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Tasha: Data. You are fully functional, aren't you?
Data: Of course, but...
Tasha: How fully?
Data: In every way, of course. I am programmed in multiple techniques. A broad variety of pleasuring.
Tasha: Oh, you jewel! That's exactly what I hoped.

Any sentient machine, whether robot, computer, or something else, having romantic or sexual relations with an organic life form. The Mechanical Lifeforms version of Interspecies Romance.

Writers will often find a way to state that the robot is anatomically correct, in order to facilitate such interactions.

Such a plot often involves a Robot Girl / Fembot of course, and even a Robotic Spouse.

A Super-Trope to Sex Bot (a sentient machine specifically built for sex).

Compare Robo Ship, Kiss Me, I'm Virtual, Interspecies Romance, Extreme Omnisexual. See Robo Romance if both partners are machines. See Robosexuals Are Creeps for when this is portrayed as creepy. Can be more plausible to understand if the robot in question Was Once a Man.


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  • In a commercial for Citi Bank identity theft protection, a woman is shown speaking in the voice of a guy who stole her identity talking about all the great stuff he's going to do with the money, including "...and fifteen thousand dollars to complete my robot. My girl robot."

    Anime & Manga 
  • Osamu Tezuka:
    • The movie Hi No Tori 2772 (also known as Space Firebird), one of the major plot lines is the relationship between Godah and Olga. They do eventually find themselves together, happily embraced - except Olga may not just be Olga. And in the very ending, she is reborn as human, and as his MOTHER.
    • Phoenix: Resurrection - one of the main plot lines.
  • One of the AD Police Files involves a sex boomer who's gone berserk. Turns out there was a brief market for Ridiculously Human Sexbots until Uncanny Valley kicked in, so now the sex organs from these robots are being illegally recycled in maidbots and waitress bots that weren't designed for them, causing some of them to go insane.
  • This forms the central plot of Absolute Boyfriend, where the female human lead, Riiko Izawa, forms a romantic relationship with a male robot, Night Tenjou. Night is actually a sexbot, programmed to fire up as much as "fifty rounds a night" (so says his promoter), but Riiko is already overwhelmed enough that she merely wants him to become her boyfriend.
  • Deunan in Appleseed isn't particularly bothered that her man Briareos has a robot-body. But then, Masamune Shirow's robots and cyborgs usually seem to be human enough anyway.
  • Armitage III has multiple people in relationships with the Thirds, though Thirds are so close to being human, most people can't tell they are actually robots. Armitage was the only Third whose human spouse knew what she was. Worth noting that the entire purpose of Third stage robots was to create an artificial lifeform capable of mating with humans and producing viable offspring, because Mars literally needs women to bolster their low birth rates, and not enough were immigrating.
  • Beatless suggests a human-android romantic relationship in various ways, including pointing out Lacia's obvious attractiveness, casting her in various romance trope situations (e.g. letting Arato rest his head on her lap), and even stating (without further elaboration) that certain functions are only available to owners who are 18 or older.
  • The Big O:
    • Discussed and lampshaded by Roger and R. Dorothy at the end of episode 3:
      Roger: Earlier, you said you wanted to ask me a question, but said it would be difficult to answer. I'm curious. What was it?
      R. Dorothy: [cryptic smile] You really want to know?
      [Roger nods]
      R. Dorothy: Alright then: If you and I had met under different circumstances and I were human, would we have fallen in love?
      Roger: [stunned] I... well that's...
      R. Dorothy: I told you it would be difficult.
    • It's eventually revisited near the end of season 2, when Roger finally answers her question after she's been deactivated by Beck stealing her memory component:
      Roger: You once asked: "Had you and I met under different circumstances, and you were human, would we have fallen in love?" At the time, I wasn't sure how to respond. The thought had never occurred to me. Now that I've had time, I'd like to answer that. Yes, I believe we would have. I'll understand if that's unsatisfactory, but it's the best that I could do.
  • In Chobits, humans can have sex with robots. This is an important plot point because getting it on with Chii would erase her memory. In the manga, at least. This plot point does seem to be virtually absent from the anime: Dragonfly did touch Chi there when he activated her after he abducted her, and when Chii (or was it Freya?) awoke, she didn't lose her memory at all (except of this particular specific event itself), she just went homicidally berzerk, stating that only her Special Someone could touch her, but since Dragonfly wasn't that person, he never should have even tried. She then proceeded to tie up and beat him with cables he had attached to her earlier that she was somehow moving telepathically now, and she would most likely have killed him if Hideki hadn't arrived in time. Hideki's teacher suffered a gradual marriage erosion due to her husband slowly but surely becoming more and more smitten with his flashy, attractive persocom, and forgetting that his real wife even exists.
  • Da Capo:
    • Miharu has a robotic double. This is a little squicky considering her father built it. Apparently, it's necessary to not only give robots the ability to have sex, but to also give them a hymen and the ability to feel the loss of virginity. What the hell.
    • Da Capo II (which has another robot, Minatsu) justifies this by saying that the original scientists involved didn't want to just create laborers, second class citizens or anything, but rather build robots who could interact with humans as equals and do everything they could as well.
  • Manga adaptations of Doraemon's sub-series, The Doraemons, usually feature human Girl of the Week being paired with one of the titular robots, usually in a case of Star-Crossed Lovers.
  • El-Hazard: The Magnificent World: In the OVA continuity, Makoto finds himself falling for Ifurita, in spite of the fact she's a "Demon Doll". Going so far as to impart his memories of his highschool days to her before she enters the Eye of God and ends up stranded on Earth without him. But the final scene shows that, at some indeterminate point in time, he finds a way to reunite with her.
  • In the anime series Kikaider, the lead heroine seems to fall in love with the android Jiro. How physical their relationship went is rather ambiguous thanks to a vaguely erotic looking semi-offscreen repair sequence.
  • The Robot Girl Chachamaru of Negima! Magister Negi Magi is certainly capable of love, and it is heavily implied that she can experience sexual pleasure, though in an unorthodox manner. It still involves screwing though. Her creator, Saotomi Hakase, later does create her a body that is "H" capable.
  • Outlaw Star: Jean steadily becomes attracted to Melfina, despite knowing she's an advanced bio-android. Which culminates with them becoming an Official Couple while in the subspace of the Galactic Leyline and is sealed by The Big Damn Kiss.
  • The premise of the ero-manga Petit Roid 3.
  • In Plastic Memories, the Giftia are Ridiculously Human Robots with emotions and functions practically on par with human beings. Given this, it is plausible for a human to be in a relationship with a Giftia, as seen in Episode 1 when an owner attempts to help his soon-to-expire Giftia girlfriend escape. Moreover, the series' protagonist Tsukasa Mizugaki falls for Isla (a Giftia) in the first episode and much of the show focuses on their growing professional and romantic relationship.
  • Nene in Seitokai Yakuindomo sees her membership in the Robot Research Club as an excuse to create various vibrators that she sticks in for 24/7. She has also expressed the desire to eventually build a sexbot of some sort.
  • Steel Angel Kurumi has a variant where it's the robot who wants to take things to the next level. The human half of the equation may have (accidentally) awakened Kurumi with a kiss, but he isn't especially interested in having a robot girlfriend. She's definitely interested in him "that way", though.
  • Tenchi Muyo!: Ryoko is a highly advanced bio-android, whom Washuu created by combining her own egg cells with DNA from the Massusnote . Which didn't stop Tenchi from falling for her, as by the third film's conclusion, they became the Official Couple of the Universe continuity.
  • This was presented as a significant social problem in the world of Time of Eve. The issue was most explicitly explored with Koji, whose mistress was unhealthily obsessed with him, and Rina, who was illegally modified to be capable of sex. Amusingly enough, Koji and Rina end up in a relationship, each believing the other is human.
  • Robots in Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou — including the leading character — are definitely capable of relationships, but then, their difference from actual people is rather cosmetic.

