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"I dream of the day when I will learn to stop asking questions to which I will regret learning the answers."
Roy Greenhilt, The Order of the Stick

A character hears something that ends up Squicking the hell out of them, such as the sex lives of people they desperately try not to think about in the same sentence as the word "sex" (such as parents or grandparents). Other bodily functions are the other most common variant, such as anything to do with bowel movements or a woman's menstrual cycle. Especially while the speakee is eating.

Named after a typical response for such information, usually abbreviated to TMI in Valley Girl speak. The abbreviation can be expanded into WTMI, or Way Too Much Information, which looks like a TV or radio station callsign, leading to the quip of "You're listening to Radio WTMI, All The News you didn't want to know." Also known as an "Overshare" or — among the computer nerdly — a "sharing violation".

Compare with Saying Too Much, Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick and Embarrassing Cover Up. Sometimes followed by Never Say That Again, Ignoring by Singing, Brain Bleach, or Change the Uncomfortable Subject. Similar to Saying Too Much. Can be a result of Dirty Mind-Reading or Show, Don't Tell taken too far. Not to be confused with I'll Never Tell You What I'm Telling You!, which involves giving away too much information that was supposed to be secret. If it's literally too much information or knowing it is harmful rather than just unpleasant, that's My Skull Runneth Over or These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know. Contrast You Don't Want to Know and Don't Ask. Not related to More Information Than You Require.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ah... and Mm... Are All She Says: While hentai authors certainly know the "utility" of their work, they still have this response when someone tells them that they "used" their work.
  • Asteroid in Love: As Misa is trying out Moe's pancakes during the first School Festival arc, Moe added that the pancakes are honey-and-milk flavoured, inspired by Ao's hair (that she sniffed the previous chapter). Ao, who is nearby, is a bit shocked.
    Ao: Suzu, you don't have to share that with her?
  • Tajima from Big Windup! tends to do this concerning his deprived sex life and his habits on masturbation. One particular episode had him getting jumped by the other guys:
    One of the players: Quiet man, there are girls on this bus!
    Tajima: But if I don't do it, it might explode!
  • Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?: Mamako's clothes get dissolved by a Slime's attacks. She complains, saying she was wearing a thong. Her son Masato says he didn't need to hear that.
  • It's a well known fact in the Durarara!! universe that Shinra Kishitani is a kinky little bugger. About 90% of this can be attributed to the fact that Shinra is happy to tell anyone about whatever dirty thought comes to mind. Shizuo and Celty have both tried to beat this habit out of him. This only encourages him.
    • Erika Karisawa has no problem with telling her friends that she fantasizes about them having gay sex.
  • Lampshaded in Excel♡Saga with Aesop, who has "sporadic anal enlargement syndrome". On the toilet, writhing in agony, he shouts, "Oh, it's big!". Excel immediately runs away. Hyatt, oblivious, asks "What is big?" Excel drags her away and tells her not to ask. The toilet appears out of nowhere in the middle of a baseball field just to make this joke.
  • In the Full Metal Panic! novels, during TSR, Gauron tells Sōsuke that he fantasized dragging his dead body out of his AS and fucking it up the ass. Sōsuke is horrified, to say the least. And Gauron has the audacity to ask why he's making a face at him. It's made all the funnier by how Gauron attributes Sōsuke's worried and disgusted face to a Heroic BSoD, instead of the more obvious and immediate reason....
  • Gintama is really fond of this on multiple occasions. For instance, the episode about poor hygiene at Shinsengumi toilets and really meticulous explanation as to why.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, Poland will just tell people how he has to pee as he goes to relieve himself.
  • Early on in I Can't Believe I Slept with You, Chiyo Koduka's landlady makes an agreement with her- in exchange for doing 21 favors for her, she'll forgive ¥210,000 in back rent. The landlady then mentions that she's 19 and into older women, and Chiyo thinks, "TMI!" in the localization.
  • In Lucky Star, this is exactly what Kagami says one time in response to Konata mentioning the sweat from everyone at Comiket rising up and forming a cloud. Also invoked on different occasions when Konata talks about otaku stuff on a bus, mentions keeping her old school uniform for cosplay purposes, or says something about how boys don't have to worry about bras showing through when wet.
  • Made in Abyss: While reporting to her friends what she knows about Reg, Riko goes on to include stuff about his private areas, and it isn't long before they shut her up.
  • In a scene of Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Asuna has this reaction to Makie's... reports... about Negi's "reaction" to them having to squeeze him (while naked) against a wall behind them both, while in the girls' shower, to keep his presence there a secret.
    Makie: I think he just "grew".
    Asuna: You don't have to report that to me!
    • One of the few places where the translation improves on this:
      Makie: Negi-kun's you-know-what is touching my you-know-where!
      Asuna: You don't have to report that kind of thing to me!
      Makie: I think his you-know-what just got you-know-whatter!
      Asuna: Hey! Stop making stuff up!
    • There is also a scene where Jack Rakan walks away and loudly says he needs to take a number 2, leaving everyone yelling in disgust. He is lying, though.
  • In Rebuild World, this is Akira's reaction when Alpha tells him that he might get reduced to a Brain in a Jar if the government finds out about this ability to connect to the Old World domain. He isn't sure whether it's better for him to know or not know about this.
    Akira: [panicking] ...You shouldn't have told me. Wait, I guess it's better for me to know in case they capture me. No, no no no, as I thought it's better if I don't know...
  • In the manga version of Sgt. Frog, Fuyuki reads a New Year's card addressed to Aki saying "May your panties be of snakeskin," and regrets doing so.
  • In So, I Can't Play H!, Ryousuke's mother tells the story of how she and his father met. It's really heartwarming... until she says that they had sex that very same night, causing Ryousuke to complain that it ruined the moment.
  • Ultimate Muscle: Suichin and Gazelleman state this (In the dub) when they learn Sunshine wears earplugs and panda jammies to bed.

  • The Last Supper: Andrew, the fourth apostle to the right of Jesus, is seen holding up his hands as if to stop Jesus from saying anything else so disturbing.

    Comic Books 
  • In the post-Infinite Crisis Secret Six mini-series, Ragdoll reveals that he's been spending his paychecks on a monkey house and a collection of little monkey outfits. Deadshot tells him not to tell them those things.
  • During a shopping trip, Chase Stein of the Runaways tells his girlfriend Gertrude Yorkes that he's been wearing the same six pairs of boxers over and over since they ran away the first time, to which Gert responds, "Some days, it's very hard to love you."
    • A much later issue sees 12-year-old Klara Prast trying to hang out with the older kids while they play Truth-or-Dare. Karolina asks Nico which of them is the best kisser. Chase tries to argue that he's the obvious choice. Nico shuts him up by loudly declaring that Karolina was, in fact, her best kiss. Things quickly go downhill from there, and by the end of it, a horrified Klara declares that she doesn't want to play with the big kids anymore.
  • In Death Vigil, we get this gem from Gunnar the Zombie Viking:
    Sam: One at a time, men! There's plenty of bloodbath for all!
    Gunnar: You talk nonsense, Samuel! There is barely enough blood here to wash my armpits!
    Sam: (giving a thumbs up) Good to know, Gunnar! Gross, but good to know!

    Comic Strips 
  • Zits:
    • In one strip, Jeremy comments on Pierce's stylish "socks", which are actually tattoos, while they're getting changed in the locker room. Pierce explains that they cut down on laundry, and goes on to say that he's considering replacing his underwear as well.
      Jeremy: Shut it down, dude!
    • In another, Jeremy is playing "Stairway To Heaven" on his guitar. His mom casually mentions that he was conceived while she and his dad were listening to that song...then adds, "Or is that too much information?" Jeremy's face says it all.

