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"Behold... the Vision!"

The Vision is a Marvel Comics superhero created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema.

A synthetic humanoid built from the remains of the android Human Torch, the Vision made his debut in The Avengers #57 (October, 1968) as a creation of the super-villain Ultron. The Vision is convinced to rebel against his creator after encountering The Avengers, who invite him to join the team. Named by The Wasp, who described him as an "unearthly, inhuman vision", the Vision becomes one of Avengers' longest-serving members until his death during Avengers Disassembled. This went to the point in the 1970s when The Avengers standard cover masthead picture in the left hand corner was just him. He came Back from the Dead a few years later and once again features in Avengers books.

The Vision has appeared in the following works:

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The Vision's comic appearances contain the following tropes

    The Vision and the Scarlet Witch 

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