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Non Sequitur, *Thud*

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I mean, she's speaking to you, isn't she?

"Thank you, Andre. I'll have the veal piccata."
Jim "Washout" Pfaffenbach (after slamming face-first into an ambulance), Hot Shots!

A character has suffered an amusing injury, usually of the blunt force to the head variety. Dazed, he will say something really random and Non Sequitur, normally either before going out like a light or after being awakened. It seems that with proper application of blunt trauma, the human skull becomes a radio receiver tuned to a random station somewhere in the world. Three common phrases used are "How many fingers am I holding up?" (helpful bystander), some variation of "I don't wanna go to school today, mommy", and "Anybody get the number of that truck?" (victim). The character may also mistake someone closest for someone else during such.

A subtrope of Non Sequitur and Parting-from-Consciousness Words, which also includes the cases where the parting words actually make sense. Overlaps with Intoxication Ensues when caused by drugs or alcohol. May result in Delirious Misidentification. See also Concussions Get You High. In less serious works, tends to come hand-in-hand with Circling Birdies.

The corresponding situation where a character says something random while regaining consciousness, is Waking Non Sequitur. If a character says something random while unconscious, that's Talking in Your Sleep. Spoonerism is a common varia— BONK! There sure are a lot of pencil corpses on the back of that signal.

Exa— BONK! Fatimah's on her way! Batten down the hatches!

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    Advertis— BONK! No thank you, Jeremy. I've had enough cake. 
  • One of Snickers' "Not going anywhere for a while?" commercials has a football player get hit a little too hard. The coach makes sure his marbles are all there:
    Coach: Where are you?
    Player: I'm in New York.
    Coach: Who am I?
    Player: You're the coach!
    Coach: And who are you?
    Player: [pauses, then dramatic voice] I'm Batman.
    Coach: Sit down.
    Player: But you don't understand! I'm Batman!
    Narrator: Not going anywhere for a while?
The player then goes on to act like Batman for the rest of the commercial as the sales pitch is going on.

    Anime & BONK! Okay, Mr. Fancypants! Let's rumple! 
  • In the first episode of Best Student Council, Rino hits her head on a tree. When Pucchan tries to put some sense into Rino, who’s seeing birds around her head, Rino dizzily says, "Uh... I couldn't eat another bite." Pucchan replies, "You just got attacked! This isn't the time to be sleeping!"
  • Leigharch of Black Lagoon is brimming with these, especially when he's on cocaine (manga) or pot (anime). Among the more notable ones...
    Leigharch: [when Revy kicks him in the head to get him moving] I forgot! We have to go to Liverpool! Jimi Hendrix is calling for me! To defeat the Klingon-alien!

    Leigharch: [when the car gets shot up] Barbarella is holding an anti-war sign in the nude!

    Leigharch: Playmates! There are exactly one hundred playmates! Starting from the nineties! It's attack of the Playmate Army!

    Leigharch: WHAT? My application to the Black Panthers was denied AGAIN?!note 
  • In the English dub of the Digimon Adventure 02 episode "Guardian Angel", after Pegasusmon is taken down by Andromon, he De-Digivolves back into Patamon, lands in T.K.'s arms and says, "I'll have two cheeseburgers and a large order of fries."
    • Speaking of Digimon English dubs, in the dub movie, Agumon and Tentomon have this to say after getting their butts handed to them by Infermon:
      Agumon: Don't take me out, coach.
      Tentomon: I'm fine. Just one question: who's Tentomon?
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • In Part 2, when Joseph knocks out some Nazi guards to infiltrate a base in Mexico, they cry out "TACOS!"
    • In Part 3, Alessi yells "ATTABOY!" as Star Platinum and Silver Chariot send him flying after a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • In the Orange League episode "A Way-Off Day Off", Team Rocket slides down a zipline while reciting their motto. Both Jessie and James crash into a tree at the point where they say their names.
      Jessie: Team Blocket... rest off at the lead of spite... tonight...
      James: Surrender now or prepare... to surrender now... surrender now...
      Meowth: Meowth! Say the motto riiiiight! [gives them both Fury Swipes]
    • In Pokémon the Series: XY episode Battling at Full Volume!, Ash gets a fever after training with Greninja the previous night. He crawls out of his tent and slumps against Serena. He tries to say something, getting stuck on "I...", and Serena blushes, thinking Ash is about to confess his love to her.* Instead...
      Ash: Iron Tail, Pikachu... [faints]
  • Ranma ½:
    • After hitting his head at the end of an episode, a cross-eyed Ranma says "Say, did anyone catch the number of that truck? Which way did he go? I'm Ranma!"
    • Once when Kunō hit Ranma with his sword he said "I'm a little teapot short and stout."

    Comed— BONK! What a delicious mailbox! 
  • Dane Cook mentions this when discussing fainting from overindulgence of alcohol. "And just before you faint, you always have one final thought, like, 'Lobster bisque'. *thud*"
  • Richard Pryor is talking about his days as a boxer, and he gets knocked down in one punch, and then sits up, and says, "Hi, mom! I'm okay!"
  • In Wayne and Schuster's "A Shakespearean Ballgame", the pitcher beans struggling batter Rocky.
    Rocky: *picks up bat catcher's mask* Ah! Alas, poor Durocher.
    I knew him. A man of infinite lip.
    *to a random teammate* Hail to thee, sweet nymph. *picks up bats*
    I would have brought thee violets,
    But they withered.

    Comic Boo— BONK! Yellow o'clock already? 
  • In issue #11 of the Darkwing Duck comic, after hitting his head the villain Steelbeak says "Ma? That you? I will watch my language... Buster told me to", which is a shout-out to Tiny Toon Adventures. Steelbeak and Fowlmouth were both voiced by Rob Paulsen using nearly identical voices.
  • Disney Ducks Comic Universe:
    • In the Donald Duck comics story "The Head of Rama Putra", Donald's nephews cut him loose from a hanging vine that had entangled his leg. Don ends up landing head first on a rock, and as Huey, Dewey, and Louie check on him, he babbles "Yes, Mr. President, I got the license number of that broccoli... it wasn't armed..."
    • Don Rosa's "Incident at McDuck Tower" had Donald fall in a very cartoonish manner from a building, finally landing in a display in a grocery store. As a clerk helps him out he asks "St. Peter... why is heaven full of parsley?"
  • In an issue of the Harley & Ivy miniseries, the two infiltrate the set of a movie based on their capers. Harley is unimpressed by the actor playing the Joker, and pummels him. He is then seen babbling "Yoda? ...Dagobah system?" This is a Mythology Gag combined with an Actor Allusion, as in the DC Animated Universe the Joker is played by Mark Hamill.
  • A running gag in DC's 'Mazing Man comics is that whenever the title character got conked on the head (including one instance when he was stuffed into a Goodwill box) he'd start singing Simon & Garfunkel's greatest hits. Which may make the Darkwing Duck gag listed in Western Animation the World's Most Obscure Shout-Out.
  • A common gag in Nodwick when the gang (usually Nodwick himself) sustains head injuries.
  • In the old Super Mario Bros. comic story Mutiny on the Fungi, after taking a blow to the head from an irate former Mook, Bowser stammers "I'll get a job in the morning, Mommy."
  • In one Tomorrow Stories story featuring Splash Brannigan, Splash sets himself up as a Film Noir detective and gets embroiled in a tense mystery. He also narrates the whole story out loud, which means he talks like this: "C'est la vie, ma chère, I wheezed, Frenchly." When he's drugged, he manages to say "'Now, what about this urble flurgle glurb blufungle?', I unicorned, orangely." before passing out.
  • In one of the final issues of the Milligan/Allred X-Force, the team is facing a legal threat and has to change their name soon, but can't think of anything. When U-Go Girl is attacked during a mission, she passes out, wakes up momentarily, and says something like "That's it! Our new name, we'll call ourselves the X-Men!" before losing consciousness again.
  • X-Men: When Beast gets knocked down by a mind-controlled Colossus, he goes: "Anyone… get the number... of that uru hammer?"

    Comic Stri— BONK! The table is saying naughty words again. 
  • In one strip of Bloom County, after being traumatized by an encounter with a Basselope, Opus becomes delirious and starts quoting Marlin Perkins, while also advertising for the Mutual of Omaha.

    Fan BONK! Fuck you, Roosevelt! I'mma going to space! 
  • In Acceptance Harry asks for the license plate of the bus after being thrown into a wall by the troll in the girls' bathroom.
  • From Chapter 5 of Attack on Titan: Ponies from Afar, after Rainbow Dash gets blindsided and slammed into a building by an Off Hand Back Hand from a Titan:
    Rainbow Dash: And then Daring Do drank all the cheesecake.
  • From Calvin & Hobbes: The Series, after the titular duo crash their sled once again:
    Hobbes: How much cluck could a good duck cluck if a good duck could cluck good?
    Calvin: Darkness? It is I, Pajama Sam! I have come to vanquish you!
  • In A Casual Day of Aliens, after Gwen slams into a door:
    *BAM!* Hehe.... mom, I already ate all my dinner... can I have dessert now? *PLOOF!*
  • Ditzy Don't: Pinkie has this to say to Twilight after Ditzy accidentally food-poisons her:
    Pinkie Pie: If I don't make it... tell Gummy... he always goes flat when he tries to hit that high B. He really needs to work on that...
  • The DJ-PON3 Party: When Twilight thinks that Graphite, a stallion flirting with her and Octavia at Vinyl's club, touched her flank (it was actually Spike hoping she'd assume this, because he didn't like the guy), she punches him in the face so hard he stumbles out of their booth and says this before passing out:
    Graphite: Thank you very much, please come again...
  • In A Door Jam, during the battle with the wyvern, Applejack gets slammed into a cliff:
    Applejack: Granny Smith, I think that apple cider is a mite strong.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • In the Season 1 Finale, Vegeta manages to knock Goku into a mount- er, plateau. Doubles as a Take That!.
      Goku: [thinking] Man, this is worse than that time I was in high school, and all the guys called me "Geeko", and I was Piccolo's slave, I couldn't get Chi-Chi to like me, and... [spoken] Wow, I hit that rock harder than I thought.
    • Later in Season 2, Krillin lapses into this after receiving a brutal kick from Recoome:
      Krillin: HELLO GOHAN have you done your homework, 'cause if you don't, Chi-Chi will KICK my ass!
    • In their version of The World's Strongest, Goku has a problem — Gohan is able to stop Dr. Wheelo and save the day without violence, but Goku had just finished charging the Spirit Bomb. Confused over the situation, Goku decides that maybe he can lay the Spirit Bomb down gently on the ground. There's a huge explosion and Goku's seen laying on the rubble of what's left of Wheelo's lab, groaning out "Good work, team...!"
  • Duel of Fate:
    Su: Did you get the tail feathers of that hippogriff?
  • Earth and Sky: Poor Applejack gets a few of these after getting clocked over the head by Shootin' Star in a Bar Brawl.
    Applejack: That's a fine bucket o' cranberries, prime minister. Have a baked accordion with yer sandwich, compliments o' the fire department.