    Fan Works 
  • This trope is practically everywhere in Adoption Nightmare. It's Played for Laughs, thankfully.
  • Anger Management:
    • Lucy chides Lynn when the latter says she has to take a dump.
    • When Lynn poops (or possibly pretends to poop) and says that it felt so good she feels like she could float, Lincoln says, "Too much information!".
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Koizumi explained at Kyon's request that he gained his ESP powers when both Haruhi and he were undergoing puberty. In the beginning, he found it extremely difficult separating their feelings at first, which led to highly awkward situations. Kyon realizes his mistake and declares that he never wants to clarify that.
  • Used twice in one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
    Joey: I gotta go take a whiz.
    Yugi: Too much information, Joey.
    Yugi: Well, Joey, it looks like you learned an important lesson. The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain.
    Joey: I also learned that I'm secretly a furry.
    Yugi: Once again, too much information, Joey.
  • In the Naruto fanfic Medicinal Lullaby, a pissed-off and frustrated Sakura gets a little too open while drunk:
    Sakura: okaaaay. Fuck, I need sex.
  • The conversation in Estrus reaches this point on numerous occasions, not least when Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy start comparing vibrator models.
    Rarity: That's enough! That is far more than enough!
    Applejack: Ah agree with Rarity, emphatically.
    Rainbow Dash: Awwwww, come on! We never talk about this stuff! We're bonding!
    Fluttershy: Can't we bond over something else?
    Applejack: Yeah, this is a bit much. I'd like to think you girls can always talk to me about whatever might be on yer minds... but there is some information ah really don't need. How y'all clop is definitely on that list.
  • In the Homestuck fan comic Alabaster: The Doomed Session, it's a way of life. Most of the cast is specialized in the delivery of Too much Information, to the horror of their interlocutors.
  • Done in the Teen Titans (2003) fic A night out:
    Garfield just laughed at that. "That's what I love about you two. You're exact opposite but have such a strong friendship."
    "Friend Raven is the best girl friend that I have. She even helps me during the week of blood." Said Kory with a bit too much enthusiasm.
    "Too much info Kor. LA la la la." Said Garfield with his hands on his ears.
  • In Superhero RPF, the Sassgardian's headcanons cause this, when it dawns on people that they might be true. How close do you need to be to a dragon to know how their penises look anyway?
  • In God Slaying Blade Works, Odysseus is mostly unimpressed by modern ships and boats, except for the fact that they have bathrooms. He explains that back in his time, the lack of a bathroom made his voyages very uncomfortable. Circe says he didn't have to share that detail.
  • Harry Potter Fan Works:
    • In Chapter 1 of Surrender, when Harry Potter and a "reformed" Dark Lord are trying to determine if Dumbledore really was planning Harry's death, they end up dosing the entire Hogwarts staff with veritaserum and so end up learning far more about their teachers than they ever wanted to know — such as what the professors really think of their students, how both McGonagall and Slughorn had a crush on Tom Riddle before he got all reptilian, that both Snape and Slughorn were in love with Harry's mother, how Snape, being a natural Leglimens, can't help but read the minds of his hormonal teenage students and so is privy to all of their sexual fantasies regarding centaurs, and that McGonagall really wishes Hermione would invest in a hairbrush.
    • Harry Potter and the Lightning Scar:
      Daphne: And you should hear what those boys say about you — power is an aphrodisiac, you know, and you put on quite a display with that dragon.
      Harry: Nope. Too much information. You stop that!
    • Scandalous Affair:
      Harry: You two are really getting along, then?
      Luna: Of course. He is great in bed and a very selfless lover.
      Harry: Too much information Luna.
      Luna: No, too much information would be me describing what Draco did for me last night...
      Harry: Don't want to know!
    • The Hero and the Veela:
      Harry: Not bad at all. I think if you started working out a little, you would look quite the little stud in that outfit.
      Dobby: Dobby is already quite the stud ever since the girl elves learned that I was bound to you. They says your magic will make me powerful and good breeding stock.
      Harry: Too much information Dobby but you go right ahead and have fun.
    • Losing Control:
      Dorea: What is it with you Potters and not manning up for your loves? Your father and grandfather were the same way and I had to practically rape Charlus to get him to admit his feelings for me.
      Harry: Geez Gran, way too much information there.
    • Not the Only Redhead:
      Susan: Actually, brother dear, Harry wasn't kissing me. I was kissing him. Can't keep my hands off him, to tell you the truth.
      Frank: Too much information!
    • Grȃce au Malfoys:
      Susan: You call Professor Lupin wolfie?
      Tonks: It seemed like a good idea at the time, although I call him something else when he's howling in bed...
      Susan/Ginny: TMI!
    • In Donor Daddy, Hermione wants a baby but not a second husband.
      Ginny: Eeww, Hermione, what are you going to do? Conjure a dick and have your way with it?
      Hermione: No, I just need the sperm; artificial insemination. If I wanted a dick, I'd go out and buy a dildo.
      Harry: Too much information!
    • In Too Many Travellers, McGonagall was Head Girl when Tom Riddle was Head Boy.
      McGonagall: He was a handsome boy. And he could do things with his tongue that...
      Harry: Too much information!
    • Of Darkening Souls:
      Hermione: Stop playing with your robes or I swear to Merlin I will transfigure your fingers into jelly, and then we'll see how you manage to fiddle with them.
      Harry: No need for threats, the velvet just feels a little funny. Not to mention the trousers are so tight I can feel my bal-
      Hermione: Too much information!
    • Like Grains of Sand in the Hourglass:
      Harry: I'm mad that you felt the need to hide this for so long, Dora. A few weeks, I get that. Even a few months were understandable. But you should have said something when we started dating. By the time you got my shirt off at minimum.
      Hermione: Too much information, Harry.
    • The Thorny Rose:
      Ginny: Right, what's on the agenda for today? I'm sure you two need a few days to recover before we get into the swing of things.
      Sirius: I certainly need a few days. I married a very passionate woman, you know. I barely have the strength to stand after all the bonking I've done.
      Harry: Too much information!
    • The Arranged Marriage:
      Sirius: You're supposed to be on my side!
      Severus: Says who?
      Sirius: You getting laid in the next year!
      Severus: I...
    • The seemingly insignificant problem:
      Ron: You seem cheerful today.
      Sirius: Ah yeah, well Lucinda made me very happy this morning.
      Hermione: Ew Sirius, we didn't need to know.
    • In Cooking Lesson, when Sirius sees that Hermione has been crying, he asks her to meet him in the Room of Requirement so she can talk/rant/scream about her problems without anybody overhearing. Once there, she asks him how he knows it's soundproof. Because Sirius is still under the influence of Veritaserum from a previous meeting, he says he used to bring girls to the Room and starts detailing how he would give them The Immodest Orgasm. Hermione blushes and blurts out an indignant "Sirius!"
    • An Honorable Man:
      Ron: Draco will get whatever he wants, I can't say no to him.
      Snape: That's more information than I ever need to know.
    • In A Time For Harmony And Vengeance, Harry takes Sirius and Hermione to the Room of Requirement after the Triwizard Tournament.
      Sirius: So, yeah, metaphorical question here. Say I was really horny and couldn't wait to bring Amelia Bones back to my dormitory, in our seventh year, so we could shag. Would this room have turned into a broom closet?
      Harry: Yes, and that is far more than I ever wanted to hear about your sex life, dogfather!
  • A Running Gag in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines is that Ash and his friends often find Dexter's information to be a little too descriptive for their taste, or sometimes revealing facts they didn't really need to know.
  • In the Frozen fanfic Darkness Burning, Anna spills too much about her sex life with her husband for her sister Elsa to handle:
    "Every time I've seen you, you've been holding Elias," she says because she still can't work out how or why she came out here. "Are you ever going to put him down?"
    "I haven't seen him for two months! Besides, I did put him down, to sleep, and when Joe and I were-"
    "I believe you," Elsa says. Sometimes, Anna can be a little too open in her speech.
  • It happens to Barbara Gordon in Earth-27 when she overhears a discussion on Black Canary’s one night stand with Batman.
  • Fate/Harem Antics:
    • Archer talks about a time she got drunk and lost her pants. Rin says, "I don't need to hear about that."
    • In an omake, while delirious from lack of sleep, Shirou Emiya starts talking about his sex life, making his classmates uncomfortable.
  • In Wild Horses are Wild Things Too, Anya is far too willing to offer commentary and translate Angel's Gaelic cries while he's trapped in a shared hallucination where he's having sex with Buffy (Buffy experiencing the other half of the encounter in a house that is now sealed).
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60 Epilogue has Bulma recount to Trunks her sexual encounter with Vegeta. Remember that Trunks is Bulma's son, and you can understand why he wanted her to change the subject.
  • In Home, when Coda voices his concerns of the kind of scandal Entrapta's relations with Hordak could cause, Entrapta ensures him that they have only been "exploring." Hordak immediately excuses himself from the table.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: The phrase “TMI” is used a couple times in these stories to express Parental Sexuality Squick.
    • In “The Autobiography”, when Penny is disgusted by the possibility that her mother may be looking at porn on her laptop.
    • In “The Cameo”, when Bolt is embarrassed by his father’s dissolute sex life.
  • Path To Munchies: Tattletale and Taylor compete with their powers to see who can turn up more unwelcome information about an Orange Julius shop. Taylor wins, but neither of them wants to order something from there ever again.
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: Willow's relationship with Colonel O'Neill is very active, and she loves talking to her few friends about it. In enough detail to thoroughly embarrass Alex's mother.
  • In chapter 8 of Thousand Shinji, Asuka mentions something about holding Rei down and soaping her up earlier that day, causing Toji to nosebleed. She then tries to explain to those around her what was actually going on, mentioning that they were wearing swimsuits when it happened, and Rei corrects her and says that she herself was actually quite naked. Asuka promptly blushes and calls her out for mentioning that around the others.
  • In Zero Context: Taking Out the Trash, Ellen Harrison tries to notify those with her of what happened when her overprotective mothernote  found out that someone had managed to harm her child. Nearly everyone in the room, which included a crowd of wedding guests, immediately roars at her to shut up.
    Ellen: "...I didn't even say what she did."
    Viridi: "Doesn't matter. Whatever it is Ambush did to him, it will be TMI on pure principle. We're not talking about it."
  • In Infinity Train: Seeker of Crocus, Yuri likes to shout "TMI!" when he hears something morbid or disturbing, ranging from the horrors of Silent Hill to the details of the Lost Incident and the vivisection of Earth.
  • With Pearl and Ruby Glowing: In the side story "Robinson R&D", Cornelius advises that Wallace should sit down (because he's about to tell him that Wilbur caused one of the company's project cars to get stolen and he broke the other one), but Wallace says hard chairs are a no because he and Wilhelmina had a "wild weekend", which prompts Cornelius to say he didn't need to know that.
  • Not the intended use (Zantetsuken Reverse):
    • When Daisuke is Searching the Stalls, he finds Kazuya programming on his laptop while on the toilet. Naturally he asks what Kazuya is doing.
      Kazuya: Well, I've been constipated for the past few da-
      Daisuke: Never mind.
      Kazuya: And for some reason, chocolate lubricates my-
      Daisuke: DON'T WANT TO KNOW!
    • A mafia member complains that Soma is giving them too much information when Soma tells him that his parents have already sold their kidneys to get out of debt.

    Film — Animated 
  • In Frozen (2013), during the trolls' performance of "Fixer Upper":
    Bulda: Is it the way that he runs scared?
    Male Troll 3: Or that he’s socially impaired?
    Troll Child: Or that he only likes to tinkle in the woods?
    Anna: I did not need to know that...
  • In Turning Red, Ming gives Mei tea to help with menstrual cramps:
    Ming: It helps relax your-
    Mei: Okaythankyoubye!

