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Part of The Infinite Loops project.

Twilight Sparkle went to Ponyville, redeemed Nightmare Moon, defeated Discord, fought the Changelings and became an Alicorn Princess. Some time after that, she found herself back before any of that had happened. Again, and again, and again... Then her friends began to join her on occasion, which helped with the variety a bit. Now she, as well as over two dozen of her friends, fellows and in some cases erstwhile antagonists are doing the same thing — as well as other worlds, worlds that none of them could have imagined. Friends have been made, horizons broadened... and plenty of fun had along the way.

My Little Pony was not one of the first-activated settings, nor was it one even considered in the initial genesis of the loops. However, it has become particularly important to the revival version of the Infinite Loops as presented by Saphroneth and those provoked by him, largely because it is the MLP loops which originally got Spacebattles involved.

The MLP Loopers tend to be good friends, partly because this is the series name and a core part of their setting, and partly because it is distinct from the original Innortal iteration of the loops. As such, the theme of the MLP Loops could be said to be "don't be unkind" — though this is a goal in-universe and not one which is met every time — and that the Pony loopers have a tendency to want to help the admins, rather than seeing them as obstacles. Apart from that, the main feature of the MLP Loops is sheer scale owing to their long-standing nature and the general popularity of the setting. (That and how they're mostly ponies.)

Aside from revitalizing the Infinite Loops project, the MLP Loops have also provided the strong backbone for the revival and as such have had a very considerable impact. Several other Loops settings got their genesis via a crossover with the MLP Loops, as did a number of loopers, and more than one anchor originated in a Loop written originally under the aegis of the MLP Loops.

The MLP Loops can be found here and here. The thread is so long it's been broken into parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The MLP Loops provide examples of:

  • Acid Reflux Nightmare:
    • Variant in 136.6, where it's not food that causes it — instead, Twilight remembers why it's a bad idea to watch The Godfather right before bed.
    • In 143.5, Rainbow Dash thinks she's in one of these (it's really a prank by Spike) when she sees a werewolfified reflection of herself in the mirror, and promptly swears off eating Manexican food before bed.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: In one Loop, Princess Celestia woke up to find Nightmare Moon standing over her, and was almost immediately on the receiving end of a "Royal Canterlot Belly Zerbert". At the time, she reacted by spending the day chasing her sister around the castle yelling death threats; in a later Loop, she admits to Twilight that upon reflection, she does find it amusing.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Retroactively in the case of Trixie and Chrysalis. In cartoon canon, they never met until the end of season 6, when Trixie was part of the team that entered Chrysalis's hive to rescue the Mane Six and the royal family. In the Loops, they've been dating since before the expansions into season 4 and beyond started.
  • An Aesop: Chapter 149's message is this: sometimes, you can't solve every problem you come across... but it's always worth to try. Even if you can't fix it, you can make it even the smallest bit better. When Naoki Kashima/The Demi-Fiend snapped and was possessed by his Shadow Archetype, and went on a mindless and destructive rampage. The ponies tried to help him and bring him back to his senses with the Elements of Harmony... but they failed, due to the problem being too deep seated and closely connected to Naoki to be subdued or dealt with so easily. Some problems can't be solved in the span of a single Loop, or by using the Power of Friendship. However, once Naoki came to his senses many Loops later, he remembered how they and other Loopers like them never gave up and took the easy way out by killing him in his berserk state, and fought to bring him to his senses instead to help him. In spite of all the horrors, betrayals, and darkness of his Loop, the fact that the ponies never gave up in trying to help reminded him that there are some worlds worth fighting for.
  • Alpha Bitch: Diamond Tiara, pre-characterisation or when she's un-Awake. Twilight also meets another called Sharp Retort during Turning the Tables. After years of experience, Twilight manages to outmanoeuvre Retort quickly, and the mare leaves in a huff.
  • All-Loving Hero: There is enough love in Fluttershy's heart to feed an entire colony of Changelings.
  • Arranged Marriage:
    • Were a thing in 177.21. Applejack was with someone she thought might have been a pony version of Thorin Oakenshield (but didn't know whether he was Awake or not), Fluttershy was with Caramel, Rainbow Dash with her old bully Hoops, Octavia with Prince Blueblood, and Twilight was with Flash Sentry.
    • In Loop 202.12, Filthy Rich's marriage to Spoiled Milk was an arranged one, but Filthy wound up having a one-night stand with Applejack, whom he admitted was the one he really wanted to marry, after being told. She got pregnant, and Diamond Tiara — who was subsequently raised by Filthy and Spoiled, though with the promise that if she found out about her birth mom and wanted to rejoin her, she could — was the result.
  • The Atoner:
    • Chrysalis. Her first loop Awake was the "Slavequestria" loop, where she and a non-Awake Shining Armor were Happily Married and helped runaway slaves as part of La Résistance. When the loop reset, Chrysalis was horrified to realize that her actions in the prime timeline had not been All Just a Dream.
    • Sunset Shimmer is also this, as after she Awoke, she's dedicated herself to atoning for her sins, swearing never to become like she was in baseline again.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: After Twilight figures out how to trigger Spike's greed-growth (from "Secret of my Excess") as needed, "Spike-zilla" becomes one option for how to deal with more extreme situations encountered in Equestria. Awake!Spike also learns to control his age/size/power-level and can go Kaiju when he feels it to be appropriate.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: One version of Twilight actually has ADD. She decides to go along with it.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning:
    • Often defied. Looping Celestia has enough of an aversion to paperwork that on one occasion she got the Looping Elements confirmed as regents in two minutes flat and fled to the beach.
    • In one loop, a lot of the minor alicorns deliberately ascend for ridiculously minor things like eating a lot of muffins. At first unAwake Celestia gives them each a full coronation, but she calls it quits after Ivory Scroll apparently ascended by choking on a paper clip. It was all a gambit to get Celestia to stop forcing alicorns to have responsibility.
    • In the "daughters loops" (where the Cutie Mark Crusaders are Twilight's alicorn daughters), she quickly dumps the responsibility on them so she can have fun studying elsewhere. To their credit, they immediately decided to initiate a golden age so they could have fun and get some college-level partying done while 'mom' wasn't around.
    • One snippet mentions Twilight has, on occasion, played havoc with her coronation, including in one instance singing a modified version of "Modern Major General".
  • Badass Bureaucrat: Mayor Mare demonstrates her mastery of the Art of the Regulation by derailing the planned destruction of Equestria by the Vogons. It results in her ascending to alicornhood.
  • Badass Fingersnap: Story 122.11 references it:
    Chaos Legion had [an insignia of] a hand poised to snap. This was universally agreed to be a bad sign.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Pinkie Pie. She has skills any assassin or fighter would gladly give up most of their limbs to possess, but she only uses said skills to cheer others up. In fact, she hates it when others are scared of her.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Played for Drama in Conversion Contact. It is initially played off as yet another Conversion Bureau variant that Chaldea stumbled into somehow. It later turns out to be a far more dangerous Lostbelt.
  • The Bartender: Big Mac, after he opens his looping bar.
  • Battle Discretion Shot: Loop 186.15 has a recently-ascended (as in, she's now a Higher Griffon, her species' equivalent to an Alicorn) Gilda face Nightmare Moon. After Gilda calls out the Celestial Brush, the entire fight is summed up as "Ten extremely violent minutes later, a dazed Luna was being led away by Mac and Berry Punch".
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: In Conversion Contact, Starlight Glimmer ponders on the Irony that the one time Cutie Marks turned out to be evil, it's in a Conversion Bureau-inspired doomed timeline created by a goddess that uses them as brainwashing tools.
  • Becoming the Costume: The Halloween chapters (released between Loops 34 and 35) use this, as everyone transforms into the characters they were dressed as thanks to Discord. It also leads to the souls of Private Pansy, Clover the Clever and Smart Cookie sticking around as pseudo-Loopers, soul-bound to the Crusaders.
  • Bedmate Reveal: Non-sexual example — Twilight isn't usually that surprised when she Awakens and finds a small filly cuddled up to her. But when it's somepony other than her adoptive daughter Nyx, her reactions vary and can include general amusement or thoughts on how cute her young companion is.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Equestrians have named their loop a sanctuary loop, and they mean it.
  • Big "YES!": Leman, when Nyx agrees to marry him.
  • Bill... Bill... Junk... Bill...: Used on a few occasions.
    • In Loop 162.29, Fluttershy is going through her mail.
      "Ad, Ad, Ad, Bill, Bill, Ad, Ad, Bill, Bill, Court Summons for Angel, Restraining Order for Angel, Business Card for Angel...."
    • Then she eats the card after it turns out to be from Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who's recruiting for an evil organization.
    • In Loop 179.21, by Discord when going through a stack of mail he's delivering, trying to find a letter for Fluttershy:
      "Bill, bill, eviction notice, bill, bill, bill, coupon for Sugar Cube Corner, bill, bill, invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala, bill, bill, bill, bill, ah here we go! One letter to Fluttershy from Derpy Whooves."
