doesn't hurt. Brook doesn't react much when his body gets ripped to pieces, leaving only his head behind.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time:
    • In the episode "No One Can Hear You", Finn gets his legs snapped backwards by a rampaging deer. His reaction before passing out? "Whatever." The look on his face, however, tells a different story. Played straighter near the end of the episode, where Finn admits in a cheerful tone that his legs are still broken.
    • The Ice King in "Lady and Peebles" has been torn open by Ricardio and his living tissue used to grow a fortress of flesh. Appropriately, Princess Bubblegum is freaked out, but Ice King seems pretty nonchalant about it.
      Ice King: (calmly) It hurt, oh boy. How 'bout a hug? Please? I need it...
    • In "Escape from the Citadel", Finn has his arm torn off at the elbow, but doesn't even mention it, being far more concerned with his dad abandoning him again. Earlier in the same episode, Finn's dad Martin has his right lower leg Stripped to the Bone and calmly asks Finn and Jake to treat the injury with healing blood of the citadel's guardian; the most he says about the wound is that it "really stings."
    • In "Graybles 1000+", the Ice King is more annoyed if anything upon waking up to see that his leg is broken.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force: In "Sirens", when Carl is told to cut off his own nipples, he agrees and doesn't express any pain because he's too drunk to feel it.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Iroh can't decide whether a plant he found is a type of tea leaf, or poisonous.
    Iroh: Zuko, remember that plant I thought might be tea?
    Zuko: You didn't!
    Iroh: I did. [turns around to show his face has become red and swollen] And it wasn't.
    Zuko: [repulsed] Yah!
    Iroh: When the rash spreads to my throat, I will stop breathing.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog:
    • The titular canine's usual reaction to getting injured is to let out a weak, wheezy laugh.
    • Katz's normal reaction to getting hit? A deadpan delivery of one of his Catchphrase, "I wish you hadn't done that."
    • In the episode "Courage the Fly", Eustace attempts to trap Courage (who is...well...a fly; long story) with fly paper, but ends up sticking it to Muriel's face instead. Upon removing it, he rips her face off with it, leaving no more than a now-pissed-off skull for a face. Her reaction? To demand that Eustace put it back, lest he get "cold cuts for dinner". Eustace begrudgingly complies, but accidentally puts it back on upside-down. "Oh, you are cheeky." she says in what sounds like mild frustration before Eustace turns her face the right way.
  • Occurs numerous times in Drawn Together, most notably in the montage of Captain Hero's "adult childhood" where he falls off of his bike and scrapes his knee in a stereotypically childish manner. When he reveals the scrape, a large section of his leg is missing with his bone snapped but it is treated as a scrape anyway.
  • Happens all the time in Ed, Edd n Eddy. For example, when Ed's toy makes a hole in Eddy's belly, he seems more upset about the toy eating his breakfast than the hole in his stomach.
  • Family Guy:
    • A cutaway gag features Brian talking to a disfigured WWII veteran. Disfigured as in, he's only a head.
      Veteran: I'm glad I could do my part.
      Brian: I think you might have done too much.
    • Another cutaway shows what the family would be like if they were stereotypical high-class gentlemen. Halfway through the scene, Peter spontaneously combusts and calmly says "Oh dear." then describes it in an incredibly casual manner.
    • Yet another one features Peter asking Chris to turn a firehose on so he can take a drink. Chris accidentally blasts the flesh off of Peter's entire head leaving nothing but a skull.
      Peter: Nice job, Chris. You got my shirt wet.
    • One Cutaway Gag has Peter accidentally turn up the pressure in a decompression chamber so high that everyone's eyeballs burst out of their sockets. The other guys in the chamber are more annoyed than anything else ("Nice going, jackass!"), Peter gets defensive and doesn't acknowledge it at all, and then they all get into a petulant slap-fight.
    • This show (and its writers) seems to love this trope. Some more injuries include Peter having his entire face scratched off by a monkey to Meg having her face burnt off by the Ark of The Covenant.
  • In Frisky Dingo, Killface is somewhat concerned about the giant pipe impaling his left lung, but he insists that the doctor treat the shallow cut on his son's arm first.