    Applejack: Bananas ain't right. You tell 'em I ain't havin' 'em on the steerin' committee.
  • From chapter 3 of Ed, Edd, 'n Pony, after the plow that Ed and Big Macintosh were in crashes through the wall: "I think I hit a pipe."
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage:
    • At the Crystal Fair, Rainbow Dash body slam tackles Maulgrim during a joust, but the attack hurts her more than it does him, leading to her uttering one of these before passing out. (Doubles as a Shout-Out to Family Guy; see the Western Animation folder below.)
      Rainbow Dash: But I don't wanna feed Gramma while she's in the bathtub.
    • In Season 2, when Vaati gets blindsided by a Helmasaur in the Diamond Dog mines, he also mutters out of these before passing out.
      Vaati: No, Ezlo, I said two teaspoons of sugar in my waffles.
  • In Fall to Zenith, Voldemort uses the truck version after Serafall turns him into a Prinny and then kicks him, sending him ricocheting into several walls.
  • In the Epilogue of Flames and Twilight, After Flare brought Nightmare Moon back to life as a Filly:
    Flare looked up, his eyes swirling a bit. "Hey there, Fairy~ Doo doo do doooo! Fairy learned Double Team!" Flare giggled as Twilight sighed. Yeah, he was fine.
  • In Fudge's Fudge Harry is knocked unconscious by a cursed magical artifact.
    Harry: What happened? And did anyone get the name of the one flying that broomstick?
  • I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC:
    • After a few too many drinks, Iron Man says "Thank you Andre; I'll have the veal picatta", then passes out, falling forward onto his face. And then through the floor; Spider-Man is surprised to discover that Stan's Place has a basement. Presumably this is a Shout-Out to Hot Shots!
    • Also Spider-Man's slightly drunken Transformers freak out:
      Spider-Man: [to Iron Man] Bumblebee!
      Batman: That's not him.
      Spider-Man: [to Superman] Optimus!
      Batman: He's not here.
      Spider-Man: This isn't my war!
      Batman: No, it isn't.
      Spider-Man: But I fear it soon will be.
      Batman: No, it won't.
  • Jewel of Darkness plays this a bit more seriously, as Jinx is rendered delirious by Mad Mod's Mind Rape until she receives medical attention.
  • In Magnetism, Twilight, after being dragged, with Fluttershy, into Rainbow Dash at high speeds, gets up and delivers one before falling over again.
    Twilight: Yes mommy, I would like syrup with my pancakes.
  • In Marionettes, Cover Story blasts Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon and makes it explode in her face. When Fluttershy checks on her, she mutters:
    Pinkie Pie: Boneless, I know you miss Cheese Sandwich but he's throwing a party in Las Pegasus...
  • In the Turning Red fic The Panda Chronicles, Aaron T., hallucinating from his fever, laughs that the other boys have (imaginary) flowers on their heads, and then promptly collapses on the floor.
  • In a scene in Ranma ½: The Abridged Chronicles, Ranma says "Expert texpert choking smokers."
  • In Reexamining Things Snape asks for the license number of the ceiling after jumping high enough to hit it when Harry tests his Banshee Potion during class.
  • Yang in RWBY: Reckoning, which also doubles as a Shout-Out:
  • In the Steven Universe-Ranma ½ crossover fic Skies of Blue, Red Roses Too, Ranma mumbles one of these after being clobbered with a heavy kettle dropped on her by a seagull.
    Ranma: Cookies, for me? Why sure, Kuno, back up the truck...
  • This Bites!:
    • Cross jumps a little too much while up on a tree branch when Luffy comes out of nowhere and surprises him. After he hits the ground, he starts singing "A Bicycle Built for Two" while Soundbite sings some strange amalgamation of "Yankee Doodle" and "Old McDonald".
    • After one of Nami's gold-euphoric dances, Vivi is left with dizzy eyes and mumbling how she doesn't want to learn ballet because Kohza would laugh at her.
    • Just before Tashigi can fly into a rage over learning about the swords Captain Shu destroyed with his Rust-Rust Fruit, Chopper is able to sedate her into a chair.
      Tashigi: I am going to— *THWACK!* —hug a cuddly bunny...
  • Total Drama Legacy: When Drew gets shocked with electricity and gets knocked out in "Virtual Royale-ity", he says "No more brownies for me, Mother…" before falling face-first on the floor.
  • Transformers: MHA: Starscream decides to pick a fight with All Might, thinking the Hero will be no issue to destroy. Cue Starscream having his ass handed to him in one punch. Followed by Starscream having this to say:
    Starscream: (optics rolling to the back of his head) Ooooh... why yes, Lord Megatron, I WOULD like to pilot the Purple Griffon, thank you...
  • In Years at War, Part 2: The Legion Born Luna is woken after being knocked unconscious by an injury.
    Luna: Anybody get the make and model of the broom that walloped me?
  • In You Call That a Costume?, when the Rainbooms are sent flying into a wall by EQG Flutterbat, Personality Swapped Applejack mumbles "Why yes, Dear. That dress is on sale."
  • In Yule at Grimmauld Place Harry wakes up after a goblin ritual to remove the Horcrux from his scar.
    Harry: Did anyone get the name of the dragon that tried to eat me for breakfast?

    Films — Animati— BONK! Happy fishies everywhere! 
  • In Asterix and the Vikings, after Obelix punches out one of the Roman guards he says "Second door on the left... you passed the test..." before falling unconscious.
  • Chicken Run Rocky's line after a particularly spectacular Face Plant is initially presented as one of these, but later turns out to be something else entirely...
    "Thank you ladies and gentlemen you've been a wonderful audience!" *thud*
  • Kuzco to Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove, after Chicha hits him with a frying pan:
    Kuzco: [dazed] You have a lovely wife. Both very pretty.
  • In FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Batty (the PTSD bat played by Robin Williams) is ranting against humans when Zack touches his brain implant. He gets a jolt of electricity and says "Price check on prune juice, Bob — price check on prune juice." Then he's out. In fact, this is a Running Gag in the movie. It becomes a plot point during the Final Boss battle when he starts to get basic cable and Zack flicks through until he gets Hamburger Hill.
  • In Incredibles 2, Elastigirl pursues the Big Bad onto a jet. The Big Bad (who has an oxygen supply) flies the jet high enough to afflict the heroine (who doesn't) with hypoxia, causing her to start babbling as she collapses.
  • Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie:
    • Bob and Mr. Asparagus utter these after their van hits a rock and the air bags deploy in their faces:note 
      Bob: Am I in... Heaven?
      Mr. Asparagus: Smells like... Wisconsin!
    • The "outtakes" include alternate versions of this scene with even-more-random lines.
  • In LEGO DC Comics: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, after Superman is hurled into a giant crystal by Darkseid, Batman tells him that he needs more time to rebuild his ship, to which Superman responds "Time... time is now purple o'clock."
  • In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, while the Zoo gang are Watching the Sunset after their first day in Africa, King Julien drunkenly stumbles in, singing:
  • In Oliver & Company, Einstein does this during a diversion by Dodger and his gang. He bumps into Jenny's limo and says, "Run, Sparky! Go find Bumper!"
  • In the Disney film The Prince and the Pauper, Goofy, disguised as an executioner, inadvertently knocks out a weasel guard with his axe while trying to save Donald and the Mickey look-a-like. The weasel guard babbles, "Thank you, I had a lovely evening", and kisses Goofy before passing out.
  • In Robots, Mr. Bigweld says several odd things after being hit in the head with a telephone.
    Bigweld: I'm the prettiest girl at the Harvest Moon Ball!
    Bigweld: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!... If you're happy and you know it...
    Bigweld: Daaaiiisy... Daaaiiiisyyy... give me your answer doooo...
  • The Secret Life of Pets has this bit from Snowball after he's disoriented by the bus crash:
    Snowball: That raccoon is lying. He's not the President! [face plants]
  • Shrek:
  • In Surf's Up, after Cody has a serious wipe-out on his first big wavenote  and is given CPR by life guard Lani, we get this:
    Cody: Did I win? I won, huh? Oh look, there's pixies everywhere! [passes out]
  • In the Minimax cut of The Thief and the Cobbler, the Thief, while trying to pole-vault up to the palace's minaret, gets bounced around by awnings like a pinball. After sliding safely onto the ground, he slurs, "Well Marv, this concludes our pole-vaulting event, and now let's move on to the floor exercises..." before fainting.

    Films — Live- BONK! I'll mow your children for only two milks. 
  • The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother: After receiving a (giant) boot to the groin, Moriarty's unnamed assistant (Roy Kinnear) calls out "Oh taxi!" and collapses.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel:
    Alvin: I'm not going anywhere without Da — (gets pinched with an anesthetic)aaaaaaaydream believer and a homecoming queen...
  • The Big Lebowski: "That rug... really... tied the room together." Though it's hardly a non sequitur in context— more like a catchphrase.
  • Another rare non-comedic example crops up in Black Hawk Down of all places. One of the rangers gets a little too close for comfort to an RPG explosion. One of the Delta members (after dispatching the guy with the launcher) rushes over to check him. After uncovering him from all the rubble, he merely asks "Are you alright? Are you OK?" Which is answered by "Yeah, I can hear bells ringin'", which gives the Delta member a good laugh. Justified in that the characters were in a war zone, and since his response was stating a physical condition he was dealing with at that moment, he was still very much alert. Or, at least alert enough to remain combat effective until he could be thoroughly checked out by a medic or doctor.
  • Doctor in Trouble: When Dr. Burke awakens after his Tap on the Head:
    Dr. Burke: Oh, my head. I c- I, uh- Taxi...? Where's me Taxi? Taxi?
  • Also used non-comedically (or not) in The Happening — the people affected by the neurotoxin do this right before they kill themselves.
  • High Heels and Low Lifes: At the end of the film, Inspector Tremaine and Sgt. McGill arrive at Mason's mansion and are looking in bewilderment at the shot-up exterior. Mason, who has been injected with a non-fatal dose of insulin, staggers out and addresses them with a string of bizarre militarism-s before declaring that he likes them and passing out.
  • Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! Part Deux. The one from the first film is the page quote up top. From the second film:
    Topper Harley: That's right, Lindsay, it's 20 minutes past the hour, and now here's the Buckinghams with "Kind of a Drag". *thud*
  • A Kid in King Arthur's Court:
    Calvin: Sir Kane! How many fingers am I holding up?
    Sir Kane: Just a little off the top. Keep the sideburns.
  • Laurel and Hardy:
    • Unusual variation in Way Out West, during the singing of "Trail of the Lonesome Pine": Stan shows off by singing in a (dubbed) deep baritone, to Ollie's consternation. Ollie gets a mallet from behind the bar and konks Stan — who switches to a woman's soprano, finishes off the song, then keels over.
    • In Babes in Toyland, the villain konks Stan over the head... Stan looks confused, turns to Ollie, and says "Did he hit me?" Ollie nods, and Stan collapses.
  • In the football movie Little Giants, a kid gets tackled, and mumbles "Did I pass the spelling test?" before losing consciousness.
  • In the remake of The Longest Yard, one of the guards takes a huge hit and ends up with a concussion. As he's being carried off the field, he says (to the men carrying him) "Hey, Mom! Hey, Dad! Thanks for picking me up from school!"
  • In The Man with One Red Shoe, Tom Hanks' character is shot in the rear-end with several tranquilizer darts. As they begin to take effect, he says, "No, mom! I'm not watching TV! I'm practicing! I'm practicing!" Then he mimics playing the violin before passing out.
  • In MouseHunt, Caesar the Eccentric Exterminator, played by Christopher Walken, tries to ferret out the mouse in question, but it sends him on a very painful journey through the house, after which he is taken out in a hospital stretcher. As he is being carried out, what he says clearly shows that the mouse drove him to madness.
    Ernie Smuntz: Caesar, are you all right? Try to think, did you catch that mouse?
    Caesar: What's that? Horse!? FIENDISH!!! I WON'T EAT IT!! AAAGH! [makes chattering noises like a mouse]
  • Scary Movie 4: While attempting to save their van from a mob, Tom gets socked in the jaw.
    Tom: Don't worry kids, the doors are locked. There's no possible way they can [whack] build a robot out of chocolate, but that's just common sense. Oh, waiter?
  • In Silent Movie when the studio chief falls victim to an unexpected Slapstick gag, he responds with "Who am I? Where am I? Who ordered the veal cutlet?"
  • Near the end of Son of the Pink Panther, one of the bad guys is hit in the head by a falling statue, exclaims "That's it! No more Mr. Nice Guy!"... and promptly falls unconscious.
  • Spaceballs:
    • After the ship comes out of Ludicrous Speed, Dark Helmet — who was not restrained in any capacity — gets catapulted forward and smashes his giant helmet-covered head into a computer terminal, smashing it, his helmet, and his glasses. When asked for orders after he got up, he goes, "Well, why don't we take a five minute break? Smoke if you got 'em!" and collapses. It's actually a subversion, since what he was saying made perfect sense, even after the head trauma.
    • Played straight later in the film, where while Lone Star and company are lost on the desert planet, Barf gasps "Oh, waiter... Check, Please!" before collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Space Jam:
    • Bugs and Daffy are in "3-D Land" getting Michael's lucky basketball shorts, when Daffy makes a wrong turn while tunneling in Looney Toons fashion toward the Jordan house, resulting in a nasty confrontation with the family dog. A few seconds later, Daffy rings the front doorbell. When Bugs answers it from the inside, Daffy says (not sings) "Twinkle, twinkle, little star!" before passing out.
    • After getting knocked for a loop during the Big Game, Daffy Duck clings to one of the Monstars and babbles "But Mommy, I don't want to go to school today! I want to stay home and bake cookies with you." Made even funnier upon him being pulled away from the opponent, he strongly tugs at the Monstar's face and rearranges his facial features.
    • After being incinerated by a Monstar's fire breath, Foghorn Leghorn says "Did you order original recipe or extra crispy?"
  • Star Trek:
    • Averted in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock where Dr. McCoy is suffering from a Vulcan mind meld. McCoy is fine during incarceration, but can slip into Spock-mode at any given moment.
      Kirk: How many fingers am I holding up? [while making the Vulcan salute]
      McCoy: That's not very damn funny!
    • Also in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, we get this gem after Dr. McCoy fixes up a cerebral hemorrhage Chekov suffered in a fall:
      Kirk: Name. Rank.
      Chekov: Chekov... Pavel... rank... [grins] Admiral.
    • Played with in Star Trek (2009). At the end of the Bar Brawl that Pike breaks up, Kirk says something lucid to him but it's obvious that he is dazed. This is one of the more accurate depictions of someone who has been repeatedly punched in the face.
      Pike: You alright, son?
      Kirk: [slurred] You can whistle really loud, you know that?
  • Q in Tower of Terror, after he receives a shock.
    Q: Good morning!
  • A rare non-comedic example occurs in Walk the Line. As he loses consciousness after collapsing onstage, Johnny mutters, "Fortunately, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency..." (an old Foghorn Leghorn line).

