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MLP Loops

''The Emperor looked to the heavens. By blood and fire and steel he had unified humanity, and then the three Chaos Gods had cast his sons into the depths of space. But there were ripples in the Warp. The long storm was about to clear, and -
And then everything went pink.
The Ponies visit Warhammer 40K for the first time. Loop 6.

Scootaloo: Girls... what is Diamond Tiara's special talent
Sweetie Belle: Huh. ... Bullying?
Scootaloo: But that's not very relevant to a diamond tiara, is it? I mean, you know all those talks we get from Twilight and Rarity and Applejack and Dash an' stuff... how every mark is worth somethin'?
Apple Bloom: Right, and bullying isn't much of a talent, either.
Sweetie Belle: Wait. I think I might have it. You know how she never admits she actually got something wrong?
(Apple Bloom and Scootaloo nod)
Sweetie Belle: Well, diamond is the hardest gemstone. Rarity told me that once.
Scootaloo: Just once?
Sweetie Belle: Alright, probably more than once. But I remembered it that time. Anyway, I think she just won't change her mind, or break, or anything.
Apple Bloom: Too bad she's stuck on jerk.
Scootaloo: Actually, I wonder what she thinks her special talent is. Maybe we should ask.

Rarity: Twilight?
Twilight Sparkle: Rarity?
Rarity: I am only going to ask this once. I expect a reasonable answer.
Twilight: Very well.
Rarity: ... Why are we cuttlefish?
Twilight: I have no idea.
— Chapter 37.3. in its entirety.

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