    • A later episode has a rocket pierce him through the chest. He's only mildly annoyed at the whole situation. Even the gaping hole it left after the explosion doesn't faze him much.
  • Futurama:
    • After Planet Express's boiler blows up, we see Fry (and Zoidberg) in a hospital, seeming rather nonchalant, then it pans down to show he's been impaled with a pipe.
      Zoidberg: Oh, the hypochondriac's back! So what is it this time?
      Fry: Well, my lead pipe hurts a little.
      Zoidberg: That's normal.
    • Fry losing limbs, or being otherwise grievously injured, and not being fazed has become a running gag at this point.
    • This is pretty typical for Zoidberg. Even his own autopsy struggles to hold his attention.
      [surgeon removes Zoid's heart]
      Zoidberg: Take, I've got four of them.
      [surgeon starts cutting something with a hacksaw]
      Zoidberg: Don't cut that! I need that to speak!
      [surgeon pauses, then resumes cutting — faster]
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Squidward, after seeing that SpongeBob saved an exploding pie throughout the entire episode and being hit with the pie in the face, causing the entire city of Bikini Bottom to explode, just says "ouch."
    • In the episode "Dunces and Dragons", SpongeBob goes to a blacksmith for armor and the blacksmith finishes his knight look with a sword, but it's too heavy for SpongeBob to lift so he ends up tossing it into the blacksmith's chest. He shrugs it off like it's nothing saying that it'll require a few stitches.
  • G.I. Joe: Renegades has Major Bludd losing an eye to an explosion in one ep, then an arm to an alligator in another, only pausing long enough in both instances to make a Badass Boast. "Hope ya choke on it."
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • When Billy fell off his bicycle on his way over to a lemonade stand, he scrapes his face along the pavement. When he slides up to the stand, he raises his head and reveals that his entire face has been scraped off and is now skeletal. He seemingly didn't notice. In the very next scene, his face is back to normal, with only a pair of bandages on his nose to show for it.
    • Grim falling apart and not seeming to mind at all is a running gag.
  • Ray, a character on the cartoon The Head (shown on MTV's Oddities), has a lawnmower blade lodged in his skull. He's been told that he'll die if it's removed, so he's stuck with the thing.
  • During a supervillain trust-building exercise in Justice League, Killer Frost is expected to use her ice powers to catch Giganta—falling from a cliff—who warns that she's heavier than she looks. We then hear a giant crash from offscreen, followed by Killer Frost saying "Ow."
  • A subplot on one episode of Mission Hill had Wally attempting to persuade his boyfriend to go to the hospital after getting a knife stuck in the top of his head. Gus continues to act like everything is perfectly normal, the only concession to his injury being a giant hat so he stops frightening customers.
  • Misery from Ruby Gloom often says "Ow." whenever she's randomly struck by lightning. A Friday the 13th episode revealed that she's so used to bad luck that it's quite comforting for her.
  • In Sealab 2021, Sparks and Captain Murphy don't seem to mind their "mind-blowingly painful" tortures during their stay in Hell. For the record, the latter was in a lava bath, while the former allegedly had burning coals shoved up his ass.
    Sparks: Right to the rim, baby.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In the "Treehouse of Horror XV" short "In the Belly of the Boss", the Simpsons drop a bomb from the ship into Mr. Burns' stomach and it goes off inside him, causing his stomach to swell momentarily. Burns' reaction was a flat "Well, that hurt like hell."
    • In "Monty Can't Buy Me Love", Lenny gets a coin embedded in his forehead. After a moment's panic "Get it out! Get it out!" it only succeeds in starting to spurt blood at an alarming rate, leading to "Put it back in! Put it back in!". He then promptly shrugs off going to a hospital and continues about his business, leading to an even more hilarious moment where he tips his hat to a passing woman, by removing the coin.
    • In "Team Homer", Hans Moleman requests 17 dollars from Mr. Burns to fix his push broom. Mr. Burns, however, is high on ether and hallucinates him as the Lucky Charms leprechaun, and in order to get "his Lucky Charms", takes a power drill to his skull.
      Moleman: Oh no, my brains.