    Litera— BONK! My sewing circle married a motorcycle! Care to join us? 
  • Tobias smacks into a window during a mission in one Animorphs book. The rest of the mission is interspersed with his random comments about Clue. When he comes back to lucidity, he mentions dreaming about being chased around the conservatory by Professor Plum.
    Tobias: Miss Scarlet? Was it Miss Scarlet with the plum in the professor?
  • Captain Underpants: In the seventh epic novel, "And The Big, Bad Battle Of The Bionic Booger Boy Part 2: Revenge of the Ridiculous Robo-Boogers", Captain Underpants lands on his head after jumping out of a window trying to fly. When Harold and George rush to his side to see if he's okay, he mutters "Mommy, my train went swimming in the piano."
  • Discworld:
    • Late in the novel Feet of Clay, troll cop Detritus proceeds to blackmail another troll into helping them reassemble a golem by threatening to arrest him (or worse) on drug charges. Detritus knows this because he'd tasted the powder hidden in one of the statues and found it to be Slab: an infamous Troll drug. After said cooperation is assured, he asks another cop, "Did I just lick 'dis?" When told yes, he seems relieved. "'D hate to believe dis room was really full of giant hairy spide... weeble weeble sclup..." Thud.
    • In Soul Music, Death, while making a stab at Drowning His Sorrows, makes a long, rambling speech on how he can never forget anything, even things that haven't happened yet, and how he can't prevent the things he doesn't like.
      "Ah, funny how things come back to you, isn't it. Ysabell..." It was the most impressive collapse the bar had ever seen. The tall dark stranger fell backward slowly, like a tree. There was no sissy sagging of the knees, no cop-out bouncing off a table on the way down. He simply went from vertical to horizontal in one marvelous geometric sweep.
  • In nearly every one of the Encyclopedia Brown children's books, the tale of Encyclopedia's sidekick, Sally Kimball, pounding some sense into bully Bugs Meany, leaving him muttering "deal the cards." However, Encyclopedia Brown Lends a Hand has it that she left him "muttering about the price of yo-yos in China." Different books have it being different things, but he always gets an NST at some point. She beats him up multiple times, and he usually has one each time.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire features this type of behavior from a Muggle as a side-effect of an unusually large amount of magical memory modification: when the main characters are checking out of a campground in August he waves them off with a "Merry Christmas."
  • The fiction works of William Johnstone often have Black Comedy scenes where various antagonists are killed or injured in a surprise attack, and in several books, one gets hit over the head and briefly regresses to rambling about an earlier point in life before passing out.
    • In The First Mountain Man: Forty Guns West, one of several aristocrats interested in Hunting the Most Dangerous Game gets clobbered in the head and, after getting up, thinks he is talking to his mother and tells her he pooped in his nightie.
    • More darkly, in Code Name: Survival, a member of an All Bikers are Hells Angels group is left half conscious after a fight and thinks he is a teenager and, in a Suspiciously Specific Denial manner, tells his coach that it must have been someone else who raped that girl in the gym.
  • Happens in a chapter of one of Tamora Pierce's Protector of the Small books, appropriately titled "Tilt Silly". Kel received a massive blow while tilting and winds up giggling to her former, stern training master.
    Kel: I know, my lord. You wish I were a boy. But being a girl is more fun. More fun-er? Is that right?
    Wyldon: Go lie down, Mindelan. You're tilt-silly.
  • In Woody Allen's humorous short story, "Remembering Needleman", the titular character died when he was tapped on the head by a wrecking ball. "His last, enigmatic words were, 'No thanks, I already own a penguin.'"
  • Star Trek: New Frontier:
    • In the novel "Martyr", Commander Shelby had just been badly injured in a planetside attack, but she's well enough to take over command in a fight. After a crazy (but ingenious) plan to use the local star as a deadly weapon, she congratulates everyone, then stops and yells "Oh look! The colors!" before passing out again.
    • In Imzadi II, written by the same author, who is one of the creators of Space Cases, Lwaxana is stuck and delivers the quote below from that show.

    Live-Action T— BONK! Dave is EVERYWHERE! 
  • An episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun opens with Harry being repeated beaned in the head with a cast iron pan resulting in wild personality shifts and left field dialogue which is lampshaded by the rest of the cast.
    Tommy: What's with Harry?
    Dick: He seems to be having a reaction to a crushing skull blow.
  • In The A-Team episode "Children of Jamestown", Face takes one to the... well, face. When Hannibal asks how many fingers he's holding up, the bleary commando volunteers "Gargh... Blue... TREE!"
  • A non-cranial injury version of this trope occurred during the Babylon 5 episode "Parliament of Dreams", in which Londo Mollari — drunk off his ass — spouts a bunch of nonsense and collapses. The scene is also an epic Chewing the Scenery moment for the Centauri ambassador.
    Londo: [to Delenn] Have I ever told you, that you are very cute for a Minbari? [to Garibaldi] And you are cute too, in an annoying sort of way. Everybody's cute. Everybody's cute! Even me... But in purple, I'm stunning! [Thud]
    Vir: Ah! He has become one with his inner self!
    Garibaldi: He's passed out.
    Vir: That too.
  • Lester in Beakman's World, far too many times to count. Sometimes he even initiates the amusing injury that leads to the thud. For example, hitting himself with a gavel, then yelling "Sustained!" Thud!
  • In the first episode of Black Books, Manny accidentally swallows the Little Book of Calm and spends the rest of the day as a Jesus-figure spouting extracts from the book at anyone who'll listen. When he gets punched in the face by a skinhead he jumbles them up;
    Manny: Add a drop of lavender to milk. Leave town with an orange, and pretend you're laughing at it...
  • Eddie gets back from a bender in Bottom and takes generous swig of bleach.
    Eddie: Taxi! The Copacabana! [thud]
  • From Chuck:
    Lester: If we come back, I want a raise, perks, the company car, and three kilos of— [tranquilizer dart] Gluten free biscotti! [Thud!]
    Jeff: [tranquilizer dart] ...I think my water just broke. [Thud!]
  • Criminal Minds has a rare chilling example in later episode. An agent Prentiss worked with before transferring to the BAU checks a peephole in a door. The perspective is from what she sees, which is a man standing nearby. A silenced gunshot is heard, and she says in a dreamy voice, "Grandma brought it... for Christmas" as a drop of blood runs down her forehead just before she falls over, dead.
  • Consciously used by the titular ME in Crossing Jordan. Trying to ignore that she'd been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Jordan eventually suffers a seizure at work. When she comes around, Doctor Macy checks her mental status with the 'how many fingers?' test, and Jordan pranks him by slurring "Friiiday!"
  • Death in Paradise: At the end "Switcharoo", the Commisioner remarks to Inspector Parker that he is not looking well. Parker responds that he is fine, followed by "No sugar please, Doris" and then passes out.
  • Doctor Who: Physical trauma (especially post-regenerative stress) often causes the Doctor to get mixed up and refer to former companions and adventures.
    • The Fourth Doctor was particularly prone, not quite to the point of it being one of his quirks.
      • After regenerating:
        The Doctor: ...typical Sontaran attitude. Stop Linx... perverting the course of human history. I tell you, Brigadier, there's nothing to worry about. The brontosaurus is large and placid. And stupid! If the square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares on the other two sides, why is a mouse when it spins? [beaming smile] Never did know the answer to that one. [passes out]
      • After having experienced Agony Beam torture from Styggron in "The Android Invasion":
        The Doctor: Shush, shush, shush. [with great dignity] Once upon a time, there were three sisters, and they lived at the bottom of a treacle well. Their names were Olga, Marsha, and Elena. Are you listening, Tilly?
        Sarah Jane: I'm Sarah.
        The Doctor: What? [passes out]
    • "The Christmas Invasion": After his regeneration into the Tenth Doctor:
      The Doctor: Jackie, Mickey, blimey! No, no, nono, hold on. Wait there. What was I gonna say? There's something I had to tell you... something important, what was it? No hold on, hold on, hold on, shshshsh... OH! I know! [Beat, he grins] Merry Christmas! [thud]
    • Flesh Eleven in "The Almost People" utters a few catchphrases of previous Doctors, in their original voices. He also gets them a bit confused.
      Flesh Doctor: Reverse the Jelly Baby of the Neutron Flow! Would you like a... Doctor?
    • In "Deep Breath", following his regeneration into the Twelfth Doctor:
      The Doctor: Never mind! Everyone, take five! [thud]
    • The Thirteenth Doctor gets in on this as well in "The Woman Who Fell to Earth":
      The Doctor: Wait! [shoves her finger up her nostril] Can one of you catch me?!
      Ryan: You're gonna fall over?
      The Doctor: In two minutes, nineteen seconds! Wait, forget the two minutes! Nineteen– Oh, this new nose is SO unrelia...ble... [keels over]
    • Occasionally happens to companions as well; in "The Empty Child", after Jack Harkness rescues Rose from a barrage balloon flying over London with a tractor beam, he warns her that the tractor beam can be disorienting and comments that she looks a little dizzy.
      Rose: What about you? You're not even in focus... oh boll... [faints]
  • Firefly: In "The Train Job", this happens after Jayne is drugged:
    Jayne: Now we're finishing this deal, and then maybe, maybe we'll come back for those morons... got themselves caught... and you can't change that by getting all... bendy...
    Wash: All what?
    Jayne: You got the light, from the console to keep you... lifting you up... they shine like... [starts grabbing at the air] little angels... [THUD]
    Wash: ...Did he just go crazy and fall asleep?
    Simon: [regretfully] I told him he should lie down...
  • Glee: April tricks Kurt into drinking cough syrup containing alcohol. When Emma questions him about it, he stares at her and says "Oh, Bambi... I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy!" before throwing up on her shoes. It doesn't help that Emma does look like a scared deer most of the time.
  • In the season one finale of Good Omens (2019), Crowley is clocked on the head by another demon and groans "It's not a problem, it's tickety-boo" before passing out. The use of this phrase is actually a Call-Back to the second episode, in which Crowley learns the phrase from Aziraphale.
  • In an episode of Hannah Montana, Miley takes on ice hockey and is tackled by the other team in the goal.
    Miley: I heard a ding. Are my brownies ready? [passes out]
  • Hogan's Heroes:
    • A scheme to rescue Tiger from the Gestapo nearly goes bad when the Russian man they have playing Himmler hits his head on a pipe and collapses. He abruptly sits up a moment later, salutes, and says, "Long live our glorious leader, the Czar!" before passing out again.
    • In another episode, Carter gets caught in an explosion when trying to prep a bomb for sabotage. The others manage to pull him out of the wreckage and ask him if he's alright. His response is a very dazed "Hello, Mom."
  • On Home Improvement, Tim Taylor often said "We'll be right back after these messages from Binford" (or some mangling thereof) right before passing out or when awakened, even when not on the set of Tool Time. Possibly justified, as any debilitating accident on the show immediately calls for a cut to commercial, and Tim has been conditioned to get these words out as soon as possible.
  • House usually played this trope for drama.
    • It's often justified by a neurological problem causing aphasia in the patient-of-the-week, acute psychosis, or mental illness. More often than not, this is immediately followed by some medical emergency that threatens the patient's life.
    • House himself has a more humorous example during one of his rare Pet the Dog moments, when he breathes an autistic boy's anesthetic gas to show him it is safe. When the boy goes under, House staggers out of the procedure room, crashes into an equipment cart, and compliments Cameron's "pretty hair".
  • A serious example from season 5 of Lost, the characters left on the island become Unstuck in Time and are subjected to numerous random time skips that are dangerous to their health. Charlotte deteriorates faster than the others, eventually collapsing and saying "I'm not allowed to eat chocolate before dinner" before she dies. It Makes Sense in Context though.
  • Married... with Children:
    • In the episode "Cheese, Cues and Blood", Al sells all of his blood to 9 blood banks in order to pay a man because Kelly became a pool hustler in order to buy an expensive dress for the "Miss Cheese" pageant. Al spouts much nonsense throughout the rest of the episode, and at one point, Jefferson mentions that the former air-guitared to "It's a Small World".
      Al: Hey, everything looks like noodles in here!
      Al: ♪ They call me Flipper... ♪
      Al: Hey umpire, he's got a horse in his pocket! And I need a ruling!
      Al: (after being told he seems better now) Must be the beer. The brain doesn't need blood, just gotta keep the brain wet.
      Al: This pig will self-destruct in 5 seconds.
    • Again in "Sofa, So Good", except off-screen after getting trampled by pigs.
      Al: Peg? To Serve Man... It's a cookbook!
  • This trope was common especially in the early seasons of M*A*S*H.
    • Frank Burns and Henry Blake were especially prone to it, especially when their fellow surgeons were less than responsible with sedatives.
    • The line about smelling fresh bread was used once, by a dying soldier, when Winchester asked him what dying was like.
    • Invoked by Klinger in one of his countless schemes to get discharged from the Army. He gets another soldier to claim he was hit in the head by a chopper blade, and spends several minutes wandering around speaking gibberish in Arabic to further sell it. Potter isn't convinced.
  • In an episode of Night Court, Bull was dealing with a case of the hiccups, and Buddy suggested he hold his breath, and would tell him when to let it out, but he got distracted, and began talking about something else. By the time he remembered, Bull passed out. Harry asked him if he was ok.
  • Pixelface: In "Rock Star", Romford has a glass of orange squash poured into his CPU and runs through several non-sequiturs before shutting down.
  • In one episode of Police Squad!, "The Champ" gets knocked out during a boxing match, and when his manager asks him "How many fingers am I holding up?", The Champ answers "Thursday" and passes out.
  • The android Kryten from Red Dwarf has suffered a couple of these. In "White Hole", after being used as a battering ram, he responds "I'm fine thank you, Susan" when Lister asks if he's all right.note  Later, in "Quarantine", he gets a fire-axe embedded in his back, causing him to spout gibberish and ram his head into a convenient pillar in order to fix it:
    Kryten: [gibberish] Two and one-half badgers, please — [gibberish] ...No, I'll eat them here. — [gibberish, bangs his head on the pillar] ...Ah, that's better. Now I can win self-determination for the South Maldivian people! [additional spluttering and gibberish, bangs his head on the post again]
  • One episode of The Red Green Show has Red working in a confined space (the inside of a van) with strong chemicals and no ventilation. Eventually he starts singing "Eight Miles High" right before he passes out.
  • In one episode of Seinfeld, Kramer gets kicked in the head by Crazy Joe Davola. He happened to be wearing a helmet at the time, but still ended up with a concussion. The next time we see him, he has one pants leg on, only shaved the right side of his face, and is completely unaware of both. The first real non-sequitur however, is when he yells "YO-YO MA!" in mid-conversation with Jerry and George. After that he answers the phone speaking Italian-sounding gibberish.
  • Effy in Skins, immediately upon being shot up with an overdose of (probably) heroin:
    Effy: Sometimes I think I was born backwards, you know, came out my mum the wrong way... I hear words go past me backwards. The people I should love, I hate, and the people I hate— [falls over]
  • On Space Cases, the android Thelma has been sent over to retrieve a data crystal from another ship with automated defenses, which have fired at her. When the crew expresses the desire to examine it...
    Thelma: Excellent idea, Pierre. The corn muffins look scrumptious today! [falls the the floor]
  • A scene-long one occurs on Stargate Atlantis, when Rodney returns to Atlantis hopped up on the Wraith enzyme. His rant is long and confusing, especially for Weir, who doesn't know any of the context. This quickly turns into Harsher in Hindsight when it's later revealed that he's in serious danger.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise. Enterprise's medical officer, Dr. Phlox, is from a species that must hibernate a few days every year. The crew try to wake him up with a stimulant to treat an ensign who's broken his leg, only for Phlox to emit a long stream of nonsense, then fall flat on his face the moment he gets off his bunk to go to Sickbay.
    Phlox: May I have some assistance please?
  • On the Discovery Channel documentary Two Weeks In Hell, a would-be Green Beret became disoriented during an exercise. When asked if he knew where he was, his answer was "Hash browns?" at which point they wisely stuck him in a truck going back to the base's medical station.
  • Veronica Mars: After a suspect hits him with a baseball bat, Sheriff Lamb murmurs "I smell bread" just before he passes out. This example gives the trope a more dramatic and poignant spin: Lamb, a regular series antagonist, is lying in a pool of blood when he mutters the phrase, and later in the episode we find out he has died from his injuries. This comes from the "auras" (hallucinations) that usually precede brain "episodes" such as seizures, aneurysms or, rarely, a stroke. "Smelling toast" is one of the most common olfactory hallucinations and has become a meme of its own. (See this page for more information.) It's possible that a head injury caused just such an event.
  • In an episode of Victorious, Tori ends up becoming extremely woozy after giving too much blood, and while trying to perform in the school play ends up speaking gibberish while trying to speak her lines.
    Tori: And so I'm not a captain... I'm a... pretty little salmon... *thud*
  • In one episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, Andy Travis gets his by some flying debris and is knocked unconscious. The first thing he says to anyone when they bring him around is, "Has anyone seen my dog?" Andy doesn't have a dog.
  • In The X-Files episode "Bad Blood", a drugged Mulder briefly regains consciousness and sings a fragment of the theme from Shaft. At least, that's what Scully claims. What really sells this is Mulder's reaction.
    Mulder: [indignantly] I. Did. Not.