    • In Loop 198.2, by Twilight when going through her mail:
      "Bills, junk, junk, zoning warning, death threats..." she muttered, leafing through them. "Ah. Fluttershy! You have a letter!"
    • In Loop 202.18, by Vinyl Scratch when going through a chest that holds part of her sunglasses collection (she finally finds Kevyn Andrayson's sunglasses in the second chest she looks in):
      "My normal sunglasses, Renji Abarai's style of sunglasses, yellow sunglasses from Alucard, yellow sunglasses from Vash, triangle shades, Cyclops-style visor... when did I pick that up? Ooh, authentic Blues Brothers sunglasses!" ... "Horatio Caine's sunglasses that he gave me... nope... nope... not that one... drat, it doesn't look like they're in this chest."
  • Body Double: One Loop explains how Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash can manage every sports team at Canterlot High in addition to all those other activities — Substitute Rainbow Dashes, who dress and act like her.
  • Break the Badass: Sometimes, very rarely, the ponies can have nightmarish Loops.
  • Breather Episode: The Equestria loops function as this for every guest looper. They take this duty very seriously.
  • Brick Joke: Discord does a literal one when he shoots a brick up into the sky in front of Twilight and Rarity and he muses on when it'll come down. Some time later (in fact, approximately 183 loops later for Twilight, 34 for Rarity, and 11 for Discord) as the two ponies and Spike are enjoying an outdoor meal, an object shoots down from the sky and creates an explosion and crater when it hits the ground. It's the brick and Twilight is massively annoyed by how this trope was in play.
  • Brown Note: Staring at Pinkie Pie's anti-A.I. program makes Apple Bloom physically ill.
  • Calvinball: Discord's "Chaos"note  card/board game. The rules are completely made up and the points don't mean anything. There's also a sci-fi expansion set, for Trek Loops, and even more expansions when he gets the inspiration (including after he met Calvin himself and learned about the trope namer).
    Apple Bloom: I could swear I had a different set of cards five minutes ago.
  • Chainsaw Good:
    • Loop 96.6 has Spike finding the Necronomicon in the Castle of the Two Pony Sisters. Apparently, this is not the first time this has happened, and the last time it did, he ended up with a dragonfire chainsaw gauntlet, which he says "was pretty awesome".
    • In Sunset's first Loop meeting Leman Russ, she used a chainsaw to break Tirek's captives out of his prison. It made enough of an impression that she got pardoned for her earlier crimes.
    • As noted in 133.7, Trixie owns a prop chainsaw that she uses for the "saw a pony in half" trick. Chrysalis freaked out when Trixie tried to do it without telling her it was fake. (And when Snips and Snails tried to reproduce it with a real one.)
    • Subverted when Twilight tries to use a chainsaw to open the Cutie Map and analyze it. She ends up with a Loop Crash that sends her to G3.
    • Pinkie collects chainsaws. During the "Gravity Falls: Friendship is Magic" arc, she tries to add the beaver-chainsaw to it, but gets distracted when the Gobblewonker shows up. She later tries to use a pink flaming chainsaw against a ghost. Rainbow Dash also uses a chainsaw later on for a different incident.
  • Character Check: Used often, especially with Trixie, and other characters who are flanderized, such as Lina Inverse. Trixie, for instance, mentions that she realized she was going a bit too far after a Muppets loop. One of her acts was the exact plan of The Great Gonzo.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: In an early Loop, the Mane Six offer Discord a choice between the easy way, the hard way, and the angry way. The angry way starts with Fluttershy unleashing one of these. Discord quickly chooses the easy way.
  • The Chessmaster:
    • After observing a few loops, Big Macintosh starts subtly nudging events — A quiet word here, a small suggestion there — to smooth out the more dramatic events of the default Equestria loops: Reduced conflict about the Grand Galloping Gala tickets, smoothly introducing Zecora to Ponyville, suggesting that Twilight coordinate Winter Wrap-up, etc. It takes Twilight quite a while to figure out that not only is he Looping, but is the one responsible for the less stressful loops.
    • The Turning the Tables version of Celestia is a Dumbledore-style manipulator. It backfires when Twilight Sparkle Awakes and throws a monkey-wrench in her plans.
  • Comes Great Responsibility: Twilight Sparkle's initial reaction to the loops was to make sure her family and friends stayed safe. This has expanded to making Equestria a designated Safe Loop for every looper.
  • Contemplating Your Hands: In Loop 63.3 (and Dragons Loops 9.16), a visiting Eragon and Saphira tried one of Berry Punch's drinks. It made Eragon decide to see if he could make a volcano erupt, while Saphira didn't stop him because of this trope. In her own words, "I was too busy examining my own claws in minute detail."
  • Costume Copycat: 203.15 features an offscreen variant — after Princess Luna became Nightmare Moonpie and banished herself to the moon so she could practice her baking in peace (since Celestia kept swiping the food before Luna could taste it herself), Celestia appointed alicorn versions of Soarin' (or "Soaralicious" — Equestria had a disco/pie theme that Loop) and Spitfire ("Pie Spitter") as leaders of Equestria and moved to the sun, intending to wait there until her sister had returned. Pie Spitter later adapted the Nightmare Moonpie identity out of a desire for power (and, apparently, a dislike of pies) and was banished to the moon, setting her up as a villain for the future. This results in some minor confusion when Soaralicious is expecting his sister's return and sends Twilight "Sparkle Child" Sparkle to Ponyville in preparation, only for the original Nightmare Moonpie to return instead. Fortunately, she's rather friendly, sharing her food with everypony while declaring that "THE MOONPIES SHALL LAST FOREVER!" and, once Soaralicious shows up, explaining the differences between she and Pie Spitter.
  • Crapsack World: Some of the worst loops. But the worst of the worst is "Slavequestria," a loop where Celestia legalized slavery and allied with Sombra, turning the whole world into a totalitarian hell and her battle with Nightmare Moon into Evil Versus Evil. All the Loopers involved are left traumatized afterwards.
    • Scratch that, the (mercifully) largely undescribed Loop caused by a massive collection of porn and viruses bleeding into the Equestria Loop. (The loop wherein it's described starts with Twilight and Sleipnir, the administrator of Equestria, walking into Mac's bar to drown their memories of it.)
      "Not only was she [Molestia] in charge but she was the pinnacle of what every pony strove to be, the ideal pony in the eyes of her subjects! And Twilight was the only one Awake, the only sane mare in this mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad world. And then this corrupted world painted a target on her by making her the most desirable mare alive to everyone in said world."
    • To underline just how horrible this loop was, upon Awakening both Sleipnir and Twilight immediately ran for the gates of Tartarus, fought their way to the lowest levels of Hell, and then locked the door to Hell from the inside. And then Sleipnir called down the Apocalypse and prematurely ended the world. Let me underline that some more. A Yggdrasil System Administrator — who is consistently portrayed as one of the most responsible and level-headed of the sysadmins, at that — chose to deliberately crash a Loop. How desperate are you when risking further multiverse instability is preferable to actually trying to live in that loop world even for a single day?note 
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Pinkie Pie.
    • Loop 102.3 give reasons of why baseline Ditzy/Derpy/Bright Eyes is also one.
      Lyra soon learned why pegasi were the predominant military arm of the three pony tribes. They were blindingly fast and if they had a little bit of open space to work with, extremely manoeuvrable. Also a pegasus' natural toughness scaled up with how fast they were going, provided they braced themselves during impact. Ironically, that meant that they could plow into the ground at terminal velocity without getting a single scratch, but an uncontrolled tumble at a much slower speed could break bones. None of that knowledge actually helped against Ditzy who, in addition to being able to create wing air blades, tornadoes, and hit with the force of a freight train, could also spit out bubbles that exploded with the force of a grenade, create bubble clones and decoys, and had an evasive flight pattern that could be considered insanely erratic at best. Lyra did remember that even in baseline, the grey pegasus was good enough to be a competitor in both the Young Flyers Competition and in the Equestria Games.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: During a Fused Loop with How To Train Your Dragon, Hiccup declares his intention to "befriend" Discord. The Mane Six tell him that only Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie can do that and so he explains that he's not using the conventional definition of the word, but the one as used in the Nanoha verse. Cue Toothless turning into an Intelligent Device which Hiccup uses to blast Discord with a Wave-Motion Gun.
  • Didn't Think This Through: A non-looping Blueblood attempted a palace coup against an united front of Celestia, Luna, Discord, Cadance, Chrysalis, Sombra, Princess Twilight, Shining Armor (ascended to Alicorn), and Spike (as an advanced great wyrm Emperor of the Dragons).
    Twilight Sparkle: You just tried to assassinate eight deities and a Greater Dragon!