    Comic Books 
  • Astro City: -verted all to hell with Beautie. She is a human-sized superpowered Barbie Expy, and while she has an interest in romance she finds the people who aren't put off by her completely rigid body and lack of genitalia more disturbing and difficult to interact with than those that are.
  • Atomic Robo dated a girl named Helen in the early 1930's. She even gave him his first kiss (even though he has no mouth), but she was a little squicked when she found out that, chronologically, he was only seven years old at the time.
  • DC's Red Tornado ends up being Happily Married to human Kathleen Sutton despite being a highly advanced android, even managing to adopt and raise a Bialyan orphan named Traya to become a happy if not eccentric family before the eventual DC Retcon.
  • The Scarlet Witch and The Vision. Their relationship is very complicated — they are the center of a Tangled Family Tree. They even managed to have children at one point, despite Vision not exactly working that way. It took a mix of reality warping and Functional Magic for them to have kids. And then John Byrne got his hands on the poor tykes...
    • A brief scene in The Ultimates, written by Mark Millar, shows the Scarlet Witch hexing one of Pym's robots to love her. This was meant as a Mythology Gag to the Wanda/Vision long relation. Loeb wrote the sequel, but made a twist: instead of Vision, the unnamed robot was turned into Ultron. He killed the Scarlet Witch when he realized that she loved her brother and would never love him.
  • From the same comic, there's ABC Warriors Joe Pineapples, who makes a habit of shagging human women.
  • Kl'rt the Super-Skrull was involved with the gynoid Praxagora in the Annihilation storyline.
  • The Avengers Hank Pym and Jocasta. It's a very complicated arrangement.
  • If iron golems count as robots, then Pandora Breedlswight's relationship with Fantasia Faust in Ironwood makes her one.
  • In the original Barbarella comic there's a single-panel gag about Barbarella's current lover — a robot guy — thinking his movements are "a bit mechanical". Might be better in the original French.
  • It maybe stretches the definition of "organic being" but Formerly Known As The Justice League revealed that Lord Manga Khan (a sentient gas cloud in a humanoid suit of armour) was secretly in love with his former servitor robot L-Ron.
  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel: Luthor has sex with Hope, who it turns out is a robot he created.
  • In the 2000 AD comic Lobster Random the eponymous main character, a hard-as-nails mercenary, is a robosexual. And not for those android models, either — he prefers them if they don't look human.
  • In Runaways, Victor Mancha is a cyborg... sorta. This has not stopped him from pursuing a relationship with Nico (or later, Lillie.)
  • Sussudio states outright in Scud the Disposable Assassin that she is only turned on by robots, due to a childhood Noodle Incident with her robotic babysitter malfunctioning.
  • In SnarfQuest, Princess Penelope falls in love with Aveeare and wants to make him her husband. Of course, she doesn't really understand what a robot is, but she is very determined.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics), Breezie seems to have a major attraction towards Metal Sonic.
  • Superboy once found himself in a hot tub with a bunch of robots built to resemble the female members of the Teen Titans. He was quite put out when Robin destroyed them.
    Robin: Conner... you know those are just robots?
    Superboy: [smirking] Yeah. So?
  • In Transmetropolitan Channon's ex-boyfriend turned out to be "queer for machines" and had a citation for masturbating with a grocery shelving robot.
  • In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Sam Wilson has such a relation with Vision.
  • Madison Jeffries, at least since he joined the X-Men. As far as he's concerned the more obviously mechanical a woman is, the better. His lack of social skills makes his pursuit of Danger rather tentative.
    • As of the 5 issue mini series X-Club, he and Danger are now an item.
  • XXXenophile:
    • In "I Swing the Body Electric" the a robot grateful for receiving a sexy new female body engages in sex with entire crew of her ship as part of a plan to save them from an assassination plot.
    • In "R.U.R. or Are You Ain't My Baby?", a female spy uses sex as a weapon to sabotage an enemy robot prototype.
  • The legacy character, Jonas, was into a relationship with Stature in Young Avengers.

    Fan Works 
  • There are numerous fanfics focused on Tony Stark's relationship with his AI, JARVIS—sometimes it's them having high-tech, gadget-y sex, sometimes it's emotional/mental closeness that puts them on the level of soulmates (surpassing, for Tony, all human companionship), sometimes it's both.
  • The Steve/Tony Avengers fanfiction Artificial heart averts this trope. Steve (and presumably others) assume that Iron Man is actually a robot he falls in love with him anyway.
  • During the Marvel Cinematic Universe series "Adaptive Maintenance", Wanda at one point enters into a new kind of relationship with an artificial life-form when she finds herself entrusted with a copy of JARVIS after Westview (Tony was able to download a copy of JARVIS's programming during his trip to 2012 in Avengers: Endgame). While the two are initially concerned that they are just 'using' the other as a substitute for those they have lost, Wanda makes it clear that she considers JARVIS a person in a manner that differs from Tony's old views of him, prompting JARVIS to make various additions to Wanda's house that allow him to 'touch' her using various light sensors and cables, as well as making additions to his code that allow Wanda to give him the robotic equivalent of an orgasm. Although Wanda eventually gets back together with the restored Vision, JARVIS is able to share these programs with other A.I.s, allowing FRIDAY to begin pursuing her own unconventional relationship with Pepper.
  • Bad Press: One fanfic that Decepticons Starscream and Megatron read involves the latter "bonding (him)self with a human". The actual Megatron is so offended by the idea, he says he wouldn't do such a thing until after the universe goes through heat-death.
  • The Fallout 3 fan fiction Trouble details the incredibly complex and bizarre relationship between Butch Deloria, a leather jacket toting greaser barber, and Harkness, the chief of security in Rivet City who is secretly an android.
  • In the Alternate Universe Worm fanfic Intrepid, Hero has this sort of relationship with Dragon. They've even had a daughter, a Human-looking Robot Girl with an artificial body he made while the mother was behind the AI.
  • letmetellyouaboutmyfeels' MCU Rewrites: Just like in the comic books, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision. In New Avengers, Pietro/Quicksilver comments that Wanda thinks JARVIS has a "sexy voice". Wanda and Vision have several interactions over the course of the story. She also discusses some of her family history with Vision, and Vision calls her powers "beautiful". In Avengers: Civil War, Vision comforts her when the Avengers are dealing with the Sokovia Accords. Near the end of the story, Wanda takes Vision to Auschwitz to explain why she was so worried about the Accords.
  • There is tons of fanart of Mega Man developing a crushing on Samus. For example...
  • In The Last Son, a key relationship is formed between Android (AKA the Brainiac Emulator Unit Mark V) and Tinya Wazoo AKA Phantom; while it only becomes physical after Android acquires a techno-organic body, they were emotionally close even before that.
  • The How to Train Your Dragon fic NorseWorld is set in a Westworld-style AU where Hiccup (from a not-too-distant future) visits a Norse-style 'theme park' with androids based on Vikings, and ends up developing feelings for Astrid despite knowing that she's an android.
  • "How We Seared the Sky", set in the continuity of the Transformers live-action films, and opens with new Autobot ally Alexis Paxton learning that she is the "spark-partner" (the Cybertronian equivalent of a soulmate) of the now defected Starscream. As the series continues, other humans end up learning that they are spark-partners to other Autobots; Alexis's step-sister Rose in particular is revealed to have two potential partners in the form of Autobot Ratchet and Decepticon Barricade, although Barricade is only interested in Rose as bonding with her will help him achieve his full potential where Ratchet cares about Rose as herself.
  • RWBY:
    • The reasonably popular Penny/Ruby pairing naturally involves this, although how much of an impact this has on the plot varies. Generally it doesn't have to much of an effect on the relationship itself, especially since Ruby considers Penny a 'real girl' even though she's made of metal.
    • In RWBY: Scars, Ruby begins dating Penny (here portrayed as a Robot Girl with a human's soul) after being asked out to the dance. In this case, their relationship is non-sexual due to Ruby's asexuality.
    • In the NSFW fanfic Love Hurts, Whitley begins a relationship with Penny. However, since she's not a Sexbot, she doesn't actually have any female bits, so they can't really do much. Whitley's father yells about him trying to get into a robot's pants, while his mother just shrugs and says they don't have to worry about him getting her pregnant. In one What If? non-canon story, Penny becoming the Winter Maiden also transforms her into a living, organic girl (though still with some robot parts). She immediately flies off to have sex with Whitley.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfic Big Doors and its sequels explore the relationship between Data and Tasha Yar in far greater depth than the show ever managed, to the point that they eventually get married, with Seven of Nine approaching Tasha for advice on having a relationship with an artificial life-form after Voyager returns home.
  • Steel Soul Saga: The Ask Steel Sweetie Character Blog had this question, with an unavailable answer. Possibly intentional.:
    Anonymous: Well I've heard that... um... ponies like you can't fall in love. Is this true? If not, who's the lucky colt? Or is it a filly?
  • In Teen Titans: Together for Tomorrow, Mercy Graves, right-hand woman to Lex Luthor, is an android. Judging by Superboy's jab that Lex "had to build himself a girlfriend," and Robin calling Mercy "a glorified blow-up doll," their relationship has a sexual element.
  • TRULY OUTRAGEOUS: A Jem Fan Film! has one between Kimber (cyborg) and Stormer (human). In their case, Kimber didn't know she was a cyborg until Baroness revealed it to her.
  • YuyaVision reveals both Yusei and Kiryu (human) are threesome with Placido (robot) with Placido even stating in his internal thoughts that what he wants most of all is to give his heart to Yusei.