    • At the beginning of "Bart of Darkness", Hans Moleman steps outside on a hot summer's day, and his coke-bottle glasses accidentally set his shirt on fire. His reaction? "Oh, rats..."
    • During "Realty Bites", Snake attempts to get his car Li'l Bandit back from Homer by setting up a line of piano wire to decapitate him. Homer ducks in time and the next car shown passing is Kirk Van Houten angrily complaining that his deli sandwich wasn't cut while waving his arm out. The wire takes his arm off from the elbow. Kirk's response is an "Ow" in a disappointed tone.
    • In "Brother from the Same Planet", Homer falls backwards onto a fire hydrant and has his body bent. He casually states "This is even more painful than it looks."
    • In "Bart the Lover", Homer does this after training himself out of swearing. Stepping on a nail (which goes through his foot), he says "Fiddle-de-dee. That will require a tetanus shot."
    • In "D'oh-in in the Wind", when Homer, who is taking up a hippie lifestyle, leans his arm against a tree and decides to "feel the good vibrations". The view then pans back to reveal that the "good vibrations" he's feeling is his hand inside of an active bee's nest. His only reaction is drawn-out (yet relaxed-sounding) "Ouch."
    • In the "Treehouse of Horror IX" story "Hell Toupée", Homer, possessed by Snake, murders Moe by ripping his heart out with a corkscrew. Moe can only say "Aw, for crying out loud..." before dying.
      • In the following story "The Terror of Tiny Toon", when Lisa and Bart try to escape from Itchy and Scratchy, they get into a police car only to find the latter two in the front seat. While trying to dismember the kids with a chainsaw, Itchy accidentally cuts off Scratchy's arms. Scratchy isn't terribly bothered and just says "It happens" when Itchy apologizes, then drives the car with his mouth.
  • In the first season of King of the Hill, how does Dale react to being bitten by over a thousand fire ants simultaneously? A brief shudder and a quiet "Youch", before passing out.
  • When South Park's Mr. Garrison gets his first sex change (from a man to a woman) in "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", we see live-action footage of genital surgery. He doesn't even get anesthetized and his reaction to the pain is a flat "Ooh, that stings".
  • The Fairly OddParents: During the beginning of Abra Catastrophe parodying Star Wars (Timmy being Skywalker, naturally), Timmy's hand gets lightsaber'd off like in the movie, but his response is different: "Hey, I've only got two of those!"
  • In the Regular Show episode "Death Bear", after Animal Control is brought in to take on the eponymous creature, all of whom are no match for the bear, the third member gets his arms ripped off.
    Animal Control Officer #3: I wanna go home.
  • Done very creepily in one episode of Teen Titans. While fighting Slade, Robin kicks him in the head so hard it snaps his neck. Slade's response is to stand still for a moment, then snap his neck casually back into place and keep coming, much to Robin's shock and squick. This is foreshadowing that Slade is actually undead at the time.
  • Waspinator from Beast Wars does this a lot. He seems to care less about the excruciating pain of being crushed, impaled, blown to bits, etc. than the frequency with which it happens to him and the fact that nobody else seems to care when it does. That, and he's annoyed about having to put himself back together all the time.
  • In Not Without My Handbag, Auntie considers being dead (and buried for six months) to be a minor inconvenience at worst, unlike leaving her handbag behind.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball characters do this often, occasionally as part of a Medium Blending gag.
    • Richard nonchalantly mentions that he broke 5 ribs in "The Prank" when he pretended to be crazy and ran through several walls.
    • In "The Picnic", Gumball and Darwin are completely calm about their eyes being on fire, even when Darwin says "there are no words to describe the pain I feel right now".
    • In "The Bet", Bobert blows up the nurse's office with the nurse still in it, and the nurse just puts a bandage on her charred body (which is also a bandage) before passing out.
    • Gumball casually states "now you have to take me to the infirmary" after a series of bizarre rotations of portions of his body cause his heart to end up in his stomach and his lungs to end up in his arms.
    • Double Subverted in "The Voice". Gumball accidentally knocks Sussie's eye out in an attempt to find something to apologize to her for. She screams "Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! But Sussie like this, too!"
    • One of the cutouts in "The Extras" snaps himself in half trying to reach down to get popcorn. He's just happy he got the popcorn.