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In the 2006 film Accepted: Jonah Hill's character meets the boyfriend of his high school crush and accidentally lets out he masturbates to her.
  • Black Widow (2021): Alexi asks an irritated Yelena if she's on her period, to which she and Natasha both reply it's impossible because the Red Room gave them both an involuntary hysterectomy. He's shocked into silence, to which Yelena responds by going into detail about how their reproductive organs were removed, after which he decides that he's heard enough.
  • In Bring It On, the following exchange occurs when Missy intercepts her brother Cliff as he's visiting the cheer squad's car wash fundraiser:
    Missy: Hey, perv.
    Cliff: Gahhh!
    Missy: Hand over your fifteen bucks or get out of here.
    Cliff: What are you doing?
    Missy: Making money from guys ogling my goodies.
    Cliff: Aww, I didn't need to hear that. That was an overshare.
  • Crush: Dillon complains of this after Angie talks about masturbating with a toothbrush.
  • In Easy A, Olive has the following conversation with her mother:
    Rosemary: I had a similar situation when I was your age.
    Olive: What, everyone called you a slut?
    Rosemary: I had a horrible reputation, and people said awful things about me.
    Olive: Why?
    Rosemary: Because I was a slut. I slept with a whole bunch of people, a slew, a heap, a peck. Mostly guys.
    Olive: Mom!
  • Glorious: When Wes wonders what foul stuff his hands and face are covered with after throwing up in the Disgusting Public Toilet, Ghat cheerily informs him that it includes fecal matter, vomit particles, semen residue, and 127 different forms of bacteria. He offers naming them, but Wes declines.
  • Holly Slept Over: Noel says this when Holly relates that Audra was very good at eating her out when they dated, but he seems more turned on than actually uncomfortable.
  • From Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:
    Indy: How did you know she was a Nazi?
    Henry Jones: She talks in her sleep. (followed by a shocked look from Indy)
  • Kissing Jessica Stein: Helen says this after her gay friends briefly discuss their sex life in front of her.
  • Kung Pow! Enter the Fist: The Chosen One says this after Master Tang goes on a little too long about how a friend of his told him about the coming of the chosen one, ending with said friend accidentally killing a dog with his noxious farts.
    Master Tang: Oh, you won't believe what happened next!
    The Chosen One: No, please.
  • This statement from Mean Girls: "Somebody wrote in that book that I'm lying about being a virgin, 'cuz I use super-jumbo tampons, but I can't help if I've got a heavy flow and a wide set vagina!"
  • Not Another Teen Movie: Jake says this after Catherine tells him how the guys she sleeps with mostly want to do anal, then she shits on their chests.
  • In Paper Moon, Addie tells Moses that Trixie is sick, in order to keep him away from her for a while, but he wants to see her. Imogene then mentions that it's due to her period, which causes Moses to immediately back off.
  • In Pitch Perfect, Beca has this reaction when Chloe talks about masturbating to "Titanium".
    Chloe: That song is my jam. My lady-jam.
    Beca: That's nice.
    Chloe: It is. That song really builds.
    [Beca smiles thinly]
    Beca: [whispers] Gross.
  • From Pulp Fiction:
    Vincent: I'm gonna take a piss.
    Mia: That was a little bit more information than I needed Vince, but go right ahead.
    • From the same movie, Christopher Walken's character didn't really have to tell young Butch how his father hid the watch from the Vietcong, but decided to leave that detail intact. And mentioned it many times. Then mentioned that he hid the watch in much the same way once Butch's father passed away.
  • Serenity: Malcom Reynolds has this reaction to Kaylee’s talk about masturbating. Jayne, meanwhile, has the opposite opinion.
    Kaylee: It’s been on a year now since I had anything twixt my nethers wasn’t run on a battery.
    Mal : Oh God—I can’t know that!
    Jayne: I could stand to hear a little more.
  • The car commercial from Southland Tales. For those who don't know what this is about, count yourselves lucky and be grateful. If you would like to join the agonized ranks of those who need Brain Bleach... Here. You will not be forgotten.
  • The Squid and the Whale: Whenever Walt learns anything about his mother's love life, either directly from her or from Frank, he gets more than he wants to hear.
  • The Suicide Squad: Bloodsport has this reaction when Polka-Dot Man reveals that he can only kill people if he imagines them as his mother.
  • We're the Millers: The American tourists the Millers can't seem to get away from are having marital problems.
    Edie: I'm not as tight as I used to be. Sometimes Don just falls out. It's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
  • In The Wedding Singer, Robbie really does not want to know the particulars of his elderly neighbor Rosie's pre-marital sex life.
    Rosie: When I got married, I wasn't a virgin. I had already had intercourse with eight men.
    Robbie: You know, that's actually something I don't want to know about.
  • In Zoolander 2, Hansel tries to cheer up Derek Junior by telling him how wonderful his mother was, but ends up recounting far too many details about what he got up to with both of Derek's parents.