    Blueblood (armed only with a knife): Errr... parlay?
  • A Dog Ate My Homework: Loop 201.14 has an unAwake Apple Bloom tearfully and truthfully inform her teacher that (an also unAwake) "Discord ate my homework, Miss Cheerilee." Cheerilee, full of righteous anger on behalf of her student, proceeds to terrify him into redoing the homework for her (with Fluttershy supervising), and then some, as punishment.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Scootaloo, while there's usually not much that can threaten an experienced Looper its still a bad idea to go into a Final Destination loop, scream "Buck Death!" at the sky, and then deliberately start kicking rubber balls near death traps.
    Nyx: And then you decided tempting fate wasn't enough. You then went and spit in its face, tried to steal its lunch money, and woo its date!
    • The end result was an unlikely series of events that ended up with Nyx going head-first through a wood chipper. Mama Twilight was not amused.
    • Scootaloo got her vengeance, when she attempted to use a "Nobody dies" device Pinkie Pie had invented, rendering things in cartoon physics. Due to the event? She shut off death for 24 hours in a Final Destination loop. She responds by taunting Cthulhu.
  • Doorstopper: As of November 2020, the Friendship is Magic Loops have 215 chapters published and 2,389,518 words written.
  • Dramatic Irony: In the Conversion Contact loop, Starlight Glimmer mistakenly assumes that she is in a fused loop with Fallout. She is actually in a Conversion Bureau-inspired Lostbelt.
  • Driven to Suicide: Twilight, in a truly nasty Warhammer 40K Loop, after a month and a half of torture by the Imperium, even when she gave them the information they were after.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: To help cope with particularly unpleasant loop experiences, Awake-Macintosh usually sets up a bar where traumatized Loopers can start to decompress. Of course, it also serves as a general hangout for Loopers to compare notes and otherwise socialize.
  • Drunk on Milk:
    • In Loop 69.5, changelings can get drunk from feeding on love. Judging by Twilight's reaction, this is not the first time this has happened.
    • Loop 195.4 mentions that Prince Blueblood, taking part in a non-alcoholic drinking contest, got plastered on three cans of diet soda.
  • Drunk with Power: So far, in almost every "Sisters" loop (where Twilight plus a rotating second ascended pony is in Celestia and Luna's positions), Twilight's co-ruler has this happen to them, resulting in them having to be banished to the moon.
    • A notable example is the exception that proves the rule: one of the few "Sisters" loops where Twilight's co-ruler was not banished had said co-ruler (Princess Macintosh) instead work to convince the populace the royal sisters did not actually exist, effectively removing the need to have one sister be out of the public's eye for a thousand years by putting them both out of the public's eye.
      • Along something of the same lines: When Lemon Rush and Shining Armor had a "Brothers" loop after the former's ascension, they were careful to act only as advisors and guardians against extraordinary threats, and not allow themselves to be made into rulers or put up on a pedestal. They also avoided any necessity for Lunar time-outs. These two facts may or may not be actually connected, but they are both true none the less.
    • Fluttershy is actually a Zig-Zagged Trope where this is concerned. She did go crazy and get banished but she went crazy because while dealing with Discord he gave her a case of Mood Whiplash that made her genuinely dangerous and the banishment was an accidental result of Twilight using the Elements of Harmony to cure her. So she does follow the pattern but only because of outside influence, unlike the others who went nuts on their own.
    • And again with Ditzy, who only gets sent to the moon because of her uncontrolled yet highly destructive magic, which forced Twilight to put her there lest Equestria be run by supremely rich carpenters.
    • Justified in-setting when Twilight states that alicornhood has a side effect of amplifying emotional extremes, and that the adjustment period can be... problematic. Once she finally figures this out and via trial-and-error derives some coping strategies for this problem, 'new' alicorns have a much easier time with things (the Cutie Mark Crusaders, for example, have all managed to avoid "lunar time-outs"). note 
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Some of the early loops had the ponies pretending to be villains for kicks. This trait largely dropped off after Big Macintosh started looping, with the explanation that seeing Twilight doing this spooked him bad enough not to tell her he was Looping.
  • Edible Bludgeon: In one Loop, Twilight comes into Mac's bar sporting a huge grin after having beaten a robotic Tirek with a six-foot party sub. Even the ever-stoic Mac gets a laugh out of that one. (Word of the Loop's author is that it's a Shout-Out to the Insecticomics.)
  • Elaborate Underground Base:
    • At Trixie's insistence, Twilight frequently sets up a major installation under the Library Tree. Features include a modest lecture hall, several conference rooms, and a variety of laboratories for magical and explosives R&D.
    • Apple Bloom also has the capability to install a large scale workshop/aircraft hangar under one of the hills on the Sweet Apple Acres farmstead.
    • While not quite reaching "elaborate" scale, Rarity has started putting a modest Materials Science lab under Carousel Boutique.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Turning the Tables Shining Armor is mentioned to have a few male fans.
  • Eviler than Thou: In the Mega Pony Loop, Tirek Sunstar mentions he fought (and killed) Mad Queen Majesty. Twilight, who has met Majesty before (and is still disturbed by the version she met), is utterly terrified at the thought of how evil she had to be that Tirek was the better option.
  • Exact Words:
    • One Loop Twilight decides to follow Celestia's edict to "make some friends" literally. She quickly runs into problems with her experimental golems.
    • The Maud'dib's answer to what's in her box? Pain. After all, Equestrian dentists aren't that great. Twilight concedes the point.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Pinkie once ate the moon. ... albeit after Luna had turned it into brie (the whole "night eternal" thing was to make sure it aged properly).
  • Faking the Dead: Loop 189.8 has Princess Celestia faking her death (with Twilight's help) and going on vacation with Sunset on the human side of the Crystal Mirror.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: How Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara reconcile. Leads to DT Looping and joining the CMC.
  • Fix Fic: This approach is taken for some of the more head-banger moments in canon, as well as whenever the Loopers end up in variant loops set in certain fanfics. For example, when Twilight Awoke alone in the Lunaverse (albeit a variant, not the real Lunaverse), she not only refused to go along with her counterpart's role, but set up shaking the other characters out of their Jerkass mindsets and getting them closer to canon.
    • The "Diplomancy" Loop can be considered a Fix Fic for "Boast Busters", as Twilight deliberately defused the situation by preventing Trixie from humiliating the others and engaged her in a challenge of her own, in such a way that Trixie's feelings were spared too, thus befriending her as well as causing her to Awaken later.
  • Flanderization:
    • Cadance got hit with this hard for the longest while, to the point where most of the time she only appeared whenever someone mentioned they were in a relationship with someone, but not married yet. Thankfully, once the readers started to point out how this was the only thing Candace was used for, the FiM writers caught on and started to bring her more in line with her canon characterization.
    • Trixie also got hit with this pretty hard too. Early loops had her as her usual showmare persona, albeit toned down and nowhere near as arrogant, and possessing an interest in pyrotechnics to further increase the awe factor of her shows. Now a days, when she isn't being used with Chrysalis (sometimes even when she is), she mostly appears when a massive explosion has happened (and is usualy the cause), implies she caused the previous loop crash from a massive explosion, or just in general raves about explosions to a near obsessive level.
      • It's stated that this is one of the manifestations of Sakura Syndrome, a psychological disorder caused when the Looper starts ignoring the consequences of their actions because 'the world will just reset anyway'. So some personality traits get suppressed or become less prominent, while some become... more.
  • Flat "What": Used on multiple occasions, usually in reaction to something gone very, very strange.
    • One case is in Loop 69.17, where Cadance has gotten a letter she got from a random changeling drone, asking her "What is love? P.S.: Don't hurt me no more." When she reads it to Shining Armor, he reacts the same way.
  • Footnote Fever: Usually reserved for the Author's Notes at the end of the chapter, but one Loop has Rarity visit the Disc, with footnotes naturally following. There are no less than nine footnotes for that snippet, with one having footnotes inside a footnote. One of them is a Lampshade Hanging on the series' fondness for these things.
  • For Want of a Nail: One Loop shows what happens when Rainbow Dash is mature and sensible and just decides to wait for A.K. Yearling to publish her next book. Azuihotl wins... and kills himself and Daring in the process, leaving only a massive area of scorched wasteland behind.
  • From Bad to Worse: According to Twilight Sparkle, if an Alicorn spots you during a Harem Comedy Loop, this is what will follow, and whoever the protagonist is will be unable to escape the madness.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: Twilight uses "Rainbow Miriam Dash!" at least twice (including one Loop where they don't even have middle names), and "Nyx Moonlight Sparkle" on another occasion.
    • Cadence attempts this after learning that Rarity and Spike had a 'simpler' wedding without her — but Rarity notes that it doesn't really work when you've had a dozen or even hundreds of names over the course of the Loops.
  • Giant Foot of Stomping: One snip has Nightmare Moon trampled by the Statue of Harmony, animated by the Crusaders.