    • The red construction worker in "The Butterfly" is just mildly annoyed that his head got knocked off, and the construction workers in general (all LEGO men) don't seem to care about losing limbs either, just putting themselves back together offscreen.
    • Darwin throws a lady through a window in "The Safety". She doesn't mind.
    • In "The Nobody", a pot falls off a shelf and is smashed on Gumball's head and he falls back on a chair when he tries to find a hidden room. He doesn't even flinch.
  • In one episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails tries to defuse a bomb with a sledgehammer, despite the protests of Sonic, who's standing nearby. Fortunately, Tails misses the bomb... only to hit Sonic in the foot instead. Sonic doesn't even sound remotely in pain, but he is a bit snarky about it.
    Sonic: I'm just glad you missed — the bomb, that is! [lifts up his foot to reveal its injuries]
  • American Dad!: Mostly happens with Stan, likely as a result of him being sturdier than average due to his CIA training, though sometimes other characters get in on it.
    • In "Tears of a Clooney", Francine doesn't seem bothered when her hand gets full of glass after she punches a window.
    • In "Stanny Boy and Frantastic", Stan gets a compound fracture in his leg after falling down a stairwell, leaving his bone visibly sticking out. He's fairly chill about it but mentions that he's about to go into shock.
    • In "Holy Shit, Jeff's Back!", when Hayley goes through the Blorpher and it shreds her like a woodchipper on one end to rebuild her on the other, she pulls Roger through it along with her. Roger flatly states that it's a very, very deep pain.
    • In "Next of Pin", when Stan admits that he stabbed Steve in his leg to end his bowling career, he stabs himself 10 times to show that it's not that painful. He doesn't flinch during any of them, but he quickly passes out.
    • In "She Swill Survive", a CIA agent whose leg gets stuck to the ground with maple syrup nonchalantly shoots said leg off and hops away.
    • "The Bitchin' Race" has Stan getting stabbed in the chest by a yak's horn. He isn't terribly phased by it and pushes the yak's horn further into his chest and out his back.
    • Similar to the first example, in "I Am the Jeans: The Gina Lavetti Story", Francine explodes a wine glass in her hand in frustration, then rubs the resulting blood in her hair.
    • In "Exquisite Corpses", Roger isn't bothered by having a knife thrown into his stomach.
  • Mission Hill had Gus go home one episode with a butcher knife stuck in his head after someone tried to mug him. Not only did he not care about the knife, but he was annoyed at Wally for trying to remove it.
  • Steven Universe. In the episode "Steven the Sword Fighter," Steven accidentally distracts Pearl during a swordfighting demonstration, causing her to get stabbed and EXPLODE, leaving only her gem behind. Steven is naturally very distraught, but the others quickly explain that she's Only Mostly Dead and will revive as long as her gem is kept safe.
    Pearl: (stabbed) Whoopsy daisy! Steven, it's okay! I'm gonna be just— [she poofs, cutting off the sentence]
  • Kaeloo, being a Sadist Show that runs on Family-Unfriendly Violence, has a lot of these moments. For example, in one episode, Stumpy accidentally causes a bunch of arrows to shoot Kaeloo, Quack Quack, and Pretty. Rather than scream in pain, they just glare at him, annoyed.
  • The Lion Guard: In the episode "The Trail to Udugu", while taking charge of the Lion Guard for the day, Simba gets his tail crushed by a large boulder. Cats' tails are usually sensitive, but Simba casually treats it with mild annoyance, saying that he's fine other than his tail being crushed.
  • In BoJack Horseman, Sarah Lynn stabs herself with a rusty bayonet in the middle of a hardware store, mostly to call attention to herself and her breakup with Andrew Garfield. She doesn't have much of a reaction to the pain. Although BoJack drives her to a hospital, she apparently didn't get official help, as she shows up at BoJack's house with duct tape where the rusty bayonet had gone through. She proceeds to proclaim herself "Good as new." note 
  • Looney Tunes codifies many stock treatments of Amusing Injuries in cartoons, including underreactions. In "Rabbit Fire", for example, Daffy gets repeatedly shot in the face and only responds with a disgusted "you're despicable."