  • Neil Postman explored this topic in Amusing Ourselves to Death:
    Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance.
  • This is what ends the first day of George Wickham's murder trial in Death Comes to Pemberley; a witness admits to the entire court she had heard an argument between the victim and his alleged murderer from the washroom.
  • Gregory draws comic strips in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and suggests giving improvements to other peoples' behaviours; and one of them was telling people not to discuss incredibly private and personal matters in the middle of a fast food restaurant.
  • Ghost (2005): On finding out that their parents are both into BDSM, Pam and Courtney have this reaction, Courtney saying that she needs some brain floss, and Pam's horrified reaction immortalized on the (now discontinued) OH JOHN RINGO NO t-shirt.
  • In Girls Kingdom, before Misaki and Kirara can ask Mei about what she did with her first paycheck, Mei instead starts rattling off random information about her mistress, Asuka, thinking they're after blackmail information. This results in the reader learning about things like the heart shaped birthmark on her butt among other unnecessary details before they can get her back on track. It's telling about how dedicated she is to her mistress's every detail that they react with frustration instead of becoming disturbed, as Misaki herself notes.
  • In Island in the Sea of Time, Marian Alston is mortified when her Fiernan lover Swindapa glowingly tells her family in considerable detail just how good Alston is in bed.
  • Keeper of the Lost Cities: In Neverseen, Silveny shares memories of mating with Greyfell with Sophie, who is thoroughly squicked, as are her friends when she tells them about it.
    "Gah!" Sophie said, shoving the last images out of her mind. TMI, Silveny. Too. Much. Information!
  • The Laundry Files: In Chapter Six of The Labyrinth Index, when Yarisol'mun talks about her conception and birth, Vicar Pete responds with this trope before being interrupted:
    Pete: -Too much inform-
  • A Piece in the Game of Gods: From romance in Part 44:
    "You make me coffee," Cassandra finally said, giving me a smile. "I think I'll keep you."
    I smirked at that. "After last night, I certainly hope so."
    Lauren looked back and forth between us before saying, "That's more than I needed to know."
  • One of Daniel Waterhouse's relatives in Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson
  • Roys Bedoys: When Flora reveals that she sometimes wears the same socks two days in a row in “What’s Your New Year’s Resolution, Roys Bedoys?”, Truly says, “Ew, Flora. That is TMI. Too much information!”.
  • Septimus Heap: Jenna isn't all too thrilled at hearing Septimus's detailed explanation of what the "Deadly Stinking Black Slush" is.
  • Daylen in Shadow of the Conqueror, when experimenting with channeling Light to his ears, ends up overhearing an older couple having The Immodest Orgasm. He immediately wishes that he didn't have this image in his head.
  • Peter David is fond of doing this sort of gag in his Star Trek novels.
    Morgan: A Level One diagnostic is like having a gynecological exam from head to toe.
    Soleta: Captain, request permission to forget what I just heard.
    Calhoun: Granted, and I'll join you.
  • Nutt, from Unseen Academicals, generally speaks in lectures, and at one point gives Ponder a taste of his own medicine. He also tells the woman he has a bit of a crush on that he is in fact staring at her arms because they're such remarkably nice arms; this doesn't seem intended as flirting but rather a friendly compliment combined with wishing to clear up what he was doing. He also shares pertinent but wholly unnecessary details about his bodily functions, which is seen as part of his habit of being "precise but odd".
  • In the Veronica Mars spin-off novel The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, Keith jokingly asks Veronica if there are any MILFs in the market for a cripple, and she implores him never to use the term "MILF" in front of her again.
  • In The Witchlands, when Kullen explains to his best friend Merik that his uncontrollable bursts of magic are connected to his attraction to Safi, he starts talking about the times he and his girlfriend Ryber were having sex. Merik is very quick to change the topic.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 30 Rock: Jack comes to Liz for advice: "Lemon, you're a woman..." She replies "Of course I am! That doctor was a quack. I don't even know why my parents listened to him." in the course of her advice, she refers to women generally as "they", but then self-consciously corrects herself to "we".
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: In "T.R.A.C.K.S.", Simmons concocts an entire fake backstory for herself and Coulson when they're undercover as father and daughter, which she then shouts out to random passers-by.
    Coulson: Prostitutes? Plural?
  • Babylon 5:
    • In "The Quality of Mercy", when Lennier sees Londo Mollari, who looks otherwise indistinguishable from humans, use a long tentacle that comes out of his torso to cheat at cards, he asks him about it. It leads to this infamous conversation:
      Londo Mollari: [picks up a figure of the Centauri Goddess of Passion, a nude woman surrounded by tentacles] Here, the goddess Li. A synthesis of male and female Centauri. What, did you think these were for decoration?
      Lennier: ...I am going to take a vow of silence about this entire conversation.
    • Commander Ivanova also suffers from these periodically, with the best example being the time that Vir approaches her to ask what women want "when things get intimate." This leads to a very awkward discussion of Centauri sexual anatomy and practices. She also had the unenviable responsibility of helping Delenn adjust to life as a partially-human female, and all the hygiene concerns that come along with it.
  • Baggage turns this into a Game Show, by having potential dates hope that their embarrassing personal secrets don't leave too much of a negative impression on a potential bachelor(ette). It's even got Jerry Springer.
  • Best Friends Whenever:
    Barry: Naldo, why were you eating a hot dog in my tuxedo?
    Naldo: Cause I wasn't going to eat a hot dog naked.
    Barry: It's really my fault for asking.
  • The more socially awkward characters in The Big Bang Theory tend to have this problem. Sheldon has a habit of discussing his bathroom habits, Leonard's mom freely discusses her sex life (and also calls her bathroom breaks), and pretty much everything that comes out of Amy Farrah Fowler's mouth.
  • The Bridge (2011): Saga Norén, who has an unspecified disorder (No Social Skills, Cannot Tell a Lie, etc.) is prone to this. Her idea of idle conversation in one episode is announcing that she had just gotten her period that morning.
  • The opening scene of an episode of Brothers & Sisters has virtually the entire family reveal what music they lost their virginity to (with Kevin, the gay one, asking with which sex). Nora reveals that her first time wasn't with the man she would later marry, but another guy (guess who shows up later), it was to "Pretty Woman" and it was in the back seat of his car. As she starts on the height differential and how that was dealt with, the others collectively walk out, deciding that they don't need to hear this about their own mother.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • A Running Gag is Anya eagerly telling the Scoobies details of her sex life with Xander that everyone (including Xander) would rather she kept private.
    • The Scoobies reaction whenever the Buffybot, a Sex Bot that Spike has programmed to fulfill his desire for Buffy, gives them information on her relationship with Spike.
      Willow: (thinking she's talking to Buffy) So just this one time you just did something kinda crazy?
      Buffybot: It wasn't one time. It was lots of times, and lots of different ways. I can make sketches!
      Willow: No!
    • And later:
      Xander: Spike must have had her built so he could program her t—
      Buffy: (horrified) Oh god.
      Willow: Yikes. Imagine the things—
      Buffy: No! No, no imagining. Any of you.
      Xander: (raises his hand) Already got the visual.
  • In Burn Notice, Sam recounts a particularly nasty Groin Attack he suffered:
    Sam: He held a switchblade to a very sensitive region of Sam Axe that only Elsa and Sandino get to touch.
    Jesse: Who?
    Sam: Sandino's my masseur.
    Jesse: TMI, Sam. TMI.
  • From the Canadian TV series Butch Patterson Private Dick:
    Blanche: Vance knew he wouldn't last a week in a maximum-security prison.
    Butch: You know, once you get used to the sodomy, the rest of it is pretty easy to take.
  • A running gag in the Charmed (1998) episode "The Day the Magic Died", when Piper and Phoebe's father and his fiancée are visiting, is that she goes on and on about their great sex life. It gets to the point that Phoebe and Paige use the first opportunity to flee, leaving poor pregnant Piper (who has to stay in bed) to fend for herself.
  • There's an episode of Cheers where Cliff engages in slang with another mailman. Norm says "I thought about asking Cliff what he meant, but then I realized — he might tell me!"
    • Cliff provokes this a lot, really. One episode has Woody having to scrounge up some clothes from the lost property bin (Rebecca stole his shirt and pants), and finds some awful 70s clothing which turns out to be Cliff's, who remembers he lost those clothes because he was streaking, even as the others ask him to stop talking. Another has him recounting how he went to see Herbie: The Love Bug with his mother. Norm pauses, as he works out Cliff's age against when the film came out, until a horrified Sam begs him not to do the math.
  • Tying in with the Real Life medical examples below, the opening sequence of The Commish showed the title character absent-mindedly munching a pepperoni sandwich while reading a book titled Tissue Decomposition: A Homicide Primer. In the pilot episode, the protagonist squicks out an evaluation board (sent to evaluate him for a high-ranking position in another city) by nervously babbling on about the above topic while they're all having lunch.
  • Doctor Who: In "Utopia", Professor Yana offers his Insectoid Alien assistant Chantho a cup of coffee:
    Chantho: Chan– I am happy drinking my own internal milk. –tho
    Yana: Yes, well, that's quite enough information, thank you.
  • Doom Patrol (2019): In Season 2's "Sex Patrol", Larry gets up close and personal with a man at the party. He fails to respond appropriately to a compliment:
    Hottie Dannyzen: I bet you're fit as fuck under those bandages.
    Larry: Thanks! If I take them off, everyone here will die! Just, completely melt and die! So, yeah.
  • The Expanse: After Holden tells the rest of the crew that he and Naomi are a couple, Amos says "She's a good person and I like her, but she's like a sister to me." He then adds, "Don't get me wrong, I'd do her if she'd let me." Holden responds, "I'm glad we had this talk," with an expression that definitely suggests otherwise.
  • Friday Night Lights: In a second season episode, Mac tells Eric about how, after his wife had a baby, he gave his wife a night out with her friends and brought her flowers so he and his wife could get "back in the saddle". Eric responds, "Do me a favor. Don't ever tell me about you and (your wife) being 'back in the saddle' again."
  • One episode of Friends had Chandler's mom reveal on national television that she gets a craving for kung-pow chicken after sex, followed by Chandler yelling, "That's too much information!"
    • Tom Selleck's first episode as Richard gives us this exchange:
      Monica: I am dating a man whose pool I once peed in.
      Richard: I didn't need to know that.
  • Gotham Knights (2023): In contrast with the conversation it's intercut with where Turner refuses to give Cullen any details on what he and Duela have been doing, Duela tells Harper gleefully of having sex with Turner ("riding the Bat-wang" as she puts it) several times in the library, including where Harper's preferred books are, to her increasing horror. Harper ends up covering her ears over this. Cullen is less than pleased at hearing about it later too, though not to Harper's extent, and Carrie jokes that she'll never banish the mental image of them having sex when he tells her.
  • In one episode of Green Wing the majority of the cast are eating dinner at a restaurant playing a game where each of them tells the best and the worst of who they've been compared to, in terms of looks (e.g. Naughty Rachel has been compared to Lara Croft and Miss Piggy.) Statham comes in late from a telephone call and the game isn't explained very well, so he tells of his best and worst sexual encounters. The worst was with a woman who was on a very heavy period and the best was the mother of two of the characters. After he finishes, there's a long pause and the conversation is moved along.
  • From the Hannah Montana episode "I Honestly Love You (No, Not You)":
    Lilly: Miley, I know how he feels. I can tell by the way he looks at me! Even when I have a pimple. I never told you this, but... that's why he calls me "Lillypop".
    Miley: I could've gone my whole life not knowing that.
  • Happy Endings: Season one's "Barefoot Pedaler":
    Penny: You just admitted to sleeping with thousands of women. Plus, you're married and you're going to Wisconsin by bus. And only two of those things are turn-ons.
    Max: So, which two were the turn-ons?
    Penny: A lady never tells! Wisconsin and buses. (groans from the others)
    Brad: Me too!
  • iCarly: Despite the subtleties, innuendos may be lampshaded in the show time by time.
    • In "iCarly Awards":
      Carly: You know, it's always been a dream of mine to host the iCarly Awards.
      Sam: Whoa, too much information!
      Carly: Hey, don't go there!
      (much later in the show)
      Sam: These guys take this (blows through bottle) to a whole new level.
      Carly: This — will blow you away. (laughs)
      Sam: (shaking her head) Oh, Carly...
      Carly: Just watch.
  • Moss from The IT Crowd sometimes had this reaction to relatively innocent subjects, such as learning that a colleague was having a baby.
  • L.A.'s Finest: Ben Baines tells Syd that she can talk to him about anything she'd have done with Nancy when the latter is away. Syd promptly tells him about how much she enjoyed being eaten out the night prior by a guy, to his discomfort.
  • In one episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Dr. Warner gets ready to list the contents of a puddle of vomit at a crime scene, all while Olivia and Eliot are eating lunch. Olivia asks for a warning first, then pushes away her salad, all while Eliot continues to munch away at his sandwich.
  • In an episode of Married... with Children, Peg starts being a little overly friendly with another man, not knowing that he's gay and with someone else. When the guy's concerned partner shows up at the house, Al is willing to talk to him and give him advice (especially when he finds out the guy can cook) but he does not want to hear about their sex life, stopping him when mentions that.
  • It's not as explicit, but when Col. Potter assumes command of the 4077th M*A*S*H he learns more than he wants to when he's reviewing his officers. He's commended Major Houlihan, who appears to be the Only Sane Man, for her spotless record, and then moves on to the next officer...
    Potter: Major Frank Burns.
    Margaret: Just Friends, sir. (realizing) I mean, not here, sir.
  • Misfits: "All right. Yes. It's my wank-sock."
    • Also, when Simon is under the influence of Alisha's pheromone manipulation:
      Simon: I want to rip your clothes off and piss on your tits!
      Nathan: That's the kind of thing you should keep between you and your Internet Service Provider...
    • Half the dialogue from this show qualifies as Too Much Information. But Nathan and Kelly manage to take it to new heights in season 2, when their agent, Laura, asks to know about their previous misdemeanors so she's prepared if the media find out. Nathan proceeds to tell a horrible story about picking up a (probably heavily sedated) girl in a dentist's waiting room, having sex with her, and accidentally "tripling" himself mid-coitus (it's "when you cum, puke, and shit yourself all at once")
      Laura: (looking shellshocked) Anything else?
      Kelly: I once shagged a monkey.
      Nathan: Technically it was a gorilla.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    • A group of naval officers are lost at sea in a raft.
      First Sailor: Still no sign of land. How long is it?
      Second Sailor: That's a rather personal question, sir.
    • The school play of "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers".
      Headmaster: Fetch hither the master on duty that the seven brides may marry the seven brothers.
      Padre: (entering) Sorry I'm late, Headmaster—I've been wrestling with Plato.
      Headmaster: What you do on your own time, Padre, is written on the walls of the vestry.
  • In an episode of Murphy Brown, Murphy's a few hours away from getting it on with Peter Hunt... and she goes to Eldin for advice:
    Murphy: I'm a mother, for God's sake; I've got stretch marks.
    Eldin: Too much information! Too much information!
  • In My Family, Ben lies to Susan and then abruptly switches to the truth after she returns from vacation.
    Susan: (picking up her red dress) What happened to this?
    Ben: Nick was wearing it when I was trying to strangle him down the pub. (Susan looks at him) Well, I was a bit tense, you know, because Michael stole all the doorknobs and held me hostage, and Abby burned my foot in the... uh... soup.
    (long pause)
    Susan: I think I prefer it when you lie.
  • Woody the Coroner from Psych invokes this...the wrong way.
    Woody: As anyone good at foreplay can tell you, electricity always leave a mark. I know, I know, TMI: Tell More Information. You see, a flashlight battery and a paper clip—
  • On an episode of Pushing Daisies, Ned worries what would have happened if he'd been attacked by bees while in his underwear, and Emerson immediately shushes him with, "Don't go putting that image in my head."
    • In "Dummy", the second episode of the first season, Chuck talks about the erotica collection she and her aunts had under the staircase, and Emerson says, "You'd best not continue this conversation."
  • Scrubs:
    • In one episode, Dr. Kelso describes how he and his crippled obese wife had sex the previous evening. Dr. Cox then suggests to the rest of Kelso's involuntary audience that they forget about what they just heard.
    • A teenaged patient asks Dr. Cox how he's doing, and he replies that he's recently lost the ability to process dairy, leading to Carla saying "Woah! T.M.I! Am I right, Josh? Too Much Information?" Dr. Cox then tells Josh that he'll have a word with his parents "and you can chat with Nurse Early Nineties Catchphrases."
  • Sex/Life: In "Seasons of Love" Sasha talks publicly about "churning the butter", something sexual her new man Kam does which gets her off very well, and he hastily covers her mouth, uncomfortable she shares this with others (Sasha's planning to make a blog post about it anyway however).
  • Star Trek:
    • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places", Bashir's reaction to Quark and the Klingon chick and then Worf and Dax's explanations of how they acquired their collections of bruises and cuts they come in to have treated at the end of the episode. In the end, he comments that he really needs to stop asking people how they got hurt.
      Bashir: No... No, I don't need that image, either. In fact, I'm gonna stop asking that question altogether. People will come in, I will treat them, and that's all.
    • Star Trek: Voyager has a similar example with the Doctor (no, not that one) helping Vorik with his Pon Farr in "Blood Fever"; at one point, he starts telling Captain Janeway about other species' mating rituals until she glares him into silence.
    • In the same vein, there's the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Cogenitor", in which our heroes meet a tri-gendered species. Trip wonders aloud how such a species would mate, and Phlox starts to provide a verbal explanation until Trip decides that he'd rather not hear it. Not to be deterred, Phlox then goes to a wall panel while cheerfully declaring, "Well, hmm hmm, I have pictures!" Trip again decides that he'd rather not know.
  • Supernatural:
    • In the episode "Devil May Care", Dean says "okay, overshare" after Kevin says, "It's been a bad couple of days, I haven't slept, I haven't eaten... I'm pretty backed up."
    • When Sam decides to tell Dean why he trusts Ruby (a demon), he also reveals his very sexual relationship with her.
      Dean: Sam!
      Sam: Yeah?
      Dean: Too much information!
      Sam: Hey, I told you I was coming clean.
      Dean: Yeah, but now I feel dirty.
  • In the Veronica Mars first season episode "The Wrath of Con", a flashback shows Veronica, Duncan, Lily and Logan playing "I Never". Duncan says, "I've never seen my parents have sex." Lily has, she drinks, and begins to describe it in detail; Duncan, her brother, can't handle this, covers his ears and face and pleads for Lily to stop.
  • In Season 5's episode of The Walking Dead (2010), "Self Help", Abraham and Glenn have a moment, where Abraham praises Glenn for staying with him and staying true to his word that he would help him get Eugene to Washington, D.C. Abraham then ends the conversation by declaring he's going to get himself some ass. Glenn says, to the awkward silence, "More than I really needed to know, but okay."
  • The West Wing:
    • In the episode "Take Out the Trash Day", Josh tells C.J. Congress will only approve funding for teachers if they agree that in Sex Ed classes kids will be taught "abstinence only". C.J. replies, "I would not have trouble passing such a class." Josh gets an expression like he'd rather not have heard that. Later in the episode, President Bartlett is reading a report on what should really be taught in sex education classes (which Sam has renamed "everything but"):
      Mrs. Landingham: Would you like to share what's in that report, sir?
      President Bartlett: With you?
      Mrs. Landingham: Yes.
      President Bartlett: No.
      Mrs. Landingham: May I ask why not, sir?
      President Bartlett: Because I'd rather not be in therapy for the rest of my life.
    • Then there's the second season episode "The Midterms", and this conversation between Charlie and Leo:
      Charlie: Zoey and I are going out. I'll be on my pager.
      Leo: You're going out?
      Charlie: Yeah.
      Leo: You're taking extra protection, right?
      Charlie: (taken aback) Hey, Leo...
      Leo: Secret Service protection, Charlie! But thanks for loading me up with that image.
  • The White Lotus:
    • After learning her grandfather died from AIDS, Olivia starts speculating with Paula quite explicitly about what his sexual tastes were, dismaying Mark (who's still reeling from the revelation).
    • A drunken Mark starts oversharing to Rachel the sexual history of his marriage, much to her annoyance.
    • During the abortive scattering of her mother's ashes, Tanya starts telling a bunch of complete strangers all of her issues with her mother.
  • In the documentary Worst Jobs In History, a scientist gives the host and hapless participant, Tony Robinsonnote , an unpleasant overview of a food taster's duties, including what would happen if the food was poisoned with arsenic. Around the time the scientist starts talking about "purging," Robinson gives in and says "that's enough."
  • Young Sheldon: In "Snoopin' Around and the Wonder Twins of Atheism", Coach Wilkins mentions that he and his wife showered together this morning. George wishes he hadn't started this conversation.