  • The Glomp: Has appeared a few times.
    • In 50.12, Cheerilee is on the receiving end from the Crusaders when they're cheering her up.
    • In 151.22, Twilight answers the door and gets glomped across the room by a giant blue pillbug (actually a disguised Discord) yelling "HUGS! HUGS FOR EVERYPONY!"
    • In 178.11, Scootaloo manages to glomp every single Looper in Mac's bar (at least thirty of them) all at once.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Some foreign Loopers that are particularly disruptive get a trip to the moon.
    • Jadis of The Chronicles of Narnia is the only shown time Twilight has resorted to lethal force, due to her possessing the Deplorable Word.
    • Pinkie Pie's antics are usually held in check. However, if sufficiently pushed, Pinkie is allowed to go full "Chaos Goddess of Parties" on a universe.
    • Also, see the note above under Crapsack World about the Loop that was so horrible that Sleipnir crashed it by blowing the whole thing up. And then went to Mac's bar to drink enough to dull the memories of the whole thing.
    • After Jadis, "Celestia" of the Conversion Contact loop earns herself the death penalty due to being a Lostbelt King Goddess and Beast of Humanity capable of going toe to toe with an Awake Twilight Sparkle.
  • Gone Horribly Right: One Loop has General Iroh stop Nightmare Moon with tea. Really good tea. Perhaps maybe too good, since all Luna can do is stand there talking about how good it is.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: An un-Awake version of Discord discordianises Rincewind. As it turns out, a discorded Rincewind is very violent, and incredibly good with magic.
  • Gosh Darnit To Heck: One Loop has this applied on a universal scale. Weapons turn into toys and candy, cusses become incredibly bizarre, and the Death Note becomes the Hug Note. However, thanks to Pinkie Pie misusing said note, Twilight learns that one can still be badly hurt.
  • Gratuitous Princess: Many princesses. In this case, Alicorn Princesses, and two princes. In addition to the four canon alicorns, there's the rest of the Mane Six, Shining Armor, Trixie, Nyx, all three Cutie Mark Crusaders plus Diamond Tiara, Berry Punch, Mayor Mare/Ivory Scroll, Zecora, Ditzy/Derpy/Bright Eyes, Lyra, Vinyl, Sunset Shimmer... and one Princess Macintosh loop, plus his internalized ascension, which lets him stay an Earth pony while using his hooves to do unicorn and pegasus magic, or shift to an internalized alicorn pegasus form where he has wings and can use them to do unicorn and Earth pony magic. There's also Silver Spoon and Gilda, who ascend into a Draconequus and a Higher Griffin, respectively. Of the pony Loopers who awoke before the Crisis Across Infinite Loops, only Cheerilee has yet to formally ascend to alicornhood.
  • Groin Attack: Twilight's first harem comedy Loop begins with Pinkie Pie attempting one of these on "him" with a crowbar. Twilight's instant reaction? Go to the moon and stay there.
  • Halloween Episode: The 2-part, 9-author collaboration Nightmare Night loop published between compilations 34 and 35.
  • Hard-to-Light Fire: Twilight makes use of this as a self-imposed challenge in Loop 113.6. Having been ordered to "burn things", she deliberately picks things that would be hard to set on fire, like a cloud house, grass that's under a foot of snow, and an entire river. (And not the polluted one that self-ignites every other spring.)
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today??:
    • Twilight has to tell everyone that she is straight on three different occasions.
    • Both Rainbow Dash and Daring Do say that they are straight after a misunderstanding.
  • Headbutting Heroes: In one Loop, Twilight and Rarity get into trouble after fighting an evil witch in sight of Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, who assume that they're Discworld-type unicorns. As it turns out, silver harnesses just bother Rarity because they're slightly tacky.
  • Head Pet: Nyx spent a couple of Loops replacing various others, including Puu, Ryo-Ohki and Diana. Her next Loop back in Equestria, she manifested as a rabbit and spent the Loop riding around on Twilight's head, with her permission.
    • In a later Loop, Ponyville was home to an entire race of Head Pets: Derpies, an offshoot of the Breezy race, where all of its members looked like miniature versions of Derpy Hooves and fed off the ambient magic in the air (which they made look like muffins before they ate it). Their whole purpose in life was to sit on others' heads and look cute, and sometimes act as lookouts.
  • Heroic BSoD: Twilight after the "Molestia" loop.
  • Heroic Vow: Equestria's offer to be a sanctuary loop to any looper willing to accept it.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: The hippocampi — Seaponies — turned from music loving beings who cheerfully help rescue others in distress to... music loving beings who cheerfully help rescue others in distress by using Overwhelming Firepower and Disproportionate Retribution. They've been in constant battle with horrors from the deep for so long that this became their knee-jerk reaction to everything. It gets to where Applejack starts using "seapony diplomacy" as a euphemism for There Is No Kill Like Overkill.
  • Honest Advisor: Gilda, both Awake and unAwake, has been hired by Equestria's royal family to serve in this role more than once. As she puts it, "how often do you get hired to tell your employer when she's being a pain?"
  • Hope Spot: At one point, it looks like Sci-Twi has started Looping. Then it turns out it's just a prank of Trixie's and Chrysalis. Sunset goes into Unstoppable Rage, banishing their asses to Mars for it.
  • Horrifying the Horror:
    • Pinkie Pie. Full Stop. The moment they hear that Awake!Pinkie Pie is in the universe, just about every loop aware end boss, cosmic horror, and elder being will immediately try to flee.
    Twilight reflected, as the incomprehensible dimension between space screamed as one and tried to fold in upon itself, that when a pony stares into the abyss the abyss stares back; but when Pinkie Pie stares into the abyss, the abyss closes its eyes, sticks fingers in its ears and shouts, "LALALALALALALALALA," hoping Pinkie goes away.
    • It's gotten to the point that other Loops have revealed there's now a support group for beings that Pinkie's terrified.
  • House Inspection: In the first "Daughters" loop, Twilight Sparkle is Queen of Equestria, while the Cutie Mark Crusaders are her daughters. She leaves them alone for a thousand years while she goes off doing science, and they create a utopia based largely around the Wild Teen Party. They only remember she's coming back at the last minute, and have to clean up a thousand years of parties in a day.
    Princess Diamond Tiara: In just a few hours, Queen Twilight Sparkle will return to Equestria. She is a threat to our way of life.
    Rarity: Define threat?
    Princess Nyx: She doesn't approve of noisy, fun, all-night parties.
    Pinkie: [gasps]
  • I Hate Past Me: Not "hate", but Twilight messes with her past self's head in one Loop, and doesn't always have the best opinion of her baseline self. And Diamond Tiara really doesn't like her baseline self (at least, prior to developments in Crusaders of the Lost Mark).
  • I'll Take Two Beers Too: Happens in Loop 12.6 when Twilight, having had to deal with politics earlier, pulls two bottles of cider out of her Pocket, asks her brother if he wants one, and then pulls out a third bottle and hands it him when he says yes.
  • Immortality Field: Peppermint Pylons, first featured in Story 111.2:
    I got one of Pinkie's video game pylons active. So even if [Death] gets me, I'll just happily respawn as long as the pylon remains on."
  • Improvised Weapon: In one Loop, a robotic Tirek shows up at the Golden Oak Library and demands Twilight's magic. She grabs an object off a nearby table... and kicks his aft with a sandwich. (Specifically, a six-foot party sub left over from a celebration that Pinkie had thrown the day before.)
  • Incredibly Lame Fun: Immediately after Sakura is sent to the moon by the Elements of Harmony, Naruto and Sasuke ask what safe and boring things there are available for them to do.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Standard reaction to bad Loops is to find Big Macintosh or Berry Punch and get drunk. Even Sleipnir joins in on one occasion.
  • Inexplicable Treasure Chests: During the Random Loot Arc, the source of these is explained by the Presence of a Stocker, someone who job is to create and leaves the treasure behind.
  • Interrupted Intimacy:
    • Loop 44.4 ("...I walked in on Spike and Rarity."): Reactions vary from Squick (Twilight and Sweetie Belle) to confused indifference (Chrysalis) to enthusiastic support (Cadance).
    • A later Loop implies that Applejack walked in on Apple Bloom in a similar manner... but subverted when it turns out she really walked in on the younger filly constructing a nuclear reactor in her bedroom.
  • Interspecies Romance: Spike and Rarity, Trixie and Chrysalis, Berry Punch and Discord.
    • Technically Nyx and Leman Russ, given that in their separate native loops, she's a pony and he's a human.
  • Jerkass: One version of Sombra replacing Twilight is completely abusive towards Spike. Twilight gets revenge in her own way — haunting him until he starts acting better.
    Sombra: (after finding Twilight hovering above his bed) What do you want?
    Twilight: (thinks about her response) Boooooooookkssss...