  • The Owl House: In "A Lying Witch and a Warden", Eda barely acknowledges her hand coming off as a nuisance. The same goes for getting decapitated.
  • In The Venture Bros., Brock's first interaction with Colonel Gathers has him getting stabbed in the hand for saluting at him. He barely reacts to it, and while this would be a fairly tame example on its own, what makes it notable is that he actually reacts more to Gathers hitting him in the knee with a rod, which is a more minor injury in comparison.
  • In Marvels MODOK, M.O.D.O.K. prepares to kill an AIM agent who convinces him not to by saying that M.O.D.O.K. needs him to do his taxes. He discharges at another agent whose arm is blown off, but the agent is indifferent toward it and assumes that it was done because he was getting coffee without seeing if the pot was for everyone.

    Real Life 
  • There's a bit of science behind this in real life. When seriously injured, your body releases endorphins, in order to keep the pain under somewhat manageable control (conveniently enough, this lasts just long enough for medical aid to arrive).
  • In the Battle of Gettysburg during The American Civil War, Union General Dan Sickles' leg was shattered by a 12-pound cannonball. In order to inspire his men to keep fighting, Sickles showed virtually no sign of pain in reaction to this. He relinquished command to General David Birney, and then calmly smoked a cigar as he was loaded onto a stretcher and carried away from the field.
  • Leprosy degenerates the nerves in the extremities of the body i.e. fingers, hands, toes, feet. Skin sores, high infection, and no pain is just a recipe for unintentional gangrene; which is the actual cause of lost limbs. This was exploited by the Order of Saint Lazarus, which was originally an order of knights infected with leprosy. They had a reputation for being extremely hard to kill since they did not feel most of their wounds.
  • A Reader's Digest story was submitted wherein a teacher at a school warned the kids about how high they were climbing in a tree. Sure enough, not long after she walked away, one of the kids fell a good six meters out of a tree (around twenty feet), landed on his back, and ran over screaming because of a cut under his fingernail. When she pointed out that he was bleeding all over his leg, he just said "Oh. That too."
  • An anecdotal occurrence came from The Napoleonic Wars — specifically near the end of the Battle of Waterloo, with the British command staff observing the French attacks from a hilltop. Cannons fire, and:
    Lord Uxbridge: By God, Sir! I've lost my leg!
    The Duke of Wellington: By God, sir, so you have!
    • Uxbridge was then taken to his headquarters away from the battle and had the remaining stump of the leg amputated with no painkillers of any sort, as anything other than a leather strap to bite had not yet been invented. What's more, according to his aide, Col. Thomas Wildman, he remained composed enough to smile through the operation.
      Uxbridge: [while getting his stump amputated] The knife appears somewhat blunt.
    • A similar bit of battlefield black humor occurred during or after the Battle of Trafalgar. A British sailor's injury was so grave as to require the amputation of his leg. Said sailor's reaction was: "Never! Where shall I find another match for this one?"
    • Horatio Nelson did this several times. When he was blinded in one eye at Calvi by debris struck by a gunshot, he wrote to Lord Hood, "I got a little hurt this morning; not much, as your lordship may judge by my writing." When he was fatally shot in the back at Trafalgar, he said: "Why, my dear Hardy, I do believe they've done it at last. My backbone is shot through. Take care of Lady Hamilton for me."
    • On the French side, the Memoirs of Baron Larrey, chief surgeon of the Imperial Guard, give many examples of soldiers who had wounds requiring immediate amputation... and shrugged them off, asking Larrey to please amputate their neighbours first.
  • In real life, while campaigning for re-election, US President Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the chest and the bullet went through his steel glasses case and the folded speech he was about to give before it hit him, but by that point, it had been slowed enough to not be a life-threatening wound. Declining suggestions that a hospital visit might be in order, Roosevelt instead proceeded to give a 90-minute speech, opening with the lines:
    Roosevelt: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose. note 
    • Roosevelt became president after the assassination of William McKinley, who died not from the gunshots themselves but 8 days later from gangrene after surgery in early 20th century conditions. Avoiding the operating room when he knew it wasn't necessarily life-threatening was probably very high on Roosevelt's priority list.