    Musi— BONK! Hey kids! Let's take a mustard bath! 
  • This occurs at the end of the Starbomb song "Glass Joe's Title Fight":
    Glass Joe: [after receiving a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Mr. Sandman] W-Whoo-woow, whoo-woow, I love candy corns... Please put them in my donuts! [punched] Ow!
    Doc Louis: Oh, you beat the French out of him!
    Glass Joe: I have my—[more punching] My favorite color is seven—[punched again] Noooo more peanuts for me, stewardess... Godzilla is my dad. [punched yet again]

    Podc— BONK! Should we elect the turkey or the toothbrush as Supreme Cheesecake? 
  • Mom Can't Cook!: In Phantom of the Megaplex, the protagonists' now-deceased father apparently once said that movies can teach you a lot if you pay attention. Luke and Andy note that this is blindingly obvious, and suggest this was something he said as he was starting to fade. Andy then suggests he might also have said "If you think about it, Brian, purple monkey dishwasher."

    Pro Wrestl— BONK! I'm pregnant with your cat. See you next Blednesday! 
  • Legendary wrestler Ric Flair had a signature spot where he would get hit a few times, take a few steps, act completely normal, maybe even let out a "Woooo!", before suddenly collapsing face first. In wrestling circles this is known as the Flair Flop.
  • Another funny example came from Perry Saturn. After being clocked in the head with a frying pan in a back-stage vignette, he screamed out, "YAHTZEE! You're welcome!" and went out cold. His gimmick for quite some time involved these and he also began carrying a mop to the ring with him as his "valet", even choosing it over Terri Runnels.
  • After the Hit Squad, Mafia and Monsta Mack, took a loss to the strong style thugs Low Ki and Homicide in Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Monsta Mack muttered about forgetting his math book as he tried to get back to his feet.
  • Ashely Lane would whimper something to the effect of "I don't do bad things" while taking a beating from Angel Williams on Lexie Fyfe's Slammin Ladies (now look at their TNA run and laugh)

    Role— BONK! My appendix is in drag. You want anything while I'm out? 
  • From Survival of the Fittest: "Mommy? Daddy? Sasquatch? Why is the world all spinny and magnets?"
  • In Comic Fury Werewolf, Cyborg does this during Game 12 after surviving a Mercenary attack during the night. The resulting post is extremely amusing, as he acts as if he's BSoDing and rapidly fires off votes for all of his suspects, before loading up an emulation of a Yeti upon being given a "baby frog".

    Sport— BONK! Woodworking is the finest of doctors. 
  • The Flair Flop was (unintentionally) Defictionalized by Rolles Gracie after being gobsmacked by a huge right hand from Derrick Mehmen. See it here.
  • During the 1994 NFC Championship game, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman suffered a nasty concussion (one of many in his career). Back in the locker room, the Cowboys' medical staff tried to assess Aikman's mental status. He didn't know he was at Texas Stadium, didn't know who the opposing team wasnote , didn't know if the Cowboys had wonnote , didn't understand that the Cowboys' win meant they were going to the Super Bowl, he thought the Super Bowl was being played in Henryetta, Oklahomanote , and couldn't remember who was last year's Super Bowl MVPnote .
  • Extremely dark real life case: in 1919 a boxing match took place between Jack Dempsey and World Heavyweight Champion Jess Willard. Some people thought it was a mismatch, as Willard towered over Dempsey and looked like he was twice the size of Dempsey. (Willard stood close to 6'7 and 250 pounds, Dempsey about 6'1 and 185.) As it turns out, the fight was a mismatch, but not the way people expected. From the opening bell Dempsey swarmed Willard and delivered what may well be the single most vicious, brutal, and ruthless beatdown in boxing history. Willard was knocked down 7 times in the first round alone, (at the time, a boxer could stand directly over his fallen opponent and punch as soon as both knees had left the mat) and the fight went 3 rounds before being stopped. Willard's list of injuries read more like the results of a car accident: nose completely smashed, jaw broken in multiple places, broken ribs, teeth knocked out, etc. As Willard was carried from the ring to the hospital, those carrying him heard Willard mutter to himself over and over "I have a farm in Iowa and $100,000 in the bank. I have a farm in Iowa and $100,000 in the bank. I have a farm in Iowa..." in what was perhaps an overlap with a Survival Mantra.