  • Possibly the Ur-Example: Screamin' Jay Hawkins with "Constipation Blues."
  • In Weird Al's song "Trapped in the Drive-thru", the husband's voice reminds the voice box lady of a guy named Paul she cheated Geometry test answers off of last year. The husband replies and talks about another Paul he knew. Paul was his plumber, who is bald, has a bladder problem, and has a toe infection. The voice box lady says, "Mr., please! You can stop right there! That's more than I needed to know!" Yes, this is a song!
  • Toshi doing an MC for X Japan at the Wiltern in Los Angeles: "We've gained a lot, but we've lost a lot too. We've been fucked and we've been sucked."
  • The Police song "Too Much Information", oddly enough, is a subversion of this trope — it's about someone who simply has too much knowledge in their brain.
  • Likewise the case for Duran Duran's "Too Much Information", as it is really about the effect of media bombardment.
  • Played straight with the Joan Jett song "TMI" — it's a Protest Song about social media and tabloids that are bombarding everyone with too many details about what people are eating, wearing, and sleeping with and all the other pointless details all the time.
  • The Offspring's "Spare Me the Details". The story is that the narrator's girlfriend got drunk and had sex with some other dude, and now his friend seems to want to tell him about the event in graphic detail (it's referred to as a "play-by-play" at one point) — partially because he doesn't want to think about the event in general, and partially because the specifics are way, way more information than he wants to hear.
    Now I don't need to hear
    About the sounds they were making
    And I don't need to hear
    About how long it was taking
    Or how the walls they were shaking
  • Carly Simon's "We Have No Secrets" finds its narrator addressing this with her lover.
    We share a cast of characters from A to Z
    We know each other's fantasies
    And though we know each other better when we explore
    Sometimes I wish
    Often I wish
    That I never knew some of those secrets of yours
  • Bad Lip Reading's "Nobody Wants My Bread" (a Gag Dub of Fergie singing "The Star Spangled-Banner" at an NBA game) has her call herself out on this:
    This is TMI, but last night
    I pooped out glass...

    New Media 

    Stand-up Comedy 
  • George Carlin had a routine on his HBO special Doin' It Again where he talked about things you don't want to hear, and one of them was the situation where someone goes into detail about having to go to the bathroom, and then describing the aftermath even after being told not to talk about it.

    "I'm gonna be right back, I gotta take a shit..."
    "Never mind! Do what you have to do and leave me out of it! And don't describe it when you come back!
    "Boy, you should've seen-"
    "Never mind!"
    "It set off the smoke alarm-"

  • Christopher Titus made reference to this trope when he asked his father how he was conceived (he wanted a romantic story of his parents that didn't end with the cops getting called). His father was... detailed.
    Papa Titus: She could do this thing with her leg and a nightstand-
    Titus: *hands spread* Dad! *waves his hands mouthing 'no'*
    • Later...
    Papa Titus: So things get hot and heavy and I realize 'alright, I'm gettin' ready to drop the hog!'
    Titus: *hands spread* Daaaad! I don't know what that means, but PLEASE don't say it again!
    • Then...
    Papa Titus: And in the middle of it son! I mean, I am knee-deep-
    Titus: DAD!

    Tabletop Games 
  • F.A.T.A.L. is notorious for this.
  • In Rocket Age, the entire Venusian species will not shut up unless they're trying to be stealthy and have no taboos about discussing any topic, often horrifying their Earthling party members.

  • Next to Normal has a mother who's trying a little too hard to pretend that everything's great spring this on her daughter:
    Diana: I'm going to go have sex with your father.
    Natalie: Great, thanks. I'm so glad I know that.
  • In Hamilton, this is Jefferson, Madison, and Burr's reaction when Hamilton refutes their accusations of speculation by going into great detail about the affair for which he was blackmailed... and then Hamilton shares all the details with the entire world in "The Reynolds Pamphlet". Historical accounts of the meeting note that Hamilton's accusersnote  were satisfied with the initial proof but he insisted on telling them all the sordid details.

