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Favors for the Sexy

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She doesn't have to display this trope. Men will do that for her.
"All the other girls in school they give her dirty looks
She got an "A" in math and never cracked a book."
Brooks & Dunn, "Rock My World (Little Country Girl)"

When a sexy female enters the scene, expect all the males in the area to spring into action, trying to curry her favor by doing all kinds of little things for her, like getting her a drink, making sure she has a seat or fetching anything she asks for, no matter how difficult it is to obtain.

Keep in mind, the people actually doing this trope are the (generally male) service granters, and they are doing it entirely from what's left of their own free will that hasn't been turned to mush by lust. The recipient may be aware of the effect she has, and may use it to her advantage, in which case see I Have Boobs, You Must Obey! However, she might not have a clue and may just see the guys as being nice. Someone who's lived their whole life this way may think it happens to everyone. If the woman in question views her beauty as a curse, this trope just serves to make her suspicious that any man who does something nice for her is enacting this trope rather than being genuinely kind.

May be done for The Tease. Note that because Women Are Wiser and All Men Are Perverts, the people performing this trope are almost Always Male, while the recipients are almost always female. In female-oriented works, however, particularly popular Bishōnen are likely to have their own Instant Fan Club of girls who display this sort of behavior.

This could lead to Pretty Freeloaders. Compare Courtly Love, The Dulcinea Effect, and Unwanted Harem. Also compare and contrast with the Honey Trap, when the effect is deliberately taken several steps further and used deliberately to gain a specific (and usually disastrous) favor. See also No Fame, No Wealth, No Service, for when people of high social status and the wealthy are given favors by establishments simply for being wealthy and famous.


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  • In a Pepsi One TV ad that spoofs Goldilocks, a locker room full of male athletes discovers a soda-stealing woman in the tub. She asks for a towel and everyone volunteers.
  • A Super Bowl ad featuring model Kate Upton shows how she washes a car — by having football players do it for her.

     Anime & Manga 
  • Hyacinth/Sayuri of Dokkoida?! In one episode, when the gang went to a public pool, she was quickly surrounded by a gaggle of guys catering to her every need.
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Teruhashi's extreme beauty means that people will bend over backwards to get her what she wants. She usually doesn't hesitate to take advantage of this.
    Teruhashi: Life is in 'very easy' mode. This is all because I am gorgeous.
  • In one episode of My Bride is a Mermaid, Lunar joins the same class Nagasumi and her rival Sun are in. She wants to prove herself to be more popular than Sun and claims she forgot her books. Sun tries to offer her notebook, but a bunch of the male students throw theirs on top of her desk. Lunar starts to gloat a little, but then Sun does a similar thing and gets even more books than Lunar did. This eventually devolves into a 3-way war at the school between Sun's faction, Lunar's faction, and a third faction involving all the girls, with Nagasumi caught in between all of it.
  • In an uncommon male variation, Yuki is the unwilling recipient of this in Fruits Basket. The girls are usually more likely to offer favors than to do them without asking, though (probably because they are jockeying for position to be the closest in proximity to Yuki while he is present).
  • Bleach: Rangiku Matsumoto tends to take advantage of this trope. It's Played for Laughs in the anime, however.
  • Mt. Lady in My Hero Academia uses her looks and celebrity status to get free snacks while working security at the Sports Festival.
  • Kei finds herself on the receiving end of this in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War after her father becomes a successful YouTuber, with people donating 10000 yen in the superchat every time she walks across the screen during one of his live streams.

     Comic Books 
  • In her very first appearance in 1940 Catwoman escaped thanks to this trope. She was on board a yacht and stole a jewel before being captured by Batman... who then allowed her to escape (and 'accidentally' bumped into Robin to stop him intervening to catch her.) While she wasn't a noticeably vile villainess, there wasn't any additional sympathetic reason for letting her go either, just that Batman found her sexy.

     Film — Live-Action 
  • Spoofed in Bill Plympton's short Luv Race, with three athletes literally racing to do favors for a very attractive girl.
  • Parodied in Scary Movie 2. As soon as the sultry Theo enters the mansion's dining room and catches the attention of all the guys in the room, she demands that they give her a chair. The more plain Cindy gets thrown out of her own chair and Theo ends up with about four places to sit, including the paraplegic giving her his own wheelchair.
  • In Snow Day, after Claire breaks up with her Jerkass boyfriend, she wakes up one morning to find every teenage boy in New York State standing outside her window holding signs, flowers, boxes of chocolates, etc.
  • The Spy Who Loved Me. The US submarine captain is rather thrown when the Soviet officer he's been told to expect turns out to be a Sensual Slav played by Barbara Bach.
    Captain: Major, you're welcome to use the shower in my quarters.
    Anya: You do not have to show me any special favours, Commander.
    Captain: All the same, I think it might be better if I did.