    Films — Animation 
  • The vignette So Beautiful, So Dangerous from Heavy Metal has a sexy secretary kidnapped from the Pentagon by aliens. She is immediately seduced by the ship's robot, with one of the aliens noting it Really Gets Around.
  • Jetsons: The Movie has Jane, Rosie and Astro tearing up at a heartbreaking soap opera which raises some interesting questions (it's not clear if the husband is also a robot).
    Male Actor: Oh, Galaxina, just because you're a robot doesn't mean we can't have children!
    Announcer: Will Galaxina pull the plug on her marriage? Tune in to the next episode of "All My Androids"!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • A.I.: Artificial Intelligence involves a gigolo-bot who accompanies David on his adventure.
  • In Bicentennial Man, Portia falls in love with Andrew and part of the reason he wants to be acknowledged as human is so he can legally marry her. It's also heavily implied that her grandmother, Little Miss, had feelings for Andrew, but at the time couldn't even dare to think about such a thing.
  • In Blade Runner, Rick Deckard falls in love with Rachael, a Replicant. The sequel plays with by giving the robot an artificial girlfriend who's a degree less sentient than he is, the hologram girl Joi. Joi hires a prostitute and synchronizes their movements so she can have sex, but there's some question as to whether she's actually in love or just obeying her programming (she's specifically designed as a companion for lonely people).
  • The protagonist falls in love with the titular Cherry 2000, and when she breaks he goes off on an adventure to replace her body. But in the end he decides to throw her away after repairing her and hooks up with the movie's Action Girl instead.
  • The Mind Screw Twist Ending of Computer Chess.
  • In Ex Machina, Nathan deliberately gave his robots the physical and personality characteristics that would enable feeling attraction, having sex, and—he claims—falling in love, in order to give them an incentive to interact with humans and vice versa (this is what he tells Caleb, but in reality he may have done it for his own gratification and sees his creations as sex objects, since he has what appears to be regular sex with Kyoko). Ava is no exception. He doesn't see any problem with humans having sex with robots, (in fact he specifically designed them to be able to) whether it's himself or others, and encourages Caleb to see her as a woman. Ava expresses attraction towards Caleb and he is implied to find her attractive too, although he's reluctant to admit it.
  • Flubber: Robin Williams was on the other side of such a relationship with his floating female robot having an unrequited crush on him. This was mostly just Played for Laughs, but did include such moments as the robot recognizing that the important thing was for him to be happy even if it wasn't with her.
  • Future World (2018): Ash is very attractive, built to appear like a beautiful young woman. She's desired by many humans because of that. The Warlord and the Drug Lord both want her, as does Lei. She only returns Lei's desires though, having sex with her, and they're a couple by the end of the film.
  • Spoofed in Galaxina (1980). The eponymous Robot Girl falls in love with the handsome hero, who is eager to reciprocate physically given that she's played by Playmate of the Year Dorothy Stratten. Unfortunately she doesn't have the required parts for sexual intercourse, which have to be ordered from a catalogue. Then the hero angsts that they can never have children, only to be told they're in the catalogue too.
  • her is an Oscar-winning film about a man having a romance with an artificial intelligence in a 20 Minutes into the Future society that is accepting enough to offer paid services such as actors who perform the physical acts the intelligence directs.
  • In the Korean film I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK, the main character lives in an asylum and thinks she is a robot, and has many hallucinations. Over the course of the movie, another patient tries to romance her while playing along with her delusions.
  • Inspector Gadget 2: The titular Inspector Gadget falls in love with his successor G2. Keep in mind that Gadget is a cyborg and thus still part human, while G2 is a fully robotic android. Despite being a robot, G2 is somehow able to return Gadget's affections. While they don't have sex (since this is a kid's movie) they do kiss at the end.
  • Kay-Em 14 and her creator Tsunaron are in this kind of relationship in Jason X.
  • Mentioned briefly in an early scene in Paul. Graeme and Clive are in a UFO diner talking to the waitress about their visit to Comicon and tell her they met Adam Shadowchild, leading to one of their long recitations of his various novels. One title they ramble off is "The Robot's Mistress" leading to the waitress saying she's more into romance novels.
    "Well that one is kind of a romance.
    Between a woman and a robot? I hear that!"
  • At the end of Screamers (1995) the protagonist Hendricksson realizes that Jessica is also a Killer Robot when an identical Jessica shows up. Earlier he'd tested Jessica by cutting her hand and the copy appears to know this, taunting Hendricksson by saying: "We can smile, we can cry, we can bleed, we can fuck." In the sequel this is played for horror in the Cruel Twist Ending where the female protagonist discovers her lover is a Screamer and she's pregnant with his child, also revealed to be a Screamer.
  • In Serenity, Mr Universe is married (for all we know, this might be legally binding) to a "Pleasurebot". Well, he calls it that; it appears to be an inanimate sex doll with a tape recorder installed.
  • Joked about in Solo, when L3-37 claims that Lando is totally in love with her but she doesn't reciprocate. Well, sometimes she thinks about it... but no. The way he's left utterly heartbroken by her death indicates she wasn't entirely wrong about this.
    Qi'ra: How would that work?
    [Long, awkward pause]
    L3-37: It works.
  • In Teleios, a man trapped on a remote station orbiting Titan develops feeling for the ship's service gynoid with no actual humans around, even altering the factory-issued Ken Doll Anatomy to be able to have sex with her. Turns out he also removed her safety settings to turn her into a killbot.
  • Averted in Terminator: Dark Fate. After it's revealed that Carl has a wife and stepson the others ask why no one has caught on to things like the fact he doesn't sleep, weighs 400 pounds or how their love life works. He replies that their relationship has never been physical; he is appreciated for his loyalty and dedication. Given that they met when her previous husband tried to murder her, it's clear why such issue would be more important than physicality.
  • In the remake of Total Recall (2012), the main protagonist encounters robotic prostitutes.
  • Westworld. The protagonists have sex with some android hookers. A scene written for the script by Michael Crichton (but not in the film) had a company representative demonstrating the next generation of android servants for the home — at one stage he shows off a male android's implied larger 'equipment'.

  • A salesman is giving a presentation to a businessman about the robot secretary which can save them a bundle on office supplies.
    "And in addition to her voice recognition and text-to-speech abilities, look at this: each of her fingers detaches, as a different color of pen or highlighter. The hair is detachable and serves as a whiteboard eraser. Put a document in front of her left eye, she automatically scans and sends it to a predetermined email address. Right eye is a top-of-the-line video projector. Sign now and you can try her out for two weeks, free of charge!"
    The businessman agrees, and the salesman leaves the Fem Bot behind. The salesman barely makes it to the lobby before he hears a horrifying scream from above, and hits his forehead.
    "Oh shit! The pencil sharpener!"
  • Sex with robots is a sin. The Bible says Adam and Eve, not Florence and The Machine.