  • Keeping Secrets Sucks: The CMC+Diamond Tiara spend several loops concealing from each other the fact that each had Ascended for fear that the others would feel "left behind".
  • Klingon Promotion:
    • A version of Blueblood tries this in one Loop, noting that so long as he kills everyone (i.e: Twilight, Shining Armor, Cadance, Spike, Celestia and Luna) in the "right order", he'll become king. Twilight's reaction to break down laughing at his sheer stupidity.
    • How the Griffins are shown to work, though it has certain checks built in so it isn't a perpetual brawl.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In a fused loop with Persona 2 the ponies used the Rumor Curse to play pranks on each other, despite Tatsuya and Maya's warnings to be careful.One wrong rumor later and the loop destabilizes and crashes.
  • Level Ate: 120.2 is a completely literal example of this. Not only are the ponies and buildings made of candy, the ground is white sugar. All of this is contained within a gigantic bowl. The Everfree promptly subverts this, with its inedible dirt, barely-edible broccoli bushes, and toothpick trees.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: A standing rule among the Loopers appears to be "don't talk about Conversion Bureau loops".
    • This is Trixie's initial reaction when she and Twilight Awake in the Manehattanverse, leaving Trixie as the Element of Laughter. Though she does seem to change her mind when Twilight explains that in her case, it's more like Optimism.
  • Literal Metaphor: 191.9 had 'eating your own words' be taken literally. Rainbow wastes no time in making a pun, Pinkie ends up with a mountain of edible words, Celestia has very few, which she interpreted as a request for a diet, Luna has massive words and Discord's words fight back.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • As an alter-ego of Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna, Nyx enters the loops and sidesteps the "no children" restriction to be Twilight's adopted daughter.
    • The CMC, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon tend to this when playing Battleship with real ships.
    • It's also how Twilight managed to get Skynet Looping. Hephaestus stuck her in the Terminator Loop, normally a Read-Only universe, and gave her juuuust enough leeway to talk the A.I. down. It worked, gave Skynet an actual soul, and so kicked the Terminator universe into Looping status.
  • Loving a Shadow: Chrysalis has to struggle with the fact that the Shining Armor she spent her first Awake loop Happily Married to no longer exists, and that the looping one is Happily Married to Cadance instead.
  • The Mafia: A version appears in Loop 121.17, and members show up at Mac's bar, the leader claiming Mac is taking away business from the other bars (implied to be ones that the lead intruder controls) around and thus needs to be shut down (and suggesting that he would normally try a Protection Racket, but he's making an exception). A non-Looping Octavia, who's visiting with Vinyl, promptly reveals herself to be a former mafia princess and shoots down (harmlessly, due to a mini-Pinkie-Pylon) the intruders. Then Mac himself shows how threatening he can be, and the gangsters decide to back off.
  • Major General Song: Loop 53.3. Also winks at Bohemian Parody in the stinger.
  • Mama Bear: An accident of Discord's gone wrong causes an un-Awake Ditzy to declare her intent to move out of Ponyville and take Dinky with her, rather than she her hurt again. Since Dinky is one of Ruby Pinch's few friends, this encourages Berry Punch to take her own steps to prevent it, by any means necessary. It eventually results in Berry being hospitalised by a pissed-off Ditzy.
  • Manipulative Bastard: CelestAI's attempts at this just don't work on Twilight or Big Macintosh.
  • Married to the Job: Literally in 108.19 — Cadance, who was both Unawake and Best Mare, has photos of Shining Armor in a tuxedo and his guard armor in a wedding dress. And he still didn't tell Twilight he was getting married.
  • Meaningful Echo: "I have been, and always shall be, your friend" was used in 73.14 and 85.13. It shows two things: first, Sunset Shimmer started looping and second, the Awake Sunset Shimmer has the memory of the loop Twilight specifically went out of her way to befriend her.
  • Meet Your Early-Installment Weirdness: Eventually Chrysalis learns about her un-Looping self marrying Sombra all those times, and is disturbed by the notion.
  • Multiple-Choice Past:
    • Lyra, due to a glitch when she first starts Looping, obtains all possible memories every loop. She ends up with multiple personality disorder due to this.
    • For several loops, Twilight found out that Derpy/Ditzy/Bright Eyes' unique talent keeps changing: make bubbles, read minds, popping like a bubble (fatally), popping like a bubble (non-fatally), matter disintegration... once she Awoke, she could switch between all of them.
    • Diamond Tiara's mother, unseen up until series 5, used to change between alive / dead / absent / mad / being Screwball. Diamond is not remotely taken with having Spoiled Rich as her baseline.
    • Scootaloo's family varied a great deal as well. Eventually, it settled down so that her paternal aunt Holiday and Holiday's marefriend Lofty became her recurring caretakers due to her parents being preoccupied by work.
  • Musical World Hypothesis: The phenomena is known as "heartsong" and involves Equestria's magic somehow resonating with the singer. Some of the pony Loopers have developed their ability to do this at will, resulting in Pinkie Pie leading Hogwarts into a big song and dance number.
    • Hilariously lampshaded by loop 52.12, where Celestia and Twilight have a song and dance number... centered around their angst at not being able to sing and dance normally.
  • Nerds Love Tough Schoolwork: Twilight, as in baseline. This is why she hates Eiken so much, as seen in Loop 45.14 — she thought being in high school would be fun, but people kept interrupting her for various reasons, and she just couldn't get them to leave her alone.
  • No Man of Woman Born: Loop 69.1 revolves around this — the Witch-King of Angmar, who cannot be killed by any man, is confronted by a whole slew of Loopers who either aren't men (because they're women), aren't men right now, or are any of a number of non-human species. Twilight Sparkle herself is the first in the last category, nonchalantly saying "Not even human," when she reveals herself. Despite knowing he has no chance, the Witch-King charges them anyway because Sauron had forbidden him from retreating.
  • Non-Protagonist Resolver:
    • Loop 193.7 is set during Legend of Everfree, and Sunset is preparing to act when the human Bulk Biceps, a non-Looper, suddenly steps up and talks Gloriosa/Gaia Everfree down, pointing out that if she keeps them there, she's keeping them away from their families. Sunset's surprised by this, but happy with the results.
    • Loop 215.8, "The Friendship Games Take a Turn For the Strange", has the human Shining Armor and Dean Cadance, neither of whom are Looping, reveal themselves as Kamen Riders and step in to fight Abacus Cinch during the final event of the Friendship Games when it turns out she's actually the Swallowtail Fangire/Bishop from Kamen Rider Kiva and is trying to use the energies from Sci-Twi (actually a Mikasa Glitch-ed Twilight from Equestria)'s magic-gathering device to revive her master, the Bat Fangire.
  • Non Sequitur, *Thud*: A common consequence of Trixie's Stuff Blowing Up incidents.
    "Trixie would like fries with that," the blue unicorn muttered, and fell over.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • How Twilight first met and became friends with Nanoha. We only know they experimented on "practical applications on Nanoha's Magic of Friendship" and the result was Twilight getting into a G3.5 loop as a result.
    • Apparently at some point Twilight had an encounter with a tyrannical version of Queen Majesty, from G2. It obviously didn't go very well.
    • Trixie would like to tell about the time when she learned how to make thermite, but she keeps getting hushed up. Or stops herself when Gilda shows up, suggesting that she was involved somehow.
    • Mention is made of a "great sponge cake migration of 947"note  that Celestia once witnessed and reacted to. Compared to that event, her unAwake self fainting from sugar shock due to Nyx's Puppy-Dog Eyes is nothing.
    • Ivory Scroll Looped into Red Dwarf once. She really doesn't want to talk about it.
  • Noodle Implements: Par for the course in a series that references as many loop incidents as it actually depicts. For example, from Loop 30.4:
    Nightmare Moon had been vanquished with a zebra potion, two pry bars and several metric tons of fruitcake.
  • No-Sell:
    • While testing her potato acid, which caused Discord to burst into flames, Applejack hands it to Berry Punch. It doesn't do squat to her.
    • Big Macintosh manages to lock CelestAI out, blocking her accessing his information even after what's implied to be several hundred tries.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Twilight's encounter with Mad Queen Majesty has never been fleshed out. Given what the original Majesty could do, though, the implications are... pretty damn horrific.
  • "Not So Different" Remark:
    • Sunset admits to an un-Awake version of Nightmare Moon that she used to be like her.
    • One Loop points out to Sunset that by brainwashing humans en-masse and forcing them into bodies not their own, her baseline self wasn't much different from a Conversion Bureau. Shimmer is utterly disgusted by this, and more-so when she's given an Element of Harmony for it. Said Element is later handed over to her other Loopers to be destroyed.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Whenever you see Pinkie Pie serious, you know it's very important: like when explaining how dangerous can be misusing the Element of Laughter, or giving up on trying to make a party to Ciaphas Cain/Candy Cane thus accepting he's terrified of her (to the point of giving him a "Get Out Of Party Free" coupon).