  • Gone with the Wind: Scarlett O'Hara is a G-rated Southern Belle version of this trope, particularly at the Wilkes' barbecue.
  • The Truth: It's a low-key version, but one reason that Sacharissa Cripslock is so effective as a journalist seems to be that she is quite attractive and appealingly shapely but not unapproachably so; men are always looking for excuses to talk to her, which means that she picks up an awful lot of interesting scuttlebutt about events in the city.

     Live-Action TV 
  • Our Miss Brooks: Happens most notably in "The Model Teacher". Walter Denton, Mr. Boynton and Mr. Conklin trip over themselves helping a glamorous Immoral Journalist from "Snap Magazine". She is at Madison High to do a profile on the day in the life of a schoolteacher.
  • On Friends, Rachel gave Tag his job because he was attractive.
  • On ThirtyRock, this is referred to as 'The Bubble'. Liz briefly dates an idiot doctor who has always had everything handed to him and was shocked to find he was being given preferential treatment. After spending a day avoiding such treatment, he decides to go back to The Bubble.
  • WKRP in Cincinnati: old men give lots of stuff to Jennifer - fur coats and such. She doesn't ask for them and she doesn't "give" them anything in return, aside from some genuinely friendly company.
  • On How I Met Your Mother, Robin finds that after she gets engaged to Barney, male strangers are suddenly less willing to do her favors. This initially confuses her as she had thought that the men were simply being friendly. Apparently she didn't even have to pay for rent.
  • On The Wire, Judge Phelan nurses a torch for ASA Rhonda Pearlman, who uses this - on several occasions - to gain authorization for wiretaps, DNRs, and warrants for the Major Case Unit. Reaches its apogee in the season 3 episode "Reformation", where she, in order to gain his approval for a very dubious wiretap, actually crosses her legs Catherine Tramell-style and gives him what is implied to be a view of her vagina.
  • Happens to various female characters on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, especially Suzie Crabgrass and Lisa Zima after her new schoolyear makeover.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Mrs. Wolowitz reminisces about how the boys in her neighborhood used to line up to bring her boxes of candy.
      Mrs. Wolowitz: Why did I eat it all?!?!
    • The show goes out of its way to deconstruct this trope with Penny. While she is extremely attractive and isn't afraid to flaunt her sexiness to manipulate men (she occasionally gives her bill collectors lingerie photos instead of payment and owns a Little Black Dress that, as she puts it, "got her out of two speeding tickets and jury duty"), she's also a genuinely kindhearted person and Ethical Slut who dates men because she finds them attractive, not because she wants things from them. She also realizes that three of the four main male characters on the show (barring Sheldon) are totally smitten with her, but genuinely treats them like friends, invites them to parties and events, and never leads them on. It's thrown into focus when another beautiful woman moves into their apartment complex and does get the guys to do favors for her by pretending she's interested in them. Penny realizes what she's doing and tells her off; when the other actress tries to claim they're not so different, Penny defends herself and even uses a Star Trek quote to support the guys, making her realize that she's actually becoming invested in their interests, too.
  • Scoundrels (2010): Heather is good at using her feminine wiles to manipulate men.
    • After Hope refuses to help Heather to do modeling photos, Heather seduces Hope's friend Tan into helping her. Hope later chews out Tan for doing it, telling him how obvious a relationship with the much older Heather would be, but his reaction boils down to I'm a Man; I Can't Help It.
    • Heather flirts with the pushover cop who's accompanying Wolf to Billy's funeral and quickly convinces him to let her dad go back home for an hour. Then keeps flirting with him to keep him distracted so he doesn't notice as the hours go by.
  • Press Your Luck: Yes, Whammies have hormones too-or at least that's what this June 1986 episode might appear to suggest. Her stated occupation doesn't hurt either.
  • Atlantis High invokes this a lot, but episode 17 takes it up to eleven by having a post-abduction Sophie exploit her newly-gifted attractiveness for harem favors from her male schoolmates. She's also turned Alpha Bitch, but none of the guys involved seem to mind. The series' leads, however, are a different story.


     Professional Wrestling 
  • Implied at the start of the Allysin Kay-Christina Von Eerie non-tournament match at Beyond Tournament For Tomorrow, November 17, 2013. Allysin said, "Look at this body, you think I pay for drinks?"
  • During round 2 of the Beauty Contest between Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love, the latter brings two of the three judges Curry Man and Shark Boy up-close to show them her bikini, even bending over in front of them for good measure. This entices them to vote for her to win the round.