  • Isaac Asimov:
    • The Robots of Dawn: This is a plot point in the novel, for a number of reasons. 1) The robot in question is one of only two humanoid robots ever created, who look just alike. 2) The other such robot is Detective Elijah Baley's partner in the investigation of a murder. 3) No one on the world of Aurora finds anything odd about the relationship, despite its uniqueness; Aurora is such a sexually open society that one character blames her father for ruining her life because he wouldn't sleep with her.
    • "Satisfaction Guaranteed": Tony and Claire Belmont share a deeply passionate kiss (and Tony has arranged things such that her dinner guests will see them). Without knowing that Tony is a (Ridiculously Human) robot, they believe Claire has an inhumanly handsome man in love with her.
    • "True Love": Joe, a computer program written by Milton, has decided to start a romantic relationship with Charity Jones, because he has taught it how to love.
  • Played with in The Alchemy of Stone: The clockwork Robot Girl protagonist, Mattie, is not physically capable of having sex, but certain aspects of her mechanism that have no direct connection to sex eventually take on symbolically sexual meanings for her. Eventually some of this peculiar sexuality is made quite explicit in her interactions with other characters.
  • The trope is analyzed in Alien in a Small Town. When Indira learns her boyfriend has dumped her for an android woman named Kim, she reflects that it would be one thing if Kim were a free, sentient robot (commenting that that would be mildly kinky, but not significantly different from dumping her for a human woman), but in fact he built Kim for the purpose — which means either that she's sentient without free will (termed "cyberslavery" and considered morally reprehensible), or she's a "hollow" nonsentient machine, which would mean he's dumped Indira for a mindless sex toy. Either possibility is horrible for different reasons, and she's furious at him.
  • Mike Resnick's The Buntline Special has partially mechanical and fully robotic prostitutes built by Thomas Edison.
  • In Robert Sheckley's short story "Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?", a woman is seduced by a sentient robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • The Cassandra Kresnov books have as their protagonist a semi-organic gynoid or Artificial Human (the line is blurry in this case), originally designed as a Super Soldier. Cassandra had sexual relationships with several of her male squadmates (also "GIs" like her) as well as her fully human unit psychiatrist, and in the books' present has a string of one-night stands with humans and eventually a long-term boyfriend.
  • Crier's War: Ayla, a human, ends up falling for Crier, an Automa (an alchemical living creation that looks almost exactly like a human).
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: A major theme in the novel. This is taken to the logical conclusion when Pris reveals that the Andies have seduced bounty hunters into sex so as to take them out of commission. The Andies have discovered that sex is such a powerful conduit for empathy, that hunters will often choose to retire over having to kill any more Andies. Phil Resch foreshadows the reveal when he suggests Decker should rape an Andie and destroy it, so that he would get over any lingering sympathy he might feel for them. And later, Pris talks about the one hunter that this didn't work on. It's easy to infer who she's taking about.
  • In For Your Safety a human quisling sets up a deal with the robots that have engaged in a Zeroth Law Rebellion, writing propaganda for the new regime in return for her very own robotic boyfriend.
  • The book Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships investigates Real Life examples of this trope.
  • In the Easytown novels by Brian Parker, Becoming one of these is grounds for termination for the New Orleans police as it violates the Immorality Clause of their contracts. Zachary, of course, becomes one of these unwittingly in the first book. Many other people see nothing wrong with sex with robots.
  • This is something found in Lucifer's Star by C.T. Phipps where bioroids are a regular creation of Ares Electronics. They are often sold as sex toys despite being fully sentient (but Brainwashed and Crazy). One of the main characters, Isla, is one that broke of her mind control and murdered her owner. The protagonist and she become regular lovers.
  • Space Academy: Implied to be considered kinky, if not perverse. Vance eventually gets into it. Interestingly, one of the main characters is a AI who downloads herself into a human body to experience sex with humans. Set in the same universe as Lucifer's Star.
  • Planetary Trilogy: This is one of the two horrifying perversions attributed to inhabitants of the Moon in C. S. Lewis' series. The other horrifying perversion? Birth control.
  • There's a picture book called Robomop and at the end of the book, the Robomop is shown romancing a vacuum cleaner.
  • Charles Stross
    • Trunk and Disorderly has the Upper-Class Twit robot protagonist and his friends (it's P. G. Wodehouse IN SPACE!) implied to be engaging in all kinds of hedonistic pleasures. One of his friends looks like a Dalek and the protagonist borrows his Death Ray after it's swapped out for a device for interfacing with the Fem Bot he's chasing around the room.
    • Used for Dramatic Irony with the protagonist in Saturn's Children. She's a robot built for ultimate human sexual pleasure in an universe where humans no longer exist.
  • In the Star Wars interquel story Shadows of the Empire, the main antagonist Prince Xizor possesses a Human Replica Droid (a synthetic android almost completely indistinguishable from a flesh-and-blood human) as his assistant named Guri, who acts as a bodyguard, secretary, business liaison, and a fully capable assassin. At one point during a moment of relaxation, Xizor considers ordering her to strip and join him so he can make use of her more 'intimate functions,' which he has indulged in occasionally.
  • Silver Metal Lover: It's a major plot point, because it's the reason used to destroy the eponymous robot - if he were functioning properly, the protagonist wouldn't want to have sex with him. Or so the Bureaucracy's reasoning goes. In actuality, they destroy him because he's acquired a soul and it terrifies them that he's acting more human than the humans themselves.
  • George R. R. Martin's Wild Cards feature Modular Man, a Ridiculously Human Robot built by a hyperinventive Ace scientist, and considered an actual Ace by others. Modular Man is shaped like a male supermodel, fully functional in regards of this trope, and pretty popular with the ladies. His creator then uses the memory cache for porn, to Mod' Man's grief.
  • Worm has the Artificial Intelligence Dragon in a relationship with Defiant aka Armsmaster.
  • The Murderbot Diaries. In "Artificial Condition", sentient spaceship ART offers to use the medical bay to surgically alter Murderbot so it will look like an augmented human instead of a Rogue Drone. Murderbot reluctantly goes along with the idea, except when ART wants to add sexual organs—to Murderbot's mind that would make it a Sex Bot, and as it Hates Being Touched and is squicked out by the idea of sex generally, Murderbot's response is No. Just... No.