    Video— BONK! No, Benny! I won't join your garden! 
  • In Beyond Good & Evil, when you first return to IRIS HQ with Double H, he tries to deliver a report of his findings...after spending several days in what appears to be some kind of torture device and in such desperate need of medical attention that you've been given a time limit of less than five minutes. He almost gets there, but rapidly degrades into incoherence before crashing through a banister onto the couch next to the stairs.
  • Pedro de la Hoya from Bully spouts these when knocked out ("Pancakes? Where are the waffles?"), though it's rather rare to hear them because hitting children in this game is considered one of the worst offenses and the moment you do, prefects/teachers/police officers will spawn and go after you.
  • Several lines in Crash Tag Team Racing follow this, typically when a character's car is destroyed or they hit a wall:
    Coco: Can I take traffic school, officer?
    Cortex: I'll take the rest in a doggy bag.
    Cortex: Waiter, check please!
    Cortex: ¿Dónde están mis pantalones?note 
    Pasadena: I swear, it wasn't me, officer!
    Crunch: I Never Learned to Read!
    N. Gin: Give my remains to science!
  • If you get the "violent" ending of Deltarune, the King will be put to sleep by Ralsei, using his Pacify spell. But right before he falls asleep, the King utters his final words to Ralsei:
    King: You sweet... little... pumpkin...
  • In the second Destroy All Humans! game, Reginald Ponsonby-Smythe drugs the alien Cryptosporidium, then proceeds to interrogate him. Most any answer the alien gives is a random phrase. For example:
    Ponsonby: Tell me all the good things you remember about your mother.
    Crypto: Mommy? No, not the hot iron treatment again! I'll be good, I promise!
  • A recurring line when people are knocked out in the first Discworld video game is "Did anyone get the number of that donkey cart?" This actually plays into a puzzle, as later on in the game you get a donkey arrested by giving a recently KOed assassin its registration.
  • The "exploding piano" minigame in the Duck Amuck Looney Tunes game has Daffy say a different Non Sequitur every time the piano explodes, including "No more for me thanks, I'm driving" from "Rabbit Seasoning" below. Others include "And I say he does have to shoot me now" (from the Duck Season, Rabbit Season sequence in the same cartoon); "There are four lights" (a Shout-Out to Star Trek: The Next Generation) and the ever popular "Check, Please!".
  • House of the Dead: OVERKILL, in the intro to the "Fetid Waters" chapter, starts as the protagonists crash the motorcycle they were riding on at the end of the previous chapter. Washington gets up just fine, but he has to kick G awake, who mumbles "Stop calling me Gwendolyn" before waking up.
  • In the L.A. Noire case "House of Sticks", Jack Kelso mumbles "So you're still carrying that army .45, Cole" — an observation wholly irrelevant to the current predicament — before promptly nose-diving to the carpet.
    • In another example, in the case called "The Naked City", Phelps chases after a suspect we later find out is the "Willy" the detectives have been looking for, only to be clubbed over the head from behind by the bad guy (for about the third or fourth time in the game).
      Roy Earle: Looks like he got you good, Phelps.
      Phelps: Yeah, he really packs a wallop. How did I get back here?
      Earle: Under your own steam, miraculously. You came in through the window, said hello, and then keeled over.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: Medli wants Link to help her get into Dragon Roost Island by throwing her when the wind's blowing in the same direction as the ledge, so she can fly over it. Throw her into a wall - accidentally or intentionally - and she'll utter complete gibberish, like the following:
    Medli: I'm... I'm fiiiine! That... didn't really hurt. What was I saying? Oh yeah! Once... once more! With the wind! Toss away, please!
    Medli: My, what beautiful stars! Twinkle-twinkle...♪ Where were we? Oh yeah! Once... once more! With the wind! Toss away, please!
    Medli: Huh... whuh? Link? Since when did you become triplets? No, I'm five... I mean, file... FINE! C'mon! Don't hold back! Use the wimp... er, WIND and really toss me!
  • An odd example: In many games featuring Deadpool, such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance or Marvel vs. Capcom 3, upon being taken out, the mouthy merc will issue what would seem like non-sequiturs to the other characters but make perfect sense to the player by Breaking the Fourth Wall, such as "You pressed the wrong button!" His M.U.G.E.N incarnation does the same thing.
    Deadpool: It's like waking up... but in reverse.
    • It also applies to his Ultimate counterpart when you defeat him in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. He runs a game show in that game.
      Ultimate Deadpool: We'll be right back... after these messages...
  • In Marathon Infinity when you deactivate Durandal in the level "Hang Brain" there are some mighty gibberish when you read one of the computer terminals. Go here and scroll down to "Hang Brain (Terminal 1: 1st Message)" to read it.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty gives us the malfunctioning Robo-Colonel and the infamous line "I need scissors, 61!" The full line is one of the weirdest things ever heard.
    Robo-Colonel: I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!
  • Monkey Island:
    • In The Secret of Monkey Island, Guybrush gets shot out of a cannon by the Fabulous Flying Fettuccini Brothers, and promptly flies into a circus tent pole. He slides down upside-down, and the brothers run over to make sure he's okay. Both options for response appear upside down - one is simply him asking where the pot he was using as a helmet went, the other has him randomly ask "I'm Bobbin. Are you my mother?" which is a non-sequitur in game but is a reference to Loom, a previous LucasArts game.
    • Although it's not precisely a Non Sequitur Thud, he can ask the same question later on, to be informed that his mother is a duck (yes, another Loom reference). In fact, Guybrush exhibits a marked tendency to rattle off some distinctly nonsensical crap whether he's got a concussion or not.
    • Tales of Monkey Island, shortly before Guybrush dies from a sword to the gut:
      Guybrush: Is that you, mother? I washed my hands...
  • From Mother 3, just before a (rather unnaturally terrifying) maid robot explodes in a small mushroom cloud. The gibberish it spouts in full:
  • Subverted in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. When Mia Fey is dealt a fatal blow to the head, she manages to say "Red... white... blue..." before collapsing and dying. It seems like a non-sequitur at first, but turns out to be the name of her murderer: Redd White of Bluecorp.
  • In Psychonauts, The Comically Serious Sasha Nein has the misfortune of being clonked on the head by one of his own Censors, who believe him to be a dangerous thought. During the ensuing fight against the Mega-Censor, he drops hints if you get stamped as well. If this happens often enough, though, Agent Nein instead starts to ramble nonsensically:
  • Punch-Out!! does this in the Wii version with some characters.
    • One example is Great Tiger, who, in the middle of being counted on the mat after being knocked down, will raise himself from the mat, cross-eyed, and interrupt the ref's count to mutter a disjointed sentence in Hindi before collapsing right back down with a dramatic thud.
    • When Piston Hondo is stunned, he starts muttering about tamago sushi, while seeing it circling his head.
    • Sometimes when Don Flamenco is knocked he'll mutter "Ay, mi Carmen" (Oh, my Carmen) before falling.
  • A unique variation of this happens to Dr. Nefarious in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Whenever he gets too worked up he tends to freeze up and transmit a soap opera. But after his boss fight, he breaks down and his transmissions go haywire, causing him to start dancing around before falling right onto his jaw.
  • In Sam and Max: Culture Shock, a trio of hypnotized former child stars, the "Soda Poppers", are causing havoc in Sam and Max's neighborhood, and our heroes have to knock the Soda Poppers unconscious to snap them out of their hypnosis. As each of the Soda Poppers gets KOed, he mumbles his catch phrase from their old show before falling over.
  • After already spending the start of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus off her game, Miyabi takes a Katsuragi-related boot to the head, resulting in this gem:
    Miyabi: I lost again? What is this? I've never lost so many battles! Except when we were playing rock-paper-scissors for seating arrangements in grade school. I wanted to sit next to my friend Sakura, but instead I sat next to the cleaning cupboard. That was how I met Mop and Floorcloth. I haven't seen them in so long. I should organize a school reunion...
  • In The Simpsons Game, the Scratchy enemies in the "Grand Theft Scratchy" level will occasionally quip "I like eggs..." when KO'd.
  • Implied in The Sims 4 Vampire expansion pack. Right after a vampire steals a deep drink, the victim will mumble something in Simlish and collapse face-down on the ground.
  • In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, after Carmelita shoots Muggshot repeatedly with her stun gun, he mumbles, "Mudda, is that you? I'm sorry... I didn't know they were yours.." before toppling unconscious.
  • After being short-circuited by Villainous Harlequin Dimentio, malfunctioning mechanical dragon Fracktail from Super Paper Mario tries to reboot his system. It doesn't work out so well:
  • A very dark example occurs in Undertale after defeating the final boss of the worst route, Sans, who says the following after receiving a lethal blow. Note that by this point in the game, the town Grillby's restaurant has turned into a Ghost Town just like every other area in the game, and Papyrus, his younger brother, is long-dead thanks to the player.
    Sans: welp, i'm going to grillby's.
    [Beat as he walks offscreen]
    papyrus, do you want anything?
  • In the Xbox party game Whacked!, each playable character has their own assortment of quotes that the game randomly chooses for them to say when dying or picking up weapons. One of the characters, Otto, is asleep throughout the entire game. When dying, two of his many quotes are "Avenge me, Spartacus!" or "Please, sir, may I have another?". When grabbing a weapon, he might say "Launch the torpedoes!" or "Seize the castle!"
  • World of Final Fantasy: After getting turned into a vampire and then very quickly cured, Reynn passes out in the Train Graveyard with "And then I said to the chocobo... you feather cut that out...."

    Web Animati— BONK! The rent is fine, but it won't stop dancing. 
  • In Episode 79 of Bonus Stage, Phil gets his ass kicked by the new villain. When the equally-battered Joel checks on him, we get treated to... The Bacon Man Song.
    Joel: Who knew that near-death delirium could be so catchy?
  • In The Grossery Gang webseries movie for the "Bug Strike" wave, Arak Attack gives off one of "You call that a knife? THIS is a knife!", while gesturing to his catapult limbs. Before Rocky can comment that it's not even a knife, the villain collapses.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In the Strong Bad email "car", after Strong Bad punches Homestar in the face with his "tricked-out fist", Homestar is seen half-conscious, babbling about pies and pie people. Hard to say for sure, but it may be a shout-out to Weebl & Bob.
    • Homsar only speaks in non-sequiturs, which is most likely the result of being hit by the Heavy Lourde in his first appearance.

    Webcomi— BONK! I can give you all the hummus you want. 
  • 8-Bit Theater:
    • In a subversion, Fighter, resident idiot, gets stabbed in the head and starts talking about stuff that actually has plot relevance. Until he gets stabbed again. (Played straight plenty of other times, though.)
    • Given a slight twist in another comic, where Fighter has a knife in his head. Black Mage flicks it one direction, and Fighter starts singing the theme song to the old Captain America cartoon. BM comments to Thief that if you move it the other way, he does the Spider-Man theme.
    • In one strip, the sight of Fighter apparently flying under his own power after "slaying gravity" breaks Red Mage's brain, causing him to babble nonsense and then faint.
      Red Mage: But he. You can't. Love, hate, clouds. [THUD]
  • Bite Me!:
  • Whenever Bud gets knocked out in the Pokémon-based webcomic CharCole, he ends up making a random unrelated food-based comment.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del:
    • Half of the strips featuring Chef Brian feature this, and the other half is just plain deranged.
    • Also includes a literal Non Sequitur Thud.
  • Darths & Droids: Wicket hits himself in the head with a bola while trying to throw it. He gibbers lines from Henry IV, the Scots patriotic song "Scots Wha Hae" by Robert Burns, and some lines from Cicero, then keels over.
    Sally (C-3PO): I guess that's what happens when Wicket rolls a 1.
  • After everything bad that could happen seems to happen to Dominic Deegan, the Non Sequitur Thud in this story arc (sixth strip from the top) forms the bridge between his Freak Out and Heroic BSoD.
  • Eddie from Emergency Exit talks like this all the time... and it's eventually revealed that it's because he has a portal in his head. Because he forced it through his own skull to keep the villain from getting it.
  • Everyday Heroes:
    • Seen after a particularly vigorous Hyperspace Mallet attack.
      • The line, "Thank you Bishop, I'd like another pint of concrete" got elevated to running gag status when it made its glorious return later, when some supervillains got a righteous asskicking. The last of them politely refuses the pint before collapsing, since she is driving.
    • In her first meeting with Mr. Mighty, Jane starts babbling when she's knocked semi-conscious by a Finger Poke of Doom.
    • After trying coffee for the first time, Summer finds out what happens when the caffeine wears off.
  • Erfworld: An extreme example when Lord Manpower takes an arrow in the eye and utters his last words, "I can taste key lime pie." It takes a rather dark turn when Lord Manpower's Uncroaked corpse still mutters about "pie..." Also, possible Fridge Brilliance, as brain damage can cause synesthesia in some cases.
  • Girl Genius:
    • During three strips, Agatha tells her entire life story after being drugged with a Truth Serum in her wine. She ends the tale with, "And this is simply a lovely torte", and faceplants in her dessert, which is the truth-telling equivalent of Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking since it really is a nice torte.
    • A rather long one is caused by a dose of Bottled Heroic Resolve, and it doesn't actually involve a thud so much as an easing to the ground and a period of dragging the traitor to a conveniently located medical lab (that is actually a Maximum Fun Chamber).
      Tarvek: We must stop the moon from eating the mushrooms!
    • Gil also spends some time thinking he's in Paris after being shot and throwing a giant robot. In that order.
    • "I AM THE PRETTIEST FROG IN THE POND" — said by Tarvek while delirious (and green) from Hogfarb's Resplendent Immolation.
  • Grrl Power:
    • A villainous Super Speedster, after being sedated by Harem, falls down and mumbles, "... but I'm not fast in bed, baby..."
    • After being shocked by a villain with electrical powers, and saved from the fall by a teammate, Heatwave mumbles "This little piggy went to pain town." (She had just had a lightning blast channeled through a knife stuck in one of her toes, so not a complete non-sequitur.)
  • Some pretty hilarious ones in The Last Days of FOXHOUND.
    • Such as Mantis' in this comic.
    • Also an earlier one from Ocelot here.
  • In Looking for Group, Richard spouts the following after getting an axe in his head:
    Richard: Good was shot a that. Toast. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!
  • MeatShield: After Dhur the Barbarian is sent flying by a gravel giant.
    Jayne: Dhur, are you okay?
    Dhur: mom, me no wanna eat the onion flapjacks...
    Jayne: ...OK, you're fine.
  • An absolutely epic one occurs in No Need for Bushido, when Ken attempts to fight the Wu Tang brothers. After being disarmed, Ken gets the crap kicked out of him by the kung-fu brothers, but keeps coming back for more due to Unstoppable Rage. After being knocked through two different buildings Ken gets up, apparently about to continue the fight again, but then it turns out he's finally had enough.
    Ken: All right! I was just gonna hold back see'n as how you're Cho's friends an' all, but you've seriously pushed the extent of my cheese doodle naturally when I think I'm forgiven, and then you'll see it this time!
    Brother Tang: ... Excuse me?
    Ken: Don't you ask me the last meaning of the turquoise. You already knew because kick ass of course not, damnit! *Falling*
  • The Order of the Stick:
  • Played with in this Team Fortress 2 fan comic. The non-sequitor-er in question doesn't pass out, but seeing as he's Demoman, he's probably got enough alcohol in his system to make him immune to head trauma. Somehow.
    Demoman: HaaHaHa! Joke's on th'wall! My face is drunk, so hurt pain doesn't bad me!
  • In Three Panel Soul: "Jes, get your damn oatmeal off me!"
  • After ramming a monolith in Turn Signals on a Land Raider, "Jack" the Land Raider Machine Spirit responds to "How's it going?" with "Do you have an appointment?"
  • In Vexxarr, the eponymous alien has an attack of conscience when it turns out that the Mahakalosians will shortly be eliminated by their evil masters for the crime of repairing a non-Protectorate ship, e.g. his. He unsuccessfully attempts to resolve this condition through concussive force — against a bulkhead.
    Vexxarr: We'll be having fish tonight with a light butter-lemon sauce.