  • Off the Rails: Like most Loopers, the characters have been known to do this for their baseline.
    • Loop 119.6 is a bar loop where the locals and some visitors talk about the most epic ways they derailed a different baseline. Examples include a The Elder Scrolls Loop where Spike exposes the villains' plot early, Apple Bloom and Twilight capturing the aliens who set up Gor and making it impossible for them to interfere while the pair basically fixed everything that was wrong with the setting, and Vinyl Scratch completely fixing Aquaria by getting some of the locals to channel Harmony magic against the game's Big Bad very early on.
  • Oh, No... Not Again!: Twilight's reaction to landing in a G3 or 3.5 loop. While not Fate Worse than Death territory, she does not enjoy them. These seem to occur every time the previous loop terminates in an unexpectedly energetic fashion.
  • Omniglot: Fluttershy eventually realizes that the Bearers of the Element of Kindness (herself, Chrysalis, and Silver Spoon) are able to speak and understand any language.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten:
    • Applejack's attempt at making an alcoholic beverage out of potatoes. The end result was something that Twilight had to ascend to alicorn status to get her sight back after drinking it caused her to go blind, and quickly became know as 'potato acid' to all the loopers.
      Apple Bloom: Ah've never made acid outta' potatoes before.
      Applejack: ONE TIME! Y'all are never gonna let me live that down, are ya?
    • Shining Armor's baseline event of forgetting to tell Twilight he was getting married, to the point where his actually remembering (as in Loop 155.10) leaves Twilight rather surprised. And in 189.8, when Celestia's Faking the Dead and Twilight is the executor of her Silly Will, she leaves him a boot to the head for it. It even applies to those times when Cadance isn't the bride — in 108.19, he literally married his job, and Twilight didn't find out until afterward.
  • One-Word Vocabulary: Exaggerated with Loop 210.9, which involves the aftermath of Twilight Sparkle accidentally overwriting everyone's speech patterns with the first half of her name. This is only explained after a conversation that consists entirely of the word "Twilight".
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: In a Middle-Earth Loop, Applejack Loops in a regular horse. But she can still talk. Any time anyone notices, she borrows a page from Gaspode and says what a horse would normally do (Whinny, contended ear flick). It works every single time.
  • Paranoia Gambit: Every Looper does this at one point or another, it seems, just to break up the flow. Extra bonus points go to Discord who, in one of his earliest loops, became very helpful and friendly, leading Celestia and Luna to go mad wondering when the other horseshoe would drop.
  • Parental Marriage Veto: Brought up in Loop 48.3, where Big Macintosh is Replacing Bruce Banner. Shortly before the Gamma Bomb incident, Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, who didn't approve of Banner in comics canon even before he became the Hulk (and isn't Looping, making him unable to distinguish between Banner and anyone Replacing him in the Loop), warns Mac with "Don't even think for a moment that I'll let you marry my daughter." This being Mac (who is notoriously not interested in romance when Awake at this point) and not Banner, Ross's warning doesn't bother him in the slightest.
  • Pie in the Face: In Loop 56.17, Twilight organizes a Bowdlerized version of the 'Upper Class Twit of the Year' competition. In the staged version from the Hub, the last event has competitors shooting themselves in the head, but since this would be for real and Twilight doesn't think that sort of thing is funny, she changes it to the competitors hitting themselves in the face with a pie.
  • Poke the Poodle:
    • Early on, the Equestria Loopers would occasionally play villain. Most of them weren't very good at it. Rainbow Dash's antics mainly consisted of irritating everyone, while one of Twilight's was just building a book fort. The nadir was Shining Armor and Cadence, whose evil deeds was just abducting the other and disappearing for long, long stretches of time. The others didn't think this activity even merited thwarting, and that it was best to just let them be alone.
    • One snippet has Shining Armor worried Flurry Heart might grow up to be resentful of her name, and get revenge on them. Immediately after he and Cadence decide not to tempt fate, it cuts to Shining being served some awful coffee in a shop by an adult Flurry Heart (having apparently time-travelled back solely to do so).
    • Loop 181.6 has Derpy plotting to do evil by... paying more than the normal price for the last bunch of grapes at a stand, and then walking away without accepting the change. Neither of these acts is actually remotely evil, yet she laughs evilly at the thought of doing so and acts like they're the worst thing anyone could do.
  • Poor Communication Kills: During a Fused Loop with Kill la Kill. If Sunset would have only Pinged to see anyone Awake instead of assuming Ryuko had Sakura Syndrome, she wouldn't have been mistaken for an assassin, fight the Honnouji Academy Elite (who in this loop includes Mako Mankanshoku in their ranks) and face-off against both Ryuko and Satsuki.
  • Porn Stash: Zeus hid one of these in Sleipnir's Yggdrasil terminal, creating a Loop featuring an Equestria embodying clopfic and noted above under Crapsack World. On the upside, clearing it out led to fixing things so much that the expansions began.
  • Proscenium Reveal: Loop 64.5 starts with the Bearers (and Trixie in place of Twilight) facing Discord, using their powers to summon a costumed Twilight as "Princess Harmony"... and then she breaks character out of frustration, revealing they're shooting a movie and that she thinks this version of the script is stupid, demanding to edit the dialogue so it sounds like something they'd actually say.
  • Railroading: When the ponies Looped into the Girl Genius setting, every attempt they made to make the world Lighter and Softer ended in failure as they were dragged along The Stations of the Canon, much to their chagrin. They finally succeeded in driving the plot Off the Rails at the Siege of Mechanicsburg... only for Twilight to get struck by a bolt of lightning, prematurely ending the loop.
    • In the baseline, no matter what Twilight does, her library always gets destroyed during Tirek's rampage. She's not happy about that.
  • Reading Your Rights: In one Loop, at the end of the Friendship Games, a cop who looks like an adult version of Fluttershy arrests Abacus Cinch for abusing her authority (bullying Twilight into participation in the Games and then into using the magic she'd gained). Then she comes back and recites a deliberately inaccurate version of the Miranda Rights to Spike ("Spike the dog? You have the right to remain adorable. Anything you say can and will result in you getting your chin tickled."). It's justified in that she wasn't actually intending to arrest him or announcing an intent to interrogate him — she just wanted to lighten the mood and reassure Sci-Twi that she wasn't going to be in trouble for her actions.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: In one Loop, Rainbow Dash unleashes a truly magnificent one on Spitfire for her hypocritical actions in Rainbow Falls, while pretending to be completely innocent about the whole thing.
  • Recursive Fanfiction: Loops include variations of Past Sins, the Lunaverse and Another Kind of Magic among others.
    • One of Rarity's early Loops was a version of The Best Night Ever. She was upset when Blueblood's Character Development in that universe didn't take.
    • In later chapters, the ponies have started encountering CelestAI, from Friendship is Optimal. They're disgusted and horrified by it.
    • And of course, there's The Conversion Bureau, but we don't talk about those.
  • Related in the Adaptation: This can happen a lot due to variant Loops (such as one where Mrs. Cake was a distant relative of the Pie family). Scootaloo in particular has been related (by blood or adoption) to every single one of her fellow Equestrian Loopers, and a few Loopers from other Branches. There are also recurring Loops where Photo Finish is Rainbow Dash's mother, though these seem to have reduced considerably since the "Parental Glidance" expansion.
  • Relationship Upgrade: In Loop 160.12, after Leman and Nyx reconcile from their previous argument and temporary breakup, Leman proposes, and Nyx accepts.
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder:
    Silver Spoon: What do you all want?
    Scootaloo: Well, I personally want to revolutionize the field of aeronautics and join the Wonderbolts. I'm pretty sure Sweetie here wants to become a pop star, and Apple Bloom wants to build an army of robots to do her bidding.
    Apple Bloom: Not an army. Ah'd be fine with a small squad o' twelve, Ah'm not greedy.
    Silver Spoon: ...what?
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: Or equinine. In one early Loop, Chrysalis is a robot operated by the Brain in order to do what he does every night.
  • Running Gag: Many. Often they take the form of many short segments with different takes on the same scenario, separated by other segments.
    • Applejack trying various means of getting Trenderhoof to lose interest in her right off the bat. Some work better than others.
    • Rarity and Twilight Waking up in rather bizarre variants, leading Rarity to ask "Twilight, why are we X?" It's gotten to the point where Rarity starts doing it for no reason in order to troll Twilight. And of course, Pinkie lampshades it:
      "Did somepony start a running gag without me? That's not nice."
    • Luna coming up with bizarre ways to make her entrance in place of a Nightmare Moon attack.
    • Celestia foisting off her royal duties onto someone else so she can go surfing, usually on the surface of the sun. This culminated in an incident where it took her less than 30 seconds to appoint the Elemental Harmony Gang as regents and flee out of sight... without checking to see if they were Awake first. (Most of them weren't.)