    • His cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt simply said "I have a terrific pain in the back of my head." before dying from a cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Leon Trotsky, formerly Vladimir Lenin's #2 man, was seeking asylum in Mexico City. An assassin sent by Josef Stalin broke into his home and buried an ice axe in his head. Trotsky stood up, ice axe in head, spat on his assailant, and then fought off the assassin before he was subdued by his bodyguard. He was rushed to the hospital and died a day later. "Hopefully he lived long enough to fire his bodyguards..."
  • During one of the world wars, a pilot was hit six times and managed to land the plane through the rush of sheer adrenaline. The story goes that he got out of the plane and basically died on the spot.
  • "Crashed slow-rolling near ground. Bad show." This was Douglas Bader's logbook entry on the plane crash that cost him both of his legs. Being dosed up on a large amount of morphine at the time was probably doing a lot to help him maintain a Stiff Upper Lip. When the sheer scale of his injuries sank in, Bader reacted to his predicament about how you'd expect someone would in Real Life. Badly.
    • After recovering from his Heroic BSoD (and getting back his flight status) he eventually had another crash that he survived only due to having previously lost both legs: His artificial legs were pinned in the plane, and it took a considerable time to free them. While walking away from the wreckage, he noticed his legs didn't seem to be working properly. It turned out both lower leg sections had been crushed. Had they been his original legs, he would likely have bled to death before he could have been freed.
  • After John Hinkley's attempt on his life, Ronald Reagan was unaware that he'd been hit by a bullet note  until he started coughing up blood on the way back to the White House.
  • Following the 1985 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season, punter Frank Garcia was diagnosed with a broken leg. He'd been playing that way for half the year.
  • During his No Cure for Cancer special, Denis Leary relates how his father, an Irish immigrant, reacted to injury, like, during a visit home, Denis saw his father shoot a nail through his hand with a nailgun, and, without missing a beat, pulled it out with his teeth. Then there was his reaction to nearly cutting off his thumb with a circular saw. Mainly, patching it up with electrical tape and driving himself to the hospital because his sense of masculinity wouldn't let him let himself be driven there by a woman. Denis then says the following:
    I turned to my brother and said "Hey pal, forget about crying, okay? Crying is over. We're never gonna be able to cry about anything ever, okay? Our father figure is a man who could sever his own head with a chainsaw and he'd staple gun it back on *staple sound effects* 'Fuckin head came off!' *staple sound effects*"
  • This Cracked article has 5 rather notable real-life cases of this trope.
  • Actress Natasha Richardson hit a tree while skiing and whacked her head. She felt OK and sent the medics away. An hour or so later help was summoned again due to increased pressure from the bleeding in her brain, but by then it was too late and she died in the hospital. This is actually the classic presentation of an epidural hematoma, which Ms. Richardson died from, and one of many reasons why they are almost always fatal — the person genuinely feels okay initially and only as time goes on do the symptoms worsen, by which point it's too late to save the person.
  • Empress Elisabeth of Austria was stabbed in the heart by an assassin. She fell over but was able to get back up and stated that she felt no pain, believing that he had simply missed (in reality, the 4-inch blade had gone all the way in). Later when she removed her clothes she promptly died from her wound, her corset being the only thing keeping her from bleeding out.
  • While not nearly as serious as some others on the list, Sean Bean was assaulted and stabbed with a broken glass bottle in a bar fight. His response? He refused medical attention, patched himself up with the bar's first aid kit, and ordered another drink.
  • Subverted in one StoryCorps interview — the interviewee's father had a wooden leg which broke one day while he was working on a farm. The man cried, "Oh darn, I think I broke my foot!" and then just snapped it back in place and kept working. The person who was helping him didn't know the leg was a prosthetic, and turned white as a sheet and later called the man "the toughest man I've ever seen."
  • New Zealand rugby player Wayne Shelford had his scrotum torn open during a ruck, leaving his testicle dangling. He simply told the medic to sew it back up and continued the game until he was knocked out later by a blow to the head.
  • A man named William Striler pulled a revolver from his coat outside a courthouse and fired six shots at 53-year-old attorney Gerry Curry. Despite being covered in blood from several gunshot wounds to his upper body, Curry just walked away, shrugging.