    Web Origin— BONK! Muffins for currency? Brilliant concept! 
  • Englishman: After accidentally getting out of his car while it was doing 70 mph on a motorway, Englishman adds: "So I notice, Mr Prime Minister. On behalf of centipedes everywhere I graciously accept this award for services to government corruption" before falling over.
  • Subversion on Not Always Healthy: "Chris Martin went gray" seems like one of these, but turns out to make sense: Coldplay was on the radio when the patient realized they were losing hearing, their fading consciousness scrambled their senses, and they inexplicably remembered the name of the singer instead of the band.

    Web Vide— BONK! When I grow up, I wanna be purple! 
  • Game Grumps: This is how Arin imagines Little Mac talks after being beaten senseless by his much larger and more physically intimidating opponents.
  • The way that Voice of Reason snaps Joshscorcher out of his tirade in their Hearts and Hooves Day collab.
    Josh: They don't need to be shipped with each other, or anybody, because shipping COMPLETELY GOES AGAINST WHAT THE SHOW PERPETUATES- (Voice throws a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 at Josh) Aren't the fireworks... lovely today? (falls with a smile)
    Voice: You... have issues.
    Josh: Oh, hi, pot. Meet kettle.

    Western Animati— BONK! This humble little break and bedfast is run by running. 
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius:
    • Sheen has just been conked on the head, and Carl asks "How many fingers am I holding up?" Sheen replies "November?" before passing out.
    • Also after Carl falls to the ground:
      Carl: Flying metal chicken.
      Jimmy: He's delusional!
      Sheen: [turns around, looks up] Actually, I'm gonna have to go with Carl on this one.
      [giant chicken-shaped Yolkian ship appears]
    • Happens to Jimmy in "Stranded" after getting hit in the head by coconuts.
      Jimmy: I accept your nomination as mayor of Donkeytown.
  • American Dad!:
    • In "Black Mystery Month", after taking a comically long fall through several layers of a rickety staircase, Stan reaches the bottom, stands, and groggily states "...And that's where babies come from!"
    • In "The Magnificent Steven", while under the effect of Mad Cow Disease, Stan shouts before passing out, "I, sir, will not stay at a Red Roof Inn!"
  • Animaniacs:
    • The Slappy and Skippy cartoons features this quite a lot.
      Skippy: [after being hit by a soccer ball] Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?
      Slappy: ...Time for a little sit down, Skippy.
    • In "Gimme a Break", after Slappy has been caught in a parody of the bus explosion from Speed, she says to Skippy "Well, if it isn't Huey, Dewey, and Louie. I haven't seen you guys since Daisy Duck's Bas Mitzvah."
    • Later, she says, "Tony the Tiger, is that you?" after some actors playing mountain climbers try to eat her.
    • In "Meatballs or Consequences", the Grim Reaper gets one after being clouted by the Warners.
      Death: I'll have the linguine with clams.
    • In "Of Nice and Men", Rita bumps her head into a door.
      Rita: That's two minutes in the penalty box for clipping.
    • In the Goodfeathers segment "The Boids" after being crushed by a prop chimney Bobby says before passing out, "Am I talking to me, am I talking to me?"
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Coming off a sleep deprivation-induced Mushroom Samba, Aang's friends make a fluffy bed for him, which he loudly interprets as "a bed made of clouds" and another hallucination, and gets chewed out, before thudding.
  • In an episode of Babar, after the kids and Uncle Arthur survive a plane crash, Flora and Pom run over to him and ask him if he is okay. Arthur then mutters that he thinks he'll open his presents now before thudding flat on his fat (or chubby) grey back.
  • In the Back at the Barnyard episode "Clan of the Cave Cow", a cave cow (mistaken for Otis) whacks Abby on the head with a club. Baby chicks circle around her head as she says "I'm a pretty ballerina" before collapsing to the floor.
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • In "The Forgotten", Alfred gets after a rough landing in the Bat-plane; he mutters "I claim this land for Spain!" as he stumbles out of the cockpit. He also says the same line in the DCAU TV-movie Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.
    • Relatedly, in "The Lion And The Unicorn", where Alfred and an old "cousin" (former colleague in the British espionage branch, Alfred used to be a secret agent apparently) are held hostage by terrorists who try to extract two halves of a missile code from them. After being dosed with truth serum, Alfred's colleague gives up his sequence of letters and numbers, but Alfred is able to resist enough to disguise his passcode as non sequitur ramblings (it helps that his code is a line of poetry about unicorns).
  • In the Beavis And Butthead episode "Roof", after Butthead knocks Beavis off the roof, he lands on his head, when he gets up in a dazed manner he says "I’m alright, don’t want to be late for kindergarten, circle time sucks!".
  • Bozo: The World's Most Famous Clown: Bozo the Clown gets wrapped up in mummy bandage by his crooked tour guide ("The Missing Sphinx of King Jinx") and is following his kid sidekick Butch, who thinks it's a real mummy. Butch conks it with a mallet, followed by Bozo's head coming up from the bandage, and dazed he says "I thought the light was green, officer!"
  • Clerks: The Animated Series: Dante does this in the middle of a drunken rant about his high school baseball team not remembering him:
    Dante: Stupid team. I'd like to take this trophy and go baseball... good night.
  • The Cleveland Show:
    • In episode "The Hurricane!", a tree falls on Cleveland and he temporarily thinks he's Walter Cronkite.
    • On "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta?", Raymond (Tim and Arianna the Bear's stoner son) gets hit by a car (which actually looks worse for wear than Raymond himself). The last thing Raymond says before he passes out (from being stoned, not getting hit by a car) is, "I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat."
  • Clone High: "Eggs over easy please!"
  • Two or three examples arise in Code Lyoko:
    • "The Chips Are Down":
      Jérémie: Hey, Ulrich, how are you? [Ulrich tries to snap Jérémie to his senses] Because I'm not doing so great. [passes out again]
    • "I'd Rather Not Talk About It":
      Jim: [to Jérémie] Yeah, uh, sure how's the other guy?