    Video Games 
  • Banjo-Tooie: After beating Canary Mary in a minecart race, Mary rewards Banjo and Kazooie with a Jiggy, stating that it was wedged under her wing for days, much to Kazooie's disgust. Later, when they win a rematch and win a Cheato page, Mary begins to say where it was wedged in, and Kazooie promptly shuts her up.
  • In Borderlands, most characters have a Boss Subtitle that describes a little about them, like Mordecai "The Hunter" or Marcus Kinkaid (No Refunds!). Guess what boss character Nine-Toes' title is? "Also, he has three balls." Yeah, we really didn't need to know that.
    • Then in Borderlands 2, a conversation can be heard in the Crimson Raider base between the original vault hunters:
      Lilith: (talking to Roland) If you die, I'm going to be really pissed!
      Roland: Noted...
      Lilith: ...And if you live, I'm tearing those clothes right off your body.
      Roland: Also noted.
      Mordecai: Eegh, Lilith. Nobody wants to hear that!
      Brick: (lewdly) Go on...
  • In Captain Brawe: A Brave New World Brawe complains that the universal translator isn't working, only for Kralje to point out that it's because Brawe rerouted the power so he could have hot water in his shower.
    Captain Brawe: I believe that a HOT PATRIOTIC heart must beat in a HOT PATRIOTIC body!
    Kralje: You have no idea how little I wanted to know that.
  • In Chicory: A Colorful Tale, Prunus refuses to translate Quercus's saying about the former being a big fan of Wielders because the latter's being "really embarrassing".
  • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness has the renowned "Netherworld's ultimate zombie", featuring "the fists of a Dark Karate master, the legs of the fastest demon in the Netherworld, the brain of Mahogany, a famous sorcerer, the iron body of Hercules...and a horse wiener". Notably, only the latter freaks Laharl out, but barely for just being "too much information", rather for being an equippable item that gives a significant power boost while on the first playthrough.
  • In Dragon Age II, the trope happens a few times.
    • There is a conversation where Anders and Isabela realize that they had an undescribed sexual encounter in the first game's brothel. Hawke or Varric will cut the conversation short when Isabela mentions the "electricity thing" Anders did in bed.
    • In Act 2, Hawke walks in on Isabela exiting her appointment with Anders (who runs a clinic) for STD treatment. Alternately, Hawke can walk in on Anders treating Seneschal Bran for an STD he is implied to have caught from Isabela. This only happens if the player has previously gone to Fenris' house and overheard him talking to Isabela about not having to pay property taxes.
    • In one banter between Isabela and Aveline when asking about Aveline's new husband, Isabela is either providing a glimpse at her rather odd attitude to sex or pulling a rather mean prank on Aveline (or both):
      Isabela: How good is Donnic? Is he cock-sure?
      Aveline: (sighs) Just get it out of your system...
      Isabela: Did he curl your toes? Dwarf your beard? Arl your Eamonnote ? Shank your Jorynote ? Praise your Makernote ? Grope your grinder? Established his canon? Dampen your Divinenote ? Grey your Wardennote ? Pamper your Paragonnote ? Float your Frigate? How about: Satisfy a demand of your Qunnote ? Or did he cup your Joiningnote ? Or did he master your Taintnote ? That's an old one.
      Aveline: Yes, all right! He's an incredibly proficient lover. Happy?
      Isabela: Well, that's rather personal, don't you think?
    • Having a female Hawke and romanced Merrill along will have Emile hit on Hawke, resulting in this gem.
      Merrill: That'll never work. Your tongue is not nearly raspy enough. At best you'll just drool a lot.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is much lighter on the TMI than its predecessor, but still has an instance of this in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC. If the Inquisition agent known as Sky Watcher is sent to visit Stone-Bear Hold as part of a war table operation, the Inquisition leaders receive a message from the hold's leader, Thane Sun-Hair, thanking them for sending him. She also shares her informed opinion that he's fantastic in bed.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening: A TMI conversation actually happens after the female Avatar walks in on Gaius in the bath.
    Avatar: Gaius, I am SO sorry about earlier! I had no idea you were in the bath...
    Gaius: Aw, no worries. At least I hadn't taken off my smallclothes yet, eh? Er, but I did want to mention I'm usually in much better shape. With the stress of this blasted war, I've been eatin' more sweets than usual. Usually, I'm a real piece of eye candy. Belly like a washboard, glutes like a lumberja—
    Avatar: Okay, then!
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Poor Michael has this reaction when his son Jimmy tells him the definition of Trolling which, among other things, involves the latter making fun of a another man's newborn.
    Jimmy: And I'm all like. "It's actually a miracle I survived seeing a picture of its ugly..."
    Michael: ENOUGH, alright, e-fucking-nough! I get it.
  • Injustice 2 has an exchange between Captain Cold and The Flash:
    Captain Cold: Good thing you're wearing longjohns.
    The Flash: I'm totally commando under here!
    Captain Cold: ...ugh, TMI!
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising does this twice.
    • Magnus inquires why Pit goes in the hot springs fully dressed.
      Pit: The angel's code of conduct says I must always be ready for duty!
      Magnus: Guess you wouldn't be an angel if you didn't do things by the book.
      Pit: Yeah. And, I don't want to steam the sacred buns...
      Magnus: We're done talking about this.
    • Arlon tells Pit and Palutena that he will gird his loins for their arrival. Pit is noticeably disturbed.
      Pit: TMI! Nobody wants to hear about your loins!
    • Pit is at it again in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U during Wario's episode of Palutena's Guidance. While she does try to be helpful in describing his attacks, the conversation invariably ventures towards his fartillery. Pit is disturbed.
      "...This job is really the worst sometimes."
  • MadWorld has this exchange between the commentators.
    Kreese: Solid hit! [Jack] should try for a double!
    Howard: I had a double with a donkey and a dwarf. Walked with a limp for a week, but the dwarf grew six inches if you know what I mean!
    Kreese: I know too much already~~!
  • Mass Effect: "Some krogan believe that testicle transplants will improve their virility, counteract the effects of the genophage. It doesn't work, but that doesn't stop them from buying. They'll pay ten thousand credits for each one — that's forty thousand for a whole set. Someone's making a killing out there."
    • Shepard says this to Thane when he's describing the drell race's ability to perfectly recall any memory.
      Thane: Thinking about a moment brings back the smell of cut grass, the warmth of another hand on yours, the taste of another's tongue in your mouth. Wouldn't you rather lose yourself in such a memory, rather than spend a night alone?
      Shepard: Isn't that a rather personal memory to talk about?
    • In the third game, Liara has this reaction to her father Matriarch Aethyta reminiscing about her mother "Nezzy"'s magnificent rack, complete with Wolf Whistle.
      Liara: You don't need to tell me everything.
    • This is also James' reaction to being told by EDI that Shepard and Tali got together in the last game (if that's the case). Followed by a sarcastic "Thank you, EDI" from Shepard.
    • Eve complains that she really gets upset when Mordin, discussing her treatment, starts rambling on about the many ways she could die horribly.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has Snake's Codec call to Otacon while hiding in a trash can/dumpster. When Otacon asks Snake how he knows how it is where the household dumps their waste, Snake explains in full, such as it smelling bad from last night's leftovers from dinner, as well as bugs crawling around his face, apparently roaches, a lot of them, as well as something crawling up his leg, leaving Otacon completely grossed out by the end. When questioned by Otacon whether he even feels sick from this, Snake mentions that he's perfectly willing to even crawl into a toilet as long as it at least allows him to hide from the enemy effectively.
  • Happens in Persona 4 Golden if the MC goes gets lost with Naoto during the ski trip. When they end up holed up in an abandoned cottage and forced to wait out a blizzard, Naoto awkwardly blurts out that the "huddling together to share body heat" thing only works if your clothes are wet or one person has a dangerously low body temperature, before realizing that the advice was completely unsolicited.
  • In the third Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game, Mr. Grossberg's "gut feelings" about how the case is going come from a lot lower than his gut. And he tells you about it every five minutes. It's his hemorrhoids. After the case, Mia asks him to stop talking about them.
    • Also Phoenix's recurring defense line of proving an unidentified person in a mask/costume/uniform not to be the defendant goes along the lines "Anyone could wear that! Even me!". In case 3-3, it culminates in him saying the same about a waitress uniform. The judge requests to spare the court from further mental anguish from the image.
  • Poker Night at the Inventory: Tycho has a bad habit of inserting his highly detailed animal fetishes into the conversation.
    Strong Bad: (singing) Too much information, man. You're Too-Much-Information Man.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal:
    Captain Qwark: I thought we agreed to put that jungle business behind us!
    Skrunch: [MONKEY NOISE]
    Qwark: It was mating season! How could I have known she was your sister?
    (notices Ratchet and Clank, laughs nervously)
    Qwark: How long have you two been standing there?
    Clank: Too long.
  • RuneScape gave us this (paraphrased) example during one of the quests:
    Player Character: How do you "accidentally" trip and carve half a map into someone's wooden leg?
    Captain Donnie: Well, I was drinking rubbing alcohol mixed with gunpowder and cinnamon when...
    Player Character: I'm leaving now.
  • Part of the ending of Spandex Force is the following exchange.
    Player Character: The Crossdresser! What a lovely gown you have on.
    The Crossdresser: Why thank you. I just thought I'd celebrate your victory. I even put on a matching corset and stockings and—
    Player Character: TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

    Visual Novels 
  • Princess Evangile: In Konomi's route, a day after she and Masaya have had Their First Time, she not only ends up unwittingly revealing that both of them have done the deed in front of their friends, but that she also got her "knowledge" regarding sex and relationships from a Hentai Light Novel. This, understandably, leaves Masaya and everyone else who isn't Konomi in utter Stunned Silence. It gets worse from there, no thanks to Konomi's inability to keep any form of secret.