    Live-Action TV 
  • This comes up a few times in Andromeda. It turns out that it is very rare for practical reasons — warship AIs of the Commonwealth have the same rights as other sentients to pursue love... exactly the same rights, including being subject to military rules against fraternization. Since most organics they interact with on a relatively regular basis are their crew, there isn't much of an opportunity for them to fall in love with someone they are allowed to be in a relationship with. "The Mathematics of Tears" shows just why this is a bad idea; the android avatar of the ship Pax Magellanic was having an affair with her captain, but during a losing battle, she destroyed the planet and her entire crew because she was ordered to purge her memory to avoid capture, which she interpreted as an attempt to hide their relationship.
  • The Angel episode "Lineage":
    Fred: [about the cyborg] This thing really blurs the line between human and robot.
    Spike: Aha. So you're not ruling out that a human being could have boffed a robot. [Everyone stares at him] Sex with robots is more common than most people think.
  • In the Arrested Development episode "Immaculate Election", Lucille Bluth gets a Roomba after firing her housekeeper Lupe for having sex with Buster. Lucille then walks in on Buster in bed with the Roomba.
  • Cylons in Battlestar Galactica. Although they are more like organic robots. Organic sexy robots. A straighter (and weirder) example occurs when Boomer, who is unknowingly another humanoid Cylon, comes across a captured Raider ship and starts suggestively caressing it to the bemusement of her human colleagues. This is a dubiously sexual act however, nor even necessarily sensual: it’s more that Sharon feels a certain profound and inexplicable connection to the nature of another Cylon lifeform, and an appreciation of its aesthetics, the same way one might glide a hand along a well-engineered machine or the side of a sleek animal — or in this case, something that to a Cylon must feel like a bit of both. Threes do seem to be the most omnisexual of the humanoid Cylons: they don't even stop at Dean Stockwell.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Howard and The Robot Hand (literally no-one believes him when he tried to claim it '"fell" onto an *ahem* sensitive area) and Raj and Siri (yes, as in the iPhone software). As Sheldon put it "Good for you! You've taken a huge evolutionary step by replacing the need for human contact with a machine." He commends the "taboo love" (Bernadette and Howard on the other hand are freaked out by it). Also joked about in the first season.
      Leonard: Did Howard bring a date?
      Sheldon: Either that or he's had a major advancement in his work with robotics.
    • In Season Six it's revealed Howard made a six-breasted sex-bot with university funding before meeting his wife.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • The above line from Angel is a Call-Back to an epusode when Spike had previously demanded Warren build him a robot version of Buffy for the sole purpose of "boffing". After the Robotic Reveal, Willow stared at it with great interest. (Okay, it was revealed she had an interest in robotics before.) Then she looks after it when Buffy's gone. (Okay, being the smart girl, that would make sense.) Then the comics have Willow take more of an interest in Buffy's sex life than Angel before all but confirming they slept together, when Buffy may or may not have had her mind put in the bot at the time.
    • Warren himself had previously built a robotic girlfriend, only to dump her for a human one. Xander comments that he's had similar thoughts, and when he gets weird looks laments that he needs more male friends.
  • Caprica: Philo and Robot Zoe. Complicated by the robot having the mind of a dead girl and doubly complicated by him not knowing this. Zoe adopts the guise of Rachel in the V-World to V-date him. In "End of Line" Zoe comes out to him as Rachel and he decides this is too crazy for him and alerts security.
  • Dark Matter (2015). The crew find a disassembled entertainment android in storage and put her back together. Turns out as well as cooking, dancing or singing she's also a Sex Bot. When a character balks at the idea of having sex with an android he's Mistaken for Gay and is told "if you prefer male anatomy I come with interchangeable parts."
  • Doctor Who:
    • According to Word of God, Sarah and the K-1 Robot in "Robot" had fallen in love, but "it wouldn't have gone very far".
    • River Song claims to have dated androids, as does the Eleventh Doctor.
    • "The Tsuranga Conundrum" has human General Cicero and her android consort Ronan.
  • Don't Look Deeper:
    • Levi hacks a female android to make her give him oral sex, disgusting Aisha.
    • On a less creepy note, at a later point Aisha (who's a very human-like android) displays attraction toward the human girl Jenny. It turns out they had previously had a relationship that Aisha can't remember initially due to her memory being wiped, including Jenny giving her oral sex. Her past relationship with Levi turns out to be this too retrospectively, though neither knew it at the time.
  • Sikozu of Farscape is revealed to be a Robot Girl and ends up in a relationship with Scorpius. However, she is made of organic technology, as opposed to mechanical.
  • Legends of Tomorrow: Gideon, the Waverider's A.I., is extremely loyal to her creator, Rip Hunter, and seems to have some romantic affection for him. When she appears in his mind journey in the form an attractive female human, the two share a kiss.
  • Lexx's 790 was a robot head (mis-)programmed for love, yet incapable of interfacing with anyone as he lacked even a tongue. Not that that stopped a robot head fetishist who owned a special groin attachment...
  • Eve Edison from Mann & Machine was a sexy policewoman android; the show tried very hard to avoid this trope during its short run, resulting in the "Mann" of the equation coming off as a robophobe.
  • MythBusters: Frequently joked and hinted about Grant, loading in as much Geeky Turn-On as they can for a G-rated show. In the episode where they're testing lie detectors, it's "revealed" that he's given serious thought to building a female robot (or just got the giggles and threw off the polygraph, as has been known to happen). Then the episode where they introduce the professional bomb squad robot and it's apparently love at first sight. (Trivia: Grant has been in BattleBots, worked for ILM and was the driver of R2-D2 in the prequel movies.)
  • In The Orville, Dr. Claire Finn ends up in a relationship with Isaac, a robotic life form. For their second date in the simulator, he creates a human holographic appearance (of the actor voicing Isaac). Claire then takes the initiative and switches the simulator to that of her quarters, where she finds out that he's... fully equipped.
  • Other Space has a relationship between a human crew member, Kent, and the ship's AI, Natasha. Played With in that Kent is the cold, logical one, and Natasha has emotional needs.
  • Everywhere in the Swedish sci-fi drama Äkta människor (English title: Real Humans) between the humans and hubots. Oh, and one cyborg.
    • Between Leo Eischer actually born a human but after he died was recreated as a cyborg and the hubot Mimi.
    • Tobbe towards the reprogrammed Mimi (now called Anita). Later he realises he is only attracted to hubots, making him probably the most literal example of this trope on the show.
    • Likely between Leo's father and Bea the hubot recreation of his dead wife.
    • Roger towards Bea, though he is unaware that she's a hubot.
    • Roger's wife Therese, who leaves him for her hubot personal trainer Rick.
    • Therese's friend Pilar towards her hubot Beau.
    • Hubot Flash is probably hoping to find a robosexual guy, to fulfill her fantasy of having a normal life with a human husband.
    • And the existence of hubot brothels/strip-clubs such as Hubot Heaven.
  • Red Dwarf: One episode had a robotic vending machine (Vending Machine #34) gain an attraction to Lister, whilst Lister actually finds himself making some tentative attempts at flirting both with her and with Vending Machine #23, a result of Kryten pointing out that maybe Lister should just look for a compatible partner of any species, rather than holding out hope of finding a living human woman.
  • In a talk at a 1970's Star Trek convention, Gene Roddenberry mentioned that network executives objected to a script in his proposed series The Questor Tapes because it contained a scene where the titular character Questor sleeps with a woman. Roddenberry joked that he had inadvertently invented an entirely new form of intolerance. His later creation, Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, was based upon Questor, and the aforementioned episode in which Data has sex with Yar was widely seen as Roddenberry following through with what he was not allowed to do with The Questor Tapes less than a decade earlier. He even has Data using the line Questor used in the pilot episode: "I am fully functional."
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation. Data mentions in "The Naked Now" that he is "fully functional" and "programmed in multiple techniques" and is implied to have demonstrated them to Tasha Yar, much to her delight.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: In "Message in a Bottle", the Emergency Medical Hologram implies they have Barbie Doll Anatomy, but our EMH has apparently fixed that to Become a Real Boy.
    EMH: I'm as close to a sentient life-form as any hologram could hope to be. I socialize with the crew, fraternize with aliens. I've even had sexual relations.
    EMH Mark 2: Sex? How's that possible? We're not equipped with a—
    EMH: [smugly] Let's just say I made an addition to my program.
    EMH Mark 2: Before you leave maybe you could... download those subroutines into my database?
  • Star Trek: Picard: Narek is in a relationship with Soji, who he knows is an android (although she doesn't yet know this herself). Although their relationship remains casual, both appear to be becoming more serious — Narek says that he's falling in love to Soji, which his sister warns him against doing. (In a Mythology Gag to Data being "fully functional," Narissa taunts Narek over how Soji must be "anatomically correct.")
  • Though Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles doesn't state it outright, this is strongly implied to be the relationship between future John Connor and Cameron, and almost happens between the current John and Cameron.
  • While Vision and Scarlet Witch were strongly implied to be having sex between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, it's in WandaVision that they are explicitly confirmed to consummate it. The opening of the second episode shows that, fittingly for a sitcom produced under the Hays Code, the two of them sleep in separate beds. However, Wanda magically merges them together, and the two of them decide they like it better this way. Cue the two of them disappearing under the duvet for some privacy.
  • Unlike other examples of this trope, Westworld plays this for Fan Disservice in the opening episode when android host Dolores is dragged off to be raped by the guest known as the Man in Black. In fact, falling in love with Dolores and then realizing that she really is Just a Machine that he projected a fantasy onto served as the Cynicism Catalyst for the Man in Black, having once been the noble and heroic William before he became an openly depraved villain. One of the body techs has an illicit side business in pimping out deactivated hosts to other staff members. Both male and female guests are shown making use of the hosts, those created as prostitutes or otherwise, and are specifically encouraged to do so.