    • Twilight asking what Ditzy's cutie mark is (and getting a different response every time)... which was then partially overtaken by scenes proceeding from the one in which she popped like a soap bubble.
    • Twilight trying and failing to prevent Tirek from destroying her library.
    • Cadance being obsessed with matchmaking which it turns out she's been faking for a long time.
    • Trixie and her... fondness for explosions.
    • Trixie trying to tell a story about thermite, just to be interrupted by Gilda.
    • Darth Vader cannot simply walk into Equestria. So every time he shows up in a Fused Loop, he makes sure to make a Big Entrance.
    • Since 161.7, there's been a minor gag associating Cadance with pizza.
  • Sanity Slippage: Cadance eventually admits that her love-obsession was a genuine case of this, a long time ago, but she's gotten better about it.
    • Pretty much everyone in a Sister Loop (I.e. a Loop where two Loopers awake in Celestia and Luna's roles) tends to go through this, and ends up on the moon. So far only Twilight, Big Macintosh, Ditzy have avoided the insanity part, and only Big Mac has avoided ending up on the moon at all (Twilight got stuck there by accident because of Ditzy).
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here:
    • Twilight's response to Waking up in an Equestrian version of Nineteen Eighty-Four. She tells Pinkie Pie to go full Chaos Goddess of Partying on Canterlot, then takes off to go study the moons of the outer planets up close and personal for a year.
    • Earlier, this was also her response to waking up as the title character in The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine — upon realizing that she/he was in a Harem Comedy, she/he teleported herself/himself to the moon for the duration of the loop and let Trixie fill in for her/him.
    • In an early fused loop with Mass Effect, when an Awake Sovereign realizes that Pinkie Pie is present, he quickly turns around and flees the galaxy.
    • In one Loop Pinkie Pie is Replaced by Dolores Umbridge, Twilight's response?
      Twilight: I prefer Eiken to this (aims exceeding powerful spell at the sun) Birch this Loop. I'm done
  • Sharing a Body: Some "mini-me" loops add the looper's mind to their unawake incarnation. The second "Princess Vespertine" loop (69.21 et seq.) is one example of this.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Rule One of Bureau Loops is do not talk about the Bureau Loops.
    • During a Fused Loop with Transformers, a ponified Starscream, called Screaming Star, met Rainbow Dash and then proceeded to live up for his name for the next ten minutes, as a shout out to the DEATH BATTLE! where she completely annihilated him.
    • During a Loop in which a handful of characters Looped in as furniture (or in one case, a pair of shutters), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) is referenced:
      Rarity: Twilight?
      Twilight: Yes, Rarity?
      Rarity: I think I'm a sofa.
      Twilight (pause): I know how you feel.
    • Maud's first major appearance in the Loops is a prolonged shout out to Dune. Her name is a pranking word...
    • Iroh manages to subdue Nightmare Moon with Mechanicsburg Spark Roast-level tea.
    • Loop 88.2 is one to a scene in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Window of Opportunity" — Sunset's using the mirror portal (on the Canterlot High side) to play golf, just as Jack O'Neill did with the Stargate, and their lines are almost exactly the same.
    • When the evil version of Apple Bloom unveils herself, a confused Pinkie Pie asks, among other things, how many stops it is 'till Mornington Crescent (seven over kumquat, apparently).
  • Shower of Awkward: At the start of the Great Elevator Saga, the Mane Six walk in (or rather, ride in) on Tirek taking a shower as their elevator teleports to random spots all over the multiverse.
  • Silly Will: Loop 189.8 has Princess Celestia fake her death and leave one of these, which Twilight (who's in the know) is the one to read. It's also a direct Shout-Out to the "Muldoon's Will" skit, as Celestia leaves a boot to the head each to Luna, King Sombra, Shining Armor and Tirek... and a 21 Party Cannon Salute to the head for Prince Blueblood. Unusually for this trope, the will also has some heartwarming bequests: Luna's boot comes with a note that Celestia has long since forgiven her for her past wrongdoings, and this was her wake-up call to forgive herself. She's also left a message that Celestia has always loved her, even in Luna's darkest moments. A similar message is left for Sunset Shimmer (who is not present at the will-reading; she and Celestia are vacationing on the human side of the Crystal Mirror).
  • Singing in the Shower: During the Great Elevator Saga, when the Mane Six's elevator opens up on floor 5, they find Tirek singing in the shower (specifically, Pat Benetar's "Shadows of the Night"). He freaks out when he realizes he's being watched.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: The occasional snip has Starscream and Rainbow Dash just deciding to make each other's lives hell for no real reason.
  • Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Spoofed during Spike and Rarity's wedding, when Sleipnir and Celestia (respectively) sing the following lines:
    if there's one who opposes this...
    ... stand up so I can send you to the moon!
  • Star Killing:
    • Referenced. When Samantha Carter loops into Equestria, she is confused that Celestia is giving her a Death Glare... until Sam realizes she's the princess of the sun.
      Sam: You blow up one sun and they never let you forget it.
    • Not that Celestia has much of a leg to stand on. She crashed her loop at least once by doing experiments on the sun. She died too fast to be sure exactly what happened, but presumably it exploded.
    • It's also brought up during a game of "I Never", when Celestia says that "I have never intentionally blown up a star." Apple Bloom drinks while grumbling about how "You loop as Carter onetime..."
  • Status Quo Is God: On occasion, Twilight attempts to earn a different Cutie Mark than her starburst design. It never works.
    • Twilight's attempts to prevent her library from being blown up by Tirek are usually also doomed to failure. And even if she stops him from doing it himself, something will happen to destroy the library.
    • No matter how hard the Crusaders try, they never get a Cutie Mark that lasts through the resets.
  • Stop Worshipping Me: After most of Equestria's loopers reached approximate parity with her (ascended to alicorn or achieved similar power levels), Celestia asked them to not swear by her name or Luna's. She suggested trees as a substitute.
  • Story Arc: A few of the longer loops are broken up into segments spread out over multiple loop collections.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Standard Operating Procedure for Awake!Trixie after her ascension. The Awake iterations of the CMC membership also have their share of such events.
    Twilight (to Trixie after the latter had been tinkering with nuclear fusion): And next time, stick to chemistry. In fact, if you ever start getting involved in nuclear physics again, I may extract a Pinkie Promise.
    • One of the more over-the-top instances of that is pure unleaded Nightmare Fuel for anyone who knows the actual chemical substances being referred to (seriously, just Google them and be amazed. And freaked out.):
      Twilight: You actually tried to dissolve FOOFnote  in chlorine trifluoride?!? I had to drop half the lake and fifty tons of sand on it, and it even set fire to that until it ran out of liquid!
    • Loop 118.1 reveals that Trixie can actually sense when and where an explosion is happening, so that she can see and judge it. Twilight is both impressed and disturbed by this.
    • Upon discovering xenomorphs, the seaponies nuked the colony from orbit, and then — to be sure — glassed the rest of the planet, used a planet buster to destroy said planet, chucked the largest pieces into the sun, and then right before they left, destroyed the entire sun. All while happily singing.
    • Also a characteristic of anything volatile enough to actually intoxicate an Equestrian dragon, given that their digestive systems are built to treat swallowing crushed rocks and magical crystals as easily as digesting applesauce.
      Berry Punch: Drink it quickly before the ingredients eat through the magical stabilization. On a scale of one to ten, this thing has a shelf life of nope, it doesn't have a shelf life. And never, ever serve it to a pony – or really, anyone other than a real Equestrian dragon. Otherwise, the customer will explode. Then their remains will explode. Then, whatever is left will require Sparkle to hit it with another entire lake bed before it makes the surrounding area unlivable.
  • Supreme Chef: or Mixologist. Berry Punch has concocted a combination of volatile chemicals and flavorings that Spike declared to be the best thing he's ever tasted. She's also pretty damn good with regular ethanol-based drinks.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Almost every alicorn has one. Twilight Lampshades this.
    "Congratulations on joining the alicorn club, it helps if you've thought of your evil self beforehand."
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: In Loop 59.11 (also Dragons Loops 4.9), a number of Looping dragons and dragonriders (including Spike and Rarity) end up in Berk. While there, Hiccup and Toothless make bets on a few things; Toothless has won a lot of money off Hiccup, and when asked what he even needs it for, makes the following response:
    I have my reasons. And I am totally not saving up for a Jacuzzi.
    • In one Loop Twilight invokes this trope when she told everypony that she totally wasn't a Changeling and that she totally knew all those things about Ponies and wasn't looking up what mammal means. In the next Loop she told everyone that she wasn't an Aperture Science Hydraulorobotic Pony Device. It was true both times, nobody believed her.