  • 8-Bit Theater:
    • This little incident where the "Light Warriors" find the horrifying reason why Bahumut wants a Rat Tail.
    • While his individual examples cannot possibly exceed the above, Red Mage's constant presence makes him the number one source for TMI in the comic. Behold the horror with your own eyes!
  • The title room of Adventures in Aaron's Room is actually wired with a TMI alert, which is Aaron's pre-recorded voice shouting "T-M-I!!" repeatedly, whenever the sensors pick up someone saying a bit more than they should have. They're still working out the bugs.
  • Aki-chan's Life, when Ritsuko points that Asuka may be a virgin mother… [1]
  • In the Batman: Wayne Family Adventures episode "TMI", Batman flirtations with Catwoman is interrupted when Spoiler freaks out. As it turns out, Bruce left his comms on and Steph, Tim, Barbara, Jason and Damian all heard him, though Damian is just confused.
  • Treiss from Catena didn't need to know that Bear used to love Sailor Moon. (But at least she only found out because he recognized a song, not because he cosplayed as a character.)
  • This Celestia's Servant Interview comic ends with an anonymous questioner asking what Trixie thinks of the fact that she's been drawn as an anthro with the Most Common Superpower. Trixie is... stunned.
  • These two Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures strips, and many, many more.
  • In Digger, when the Oracular Slug is telling his backstory:
    Oracular Slug: Coupla hundred years ago, see, there was this local druid chap. Madder than a mayfly. Hairier than a caterpillar. His back looked like the underside of a sheep.
    Digger: I don't think I need this level of detail.
    Oracular Slug: Too bad.
  • The Dragon Doctors: "You ask a surgeon for the dirty details, you're going to get them."
  • Eerie Cuties occasionally have things like this. When Mrs. Delacroix, with a nostalgic blush, mentions her... fond memories of Chloe's mother, following by a mass Jaw Drop and Brooke covering Nina's ears. For that matter, Chloe's mother, as an adult succubus, can give a lot of qualified good advice — even hints on which make Chloe's face a little off.
    Adora: ...can be used as a fun grown-up game for your... uh...
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • The trope is narrowly averted when Elliot stops Ellen just before she gives him the details on what she and Nanase have planned involving superhero tights.
    • Later on, Susan has just been informed that Adrian Raven is her distant ancestor, and that Diane is his daughter (and by extension, Susan's some-number-of-greats-aunt).
      Raven: I... I'm pretty sure I know how we must be related, too... there's not a lot of moments it could have happened without me knowing, and... my goodness. I was in my actual twenties...
      Susan: We can sort out how many details I should hear about this later.
  • In Everyday Heroes, Summer repeatedly has this reaction when Jane explains about the drug used to temporarily suppress superpowers so that a normal person like herself can safely get intimate with a powerful superhero like Mr. Mighty.
  • In this strip from General Protection Fault, Uncle Wisebottom is telling Nick about the physical side-effects of the Inventor's Gene (Read: Science-Related Memetic Disorder) and mentions the effect it may have on the sex life. Noticing Nick and Ki's facial expressions, he archly comments "So… which is more embarrassing: Me talking about YOUR future sex life or the thought of ME having sex?"
  • Girl Genius got a few:
  • On this page of Gunnerkrigg Court, Antimony would rather not hear the details of how Ysengrin helped Red "pass her test".
  • Hero Oh Hero's Noah isn't impressed when one of his classmates starts describing his dreams.
    "STOP! And never speak of this again."
  • In Leftover Soup Jaimie tells a little too much to Gina.
  • Largo's "damage assessment" in Megatokyo.
  • To judge by Sonya's expression in the last panel of this Ménage à 3 strip, Yuki is telling her more about their recent Slap-Slap-Kiss interlude than Sonya is happy knowing...
    Sonya: Oh you're into kinkier stuff than your goodie-goodie façade lets on. I had never been "fisted" before.
    Yuki: Oh, that! Actually, I punched you in the vagina and my hand got caught. Sorry 'bout that, I guess.
  • Miscellaneous Error: sometimes, you just don't want to know what your children do at school.
  • In Misfile, Ash's father sometimes indulges in this, being the local gynecologist and only remembering women by their… parts…
  • Artax gets a little too descriptive in this Nodwick strip.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • As seen in the page quote, this is Roy's reaction when, in response to his question about how the dragon they'd encountered was known to be a young adult, Durkon holds up the dragon nudie mags they'd found under his hoard.
    • Likewise, the prequel book Start of Darkness includes a scene where the still-human Xykon is telling Redcloak and his brother Right-Eye that he needs to "drain some charges from the wand" because these days his prostate is "the size of a baby's head". Redcloak (and the reader) really, really didn't need that mental picture.
  • Penny Arcade:
  • Questionable Content:
    • Marten gives as good as he gets when he meets his then-girlfriend's father, who learns that Marten's mother is a famous fetish model:
      Peter: Holy shit kid, I musta whacked it to your mom's pictures a million friggin' times! —That... that was prob'ly too much information, huh.
      Marten: It's okay. Your daughter has put my penis in her mouth.
      Peter: Touché, kid. Touché.
    • In #1672, Marten drops a mention of his and Dora's sex life, which Faye does not appreciate.
      Faye: Jesus Christ, you're like a goddamn Predator drone. You wait for Dora to set you up, and then you come in outta nowhere and drop a fuckin' tactical TMI on my head.
    • In #2579, Tai starts describing a "giant hairy mole" to Dora, who cuts her off.
      Dora: Okay, enough, thank you
    • In #5152, when Ayo talks about her masturbation habits, Yemisi covers her ears.
  • As Sandra says in this Sandra and Woo strip, "Tell me less".
  • In Schlock Mercenary:
    • This strip has the narrator keep changing the scene because everybody is talking about things you really don't want to hear about. Finally, he ends up with Schlock explaining the inner workings of carboscilicate amorph reproduction to Admiral Breya — or rather, him wrapping up such an explanation. The narrator comments: "That was either too much, or too little information. Either way, it's disturbing." The last one was arguably too little information; it turns out not to be disgusting at all — just a bit creepy.
    • Gerbils are better than rats. On the next page, Schlock describes the differences he noticed and Brad gets "disturbed in a visceral way".
    • "Objection, Your Honor. Too much information."
  • Sticky Dilly Buns: Pretty much any scene involving Ruby (who is basically something between a deconstructed Ingenue, a Sour Prude, and a Butt-Monkey) can end with her learning more than she wanted to know — especially if her sister Amber's private life is involved, though anything involving gay sex is also well out of her comfort zone, and Camp Gay Dillon doesn't always know when to shut up. As she puts it, hanging around with Dillon and Amber "is like tuning my TV to the 'Uncomfortable Realizations Channel,' 24-7". The next problem for her is that she becomes increasingly fascinated by sex, specifically gay male sex, without quite losing this reaction. Hence she ends up asking Angel about Angel's rather complex sexuality — but her brain melts when Angel answers.
  • Three Panel Soul. "On the Direct Question Reflex".
  • There is a webcomic named Too Much Information that lives up to its name.
  • Tower of God: Yeon and Ja get into a heated argument about who would be a better supporter of Viole, and it quickly devolves into this:
    (Beat, everybody has white eyes of shock and Prince is laughing his ass off in the background)
    Ja: Chest...? Don— Don't joke with me! You think a woman's chest is some sort of blessing? Then I, too, will... (fiddles at his fly)
    Everybody: (with readied weapons) DON'T!
  • Turn Signals on a Land Raider: Did you know that when Frep runs, his combat thong runs up on him? Did you want to?
  • Aeris's reaction to Leo explaining the problems with being a Tauren in VG Cats:
    Aeris: I don't need to know these things!
  • This Vexxarr page...
    "Thank you. You put me in the happy position of realizing that I really don't want to know...yet spared me the burden of knowing exactly why."
  • Wapsi Square:
    • In this strip (warning! spoilers), Justin goes into a little too much detail about something that a previous girlfriend had him do.
    • Slightly lighter note: Monica's catching up with an old friend and makes the mistake of asking him about a nickname he's acquired.
  • Way too many instances to count happen in the roleplays of White Dark Life.

    Web Original 
  • New York Magician: When Michel asks Kevin how the latter knew his Nana.
    "Ahh." He smiled, creasing into a grin. "What a woman yer nan was, boy."
    "Okay, that's already told me way more than I wanted to know about that part."
  • A regular problem with Team Kimba in the Whateley Universe, usually due to Generator wanting to talk about her relationship with Thuban. Who's mutating into a dragon.
    • Oddly enough, it's the least sexual romantic relationship compared to the other 5 original characters and their characters...
      • The fact that her mutation has stunted her growth and left her with the physique of a ten-year-old boy, probably has something to do with it.
  • Ultra Fast Pony, multiple times. In two separate episodes, Rarity creeps out Twilight or her own backing choir by describing her fantasies about Prince Blueblood (leather outfits, torture chambers, and branding irons are involved). In "Random Eye Magic", Twilight's activities during Winter Wrap Up are completely innocuous, but she accidentally describes them in the worst possible way, so Applejack announces she'd rather not know. In "Shameless Self Reference", Twilight starts to ask Rainbow Dash about her sonic rainboom, but she gets Genre Savvy and immediately rescinds her question. Dash tells anyway, and Twilight wishes she hadn't.
  • In the Weebl & Bob episode "Paper", Bob is disgusted by Weebl freely admitting that he's aroused by the lead singer for a-ha.
    Bob: Stop, stop! That is far too much informations!
    Weebl: Too much, or too sexy?
    Bob: Too much.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device:
    • Episode 12.5: The meaning of dakka.
      Emperor: It is the common Ork word for rapid firepower and multilaser masturbation.
      Kitten: Right... I didn't need to know that...
    • Episode 17: The Emperor's sex life before the Age of Strife causes Magnus to go La, la, la, I can't hear you and Custodian to put a bucket over his helmet so that he wouldn't hear it. For a good reason.
      Emperor: As far as I knew, none of the people I'd introduced to the "Big E" had been able to handle it, and most of them had pretty... explosive climaxes. Again, literally.
      Kitten: I-iiii... didn't need to know any of that.
      Magnus: This is the kind of knowledge that should remain a mystery.
      (the Emperor continues talking about this anyway)
  • Random Assault: A lot of the things Matt or Kate say.
    • Kate's infamous "lemon" story.
  • The second installment of Ace Attorney according to an AI is titled "Turnabout TMI" on the thumbnail. During the trial, an incident involving drug dealing, a Love Triangle involving the defendant and victim, and other things, Phoenix admits to his first crush being on his kindergarten teacher, who beat him with a ruler. He then admits that the first thing he killed was an adult rat.
    Judge: I really don't understand why you're saying this in court, Mr. Wright.