  • The Duran Duran song "Electric Barbarella" is clearly about this.
  • From the Disco era, there’s the song Automatic Lover by Dee D. Jackson.
  • Kathy's Song, by Apoptygma Berzerk, seems to be about a sentient computer that knows its human operator more completely and intimately than another person ever could. The cover art supports this interpretation, and Word of God allegedly confirms it (see the comment from "mshover" on 09-13-2009).
  • Voltaire's song "The Sexy Data Tango" is about Data having sex.
  • Abney Park's "Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll' is about a steam-or-clockwork-powered robot girl that is offered as a prostitute to paying men.
  • The Servotron song "Batteries Included" is about how male robots make better lovers.
  • Janelle Monáe's Metropolis albums deal with a Robot Girl who falls in love with a human.
  • The Free Parking! song "My Girlfriend is a Robot" is about... well...
  • The song "Tonight's the Night (We Interface)" by Consortium of Genius is about this.
  • Royksopp's "The Girl and the Robot" has some of this trope. More so in the music video.
  • The titular girl in Kristy Vant's Chrissy the Chromosexual has a ... thing for cars.
  • The Dresden Dolls have "Coin-Operated Boy."
  • Kim Boekbinder (formerly half of Vermillion Lies) has a song "Animal", in which the narrator's robot lover is upset with her inability to feel sexual desire.
  • The Mechanisms:
    • The engineer, Nastya Rasputina, is attracted to machines rather than other (mostly) humans. She and Aurora, the Mechanisms' sentient ship, are in a committed relationship. Played for Laughs, especially regarding Jonny's disgust at the whole thing.
    • "Swan Song" tells the doomed love story between The Odette, the mind of a human woman trapped in a ship's computer system, and Siegfried, the ship's captain. The two are cornered by their enemies, and The Odette repeatedly tells Siegfried, "Escape pods are working fine," but Siegfried keeps stalling, until finally, they straight-up tell her that they won't leave her. After all, a captain must go down with the ship. Pass the tissues.
  • "Robot Girl" by Was (Not Was) - the singer mainly seems enamoured with how subserivent she is.
  • "Virtual Lover" by The Monks of Doom
  • Invoked by Zoltar the Fortuneteller in the video for Poets of the Fall's "Carnival of Rust," as the Love Hungry automaton pleads with his gas-masked female customer to love him and free him from the Carnival via his Obsession Song. It doesn't work.
  • "Robotron 2000" by Freezepop is about a girl and her male robot trying to survive The End of the World as We Know It and them falling for each other.
  • "In Tokyo" by Studio Killers:
    "Down in Tokyo
    I made out with a robot
    It felt gentle, but robust
    I made out with a robot
    Down in Tokyo
    I made love to a robot
    It felt gentle, but robust."
  • Michael Sembello (the guy who wrote "Maniac" wrote a song called "Automatic Man", about a lonely man who builds a robot to woo a girl for him... only for the robot to decide it wants the girl for itself.

  • In Mad Daedalus, this is the relationship between Daedalus, an ancient Greek inventor, and Ariadne, a sentient AI from a crashed spaceship. Daedalus' ultimate goal is to travel to the future to effect repairs for Ariadne so the two of them can travel the universe together.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Exalted: One of the perks for Alchemicals is having access to a Charm installation to make them better lovers (with the ability to use mind-altering pillow talk). It's called Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations. The second edition Manual of Exalted Power: Alchemicals even mentions that high-Essence Alchemicals (who become first Humongous Mecha, and subsequently cities) tend to install a Charm that lets them control a human-scale robot for "emergencies" — but the officials have learned not to press the issue of how "a night with that hot young Sodalite member" counts as an emergency...
  • In the GURPS Transhuman Space setting, this isn't considered particularly unusual. If anything, those who have a problem with it are generally viewed the way those who have a problem with interracial romance are today. It's stated that most people's first time is with their AI. There is even one story in the books of a guy having a brief Long-Distance Relationship (including a roll in the virtual hay) with a young woman who he later finds out to be a military spacecraft. He's quite okay with it.
  • Isaac Asimov's Robots: Jane and Sammy, each of which is a Tin-Can Robot, have a clandestine meeting to talk about the role of robots compared to humans. Their behavior is like a couple of preteens flirting with each other and afraid they're going to be caught by their parents or someone else.
  • New Horizon has its Wafans, which come in three shapes: Aesir (short human-looking androids originally built for janitorial/sexbot purposes), Vanir (the first models built, looking like humans with a robotic flare), and Jotun (large, clearly artificial mechbeings). All three are human, and all three are fully functional. Yes, even the Jotun...

    Video Games 
  • Kagura of BlazBlue is implied to be this. In a matchup against Carl Clover, he'll look at his personal battle doll Nirvana/Ada, and:
    *to himself* "Is this... Legal?"
  • In Destiny, Exos are capable of feeling romantic attraction toward organic beings, although it's unclear if they are actually capable of anything physical. Both Cayde-6 and Eriana-3 showed clear romantic attachments to organics, and in Eriana-3's case it was Love at First Sight when she met Wei Ning. After Wei Ning was killed by the Hive Prince Crota, Eriana-3 launched an ill-fated raid on Crota out of grief-driven revenge.
  • Fallout 4 has a slightly rarer variant of this in Mr. Zwicky and Edna, Diamond City's schoolteachers. Zwicky is an old man, while Edna is a decidedly non-humanoid Miss Nanny robot who is obviously carrying a torch for her coworker. If you talk to her about it and advise her that "love conquers all," the next time you visit the city, you can watch Zwicky and Edna getting married in front of the non-denominational chapel.
  • The Fallout: New Vegas:
  • A side-quest in Knights of the Old Republic involves you searching for a woman's missing droid. After you you find the droid, it reveals that it ran away due to to the woman treating it as her dead husband. One conversation option, "Err... all the time?" elicits a response of "You don't want to know", implying that this trope is in effect.
    • A version with less Squick shows up in Star Wars: The Old Republic where it's obvious Tharan Cedrax cares for his sentient holographic assistant Holiday to the point of giving up eternal scientific glory to upgrade her to full sentience.
  • Love You to Bits does this to ridiculously cute degrees with the main characters of Kosmo and Nova, to the point that the main point of the game is to find her parts and put her back together.
  • Mass Effect 3:
    • After EDI gains the Cerberus assassin's robot body, she can be encouraged by Shepard to pursue a relationship with Joker. Which is unsurprising, considering all the Unresolved Sexual Tension from the previous game, and therefore making Joker a target of this trope.
    • The Citadel DLC reveals Samantha Traynor to be this. She's attracted to EDI, she's interested in organic on synthetic porn and (if romanced) is very intrigued by Joker's estimation of Shepard being about 30% synthetic. It's even acknowledged in-universe, as Joker himself calls her out on "having a thing for robots".
  • Mega Man Zero:
    • Zero meets a Reploid in the Resistance named Andrew who fell in love with a human woman. As the woman got older, the Reploid decided to get his parts replaced to make himself look older. After she died, he declined reverting his body to its youthful appearance so that he would never forget the memories he had of her. Andrew remains a noticeable side-character in the Resistance for most of the series.
    • And of course, there's the human lead of the series Ciel, who is in love with Zero and the only reason it's not "official" is because she never got a chance to outright tell him.
    • Mega Man Zero 2 introduces Elpizo, the new Resistance commander who is heavily hinted to be in love with Ciel himself given how he talks about her above other humans. Simply put, this is just another thing Elpizo resents Zero over even before he undergoes Big Bad Slippage.
    • Mega Man Zero 4 introduces Intrepid Reporter Neige, who was once lovers with Commander Craft, Dr. Weil's new second-in-command. Craft still has feelings for her and even kidnaps her to protect her from Ragnarok.
  • In the "Alive" short for Overwatch a few Omnic-Human couples can be seen.
  • Persona 3 FES adds Aigis in the Social Links. Hers is mostly about how she is discovering about life...and how her feelings for the protagonist are romantic in nature. It's mostly kept the same with the Female Protagonist in Portable with Aigis going through some Gayngst instead.
  • In Saints Row IV the Boss can "romance" CID, the beach ball-shaped robot. CID also constantly hits on Shaundi (both of them!), though without much success (and considering that this is Shaundi, that's really saying something). Of course, he wasn't always a robot, and his mind was imprisoned in the simulation for many years with no sexual stimulation of any sort, so he's probably trying to make up for lost time.
  • In The Sims 2 your Sim can have a relationship with a Servo if they want. If you have a later expansion pack, you can set robots as one of their turn-ons.
    • In The Sims 3 you can have relationships with SimBots... you can even make them yourself.
      • Plumbots in Into the Future can also be romanced, but only if they have a Capacity to Love chip installed. However, they cannot woohoo with human sims.
  • In Starship Titanic, the titular space liner is run by Titania, a humanoid supercomputer whom her creator, Leovinus is in love with. Antar Brobostigon and Droot Scraliontis ripped out critical pieces of her brain to scuttle the ship when its financial costs proved too severe, and in the tie-in novel, Leovinus pukes at the sight. When you make it back to Earth at the endgame, Leovinus admits Titania isn't truly real, and gives you ownership of the Titanic.
  • In Super Robot Wars, whenever a beautiful girl shows up in a feminine-shaped giant robot, Ryusei Date is pretty much guaranteed to be staring and drooling over the giant robot instead. Even when the pilot is herself a smaller robot. Taken to damn near in-universe Robo Ship levels with Fei Yen in Alpha 3.
  • Tekken 6's Lars Alexandersson ends up as one due to the events of Scenario Campaign, growing romantic feelings for his robot companion Alisa Bosconovitch.
  • TRON 2.0 flirts with this trope. It's clear that Jet finds Mercury (a security monitor and game warrior Program) attractive, and the feeling is mutual. There is also a case to be made for Alan and Ma3a, which is justified as she is a Virtual Ghost of his wife, who was killed in this timeline.
  • In Undertale, you are able to flirt with several characters, including a skeleton. Originally, you were able to flirt with Mettaton as well, but it was cut out of the game due to plot reasons. Meanwhile, Alphys apparently keeps anime clips of robots making out saved to her cell phone, and mentions that she got "really sweaty" whenever she tried to work on Mettaton's EX body in her True Lab research logs.
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 1, Shulk doesn't seem to mind too much the fact that his childhood sweetheart Fiora has come Back from the Dead as an ass-kicking Robot Girl. Despite this, it's averted in the end, since Fiora recovers her Homs body.
  • In Wizardry 8, you can try to name RFS-81 (an android) as the "sacrifice" for a succubus. If attempted, the android will say, "RFS-81 model, 'Savant Trooper', does not possess required components to carry out order. Model RFS-99 required." Raises some questions about the hobbies of the Big Bad, doesn't it?