  • A man shoots himself accidentally in the arse, apologizes to the people around him, and drives himself to the hospital.
  • Tablesaw blades are so fast and so sharp that by the time you cut your entire hand off with one the sensation hasn't even reached your brain.
  • In Virginia, a gymnast misjudged a distance and rammed her foot into a metal strip so hard three toes stopped moving. She looked at it, debated on whether she could keep going, and went so far as to ask her friends what they thought. When told to go home, she sat down, waited to see if her toes would start working again and was forced to go home by the instructor. She didn't even limp as she left. The toes never worked quite right ever again.
  • A possibly extreme example was the drummer of X Japan, Yoshiki Hayashi, who, during a 1995 show, suddenly stopped playing drums, reached up to rub his neck and shoulder, tried again but looked confused in a second when he couldn't move or hit the kicks, then collapsed. It seemed like his usual dramatic stage collapses for show until the show was stopped and he was removed from the stage and taken away in an ambulance. It was later determined that he'd broken his neck, sustaining the split cervical spine discs that never would heal properly and required surgery years later - and most likely only avoiding death or quadriplegia out of sheer luck as to which split.
  • Army Cpl. Josh Hargis suffered the aftermath of a suicide bomber. Through his injuries were bad enough to be in ICU and was on a respirator at the time, Hargis fought back against the doctors, who was trying to keep his hand down, as he gave a salute upon receiving a purple heart, given to soldiers injured in the line of duty. When other soldiers saw this, they were left in tears.
  • Although he wasn't actually harmed, making this a downplayed example, Michael Jackson was driving his Rolls-Royce down the Ventura Freeway in California and was apparently so absorbed thinking about the lyrics to 'Billie Jean' that he didn't notice his car was on fire.
  • Any injury or condition that damages the nerves badly enough, such as leprosy mentioned above or third-degree burns, will result in this.
  • Crossing over with Blessed with Suck, there is a condition called congenital insensitivity to pain, wherein the person feels no pain when they hurt themselves. The problem is that people with this condition (particularly kids) never learn to protect themselves, so they will unthinkingly burn themselves by sticking their hands in hot water or will not notice that they're bleeding from irritation from too-tight headbands. A good profile on the condition can be found here.
  • Some years ago, an elderly docent at the International Printing Museum was struggling with a malfunctioning Linotype machine during a special event. His frustration overcame his common sense, and he put his hand in harm's way, in one of the few places where one can get seriously injured on a Linotype. A fingertip was partially severed, but he calmly shut down the machine, before being hauled off to the emergency room.
  • On August 6, 1915, after several failed attempts to capture the Russian Osowiec Fortress, the German army resorted to pumping it full of Chlorine Gas. The Russian troops in the fort did not have a sufficient number of gas masks, forcing them to resort to covering their faces with water or urine soaked rags and undershirts in a desperate attempt to get some sort of protection from the deadly fumes. The German army then sent 12 battalions of troops equipped with gas masks in to capture the fort. Walking past mountains of Russian corpses in the outer ring of Osowiec, the German soldiers casually approached the fort, expecting no further resistance, only to be shocked to see the surviving members of the Osowiec garrison come out to attack them. With faces covered by blood soaked rags and undershirts, and many troops literally coughing pieces of their own lungs, the Russian troops somehow managed to re-man their machine guns and artillery pieces, while the remaining soldiers launched a bayonet charge, sending the German army fleeing in panic. The retreat was so disorganized that many of the men were trampled into the ground by their fellow troops or entangled in their own barb-wire emplacements as they fled back to their trench lines. This event would become known as "The Attack of the Dead men" since the Russian troops who launched the attack were so badly injured from the poison gas that they looked like walking corpses and a large portion of them ended up dying later.
  • Sean Connery once explained on a talk show in 1996 that he had a persistent but vague pain and weakness in his wrist that was bothering him for years. Upon finally going to get it checked out, he learned that he had in fact had a broken wrist and he had had his wrist broken by none other than Steven Seagal, who was training him in martial arts on the set of Never Say Never Again and broke his wrist out of frustration because he was stronger than he was.


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