    Western Animation 
  • This from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius episode "Carl Wheezer Boy Genius":
    Carl: Yeah, I didn't think [Elkie] would like a hefty nerd with glasses who plays with llamas and sleeps with a blanky and has unsightly spots all over his—
    Sheen: (covering Carl's mouth) TOO MUCH INFORMATION!
  • In American Dragon: Jake Long, Fu Dog names this trope to keep Lao Shi from talking about an... interesting... experience from his youth; "TMI! Know what that stands for? Too Much Information!"
  • Archer:
    Lana: I mean, what do we really know about Conway?
    Archer: Only that he's not circumcised.
    Lana: ... okay, glossing over how you came across that piece of information—
    Archer: We touched penises.
    Lana: No. Glossing!
    • Similarly, in "Movie Star:"
      Pam: So now we start
      Cheryl: Dick Sledge.
      Gilette: Do you wanna...
      Pam: Not really, but it's like sour milk; you just gotta take a whiff. What's the story, neckbones?
      Cheryl: Freshman year in my stupid college, I had a huge crush on this guy named Dick Sledge. But he never even noticed me; he wouldn't even sign my cast when I broke my own arm. So one day I decided to sneak into his apartment and see what kind of music he liked, or turtles, or roll around in his clothes or whatever...
      Pam: But you were so busy sniffing his jock you didn't notice him come in.
      Cheryl: Yeah, and I must have blacked out because I don't remember stabbing him at all.
      Gilette: Why did you have a knife?
      Cheryl: It wasn't a knife; it was a stupid pair of scissors! (picks up a pair of scissors) And it was his fault for grabbing me with his throwing hand! ...they said he could have gone pro.
      Gilette: OK, glossing over why you broke your own arm...
      Cheryl: So he'd sign my cast...
  • The Boondocks:
    Grandpa: And for your information, children, I had relations with Kristal last night.
    Huey & Riley: Aw man, why would you share that? How am I supposed to have nice dreams tonight, man?!
  • Danny Phantom has this gem.
    Reporter: We now go live with breaking news from helicopter 2 flying above the hotel!
    (Vlad's clothes fly away and the walls disappear into invisibility; Vlad's towel then flies away)
    Vlad: Oh, butter brittle!
    (Sam and Tucker laughing loudly as they watch an embarrassed, naked Vlad through an incorporated TV-screen in the control panel)
    Tucker: Can you say "too much information"? (laughs)
    Sam: Maybe when I'm done suppressing my gag reflex. (snickers)
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Ed does this from time to time.
    • In "High-Heeled Ed", Eddy decides that since Sarah, Nazz, and Jimmy are the only kids around to scam, they need to cook up a scheme with more feminine appeal than their sewer raft ride:
      Eddy: I think we need to get in touch with our sensitive sides.
      Ed: I found my sensitive side 'cause it has a rash!
      Eddy: Ugh!
      Edd: Thank you for sharing that with us, Ed.
    • In "Shoo Ed", as the Eds are sitting around thinking of something to do, Ed randomly blurts out "I forgot to wear underwear, guys."
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Stewie B. Goode", we get this moment from Lois:
      Lois: Yes, women are such teases. That's why I went back to men.
      Meg: Yeah, uh, well, thanks for sharing that... (leaves room)
      Chris: [scoots closer to Lois] Go on.
    • In "Road to Europe", Stewie bemoans his life in the house compared to his favorite TV show when Peter and Lois have a personal conversation while packing for a trip.
      Peter: I'm packing for KISS-Stock and I can't find my favorite underwear.
      Lois: You mean the pair with the rip in the right buttcheek from when you stepped on 'em pulling 'em up in that airplane bathroom from when you had the trots?
      Peter: No, no, the pair in the left buttcheek from when I held it in for two hours 'cause it was that extra-long Palm Sunday church sermon and I thought blowing gas would offend Jesus, so I let 'er go in the vestibule after mass and it sounded like Louie Armstrong.
      Lois: Oh, bottom drawer.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: This is Fanboy's reaction in "Lord of the Rings" to Kyle confessing that he farts fairies when he's anxious.
    Fanboy: Okay, I did not need to know that.
  • Fillmore!: in the first episode, they encounter a Granola Girl potter who proclaims that she couldn't have graffiti'd the school bathrooms:
    Jean Grace: I can't help you there. I don't believe in indoor plumbing, and I have never set foot in a school bathroom. I always go out-
    Ingrid: Uh. Don't even wanna know.
  • Futurama:
    • Fry is prone to this due to his Cloud Cuckoolander nature.
      Fry: (seeing a 90s car) Hey, my girlfriend had one of those. Actually, it wasn't hers, it was her dad's. And actually she wasn't my girlfriend, she just lived next door and never closed her curtains.
      Leela: Fry, remember when I told you about always ending your stories a sentence earlier?
    • In "Crimes of the Hot," Farnsworth's speech to a scientific conference confessing his role in creating the current environmental crisis is conveyed via flashback to his time with his former boss and Old Flame Mom.
      Fry: That's awful, Professor. Especially the making out part.
      Al Gore's head: Yeah, I didn't need to hear that.
    • Bender does this very purposely.
      Bender: The mob did it! I saw the whole thing while also having hot sex with the Don-Bot's daughter! (sobbing) I'm scared and great at sex!
      Leela: Bender, you need to go to the police and give them a tastefully-edited version of what you just said.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • In the episode "Bottomless Pit", the "Truth Ache" segment involves Mabel afflicting Grunkle Stan with magical honesty-inducing teeth. It turns out that his discretion was also lost in the process, and between his earnest attempts to confess all of his many crimes to the authorities and bellowing every minor health issue his aging body encounters at the top of his lungs, the twins rapidly reach the end of their collective tether.
    • In "Carpet Diem", Mabel (in Dipper's body) tries to crash a slumber party being held by her friends Candy and Grenda (who have dragged along Dipper in Mabel's body). Grunkle Stan just sees Dipper trying to peep on girls and decides he's old enough to be given The Talk, with the help of a book called Why Am I Sweaty?: Your Body Explained in Horrifyingly Uncomfortable Detail.
      Stan: ...And now you know where babies come from.
      Mabel-as-Dipper: Goodbye, childhood...
  • Kim Possible: So The Drama:
    Ron: Augh! You kissed a synthodrone!
    Kim: I never kissed him. But I wanted to.
    Ron: Okay, too much information.
  • The Mayor in The Powerpuff Girls:
    Mayor: A "Beefy Betty" doll! I've always wanted one of these.
    Narrator: TMI, Mayor... Too much information!
  • In the Ready Jet Go! episode "Date Night", Jet is looking at pictures of Carrot and Celery on their first date. He sees a picture of them about to kiss and is promptly disgusted. Then, he has this to say:
    Jet: Woah, okay! This is too much. That's enough, mom and dad!
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: In "A Haunting in Crystal Cove", as Fred tells the gang about his dad's recent strange behavior, which included running screaming through the house and sleeping in the yard.
    Daphne: My mom was doing that for a while, but it just turned out to be really bad gas, according to the men who took her away.
    Shaggy: I hear that. Like, a couple of late-night jalapeño-stuffed clam poppers and it's another all-nighter on the porcelain.
    Scooby: Raggy, please!
  • In The Simpsons episode "Eight Misbehavin'", Homer enters the Kwik-E-Mart to find Apu sitting in the ice cream freezer:
    Apu: By chilling my loins, I will increase the chances of impregnating my wife.
    Homer: Whoa! Too much in-for-mation! Thanks for the mental picture! Why don't you tell us what you REALLY think?
    Apu: (annoyed) Will you stop spouting those hackneyed quips!
  • In South Park, the official measure of penis size is called "TMI." (This is likely a play on "BMI," an actual measure of weight).
    • In "Imaginationland" Steven Stotch gives a little too much information on what he thinks has happened to Butters.
      Steven Stotch: "We don't want to jump to conclusions but... we're worried that somebody kidnapped Butters, sodomised him over and over an-d then fed his genitals to wild animals."
    • "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" has a running gag where two graveyard employees just assume whoever stole Kyle's grandmother's corpse is a necrophiliac and go into way too much detail about what they think he might be doing with the body. Including one demonstration of what they think it might sound like using their fists and a jar of mayonnaise.
    • In "Le Petit Tourette" Cartman fakes having Tourette's Syndrome as an excuse to swear as much as he likes. However, as time goes on, him saying whatever he likes at any time causes him to lose his ability to filter what comes so out of his mouth, so he starts to involuntarily blurt out embarrassing things about himself, like how he wets the bed, how he and his cousin once touched wieners, and that he was lying about having Tourette's Syndrome.


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