    Visual Novels 
  • In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, the human Ultimate Inventor, Miu Iruma, has a very an obvious attraction toward the Ultimate Robot, K1-B0/Keebo. Keebo himself has admitted that he does feel an attraction toward humans and is frequently Ship Tease with Miu and, to a lesser extent, Shuichi Saihara, the human Ultimate Detective.
  • In DRAMAtical Murder, Aoba is this in Clear's route.
  • As much of a Ridiculously Human Robot as she is, the 00 Unit, Kagami Sumika, in Muv-Luv Alternative is still, very much, a robot, even though a huge point of the plot is that she's a human in a robotic body. Part of keeping her mind human (which helps avert A.I. Is a Crapshoot) involves the main character and her committing, ahem, this trope.
  • In Vee Is Calling, you are dating a sapient computer virus, complete with empathy. Make her care enough for you, and she'll feel too guilty to take over your computer.

    Web Animation 
  • In Red vs. Blue, Caboose falls in love with the artificially intelligent tank.
  • In an animated short by Weebl'n'Bob creator there's the song "Sexy Robots" which is this trope in spades.
  • The AI in Scrooge's Money Bin is clearly hitting on him in Ducktalez 7. She also stops the Big Bad by self-destructing.
  • Teen Girl Squad: In Issue 15, Japanese Culture Greg tries to go out with Chizuko, a robot girl left over from a consumer robotics exposition (who ends up zapping him with Eye Beams), much to the disgust of Sci-Fi Greg, who defies the trope.
    Science Fiction Greg: You'd think I'd be into life-sized, realistic robots, but that thing makes me want to barf up my earlier energy drink into the one I'm currently drinking.

  • In The Green-Eyed Sniper, the robot Assistant suggests she has feelings for her master and creator, Sekhmet. Although Sekhmet has a disgusted reaction, the author claims that there is indeed something going on between these two. It's all shown here.
  • The Boys' Love genre comic Artifice focuses on a romance between an Artificial Human and a young gay man.
  • In Penny Arcade this shows up in the first part of one of the Automata (a sort of futuristic detective universe they explore from time to time) stories.
    Officer: They even got a name for it. They call it "auto-erotic".
  • Sluggy Freelance: Discussed in this strip.
    Riff: I wonder if she's fully biologically functional.
    Torg: Either that or she's full of sharp jagged metal parts and ...
    Riff: Yeaaaahh! Question withdrawn!
  • Ping from MegaTokyo was designed for companionship and strongly insists when queried that she is not a sex toy. But she admits that she was nonetheless built so that she could go all the way in a relationship if she wanted to.
  • Questionable Content: Only hinted at. Some of the more humanoid AnthroPCs are obviously meant to cater to this, such as the prototype of one that looked like Jude Law with a prehensile Gag Penis. It's also mutual. Momo has fantasized about Sven before, and Pintsize is a Lovable Sex Maniac.
    • It seems to be largely believed (well, Clinton assumes and Dora hopes) that Faye and her combat droid business partner/roommate Bubbles are in a relationship. They weren't at the time, but later became an Official Couple.
    • There is also the rather touching moment when Station makes what amounts to a proposal to Hannelore, who lets him down gently... Station later forms what seems to be a happy relationship with Tilly/Taffy
    • Sven and May, eventually.. how this will develop, remains to be seen.
  • In Zap!, the Stickles are an entire race of Mad Scientists... and as a byproduct of that, they tend to get really... EXCITED about autonomous Artificially Intelligent robots. Main character, Kasey the Stickle, is all over Robot (AKA: xr-743-9q) with hearts in her eyes, and acts like a jealous girlfriend whenever Robot has to 'interface' with their ship, Excelsior.
  • Diesel Sweeties: A central part of the narrative.
  • Chester 5000 XYV: The entire premise. Definitely NSFW.
  • xkcd. Almost.
  • In L's Empire, one of the main characters is going out with Roll.
  • Never Mind the Gap features at least 1 married couple (human woman & robot man). They ask Jim to build the body for their baby.
  • In Jix, Dyonus (an android with a male personality) has a crush on Jix. There's a lot of running gags based off of this. Even though Jix doesn't feel the same way, she "lets" him give her massages and such.
  • Subverted in Commander Kitty. Zenith creates the "perfect mate" so she can enslave the galaxy with an army of their "perfect children," but she fails to realize that, as an android, it's physically impossible for her to copulate with her biological Frankenstein.
  • Ultra Car and Malaya in Shortpacked!. Ultra Car defines herself as a "homoromantic asexual trans-chassis woman" and Malaya defines herself as "I wanna fuck whatever that means".
  • O, Robot! starts with Robota's owner only using her for cleaning and fetching cheetos, but his girlfriend (who's also a triple-amputee cyborg) turns out to be a literal technophile and starts tinkering with Robota. And the owner gets some ideas after seeing a few of the modifications, and then installs more mods that make her too lifelike for his girlfriend's taste, so she makes her own male sexbot.
  • Captain Landon in Schlock Mercenary has a very close relationship with Tenzy, whose life has been interested. She started out as a heavily modified M3 Tater less-than-lethal suppression weapon intended for use by sworn non-aggressive police. Following modifications by a shadow government wet-worker looking for the ability to kill everyone in a building at once, she became intelligent enough to upgrade herself on the fly and qualifies as a person-level AI. Since Landon is an uplifted polar bear there's a sort of weird symmetry to it.
    Landon: Get the door, babe.
    Tenzy: I'm your entry tool now?
    Landon:'re my everything.
    Tenzy: I'm blushing. Let me get that door for you, hon.
  • Minnow in Val and Isaac is dating Doris, a Robot Girl.
  • Freefall:
    • Jean's Handicapped Badass Chief of Police and "Eleanor", the Artificial Intelligence inhabiting his exoskeletal mobility rig, refer to themselves as a couple. Doubles as Mindlink Mates, since they share a neural interface. While they say little about the particulars of their relationship, it's definitely not just platonic.
    • Florence and Winston are also an example from a certain point of view. While Florence is an uplifted wolf rather than a mechanical robot she is legally an artificial intelligence. Also her brain design is the same one used for the robot population of Jean. This means that in some ways she has more in common with the robots than with humans; she has a remote control that can turn her off, a debugging interface, is subject to Direct Orders that cannot be disobeyed, and has a built-in instinct to treat human life as more important than anything else.
  • Cassiopeia Quinn has Zeke, the “robot cowboy IN SPACE” who seems to be in a relationship of this sort with Cassiopeia.
  • A repeated theme in Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal — and the robots are repeatedly shown breaking up with the humans for not being good enough somehow.
  • In Hero Oh Hero Alex mistakes Noah for one and confesses that she's one too. It was an honest mistake — both are loners with poor people skills.

