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The members: Goldie Foxx, Chubby Cherry, and Dyna Mink.

"Studio Killers. No one knows where they came from; one day they were just here staring back at us through our high definition flat screens."

Studio Killers is a self-described virtual electronic audio-visual collective based in Denmark, the UK, and Finland. Being virtual, the band is made up entirely of fictional characters portrayed through both animated videos and stunning original artwork. There's the curvaceous vocalist Chubby Cherry, keyboardist canid Goldie Foxx, the dapper DJ Dyna Mink, and their carnivorous manager, Bipolar Bear. Unlike other virtual bands of the same vein, Studio Killers possess a unique quality: no one really knows where they came from or who's behind them.

Another thing that seems to attract is their interaction with their fans. They have official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, and even Tumblr, and speak to their adoring public on all of them. It definitely leads to some interesting questions getting answered sometimes.

Despite only having, at one point, one single, three music videos, one demo, and a number of interviews and sneak-previews, they attracted one large and loyal fanbase made up of art appreciators and music enthusiasts alike. Their first (self-titled) album was released on June 14th, 2013.

A successful Kickstarter campaign in June 2014 funded live shows at Ruisrock and Ilosaarirock festivals in Finland, using multiscreen animated visuals produced with the aid of Immersive Ltd. There are plans to take the live show on tour, but no dates had been announced as of December 2014.

They also launched a kickstarter for a full animated series; which culminated with the release of a pilot.

You've probably heard ''Ode To The Bouncer'' on the internet somewhere at some point.

Studio Killers provides examples of:

  • Animated Music Video: Being a virtual band, all of their videos are created this way.
  • Art Evolution: Their first two videos, "Ode to The Bouncer" and "Eros and Apollo," featured a lot of Medium Blending. In the first, Cherry is rendered in CGI while Dyna and Goldie are 2D puppets, with all of the other characters being hand-drawn. The second includes all of the above, plus pixel art. From "Jenny" onward, however, all of their promo art and animation has been rendered in heavily stylized 2D.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Cherry, who's official full name is Chubby Cherry. Although on their official Tumblr, she told a fan that she believes women of all sizes are beautiful.
  • Birthday Episode: Appropriately, "Party Like It's Your Birthday".
  • Characterization Marches On: Early vlogs by Cherry depict her as being aloof and rather grumpy; she suggests that she's only in the music business for the sake of getting into parties and making connections, and she derisively refers to to "the fox and mink" as "fucking animals"; she also, curiously, speaks with an American accent, despite the very thick English tone to her singing voice. Later vlogs and the Studio Killers Tumblr blog present her as much warmer, always giving loving and encouraging statements to her fans, willing to crack jokes at her expense, and enjoying a genuine friendship with Goldie and Dyna, as well as finally having an English accent. In the series proper she barely resembles her original more haughty and spiteful self, being instead more impulsive and well-meaning.
  • Chick Magnet: Do the fans care that Goldie's a fictional anthropomorphic fox? Not really. Probably because he's just as keen to flirt back.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: In her commentary of "Ode to the Bouncer" Cherry claims that the Bouncer is "not so bad once you get to know him", in spite of him being undead.
    • Same could be say for Jenny, whose dark color scheme contrasts greatly with Cherry's bright color scheme (or at least in the song named after her). In spite of seeming to be unaware of Cherry's feelings at first, she ultimately stays loyal to her and is even implied to have become her lover.
  • Design Student's Orgasm: All of the artwork.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: After the relatively unsubtle scenes with Cherry atop the bouncer and, well, bouncing, the engagement is topped off by paint pouring down on Cherry's face in what is clearly meant to evoke...well, you get the picture.
  • Double Standard Rape: Female on Male: The interactions between Cherry and the bouncer in "Ode to the Bouncer" would almost certainly have caused a net scandal were the genders reversed.
  • I Don't Want to Ruin Our Friendship: "Jenny" has a subversion. Cherry explicit states she wants to ruin their friendship and become more than friends.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Sort of. All the other men turn gay wherever he goes.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Bipolar Bear has frequently mentioned eating or wanting to eat a number of worrying things. Like small dogs, seals, foxes...
  • The Fashionista: Cherry has an Unlimited Wardrobe and a video blog where she talks about fashion and her outfits of the week.
    • Cherry's tumblr has a collection of original artwork of Cherry with Outfit Of The Day captions.
  • Funny Animal: Goldie Foxx, Dyna Mink and Bipolar Bear.
  • Going Commando: According to a couple lines in "Ode To The Bouncer," Cherry goes dancing like this.
    "And I'm not wearing trainers
    Not to mention knickers."
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Seems to be a minor theme, with Jenny randomly using "amigo" for Jenny's boyfriends and Eros and Apollo using "señorita" to refer to the girls chasing the eponymous pair, as well as calling them 'sweet lolita'- a popular term of endearment.
  • Heel–Face Turn: "Grande Finale".
    I've been a dirty bastard
    But I will clean my act up
    I wanna stop doing bad
    I wanna meet your mum and dad.
  • Indirect Kiss: In the "Jenny" video, Cherry licks some lipstick Jenny had just used.
  • Intercourse with You: The lyrics to "Ode to the Bouncer" seem to imply that Cherry wants to either fight the bouncer to get in or sleep with him to get in, going back and forth between seducing and outright insulting him. In the music video, there's a sequence where she's on top of him in the alleyway that could be either her outright having sex with him, or pummeling him while straddling his torso akin to an MMA fighter. That she enters the club afterwards actually seems to indicate that either way, the scene is imaginary, as she sneaks into the club through the bathroom window while he's not looking, and if she had traded sex for entry or simply beaten him unconscious, sneaking in would not be necessary.
  • Interplay of Sex and Violence: In "Ode To The Bouncer." Downplayed because of the slightly Ambiguous Situation as Cherry considers and is even shown either having sex or a fight with The Bouncer. The near end of the video leaves him looking haggard in a way that suggests an and/or outcome to the whole thing.
  • Kaleidoscope Hair: Cherry's hair hardly stays the same color twice.
  • Magic Skirt: Though this trope doesn't always apply in the art, Cherry's skirt in "Ode to the Bouncer" outright defies physics to keep her just barely covered. Probably for the best, since she mentions in the lyrics she's not wearing knickers.
  • Male Gaze: There's a lot of close shots of Cherry's breasts, butt and legs in the "Ode to the Bouncer" video.
  • Medium Blending: Cherry is always rendered in CGI, while Dyna, Goldie, and The Bouncer are all 2-D illustrations. The video for "Eros and Apollo" adds pixel art to the mix.
    • They seem to have dropped this as of "Jenny", deciding to go fully 2D.
  • Mouthscreen: There are nine close-up shots of Cherry's mouth in the "Ode to the Bouncer" video.
  • Ms. Fanservice: The way Cherry proudly struts her stuff in so many skimpy outfits makes her specifically a Shameless Fanservice Girl. Jenny herself also wears something that's arguably skimpier than Cherry's in the similarly-named song.
  • Never Trust a Title: "All Men are Pigs" is deceptive because of the title and the mascot. The song appears to be about a woman singing about how all men are pigs in a fairly sexist way. However, the actually singer is male and the line "all men but me," indicates that the song is actually about a male trying to pick up a woman by using the old cliché in a hypocritical way. This, obviously, completely changes the meaning of the song.
  • Official Couple: Cherry and Jenny appear to have started dating by the time the "Party Like It's Your Birthday" video rolled around.
  • One-Woman Song: "Jenny"
  • Only Sane Woman: Cherry seems to regard herself as this in comparison to her "crazy, dirty, stinky" animal bandmates.
  • Open Secret: While the band have never explicitly stated that Teemu Brunila is Cherry's singing voice, he appears in some songs' credits, is followed by the band on Instagram, and was confirmed by Ally Ahern to have worked on "Soft Bitch".
  • Retraux: The video for "Eros and Apollo". Even Pac-Man makes an appearance!
  • Robosexual: "In Tokyo". I made out with/made love to a robot...
  • Sex for Services: It's pretty obvious how Cherry attempted to get into the club in the Ode to the Bouncer video.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Stage Names: Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink's real names are nowhere near as cool as their artist names.
    Dyna: Why do we have these names?
    Goldie: Well, who would we be without appropriately catchy names?
    Dyna: Probably David and Peter.
  • Stylistic Suck: Dyna Mink's fanart in "Tea Time at the Progress Bar".
  • Supermodel Strut: Cherry at the start of the "Ode to the Bouncer" video, is confidently strutting towards the camera, with zoom-ins of her legs as she puts one foot directly in front of the other.
  • Your Makeup Is Running: Cherry's signature look.