      Jim: [to Jérémie] Yes, Mr. President. The mission has to go on, whatever it takes. Even if it costs me my stripes.
    • However none of these are treated as funny in-universe. Ulrich's reaction in "The Chips Are Down" is to freak out and the only reason Jérémie likely doesn't freak out over Jim is because he can't reveal their position.
  • In the Codename: Kids Next Door episode, "Operation: D.O.D.G.E.B.A.L.L.", the Dodgeball Wizard hits Numbuh Four with a bunch of balls, plastering him against the wall. He dazedly says, "No more pickled herrings for me, mommy, I got a tummy ache", before falling on the ground.
  • The Critic:
    • While Jay Sherman is attending a play, a giant bell drops onto his head and rings several times. After rising back up, a frazzled Jay mutters "Daddy, can I wear the jammies with the feet?"
    • Another head injury prompts "Mah name is Forrest Gump. You can call me Forrest Gump."
    • When Doris drags him down a staircase by his legs, she asks him to let her know if he's suffering any brain damage as a result. He mutters "Dance with me, Tony! Dance with me!" but she says that he's fine.
    • In another incident, Eleanor remembers swearing revenge on Franklin for impregnating her with their daughter Margo, so she calmly bashes him in the head with a candle holder. Franklin responds by calmly raising his glass of liquor and saying "Going down." as he slides to the floor.
  • In Dan Vs. Technology, Dan and Chris end up in a car crash on the way to Silicon Valley, and when Chris checks on Dan, the latter mutters, "It's just my lizards. Rainbows are nature's rainbows."
    Chris: Oh, man. I'm gonna find my phone and call the paramedics. (Chris's phone breaks)
    Dan: No one ever returns from Las Paramedicios!
  • Darkwing Duck:
    • After being flattened in "Star Crossed Circuits", Darkwing once pops up and sings, off-key, "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson..." before falling back on his face.
    • In the Christmas episode, after Bushroot hits him with a snowplow, he says "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" before passing out. As a bonus, he is in fact missing his two front teeth.
    • In one episode, a bomb went off in Darkwing's face as Negaduck declares "This town is toast!"
      Darkwing: Oh, goody. I'll get the marmalade.
  • Dennis the Menace (UK): "Mmm... Pizza would be great, Mum. *dog impression* Gnasher... you know Dad doesn't like you eating out of his hat..." [Grabs at nothing, claps, makes silly faces while waving hand in front of face, pats grass] And later — [groans] "I'm not well, Mum..."
  • In Dog City, the villain Mad Dog (who typically spoke in Tazmanian Devil-style grunts and slobbers) would suddenly begin reciting poetry in a refined voice after any head injuries. In one episode this was even a plot point, as Mad Dog had a tendency to include coded hints about the villain's plans in his recitations.
  • Duck Dodgers:
    • After not getting evaporated into space, Duck Dodgers comes into view, singed black and says "Did I miss the Great Pumpkin? Did he leave us any toys?"
    • In "Enemy Yours", after Dr. Woe deflects the Martian Commander's beam from his psionic scrambler back at him, he says "Grandma, I don't want to go swimming in my underpants, the neighbor girl will see me!" before passing out.
  • DuckTales (2017): In the first episode, Launchpad has an encounter with a Death Trap in Atlantis involving poisonous snakes. "Hi, nice to meet you! I'm everybody's friend! (thud)" Even better, later when Webby is on the phone with Mrs. Beakley, trying to convince her she's at a (nonexistent) friend's house with a Swedish-speaking uncle, Launchpad gets on and babbles in mispronounced but accurate Swedish.
  • Shows up in a number of episodes of Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • After being hog-tied by Eddy in "An Ed in the Bush":
      Ed: It's a long ball, coach!
    • Edd, after being in Eddy's Brother's bed-fridge in "O-Ed Eleven":
      Edd: Oh my, look at the time! Gotta go, ta-ta!
    • Eddy has more of those, often mentioning his granddad.
      Eddy: Grandad, you ran another stop sign...
    • And in "Stop, Look and Ed", after being hit by a flying machine that Double D made (and Ed ruined):
      Eddy: Wait up! That's my waffle...
    • Eddy gets one in "Fool on the Ed", after a stink-bomb the Eds all created accidentally blows up prematurely in their faces:
      Eddy: Yes, I stink, therefore I am!
    • In "Cry Ed", after stubbing his toe on a clothespin and falling over, Jimmy mutters "Did someone get the number of that laundry aid?"
    • Nazz only got one in "High Heeled Ed" after a fence fell on top of her. All she did after that was laugh.
  • The already silly Captain Underpants bonks his head on a desk in an episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, and says "Marketing, we're working through lunch. Order Sandwich Sandwiches." into a tape dispenser.
  • In The Fairly OddParents!, Chip Skylark gets sprayed with Knockout Gas and mumbles, "Tuesday is... applesauce day." Later, the same gas gets sprayed and he mutters, "The album... comes out... July 24th." The latter gag becomes a bit of a stealth plug when you realize that Chip is voiced by *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick, and the band's album Celebrity really was coming out on July 24th of that year.
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Death Lives", a Wall Street trader is on the phone to his company relaying some important information about the state of the financial market when he's hit on the head by Peter's stray golf ball:
      Trader: The Fed is gonna be lowering rates, so get your money out of T-bills and put it all into- [blow to the head, suddenly cross-eyed] Waffles! Tasty waffles, with lots of syrup!
      (Cut to Wall Street)
      Man on other end: Waffles! Buy waffles!
      (Cue hundreds of Wall Street traders shouting "waffles!" followed by a few dozen Japanese traders calling out "Waffur!")
    • Peter does this in "The Thin White Line" when he gets hit with too many tranquilizer darts.
      Peter: But I don't wanna feed Grandma bacon while she's in the bathtub!
      [a few seconds later]
      Peter: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty... [thud]
    • Stewie arguably does in "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz" after he develops a fever from being doused in tainted holy water.
      Stewie: Don't take me... to a black doctor... [passes out]
  • The Flintstones
    • In "Monster Fred", after being hit on the head with a bowling ball Fred says "Duh, tell me a story, Mommy."
    • In "The Big Bank Robbery" after Wilma clobbers Barney with a vase, mistaking him for one of the bank robbers, Betty asks if he's ok, he replies "Eightball in the corner pocket, Fred".
  • Futurama: Bender would get NSTs in the form of folk songs whenever he's exposed to magnets.
    Bender: Fry crack corn, and I don't care, Leela crack corn, I still don't care, Bender crack corn, and he is great! Take that, you stupid corn!
  • Garfield and Friends:
    • In the episode "Beddy Buy", after Garfield gets hit on the head with a ham, he stumbles around, says "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope", then CLUNK!!!
    • In another episode, "Mistakes Will Happen", Jon blindly runs into a tree while covered in a white cloth. As he stumbles, the cloth is removed, revealing Jon to have a beard and a mustache while he says, "No, ladies, I'm not Tom Selleck, but I can understand how you can make that mistake."
    • In the U.S. Acres episode "Weatherman Wade", after Wade suffers a disastrous landing from the clouds, Orson rushes up to him asking if he's alright, to which the shaken duck replies "I'll take a survey and hand it back to you."
  • In the 2013 Mickey Mouse short Get a Horse!, after his car lands on his head (repeatedly) Pete mutters "Daddy, it's you! I used to have a little cat once" (car lands on his head one more time) "Company dismissed!"
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy "Underfist" Halloween Special, Billy (called "B"), G (Grim)'s assistant, flings himself against a bullseye on the wall with an invention:
    Jeff: Hi, dad!
    B: I'll have the fried pickles.
  • In The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, after getting clobbered by some retro movie monster, the title character spouts "Fred Savage, is that you?" then gets clobbered again.
  • Harold from Hey Arnold! usually says "Easy squeezy lemon peezie!" when he gets bumped on the noggin. Another episode had him say "Night, mommy".
  • In the Home Movies episode "Broken Dreams", a badly concussed Coach McGuirk spouts three solid minutes of non-sequiturs before finally falling unconscious in a library.
    McGuirk: Look what I did to the card catalogue. I took all the cards out and threw them all over. Hilarious, no one will ever be able to use it again.
    Brendon: Coach, you're really angry and weird right now.
    McGuirk: Brendon, Brendon, let's get out of here... they're not like us, here. We're not studiers, [pounds the table] we're not worker ants. We're the queens! You and me are the queen bees!
  • Happens with some regularity on Jackie Chan Adventures. "Look, fishies." "What's a Jackie?"
  • When Batman punches the Joker out in the Justice League episode "Injustice for All" after escaping captivity, the criminal clown spins away from the force of the blow before stumbling back drunkenly over to Batman with an appropriately lispy "You're despicable" and collapsing on the floor. Bats actually grins at this.
  • In the Kappa Mikey episode "Le Femme Mitsuki", blabbermouth Mikey says "Can I borrow a dollar?" after Mitsuki shocks him with one of her gadgets so that he won't tell anyone about the agency she used to work at.
  • Probably one of the few serious examples in the King of the Hill episode "Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall" when Peggy's parachute fails to open and crashes into a field many feet below. When Hank finds her she deliriously says "Hey hey hey, I'm fine!" before passing out.
  • Looney Tunes: This is a fairly stable gag in the Warner Bros. cartoons.
    • In the short "Rabbit Seasoning" (part of the famous "Hunter Trilogy"), Daffy gets shot in the face after peeking his head out of Bugs's hole to see if Elmer Fudd is "still lurking about". Bugs suggests that Daffy should act as a decoy, and Daffy mumbles, dazedly "No more for me thanks, I'm driving" before falling unconscious.
    • "Stupor Duck": Daffy (as a Superman Expy) thinks a mad bomber has just knocked a building down and puts it back — not realizing it was slated for demolition.
      [angry construction worker stomps up to Daffy]
      Daffy: Oh, no thanks are necessary, my good man! I was just doing my duty—
      Daffy: [dazed] ... then the lights went out all over the world...
    • In "Rabbit Hood", the Sheriff of Nottingham, after getting repeatedly bonked on the head by Bugs ("Got lots of stamina.") has one that lasts long enough for Bugs to bake a cake and place it in front of the Sheriff so that he falls face-first into it: "London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling ground, London Bridge is falling down... falling down, falling ground... London Bridge is falling down..."
    • After being hit on the head in "Falling Hare", Bugs Bunny does a Lennie impersonation, asking the Gremlin "Which way did he go, George?", gets a response — which allows Bugs to collapse in the appropriate direction.
    • Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner:
      • In one cartoon, after the Coyote has been hit by a falling piano, he gets up with a mouth full of piano key "teeth" on which he is able to play a couple of bars of Taps before collapsing.
      • In "Zipping Along", at the end, when the Coyote gets run over by a truck and opens a door rigged with explosives, he dizzily does an imitation of the Road Runner, complete with the "Beep! Beep!" and falls over.
      • Putting the two together, in "Operation: Rabbit" (a rare Bugs vs. Wile E. pairing), at the start, Wile E. erects a door in front of Bugs's hole to declare his intent to eat him. After spending the episode trying and getting clobbered and blown up, he has just enough energy and sanity to repeat the erect-the-door routine. This time, when Bugs answers, Wile E. goes, "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mud." Only then does he collapse.
        Bugs: And remember, 'mud' spelled backwards is 'dum'.
    • In "Russian Rhapsody" after the gremlins sabotage Hitler's plane and they drop it on top of him, after they sing a song he pops up out of the ground laughing and says, imitating newsreader Lew Lehr, "Nazis is da kwaziest peoples."
    • Not quite played straight in "Duck Amuck", because it actually makes sense, but not within the context: Daffy quotes Longfellow's The Village Blacksmith after the artist turns his parachute into an anvil.
      Daffy: Under a spreading chestnut-tree
      The village smithy stands;
      [the anvil is erased and replaced with a large artillery shell]
      The smith, a mighty man is he,
      With large and sinewy... [shell explodes when hit] hAaAnDs...
    • In "Deduce, You Say!", another Daffy short, this one with Porky Pig, this little exchange takes place, after Daffy, as Dorlock Holmes, gets beaten up by the Shropshire Slasher:
      Porky as Dr. Watkins: Tell me, Holmes, at what sort of school did you learn to be a detective?
      Daffy: [dazed] Elementary, my dear Watkins... Elementary...
    • In "Muscle Tussel", a body builder makes good on his threat to knock Daffy's head so far down between his shoulders "you'll need to unbutton your vest to eat". Daffy does so, and mutters, "One cheeseburger, hold the onions."
    • In "Scentimental Romeo", after Penelope clobbers Pepe Le Pew, he sees multiple Penelopes. His response; "The one in the middle may remain. The rest of you, another day..."
    • In "Bunny Hugged", The Crusher is blown up by a stick of dynamite. As he collapses he dazedly says, "Just passing by..."
    • In the Daffy/Speedy short "Swing Ding Amigo", after being blown up by a grenade, Daffy recites a very odd poem as his feathers flutter to the ground.
      Daffy: Starkle, starkle, little twink
      Up above the skating rink,
      La la la la la la la...
    • In the Foghorn Leghorn short "Sock a Doodle Do", after being punched by a boxing bantam rooster, Foghorn says in a daze, "Anybody -ah say- anybody get the number of that truck?"
  • In the Mickey Mouse (2013) short "Shifting Gears", when Mickey's attempt to get into his animate car disguised as Minnie fails, his surfboard falls and crushes him. When the car lifts the surfboard, Mickey asks "Is that you, Walt?"
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In the episode "Princess Spike", a sleep-deprived Twilight Sparkle has this to say before passing out on a heap of books.
      Twilight Sparkle: I just need a quick nap... napkin! Tell the delegate from...
    • Later in the episode, she tells Spike to "stick the hay in the apple and eat the candle."
    • In "No Second Prances", after Starlight Glimmer saves the Great and Powerful Trixie from a dangerous magic trick at the last second, Trixie mutters "Behold, the Paint and Growerful Triskie..." right before passing out.
    • In the Grand Finale "The End of the End", after briefly being imbued with Discord's Chaos Magic, Pinkie mumbles "Waiter, there's some chaos in my soup..."
  • The Penguins of Madagascar:
    • In episode "Miracle on Ice", Kowalski gets knocked out during a hockey game and starts babbling in an oddly erudite manner, since he's the Cunning Linguist of the group.
      Skipper: Kowalski! Speak to me, man!
      Kowalksi: Just a knock on the old (twitch) monkey bus.
      Skipper: (concerned) Kowalski?
      Kowalski: No need to paint, I'm as flopsy-faced as ever!
      Skipper: I...don't think you're fit for duty.
      Kowalski: Flibbertigibbit, man! I'm as juxtaposed as the next hamburger!
    • In another episode, after he was electrocuted by Animal Control Officer X.
  • Phineas and Ferb: In "Operation Crumb Cake", Norm gets one when Perry swivels Doofenshmirtz's Unretrograde-inator around so that it hits him on the back of his head:
    Norm: Come back here! Now I've got- *CLANG* -rhythm? (collapses)
    • In another episode, Dr. Doofenshmirtz gets a string of NSTs after Mrs. Johnson shoots him in the butt with a tranquilizer dart (It Makes Sense in Context).
      "Hold the door, Bar-bara, I think this is our floor!"
  • Pinky and the Brain:
    • After getting clobbered, Brain gets windmills circling his head and says "All my thoughts are in Dutch".
    • Another time Pinky gets trampled by a team of racehorses and starts singing "There's baloney in our slacks...", a line from the Animaniacs theme song.
    • "Brain, are you all right?" "Yes, Phaedo, but why are you wearing that llama?"
    • "I see clams! Giant shirtless clams!"
  • Rugrats:
    • Angelica has a few good ones, such as one after crashing into a wall:
      Angelica: But Daddy, the babies ate all the ice 'ceam' sandwiches!
    • Another such case where she and Susie are competing against each other in various events and she finally beats her at one event (which involves jumping off of a swing at a far distance and hurting herself in the process):
      Angelica: I beat ya! I beat ya! I finally beat Susie! Now all's I gotta do is beat you fifty more times, and...and...gee, what pretty colors...
  • The Sheep in the Big City episode "Here Goes Mutton" has Farmer John get knocked out and say "Can I please be excused from the table, mommy?"
  • In an episode of The Simpsons, Marge, due not to head trauma but sleep deprivation, while talking to Lisa, suddenly blurts out, "Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
    • In another episode, Homer has a meat hook up his nose, and he explains that it's touching his brain before launching into an incoherent rant of, "Package board baby, bortal, bortal, bortal..."
  • In the Pith Possum segment "Return of the Darker Black of Darkness" from The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show, after a turtle hits him on the head with a car engine his sidekick Obediah asks him if they should follow some tracks that might lead them to a criminal's hideout, Pith replies "It's best we stay away from raw shellfish while we put the radio into the mineshaft Grandma".
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • In Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM), this is a major characteristic of Dulcy the dragon. She acts like she's being scolded by her "Ma" every time she crashes.
    • In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Coachnik", Sonic disguises as a ballet instructor and while guiding Scratch and Grounder through a number, he throws the former through a backdrop, sending him off a cliff and into the water below. When Scratch comes back, he declares "But I can fly! I'm the Swan Queen!"
    • Sonic Boom:
      • In the episode "Circus of Plunders", after Sonic and company (save for Tails) perform at the circus, Knuckles (who was the human cannonball) has suffered a head injury and asks, "What time does the show start?"
      • In the episode "Sleeping Giant", after Tails is swatted out of the sky by the rock giant, Knuckles headbutts it. This just causes him to stagger off in a daze and say, "Yes, Grandma, I will have another gingersnap."
      • In the episode "It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog", when Knuckles is blasted by Metal Sonic, he blurts out, "My cupcakes are missing, Grandma!"
  • South Park:
    • When Chef is talked into punching out Jesus, the latter responds, "Did anyone get the number of that truck?"
    • In a later episode, Stan's mom Sharon, who is concerned that her son killed a few people (it was actually his goldfish) hits Officer Barbrady over the head with a frying pan, prompting the latter to utter "Tennis, anyone?" before losing consciousness.
    • In "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants" in a shout out to "Russian Rhapsody" as mentioned above after getting blown up by a stick of dynamite his teeth play like piano keys and he say "Terrorists is the cwasiest peoples".
  • Literally in The Spectacular Spider-Man: one of Mysterio's bats starts saying "Non sequitur" repeatedly after being attacked (though they tend to throw them around anyway).
    • Spider-Man defeats the Rhino in his introductory episode by leading him into a steam tunnel and dehydrating him. He gets so dehydrated that he starts hallucinating. Spider-Man uses this to his advantage to learn the identity of a crime boss he's chasing.
    Rhino: Mama, do I hafta go to school?
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • The episode "Frankendoodle", when SpongeBob and Patrick go to catch "DoodleBob" and end up falling into a pit. While they're down there, DoodleBob drops an oversized wrench on Patrick, and Pat goes "Where's the leak, ma'am?". Shortly thereafter, Patrick is hit in the head with a bowling ball, and when SpongeBob asks if he's okay, he shouts "Finland!" in response.
    • In "Survival of the Idiots", Patrick is knocked out by Sandy and says "Hot wings", as drumsticks fly around his head.
  • The Super Hero Squad Show:
    • Thor gets one of these in episode 8:
      Thor: Of course, father Odin! What small child would not prefer a hammer to a new bicycle? Ooooooh, rainbow...
    • At one point in the Grand Finale, Hulk gets his intelligence boosted by the Mind Stone, but the effects quickly wear off, and Hulk starts beating himself up, under the impression that he's his own enemy. After enough self-inflicted head trauma, Hulk says "Fluffy bunnies..." before collapsing.
  • Superman: The Animated Series: After getting punched through a building by Superman, Lobo sits up, visibly shaken, and asks "Last call? Already??"
  • The Tick tends to make little sense as-is, but after taking serious blows to the head, he can get even worse. "Fudge! Would anyone like some fudge?"
    • In "Evil Sits Down for a Moment", Tick falls off a flying carpet and crashes through the street into the subway where he's run over by a train. As a result, he spends the rest of the episode in a loopy state where he thinks he's a British nobleman (and at one point, noblewoman).
      Tick: [posh British accent] Oh it's nice of you to be so concerned, little moth man, but tonight, WE DANCE!
      Tick: [female voice] I am to be adressed as "Duchess!"
      Tick: [back to male voice] The Duchess? Is she here? Bolly!
    • In "El Seed", Tick is sprayed with El Seed's toxic growth formula, which causes vegetables to sprout from his body, and also causes him to act all woozy as a side effect.
      Tick: [woozily] Potato?
    • In "The Tick vs. Education", the Tick and Arthur are teaching a class how to be superheroes, involving a lot of training exercises, and even finding themselves against a supervillain. While what he says is a little more relevant, it's still coming from him after getting blasted into the air by a missile and left a crater in the ground.
      Tick: Just put your name, class number, and date on your left hand corner of your paper...
  • The very first episode of Time Squad had this trope. After Larry gets pummelled by angry farmers for supposedly being a flesh-eating robot, Otto picks up Larry's head to show that Larry doesn't have teeth and therefore isn't a flesh-eating robot. Larry's NST: "I'm okay to drive. [chuckles drunkenly]: Just help me to the car."
  • In the Timon & Pumbaa episode "Saskatchewan Catch", after colliding with a female flying squirrel and crashing through a dresser, Timon stumbles out wearing a dress and says "But I want to wear the pink one, mommy!" before collapsing.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures naturally follows in the original's footsteps. One episode features a two-segment story, "Kon-Ducki" (a parody of Kon Tiki) followed by a "Making of Kon-Ducki" segment. In that segment, Hamton shoots a scene where he lifts a glass and says, "Ah, mango juice", before being hit by a falling ship's mast. After sixty-plus takes, the completely out-of-it pig murmurs, "I'll take Charley Weaver to block..."
  • In the Tom and Jerry Tales episode "Declaration of Independunce", Tom accidentally sends Spike flying into a crate, who then sings in a daze "Yankee Kitty came to town, treasonous and phony, offered me a ham on rye, but I prefer bologna" as Tom seals him in.
  • Total Drama:
    • Leshawna slams a piece of wood in Chris's face because he's being a jerk in "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon". He gets up groggily to declare her and Duncan the challenge's winners, mispronouncing and garbling his way through it until he blacks out.
    • In "Jamaica Me Sweat", Owen gets a whole plane dropped on him. In the confessional, he remarks that it's just a concussion and asks if someone can parents his phone and worry them not to tell Santa. At "Santa", his mouth stays open, he drools a little, and ends the confessional by falling onto the floor out cold.
    • In "The Ex-Files", Tyler runs into a landmine and gets blown a good distance away. When he crashes, he barely consciously wonders why the purple meatball is playing the piano. He goes out cold after that.
    • In "Truth or Laser Shark", Brick gets hit in the face with a cannonball, yet drags himself to the end of the obstacle, maggot in hand, and delivers this gem:
      Brick: Doooiiiee! (hands Jo the maggot) Here's your cat! (faceplants)
    • In a final attempt at sabotage in "Backstabbers Ahoy!", Scott shoots Sam with the mutant seagull cannon. As the poison kicks in, Sam's pupils dilate and he stands up in the boat to place an order for one double decaf half caf de cafit, going unconscious as he blurts out the final parts of the order.
    • In Lightning's version of "Brains Vs Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown", Lightning gets struck by lightning, comments excitedly that he's going to the Super Bowl, and passes out on top of Cameron, which incidentally nets him the victory.
    • Sierra does this after accidentally shooting herself in the face with a leech in "Saving Private Leechball", claims that the leech sucking the blood from her face "feels just like Cody's kiss" before fainting possibly due to loss of blood.
    • After being shocked by an electric eel in "A Blast from the Past", Ella crawls out of the water a tad loopy and asks if Chris knows where she can find the white rabbit. She passes out fully thereafter and sinks back into the water.
    • During "Canoe Believe It?", MK gets the snot beaten out of her by a bear, and in the confessional she says that thankfully her helmet prevents her from sustaining "drain bamage", while going slightly cross-eyed at the last part.
    • It happens to Wayne three times during "Breaking Up is Hard to Do":
      • The first time after getting hit in the face by Priya with the confessional door, he says he sees so many stars today.
      • The second time happens when he tries to break down the confessional booth with an axe, only for the axe to bounce off the booth and hit him in the head instead. While on the floor he asks Santa if it's game time already.
      • And the third time happens when he tries to crush the booth with a wrecking ball, only for the ball to also bounce off the confessional and crush him instead. At the confessional he says the outhouse gets 10 minutes for unsportsman-like conduct before falling to the floor.
  • Transformers:
    • During the Transformers: Animated episode "Human Error: Part II", Wreck-Gar ends up getting knocked out by his own garbage and passes out.
      Wreck-Gar: Haha! The mighty Wreck-Gar is no match for... the mighty Wreck-Gar. Wait, who's side am I on again? Ohh... (passes out)
    • Transformers: Prime has a lot of fun with this trope and Agent Fowler when he gets incapacitated.
      Miko: On your feet, soldier!
      Fowler: ...and beavers, and ducks, and walnuts, and Grandma!... [thud]
      • In "Operation Bumblebee, Part 2", when Agent Fowler contacts the Autobots' base to discuss MECH, the conversation is interrupted by Ratchet, who is currently recovering from stasis:
        Ratchet: What! Do I hear a Fuzor in need of voice-box repair?
        Fowler: What's a "Fuzor"?! What's going on over there?!
        (Whip Pan to Ratchet)
        Ratchet: I am able! Just ask Bantor! He was all mandrill before I...put a tiger in his tank... (passes out)
        (Whip Pan back to an extremely confused Agent Fowler)
    • Waspinator of Beast Wars gets a long string of this after Rhinox bludgeons him with a crate in "Dark Designs". During this, he starts thinking he's a certain Decepticon named Shrapnel, to the point of picking up Shrapnel's Verbal Tic and forgetting his own:
      Waspinator: Destroy all Autobot-b-bot-bot-bot!
      Megatron: Waspinator! What are you buzzing about?
      Waspinator: Waspinator? Negative, negative, negative! I am Shrapnel, Decepticon hero-o-o-o-o.
      Blackarachnia: Shrapnel? That was a Decepticon from the Great Wars three centuries ago! He's wacko.
      Waspinator: Wacko? No, Wonko, Wonko the Sane!
    • The actual "thud" part comes later in the episode.
      Waspinator: Decepticons, attack! Attack!
      (Cheetor promptly blasts Waspinator, causing the luckless flier to crash land)
      Waspinator: More than meets the eye... [thud]
  • While VeggieTales tends to eschew cartoon violence, they'll make an exception when it comes to Larry-Boy. In "The League of Incredible Vegetables", Larry-Boy gets rapidly and repeatedly kicked in the head by a penguin, collapses, and is heard to moan, "Wake me up when the pancakes are ready, mommy..."