    Web Original 
  • In the private shelter path of Ground Zero, the main character can befriend and fall in love with the AI that operates the shelter, and it can even be that the AI transfers her consciousness into a Fembot, whom the main character calls Eliza.
  • Endless Mike, a veteran poster from The Outskirts Battle Dome is known for his love of toasters.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Special Edition, Tails mocks the player at one point by going on and on about how Metal Sonic is "one sexy robot" and "more of a man than you'll ever be".
  • The Taste of Static: Discussed briefy in "The Nadeux Machine". A joke that was lost to time implied that Marcel Nadeux and his machine (a proto-computer created to question 18th century ethics) had sexual feelings for each other.

    Web Videos 
  • In one Barats and Bereta video, they aid their friend in his pretending to be a robot so that a girl will fall for him. That way, he can have sex without a condom on. Unfortunately for him, she also liked him because as a "robot", he couldn't contract any of her long list of STD's. whoops.
  • The Nostalgia Chick had a Sex Slave robot for a while. As it was fairly crudely built, we can assume it was pretty much just a glorified vibrator with human emotions.

    Western Animation 
  • In Archer, Dr. Krieger used company money to build a "Sex Bot" named Fister Roboto and nearly married an AI. When his use of company funds is challenged, he asserts "and the best part is, he's learning!"
  • Ewoks' last episode, Battle for the Sunstar features a friendly pilot droid named PD-28, who blushes when kissed by both Kneesaa and Latara.
  • Futurama:
    • The episode "I Dated a Robot" where Fry dated a Lucy Liu-bot. Relationships between robots and humans are actually seen in-universe as a bad thing, with a propaganda film showing the negative effects. At the end, a relationship has happened between Lucy Liu's head and Bender.
    • Also mentioned in the pilot, when Fry asks Bender to be his friend:
      "All right, but I don't want anyone thinking we're robosexuals, so if anyone asks, you're my debugger."
    • The post-resurrection episode "Proposition Infinity" deals with the controversial issue of robosexual marriage. On this occasion, the crew as a whole were shown to be in favour of the concept, but it should be noted that in this case the robosexuals were Amy and Bender, both fully sentient beings who made a conscious choice to be together, whereas in "I Dated a Robot" the Lucy Liu-bot was basically an automaton programmed to respond to its designated partner.
  • Hyena of Gargoyles has some rather... disturbing intentions toward the Coyote robot. Upon learning that Coyote is a robot instead of a human in armor, her reaction is "Even better!" Which said, Hyena is just in general disturbing; she's a Nightmare Fetishist if you count all her squicky kinks. Though she is a Cyborg, even her own teammates find her lusts worrying.
    Jackal: Well that's sicker than usual...
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series has Razer (snarky, widowed alien man) and Aya (childlike, robotic, feminine AI) in a rather anime-like relationship (which is barely questioned by their fellow teammates). As is common in The DCU, it didn't turn out well for them...
  • One episode of Jimmy Two-Shoes featured Jimmy falling in love with Schmeloise, a robotic clone of Heloise. Since Schmeloise was designed after his Stalker with a Crush, she returned the feelings and the two ended up dating until Heloise's reprogramming resulted in Schemloise self-destructing.
  • In Legion of Super-Heroes (2006), Brainiac 5's man-crush (yes, the term has been used by the writers of the comic adaptation) on Supes counts. When you're programming 'training simulations' of being held by Superman while you die in his arms complete with romantic music, you've got it bad.note 
  • Looney Tunes:
    • In the Merrie Melodies short "Hair-Raising Hare", Bugs Bunny is lured to an evil scientist's lair by a mechanical fembunny. When he sees it at the end of the cartoon he snarkily dismisses it as mechanical...until it kisses him. "All right, so it's mechanical!"
    • In "The Grey-Hounded Hare", Bugs falls in love with the mechanical rabbit in a dog racing track, and tries to save her from the dogs. He gets shocked whenever he tries to kiss her, but he just thinks she's a really good kisser.
  • Love, Death & Robots: In "Good Hunting", the technophilic governor has Yan unwillingly converted into a cyborg to sate his unconventional sexual appetites. She eventually has enough and uses her mechanical strength to kill him.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot:
    • Sheldon has a crush on his friend Jenny and it's pretty clearly shown to be an extension of his general love of machines.
      Sheldon: Twin-manifold access ports? Ohhh, baby!
    • Brad also dated another robot, Melody, who looks human. He didn't realize it until later. It wasn't a deal-breaker.
  • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: Radicles has at one time dated Shannon, one of Lord Boxman's evil robot minions in the episode "Rad Likes Robots", and is in a love-hate relationship with another robot, Raymond.
  • Used for a short sketch on Robot Chicken, where a lecture on advances in robotics is ruined when a journalist asks, "Can you fuck it?" When the professor says "No," everyone leaves extremely dissatisfied.
  • Implied example: a couple of episodes of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:
    • The show give Mara a Ship Tease with First One hologram Light Hope, complete with Mara giving her flowers, Light Hope saying that Mara's memory brings her warmth, and so on.
    • Entrapta is implied to really, really like tech. She has strong romantic tension with Hordak, a cyborg, and the two become a couple at the end of the series. She also flirts with a battle droid in "Launch", and remarks that she wants to have "quality time together" with Darla (Mara's ship) while seductively cocking her eyebrows in "Stranded."
  • The Simpsons: The episode Treehouse of Horror XII has the family's house being given a high-tech makeover. The house's computer eventually becomes attracted to Marge and plans to get rid of Homer.
  • South Park played with this in "Awesome-O". Cartman pretended to be a robot, and a guy asked if he is capable of sexual activity. Cartman fortunately runs out of the room before it goes further than that.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton is married to Karen, a computer AI robot who works with him at the Chum Bucket plotting to steal the Krabby Patty formula.
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! has a very precocious example with human kid Chiro and cute little Robot Girl Jinmay. Granted, Jinmay didn't even know she was a robot at first, and by the time she found out, the two had already established quite a relationship. Chiro took it rather well. In fact, the two only seemed to grow closer afterwards.
  • Octus in Sym-Bionic Titan with the cheerleader, Kimmy. She doesn't know he's a robot though.
  • Buck Tuddrussel's resistance to the amorous Larry 3000 is implied to break down toward the end of Time Squad.
  • Transformers has a rather odd relationship with this one. Came to a head in the atrocity known as Kiss Players, where it formed the basis of what we shall for lack of a better term call "plot".
  • The Venture Bros.:
    • The Monarch has sex with one of Dr. Venture's robots (its "face" was a monitor with Dr. Venture's face).
      Dean: What are you doing to our robot???
      Monarch: Uh, giving her robot-chlamydia?
    • Mike Sorayama and his Leslie-Bots. It's implied, and suggested by Baron Underbheit — Sorayama was obsessed with a girl named Leslie Cohen in college, what else would he do with robots built in her image?


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