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Recap / The West Wing S 02 E 03 The Midterms

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In the three months leading up to the midterm elections, as Josh continues to recuperate, Charlie, President Bartlet and Toby are all still affected by the shooting. Charlie acts distant and cold from Zoe, until Andrew Mackintosh, who gets called in to do maintenance on the White House computers, tells him, "If they're shooting at you, you know you must be doing something right", after which he gets better. President Bartlet, meanwhile, becomes obsessed with an old opponent of his named Elliot Rousch, who's now running for school board in his hometown. Eventually, President Bartlet is able to channel his anger by dressing down Dr. Jenna Jacobs, a call-in radio host he disagrees with. Finally, Toby wants to use the power of the government, essentially, to lock up anyone wearing a white sheet, even though both C.J. and Sam point out he's running roughshod over the Constitution. President Bartlet is able to talk him down at the end, though.


Sam, meanwhile, gets his friend Tom Jordan to run for a congressional seat made vacant by the death of a Congressman. However, when it comes out Jordan, in his college days, belonged to an all-white fraternity, and while he was a prosecutor, preferred white juries when trying black defendants, so over Sam's objections, the White House ends up pulling their support and Jordan ends up losing the race. And as it turns out, despite the money and the campaigning, the House of Representatives essentially stayed the same (with the Republicans in control).


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