  • Take Over the World: Pinkie can in fact do this, with parties. Twilight insists that no-one need know how.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: In one loop, a filly version of Ivory Scroll/Mayor Mare suddenly yells "Sellow fitizens! Er, I mean fellow citizens!" in her sleep. Twilight, her mother this Loop, just blinks in surprise and wonders what Ivory was dreaming about to make her say that.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: The idea of a romantic relationship between Twilight and Princess Celestia has been discussed more than once, but always firmly subverted. Specific cases include:
    • In 69.14, an unAwake Celestia is in love with Twilight, but Twilight turns her down due to viewing Celestia as a second mother, and also being either straight or asexual. Besides that, Twilight's in a time loop, so from her perspective this Celestia would die before any serious relationship would occur.
    • In Loop 194.5. Twilight again states that she normally views Celestia as a second mother to her, and as such she finds the idea of a romantic relationship between herself and Princess Celestia (who, long before either of them was Awake, had promised to officiate Twilight's eventual wedding, but said it in a way that sounded like a proposal) to be odd.
  • That's No Moon: Inverted in Loop 96.8, when a Star Destroyer captain mistakes Equestria's moon for a space station. Darth Vader, having Awoken just a few minutes before, can't help but reverse the usual line.
    Vader reached out with the Force, and what he sensed both shocked and amused him. Barely able to keep the amusement out of his voice, he rumbled, "That's no space station. That's a moon."
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Lemon Rush and Candy Cane (otherwise known as Leman Russ and Ciaphas Cane)'s reaction to seeing the Cutie Mark Chaos Gods again in Loop 84.20.
  • Transformation Trinket: In order to re-ascend, ponies that have achieved alicornhood in previous loops need access to a magical artifact of similar power to the one that catalyzed their initial Ascension. (Most such artifacts are soul-bonded, so this isn't much of an issue, but a few ponies have to use more 'generic' items.)
  • Trope Codifier: Innortal may have started the loops, but this series does more exploring of the rules.
  • 21-Gun Salute: In Loop 189.8, in Princess Celestia's Silly Will, one of her heirs is Prince Blueblood, who is left a 21-party cannon salute... to the head, resulting in his getting bombarded with confetti, streamers, balloons and a few boots. He's dazed afterward, but unharmed. (The will also explains that this is punishment for his various hedonistic acts, including his shabby treatment of Rarity at the last Grand Galloping Gala.)
  • Underground Railroad: In the Slavequestria loop, it's mentioned the in-Loop version of Pinkie Pie was running the Underground Railroad into Griffon Territory before the group Awoke in that loop.
  • Unusual Euphemism: Due to Celestia's request that others not swear by her or Luna, they tend to use "Chlorophyll!" and other botanical terms as curses instead. For non-botanical curses, Gilda was once heard to use "Oh, fiddlesticks and fish-fur."
  • Unwanted False Faith: Ditzy's Sister Loop eventually has a cult dedicated to her, led by a former student of Twilight's. It caused one of the few times the Awake Ditzy has actually been angry.
  • Upper-Class Twit:
    • Prince Blueblood. How much of a twit he is tends to vary. In one of her early Loops, Rarity struck up a relationship with him, in a This Platinum Crown-style universe, only for everything to reset with the next Loop. In Turning the Tables, he turns out to have Hidden Depths.
    • In 56.17, Twilight gathers several ponies fitting this category so they can compete in a suitably modified 'Upper Class Twit of the Year' competition.
  • Walking Techbane: Apparently a not-uncommon facet of Equestria Girls Ditzy, which Sunset exploits at one point to stop the events of Friendship Games before things can go wrong, just by using Ditzy's natural nicess and curiosity. The minute she touches Twilight's doohickey, it instantly and completely dies. Problem solved.
  • Wedding Episode: The multi-contributor, 2-parter published between compilations 50 and 51, covering the wedding of Spike and Rarity.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Loop 45.11. Everything's going fine, Twilight's planning some antics for later, and then *CRACK*. The Crash happens.
    • Loop 214.1, which kicks off when Twilight, who's preparing for Luna's return, gets a letter from Starlight Glimmer... who's Awake, marking the first new Looper that Equestria's gotten since Lyra's self-triggered crash. And then the next wham comes when Twilight gets a note from Sleipnir informing her of what would become known as the Crisis Across Infinite Loops, wherein potentially anyone, including villains, could Awaken... and the only way to stop it is to kill anyone they don't want Looping. Thankfully, though Equestria does get two new Loopers out of it, they're both friends — Thorax of the changelings, and the human Flash Sentry.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?:
    • Happens to Mayor Mare in the aftermath of Spike or Rarity's pre-wedding parties (it isn't specified which one she had attended).
    • In the loop where the Reserve Element Bearers (Spike, Chrysalis, Trixie, Zecora, Gilda and Berry Punch) fill in for the regular ones, Berry gets volunteered to handle UnAwake Discord's reforming, which she does via getting them both drunk and waking up cuddled to each other the next morning. Then it turns out Discord Awoke long enough near the end of the loop to get his memories of this relationship, leading to them being an actual, continuous couple.
  • When Trees Attack: In one Loop, the Golden Oak Library came to life and kicked Tirek's plot back to Tartarus. Rainbow Dash got pictures, which she later shares with Twilight.
  • Who's on First?: In Loop 143.25, Twilight pulls this on Rainbow Dash by asking her to find a book for her — In Plain Sight. Rainbow Dash is not amused when she catches on.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: After a particularly traumatizing loop, Applejack developed a fear of seaponies. Twilight eventually makes her spend time with Lyra (a disguised seapony in at least one loop) in order to help her get over it.
    • Twilight suspects that whoever or whatever's in charge of the loops invokes this trope intentionally, as she herself was put in increasingly snakey situations until she got over her own fear of snakes.
    • Confirmed in later loops where we see that if Sleipnir thinks a Looper is starting down a psychological death spiral, he'll schedule them for a Fused Loop wherever he thinks best suited to snap them out of it.
  • Wife Husbandry: Suspected to be the case, but ultimately averted, in Loop 194.5 — before they Awoke, Celestia had promised a six-year-old Twilight that she would officiate Twilight's eventual wedding when she was ready, but had said it in a manner that sounded like she was proposing. They clear up the misunderstanding after both are Awake. Twilight herself notes that she considers such a relationship odd, since she normally views Celestia as a second mother to her.
  • Wild Teen Party: "Daughters" loops (when the Ascended CMC are the daughters of Queen Twilight) tend to have a mild version of this as the normal Canterlot social scene after the Queen Mother decides to take her 1000-year sabbatical. (There is typically prodigious alcohol consumption along with a heightened culinary scene and active night-life.) Losing track of the years and suddenly realizing that Mom — or in one case, Dad — is due to show up produces the expected hilarity.
  • Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing: In Loop 70.13, Discord lets an unAwake Celestia know that he's out, and he's got lots of new ideas for chaos... then proceeds to do nothing, letting Celestia and Luna's own paranoia about him do all the work of causing chaos.
  • With Catlike Tread: As with the trope namer, Loop 56.1 features a parody of this — the Mane Six and Celestia sneak through Canterlot Castle to retrieve the Elements from the vault they're in; they, Luna (who is elsewhere in the castle) and the guards all sing the song as they're doing so, but the guards make no effort to stop them, which Celestia guesses is due to the narrative causality of the Heartsong.
  • You Are in Command Now:
    • There is one loop where Celestia Awakens moments after banishing Nightmare Moon to the moon. She then exiles the rest of Equestria to the moon, land and ponies and all, effectively forcing Nightmare Moon to be in charge again while she spends the next thousand years surfing.
    • In one loop, Celestia puts the Elements in charge of the country less than a minute (Twilight timed it) after she Awakens so that she can have a vacation. She doesn't bother checking if any of them are Awake first, resulting in Fluttershy and Rarity fainting and Applejack only slightly better.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: No matter what Twilight does, no matter how many precautions she takes, her library gets destroyed when Tirek escapes. Later on, Ditzy proves that the only thing that can avert this sequence of events is the usage of powers explicitly designed to violate narrative causality.
    • Alternately, one loop where the library was made Twilight-Proof worked. Then it wasn't HER library. Simply moving, however, does not work.
  • Your Head A-Splode: Happens to Twilight (two times) after she gets an explanation of how the Pinkie Sense works.
    • It happens to The Doctor (many times), when they looped as Daleks and decided to be benevolent. He just couldn't handle the shock.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: One accidental misspelling resulted in the creation of Zombra, and his horde of zonpies. Twilight quickly gets fed up of it and unleashes a Starlight Breaker on the entire horde.
  • Zonk: During the Great Elevator Saga, one floor opens on a game show; the host announces the Mane Six as a zonk prize.
    Host: ... six technicolor ponies! Yes, these ponies will clash with every single item in your home! Useful for carrying very small parcels, testing for color blindness, and inducing diabetic shock. This ZONK prize is worth: absolutely nothing!
    Rarity (to her friends): I don't know which is more mortifying, darlings, ... being given away as a prize on a game show... or being a BOOBY PRIZE on a game show.