     Video Games 
  • Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.: No one else but Julie can borrow Gruff's chaingun because he finds her hot.
    Julie: Umm ... you using that?
    Gruff: Ahh, I see you got your eyes on my chaingun..YOU CANT HAVE MY STUFF!! But for you, you can borrow it.
  • In Tokimeki Memorial, Mira Kagami's devoted fan club is full of boys doing this, and she fully exploits them as part of her Revenge of the Nerd plan.
  • In Persona 4, if you get good test scores, you become more popular among your classmates, and girls will leave gifts for you in your locker. You never find out who left them, but hey! Free items! (Except in the epilogue, where it's revealed that it's Hanako.)
  • In Chains of Satinav, the fairy Nuri is incredibly cute. So much so that exploiting her adorableness is key to several puzzles, including one where you extort money out of a smitten knight by making her cry.
  • Hilda of Fire Emblem: Three Houses exploits this trope to get men to do favors and chores for her. Some of them don't actually mind being exploited by her, though.
    • This trope actually gives a female Byleth a mechanical advantage when recruiting on non-Blue Lions routes since Sylvain, the local Casanova Wannabe, will happily join your house regardless of your stats because you're just that hot.
  • A common theme in Leisure Suit Larry games, where he has to go on sidequests to get a woman to sleep with him. Averted in Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice, when Bobbi is the one to tell him that she wants sex now with no strings attached, and Larry can't wrap his mind around this fact (doesn't stop him from going along, of course).
  • In Melody, a music store employee offers to help her get various instruments, and tries to inform her about guitars (stuff she already knows anyway), when hes hitting on Melody.

  • El Goonish Shive has a man attempt to invoke this, blurring the distinction between this and I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!, because this is the discussed trope.
  • In an early strip of The Order of the Stick, Haley is given the question of whether she would be a ninja or a pirate. Her image spot of being waited on by a crew of pirates offering wine and gold wins her over to the "Pirate" side.
  • A rather chaste example in Hooves of Death, as "sexy" as a unicorn can be, anyway. Aware of the Medic Blaze's crush on her, Sergeant Glitter only needs to give him a nuzzle to reduce him to a stammering mess and have him to agree to train her squad for the day. Glitter's apparently pulled this so often that Blaze notes her squad is almost a certified medical unit by now.

     Western Animation 
  • In one episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik builds a robot named Breezy that looks like a sexy female hedgehog. His intent is that she will use this effect to send Sonic on various wild goose chases, distracting him from the doctor's real scheme.
  • In the 2010 Pound Puppies episode "The General," the title character turns out to be a fluffy pink poodle named Dolly who has this effect on male dogs, and uses it to get various acts of puppy-rescuing done. When the tomboyish Cookie tries this in an attempt to feel more "feminine", it... doesn't work so well for her.
  • Jenny in "Return of Raggedy Android" on My Life as a Teenage Robot gets offered many "frosty beverages" when she walks in wearing her human form skin.
  • In the Beach Episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ty Lee makes good use of this, being surrounded by beach-bums within seconds of her arrival. Minutes later, she's got two of them fanning her, one bringing her drinks, and another standing in just the right place to keep the sun off her face.
  • Quinn has boys doing this all the time on Daria.
  • Xiaolin Showdown: All of the boys fawn over Dyris, the mermaid, much to Kimiko's irritation...until Dyris shows Kimiko how it's done.
  • Rarity on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "The Best Night Ever", she asks two male neighbors to pull a coach containing herself and her five friends. From the looks of it, their reason to agree right away is her seductive charm.
    • In "Putting Your Hoof Down", she flirts with a nerdy-looking stallion, complimenting his non-existent muscles, all so he will willingly give Fluttershy the last asparagus.
    • In "Rarity Takes Manehattan", she gets Spike to load all her luggage on the train by simply batting her eyes and speaking to him in a cloying voice.
    • In the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks short "Player Piano," her human world counterpart convinces her world's version of the Diamond Dogs to carry a player piano all over campus...with her riding on top of it.
    • In "Castle Sweet Castle", she gets Spike to distract Twilight despite his misgivings by batting her eyes.
    • In "Rarity Investigates!" Rarity charms a delivery pony into redoing her gem order after it was mixed up. Later, when she and Rainbow Dash are pulling a Good Cop/Bad Cop when questioning the castle guards, Rarity goes full Femme Fatale, flirting with the guards and complimenting them on their work to get them to admit to her they took one small break to eat a cake they were delivered and exactly how it was decorated.
  • Minerva Mink from her shorts in Animaniacs more often invoked the sister trope I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!. But even when she had no such intention, male characters were rushing to assist her.
  • Apple White of Ever After High is often the recipient of this. Maddie and Raven even comment on it in "Apple's Princess Practice":
    Maddie: Look at Apple's easy life!
    Raven: Everyone doing things for her all day. Must be nice.
  • Total Drama: Justin is not only a male example but also completely aware of his sexiness and how to weaponize it. His character profile notes that he gets perfect grades despite being a Brainless Beauty, raising the question of whether he earned them. He's able to force Izzy and Eva into giving him the winnings from Island just by taking off his shirt. During Action, he uses his looks to breeze through the competition... until the others get used to him, at which point he has to scramble to use his brain, and promptly gets this trope turned around on him by Courtney.


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