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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Equestria, Princess Celestia requests that her little ponies stop swearing by her name, seeing as they are several orders of magnitudes older then her. She suggests trees as an alternative, and while this can be a simple nod to nature worship, it's also hilariously smart: Yggdrasil, the giant computer that contains all universes, is a huge tree. They're swearing by Yggdrasil!
  • It's noted that Loopers have a tendency to develop character traits to the point of Flanderization (as with Trixie's explosion obsession or Cadence's wedding obsession). However, this actually makes a certain amount of sense from a psychological point of view. For ordinary people, their lives fundamentally change on a regular basis. They move, they get promoted or fired, they marry and have kids, they age and eventually die. All of these things would jar an ordinary person out of mental ruts every so often, force them to reassess their minds and selves. But a Looper's life never really changes. Even with variant or Fused loops to spice things up a little, they always return to the same baseline. Moreover, Loopers live thousands upon thousands of times longer than any normal mortal, never aging, never changing. Combined, these effects let little habits, little mental tics, gradually grow in strength over the centuries and millennia, never really getting challenged or disturbed, until one day you wake up and realize that at some point you've turned into a bad parody of yourself, and you never really noticed.
Fridge Horror
  • Here's something to think about. The pony loopers have gone through several loops involving The Conversion Bureau. How long before other non-MLPFIM loopers go through a conversion bureau loop?
    • If it's before they meet the MLP loopers for the first time, then they'll not be able to trust them.
    • If it's after they've met the MLP loopers, how long before they can regain their trust?
      • Considering it's already happened before? Most who've met them don't hold it against them. They all have bad variants they don't like talking about. As for those who've never met them before...well, Naoki Kashima has something to say regarding that.
  • Still with the ponies, in one Loop Twilight Sparkle terraforms a planet with hostile but relatively harmless lifeforms on it, without asking or checking beforehand, just to keep a race of xenophobes, who have never gotten on with humans, alive. Does This Remind You of Anything?
    • And then she offers super-powers to the people of Earth, provided they don't have a criminal history. There's no way Lex Luthor wouldn't take advantage of that in an instant (especially since Twilight is replacing Superman, and doesn't seem to have come into contact with him).
  • Here's one...that's actually acknowledged in some later loops. PINKIE PIE NEVER ASCENDS AS AN ALICORN PROPERLY! She ascended as a CHAOS GOD! Other then the obvious ones...Pinkie Pie is basically 'faking' being an Alicorn.


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