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Literature / True Love

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First published in American Way (February 1977 issue), by Isaac Asimov. A Science Fiction Short Story about a computer program that falls in love.

Our POV Protagonist is Joe, a computer subprogram to the larger Multivac mainframe. It is being taught by Milton Davidson, who one day decides to look for true love, and he enlists Joe's help. They eliminate people on physical and emotional characteristics to find Milton's ideal woman, then try a few dates, none of which go well. They think about this, and realize that they only did half of the problem; they need to find someone who sees Milton as their ideal guy. After weeks of intense psychological study, Joe has found Milton's true love, and she'll be arriving February 14, Valentine's Day.

"True Love" has been republished multiple times; Isaac Asimovs Science Fiction Magazine (January-February 1978 issue), Microcosmic Tales (1980), Three Science Fiction Tales (1981), The Complete Robot (1982), The Robot Collection (1983), Robot Dreams (1986), and The Asimov Chronicles Fifty Years Of Isaac Asimov (1989).

"True Love" provides examples of: