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I dunno, you'd have to be pretty desperate to do it with a robot.
Homer Simpson, "Selma's Choice"

I should have known better, Corin. They always say that “Once you go robo, you don’t gogo back to human or bonobo.” I knew this, Corin, but I let it happen in my own house!
Kakos Industries, Dirk Cornelius Sexplosion

Captain Janeway: An inventory of your holo-matrix. Fifty gigaquads of memory devoted to music. Forty two for daydreams. Another ten to expand your sexuality.
Neelix: I had no idea holograms could do that!
Star Trek: Voyager, "Author Author"

"In between her legs there's an opening with a concentration of sensors. You engage them in the right way, creates a pleasure response. So if you wanted to screw her, mechanically speaking, you could. And she'd enjoy it."
Nathan Bateman, Ex Machina

"I'm not being A.I'ed by an A.I.!"
Captain Janeway, Hardcore Entertainment Presents Seven Does Voyager

"Alicia's been with me now for eleven months. Is it man and woman, or man and machine?"
James Corry, The Twilight Zone, "The Lonely"

Female curator: Amanda slept with a robot?!! Lynch him!
Male curator: I hear they're rather mechanical in the saddle, ha-ha!
Slipstream (1989).


Kim: Why couldn't I see that [Eric] was a fake?
Ron: Yeah, it don't get much faker than a synthodrone. You d... Ohh! You kissed a synthodrone!
Kim: I never kissed him... But I wanted to.


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