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  • Broken Base: The FiM loops has reached this status among reviewers and a few writers alike. Obviously, they're still fairly popular with writers of the loops and faithful FiM fans, but most readers of other loops often tend to groan over their appearances in the loops, especially after season three. Even series fans have started to grow weary of the loops, with the FiM loopers so focused on comedy that they barely resemble anything of their former selves. Their uncanny ability to fix any problem a looper has, no matter how improbable, is a major reason why some writers are tired of them, as they often tended to get shoehorned in to fix a problem without the head author's consent. In short, anything about the FiM is likely to spark arguments from writers and reviewers alike, and let's just leave it at that.
  • Crack Pairing: Berry Punch and Discord eventually started dating. Also an ironic development, given that she originally turned him down (while they were both Awake) in loop 44.9.
    • Trixie and Chrysalis, as well, given the two characters have never met in the show. (At least, until the season 6 finale, three years after they became a couple in the Loops.)
  • Harsher in Hindsight: One chapter in the low 100s has a version of Sombra who destroyed the Crystal Heart, to no apparent ill-effect. Some time later, the show proved that destroying the Crystal Heart would not be consequence free.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: In chapter 8, Twilight Sparkle expresses the opinion that Diamond Tiara will only ever be a bad example. Many Loops later, Diamond starts Looping, proving Twilight wrong in all the best ways.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In-universe example - one Loop, Princess Celestia woke up to find Nightmare Moon standing over her, and was almost immediately on the receiving end of a "Royal Canterlot Belly Zerbert". At the time, she reacted by spending the day chasing her sister around the castle yelling death threats; in a later Loop, she admits to Twilight that upon reflection, it was Actually Pretty Funny.
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  • Mary Suetopia: Has gotten some accusations of this in the past, ironically, given the franchise's history with, and smashing this, trope once FiM rolled around. While all the loopers eventually gain enough powers to short circuit the plots of their respective branches, the FiM loopers have ended up standing out thanks to their ability to seemingly circumvent any problems they come across, be it from their branch, another looper's branch, or a looper's personal problems themselves. It got to the point where the FiM loops became a hot button topic in the loops community, and a lot of the later writers are doing their best to avert it by having them face problems they can't solves or deal with... Much to the chagrin of those who dislike conflict in the FiM loops.
  • More Popular Spin Off: To Innortal's original loops, and pretty much codified the loops as a whole.
  • My Real Daddy: Some consider Saphroneth to be this to the loops format.
    • It got to the point where Twilight was going to name a world she made after him, but he cut that out due to embarrassment. And fourth wall breakage.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Chapter 149 recaps an incident where, in spite of the ponies best efforts, they couldn't save a Looper. When Naoki Kashima/The Demi-Fiend snapped and was possessed by his Shadow Archetype, and went on a mindless and destructive rampage. The ponies tried to help him and bring him back to his senses with the Elements of Harmony...but they failed, due to the problem being too deep seated and closely connected to Naoki to be subdued or dealt with so easily. Some problems can't be solved in the span of a single Loop, or by using the Power of Friendship.However, once Naoki came to his senses many Loops later, he remembered how they and other Loopers like them never gave up and took the easy way out by killing him in his berserk state, and fought to bring him to his senses instead to help him. In spite of all the horrors, betrayals, and darkness of his Loop, the fact that the ponies never gave up in trying to help reminded him that there are some worlds worth fighting for. Ultimately, the message is this: sometimes, you can't solve every problem you come across...but it's always worth to try. Even if you can't fix it, you can make it even the smallest bit better.
  • What an Idiot!: A non-looping Blueblood attempted a palace coup against an united front of Celestia, Luna, Discord, Cadance, Chrysalis, Sombra, Princess Twilight, Shining Armor (ascended to Alicorn), and Spike (as an advanced great wyrm Emperor of the Dragons). Would have been Too Dumb to Live, except he survives because they don't think he's worth the minimal effort to curb-stomp.
    Twilight Sparkle (literally ROFL): You just tried to assassinate eight deities and a Greater Dragon!
    Blueblood (armed only with a knife): Errr... parlay?
  • The Woobie: Chrysalis, once she becomes a Looper. Her first loop was "Slavequestria", where she and a non-Awake Shining Armor were Happily Married and helping runaways as part of La Résistance. Then the loop reset, and she was horrified to find that all the terrible things she did in canon were not All Just a Dream, as well as heartbroken that the Shining she had loved no longer exists, with the Awake Shining Happily Married to Cadance. She's left horribly depressed for many loops afterwards, and even though she's now in a steady relationship with Awake Trixie, it's clear she still misses her version of Shining.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Zecora ascended to become some kind of Zebra-Alicorn through the same event that Silver Spoon ascended to become an Draconequus. Not only did this completely deprive Zecora of her own personal awesome event to ascend with (instead of piggybacking it onto Silver Spoon's), Silver's very interesting and unique situation overshadowed Zecora's so much that there have been almost zero loops of her in her 'alicorn' form.

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