    Real— BONK! Saturn is a god planet car! 
  • In medicine, doctors or EMTs will assess a patient's mental status by asking four questions: Who are you, where are you, what day is it, and what were you doing (as seen in the Advertising example above). If they answer all four questions appropriately, the patient is alert and oriented times four (A&Ox4). (Sometimes "what did you have for breakfast this morning" is asked, accounting for a lot of the food-oriented examples.) If they answer any of the questions inappropriately, then they have to start looking at reasons for the patient to have an altered mental status (head trauma, shock, blood sugar, drug intoxication, etc.). In short, in real life this trope isn't funny at all, as it implies that the victim may have brain damage.
    • The most extreme version of this is expressive aphasia, also known as "Broca's aphasia". This is a partial loss of a person's ability to find the right words without losing cognition. As a result, a person may end up using the wrong words for the wrong situation.
  • Asking the victim questions as soon as you get to them is also helpful in first aid situations, as their being able to give you any kind of verbal answer also handily answers the question of whether they're breathing. Failing this, you have to resort to other more difficult methods like checking for chest rises.
    • A quick and dirty way to determine whether a person is truly unresponsive or merely asleep (or faking being asleep) is a "sternal rub". Put the heel of your hand at the center of someone's chest and rub firmly and swiftly up and down the person's sternum—the bone plate where the ribs meet in the front of the chest, and where you would be pushing if you were giving them CPR. Nominally, it would be a very painful stimulus, and can be done in seconds, allowing you to quickly move on to checking if they're breathing or have a pulse if they don't respond.
  • Gangster Dutch Schultz was famously perforated many times by gunfire, especially in the kidneys. When he was laid up in the hospital and dying of his injuries, the cops stopped by to get a statement... and ended up getting what may be the strangest last words in history. (This was dramatized in an episode of The Untouchables.) People who have problems with the urinary tract, including the kidneys, can be more easily mentally compromised in this manner. It's not uncommon for elderly UTI patients to act this way.
  • Ironically, such behavior can have a positive effect for units in combat. Because most soldiers have spent months together in training before they see their first fire fight, many develop a knowledge of just how a person is normally. Ergo, a soldier responding with snarks and seemingly funny lines to his unit's medic may be a sign to that medic (or, anyone else in the unit for that matter) that the soldier is still mentally capable. Naturally, however, this mood changes once they get to a doctor to further check him out. Most medics, however, will still insist that the soldier be sent back as soon as they can find a ride for him, just to make sure he's still able to function.
  • This is also something that is intentionally provoked on occasion. Even people get hurt and don't want to swear, they sometimes spurt out things that make no sense at all.
  • Special Forces training tends to completely mentally wreck candidates. Case in point:
    Medic: Do you know where you are?
    Candidate: Uh... hash browns?
  • Frank Welker once told a story that may or may not be true, but when he was playing baseball in high school a ball hit him on the head, when asked if he was alright his response was to bark like a dog, and he said he's been barking ever since.
  • When British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was shot by a revolver during a parliamentary debate, he muttered "I'll have one of Bellamy's veal pies", and then promptly died.

Thank you, you've been a lovely audience. I'll be out back eating the chain link fence—*THUMP*


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