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The Emperor's Not So Finest

Turn Signals on a Land Raider is a Warhammer 40,000 comic with a rather unique concept.

The story features Kren and Frep, two crewmen of a Land Raider tank for the Space Marine chapter: "The Emperor's Pointy Sticks."

Only, they're actual Warhammer 40,000 gaming models, not a real army of the Emperor's finest. Even so, all the equipment actually works, so coming under a withering barrage of fire means you have to worry about getting hit by the dice as well as the bullets.

Which is just as well, as the Emperor's Pointy Sticks aren't exactly the most fearsome army of Super Soldiers.

Unable to publish the comic due to copyright reasons and with his sponsorship having come to an end, the comic ended on Monday 3 August 2009, with the 667th strip, after six years.

Which means the fact that there's 669 strips now may come as a surprise. The site got hit with a few spam and hack bots, and a couple new strips (and a few more advertising for a friend's store) got put up to commemorate the site getting fixed again. It is nice to see the boys back, though.

And then 2018 happened, when the artist suddenly got an unexpected call from Games Workshop. They wanted to hire him and restart it as an official W40k Comic! This new version can be found here, on GW's official website.

Turn Signals on a Land Raider provides examples of: