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Featuring the Denatonium Benzoate Suit, to repel all would-be Samus Eaters.
"They didn't want me."
Billy after being rejected by Yog himself, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Well, it looks like this is The End. The Eldritch Abomination rears up on its ugly, misshapen limbs, and devours The Hero face first. The audience does a collective cringe since, as everyone knows, watching someone getting eaten alive is not a particularly pretty sight. Audiences prepare for the Sickening "Crunch!" as the monster...

...spits them out?

Yes, that's right. It looks like the monster doesn't want to eat the lovable hero. It seems that something about them, be it their whiny, unlikable personality, their lack of any skills for the villain to absorb, or even their really bad taste in deodorant or shampoo is enough that a monster simply does not want to eat them. Now, strictly speaking, is this being picky? Well, yeah — but it's not like you'd put just anything in your mouth, so why should a human-eating monster be any different? Just because they're a monster doesn't mean they're a savage!

Note that, broadly speaking, this trope does not just concern itself with eating. A monster could also just plain be unwilling to dignify an unworthy subject with the honor of being killed. One particularly creepy variant is that the Eldritch Abomination or similar evil devours, grabs, attacks, or just confronts the character... and is immediately terrified and runs, sometimes screaming, back to whence they came. This is usually played for laughs, but sometimes it implies that this character, or perhaps humanity as a whole, is in fact worse than any Cthulhu-esque abominations or reality-warping homicidal lunatics could ever be. This can also include an Emotion Eater being overloaded by the emotions of its victim, such as a monster who eats rage being overloaded by the hero's Unstoppable Rage.

Kill It Through Its Stomach is the more extreme version of this trope being taken literally. If the "victim" is more dangerous/powerful than the monster, that's a case of Mugging the Monster. Pity the Kidnapper is the broader, typically more mundane trapping of this trope. Might overlap with Barred from the Afterlife (if not even hell will accept an especially wicked character) and Kicked Out of Heaven, Disability Immunity, Insanity Immunity, and/or Assimilation Backfire. See also Eaten Alive and Getting Eaten Is Harmless. Compare and contrast Why Isn't It Attacking?.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Twice in Bleach, enemies suffer from trying to consume Nemu Kurotsuchi. First is Szayelaporro, whose use of Nemu to grow a new body for himself exposes him to drugs that Mayuri kept inside her- most notably, one that causes And I Must Scream. Second is Pernida, who consumes her remains to gain her powers, but fails to consume her brain. Nemu's brain serves as a control for her incredibly aggressive Healing Factor, so without it, her regeneration takes over Pernida's entire body and turns it into a mass of cancer.
  • Darkness, the knight from KonoSuba, is a masochist so mind-shatteringly depraved that even demon generals are terrified at the prospect of being in her embarrassing presence. When she body-blocks Verdia the dullahan's "die in seven days" curse meant for Megumin, she immediately (and very excitedly) assumes that she's going to have to become Verdia's sex slave in order to free herself from the curse, and in the middle of her excited, manic, masochistic raving, the camera zooms in on Verdia's eyes, which are quivering in pants-shitting terror.
    • Later, another demon general, Vanir, attempts to possess one of the party, threatening physical pain if they resist his Mind Control. Unfortunately, he picks Darkness as a target, and nearly has an aneurism when she keeps resisting out of pleasure.
  • In the Irresponsible Captain Tylor episode "The Day the Soyokaze Vanished", it is revealed that there are rumors that the Soyokaze was demoted and sent to this exact same sector of space once ten years before. During that time, a number of the crew committed suicide by flushing themselves into space, due to a combination of shame and boredom, and the captain (a former friend of Admiral Fuji, who arranged for the Soyokaze to be demoted so that he could be promoted) committed suicide. This is proven true and the ghost of the captain returns to the Soyokaze, trying first to kill Lieutenant Yamamoto (mistaking him for the captain), then Tylor. Just as he is about to kill them, Yamamoto and Tylor start arguing, revealing just how irresponsible and lackadaisical Tylor is about his commission, disgusting the ghost so much that he breaks off his murderous efforts and ends the haunting, angrily declaring them to be too pathetic to bother with.
  • A non-comedic example. In Hellsing, Alucard, one of fiction's most insanely overpowered characters, has a habit of eating his defeated enemies' souls to enslave them and assimilate their power. He's almost Killed Off for Real when he chows down on walking physics anomaly Schrodinger, whose power is so bizarre it causes Alucard to undergo a quantum existence failure. He does recover, but it takes 30 years.
  • Some more non-comedic examples in Fullmetal Alchemist.
    • After he is critically injured, Kimblee is devoured by Pride. Not long after, however, Kimblee emerges from the thousands of tormented souls trapped within Pride to distract and weaken him at a key moment. Pride doesn't understand how Kimblee could have managed to retain his sanity in the maelstrom, but he overlooks the fact that Kimblee is already insane and loving it.
    • In chapter 97, the two philosophers, when Father tries to absorb Van Hohenheim's philosopher's stone, it is revealed that Van Hohenheim has spoken to and befriended every soul inside his body. This nearly drove him mad, but it means that Father can't absorb him.
  • Excalibur from Soul Eater, a memetic pain in the butt. He is a… humanoid bird-lizard-thingy in a suit, for lack of better words, that can shapeshift into King Arthur's legendary sword, but is too obnoxious to have a wielder apart from the king. In a universe full of Eldritch and Humanoid Abominations as well as powerful witches, no one is using Excalibur, even though one is practically unbeatable with him. Even Death and the Personification of the Madness of Power, even the first two Big Bads, even the Demon God who went mad because he was afraid of being too weak could not deal with him.note 
  • Another non-comedic example in Slayers. The Holy Tree Flagoon was planted to absorb the evil miasma generated by demons, and in season 1 / novel 3 is able to consume the Demon Beast Zanaffar whole. In season 2 / novel 8, the tree tries to absorb the miasma of Hellmaster Fibrizo... and dies instantly.
    • A comedic instance occurs in the very first episode. A dragon steps over Lina rather than step on her, shortly after Lina has learned of a rather... unflattering nickname for herself relating to exactly this sort of situation. A similar joke is used in one of the OVAs, where Lina and her employer confront an army of dragons, who immediately put on Oh, Crap! faces and advance to the rear at full speed.
      • The nickname also refers to the fact that she just generally terrifies dragons... and pretty much everyone else.
  • A similar example appears in Hetalia: Axis Powers, when England tries to curse America with an evil chair. Russia sits on it instead and 'Russia is more evil than the chair, so the chair exploded'.
    • When England and America capture Italy, they send him back to Germany (in a box labeled "fuck", no less) because he's a pain to take care of.
  • In Strawberry Marshmallow, after being tossed out the window in a tiger costume Miu returns as Dracula, and proceeds to pretend to suck Matsuri's blood. ("Nothing like the taste of a sweet virgin's young blood," she remarks.) She turns to Nobue, but stops. ("No, wait. Old lady blood? Bleh...") Nobue protests that her blood's delicious, as she's only 16.
  • Non-comedic examples in A Certain Magical Index:
    • Himegami Aisa possesses the ability 'Deep Blood' which makes her blood seem attractive to vampires and kills them when they drink it. A vampire attracted by this ability converted her family and friends into vampires resulting in their deaths.
    • Touma is infected with St. Germain, a virus that normally converts its victims into copies of St. Germain. The virus is kept at bay by his Anti-Magic right hand, but Touma still suffers from the infection. Later, he manages to talk St. Germain into working with him, and while this doesn't stop the negative effects of the infection, it allows the two to work together to beat the arc villain. In the end, St. Germain decides to kill himself to save Touma's life.
  • In chapter 527 of Naruto, The Raikage talks about two criminals known as the Gold and Silver Brothers, who tried to seize the power of Kurama, and got eaten for their troubles. For the next two weeks, they caused him so much indigestion that Kurama couldn't stand it anymore and spit them out. And they survived by eating Kurama's flesh.
  • YuYu Hakusho has two examples of this. The first is when a villain who eats people to absorb their powers eats someone with incredible regenerative capabilities, and is slowly taken over by him. The second is in backstory, though revealed rather late in the manga—a woman many centuries ago treated diseases by eating flesh from diseased corpses, building up antibodies, and then feeding bits of her own flesh to sick people. When a demon tried to eat her, she taunted him with the knowledge that he'd almost certainly die of it, and he wound up seducing her instead.
  • Spunky Knight's main character, Phaia is a comedic/sexy example as everything from wanted men, to hordes of mooks to Demon Lords, Eldritch Abominations and a professional Magic Knight/Mad Scientist/Slave Trader try to turn her into a sex slave only for it to horrifically backfire on them and lead to their defeat. To date, the only man capable of truly satisfying her is fellow Badass Normal, Torre.
  • One Piece has a few examples. After Momoo's tailfin is initially kicked by the Straw Hats, he will run away after preparing to attack them once he recognizes their faces.
    • Also, in "Little Buggy's Big Adventure" in the chapter openings in the manga and two filler episodes in the anime, Buggy is eaten by a giant bird and spat into the distance immediately.
    • No one has ever managed to resist Perona's Negative Hollow attack - except Usopp. The reason was he was already such a pessimist that the ghosts couldn't bring him lower, and when Perona tried to anyway, she and the ghosts fell into depression instead.
  • Kinnikuman:
    • During the final match of the Devil Chojin arc, Buffaloman manages to steal Kinnikuman's life force, killing him...and then burst into flame because the Burning Inner Strength was more than he could handle. He had to return the power to Kinnikuman's body and resurrect him to save his own life.
    • In one earlier anime episode, Kinnikuman is fighting a sea monster for publicity, only to find said monster FAR larger than he is and gets swallowed whole. As a funeral is held in his honor, the sea monster stomach makes some unpleasant noises...and Kinnikuman crawls out from under it. It's not hard to figure out how Kin escaped.
  • In Hanako and the Terror of Allegory, Kanae is being haunted by a demon which intends to take her soul as payment for granting her wish of being an idol singer. To stall for time, Kanae keeps making more extravagant wishes, forcing the demon to try and make her into an international superstar despite her lack of talent. When Daisuke finally bursts in to rescue her, the exhausted demon screams at him, "Save me, please! She's the devil!"
  • The Oni in Ranma ˝ that spend the entire episode trying to get saintly Kasumi to be evil shifts his possession to Happosai so he can gather evil faster. A little too fast, since Happosai turns out to be too evil for even the Oni to stomach.
  • Baccano!: As it turns out in Alice in Jails, Isaac's brazen idiocy manages to protect him from Ladd's homicidal impulses.
    Firo: Hey, come to think of it, isn't Isaac the kinda guy you said you hate? The kind who think they'll never die.
    Ladd: Nah. I've been keeping my eye on him for a few weeks now, and... Well, let's be honest here. There's something wrong with the guy's head. Getting mad at him'd be like getting mad at a puppy. He honestly doesn't have enough brains to know any better.
  • Attack on Titan has Eren first discover his ability to transform into a Titan from inside the stomach of one that had just swallowed him. His arm proceeds to burst out of its mouth, quickly followed by the rest of him (basically tearing it open in the process).
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, creatures called Parasite Fusioners can enter people's brains to control them. When one tries to get Yuya Sakaki, it gets incinerated by the dark power within him.
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, when the demon Merascylla attempts to consume Escanor's soul, it is so powerful, especially since he has The Power of the Sun, that she is incinerated. She survives, barely.
  • In episode 8 of the My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! anime, Catarina's love of sweets is so bottomless and self-control so non-existent, the magical Tome of Eldritch Lore that had temporarily trapped the main cast within, "A Tale By the Name of Desire", suffers a Brown Note from trying to provide her with an infinite amount of them and eventually spits her and the rest of the cast out.

    Comic Books 
  • An Alien/Vampirella crossover begins with several vampires cornered by a Xenomorph. One of them desperately lashes out and sinks their fangs in only to soon realize the fatal mistake: Xenomorph blood is acid.
  • A serious variation appears in Final Crisis. A couple of Darkseid's henchmen capture Batman and try to extract his memories in order to implant them in a clone army. Trouble is these memories are so traumatic (just roll with it) that they short-circuit said clones. Later, when Superman asks Darkseid why he chose to possess Dan Turpin instead of Batman when he'd both of them captive, Darkseid answers that Batman would've resisted him far too long while Turpin resisted Darkseid long enough to eventually submit to his will.
  • Judge Death once tried to possess The Joker in a Judge Dredd / Batman crossover. (The Dark Judges can't cross over to our realm in a tangible state. Once they take over a human host, they revert to their usual shape.) Joker's "hopeless" insanity prevented Death from taking control of him, and he immediately fled back into the ether, complaining that the Joker was of no use to him. The Joker was unsurprised. "I thought you might have a little difficulty there!"
  • In Nextwave, Forbush Man transports four fifths of the Nextwave team into nightmare visions of their own existence conjured up from the recesses of their minds. This doesn't work on Tabby, whose mind is so utterly shallow as to render her immune. She explodes him.
    The little guy did something to your heads. I gave him the explodo because I am clever.
  • In one Captain Marvel story, the Psycho-Man, a mind-raping emotion-controlling mad scientist, attempts to use dim-witted "hero" Drax the Destroyer as his pawn. Unfortunately, fear makes Drax cower in the corner, doubt makes him stand around baffled, and hate makes him attack whatever's in his path (such as Psycho-Man). Cue Psycho-Man musing that he's got to add some new emotions to his device.
  • Deadpool:
    • In Vol. 4 issue #4, when taken prisoner by a man who plans to use the regenerating Merc With A Mouth as an infinite source of food for his intelligent zombies, said zombies quickly find him to be completely unappetizing. Could be because he tastes like cancer. (Or more specifically, "rancid tofurky that's been marinated in formaldehyde".)
    • In Deadpool Team-Up #897, when a demon tries to possess Deadpool, they find a bunch of voices are already in his head. The voices end up taking partial control of Deadpool’s body and beats himself up until the demon find that it's outnumbered and retreat.
    • In the last issue of Deadpool Team-Up, Galactus makes Wade his newest Herald after Wade sees an ad for the position in the classifieds. Though Wade does a good job as a Herald, his incessant chatter drives the mighty planet devouring entity nuts. Galactus is saved when the Silver Surfer arrives and beats the Power Cosmic out of Wade.
  • In Supreme: The Return, Korgo the Space-Tyrant beats up then-President of the United States Bill Clinton to take his place as "ruler of the free world." Among the spoils he claimed was Clinton's wife, Hillary. By the time Supreme could come and beat him up, Korgo breathlessly thanked him for taking him away from her.
  • In the first Hellboy story arc, Rasputin tried to tap into pyrokinetic Liz's powers in a bid to awaken one of the Oggru-Jahad's spawn. This backfired when Rasputin lost control of Liz's power and fried the Eldritch Abomination.
  • Superman:
    • In the third issue of her first solo book, a giant, mutant carnivorous plant tries to swallow Supergirl whole but it quickly spits her out because it can't bite through her indestructible skin.
      Supergirl: This brute may become a vegetarian now! Trying to chomp down on my invulnerable body would ruin the appetite of any meat-eater!
    • Dracula vs. Superman is resolved when Dracula hypnotizes Superman, and bites into him to gain the Kryptonian power in his blood. One problem: Superman is solar powered.
    • Other vampires have also attempted to bite Superman. Depending on the Writer, either a few things happen; the aforementioned solar power incident, Superman's skin is too tough to bite through, or finally, while the vampire can drink his blood, Superman's blood is alien, which is at most poisonous and at least unappetizing.
    • All-Star Superman has Bizarro clones running rampant through the city, converting anyone they touch into Bizarros. When one touches Steve, his steroid habit makes him immune.
    • The Jungle Line: Swamp Thing finds Superman infected with a Kryptonian species of fungus known as Bloodmorel. Wanting to help Superman, Swamp Thing tries to communicate with the Bloodmorel, but the memories and sensations are too strong, and he is forced to pull back because the vision of a high-gravity red world is overwhelming his mind.
  • An issue of Runaways substitutes Dracula with "random vampire teenager" and Supes with Karolina, with the same results.
  • Hellblazer:
    • An arc has the King of the Vampires tormenting John Constantine while he's at his lowest point (homeless and alcoholic after a bad breakup) by killing the one guy he'd been friends with since his time on the street and tormenting him about the general worthlessness of humans. John finally relents and lets the King drink his blood... forgetting that he got a blood transfusion from the demon Nergal. The King's jaw dissolves, and John uses the second wind to piss on him and drag him screaming into the sunlight.
    • Earlier, John was forced by Nergal to disrupt the plans of The Resurrection Crusade, which planned to have an angel impregnate a human woman who would then give birth a new Christ. John accomplished this by making love to her first. It didn't matter that she was no longer a virgin — but the angel recoiled at the demonic taint in her, another side effect of John's transfusion from Nergal.
  • Ultimate Galactus Trilogy has Professor Xavier trying to make contact with Gah Lak Tus's Hive Mind, only to get hurt pretty badly, as is standard in interactions with the Planet Eater. However, he realizes that the reason Gah Lak Tus acts in such a way is because it's disgusted by organic life, so he sets up a psionic amplifier...
    "Hello, Gah Lak Tus. I've brought six billion of my friends."
  • There are multiple theories on precisely what's going on inside Carnage's head, but we know that his personality hasn't changed in the slightest since his encounter with an alien symbiote, and we know that typically these symbiotes either coexist with the original personality (as in Venom's case) or take over completely. One interpretation is that Carnage was so Ax-Crazy that he completely overwhelmed the alien's mind.
  • Green Lantern:
    • Blackest Night: A Black Lantern who tried to eat the heart of The Phantom Stranger died instantly without leaving a scratch on the Stranger.
    • In Wrath of the First Lantern, Volthoom tries to feed on Larfleeze's emotions by showing him what his life would be like with his family back. Larfleeze is too greedy for it to work and Volthoom just gives up and leaves him alone.
  • In The Flash storyline "Hell to Pay," Satanic Archetype Neron bargains for Wally's love for Linda in exchange for stopping the rampage of Wally's soulless Rogues Gallery through Keystone—and thanks to Exact Words the city seems about to be flattened anyway. However, Neron finds that their love is so strong he's actually started to feel un-Satanly compassion, and consequently shows up demanding that they take it back. They refuse to do so until he agrees to hit the Reset Button on the entire business, even bringing back the people that the Rogues killed. Neron was previously defeated trying to claim Captain Marvel's soul, given freely in a moment of Heroic Sacrifice. Claiming an untainted soul in such circumstances turned out to be Neron's Kryptonite Factor.
  • Similarly, a Black Panther arc had Black Panther make a deal with Mephisto for the sole thing that could save the day. Mephisto came to claim his soul... which was also the seat of the power of the Black Panther, and tied to every other noble soul that's channeled said power. And they were pissed.
  • In a "What If" story, Mephisto tried to claim the soul of the Silver Surfer. It backfired when the Incorruptible Pure Pureness of the Surfer's soul manifested as a brilliant light that burned Mephisto. Since the Surfer already agreed to spend eternity in hell, Mephisto would burn forever. In this case, Surfer isn't too powerful or too evil for Mephisto — he's too good. Ironically, that's exactly why Mephisto wanted Surfer in hell in the first place since he didn't like seeing someone that good in the universe.
    • Mephisto cited this problem in One More Day as to why he wouldn't take Peter's soul as compensation for saving Aunt May. Good people that sacrifice themselves for a noble purpose prevents the soul from suffering because they know what they did was worth it.
  • Mephisto also encountered difficulties when he attempted to consume Cloak and Dagger as he had done to a neo-Nazi mook. More specifically, it was Cloak who proved indigestible when his cape blistered the inside of Mephisto's stomach. The duo were promptly spit out as Mephisto complained that Cloak tasted of "another demon's prior claim."
  • In her original series, Harley Quinn was exiled from Hell due to her focus on joy and love. Later on, in Harley Quinn's Little Black Book, Harley made a Deal with the Devil which meant she had to stay in Hell for 30 days, but got sent back to Earth before the first day was up because she was too annoying.
  • In one story, Lobo died. The story ends with Lobo back among the living and Heaven and Hell making him immortal for everything he did. OK, his rampage that devastated Heaven was justified, after they reincarnated him as a squirrel and he died squished by his own corpse dying his original death (it wasn't on purpose), but everything he did before that wasn't.
  • In an Alien spoof by French cartoonist Gotlib, a facehugger hugs Pervers Pépère. No surprise (at least to those knowing Pervers Pépère) the poor Xeno immediately needs an Alka Seltzer.
  • Anytime Deadman tries to possess Constantine in Justice League Dark, he feels actual pain due to how corrupted Constantine is. Inhabiting the body of the Phantom Stranger in his own series has similar results.
  • In Original Sin, Big Bad Dr. Midas has gotten hold of one of the eyes of the now-deceased Watcher, containing untold secrets of the Marvel Universe. After a while, he feels utter shame discomfort and just wants to get rid of the damn thing!
  • In ROM: Spaceknight, Rom tries to get Galactus to eat the Dire Wraiths' planet Wraithworld (don't feel bad; they're some of the most hideously evil beings in the universe), but it turns out that Wraithworld itself is so suffused with evil magical energy that Galactus can't stomach it.
  • In fact, it's all too common to have Galactus suffer The Worf Effect and be overwhelmed trying to consume something and finding out it's too much for him. Sometimes it's a planet that's naturally like this, other times it's in a fight with an entity that's too powerful for him to just eat.
  • In Green Lanterns, Singularity Jain devours the entire Justice League, but leaves John Constantine and Sara Cruz. Constantine explains that Sara is too well adjusted to be appetizing to Jain, but that while that's certainly not true of him, his soul has a host of other problems that makes him unappealing.
  • Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel: The Queen of Ktath'atn avoids implanting Luke with a symbiote specifically because of the risk of this. All victims of the symbiotes are joined together in a Hive Mind dominated by its strongest individual; at the start of the comic this is the queen, and she doesn't want to risk seeing what happens when she tests her dominance against a strong Force-sensitive. Indeed, when Luke is implanted by accident, he proves too strong to dominate and begins challenging her for leadership of the collective.
  • In Moon Knight (2021), an Eldritch Location tries to assimilate Moon Knight's mind into itself. Thing is, Moon Knight's mind has been transfigured by communion with his patron god Khonshu, making mental contact with him extremely nasty for most anything that tries, and the Eldritch Location ends up vomiting him out.
  • In Annihilators, The Queen of the Dire Wraiths tries to eat the Silver Surfer's brain and absorb his memories, only to find out that the mind of a Herald of Galactus is far, far beyond what she can handle. The resulting psychic backlash knocks her out, banishes her army of shadow creatures, and gives the Surfer insight into her own memories and motivations.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes: Hobbes puts Calvin's head in his mouth, but spits him out, claiming he tastes terrible. This is also a Running Gag for every person he "eats". Except for Tommy Chestnut, who apparently did taste awful, but was eaten anyway.

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): In this Godzilla MonsterVerse fanfiction, Scylla is revolted by a Many construct to the point that, after biting it during their fight, she spits to get its blood out of her mouth. Once the construct is dead, she makes no attempt to eat it. Bear in mind that Scylla's profile in MonsterVerse canon supplementary material describes her as being a carrion-eater.
  • Becoming a True Invader: During the Final Battle, the heroes use the Employer's ability to absorb technology into himself against him by tricking him into absorbing GIR, whose stupidity and insanity prove strong enough to overwhelm him and leave him unstable, giving the heroes an advantage.
  • Besides the Will of Evil: Reiziger makes a specialty of invading other people's minds and extracting their worst memories to break them emotionally. This works fine for him up until he tries it on Pinkie Pie, who proves to be simply too relentlessly optimistic to break, and instead breaks through Reiziger's own mental barriers and starts rooting around through his memories. It's stated to be the first time in thousands of years that Reiziger felt genuinely powerless.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • While raiding Azkaban, Gravemoss notes that the Dementors won't feed on him because his memories are far too vile for them.
    • Phoenix hosts tend to inspire this reaction in everything up to and including cosmic horrors, to the point where Harry reckons he can solve the problem of soul-eating god-killing abomination by locking it in his head with a very territorial Phoenix fragment. Considering that this same fragment did something similar to an Eldritch Abomination, a fragment of the Elder God Chthon at the end of the first book, this is entirely justified.
      • Regarding Harry in general, by chapter 60 of the sequel (after a lot of trauma and psychic scarring) his mind is not a place where anything hostile wants to tread. When a Humanoid Abomination tries... well, screaming was involved. And not by Harry.
  • The Total Drama story, Courtney and the Violin of Despair initially downplays the trope, but later double-subverts it.
    • When Courtney acquires the violin, the spirit enforcing the curse decides not to try to kill her because it regards an 11-year-old girl as not worth the effort. Instead, the Violin Spirit contents itself with inflicting petty humiliations.
    • When the 16-year-old Courtney appears on Total Drama Island and thereby becomes a public figure, the Violin Spirit decides that she's now worth the effort, and starts trying to do her in.
    • The strong-willed Courtney eventually develops a degree of resistance to the curse unbeknownst. This resistance, however slight, plays a pivotal role in her eventual deliverance form the curse.
  • In Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv), when Mello kidnaps Sayu Mr. Yagami begs Mello to kidnap Light as well. Also Mr. Yagami mentions that he got kicked out of the Death Eaters because he insisted on using a gun.
  • In The Element of Audacity, Rainbow Dash is this to Cthulhu.
  • In the Invader Zim oneshot House of Horror and Doom, an Eldritch Abomination traps Zim, Dib, and Gaz in Lotus Eater Machines based on their worst nightmares in order to feed on their fear, as it's done to countless others. Then it tries to capture GIR as well, and his insanity infects it, driving it crazy before making it blow up.
  • Jaune Arc, Lord of Hunger: The Grimm are unwilling to attack Darth Nihilus despite his nature as an Emotion Bomb fueled by The Power of Hate attracting them to him like moths to a flame.
  • A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor: During its attempt to steal the body and identity of Arturia, the Envy Demon's encounter with her dragonic side in her mind during the Nightmare Sequence is so much to handle that, for the first time in its long lifespan, it wants to vomit out all of the knowledge it gained from her memories before getting forced out of the mindscape. In fact, the aftermath shows Envy puking nonstop in the real world, showing how traumatizing that encounter was for it.
  • In Lord Potter's Own Will one of Sirius' friends jokes that no werewolf would eat him because "he usually smells like feet and old butterbeer."
  • The MLP Loops:
    • Pinkie does this multiple times. First and foremost, it's how she usurped Slaanesh, ascending as the Chaos Goddess of Parties. Because of that, her mind works entirely different now, and in a Harry Potter loop Snape goes into a coma trying to mind read her. Dumbledore says that it's like what happens to animals if a human links minds with them—the human thinks so fast that the animal can't keep up. Pinkie's thoughts are so impossibly fast (and also occasionally from the future) that Snape broke.
      Big Mac: How did you even wrest the power from Slaanesh?
      Pinkie: It tried to read my thoughts, so I shredded its mind until it believed that it was a fantastic idea to turn itself into a cupcake. Then I ate a chocolate frosted chaos god.
      Big Mac: Eeyep, because that ain't terrifying at all.
    • In the Girl Genius loop, Twilight (who is pissed at the constant Railroading) is possessed by the Other, an Eldritch Abomination time-traveling entity with centuries of experience. Twilight destroys her in a manner described as plucking the wings off a fly before crushing the fly itself.
      Vrin: You... you... you are not the Lady.
      Twilight: No. I'm much worse. I just took your lady two falls out of three in my head. I know everything she does and so much more besides you can't comprehend it. You think you follow a goddess... [begins levitating with power] ...but I am vastly more powerful and dangerous than she ever was. And you people have taken my last nerve, my very last nerve, and TAP-DANCED ON IT!
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim: It turns out at the climax of Season 2 Episode 12's Trapped in TV Land plot that the Scary Monkey is actually an Eldritch Abomination that has been feeding on human intelligence from its viewers. Team Save Earth and the Irkens ultimately defeat it by feeding it GIR, who is so purely stupid that it's poisonous to him, causing him to explode.
  • In On This Night Sirius states his wish that the Death Eaters who escaped Azkaban would all be kissed by Dementors and Lily's ghost replies that they'd probably give the Dementors heartburn - if Dementors had hearts.
  • The Pokémon Squad: In "A Little Bit of Monika", RM is shown to be so ludicrously clingy that even Monika, a well-known Yandere, can't stand it and does everything in her power to make sure their relationship never happens.
  • Ponies One Half: Tomobiki is so chaotic that it reduces Discord to baby-style thumb sucking after one day.
  • Reenacting a legend: Vali Lucifer's Divine Dividing ability lets him drain half the energy of anyone or anything. In his fight with Shirou Emiya, he demonstrates that it works on Shirou's Traced swords, making them brittle. However, when he tries it on Shirou's sword Gram, since Gram is a dragonslaying sword and Vali is part dragon, the energy starts poisoning him until he is able to expel it.
  • In The Swarm of War, the Overmind avoids absorbing Chaos Space Marines, despite the usefulness of the Gene-seeds for his plans.
  • A Very Potter Sequel: Dolores Umbridge is reinterpreted as the former warden of Azkaban and the only thing that the Dementors fear. Rumors circulate that a Dementor once kissed Umbridge... and it died.
  • In The Weaver Option Duradin Slayer Borek sings while he fights... badly. So badly that Slaaneshi daemons can't stand it.

    Films — Animation 
  • Toward the end of All Dogs Go to Heaven, Charlie is captured by a Sewer Gator, who then proceeds to eat him alive, but when the alligator was about to take his first bite, Charlie starts howling very loudly. The alligator, upon realizing that he can never eat anyone that can sing as good as Charlie immediately lets him go and instead starts singing "Let's Make Music Together" - the trope naming Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • In Kung Fu Panda 3, the Big Bad Kai tries to absorb the chi of the Dragon Warrior. Po tries to fight him and even uses the Wuxi Finger Hold, the same method he used on Tai Lung in the first film, but Kai is a spirit and the Finger Hold only works on mortals. Po then grabs onto Kai and uses the move on himself to send them both to the spirit realm. After Po's friends and loved ones send their energy to Po, he attains his potential as the Dragon Warrior. When Kai still tries to steal his chi, Po gives it to him... all of it. Kai is unable to handle it all and explodes.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Seen in The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle: Bullwinkle is too dense for mind control to have any effect. Also in the original cartoons. "No brain, no effect."
  • The villain in Barbarella attempts to kill her by pleasuring her to death in his Excessive Machine. She, however, can take so much pleasure that the machine overloads instead. And then the giant evil-eating blob that engulfs the city at the end is so repulsed by her innocence that it spits out Barbarella and a villainess who just happens to be next to her because she is innocently sensual, with no malice. Okay, some malice.
  • In Cast a Deadly Spell, the Evil Sorcerer is ready to sacrifice his Beautiful Virgin Daughter to the Elder God. But the Elder God throws her back in disgust. It seems that her "virgin" qualification had been revoked when Daddy wasn't looking...
  • In the 2000 horror film Crocodile the Comic Relief gets swallowed whole by the titular 20-feet reptile, and immediately vomited back up relatively unharmed - his perfume is that awful.
  • Evolution:
    • The alien organisms become acclimatized to Earth's atmosphere and are spreading throughout the town. They are evolving rapidly to become smarter primates. Ira suddenly makes the brilliant assumption that the aliens are weak against Selenium and collects large amounts of Head & Shoulders shampoo which contains Selenium.
    • The Army bombs the aliens and suddenly, a large blob-like organism which all the aliens originated from comes out of the cave and crushes the Army. The heroes drive close to the monster and pump in large amounts of shampoo but one of them ends up being swallowed (then because of the Selenium it vomits him again and the thing explodes).
  • Hellraiser: Judgement: The Assessor is a demon resembling a disgusting obese man with Jabba Table Manners responsible for digesting the sins of those to be judged after the Auditor has put them down to paper. When he eats Sean's file, his sins are so hideous that the Assessor chokes on them before he can even finish.
  • In Hulk, Bruce's dad, trying to assimilate the Hulk, gets the sum total of Bruce's repressed anguish in the process, and can't handle it.
    Take it back... It's not stopping! Take it back!
  • The climactic scene of Joe Versus the Volcano. The two protagonists hold hands and leap into the volcano... and the Volcano God rejects them, blowing them out into the sea and then sinking the island.
  • A predatory Ceratosaurus in Jurassic Park III takes our heroes by surprise. However, our heroes happen to be covered in Spinosaurus dung, so the ceratosaur takes one whiff, changes its mind, and walks away.
  • In Me And The Big Guy a parody of Nineteen Eighty-Four, a lonely citizen tries small talking and playing board games with Big Brother and even puts on sock-puppet theater for the "Big guy" on the screen. An annoyed and disgusted Big Brother calls him out, telling him that Big Brother is supposed to be a feared and omniscient oppressor, not a personal friend, but as the citizen continues this behavior, Big Brother turns the double-way screen off in frustration to avoid communicating with him. Of course, it is subtly suggested that this was the citizen's intention from the start.
  • Nope: Despite its unique physiology, Jean Jacket is just an animal, and it needs to expel anything non-organic that it can't digest, whether it be the small bits of metal that kills Otis Sr., a plastic horse, or the blood and guts from a particularly large meal of humans. Angel survives his encounter with Jean Jacket during the climax by wrapping himself in barbed wire. Although painful for Angel, it proves just as much so for Jean Jacket, who then immediately spits him back out.
  • in Osmosis Jones, the vile virus Thrax enters the subconscious and sees all Frank's repressed memories. He stumbles around in confusion, visibly unnerved, before running out in a panic.
    Thrax: Whew! This cat was sick before I even got here...
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Captain Barbossa is described as being "so evil that Hell itself spit him back out." Which becomes ironic once he actually comes back to life in the sequel.
  • In Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, R2-D2 gets swallowed by a swamp monster on Dagobah. A few seconds later, he gets spat out. Luke comments, "You're lucky you don't taste very good." (the Re-Cut inexplicably changed it to "You're lucky you got out of there."note )
  • The Three Stooges get a taste of brainwashing when captured by Red China while re-enacting Around the World in Eighty Days. Result? "No brainee to washee!"

  • Two men have survived a sinking ship. One looks on in horror as a shark barrels up to his mate. The shark takes a sniff, recoils in disgust, and swims quickly away. The other guy asks, incredulously, what just happened. The man refused by the shark shrugs, and reveals that he has Stockport County Will Win The F.A. Cup! note  tattooed on his chest.
    Not even a shark's going to swallow that!
  • A gamer died and went to hell. Not long after, Satan asked God to take him back because the gamer killed all of the demons and devils, flipped all the cauldrons and when he didn't find any precious artifacts, he beat Satan up to get him to say where the next level is.
  • Vladimir Lenin died, so God and the Devil get together to decide where he should go. After a brief discussion, they settle on Hell. After a few weeks, the Devil runs to God, telling him that Lenin has organized the demons into a labor union, so now they are demanding heavenly conditions in exchange for their hellish work. He begs God to take him to Heaven, figuring that there won't be any negative social conditions for Lenin to make use of to make trouble. God agrees. A few weeks later, the Devil calls God to ask how Lenin is doing. God replies, "First of all, it's 'Comrade God'. Second, there is no God. And third, I'm late for a party meeting."
  • How do you know you've lived your life to the fullest? When you're denied entrance to Hell, because "Sorry, but we have a respectable establishment here!"
  • A related saying: "Heaven doesn't want them, and Hell is afraid they'd take over."
  • One medieval satirist claimed that the Devil wouldn't take a peasant who was too foul-smelling.

  • The title character of Bobbie Faye is refused by the governor of Texas (and quite a few other states) as the governor of Louisiana tries desperately to pass her on(off).
  • John Moore's comedic fantasy novel A Fate Worse Than Dragons plays with this one quite a bit:
    • One of the heroines winds up as the hostage of an evil wizard who is attempting to breed griffins. In this setting, griffins can only draw nourishment through eating virgin maidens. The rest of the heroes arrive "too late" to save her from being tossed into the griffin feeding pit only to discover a very alive and very annoyed princess who basically says "It had already eaten. That's the only reason I'm still alive. Understand?"
      • Later, she corners her boyfriend and demands an explanation for why the griffin really didn't eat her, since he assured her that some undefined (but obviously sexual) act "didn't count".
    • And later on, as the griffin is released on a Mayday festival equivalent, a random maiden sees the griffin as it catches her scent and makes a hurried attempt to force herself on the man whose advances she had just rejected a minute earlier in an effort to make herself inedible - all while the griffin is trying to break the house down.
  • The Shel Silverstein poem "Always Sprinkle Pepper in Your Hair" refers to a tactic for keeping yourself literally too spicy for a hag to make into soup: "She'll pick you up and sniff you, and then she'll sneeze 'Achooo,' and say, 'My tot, you're much too hot, I fear you'll never do'."
  • Twig of The Edge Chronicles is spat out by a BloodOak after attempting to swallow him the wrong way, causing the bristles on Twig's cloak to choke it.
  • Harry Potter does an inversion in several places. There are several times where Voldemort tries to touch (and later possess) Harry and can't because of this trope. But played straight when Voldemort tried to possess Harry during his fight with Dumbledore. Harry's love for Sirius and, more importantly, his desire to die and join him are anathema to Voldemort. Voldemort is defined by his inability to appreciate love and his fear of death.
    • Azkaban is guarded by joy-sucking Eldritch Abominations called Dementors, which normally drive prisoners insane or drain their motivation to escape. Sirius was imprisoned there for alleged mass murder and for the betrayal of his best friends (Harry's parents), James and Lily Potter. But he still manages to get past the Dementors and escape. This is partly because he spends a lot of time in the form of a dog, meaning his simpler emotions are harder for Dementors to detect and consume. Also, Sirius is so unhappy already, over the deaths of Harry's parents and over his own wrongful imprisonment, that there isn't really much joy left for the Dementors to eat. His escape is motivated not by positive emotions like hope, but by desire for revenge against Peter Pettigrew—who really betrayed Harry's parents, massacred all those bystanders, framed Sirius for it all, and is very likely lying in wait to deliver Harry to Voldemort.
    • Dolores Umbridge can conjure a Patronus (an Animal Battle Aura powered by inner joy), even in a room full of the aforementioned Dementors, while wearing one of the Big Bad's Soul Jars around her neck and sending innocent people to Azkaban in a Kangaroo Court. None of this hinders her ability to produce a Patronus; she's so twisted that that kind of environment makes her happy.
      • Before this, Ron briefly wonders if Umbridge managed to open the Horcrux locket and became possessed by Voldemort, but Harry muses that she was already so evil that it wouldn't make any difference.
  • Humanity as a whole has a unique resistance to mind reading in The Damned by Alan Dean Foster, causing mental trauma in any alien that tries it. Species-wide insanity has advantages. This comes back to haunt humanity after the war they were recruited to fight in by The Weave has ended: humans' resistance to mind reading and violent tendencies convince the other races of The Weave to not admit them as equal partners, and indeed to consider eliminating the human race. Fortunately another member race that is immune to the mental trauma (the Lepar, by virtue of being Too Dumb to Fool) is discovered, and humanity is admitted to The Weave because the Lepar exist as a failsafe should the humans get out of hand. For their part, humans and Lepar get along just fine.
  • In The Lord of the Rings, Shelob (a borderline Eldritch Abomination in the form of a Giant Spider) finds Gollum absolutely inedible, despite the fact that she'll eat almost anything else, up to and including orc. But then, she's never tried to eat anyone that's been corrupted for decades by the One Ring. Consequently, Gollum is able to convince Shelob to spare him - so long as he brings her more edible beings to feast on, like hobbits...
  • A story with a somewhat darkly comedic bent in The Hellbound Hearts had a trio of youths, who were being held captive by an extremely sadistic Outlaw Couple, summon the Cenobites using a puzzle box the couple had in their possession. The Cenobites at first are eager to take them as their new guinea pigs in exploring the realms of sensation and experience, but after one of them comes into contact with one of the three, decides against it, having sensed they've already been through pretty much every form of torture and indignity imaginable at the hands of their captors, who the Cenobites decide to take as a consolation prize.
  • One Goosebumps book, How to Kill a Monster, ends with the heroes captured by the monster, even after their attempts at killing it by making it fall through the stairs and poisoning it. Said monster is allergic to humans, and keels over dead after merely licking one. Unfortunately, the monster's friends are pissed off after this. Cue the chills, as the book ends with the heroes alone, far away from town, and in a marsh filled with these hungry, soon to awaken creatures. Hopefully the other monsters are allergic to humans too.
  • Jack C. Haldeman's Home Team Advantage, published in Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, has alien Arcturians winning a baseball game, with the prize being that they get to eat the entire human race. By the vote of fans, Julius Hawkline, the Howard-Cosell-expy, is chosen to be the first devoured. After the Arcturian coach bites off and chews The Hawk's nose for long minutes, it's decided that humans are inedible and some other form of compensation will need to be worked out. The Hawk is one tough old bird.
  • In some respects, this is pretty much the story of Padan Fain's life in The Wheel of Time. To follow:
    • Initially a Punch-Clock Villain, Fain got touched directly by the Dark One, giving him the power to track The Hero and his companions anywhere in the world. However, this also had the side-effect of screwing things up for the undead spirit of Mordeth, a particularly infamous Evil Chancellor, when it tried to possess Fain - unable to overcome the Dark One's taint and take over, Mordeth's spirit and Fain's ended up merging together into one superpowered Ax-Crazy maniac.
    • Later, Fain/Mordeth travelled the Ways, which are inhabited by the Black Wind, a soul-devouring Eldritch Abomination. Upon coming into contact with Fain, not only did the Black Wind not harm him (out of what could best be described as "professional courtesy"), but he gained a limited ability to set it onto other targets (thankfully, it can't leave the Ways).
    • Finally, Word of God has actually invoked this by saying that if someone threw Fain as he is now into the Pit of Doom, the Dark One would simply spit him back out because he tastes bad.
  • In the short story "The Seven Geases" by Clark Ashton Smith, Ralibar Vooz is sacrificed to the Eldritch Abomination Tsathoggua, who happens not to be hungry at the time. Unfortunately for Ralibar Vooz, Tsathoggua decides to offer him to another Eldritch Abomination who then decides to do the same. He is eventually rejected by all the monsters in the cavern. In a Cruel Twist Ending, he falls to his death on the way to the exit.
  • In Piers Anthony's Tarot trilogy, an extended sequence sees the questing party sent to Hell where they are interrogated by Satan himself. Taking the form of a huge demon with two serpentine heads, Satan eats the more egregious members of the party with audible crunches and slurps, with unheeded bits falling off a woman victim, pronouncing the taste of evil people to be delicious. However, as the hero Brother Paul steels himself, Satan offers him a choice of losing one set of two paired bodily organs. Deciding eyes are of more use than testicles, Paul offers his balls, which are bitten off and spat out by one of the serpents. Then he is swallowed whole, but not eaten: apparently the taste of a truly good man is vile to Satan. Being swallowed is just a gateway to a new experience of Hell...
  • In Fate/Zero's climax, Gilgamesh is consumed by the Grail when its contents spill on him. Unlike everyone else in the world, who die painfully or are twisted into wicked mirrors of their old selves because their character flaws resonate with it, Gilgamesh is an existence too absolute for it to corrupt. He basically tells off its creators for being stupid enough to think anyone except him would be capable of carrying all the world's evils. He is subsequently released no worse for wear.
  • Famously, after seeing him get swallowed up by the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi, nobody was expecting Boba Fett to turn up, apparently unscathed, in Expanded Universe novels and comics. He just claimed the massive creature found him "indigestible", though it is much later revealed he certainly didn't escape without consequences.
  • The Terror. The monster rejects the soul of dying mutineer Cornelius Hickey in distaste, as he's too evil.
  • In Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian story "The Scarlet Citadel", Conan rescues the Kothian wizard Pelias. When confronted by the giant snake Satha, Pelias simply smiles and the monster slithers away in terror, to Conan's amazement and relief. Pelias simply says, "The scaled people see what escapes the mortal eye. You see my fleshy guise, he saw my naked soul."
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy had Marvin connect himself to a police ship AI so they could have a chat. The AI, upon learning Marvin's view of life, the universe, and everything, terminated itself and took the policemen shooting at the others with it.
  • Not a traditional example but still in the spirit of the trope, in Never Trust a Dead Man by Vivian Vande Velde, the protagonist obtains aid from a witch in clearing his name of murder by promising her years of servitude after he finishes his mission. He initially offers just a single year, but as the story progresses he needs to request additional spells multiple times at steep prices, and consequently racks up around a decade of indentured servitude. However, after he clears his name, the witch releases him from his debt, claiming that he'd be so miserable to be stuck for so long that he'd just be unpleasant for her to keep around! In return, the surprised protagonist gratefully offers her a single year of willing service, saying he couldn't begrudge her that much after all of her help.
  • Bruce Coville's Book of... Monsters II: Vend U. has Jocelyn, a girl who's always tormenting her classmates and causing trouble at her school, who gets eaten by a living vending machine. Then she somehow overcomes it from the inside and makes copies of herself, allowing her clones to keep tormenting her classmates.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Absolutely Fabulous:
    Patsy Stone: The last mosquito that bit me had to check into the Betty Ford clinic.
  • Angel:
    • In one episode, a demonic tree drains people's body-fluids with its vines, but it becomes poisoned when it tries this on Angel, who is a vampire.
    • Another episode sees a small boy possessed by a rather evil demon. The boy is an even more evil psychopath, who commits all of "the demon's" crimes himself; the only thing the demon does is try to make the boy commit suicide to end its own suffering.
    • Another episode recycles the plot of Cast a Deadly Spell mentioned above, with Angel being hired to ensure the daughter remains a virgin (with precisely the same outcome).
    • When she fights Angelus Faith dopes up and then lets him feed on her. The drugs she took are so strong than he promptly stops and passes out.
  • The Brittas Empire: During "The Last Day", Gordon Brittas dies and goes into Heaven. After 2 weeks, Saint Peter and the other denizens of heaven become annoyed by Brittas' annoying personality and they get orders from upstairs to return him back to earth for another couple of decades.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy is attacked by a vampire on the way home from the burger joint she works at, only for him to back off as she smells awful. The vampire is in the middle of saying he'll just have to try eating her another day when a pissed-off Buffy hurls a stake into his chest.
    • In another episode, Angelus bites a jock, but spits out his blood in disgust. The jock was taking steroids and was mutating into a fish-monster.
    • One early episode centers on a Body Surfing demon which possesses Jenny Calendar. The heroes solution is for Angel to attack Demon!Jenny, causing the demon to jump into Angel's body in self defense. Too bad for him that Angel already had a demon in him, due to being a vampire. And it was raring for a fight, killing the newcomer. Funny how Angel seems to end up in this trope a lot, huh?
  • An episode of Charmed had an Emotion Eater defeated when Leo's Unstoppable Rage caused him to explode.
  • The cannibal featured in the Criminal Minds episode "Lucky" originally ate prostitutes, but eventually switched to a different demographic of women since most of the prostitutes in the area used drugs, which makes them "taste funny".
  • Doctor Who:
    • Involving the Cybermen:
      • "Doomsday": Cybermen from another dimension start "upgrading" people, including Yvonne Hartman, head of Torchwood. Turns out Hartman has a very patriotic streak in her, and she managed to break her programming, all the while repeating her mantra: "I did my duty for Queen and Country."
      • "The Next Doctor": The Cybermen attempt to convert Mrs. Hartigan. Problem is, she's too strong-willed, and dominates them instead.
      • "Closing Time": The Cybermen tried to convert Craig. It worked... right up until he heard his child crying. His powerful daddy instincts psychically destroy the Cybermen's emotional inhibitors, and the Cybermen kill themselves out of horror at what they've become.
      • In the series 8 finale, Danny Pink and The Brigadier also prove too strong-willed for the Cybermen to convert.
    • "The Lodger" has an alien spacecraft trying to repair itself using people who want to leave. When a man who is very much in love connects himself to the main controls the whole ship overloads.
      • This was more due to his being perfectly happy with his life where he was, and not wanting to travel or adventure or see the world. Antithetical ideas to a ship implied to be not unlike a TARDIS.
    • In "The Doctor's Wife", House is only shown attempting to Mind Rape Amy. Word of God says that House did try to do this to Rory, but simply gave up after he proved immune to it. Also in that episode, House dies after eating a TARDIS's soul along with the body.
    • "The God Complex" has an alien minotaur feeding on the faith of those trapped in its prison by revealing their worst fears. When Rory shows up, all it does is show him the exit because he is neither religious nor superstitious and, unlike Amy, does not have an abiding faith that The Doctor will always save the day. Also, because after the events of "The Pandorica Opens"... there isn't really anything left for him to be afraid of.
    • There are at least two characters (namely, Oswin Oswald and Tasha Lem) who have been converted into Daleks or Dalek puppets but have resisted complete transformation and helped to defeat the Daleks.
    • In "The Rings of Akhaten", Clara defeats the Old God by feeding it her special leaf. The leaf manages to destroy it not only because it represents how her parents found each other, but also, because of her mother's death, the endless possibilities they could have had together. The Doctor previously tries to pull this on purpose by having the Old God feed on his memories... but the planet-sized being turns out to be able to handle that.
    • As a general rule for the 'verse, it's not a good idea to try to eat/absorb the mind of the Doctor (or other Time Lords), and even if you can handle him, Clara Oswald and her echoes are an even worse idea/have this going on as a bit of a running theme.
    • "The Zygon Inversion": The Zygon Bonnie duplicates Clara, keeping her in a pod to maintain their psychic link. Clara wastes no time using that link to manipulate Bonnie, and Bonnie can't do the same to Clara.
    • "The Tsuranga Conundrum": The Pting will happily devour any kind of inorganic matter... but after swallowing the sonic screwdriver, it spits it out mostly intact (but temporarily unusable) just moments later.
  • Forever Knight:
    • Happens to Lacroix when his victim had something wrong and Lacroix couldn't drain him. The guy went on to become Jack the Ripper as a beast-like vampire. Later, the same thing happens with a small boy, and he returns as a Dhampyr-like adult, a vampire hunter with sensitivity to sunlight, enhanced senses and a good vampire hunting knack.
    • Lacroix decides to bring across a young Austrian soldier he encounters during World War One, but something about the soldier seems to intimidate him and he backs off at the last moment.
  • In an episode of Grimm, an octopus-like Wesen that steals memories sticks its tentacles into Trubel. After seeing various memories of her killing other Wesen, he spits her out. He is last seen sobbing and moaning in a jail cell.
  • In an episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Hercules and Iolaus have to deal with Ares' dog, a massive Hellhound that eats people and gains strength from their evil. They trick it into eating one of Ares' minions, who was so evil that the dog exploded.
  • In Kamen Rider Double, the near omnipotent Utopia Dopant draws power from the hope and resolve of people. He meets his end when he faces Double during Philip's The Last Dance. Philip's Heroic Resolve to save his sister with his final act overloads Utopia, allowing Double to defeat him.
  • From Kamen Rider Wizard, Sora/Gremlin. Unlike all other monsters in the show, he constantly claims to have kept his original human personality and soul. At some points going even as far as to save the victim from another Monster of the Week, driving Haruto into a moral dilemma of being unable to try and kill him. In the end, it is revealed that Sora kept his mind because he already was a completely insane Serial Killer and he saved the girl because he wanted to kill her himself and add her scalp to his collection.
  • In Kamen Rider Zi-O the Big Bad attempted to push Sougo Tokiwa over the Despair Event Horizon in order to awaken the power of Ohma Zi-O, who wields the power of every Kamen Rider in history, all so Swartz could siphon away that power. However, said power was way too vast to drain - Swartz could only handle a tiny fraction of Ohma Zi-O's power. And it was far too late to back out by that point.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
    • An early episode had the Pudgy Pig defeated when the Rangers fed him food that was literally too spicy for him. He promptly spat up their weapons, which he had eaten, allowing the Rangers to destroy him.
    • Another very literal example was with the Invenusable Flytrap. He literally swallowed Jason, Kimberly, Zach, and Billy, but they escaped later by blasting their way out. (This was actually a sort of Achilles' Heel for this Man-Eating Plant; as his name implied he was armored, and very hard to hurt, but his insides weren't so well-protected, it seemed.)
  • A downplayed example in Peep Show; whatever's happening at the New Year's Eve party that freaks out everyone who walks into it. We don't see anything and only hear a very ominous bass-heavy dance beat, but even notably crack-addled hedonist maniac Super Hans is utterly freaked out by whatever depravities are going on within.
  • In an episode of Red Dwarf, Lister is swallowed whole by a shark while in an AR machine. The shark soon spits him back out before sticking its tongue out and going "bleh!". Guess it didn't like curry vindaloo.
  • Room 101: Ian Hislop got Paul Merton to put Piers Morgan into Room 101, but the Room spat him out because he was too toxic.
  • Star Trek: Voyager:
    • The Borg find the Kazon so utterly unremarkable that assimilating them would add nothing to the Collective. "They would detract from our perfection." Presumably an in-joke reference to how audiences found the Kazon to be at best entirely uninteresting and at worst a reason to not bother watching, leading to them getting dropped from the show after barely a couple of seasons.
    • "Scorpion" introduces the aliens known only by the Borg designation Species 8472, whose biology makes the Borg's nanoprobes useless, and actually makes them desperate enough that Janeway is able to cut a deal with them to team up against the threat.
    • "Random Thoughts" deals with a race of telepaths who have made negative emotions illegal, leading to a black market of negative emotions, sold like a Fantastic Drug. One dealer tries to force a mind-meld with Tuvok, only to discover that under their stoicism is rage and fury, enough to make the dealer overdose.
    • In the finale, "Endgame", a Borg sphere "consumes" Voyager by tractoring it inside, but Voyager's enhanced weapons let them blow the sphere apart from the inside once it's arrived at its destination.
  • In the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Obsession", the vampiric monster finds Spock's copper-based Vulcan blood inedible, and flees. McCoy wryly jokes that Spock "must have left a bad taste in its mouth" which Spock says is figuratively true.
  • The Strain (TV series): Eichhorst finally corners and drinks the blood of Abraham Setrakian but is poisoned because Setrakian overdosed on blood thinners. This weakens Eichhorst and allows Setrakian to finally destroy him.
  • In the climax of the AMC mini-series adaptation of The Terror, the monstrous spirit-creature Tuunbaq chokes to death immediately after scarfing down murderous mutineer Cornelius Hickey. It's left ambiguous as to whether it was poisoned by the exceptional evil of Hickey's soul (as alluded to in the novel where the Tuunbaq actually avoids Hickey for this reason), or by the actual poison that was inside Hickey and his conspirators after they cannibalized Dr. Goodsir, who had poisoned himself as a trap knowing they would eat him.
  • Torchwood:
    • This trope actually forms a major part of the Series 1 finale, "End of Days". The Big Bad of the season, Abaddon, feeds directly off life energy. So how do they kill it? The immortal Captain Jack allows Abaddon to feed off him, but Jack's life energy doesn't run out and Abbadon can't handle it. As it's put in a different episode, a man drinks water, but can drown.
    • In at least two episodes, the rampaging Monster of the Week encounters Owen after he is killed and resurrected, and, after a moment of disgusted inspection, rejects him as a possible victim. The first time, in "Something Borrowed", the monster doesn't eat dead meat, and the second time, "From Out of the Rain", the villain steals your last breath — and Owen had his last breath some weeks beforehand.

  • There's a folk song about an "old man who lived under a hill" whose obnoxious wife (or possibly mother-in-law) is claimed by the Devil. The old lady makes Hell so miserable that the demons beg Satan to let her go, which he does.
    • Another version has it being a farmer's wife, and the Devil has to give her back to her husband for reasons not explained in the song. His response to this is "What will you give me to take her back?" Eventually, he gets his entire family protected permanently from the Devil.
  • Sector Gaza's Dirty Blood goes like this: An old alcoholic meets a vampire who bites him... and gets badly poisoned, because his victim's been drinking all his life.
  • Kongos: In "Come With Me Now", the narrator tries to sell his soul, but the devil refuses to touch it.

    Mythology & Religion 
  • It has been suggested that this is the reason why the Biblical prophet Jonah was regurgitated by the whale: based on verifiable instances of people being swallowed by whales who survived afterwards, a largely vegetarian species whose digestive system is geared up to nothing bigger than plankton or seaweed might have been internally irritated by a larger-than-usual and probably indigestible morsel, and simply vomited it out again.


  • In Less is Morgue, Brains Vincent manages to save himself from being entirely eaten by Riley by having a bad-tasting head. As a result, a living head is all that's left of him.
  • In Welcome to Night Vale the Whispering Forest, which normally assimilates anyone who comes too close, told Kevin to "Go! Please go! Leave us be!"
  • In The Hidden Almanac, when the interns are kidnapped by a cult that wants to sacrifice them to a plague god, Mord throws himself on it so Drom can get them away. After swallowing him, the plague god starts reciting Mord's unfinished host segment, and then he pops up whole and unharmed, apart from being emotionally shaken.

    Print Media 
  • In Quest featured hypothetical battles between characters from different fictional continuities. When they set the Borg from Star Trek up against Orcs from Magic: The Gathering, the Orcs were slaughtered by the thousands... until one of them was assimilated. Then the Borg retreated, since the Orcs had nothing to offer them.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Axl Rotten made his name in ECW in a particularly violent feud in 1995 with his "brother" Ian, which involved barbed wire baseball bats, barbed wire chairs, glass, thumbtacks and whatever else they could get their hands on and beating the hell out of each other. Who could be seen flinching during the Beulah McGillicutty vs. Bill Alfonso sequence, which started with Beulah blasting Fonzie with a cookie sheet causing him to lose 30% of his blood, of the Tommy Dreamer/Beulah vs. Rob Van Dam/Bill Alfonso mixed tag match at ECW As Good As It Gets, September 20, 1997? AXL ROTTEN!
  • At Demand Lucha Glamour X Menace, June 10, 2018, Holidead teamed with Darby Allin and Evil Uno (formerly Player Uno of The Super Smash Brothers) as Team Darkside in a loss to Ophidian and The Serpent Society (Gisele Shaw and Holden Albright). When Ophidian entered the ring, he was slithering on the mat and Holidead was on all fours sticking her tongue out at Ophidian, which caused Ophidian to actually back away from her. One of the commentators said, "When you're too weird for Ophidian, you know your weird game is up to smack."
  • Played for Laughs and averted on the January 15, 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown when Becky Lynch drinks a smoothie made out of protein powder, raw eggs and pancakes and says it's "a little weak."

  • Big Finish Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor in "Phobos". When facing a monster that feeds on adrenaline but is harmed by actual fear, the Doctor conquers it effortlessly by showing it his own mind. He starts by feeding it memories of all the things he's seen in the past, followed by all the evil he's seen from the future... and as a final blow, all the things he's afraid he might do someday. It takes several minutes, with the Doctor continuously mocking the monster throughout. Oh, and he does it while bungee jumping into the monster's transdimensional portal.
  • Old Harry's Game: The Professor got out of his torture in Hell because the demons got fed up with him taking notes instead of screaming in pain as he was supposed to.
    • In one episode, Satan puts Thomas in solitary confinement. Not as a punishment, but because it seemed fairer on everyone else.
      • In another episode, Thomas is put into the Pit of Demons Who Are Too Violent Even For Hell.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In one old module for Call of Cthulhu, players have to stop a plot to link the mind of an Eldritch Abomination to the psyches of all humanity, by which the villains intend to reduce the human race to its gibbering worshippers. If they fail to stop it, there's a campaign-preserving GM Saving Throw option of having the villains' scheme run its course successfully... only to have the abomination be driven insane, by whatever standard of "sanity" might apply to Lovecraftian horrors, because the sheer number of human beings on Earth is so great that their cumulative psyches can overpower its own singular mind and rip it to shreds because they are so foreign to it. All that happens to the world's population is having very vivid and disturbing nightmares for a few days at most.
  • The Kroot in Warhammer 40,000 evolve by assimilating the genetic material of what they eat, progressing certain groups along specific developmental lines (to the point where every single animal on their homeworld Pech is a Kroot derivative, their ancestors filling all available niches). However, the Shapers (basically guides as to what should be eaten) instruct their brethren to avoid Genestealer hybrids or those tainted with Chaos due to their potential to corrupt the entire species.
  • An unusually literal example in the Feng Shui supplement Elevator to the Netherworld. As part of his plot to defeat an unkillable man-eating giant (it's complicated), a hero soaked his clothes in hot pepper juice, then goaded the giant into trying to eat him.
  • Deadlands: Stone. When Stone was shot in the back by his own men for being an evil sonofabitch in the battle of Gettysburg, the embodiments of pure evil sent one of their servant spirits to offer him his life back in exchange for timesharing his body with said spirit. Stone accepted, but the blackness of his soul left the poor demon a gibbering wreck. Stone promptly whipped the poor thing into submission, cut a new deal with its bosses and now travels the world gunning down heroes and wronging rights.
  • In 2nd edition Dark Sun, the Githyanki (planar pirates who view the entire multiverse as their garden to harvest as they see fit) visited Athas before promptly deciding that this place is fucked up and going straight back to where they came from, sealing the portals behind them.

    Video Games 
  • BlazBlue:
  • Pikmin 2: Downplayed. White Pikmin, along with being immune to poison, actually have poison in their bodies which damages enemies that eat them. The Pikmin still die, however, making this a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Bloodborne: In the third ending, obtained by consuming three One Third Umbilical Cords, refusing Gehrman's offer and killing him, the player is greeted by the Moon Presence, which descends into the Hunter's Dream to absorb the player in a soul-sucking embrace and turn them into the new host of the dream. The player, using the umbilical cords, has gained enough insight to realize what is happening, and resists the Moon Presence. This knocks it back, angers it, and triggers the True Final Boss.
  • Fallen London:
    • The Quiet Deviless is a charming devil who wants you to sell her your soul, but if you are A Seeker of the Name — more precisely, if you've stained your soul in the process of Seeking she will vomit, burst out crying and demand you leave her home.
    • If you find yourself on a slow boat after having tasted Hesperidean Cider, the Boatman will be very unhappy to see you and send you back to the land of the living immediately.
  • In Kingdom of Loathing, one year The Borg crash lands in the Kingdom. They exhume a nearby grave and reanimate the dead, then try to assimilate them. The problem was that the body was of Father Crimbo, who (because it was Crimbo time) was powerful enough to assimilate them, creating the Crimborg.
    • Also, one of the failed attack messages from slime monsters is:
      It tries to ooze under your toenails, but is repulsed by the smell of your feet. Congratulations, you just disgusted a living booger.
  • In NetHack:
    • Being swallowed whole while wearing a ring of slow digestion causes the devouring monster to vomit the hero out.
    • Unsurprisingly, eating one of the Riders of the Apocalypse has an even worse result.
    • The deadly Cockatrice is too spicy for most monsters, due to its petrifying touch. Most humanoid monsters can avoid touching it by using weapons, but vampires and mindflayers will supplement weapon attacks with their special bite attacks (blood drain and brain devouring) and die because of this.
  • In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, this is what happens when a Droppy steals an ability that is exclusive to bosses, such as Hammer or Smash.
  • In Portal 2, GlaDOS decides to let Chell go, because she's tired of Chell's killing her and wrecking the Enrichment Center.
  • Charlie Ho-Tep in Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, the ventriloquist's dummy that unlocks Max's psychic ventriloquism power, used to belong to Junior, the youngest of the Elder Gods. Junior hated him; played with him for about ten minutes, and then chucked him aside, declaring him to be creepy as shit and wanting nothing more to do with him. That's right; he was too creepy for the brain-melting abomination against reality.
    • Even Max finds the dummy creepy. Max is also an abomination against reality.
  • Within a Deep Forest has a large catlike monster who will gobble up any ball that gets near it. Except the Pathetic Ball; it can bounce right past the beast without incident. The implied reason is that the monster wants to absorb your ball's powers, and only the Pathetic Ball has no powers worth absorbing.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Darth Nihilus is practically crippled during his attempt to feed on the Exile. This is due to Darth Nihilus being driven by an insatiable hunger to devour the Force energy of all living things, while the Exile passively draws forth the Force from those around them, meaning that Nihilus tried to gorge himself on what is essentially a Force black hole!
  • Dawn of War: In Dark Crusade's Chaos stronghold level, Eliphas the Inheritor uses his sorcery to mind-speak with the enemy commander to unnerve or scare them. This works in all but three cases: Gorgutz 'Ead'unter (An Ork who's Too Dumb to Fool: "Oi said, get out o' me 'ead!!"), Shas'O Kais (Tau have a Disability Immunity—no Psychic Powers means they can't be affected by them, either: "I've got a buzzing in my comms. Switching channels.") and the Necron Lord, who has his only line in the game (consisting of weird chittering). Smug Snake Eliphas actually loses his composure at the last one ("I... your soul is gone...").
  • The basic premise of Garlic in Plants vs. Zombies. Most zombies, upon encountering a plant, will just keep chomping on a plant until one or the other goes down. But when Zombies take a bite of Garlic, they make a disgusted sound and quickly step around it.
  • Final Fantasy
    • In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales the demon book Bebuzzu spits out Chubby's chocobo card because he's "too buttery."
    • Non-antagonist example in Final Fantasy IX: This is approximately what happens when the player tries to use Quina's Eat/Cook ability on a not-yet-properly-beaten enemynote . So here we have the animation of Quina eagerly waltzing his/her way forward brandishing a fork in his/her attempt to "eat" the enemy, only to claim "I no can eat until it weaker!" a few seconds later.
      • Some enemies such as bosses and humanoids can't be eaten at all; trying this gives a slightly different message: "I no can eat!" after trying, regardless of the target's HP level.
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV has a variation of this: the demon Xi Wangmu eats a bunch of Ring of Gaea members, which turn out to be too spicy for her. Unfortunately, she only finds this out after she's swallowed them, causing her Hopeless Boss Fight to become winnable for your party.
  • Super Robot Wars Z series: Shinn overpowers the effect of Gadlight's Sphere by getting very angry, and Gadlight worries that his influence might cause a snowball effect on the rest of Z-BLUE when Kira similarly activates SEED.
  • In Project × Zone 2: Brave New World, pair up Demitri Maximoff and Morrigan Aensland with Axel Stone and Morrigan quips that Demitri should siphon some of Axel's blood. Demitri declines because he thinks Axel's too hotblooded and would give him heartburn.
  • In Dungeon Keeper II, you can sacrifice your minions in a Temple to receive boons from the Dark Gods. Throwing one of the gleefully sadomasochistic Dark Mistresses into the sacrificial pool gets you nothing but shock and outrage from your Evil Mentor that you'd offend the Gods with such blasphemy.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition has Vivienne and Solas banter between each other. Solas remarks that Vivienne is too proud for a Pride Demon. She agrees.
  • Bayonetta's weaponsmith Rodin uses the souls of demons, lured by angelic music, to forge weapons for the gunslinging witch. After receiving a record of "Bob-omb Battlefield" in Bayonetta 2, he hellgates his way to that place and tries to smith a weapon out of a Chain Chomp's soul. When he gets back, he gives Bayo the chain and reckons she'll have better luck taming the Chomp than he will trying to kill it. She does, clasps it to her ankle, and uses it as an Epic Flail.
  • Fate/Grand Order:
    • The premise of the CCC event involved one of the escaped Demons from the Arc 1 finale coming to a remote oil rig/covert magical experimentation facility and hiding inside the staff psychiatrist, Kiara Sessyoin. While he was initially able to control them without issue, the demon made the spectacularly unwise decision to try and flip through every version of their psyche, including the one where they served as the final boss of CCC, as Kiara consumed multiple bosses in that timeline. After that, the demon gradually lost control, gradually becoming less and less able to influence his host, eventually becoming nothing more than a stray thought in the body he was "possessing," and ended up begging first to be released, then for his life as Kiara absorbed what was left of his ego, leaving them in complete control of their own body and full of memories from a timeline where they recklessly and destructively pursued their own pleasure, and full of enough demonic power to repeat that same hedonistic ambition.
    • In the Atlantis Lostbelt, Echidna devours Mochizuki Chiyome, but her body is so poisonous and packed with curses that Echidna goes crazy.
  • Muv-Luv Alternative has the famous CHOMP scene which is a terrible subversion of this. As a Shirogane Takeru is being consoled by Marimo a Soldier-class BETA sneaks up and 'chomp's her head. It does spit her out as Takeru turns to see why she suddenly went silent and sees her head ripped in half with her chomped off brain clearly visible and gives Takeru a serious case of PTSD.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series, Sanguine is the Daedric Prince of Debauchery and Hedonism. In the backstory, he was said to be a regular in the court of Reman Cyrodiil, the founder of the Second Cyrodiilic Empire. While Reman managed to be an effective ruler whose dynasty would expand to conquer most of Tamriel, he was very much a Caligula, prone to Ax-Crazy violence and extreme decadence. It eventually reached a point where Sanguine became uncomfortable around Reman and left him. Reman was so debauched and hedonistic that he ran off the very embodiment of debauchery and hedonism.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the second boss Kalle Demos will try to eat Link if he stays inside too long while its weak point is exposed. After a few seconds, it spits Link out, only costing 1/4 heart of damage. Unless you're going for a no-damage run, this may actually be a more effective strategy to kill it since you get at least five more hits in that way.
  • In Street Fighter V, Necalli, the devourer of souls, attempts to devour Akuma's soul. He's able to consume it, yes, but not contain it; a mistake that may have cost him his life as Akuma bursts forth, remade, from his body.
  • In Prey (2017), Luka Golubkin, aka. Volunteer 37 has managed to survive the Typhon outbreak on Talos 1, not just because of his implied military training and guerrilla warfare expertise, but because the Typhon themselves are scared of him. Logs you can find detail an incident where a Typhon Telepath tried to take over his mind, but 'withdrew' immediately and henceforth refused to enter any experimental chamber that contained him.

    Web Animation 
  • In the HANDS UP (Joel G) episode "Rhythm N' Ambush", Margo, after having her inital attempt at luring a monster into a trap go awry, she tries to seduce it instead, even flashing it in the process. The monster sniffs her thighs, then immediately vomits in disgust. Margo doesn't take it too well, to put it nicely.
  • In the Homestar Runner Halloween cartoon "Jibblies 2", Homestar is immune to the Rocoulm's jibblies-inducing phrase "Come on in here!" presumably because he's The Ditz. The cartoon's Easter egg reveals that Cloud Cuckoo Lander Homsar is also immune; in fact, he gives the Rocoulm a case of the jibblies. In keeping with the trope, Homestar agrees to be trapped in the painting forever in exchange for everyone else to be released from the jibblies. He then proceeds to drive Rocoulm insane, but due to the terms of the agreement, he is completely unable to release Homestar.
  • Madness Combat: Episode 10 has the Auditor, who recently gained the power to assimilate corpses, accidentally assimilate the body of Tricky the Clown in a panic, prompting both the video itself to freak out and the Auditor getting his body hijacked by Tricky. The next episode is spent dealing with the resulting Tricky/Auditor fusion.
    The Auditor: WHAT?
    Tricky: HELLO AGAIN!!!
    The Auditor: NO!
    Tricky: YES!
    The Auditor: NO NO NO!
    Tricky: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
  • In Red vs. Blue, Dr. Emily Grey is the one woman Tucker won't hit on.
    Tucker (to Caboose, listening to Dr. Grey torture a space pirate for information): Don't ever stick your dick in crazy.


    Web Original 
  • Epic Rap Battles of History: Apparently, Vlad the Impaler is so filthy that Count Dracula gets nausea at the thought of biting him.
  • SCP Foundation: SCP-682 has been on both ends of the "showing the other is themselves a monster" variety. SCP-682 is an Omnicidal Maniac Eldritch Abomination, but even it is too terrified to dare attack SCP-173. It also didn't attack Dr. Clef when placed in a room with him, just stood there quietly for some reason. On the other end, SCP-343 (God/something everyone calls "God") refused to kill 682 when asked, saying that because he didn't create it, it's not his problem.
  • Tantacrul likes to draw an Anthropomorphic Personification of jankiness, which took over to talk about the jank in the music notation software Dorico during his video on the program. After several minutes talking about user-unfriendly nonsense in the software, Jankman begins to be overwhelmed by the jank when he gets to a light grey box that blocks the score and is barely visible due to its colour, and then merges with Dorico when he talks about the fact it maximises the volume upon opening on a Mac, resulting in Sensory Abuse when combined with Dorico Beep.


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